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Tony Blair
In retrospect I think we should have, right at the very beginning, tried to pull [Hamas] into a dialogue and shifted their positions. I think that's where I would be in retrospect. But obviously it was very difficult, the Israelis were very opposed to it. But you know we could have probably worked out a way whereby we did – which in fact we ended up doing anyway,
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Oct 22 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Muslim brotherhood. You'll find 572 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Muslim brotherhood are: Benjamin Netanyahu, Sami Abu Zuhri, Mahmoud Abbas and Mahmoud al-Zahar. Benjamin Netanyahu specifically said: “We want peace. We want a real peace, and exactly because of that we will not conduct negotiations with a terrorist organization in a diplomatic disguise.”.
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Talal Okal

I think Hamas is ready for understandings about resistance here. Nobody can remove their weapons and armaments, but they will find a way to put this aside for a

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

The sides will discuss the security issue, especially in Gaza, in the way that serves the home front, enforces the rule of law in a professional and national way and is not

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

One of our reasons was to spare our people this suffering, which this time was made by Palestinian

Mahmoud Abbas

I will not accept or copy or reproduce the Hezbollah example in Lebanon. Everything must be in the hands of the Palestinian

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

The road ahead will be long and hard, but momentum of reconciliation and peace should not be

Abdel-Majid Ali

It is a day of Eid, a national holiday. We hope this time reconciliation is for

Michael Oren

One of the issues is whether Hamas will be able to retain its arms. If it does then it's a non-starter for

Yehya Al-Sinwar - Hamas

Hamas has made big concessions, and every coming concession will be stunning and surprisingly bigger than the one that passed, so that we can conclude reconciliation and this division must

Jason Greenblatt

It's time for the Palestinian Authority to take control of Gaza–and for the international community to take steps to help this happen. Relief from the suffering in Gaza can only be found when all interested parties gather together to help the Palestinian people and isolate

Jason Greenblatt

While a great deal more work remains to be done, discussions remain serious and

Mahmoud Aloul

If this is Hamas' statement, then this is a positive sign. We in the Fatah movement are ready to implement

Sadiq Khan

It's really important that we show business as usual rather than allow terrorists to disrupt our way of life and stop us doing what we're

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

This puts Abu Mazen [Abbas] and Fatah to the real

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

I welcome the recent statement by Hamas announcing the dissolving of the administrative committee in Gaza and agreement to allow the government of national consensus to assume its responsibilities in Gaza. It is critical that the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, most notably the crippling electricity crisis, be addressed as a

Azzam Al-Ahmad

This step will enhance the unity of the Palestinians and end ugly

Imad Mohsen

Today, Hamas has recognized that Dahlan is a powerful man in the

Salah al-Bardawil - Hamas

The Palestinian division is not only political. It has struck at the heart of the Palestinian social fabric, particularly in the Gaza Strip. In this situation, we have no other choice but to go for

Khalil Qotob

It was very painful, because those who killed him were not Israelis, but

David Hacham

But they all grew up in the same environment in Gaza. They are not

Nikki Haley

Iran is showing its true colors. Iran must decide whether it wants to be a member of the community of nations that can be expected to take its international obligations seriously or whether it wants to be the leader of a jihadist terrorist movement. It cannot be both. It's long past time for the international community to hold Iran to the same standard that all countries who actually value peace and security are held

Jonathan Guyer

He's the only cartoonist whose work I've seen in Muslim Brotherhood newspapers and also in a famous communist bar in Beirut. He has this incredible crossover appeal because he was really an independent thinker and a staunch critic of all authority. Whoever you are, there is something in Naji al-Ali's work for

Ghada Salmi

We need to live like humans, with cinemas, public spaces, and

Dan Diker - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Al Jazeera has been guilty of terrible and fundamentally unprofessional reporting that uses incitement to please their radical paymasters in the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. Israel is saying, Enough is enough,' and that you cannot exploit our democratic system in order to assault our democratic country via your propagandistic and radical-Islamic

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

We are deeply concerned about the steady deterioration in the humanitarian conditions and the protection of human rights in Gaza, . Israel, the State of Palestine and the authorities in Gaza are not meeting their obligations to promote and protect the rights of the residents of

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

This has a grave impact on the provision of essential health, water and sanitation

Eyal Zamir

These two targets, as far as I'm concerned, are legitimate military targets, and in the event that a new war begins, anybody in them is endangering himself, his family, and the responsibility (for their wellbeing) will fall on

Hazim Kassim - Hamas

The threats of the occupation do not frighten the resistance. All these actions of the occupation will not provide them with security. Judging by previous experience, the resistance will find ways to overcome these

Eyal Zamir

We see that Hamas is deterred and restrained, and is reining in others. Our intelligence shows without any doubt that Hamas is building its infrastructure for the next round of fighting in the civilian

Khalil Shikaki

The most important factor is that the split, while creating frustration, also makes it difficult for Fatah and Hamas to trust each other and work together to launch violent

Ahmed Abu Duhair

Just talking, laughing, smoking on the roof to make us a little bit happy before we die. We are closer than brothers. We're not lazy guys. We've been working since we were

