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Sofiane Boufal
When I went past one or two players I felt confident, and the rest of it just felt natural. I'm so happy with the goal - for my family and all the people who have helped me in the difficult
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Oct 22 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Morocco. 194 people are quoted and you can read 254 citations of them about Morocco. Jean-Jacques Hublin, Taieb Fassi Fihri, Mohamed Sidati and Mohamed El-Krimi, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Jean-Jacques Hublin said: “They are not just like us.”.
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Hisham Aidi

The republic never received international recognition. Spanish and French forces would crush the fledgling state in

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum

We are talking with Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco – those countries have the facilities. I have very positive sounds from some of them. People said that Africa could not host the World Cup in football, but we did it very

Albert Bitoden Yaka

In this weather, a lot of people die. It's up to God, some people don't reach, some people reach. The moment you're in the boat, you're selling your life, but there's no solution. [The] only solution [is to] pray God to save you, [to] reach the place, but it's not easy to enter this

Albert Bitoden Yaka

Only 12 people survived, the rest all died before our eyes, among them children and women. I swam and caught the boat, until the next day fishermen came and saw us. They went back and brought help. We were crying, they went back, people came with a boat. I was in sea for one day until 11am. I didn't know Libya was also

Rosa Otero - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Given the current rise … there are no adequate structures and procedures in place to deal with more arrivals and to swiftly identify international protection and other protection

Albert Bitoden Yaka

In my opinion, I think the authorities and European states are proving to be inefficient when it comes to addressing this phenomenon, especially the arrival of refugees. Algeciras is a city of more than 120 nationalities, they know how important it is to live together. It is in moments of like this [after the Barcelona attack] that we realise the impact of having experience in diversity to prevent

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

We assume that some of the change is due to the fact that the route [to Spain] is considered a safe route up to the coast through Morocco. It's possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year. If so, that's a big

Buba Fubareh

People are talking about going to Spain. It seems like it is safer to go through Morocco to Spain than through Libya. The difference is that Libya doesn't have a president and Morocco does – there are not guns like in

Cesare Marchetti

In other words, a woman in Casablanca could go to work in Paris, and cook dinner for her children in the

Lorna Steele

I've always been into heavy rock, and Motorhead are one of my favourite bands and since Lemmy died I have been keen to name something after him. I had found a small crocodile in Morocco and thought that would have to do, but then this one emerged and I thought 'Oh My God!' this is the nastiest, meanest, biggest sea-crocodile there was. So it was

Juan Ignacio Zoido

The police have arrested a man who attacked with a knife the agents in the border crossing of Beni Enzar, one of them slightly

André Azoulay

In Morocco, we prefer to live in a good state. We don't want to live like in Iran, Iraq or

Yechiel Eckstein

The fact that the king has been so tolerant in reaching out to the Jewish community, and the fact that there are Muslim youth taking part in these interfaith efforts, encourages us to

André Azoulay

You cannot find this kind of tragic situation that the Jews have unfortunately confronted in European countries. You cannot find it in the same degree, the same motivation and the same scale in the Muslim

Robert Satloff

It's also bottom up. Judaism in Morocco is in the roots, the identity, the mindset of the Moroccan

Robert Satloff

Jews in Morocco saw the writing on the wall, Among the Righteous: Lost Stories of the Holocaust's Long Reach into Arab

Robert Satloff

It was really this mix of feeling like there's no future for us in Morocco, and knowing we have a homeland to go

Bob Murowchick

It's like that scene in 'Casablanca': 'I am shocked, shocked, that there is gambling going on here. Our goal is, if we can cut down on the demand or make the punishment severe enough, we will have a chain reaction, and people will be unwilling to

Jean-Jacques Hublin

In the last 300,000 years, the main story is the change of the

Jean-Jacques Hublin

To me it's quite striking is that the reason why we connect these people to us is their face, the way they look. It's people we would recognise like us if we would cross them in the

Jean-Jacques Hublin

There is one issue which is the timing and the place. So the timing is much older than we thought. It's not 200,000 (years). It's probably more than 300,000 (years). Then there is the notion that our species, by this time, was already represented all over Africa and not just in a little Garden of Eden

Richard Roberts

People must have been involved in heating the flints, and these have been dated directly using well-established TL

Richard Potts

I think we have a good instance of early Homo sapiens from

Richard Potts

This view promoted by Hublin is by no means a slam dunk, but it is feasible. It will doubtless be tested over and over by further African fossil discoveries in this important time

Abdelouahed Ben-Ncer

North Africa has long been neglected in the debates surrounding the origin of our species. The spectacular discoveries from Jebel Irhoud demonstrate the tight connections of the Maghreb [region] with the rest of the African continent at the time of Homo sapiens'

Jean-Jacques Hublin

We used to think that there was a cradle of mankind 200, 000 years ago in east Africa, but our new data reveal that Homo sapiens spread across the entire African continent around 300,000 years ago. Until now, the common wisdom was that our species emerged probably rather quickly somewhere in a 'Garden of Eden' that was located most likely in sub-Saharan Africa. The Garden of Eden in Africa is probably Africa–and it's a big, big

Richard Roberts

I feel the authors have presented pretty convincing evidence for the presence of early modern humans at the site by 300,000 years ago and possibly a little

Richard Potts

In short, the dating has a lot of [indirect] links in the chain of

Shannon McPherron

The overall picture that one gets is a hunting

Frank Brown

I think it's wonderful that finally we've got a date from Jebel Irhoud. They're not Homo neanderthalensis. They're not Homo erectus. They're not Homo anybody

