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Donald J. Trump
Look, there's no better place for solar than the Mexico border – the southern border. And there is a very good chance we can do a solar wall, which would actually look
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Oct 26 2017
Mexico has been commented on by 630 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Mexico are: Donald J. Trump, Enrique Pena Nieto and Juan Carlos Osorio. For instance, the most recent quote from Donald J. Trump is: “Look, there's no better place for solar than the Mexico border – the southern border. And there is a very good chance we can do a solar wall, which would actually look good.”.
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Javier La Rosa - Chevron

I face this battle each year when our corporate business plan is put out. It is not easy to convince shareholders to spend more money on deepwater fields when there are other lower cost options still

Andy Torres

If liked a Chanel shirt and couldn't buy it, I would go to the store, get a feel of the fabrics… and I'd do everything by

Dieter Zetsche - Daimler

So far there has been no negative effect on our business, . But of course it is a

Luis Sanchez Jimenez

There is no justification for a secret vote. What you are doing is very serious: You are trying to get rid of a prosecutor who makes you uncomfortable and replace with one you are comfortable

John Neely Kennedy

This is great news that our oil and gas industry in Louisiana sorely needs. This is the largest sale in U.S. history, and it will create jobs and bolster our state and national economy. Our Louisiana workers are ready to go back to

Max Verstappen

You would have to is a question that has been raised before that consistency of stewarding depends on the stewards you get on the day, and some are very good and some are

Christian Horner

It does affect the show. They have had a big show here today and there has to be a bigger picture to say that fans want to see this kind of racing and the rules have got to be consistent. You can't apply them differently to different instances. That is our frustration

Christian Horner

They were desperate to get the right people on the podium but they then jumped to a conclusion without considering all of the facts. After Mexico last year when there was at least one steward that was involved in that decision, it was agreed that to avoid the debacle of Mexico where there were three different people on the podium, to take a breath to understand and listen to the drivers. If you look at the consistency of decision making, that is what is disappointing

Vincent DeVito

American energy production can be competitive while remaining safe and environmentally sound. People need jobs, the Gulf Coast states need revenue, and Americans do not want to be dependent on foreign

Phil Bryant

Mississippi welcomes Secretary Zinke's action to carry out the president's vision for American energy dominance. This will strengthen our state's status as a leader in oil and gas exploration and create good jobs for hard-working

Ron Nirenberg

We're exicted to continue to grow San Antonio's soccer resume, and welcome the wildly popular Mexican men's team and their enthusiastic fans to our beautiful

Eduardo Yanez

I've never been a parent who has felt right giving advice. My life has not been an example to [to live by] for anyone. I believed in that moment that he insisted too much… I saw it to the point that he was mocking my situation, and I couldn't stand it. I have to go away for a while now. I have to go to my country [Mexico], with people who love me, with people who know me well and think about myself, about this, maybe seek professional help, and then start over because I am a human being who makes mistakes and because I am also a child of

Pedro Murillo

I don't know why Donald Trump is so obsessed with this unnecessary waste of money. Because, there will always be a way to

Fernando Alonso

I'm very happy with how the weekend went on a personal level. I think the level this weekend was sublime, both in qualifying and in the race. The championship standings don't reflect that. . Now it's basically certain we'll change the engine in Mexico and therefore another weekend where you start last and it will be complicated to score

Rex Bradford

I'm also concerned about what might fall through the cracks among the voluminous set of currently redacted documents, including important reports related to CIA surveillance of Oswald in Mexico City – these might shed further light on what many believe to be phony planted evidence implicating Castro. There is no other

Alvaro Velasco

After a few false alerts from CIRES that affected SkyAlert's credibility, we decided to invest in our own

Paulo Diez

If they investigate (Lozoya) deeply, I think it would be the end of the party in power. If they don't, they stir up more public

Maurice Tulloch - Aviva

I'm no longer having to convince people when I speak to them that we're going to see more of these. As an industry we've got a role to play, we have to act

Lorenzo Rojas

While we were disappointed we could not keep the vaquita in human care, we have demonstrated that we are able to locate and capture a