Ayoob Kara

The freedom of speech is not the freedom of incitement. Democracy has boundaries as well. When it comes down to the question what precedes what, I have no doubt, I prefer citizens and soldiers alive in Israel. And when we see that all these countries have determined as fact that Al Jazeera is a tool of the Islamic State, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, and we are the only one who have not determined that then something delusional is happening

Rich Higgins

National Security officials are prohibited from developing a factual understanding of Islamic threat doctrines, preferring instead to depend upon 5th column Muslim Brotherhood cultural

Giora Eiland

Is pushing Hamas to take the only option they have and this is to open fire on Israel and attract again the attention of the international

Benjamin Netanyahu

The pain is deep but our roots in the land are no less deep. Terror will never defeat us. Terror will never defeat us. We will continue to strengthen our state; we will continue to build up our

Benjamin Netanyahu

We are in Jerusalem, but our hearts are with the Salomon family in Modi'in. For a hundred years now, we've been dealing with this murderous terror – and overcoming it. The pain runs deep, but our roots in this land run just as deep. Terror will never defeat us. Terror will never triumph over us. We will continue to strengthen our country and build our

April Longley Alley - The International Crisis Group

Whatever Saudi Arabia's current view of the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries, in Yemen they are natural allies against the Houthi-Saleh alliance. In many fighting fronts in the north, tribesmen or soldiers associated with Islah are a critical, if not the most important, part of the anti-Houthi fighting

Reuven Berko

The motive can be a vast arrange of needs, of weaknesses, or an understanding that the situation needs fixing … sometimes we even have to create this motive for

Ashraf Al-Qidra

We believe the actions of the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation together are undermining the entire health service system in

Omar Al-Naser

Shortages in Gaza may happen, just like there are shortages in the north counties (West Bank), because there are debts the health ministry is trying to

Ashraf Shanty

I have two sons suffering from the disease but I see myself as the father of 320 cystic fibrosis patients, whom I must help. Without Creon, the enzyme of life, they may

Avigdor Liebrman

In my opinion, the strategy is to hurt Hamas and also to drag Hamas into a conflict with

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

After 10 years he uses the stick and not the carrot? He cuts electricity. He cuts salaries. For what? This is what the people are

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

We have not surrendered yet and we will not surrender. Abbas wants Hamas to cry and beg for help?feedback

Nathan Thrall - The International Crisis Group

Dahlan supporters and many in Fatah would be happy to see him return and would be happy to see an alleviation of the electricity and other crisis in Gaza as a result. To see a kind of joint Hamas and Dahlan authority? That is something many people, not just Dahlan supporters, might

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

What is happening now among Arab countries is that someone is trying to change the political dynamic in the region, and this instability is not good for us and other countries although it benefits Israel. There are countries that want Gaza to be part of the regional equation, others that want to shut gates or punish Hamas. We understand the contradictions. If you have good relations with Qatar, Egypt will be angry. If you have good relations with Iran, Saudi will be

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

We are in a very critical situation so we have to be very careful. We need to be very sober to try to keep

Akram Attallah

I believe relations between Egypt and Hamas have taken a big move. For the first time, we can say there is joint action between the two sides, a joint cooperation. That has never been official since the Hamas movement was founded 30 years

Theodore Kattouf

The area where Qatar could please the U.S. and ease some of the pressure is to quit supporting Islamist terrorist groups. But the Gulf countries consider the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, the United States has not labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group thus

Tawfiq Abu Naeem

These measures serve as a message of assurance to the Egyptian

Akram Attallah

Dahlan employed this moment to present himself as the most efficient party in the Palestinian arena and a saviour for

Chase Untermeyer

Qatar clearly will reject these demands. The only thing I can possibly imagine would be to send away from Qatar representatives of various organizations and groups such as Hamas, that are not only obnoxious on their own sake, but are condemned by the United Nations and by the United States and other Western powers. That doesn't really bother Saudi Arabia because Hamas's chief target is Israel, but the fact is that if there were to be any kind of small bit of sacrifice, those kind of relationships can be easily done and not really affect the foreign policy of

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

Building a sea port and artificial island for Gaza is a right of its people to alleviate their suffering and end the

Arye Shalicar

He believes in it because he knows that if something isn't done in the end we're going to face some sort of human catastrophe or another round of war. Seven years ago almost everyone was against it but since then we've had two rounds of war with Hamas. Many people who said, in politics and in the security establishment, started understanding this might be a good

Ismail Patel

They have failed to provide any satisfactory reason as to why they have chosen to cancel an event which seeks to celebrate Palestinian culture and heritage. Despite the threat from DCLG, we will make further efforts to hold Palestine Expo and will seek a judicial review of this unfair and unjust

Ayman al-Batniji - Hamas

We noticed a great state of fear among the citizens when the dogs were being walked with their owners in the streets and along the

Robert Ford

The U.S. administration, myself included, regularly spoke with members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood who were themselves members of Syrian opposition coalitions and

Hisham Thawabta

I don't care who brings fuel or electricity. I only care about having power at home and work. I need to live. I am not interested of understanding the dirty politics that we are living in

Ayman Jamal

We the people are the losers. We lost 10 years of our lives for nothing. We passed through three wars and suffered with the blockade for what? No electricity now? Barely we get three hours a day. I don't know what the Egyptian fuel will do for us. I don't think it will make a