Philipp Gunz

The inner shape of the braincase reflects the shape of the brain. Our findings suggest that modern human facial morphology was established early on in the history of our species, and that brain shape, and possibly brain function, evolved within the Homo sapiens

Bassam Aqdad

The authorities want to maintain an image of Marrakech that... attracts tourists, like snake charmers and belly dancers. Jamaa El Fna has worldwide recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site... We are just as much a part of the square as everything else that remains

Mohammed Khayi

At the end of the day, all we have are our books. When things get rough, we can pick up a book and forget everything

Hannah Bronfman

We considered many places before deciding on Marrakech. But then we completely fell in love with Morocco–the food, the people, the colors, and the

Mourad Lahlou

I look like a Moroccan geisha, but this works. In Morocco, this is our fast food, because it only takes an hour or two instead of all day. We'd make breakfast, then sit around the table and argue about what we're going to have for lunch. We all ate from the same pot; no one had their own plate. That was a really powerful connection to eat like that. In America, it's very lonely to have your own

Bill Clinton

I hope that the next time an American President addresses a nation with a Muslim tradition, he will be able to say that the progress of Indonesia and Nigeria and Morocco, all very different nations, has helped all of us put the lie to the tired claim of an inherent clash of civilizations. We know the traditional values of Islam, devotion to faith and good works, to family and society, are in harmony with the best of American

Daniel Byman - The Brookings Institution

Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, and Pakistan have all reportedly penetrated Al Qaeda with human assets. In some cases, certain of these countries will 'run' the agent in cooperation with the United

Saida Idrissi

Now we are demanding a law that guarantees these rights. This circular for now is very fragile. Women must become a full part of the managing of the collective

Zakia Salime

This is really the first movement that is shaking the patriarchal foundation of the society. They are saying no, you cannot give land to men, and they are asking also that, in case you privatize the land, we need to have our equal

Souad Eddouada

All over the country, women are at the forefront because they are less vulnerable to police brutality and incarceration. They became very successful in their fight. They had to leave their homes and were supported by the

Saida Idrissi

Most of them are illiterate women from the rural world who were scared to talk, so we had to put in place a strategy very specific to this category of

Saida Soukat

We aren't against development projects, but we demand our rights to be respected. In our traditions, it was shameful for women to leave the house. But the men would get arrested, so women took over. We left our children

King Mohammed

We must fix the Sulaliyyate lands so they can contribute to development efforts, by integrating the beneficiaries into this national dynamic within the framework of the principles of law and social

Serge Chouchana

MDC has two goals: first, to help Moroccan denim to be more present in the international market, where it is not present today; and secondly, to think about solutions. We have created a cell of innovation and development to make this industry less polluting and

Marithe Girbaud

I think that Morocco became aware that it was necessary to do something, and with the opportunity of COP 22, we started this project. This is a story of meeting Morocco, and in addition, they were the first to listen and have interest in this project , especially when we presented many things with laser machines – they acted

Zakaria Ghattas

We presented in this show a collection that respects humans and nature, a collection that uses an ecological washing procedure and technology, it's an eco-friendly

Mari Olli

Can we see Mummy soon? I'm still questioning it, of course I am. Even after all this time I still think about what I saw. I can't handle it to be honest, it's so difficult to talk about that I just start crying. I try not to think about what I could have done. The one thing I'm still convinced about is that it was Madeleine. I could kick myself for not doing more. If I'd known then that Madeleine had been taken, then of course I would have done

Abdelkader Lecheheb

The Russian market is very important for our country. Morocco is the second biggest partner for Russia in the Arab world and on the African scale. This third installment is held under the banner of the diversification of our products here in

Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana

Today's meeting is a symbol of the success of South-South cooperation. Morocco has already made considerable progress in economic terms and we in Madagascar want to keep up with Morocco's so that we can boost our

Zahra Maafiri

We are all committed to helping each other, exchanging information and expertise, developing certain industries, certain sectors – together for these countries and even for the whole

Hicham Bendahir

We want to explore partnership possibilities with Malagasy operators in order to accompany them in the digital domain in which we are pioneers. The precise aim of this mission is to explore new markets on which we are present indirectly via European distributors.These markets are unknown to us, these are markets we had a lot of apprehension about much more compared to our Asian

Benjamin Gasamagera

It is a program that is very close to our hearts and it is one for which we have high expectations. It is a transformative program and the Rwandan private sector is looking for ways to develop this program and make it a

Edoardo Molinari

It's been a while now, I've been through some tough times in the last years. I felt my chances had gone after a bogey on the 16th but then I got a birdie on the difficult 17th and a very exciting eagle at the

Sunil Gulati

We heard something about Morocco, but we don't know

Pierre Emmanuel Quirin

We have come here to carry out a broad reflection on the potential of cooperation in the southern hemisphere Africa in the 21st century. This year, we are talking about food security and sustainable agriculture. There are many areas where Morocco has succeeded in building channels of excellence. It has used them to help develop its territories and offer a renewed vision of international cooperation based on mutual respect and

John Legend

We were always different. I was always a little bit more buttoned-up, and she was always more brash and

Lalla Essaydi

When my work started being known in the Middle East and the media started writing about my work, that validated it. It's accepted now in Morocco. I had many exhibitions, and my work is in the collections of the king himself. People think that it is prestigious, and it is, and I'm honored. But the most important thing for me is that the kind of work that I do is in the collection of the most powerful person in the country, who can actually do something to help