Paal Kibsgaard - Schlumberger

In the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, activity continued to weaken in the third quarter, and the outlook remains bleak for this region based on current customer

Glenn Branch

It's the latest battlefield in an ongoing war about to what extent we're actually going to let children learn about what scientists say about climate

Daniel Libit

It brings into much starker relief financial mismanagement and the insanity of the tail wagging the dog of the university. A million dollars matters at the University of New Mexico. A million dollars doesn't matter at Ohio

Dave Cole

Swiss Re maintains a very strong capital position and high financial flexibility to support our clients' needs, respond to market developments and execute on our capital management

Rafael Pacchiano

The successful rescue made conservation history and demonstrates that the goal of VaquitaCPR is feasible. No one has ever captured and cared for a vaquita porpoise, even for a brief period of time. This is an exciting moment and as a result, I am confident we can indeed save the vaquita marina from

Sergio Aguayo

We're in the hands of politicians more worried about doing real estate deals than providing security for their

Esteban Illades

The response to the earthquake made people in Mexico City believe that this was a turning point in civil

Claudia Campero

I'm here to have closure. It's part of the process. It will take a long

Carlos Bravo Regidor

The right is divided. The left is divided. The independent field is divided. … The opposition is pulverized. This is truly the PRI's best-case

Antonio Martínez

With this wave of indistinguishable independent candidates, it's worth asking what they're thinking when they repeat the word '

Federico Estévez

A month ago, this was a three-party race. But after the earthquakes, [everyone] is in the

Alejandra Marcos

People went out to make purchases at supermarkets to support earthquake victims, and I believe Walmex knew how to best capitalize on this. I believe it's going to be the best earnings report of the whole sector in

Jennifer Strauss

In the end, what matters is how effective they are at alerting people to save

Trevor Noah

Even though Mexico is definitely not going to pay for it, it looks like America is still trying to build Donald Trump's border wall. I also like that the wall has to be able to withstand a 30-minute-long attack. That number is so specific. Does Trump think they'll be immigrants at the border going, Well, we sold everything, we walked through 100 miles of Sonoran desert to get here, but we've been trying to push this wall for 29 minutes, nothing guys. Maybe we try one more minute?feedback

Ana Maria Rodriguez Maya

I don't want to see. I say no. I want to remain with my image of my

Christopher Ruszkowski

Similar to the process in other states, our goal in holding a public hearing is to ensure all those who wanted to discuss these proposed standards would be heard. We have listened to the thoughtful input received and will incorporate many of the suggestions into the New Mexico

Ildefonso Guajardo

We must understand that we all have limits despite over current differences. We must ensure that decisions we make today do not come back to haunt us

Robert Lighthizer

Frankly, I am surprised and disappointed by the resistance to change from our negotiating partners. As difficult has this been, we have seen no indication that our partners are willing to make any changes that will result in a rebalancing and a reduction in these huge trade deficits. Countries are reluctant to give up unfair advantage. But the president has been clear that if we are going to have an agreement going forward it must be fair to American businesses and workers that employ our people at

Robert Lighthizer

Trade deficits do matter and we intend to reduce them. It is unreasonable to expect that the United States will continue to encourage . . . U.S. companies to invest in Mexico and Canada primarily for export to the United

Ildefonso Guajardo

In order for the efforts of Mexico, the United States and Canada to be fruitful, we must understand that we all have

Steve McPherson -

Where there is a strong engineering presence and opportunity, at some point it makes more sense to go to the market itself and establish an office

Bismarck Lepe - Wizeline

This may be a good soft landing for people who are incredibly well prepared and may be able to take advantage of building their American Dream back in

Kim Kardashian

You should have seen met at the Met. If you think this is bad …. The Mexico trip really f–ed

Manuel Padrón-Castillo

If we don't have Nafta, are we going back to the same old rules? The answer is

Luis Videgaray

It should be clear to everybody that Mexico is much bigger than the North American Free Trade Agreement, and we must be prepared for the different scenarios that could result from this negotiation. We will only continue in this process and in this treaty if it meets the national

Juan Francisco Torres Landa - Hogan Lovells

Somebody may say the enemy is Trump or the U.S., and I am the guy who can stand up to