Avigdor Lieberman

Hurt Hamas and drag it to war with Israel. Abbas is doing this unilaterally, without having coordinated with Israel or

Hisham Thawabta

Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, the Arabs and of course Israel are responsible for the miserable life that Gaza is suffering

Nikki Haley

Every ounce of what we do should be against Hamas. They are a dangerous actor who has no care for the Palestinians, no care for the Israelis, and they are determined to destroy everything in their path. So once again, we are having this session, and once again, we will hear speeches on whether you're for Israel, against Israel, for Palestinians, against Palestinians. But I would ask you to please address the real threat that is causing so many people harm, and that's the threat of

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

Two million Palestinians in Gaza can no longer be held hostage by divisions. For a decade they have lived under the control of Hamas. They have had to deal with crippling Israeli closures, Palestinian divisions and have lived through three devastating

Khalil al-Hayya

We in Hamas do not initiate wars and we do not expect one; this is our political assessment. We do not expect war because we are not interested and the occupation [Israel] also say they are not

Khalil al-Hayya

Securing borders is a joint interest. We are keen and we have the determination and the ability to prevent any harm to reach out for Egypt from

Izzat El-Reshiq - Hamas

The three hero martyrs who executed the Jerusalem operation have no connection to Daesh (Islamic State), they are affiliated with the PFLP and

Noura Al Kaabi

Like stopping to meddle and interfere with countries in the region, in their affairs. This is one. And funding terrorist organisations, extremists, Qatar being a safe haven for extremists and Muslim Brotherhood and having a media platform that I can call a mouthpiece of radicals, people like Karadawi who is the spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood. He's an individual who has more blood on his hands than a suicide bomber having that mouthpiece that's undermining stability and security in the

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

The Arab states have been abusing the Palestinian cause since the creation of Israel in 1948. This is a fixed

Daoud Shihab

The issues in this relationship go back a long time, and they've been hard to

Peter Bergen

He was early to point out that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderating force in the Middle East, and that, of course, is not how it's interpreted in Saudi Arabia, where it's banned, or in Egypt, where it's

Gilad Erdan

This is a decision by (Abbas) . . . Israelis paying Gaza's electricity bill is an impossible

Jeremy Corbyn

It will be my pleasure and my honor to host an event in parliament, where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. ... I also invited friends from Hamas to speak as

Grant Rumley

I think it's a dangerous approach, however, and one that ultimately will hurt everyday Gazans. Abbas wants to be the central address for the Trump administration but while squeezing Gaza financially may put his political rivals in a bind, it will likely only widen the gap between him and the

Gilad Erdan

It would be illogical for Israel to pay part of the bill. It is not definite this will cause a military confrontation. It is possible that the Palestinians begin to understand the catastrophe that Hamas means for

Tareq Rashmawi

We renew the call to the Hamas movement and the de facto government there to hand over to us all responsibilities of government institutions in Gaza so that the government can provide its best services to our people in

Damien Pickart

We've seen no impact to our operations and all flights continue as planned. The United States and the [anti-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, US-led] coalition are grateful to the Qataris for their long-standing support of our presence and their enduring commitment to regional security. I have been talking predominantly about the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas, the Palestinian movement based in Gaza. So I think the Saudis and the UAEs are worried that Qatar was providing a platform for these

Boris Johnson

For 30 years, [Corbyn] has been soft and muddle-headed on terror. He has been soft and muddle-headed on defence. He has taken the side of just about every adversary this country has had in my lifetime, from the IRA to Hamas, from Soviet communism to [Argentina's] General Galtieri. I don't mean to compare our European friends to any of these people, but it is psychologically impossible to imagine him having the grip or the firmness to get the right Brexit deal for this

Zaid Al-Kilani - Hamas

Abu Mazen (Abbas) is punishing freed prisoners by suspending the salaries they and their families rely on...We believe the Palestinian Authority has succumbed to American and Israeli

Amal Seyam

Polygamy has hit high rates in Gaza over the few past years, seemingly due to an increase in people's religious inclination, especially after Hamas took power in

Hisham al-Aloul

I want to apologize to my people. I ask my family to forgive me. I tell the Israeli intelligence you are scum. Sooner or later the resistance will get you. The Palestinian security in Gaza is smarter than you. The American and Israeli intelligence are the worst of

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

Rushing to put men to death based on an unreviewable decision of a special military court, days after announcing their arrests and airing videoed confessions, smacks of militia rule, not the rule of law. Reliance on confessions in a system where coercion, torture and deprivation of detainee's rights are prevalent, and [there are] other apparent due process violations, further taint[s] the court's verdicts. Death as government-sanctioned punishment is inherently cruel and always wrong, no matter the

Iyad Baker

In the past we were allowed to sail up to 12 nautical miles, and we were suffering from a lack of distance, Today only three nautical miles are allowed, and in reality even this distance is not allowed because it's only for the benefit of the media, In fact they chase us before we have covered two

Mohamad Al Saiqaly

As young people and citizens of Gaza we feel that there is no horizon, we do not expect things will get better because of the blockade, Thousands of graduates here think that the future is bleak because the siege has stopped all forms of life in

Ammar Al Rahel

I can't bring workers to work with me, I have stopped all workers because of the loss of income, I just work with my children, maybe next year I won't be able to plant. I am praying to God that things will get better and get back to how they were ten years ago: planting and exporting our products, with the Israeli and Egyptian checkpoints open