Madeline Berre

If a neighbouring country to mine has a dam with a very high electricity rate, it is not useful for me to make the same investment again. Nothing but the pooling of our tools and our resources can enable us to be a true economic

Mohamed El Kettani - Attijariwafa Bank

How to develop models of economic growth, to integrate low-income populations, and especially, especially youth, because it is estimated that 12 to 13 million young Africans enter the labour market each

Chibli Mallat

We now know there is an extradition order from the U.S. authorities. He is in good spirits and is treated

Donald Tusk - European Council

The Netherlands is Europe. And today I want to say that Europe is the Netherlands. [The Netherlands] a place of freedom and democracy, [as] for sure [is] Rotterdam, the city of Erasmus, brutally destroyed by the Nazis, which today has a mayor born in Morocco… If anyone sees fascism in Rotterdam, they are completely detached from reality. We all show solidarity with the Netherlands. I will never accept this comparison between the Nazis and the (modern-day)

Andrew S. Ackerman

People really want to dig in and get a better understanding from a trusted source about Muslim cultures. We want young children to be exposed to as much diversity as possible to better understand other people and themselves, and there's no question that reduces prejudice, violence and misunderstandings. He was from Morocco, and got up and told his classmates how the rugs were made and what the designs

Angela Flournoy

In 'F.U.B.U.' [Solange] Knowles doesn't just eschew the white gaze for the sake of creating her art; she performs that rejection in song, to pull her black listeners close. It's a rhetorical invitation for black folks to grab a chair and settle in for real talk about lives like theirs. To her white listeners (who are listening, after all), she offers a tongue-in-cheek indictment as consolation: 'Don't feel bad if you can't sing along / Just be glad you got the whole wide

Mohamed Sidati

The standoff in Guerguerat occurred because Morocco violated the cease-fire by crossing the wall. Tensions had been growing, but that should not mask the root of the problem which is the Western Sahara conflict. We expressed the frustration of the Sahrawi people. President Ghali insisted that we should opt for the peaceful

Mohamed Sidati

For us, it is a very important decision, and our message to Europe is to respect the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union. On one hand, it is clear that the agreements between Morocco and the EU can't be applied in Western Sahara. This territory has a distinct, separate status, as it is on the path towards decolonisation. On the other hand, the representative of the Sahrawi people is the Polisario

Mohamed Sidati

As we have said before, the past is the past, but many are involved in the plundering of natural resources and the wealth of Western Sahara. In this case, we are willing to go to court and more importantly, we want the European Union and European companies to apply the law otherwise we will use justice as a

Mohamed Sidati

This agreement, just like all the others, is not applicable to the Western Sahara and if the Eurpean Union wants to focus on this region, I think they should first negotiate with the Polisario

Fadila El Gadi

Demand is high for craftsmen. I myself am always looking for trained staff for my own studio. If we managed to have funding so they could each have their own little workshops, that would be really

Mamoun Driss Chaoui

The turnover in the Moroccan industry exceeds a billion dollars for about 40, 50 manufacturers. The presence of Morocco at the level of Arab Health is important for the development of our partnerships, and finding new business opportunities for Moroccan pharmaceutical

Abdelilah Benkirane

Talks have ended with him and also with Mohaend Laenser, the leader of the Popular

Aymen Cheikh Lahlou - Target

There can be no economic social development without investment in health care; as pharmaceutical companies we do participate to reach this

Nouzha Taarji - Target

When they come here, our clients can projects themselves into the future and they can say 'if Morocco has succeeded in developing its industry then why can't we?feedback

Aymen Cheikh Lahlou - Target

This is materializing by job creation, by direct foreign investment, by local accessibility and availability of drugs, by lower pricing, more accessibility and also by training a pool of qualified people, because our pharmaceutical industry required higher international norms in terms of

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya

There are many different nationalities, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya and citizens of other

Mohamed El-Krimi

We were planning to launch expressions of interest this week, but we have received an offer of 31 billion dirham ($3 billion) from a foreign conglomerate. We think that it is a serious offer until proven otherwise, but the court will invite expressions of interest

Mohamed El-Krimi

We asked only for three months as we will invite investors to submit expression of interests in the coming days, likely in a

Richard Samans - World Economic Forum

There is a very broad consensus for movement, as was made clear at the climate negotiating meeting that occurred last month in Morocco. There are nearly 200 countries that are committed to move forward on

Cristian Mungiu

Hopefully after you exit the theatre, you will realise that the film speaks about you, and about your problems, and about the questions that you need to ask yourself, and I think it's wonderful when cinema manages to do

Cristian Mungiu

It has become difficult to preserve what I think is the most important thing in cinema which is diversity. (…) If the trend continues at this speed, twenty years from now, we'll just have these formatted genre pieces and not much else, and I don't think cinema was invented for

Cristian Mungiu

It ('Graduation') speaks about truth and about lies, and about what happens to your life if you let too many lies in, and finally, it speaks about selfishness and about how we manage always in society, today, to find individual solutions, but we are never capable of finding a collective solution that would save us

Wang Xijian

We were able to get over the language barrier and receive this prize. It's truly a great honour for China and we hope we'll be able to come back to Marrakech in the

Rainer Frimmel

Each person is a wonderful individual, everyone should understand that, one shouldn't always just see the bad in people but instead one should also see the positive. I think that would make the world a better

Tom Herbstein

Industry leaders now have the opportunity to step up to the challenge outlined by the Paris climate agreement. In particular, the industry must help shift capital flows into climate-resilient assets and resilience-enhancing investments rather than simply struggling to maintain its current underwriting