Dan Ciuriak

For passenger vehicles and parts, the buildup could be quite high. The deeply integrated sectors would face tremendous

Juan Francisco Torres Landa - Hogan Lovells

When I was in elementary school, we learned: 'Watch out for the Americans. They invaded us a couple of times, they took half our

Rick Fowler - LLOG Exploration Company

The previously reported sheens have dissipated and there continues to be no detection of potentially related oil on the surface as confirmed by multiple flyovers since Friday night. The fractured jumper will be recovered and a complete diagnostic will be performed. LLOG will not speculate on the cause of the fracture until that work is

Shannon Mulcahy

I don't look down on anybody who uses food stamps. But I want to work for a

Todd Adams

Despite the political rhetoric, our US operations are home to approximately 4,000 associates – more than half of our global workforce. Are talented and

John Feltner

I won't sell my soul for an extra $4 an hour. That's less than a pack of

Jason Tougaw

My family feels comfortable living on the edge. If things run too smoothly, they tend to sabotage them. Distance loosened my lips. I talked about my mother's near abortion with me in Mexico, living on a converted school bus, growing up poor in the shadow of luxury. People kept asking: 'Why aren't you more fucked up? Why are you so different from the people who raised you?' So, I wanted to get to the bottom of it, work out how I avoided the worst of their fates and crack our family history open. And, at the same time, try to answer the deeper, more universal question – how did I become me?feedback

Jerry Dias - Unifor

GM, at some time or another, is going to have to make a commitment to Canada, it's going to have to make a commitment to the United States and they can't continue to shift our jobs to

Jose Antonio Meade

There is scope in the negotiation of the agreement for a consensus that benefits the three

Jerry Dias - Unifor

GM just informed us today that they are going to increase production in Mexico. They have declared war on

Bruce Arena

Obviously, I have no interest in going on a four-year cycle right now. I'll do whatever is right. That is the approach I am going to take. The job we have doesn't allow us to be the Monday morning quarterback. [T&T] played almost the same team that played against Mexico on Friday, so there's no difference. So that's all a bunch of baloney. It has nothing to do with formations or not making changes. We didn't get the job

Jerry Dias - Unifor

NAFTA is not going anywhere. This thing is going into the

Juan Carlos Osorio

I don't know what goal he had in saying this. You can't forget that of the four Mexican players, Corona was the best on the field, Layun had an assist and Herrera scored a goal. He would be better off saying thank you to Porto for the

Sergio Conceicao

This is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous. What specific work are you doing in a week or eight days of preparation? Here we have physiologists, nutritionists and trainers who prepare individual plans for every player. We have a specific plan for every

Luis Norton de Matos

I would have fewer people to defend in zones and perhaps, we could have conceded more goals. I must mention that if you are physically tired, mistakes begin to happen. There are a lot of teams with experience like Iraq and Iran whose quality and experience is different to what we have. I can only make an omelette from the eggs that I have. I am proud that the coach of Chile, Ghana, USA and Mexico have praised our organization. This is the job of my players and

Renato Berron

Corruption can come in many forms, from the moment someone accepts a bribe to when someone falsifies documents, or fails to present the right structural plans to borough authorities. If the construction rules were implemented as they are written, then this could be avoided. But that hasn't always worked

Guillermo Vogel

Clearly, a clause that cancels the agreement every five years totally defangs it. Starting to play with a non-market economy would be terrible for

Guillermo Vogel

We are all much worse off with a bad agreement than with no

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

There are several poison pill proposals still on the table that could doom the entire deal. We've reached a critical moment. And the Chamber has had no choice but ring the alarm

Scott Catlin

This letter serves as my formal complaint for the isolation, sexual assault and battery, strip search and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress perpetrated by agents of Homeland Security upon my minor child…. I nicknamed her sunshine when she was little because she's always happy. She's been moody. They stole her light. She's not the same person

Jermaine Taylor

It's nice for a Jamaican to be able to get a chance to come over to Major League Soccer to experience rubbing shoulders with guys who have played in big-time leagues all across the world. We look at it as a steppingstone to get yourself outside of Jamaica because the league is not great there. If you want to play at a high professional level, looking at MLS would be a first