Azmi Keshawi

So soon we might start getting zero electricity, if the announcements by Israel and the PA are carried out. If this happens, the deterioration of every aspect of life in Gaza will be rapid. Nothing in Gaza can sustain such pressure: neither the failing economy nor the dilapidated

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

He [Trump] has a complete bias towards the Israeli occupation ... which is a wrong US approach towards the Palestinian people. Trump's statement concerning the Hamas movement and describing it as a terror group is altering facts and we reject

Nasser Suleiman - Hamas

The field court has sentenced the three convicted of carrying out the crime of the assassination of martyr Mazen Fuqaha to

Ayman al-Batniji - Hamas

In recent weeks, the phenomenon of young men walking with their dogs in the streets has widely spread. It is neither of our culture nor of our traditions....we are not against dogs, we use dogs in our work - the ban is simply to protect our women and

Suzanne Shath

Since he was imprisoned, he has become edgier. He's different, he's more hostile. Sometimes he rejects food and he doesn't want to eat. We have to play with him to help him work his

Ayman Shath

I have a language with dogs, but with humans in Gaza I can't understand what they want. At least I can speak to my

Imad Morad

There are studies that show that having a dog reduces the likelihood of depression and other

Yasmin Shath

I couldn't believe it. Everyone tagged me in the notice on Facebook because they know I am a dog lover. I thought: this can't be

Imad Morad

It is not good for the dog, psychologically or physically, to be in the home all the

Mohammed Alashi

At the very least, you won't be able to connect to the internet, you can't complete your job, you can't turn on your computer. Turning off the power is equal to turning off life. Israel is not in the mood to make or receive any kind of skirmishes on the

Yousef Nasser

Israel does not want to be seen as an evil, hegemonic entity. Second, Israel does not want to increase the pressure on an already explosive socio-economic situation. They want to see the downfall of Hamas. By making the people suffer, they assume that it will encourage an uprising against

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

These elections are happening under the control of the West Bank security services in coordination with the Israeli enemy. The vote aims to assure the policy of one party, but the outcome will not be positive for the Palestinian nation. On the contrary the election will strengthen the division between the nation, between the West Bank and

Maher Kanawati

We need to increase the voting percentage to tell the world that we have democracy in Palestine. Unfortunately there are no elections in Gaza, but we hope and pray that next time we will have elections all over

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

The elections are happening without national consensus. Holding them in the West Bank alone, without Gaza, will cement

Mahmoud al-Aloul

No doubt this is the democratic life we have promised our people. Unfortunately this joy is taking place in the West Bank alone because Hamas is preventing the people from practising this right in

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

It's my honor to shoulder the responsibility of leading the political bureau of this large movement of holy

Benyamin Netanyahu

The new Hamas document says that Israel has no right to exist, it says every inch of our land belongs to the Palestinians, it says there is no acceptable solution other than to remove Israel... they want to use their state to destroy our

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

This is confirmation that Hamas is renewable, consultative and democratic and believing in the devolution of power. We hope the coming phase with Ismail Haniyeh would see an opening to the

Ahmad Okasha

When the political leader of Hamas is from inside Gaza he will have more knowledge about Gaza's peoples' situation. Residents of Mecca are more aware of its alleys. If a person is from outside Gaza, he won't talk about Gaza's ordeals and worries

Hussam al-Dajani

The composition of the political bureau in Gaza tends to radicalism. Mr. Haniya is the balance here. He is a flexible person who supports peace and unity and stability in the

Ibrahim Madhoun

The elections enhance the democracy and vitality of the movement and give a greater role to institutions, not to

Mahmoud Abbas

What is needed is to bring the two parties together, to bring them closer and then to facilitate things between them. We had planned to meet in Moscow, but he didn't show

Mahmoud Abbas

So far, we didn't talk about a mechanism, but the contacts between us and the Americans began and will continue. We had planned to meet in Moscow, but he didn't show

Yossi Mekelberg - Chatham House

He's not interested in details. Israelis and Palestinians know all the details. What Trump can contribute is that he is ready to act regardless of not knowing the details, which might do something ... in the unpredictable world we live in right now. It is a significant move. It indicates that Hamas is not monolithic ... and that they reached a conclusion that militarily they are not going to defeat

Kobi Michael

The pressure is for Hamas to change its policy and position towards Israel. They are not giving up on their armed

Nathan Thrall - The International Crisis Group

Students on scholarships, people wishing to travel abroad – nobody can leave. It's one of the greatest pressures the people of Gaza

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

Today, Abbas put himself in a confrontation with the Palestinian people. Its consequences will be catastrophic and disastrous, not only for Hamas, as they think, but for all

Sharaf Kaskeen

Why did you (Khaled Mashaal) mention in your speech only the 1967 border and not the 1948 land? You didn't recognise Israel but you said that the '67 border is ours and the rest (of Palestine) belongs to

Tareq Baconi

Concerns remain, but efforts to distance the group from antisemitism are an opportunity to be grasped. On Monday night, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, Khaled Meshal, officially unveiled the organisation’s much-anticipated “Document of general principles and policies” during a press conference in Doha. Hamas’s leaders have denied that this document replaces the movement’s founding charter. Nonetheless, its publication is a long-overdue move that cannot be