Geoffrey Onyeama

In this agreement both countries agreed to study and take concrete steps toward the promotion of a regional gas pipeline project that will connect Nigeria's gas resources, those of several West African countries and

Karyna Gomes

After independence when I was born, there were many Cubans in Guinea-Bissau who shared their music. I had uncles who studied in Cuba and who brought back music from there, so I was influenced by what you call Latin

Karim Hajji

The authorities wanted to have a two stage

Mohammed Nabil Benabdallah

Most of the people are moving to the cities. Now over 65 percent of the population is living in cities. People are moving from the rural areas to urban areas. If we are not ready to accept them – we are going to have a big

Fatima Idhousseine

This co-operative has opened our eyes to a new world of possibilities for us and for our

Jacopo Monzini

Thirty years ago, we had enough rain and it was more evenly distributed. The soil had more vegetation cover and we didn't have these

Jacopo Monzini

Climate problems come from bad management of natural

Chakib Nemmaoui

They have their own approach to adaptation, but we try to develop and improve the way they are doing

Najia Ghouat

Our situation has improved a lot compared with a few years ago. We can be independent of our husbands, and we also contribute to household

Mohamed Amine Sbihi

It was essential for us here in Morocco to strengthen the show biz industry and also to boost the key industries like production and distribution companies. The state can certainly encourage musical creativity but this is useless when there is no distribution to the largest possible

Najia El-Ghouet - International Fund for Agricultural Development

When new agriculture was introduced into the region with the introduction of new technological tools, it has made things easier in terms of the production of olive oil. It has improved the way we extract the oil and it sells well in the market. And rural women have benefited, she now has her own source of income. She doesn't wait for her husband to give her anything, and thankfully for these efforts – olive oil, honey, meat, soap – now women don't have to rely on their husbands to buy medicine for their children for example or to pay for their schooling. She has money in her

Mohamed El-Krimi

Once we finish evaluating the company's assets, and once the judge in charge validates the results, we will launch the

Mohamed El-Krimi

The court may extend the deadline if needed, but it is too early to

Faycal Benamer

Its funding will first be from equity and the second part through

Bas Eickhout

Of course you can say we're going into another direction. But it's a bit silly and it's not where the jobs are. So if you want jobs then you have to follow where the world is heading to. And that message really comes strong out of

Nathan Hultman

There is a very major deployment of solar and wind energy in Morocco, there is massive deployments of renewable energy in Latin America and particular in Brazil and Mexico and couple of other countries. All of these together have been showing not only in their own region but also globally what countries can do when they put minds to it and identify what they can do with their own domestic

Mohamed Fouad Bergigui - United Nations Development Programme

Now all these people are really strong advocates for the project – they are like

Mohamed Fouad Bergigui - United Nations Development Programme

These payment-for-ecosystem-services schemes can revolutionize the way of doing business in the countryside. Everyone is a winner here, including

Mariana Panuncio-Feldman - World Wide Fund for Nature

We are confident the nations of this world gathered here in Morocco will keep focused on the work that needs to go

Shinzo Abe

Japan aims to play a leading role in crafting arrangements that raises transparency in each country's emission cuts to help accomplish the spirit of the Paris

Philippe Zaouati - Mirova

Along with other members, we call for coherence with national climate change pledges. On the eve of Climate Finance Day in Casablanca, we would like to involve both companies and policymakers so as to take the Arctic issue to the next level and seek greater protection for the

Nishant Upadhyay

I do not think there would be much impact beyond some sympathetic widening in African countries, most of which are already rated below investment grade. There is some small likelihood that Morocco might see flows, being the rare [investment-grade] country in the

Najat El Karz

Duroc is an agricultural company which exports 30,000 tons of cherry tomatoes. All areas are equipped with a system above ground. Duroc is a model for water management in the region and throughout

Patricia Espinosa

The agreement has entered into force and we are all obliged to deliver on those

Roman Escolano - European Investment Bank

Morocco is particularly suited for a large-scale project. It may not be suitable for all other

Mustapha Bakkoury

Unfortunately for many, it's thought that renewables are to have a light bulb or light a school ... This is to get away from the caricature of

Katie Reytar - World Resources Institute

The global community needs to recognize the scientific evidence: keeping tropical forests intact prevents carbon emissions, and forest peoples do the job better than anyone else. The Marrakech conference presents an opportunity to act on this evidence. We need to take concrete steps toward recognizing rights, before global warming reaches the breaking

Laila Amri

Welcome back to social media Kim from Morocco. We love

Tarik Bourquouquou

The Noor II project uses the same technology as Noor I, namely, parabolic mirrors, larger ones, that will be more efficient over the same surface area. Then Noor III will employ tower technology, the tower behind us. This tower will be the tallest building in Africa standing at 243 metres

Youssef Stitou

The operating principle is that these mirrors help to reflect sunlight to a central tube which warms a heat transfer fluid, this liquid is then transported to the power island, where it turns water into steam. The steam drives a turbine producing electricity which is sent to the national grid. The plant, boasts a thermal storage system, with a three-hour-storage

Youssef Stitou

Over 30% of this project was carried out by local companies. So having succeeded in delivering this project on time and in line with international standards is a source of great pride for us

Abdelmalek Faraj

Our goal is to develop and strengthen aquaculture. It has a very significant potential, the fisheries sector's fastest growth in recent years. However, our goal is sustainable development. So we want to encourage the development of seaweed farming and that's why in Morocco we have several experimental projects you can see here today such as with macro