Edward H. Bastian

While we faced a number of challenges this quarter, including multiple hurricanes and an earthquake in Mexico, I am proud of how Delta people responded and still delivered an outstanding performance this quarter. Having just completed the busiest summer travel season in our history, we have good momentum, a determined team and a solid pipeline of initiatives to grow earnings and

Decio de Maria

I've said that preparation for the World Cup begins tomorrow. We have the two games in November and those we can have in February and March and the matches on the way to Russia. Surely, the preperation for the World Cup begins tomorrow for the Mexico national

Juan Carlos Osorio

We honored one of our values, the fair play, trying to win and be fair to other national teams. We're proud of our players, in the way we competed. It's going to be very important for players like Edson Alvarez and Jesus Gallardo, who are getting stronger, and this will give them a lot of lessons. We're sad not to be be able to have achieved the record for points in the final

Decio de Maria

I think the whole group would've liked to finish having achieved the goal of being undefeated. It couldn't. I think it was a very difficult match. Honduras came out with everything it

Sherrod Brown

Any trade proposal that makes multinational corporations nervous is a good sign that it's moving in the right direction for

María Amparo Casar

I think the earthquake will be a watershed moment, catalysing people's anger and disappointment at the party system and politics in general . . . and channelling increased demands for greater vigilance against

Viridiana Rios

Corruption is an endemic problem . . . no one can cast the first

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

The existential threat to the North American Free Trade Agreement is a threat to our partnership, our shared economic vibrancy, and clearly the security and safety of all three

Juan Carlos Osorio

It's a challenge, without a doubt, to plan, to prepare for two games in five sessions, but we've dedicated the same time to it as we've done for the other games, the same type of planning. Surely tomorrow night you're going to see in the starting XI a declaration of intention to play and look for the

Juan Carlos Osorio

We came in very hopeful. We've got a very good team and tomorrow we're going to do everything possible to win, as always, to represent Mexico well and above all to achieve our goals. We've achieved two of the three and tomorrow is the through, the great possibility for the group, for us to achieve and hopefully we can do

Robert Lighthizer

The president has strongly criticized this agreement for years. We realize that as bad as it has been for us, it has been great for Mexico and Canada. Naturally they will defend this lopsided accord. To rebalance will require substantial change and not mere tweaking. The president has vowed to bring jobs and investment back to America. We will do no

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

The impact would be the opposite of what's intended: U.S. industry would source more inputs from Asia and less from the U.S. That's right – this proposal would actually send business

Juan Carlos Osorio

We're sad not to be able to have achieved the record for most points in the final

Juan Carlos Osorio

It's become a theme we've discussed and mentioned in previous news conferences that the team has consistency and is efficient getting into the final third, but we're lacking efficiency, most of all, in trying to finish our chances to score the first

Carlos Slim

I think it will be a very good factor, a big factor of employment in all of the affected

Veronica Dircio

We're worried because they came and did a census of the homes; and whether it's a big house or a small house, they haven't told us if we're at least going to be able to get back a bit of what was once our

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

There are several poison pill proposals still on the table that could doom the entire deal. All of these proposals are unnecessary and unacceptable. I also want it to be clear that the U.S. business community is committed to Mexico, and no matter what happens, we're not going

Jesus Contreras

We're not rapists. We're not bad people. We're here as citizens just like every other child, to give back to the community and to give back to the country. If I were to go back to Mexico, I'd be completely lost. I wouldn't know where to apply for a job, where to live [or] who to live with. It's a foreign country to me although I am proud to be Mexican. I am helping people, and I believe that the citizens of this country, the President and Congress will work with

Anahi Abadia

We lost everything. We know an earthquake is an unexpected event. But a new building should not fall

Anahi Abadia

The two people working in (hash)404 couldn't get out. How is it possible that after less than a year after it opened, the building was completely demolished?feedback

Luis Norton de Matos

We are very strong in our organization. That is our strongest point. We have good concentration and it is difficult to score against us. Of course, India's offensive quality can be different. After Mexico, we work a lot on set pieces. In football, the most difficult part is the offensive process. It is what we need time to work more and