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

We don't want to dilute our principles but we want to be open. We hope this (document) will mark a change in the stance of European states towards us. Hamas advocates the liberation of all of Palestine but is ready to support the state on 1967 borders without recognising Israel or ceding any

Grant Rumley

One of the more important things in this document is what's not in it, and that's any mention of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas released this now out of realization that Sisi is here to stay and that his war on the [Muslim] Brothers has hit them hard–not only at Rafah, but in the tunnels and in access to Egypt and the ability to get out of the Gaza Strip. It's really hamstrung the

Benjamin Netanyahu

Hamas is attempting to fool the world but it will not

Khaled Mashaal

We wanted to present a document that truly reflects Hamas's ideology and consensus and to present it to our supporters ... and the international

Fayez Abu Shamala

The P.A. and Hamas compete to get embraced by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab states, but it seems the Arab embrace is not enough for two women. Hamas will be an influential political body in the next

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

The document gives us a chance to connect with the outside world. To the world, our message is: Hamas is not radical. We are a pragmatic and civilized movement. We do not hate the Jews. We only fight who occupies our lands and kills our

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Whatever the responsibilities of the irresponsible leaders of Hamas in the outbreak of this new confrontation, the path chosen by Israel only pushes it into an impasse. It is not by accumulating the ruins and the dead that Mr. Netanyahu will appease the tensions, passions and hatreds in this region of the world. It's an historic day because we are putting France before personal and partisan

Hani al-Masri

President Abbas realizes that President Trump will ask him to be humble in his demands because 'you are weak and Gaza is under Hamas control and you have troubles inside

Fahd Abu Sultan

After God, the country [Gaza] depends on the salaries of the

Hani al-Masri

Therefore, Abu Mazen [Abbas] wants to go to Washington after it has received his message about the strong and decisive steps he has

Ashraf al-Qidra

All health services could stop within the coming few

Fatima Hmeid

Hamas and Fatah are fighting with each other like kids and we are sitting in our homes with no electricity. What is our crime?feedback

Mkhaimar Abusada

This is a very regrettable decision on the part of the Palestinian Authority. We are already facing a catastrophic situation regarding

Mahdi Abdul Hadi - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs

Part of this is Abbas showing he is in control and he is the boss. The message to Hamas is: If you want to govern it, take

Mkhaimar Abusada

If Abbas had resorted to such a decision in the first year, he may have avoided it going on for 10

Hazim Kassim - Hamas

It is a clear aggression. Abbas aims to blow up the situation in

Robert Piper - United Nations

With power outages at 20 hours a day and emergency fuel supplies running out, basic services are grinding to a

Rami al-Hamdallah

I think there is a golden and historic chance to regain the unity of our people. Hamas should relinquish control of Gaza. Let whoever wins

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

Israel also has a significant responsibility to assist by facilitating the entry of materials for repairs and maintenance of the grid and power plant. Egyptian power lines to Gaza also need to be repaired and upgraded. The social, economic and political consequences of this impending energy crisis should not be underestimated. Palestinians in Gaza, who live in a protracted humanitarian crisis, can no longer be held hostage by disagreements, divisions and

Fathi Sheikh Khalil - Hamas

The electricity cuts will also affect municipal services such as pumping water to people's homes and wastewater

Ghassan Khatib

Hamas says it does not collect enough from the electricity bills because people in Gaza are poor. They believe the Palestinian Authority should pay part or most of the cost. The PA says that does not make sense, that Hamas is governing Gaza while the PA is paying for

Maisa al-Masri

I live on the sixth floor, and electricity is important for me not only inside my apartment but also outside, to operate the

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

I am following with great concern the tense situation in Gaza, where a new energy crisis is now unfolding. The authorities in Gaza must ensure that collection rates are improved and that revenue collected in Gaza is returned to the legitimate Palestinian authorities in order to keep fuel and electricity supply

Andrew Anglin

And they will rue the day, as they see two hundred skinhead Alt-Right Nazis marching with a guy from Hamas carrying machine guns through the center of their town!feedback

Marwan Barghouti

This new hunger strike will demonstrate once more that the prisoners' movement is the compass that guides our struggle, the struggle for Freedom and Dignity, the name we have chosen for this new step in our long walk to

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

Hamas strongly condemns the heinous crimes against churches and places of worship in Egypt, which targeted unarmed civilians and led to the death and injury of dozens. Hamas wishes safety, security, stability and prosperity for Egypt and its

Abdul-Latif Qanou

This is an unjust and non-national decision that aims at creating crises and tightening the grip on our people in the Gaza

Yousif al-Mahmoud

Without this step, the government cannot pay the salaries of its

Rizq al-Haddad

This cut has worsened our situation. I don't know how I will get by until the end of the month. Shall I beg?feedback

Alon Eviatar

For five days have Hamas have been searching and they have not found any answers. But they cannot leave this issue without taking any

Chagai Tzuriel

Hamas is the greatest non-state threat in terms of

Akram Attalah

If war begins, battles will be tougher with Sinwar at the top. The situation is on the edge of collapse. Hamas and Israel are in a dilemma over how things can

Danny Yatom

Hamas is accusing us, but it could be Hamas. It is possible we are witness to a preventive strike and not an