Abdelmalek Faraj

Our ambition is to enhance, improve and implement a coastal marine observation system. In Morocco we began by installing an oceanographic and meteorological buoy off Dakhla. We aim to install a network in the northwest African region with our partner

Abdelkrim Foutat

Morocco's vessel monitoring system (VMS), available on all Moroccan boats, is a good management tool. We can follow their units, knowing exactly the distance their ship, its exact location, the time it leaves port and when it

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

So far we haven't done enough to reach this 1.5 degree target, which was the lowest level defined in the Paris agreement, and we are also going to reach this 2 degree target very soon if we are not going to start a rapid change in our emission

Vito Pirelli

The main aim is to provide means and tools both in terms of hardware and software to digitalize this cultural heritage and to make them available in an open way to the world at

Huma Abedin

Just to give you some context, the condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. If hrc was not part if it, meeting was a

Huma Abedin

The King has personally committed approx. $12 million both for the endowment and to support the

Ismail Douiri - Attijariwafa Bank

It will be between us and in house, we have enough resources even if the closing happens before the end of the year, as we expect

Ismail Douiri - Attijariwafa Bank

We will have to be careful to not mislead customers because if they feel disappointed it will be even less than 5 percent. Some in Morocco think it is a miracle. Participative products conform to Islamic rules, but they do cost money

Ray Conner

Boeing will actively reach out to more than 120 suppliers in the near term to encourage this to

Fadija Monem

All they have done is take money out of the pockets of the Moroccans because everything has become so expensive. We can't live like this. It was not like this with the

Otman Magraoui

Probably they will have to go with six different parties to go for a coalition. I don't know, we might end up going for another election sometime in another

Abdelaziz Elksouri

The rhythms are very universal, with melodies that are more local to the Maghreb, to Algeria and Morocco. So I think it's this mix that speaks to the body a little and it's sort of a characteristic of the concerts we do, we are talking to the body, it really gets people moving, especially the

Martin L Neuman

We have decided to make it a strength. So I had this Casablanca 1987 embroidery made especially, because there's no reason why we shouldn't say we're based in Morocco, so we make a point of showing it clearly, it's a

Ismael Daoudi

When you visit a Moroccan factory today, they don't specialise in a single product, you'll find jackets, shirts, dresses, trousers, etc… something that's not available in Asia or in countries like Turkey for

Gilles Lasbordes

Première Vision New York helps companies working in the textile, accessories, but also leather and manufacturing industries to target the American market, which is strategic because it's the second fashion market in the world after

Brahim El Mazned

It's more than urgent to give more room to express culture and

Stamatis Giannisis - Euronews

Despite the reaction of opposition parties and even some MPs in the government's majority, the new law has been endorsed by the Greek parliament. It comes around 48 hours before the first 500 migrants, mainly from Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan, will be returned to Turkey in accordance with the agreement between Ankara and the European

Farhan Haq - United Nations

MINURSO has ... received a request to close its military liaison office in Dakhla in the coming days, which would be the first request directly targeting the military

Farhan Haq - United Nations

We cannot allow the principle to be upheld that member states can arbitrarily go against their status of mission agreements and their commitments under the U.N. charter ... to abide by Security Council

Eric Van Hove

This Caterpillar engine has interested me for a while now because it's a civilian engine, made for construction, but it's been used in warfare, in war zones since the Vietnam war. In Iraq and all the wars until now it's been used. And the piece in the Biennale, more specifically the D9T, which is one type of Caterpillar engine that is used in the West Bank and in

Eric Van Hove

Young people are working with traditional crafts, re-using them, re-learning them. I'm have been learning how to sew and weave since I left Morocco. And also the place of craft in the history of civil movements, civil rights movements, or in feminist movements or in gay rights has always been very important- you know, all these considered low-arts- the

Rachid Koraïchi

I wanted to tell the story of our amazing relationship by these words on the pieces of the palais that remain. After my life they will be here for my children and grandchildren. The story is also etched in an accompanying work. I am an artist thanks to my parents. They never stood in my way, they never blocked me, on the contrary they encouraged me to do

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

They are Ethiopia and Morocco, both of which need to implement as a matter of urgency a robust and adequate national testing programme, both in and out of competition, where applicable in coordination with relevant sporting and anti-doping

Taib Madmad

Mouhcine Fikri is not the only victim of the humiliation and violence from the Moroccan authorities. Lots of citizens have been murdered by police and the authorities before

Sarim Fassi Fihri

On a global scale, we experience the same problems as any other national cinema industry. Look at any country today and you will find the presence of both local cinema and American cinema. It's hard to penetrate commercial channels because of the dominance of American cinema but as soon as you leave these channels, you sense a real interest in Moroccan cinema like in any other kind of

Joachim Lafosse

I have made two films in Morocco, well partly in Morocco. Well, Moroccan technicians are exceptional, because they see a lot of American, French, Belgians who come and shoot in Morocco, so they are very experienced. When you talk about Moroccan cinema, I think you first have to talk about the technicians. Then,. there's the artistic side of Moroccan cinema, and I think there are some very interesting things that have emerged over the past ten

Sarim Fassi Fihri

My dearest wish is that within five years we will be able to conquer those invincible citadels that are the official selections in Cannes, Berlin or Venice, because since Othello we haven't had a film in the official selections in Cannes and it would mean recognition for Moroccan cinema to be

Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya

Thank you. I am giving this prize to my country, Lebanon, my country which, sadly, doesn't believe in us, but in which we will always