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

It's really been a very minor event as far as the energy infrastructure is concerned. Damage to energy infrastructure including oil production and refining is

John Murphy

There's an old adage in negotiations: 'Never take a hostage you wouldn't shoot.' Withdrawal from NAFTA is an unacceptable proposition, so we're urging the administration to recalibrate its

Anahi Abadia

I keep thinking about what would have happened if I had still been in bed that afternoon. That was where we used to feel

Roberto Meli

It would have been better to have insisted very much about not using flat slab, or using it only it in very special cases. There should have been more of a public information campaign to designers and builders that this was not a good

Salvador Pasquel

If it's harder for Mexico to place its products in Latin America, the big economy that could provide those cars and trucks would surely be

Miguel Elizalde

We went from exporting $817 million in heavy tractors in 2011 to barely $1 million in

Qahtan Jathir

We wanted the full three points and to score more goals. But we lost several chances. The Mexican team has very good players. At the end of the day, we are happy with a

Pierre Gasly

The two options are exciting for me. If I go to Super Formula, fight for the title and come back to Mexico and finish the season with Toro Rosso that would be great, because a title is a title. But if I can go to Austin and race with Toro Rosso and end the season with them I will not complain because it is a fantastic

Juan Carlos Osorio

We understand that the game is one of opinions, but you have to remember that Giovani dos Santos still is considered a young player and he's played more than 100 matches with the national team. We think you have to have this role in mind and understand that the changes he's having in his way of training, his life, are now showing results. Today he competed at a high level for a much longer time than he did in previous matches. Now, we're hoping he can recuperate in this footballing aspect and be able to show all his

Juan Carlos Osorio

The experience was very positive. I want to take this chance to thank all the fans in San Luis, not only for the reception but also for the support in the game. I think it was felt during the 90 minutes and without doubt was one of the reasons why the team also was able to have this comeback and increase its intensity, feeling the support of their fans. So, it was very positive in all

Miguel Layun

The idea is to arrive in Russia as good as possible. These are important months where everything is going to be important in order to play a big part in the World Cup, and I have to achieve this

Juan Carlos Osorio

I think there are very few national teams who can change like we can. That's to say, putting a left winger like Hirving Lozano to play right back, basically the totally opposite

Leonardo Curzio

I don't have any evidence that the government asked for their firing or to end the show, but I was deeply surprised that they would ask me to stop broadcasting a political panel that enjoys wide approval in terms of ratings during an election year. It's like being asked to get rid of a sports show during the World

Ricardo Raphael

I think it is vile that apropos of the national emergency, they are trying to get ahead

Leonardo Curzio

The ties between government and media is like diabetes: It's a disease that stops you from leading a normal life. It generates such an alarming feeling that that this is how the establishment

Rose Cromwell

People will bring clothes in bundles from Miami, Panama or Mexico and sell them up from their

Karen Antebi

Mexico has been firm and consistent that country specific rules of origin within the NAFTA would be

Juan Carlos Osorio

There's the great chance to finish first in the final Hexagonal and complete this qualification cycle in a healthy way like we always talk about. Our goal, as it's been during this work, always is to get at least four points of the six possible. We're going to try to make it six. The plan this week has been very positive for the

Juan Carlos Osorio

The most important is that we achieved our group objective, to give Mexico, as a footballing country, an early, healthy qualification with three games left. In the next, drawing with an opponent like Costa Rica. The national team really is being competitive playing away as well as playing at home. That's more important than other

Jean-Marc Ayrault

It [Lafarge] should reflect upon what its interests are. There are other clients who will be stunned by

Luca Bertelli - Eni

We believe Mexico is one of the last major opportunities to access material oil assets in unexplored or under-explored areas. There aren't many of them

Lin-Manuel Miranda

You can't make yourself responsible for every bad thing happening in the world. But the ones that do hit you – if it's the Virgin Islands, Mexico, the families in Las Vegas – let that manifest

Katharine MacGregor

Small independent oil and gas producers in states like North Dakota, Colorado and New Mexico, which account for a substantial portion of our nation's energy wealth, could be hit the