Amos Yadlin

Hamas could decide that Fuqaha was assassinated by Israel and retaliate, and then we will retaliate to the retaliation and we could very quickly in another clash very

Ibrahim Ad-Madhoun - Hamas

He was listed by the Israeli security bodies and his name was mentioned many times before but what is surprising is the way the assassination was conducted. It is the first time that Israel has operated in such way in the Gaza

Nickolay Mladenov - United Nations

The resolution calls on Israel to take steps 'to cease all settlements activities in the occupied Palestinian territory including east Jerusalem'. No such steps have been taken during the reporting period. The continued incitement to violence against Jews emanating from Hamas extremists and some Palestinian groups is unacceptable and undermines trust and the prospects for peace. Reactions by Hamas officials to terror attacks against Israelis have been particularly reprehensible and deserve

Yisrael Katz

No Palestinian can oppose this, not Abu Mazen and not Hamas, because it gives them an opening to the world. In an absurd way, we are giving Hamas the keys to the world's largest

Fadel Abu Heen

They think tramadol will change the reality and will make them feel at peace. They want to lose awareness and any feeling of

Ahmed Al-Qidra

It is a problem but not a phenomenon. We suffer from it just as most countries all over the world. I urge young people ... to give up bad friends, otherwise they will be destroyed like me. I was a respected man who knew a loser friend and I became a loser

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

If we compare it with a year ago, the situation or the relationship is better but it is not yet what is needed. The needs of our people are great, their need to travel, pursue education or treatment, attend to their businesses and families abroad, and also the need for open trade with Egypt. Egyptian intelligence is restoring its relationship with Hamas in accordance with certain guidelines, chief amongst them being that Hamas does not become a major gateway for threats from Gaza targeting Egypt's national

Tareq Fahmy

We've gotten to a point now with Hamas where we're working on a framework on which to build for the coming period, and this will be contingent upon controlling the borders and the crossing will be open routinely. We're thinking of direct trade and all this is pivotal for our brothers in Hamas and the Gaza Strip, but ... trust-building processes don't take place

Eric Trager

The (Trump) administration has signaled repeatedly that it sees the Muslim Brotherhood as virtually indistinguishable from groups like al Qaeda or even Islamic State. This is something Cairo is very excited about and Arab partners favor as

Robert Tolchin

If you or I tried to send money to Hamas, you wouldn't get around the block. Banks are required to check before they do any wire transfers. Why is it any different to provide a communications platform to Hamas, to ISIS?feedback

Mazen Abu Reyala

We live like rats. Should I wait until we get burned? Or should I wait to return home and see that my children burned themselves because they lit

Tareq Lubbad

If no substantial solutions are found the crisis will escalate and hours without power will

Adel al-Mashwakhi

There is no work, no crossings, no food, no water to drink and also there is no electricity. Enough Hamas. Enough, enough, enough. We want electricity, we want electricity, we want

Andres Thomsen

To do that you need to have targeted investments in young people, in women who will enter the labour

Andres Thomsen

It will be very hard to imagine that you can create the right conditions for (economic) growth that can accommodate this dramatic population

Naser Jeldha

We have applied for permits and if we get them I intend to travel with my

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

If we will leave them as they are, people from Daesh can recruit them easily. They can start operations from there easily. It (Gaza) can transform also as a launching pad for extremism and for terrorism ... That's why we need to put an end to

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

We believe this will be a step for having some relief for the people of Gaza. Forgetting Palestine – postponing it until later – will be much

Iyad al-Bozom

Conversations made via these cards can be stored on Israeli servers and used by the occupation. Israeli intelligence officers have also used these SIM cards to contact some

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

Hamas rejects the court's decision that divides the Palestinian people and will consult with other factions on how to confront

Danny Danon - United Nations

Israel "will not relent until the U.N. and other aid organizations begin to track and follow every dollar that enters the Gaza

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The high court decision is politically motivated and it came in order to rescue Fatah after its lists of candidates collapsed in a number of

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

We hold (Israel) responsible for the escalation in the Gaza Strip and we stress that its aggression will not succeed in breaking the will of our people and dictate terms to the

Salah Al-Bardaweek - Hamas

The Palestinian people and the resistance can overcome all the obstacles made by the

Peter Lerner

We suspect that the ... mortars that were fired at the soldiers at several locations (were) perhaps a result of Hamas identifying that the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is closing in on its

Benjamin Netanyahu

We will find who prepared this explosive device. We will discover who carried it out. We will also get to those behind them. We will settle the score with these

Moshe Yaalon

We do not seek conflict, but if Hamas tries to provoke the State of Israel and disrupt the lives of residents of the Gaza periphery communities, it will be dealt a very strong

Grant Rumley

It's a blatant power grab at a time when he knows he can get away with it. From Abbas's standpoint, this is his way of both thwarting his rivals in Hamas and securing his Fatah party's hold on the Palestinian Authority once he is

David Grossman

You know, the Hamas is not my favourite part of the Palestinian society because they are fanatic, fundamentalist and in their basic declaration, they openly wish for the eradication of Israel and building an Islamic state on the ruins of it. Yet, the Hamas because of its structure and because of the geo-political situation, has also some political interests, unlike the ISIS,