Stephen Dunn

There's like a really exciting energy going on in Canada with a lot of young filmmakers, like my friend Andrew Cividino, who's also here (at the festival), and Xavier Dolan… It feels like a new voice is emerging and it's actually a very exciting time to be in Canada right now, making

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Thirty years ago, I worked at Charlie Hebdo, I knew Cabu, I knew Wolinski, and when I see what happened… if my scriptwriter had suggested doing a film where we would, for example, represent you know who (the prophet Mohammed) in pictures, I would have said: I don't think we should do that. And that's giving up, it's being afraid, so, in a way, violence, a Kalashnikov, is stronger than a camera,

Bill Murray

She endured great pressure and many threats and prevailed, and ended up singing and became sort of a hero in that country as a woman who stood and said, We're 52 percent of the population, I think we have a right to be heard, especially

Bill Murray

I mean I love the country very much, I love the people very much, and the professionals – the TV people – were very, very… not just talented and capable, but thoughtful of each other. To me, that makes it all

Eric Dupont-Moretti

You come to threaten me on a Sunday. You say you'll come round to my house on Tuesday. On Monday, I ask the police to intervene. Is this a trap?feedback

Jorge Fernandez Diez

We have to take in account that we are confronting terrorism, a jihadist terrorism an international terrorism, that has no location, where the location where they are arrested, has a relative

Jorge Fernandez Diez

All the countries are threatened by these barbarians. We have already said that this is not a religious war, but a war of barbarity to all those who oppose to their fanatic interpretation of Islam, that has nothing to do with the real

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I asked my special envoy Christopher Ross to resume his shuttle diplomacy to create the appropriate atmosphere for the resumption of

Mohammed Laâbidi

We sing in Moroccan to a Moroccan public, and that way, we always get through to

Teddy Riner

Things like that (speaking about the tournament) are advancing our sport. Maybe one day it'll be more popular than football or basketball. We are showing the beauty of this sport, showing also that this sport has a moral code, and has values, and also it's nice to

Ismael Saidi

We had a lot of emails from young people who admitted that the play has changed their minds.Even though it's a play about intolerance, eventually tolerance

Gon Coulibal

We need big markets within Africa but also we need countries to trade with international markets. As a specific example I take economic partnership agreements which can be signed between the Economic Community of West African States, a market of some 300 million people and the EU. I think it's important for African development that the continent industrialises. And we need standards within the African business environment to be the same as elsewhere in the

Mohamed El Kettani - Attijariwafa Bank

South-South cooperation is vital. So we must create larger, cross-frontier trading spaces. We have to make the most of the mutualisation and the complementarity of our resources and our economies. But we can't do without the North, because today in Morocco we are meeting international investors, from Europe, the US, and Asia, who are making Morocco a platform where part of the value is created in Morocco, another part in the North, and a third part in the countries south of

Junior Binyam

I don't have any fear about Ebola outbreak disturbing the African Cup of Nations. Just for you to know we have gone through qualifiers since the month of April and we have not had any single case of Ebola related to a football game even when it comes to local football played in the host

Fatiha Benmahjoub

This is not just for Moroccan women. It's for women who are raped, beaten and killed throughout the

Fouzia Assouli

What we have witnessed is scandalous. We have had enough. We must change this law. We must change this penal

Joe Borg

It promotes the development of responsible fisheries based on the economical, financial, technical and scientific co-operation in the field of fisheries between the European community and the Kingdom of

Rainer Griesbaum

The accused had the mission to commit an attack in Germany. They did not yet have a concrete target in view. While building the explosive device they were still in a phase of experimentation as we know after the results of the

Brahim El Mazned

Moroccan artistes face many barriers – not just Moroccan actually, but all southern artists have lots of problems selling themselves abroad. There are visa problems and so travelling becomes a pain. Morocco welcomes lots of international artistes but there aren't many Moroccan artistes appearing

Alexandra Archetti Stolen

The challenges are always on different levels, I think for Europe, of course, the economical crisis is dramatic so I think this is a big problem with the sponsoring, with the public funding – in a lot of countries the public funding has been cut by 60 percent, by 80 percent. And the audience, the big crowds are disapperaring – festivals who have existed for many years are

Peter Hvalkof

We have not finished yet (our selection) but there are a few artistes I will seriously consider for the coming festivals and also for the world music venue I am programming in

Bernard Aubert

There's really something to do around the new musical scene, I really love the DJs too. I love really traditional music, but that's been around a long time. On the other hand, it seems important to me to support the new Moroccan scene and at the Marseille capital of culture in 2013 and La Fiesta du Sud we'll schedule this type of new Moroccan

Martine Gauthier

That's the end of Morocco for me. I'm going back to France. I'll continue to go on holidays, but certainly not to Morocco because here people are allowed to

Adel Othmani

They'll be out killing more children in four years'

Jamal Ouahbi

I think al Qaeda are indoctrinating people both on the Internet and here in Morocco. They are recruiting many people

Tom Frieden - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This is a fluid and heterogeneous epidemic. It's changing quickly and it's going to be a long fight. I will say that in the 30 years that I've been working in public health the only thing like this has been AIDS and we have to work now so this is not the world's next

Eska Mtungwazi

This year was different because I brought my own group, my own music, and collaborated with Maallem Merchane so I feel born again!feedback

Jorge Fernandez Diaz

There is a huge wave of migration, with thousands and thousands of people trying to enter illegally in Spain and so in the European