David Grossman

Now I think that a society that is dominated by fears is a declining society, it does not have the energy and the vitality that it takes in order to flourish, to blossom and also to solve its existential problems. If you categorise things only in categories of fear, of despair, you will not get far away. In the end, you shall have to realise your greatest

David Grossman

There are many jokes in the book and I so much enjoyed writing it because of the flow of jokes and I am a person who rarely remembers a joke. And now at least I know at least 30 jokes to

David Grossman

In a way you can say that he lives in parallel to the life he should have lived. Maybe also if you want, Israel has this destiny because in the last years we became a kind of mini empire, and I think from that moment on, we turned to a wrong parallel course of our life, of our

David Grossman

I feel ashamed of what my government is doing, not ashamed of being an Israeli. I still think that this country is an amazing

David Grossman

First of all I think that Palestinians should do for traumatised Palestinians, for traumatised Palestine. Release? No, I think that… You know, I take reality very seriously and the alternative is be either cynical or desperate of the situation and I don't want to be

David Grossman

I very much hope so. My struggle for peace is not only for the Palestinians to have their home and homeland and dignity, and I don't want that they will live their life under the shadow of the occupation, I don't want to cast shadow on anyone because when I cast shadow on someone my life is being shadowed. No, no, no. Don't kill it so fast, it's not dead, it's the only possible option….feedback

David Grossman

I think they have the right to do it and I'm actually glad because it means that they accept the idea of the two states, they accept the total legitimacy of Israel within the green

David Grossman

You know we sometimes tend to just, you know, criticise Israel totally and to forget how this country came into being, three years after the holocaust, after the shoah, and the fact that it built itself really from ashes and it created here a great culture and agriculture and hi-tech and industry and many layers of life that are quite unique. And, as I said, I don't want to live in any other

David Grossman

And very soon, his back pack is being packed by other soldiers, he is put in a military vehicle and he's sent for four long hours, to the funeral in Jerusalem, but one question he has not asked and nobody told him. Who died? Is it mother or father? And these long four hours were so traumatic in his life they really made his destiny. And sometimes I think that the most cunning form of cruelty is

David Grossman

You should ask them what it means. I… first of all I don't think I should even justify my loyalty, I was born here, this is my place, I take a very active part in the life in Israel, in the culture in Israel. I don't think the question of loyalty should be aroused at all, it's a fascist question, it's one of the signs of the deterioration of the democracy and the democratic perception here in

David Grossman

For example, you will find among the Hamas, people who say that they are for a 'houdnah.' A houdnah is an Arabic term for a long ceasefire that by the way they can break when it suits them. But I look for the far distance and I say OK, maybe if we have a houdnah with the Palestinians in Gaza, with the Hamas, for 10, 20, 25 years, maybe things will change also

David Grossman

The story that I tell is about a child Dovalé, who later became a stand-up comedian and the whole book takes place in a rundown night-club, but Dovalé who was a very sensitive, and fragile and very creative and passionate child, suddenly when he was 14 and he was sent for the first time in his life out of home to a kind of a semi-military type of camp, that we all went through when we were 14 and

Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar

The authorities had arrested 48 members of a Muslim Brotherhood cell aimed at undermining security through a series of attacks. Fourteen of them had confessed to killing

Mahmoud Abbas

They (Fatah) have no will to achieve an agreement. There is no

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

The resistance factions are in a state of ongoing preparation underground, above ground, on land and sea. East of Gaza City, heroes are digging through rock and building tunnels, and to the west they are experimenting with rockets every day. The resistance continues on its path of liberation of the

Isaac Herzog

What are the prime minister and defense minister waiting for? For terrorists to surface with guns drawn?feedback

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh

We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion. We have our own group, not with Hamas ... we are here defending Islam, young people together join to defend Islam, that's it, that is what our intention

Moshe Yaalon

We are managing to foil plans by the organizations, the terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to carry out attacks. If it were up to them, there would be suicide bombings and gun attacks here every day. The fact that we are succeeding lends salience to the attempted stabbing or car-ramming attacks. We will also prevail over this phenomenon, I say, but this is a process that takes time. Statistically, we see a waning of

Ibrahim Jadhran

There are several challenges, including the political differences among the Libyan people, as well as the tribal and social differences, plus the presence of Islamist groups on the ground, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, who could not understand that they are part of the Libyan people, thus they vanquish the public interest on their

Benjamin Netanyahu

There is no question that wave of attacks is driven directly by incitement. Incitement from Hamas, incitement from the Islamist movement in Israel, and incitement, I am sorry to say, from President

Benjamin Netanyahu

We didn't change anything. The orders of prayer, the visiting rights have not changed for the last fifteen years. The only thing that changed are Islamist hoodlums paid by the Islamist movement in Israel and by Hamas who are entering the mosque and trying to put explosives

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel is using exactly the kind and the amount of legitimate force and that any one of those governments, those municipalities and those police forces would use if they had people wielding knives, meat cleavers, axes, trying to kill people on their

Benjamin Netanyahu

We will prove that terror doesn't pay and we will overcome

Wasfi Kabaha - Hamas

Security coordination limits the Palestinian retaliation and resistance to the Israeli occupation. Most of the prisoners that Israel frees are then imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority. This is a major challenge, both for Hamas and all the other Palestinian