Fathallah Oualalou

We're always open to talks about a partnership that could include sea food, especially on an industrial

Abderrahmane Benamrou

I think in general the project has taken into consideration most of the suggestions of the parties. The general atmosphere of the meeting was good, with the participation of all parties. We will present this draft to our different groups, before taking the right

Hamad bin Jassim

To avoid an international intervention we have decided to accept the draft protocol concerning the mission of an Arab League delegation to Syria to oversee the application of the decisions of the Arab

Laurence Ouilry

We would not have cancelled our trip even if this blast had happened before. We would have come to Morocco anyway. We were very keen to come and I don't think it would had any effect on

Jill Tully

I do believe actually that this will have an impact. I booked this holiday some time ago. I think it is a great city but this would make me very apprehensive about coming here again. Tourism is so important for Marrakesh, it could have a knock on

Isabel Marques da Silva

Along with this agreement, the European Parliament also voted on a proposal by a Belgium Liberal MEP on the future opening of some financial EU programs with Morocco, which have Advance Status to progressively integrate into the European Internal

Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah

Tomorrow Morocco will join the big boys, the democratic nations, after having chosen to become democratic constitutional

Ridouane Erramdani

The issue of the King's powers is a relative one, he says. According to the political figures involved, the mechanism of the consultation process proves that the King has handed over a lot of power and has also re-distributed a lot. He has also reinforced the authority of the government and parliament. This might not be ideal, but it is certainly not as bad a situation as some would have you think. The new constitution is not on the same level as those of Europe's democratic monarchies, but it is a long way from those in the Gulf or the presidential regimes of our Middle East

Marcel Khalife

There is everything, like the culture of Morocco, it is varied. So there's everything in the music, there's the Orient, the West, folklore, jazz, African music, there is everything, because you have to go further, there's the horizon, there's the light over there, we have to go

Hanan Ashrawi

Israeli deliberate measures at expanding settlement activities, at carrying out further building of illegal settlements in and around Jerusalem, all these are designed to scuttle all American efforts at trying to relaunch any kind of

Hillary Clinton

What the Prime Minister (Netahyahu) has offered in specifics of a restraint on the policy of settlements, which he has just described, no new starts for example, is unprecedented in the context of prior to

Hilde Bjørkum

In the world music scene I would say that we get quite a lot of offers but there still is lot of work to do and I think to organize such meetings like here, like this music fair, I think it is a very good

Rania Elias-Khoury - Visa

It is done and organised in a very proper way, you have a chance to meet everyone in the meetings and the concerts, showcases or speed

Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews

Geographically, Morocco is certainly the right place to hold a music fair and offer musicians from the region a new, international platform. One can but wish Visa For Music a bright

Abdi Rashid Jibril

We are very happy to be at Visa For Music, we think it's incredible to have an arts market place here in north

Peter Hvalkof

I know that the network that's connected to this event, Visa For Music, has very, very good connections in the Middle East and also all over Africa, so it's a very good place to be. For me, I would say, of course, it's a network but (I have come) mainly to see the

Simon Jaquemet

I am normally a nice person, but during the shoot I became sometimes very nasty, also with my

Ivan Tverdovsky

I am deeply sorry I could not be with you tonight because I am shooting my new film in Moscow, I am so sorry. I am deeply honored by the invitation and

Nour-Eddine Lakhmari

We don't make films just to please a French or a Middle Eastern co-producer, we make films for us and think that today if we're going to call ourselves artists, we have to take responsibility for expressing our point of view, our

Narjiss Nejjar

If you knew the number of Moroccan films today that are extremely subversive and which rub the country up the wrong way. But these films are there to help, so they shouldn't be censored. There's a real willingness to tell stories today, to use this freedom that we're gradually

Mohamed Nadif

I notice that Moroccans who live abroad, sometimes that allows us to compare, to see what's happening elsewhere in comparison to what's happening at home, and we also notice

Claude Moniquet

There is obviously a window of opportunity for Europe, and that's quite rare. A chance for Europe to play a role on the international stage, and if there's anywhere where Europe can be significant, it's obviously in North Africa and Africa. North Africa and Libya, it's just the other side of the street from us, like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia…for us these are neighbouring countries, countries with which we have a common history, long-standing relationships, and I think that's the right policy to show: that we are interested in these situations and that we are on the side of their

Daniel Henshall

We had a great team, a really good enclosed team. Not to sound clicheed, but we formed a familly. They gave us a wonderful sense of trust and respect. Not being insensitive the way we portrayed the story, inbetween the takes there was a lot of

Massimiliano De Serio

We're happy to work as a pair because, for us, this means discovering something more. From the beginning, ours ideas and screenplays are always double work for us, but it also means we discover something

Joe Borg

Time is running out to save the blue-fin tuna stock from collapse. With this position the European Union will be able to champion bold and decisive measures, in particular to resolve the issue of over-capacity, to reduce the length of the fishing seasons and to identify specific measures that can reinforce control throughout the market

Jorge Fernandez Diaz

If you add these two, there have been 13 arrests over the last few months, which shows that the intelligence and state security services are working efficiently with others, because the threat is global. The threat is no higher in

Sarah Duthie - Greenpeace

The status quo allows Japan, Iceland and Norway to continue its slaughter of thousands of whales each year with

Trinidad Jimenez

We have to study new measures and advice but I must meet those in charge of these organisations to decide if we should adopt additional

Nabeela Al Khayer

It is interesting to work here. Interesting to work with different artists from all over the world. Asilah – the place by itself it gives you a beautiful feeling for

Esteban Gonzales Pons

From what we saw, tension at the border is at its maximum level. We call on the government to do everything possible to avoid any

Nour Eddine Fetian

So the combined cycle recovers energy from the exhaust gases to produce steam. Basically, after bring emitted, the exhaust gas enters a recovery boiler. The boiler is fueled by water and produces steam through heat exchangers. This steam then reaches certain parameters of temperature and pressure to enter the steam turbine, where it converges with the steam produced by the solar field to power the turbine and produce electrical energy through this

Nour Eddine Fetian

Here we have this parabolic format, which allows the dish to track the exact position of the sun to maximise the radiation. It quickly reflects the rays back toward the collector. This is where you find a special tube that circulates the oil. The oil recovers the maximum recovered energy of solar radiation and then transfers that heat to the recovery

Taieb Fassi Fihri

It's not just a question of security but also of economic

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

In this, the Moroccan nation is and always will be supported by the people and government of their neighbour

Tadashi Shoji

It was East to West. So from Istanbul to go in Moorish influence, Arabic influence and then Moorish to Morocco to Alhambra Spain, that kind of

Marion Cotillard

It's not about judging movies. I see it as an opportunity to see different kinds of films, which I certainly wouldn't have seen otherwise. I just want to be a normal viewer, like when I go and see films at the

Taieb Fassi Fihri

There is security co-operation, it is important, it is significant, but it could be more

Taieb Fassi Fihri

Well, the framework of the association agreement includes a number of things which have already been done, but there were other things done by Morocco and the EU and developed by Morocco and the EU independently of the association agreement and which go well beyond the current

Taieb Fassi Fihri

We don't think of it as compensation, we would say that in the special relationship between Morocco and the EU there are natural rights and obligations and it's essential to find a basis for – and the right balance between – the two sides' interests; so we're working within the context of a partnership. We are discussing it and it is one of Morocco's

Taieb Fassi Fihri

The Mediterranean Union is an extremely important and interesting project that Morocco supports. Morocco endorses this idea because it will enhance everything we've built up as of now and allow us to deal better with Euro-Mediterranean

Abdelilah Benkirane

We are waiting now for the King to ask us to start consultations to form a new Government, we are already used to dealing with the Democratic Coalition and we are also open to talk to other

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

They promised investment, loans, aid and an increased partnership with Tunisia. The US wants to invest in Tunisia, promoting tourism and the Gulf states, which are the main investors in Tunisia, the neighbouring Maghreb countries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and the Arab

Han Duck-Soo

We are fully aware that to be the host is not only an honour but a very serious commitment. Only in cooperation with you and your countries as partners can we ensure that Expo 2012 is remembered as one of the most successful expos in

Catherine Williamson - Bonhams

One of the things that Turner Classic Movies really wanted to do was curate an auction that appealed to a broad range of fans. So we have the high ticket items that are really the marquee pieces, but we've got a lot of things for other folks as

Catherine Williamson - Bonhams

The car was bought by Warner Brothers in 1940, and was part of their studio fleet of cars, and so not only did it appear in 'Casablanca,' it appeared in 'High Sierra' and a few other movies as well. But most famously in 'Casablanca.'.feedback

Saïd Taghmaoui

Morocco is in the middle of expansion. In the space of 10 years some extraordinary things have been achieved thanks to his majesty. We're here to support that and to say 'yes we

Mélita Toscan

This year is very strong, very much for cinema lovers. We have lots of directors from right around the world, the big names: Kusturica, Jarmusch, Cuaron, Kiarostami. We have a great jury of cinema-lovers, so the discussions will be great. We've got some magnificent

Giuliano Amato

Now we're warning them of an attack in Italy or in

Francisco Javier Perez

We are already losing the fishing industry. If we lose it completely, we may as well turn out the lights and leave because there are no other

Patricia Gonzalez

What's going to happen now? We all have mortgages. Almost all of our families have only the husband's salary. They have cut us down with an

Eric Besson

He expressly said that he refused the principle of secularism, that he rejects equality between men and women – he announced very clearly that males and females are not equal – and he admitted that he's the one who forces his wife to wear the

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Maybe some disagree but it is an essential principle of my government's foreign policy to maintain a good relationship with neighbouring countries like

Kamel Morjane

Of course this [these democratic elections] will take time. We cannot fix it today. This will be fixed by the different parties, and when I say parties, it is not only those who are in government. We are in contact with all the elements, political elements of the Tunisian

Nicolas Sarkozy

If we want to control matters in the Mediterranean, we can only do so with the cooperation of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and

Hillary Clinton

We are evaluating the outcome of the legal proceedings. We'll have more to say after we have finished that analysis and gathered as much information as

Fathallah Oualalou

You know, security is a key issue for most of the world nowadays. I think there are two ways to enhance security. Firstly, you have to modernise society. Morocco has made a lot progress on this, for instance by strengthening the rights of women and raising their social status. Secondly, you have to fight poverty, both in the cities and in rural areas – that way you counteract extremist

Fathallah Oualalou

No, I don't think so. You have to remember two things. Firstly, Morocco subscribes to the idea of financial reforms aimed at an open market. It was in that spirit of economic openness that we signed agreements with the US and with the European Union. Secondly, you can't change geography. Our main partner is and will remain the EU. Seventy percent of commercial transactions, technological and cultural cooperation is with

Sergey Lavrov

As the coalition has been recognised as the only legitimate representative, it seems that the United States decided to place all bets on the armed victory of this same national

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