Khader Adnan

Why are our people not allowed to resist this occupation? Resistance must be united. With this Intifada, we show we disagree with the negotiations. The negotiations are out-of-date, and this Intifada must not be used to the [Fatah] negotiator's

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The division between Palestinians and the divergence of political programmes among all the factions is still a fundamental hurdle for them in their conflict with Israel. That actually serves as a brake on outright confrontation with

Jaafar Abu Salah

We support all forms of Palestinian resistance, including violent retaliation to the injustice and aggression of the

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's absolute commitment is to fight this evil, to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. We have to calm spirits and recommit ourselves to our joint battle against terrorism and

Eyal Weizman

We are like architectural detectives. What we do is that we go into war zones, into situations where human rights were violated or war crimes were alleged to have taken place and we look at the traces that that violence leaves on

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The real result a year after the war in Gaza is that it is hard to defeat Gaza, or defeat Hamas. This makes all the interested international parties maintain the truce. This makes us feel the spectre of war is far away from

Benjamin Netanyahu

They chose to come and protest in the State of Israel, the only real democratic state in the Middle East which is fighting against terrorists who deliberately fire at Israeli citizens and deliberately hide behind Palestinian civilians. Therefore, this flotilla is a demonstration of

Luis Carballo

The journey taken by the new flotilla has been similar to previous stops here in the Israeli port of Ashdod. Except this time, it occurred without violence. But the criticism is always the same: why does Israel insist on maintaining a blockade that harms the people of Gaza and not Hamas?feedback

Ihab Bseiso

The Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah has been calling for a reshuffle of the government for the last few months, particularly after the war in Gaza, which really needed a reshuffle to expand the government to meet all the needs for the people, particularly our people in Gaza Strip after the Israeli

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

This document is the Israeli occupation's attempt to exonerate itself from its crimes in Gaza, It's an Israeli attempt to control the international narrative in anticipation of the report that the (UN) Human Rights Council is

Benjamin Netanyahu

If someone wants to know the truth he should read our report . Whoever wants a baseless, automatic accusation against Israel can waste their time reading the UN

Yaser Abdel Aziz

Violation number one is the attack on the right to life by the Muslim Brotherhood and allied terrorists. Then we have illegal detentions: imprisonment outside the law. This in itself becomes a sentence, along with all the violations that happen in the places of

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Today's decision resolves a lot of speculation about the likelihood of a death sentence for the former president, a punishment imposed on other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. But this possibility still exists regarding other charges still to be decided in the coming

Meryem Sayaca

How dare Turkey send boats to Gaza and make friends with Hamas when its own house is on fire, when they are sending our kids to jail and we have no hope? We empathize with the Palestinians, but are we not Muslims, too?feedback

Christopher Gunness

At 2.30 yesterday armed men forced their way into our warehouse, one of our warehouses in Gaza, and they took 25 plus blankets and over 400 food parcels. I condemn this in the strongest terms and demand that this be

Condoleezza Rice

It's no secret that the US declares Hamas a terrorist organisation, and that we have been troubled by the fact that Hamas did what they did in Gaza against legitimate Palestinian institutions, against the legitimate institutions of the Palestinian Authority. (But) We will not abandon the innocent Palestinians in Gaza, and indeed will make every effort to deal with their humanitarian

Abdullah Gul

Wait a minute. I must explain this important question. When Hamas carries out a terrorist attack, we condemn it. But don't forget what Israel has done in Gaza. They killed between 1,300 and 1,800 people ..this is something we can never accept. So if you are comparing Hamas and the PKK you are making a big

John McCain

We also urge the release of political prisoners. We also urge strongly a national dialogue, national dialogue that is inclusive of parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood. And at the same time, we expect the Muslim Brotherhood to refrain from

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

It is unacceptable for citizens on both sides to permanently live in fear of the next aerial

Benjamin Netanyahu

So far we the battle is progressing as planned but we can expected (more) stages in the future. Until now we have hit Hamas and the terror organisations hard and as the battle continues we will increase our strikes at

Mohammed Sheikhibrahim

It's a new and decisive day in Egyptian political life after the call by the army for Friday demonstrations to show support for the military's legitimate use of force. Some Egyptians see the call as what needs to be done to achieve what they call the second revolution, whereas others think that it is a strengthening of what they see as a military coup and a beginning of security operations legitimised by the

Mahmoud Abbas

Israel has decided that this year will see a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people; in the same year in which this Assembly, on behalf of the people and countries of the world, conveyed the world's yearning and determination to realise a just peace that achieves freedom and independence for the Palestinian people in their state of Palestine alongside

Mark Regev

Israel has accepted the extension of the ceasefire. All along we have been ready for an unconditional extension of the ceasefire. But the problem has been Hamas. They are the wild card. They have violated or rejected ten specific ceasefires and we saw that again last

Azzam Ahmed

In the closing moments it was agreed to extend the ceasefire for for five more days. It will begin at midnight [local time] tonight and will end on Monday. Instead of 72 hours, it is 120

Ehud Barak

This is clearly a terrorist attack initiated by probably Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihad or any other group under the terror auspices of either Iran or other radical Muslims

Elias Jubran

We were at home asleep when we heard a loud explosion that shook all the houses, the windows and other things broke on our three floors and in my brothers' houses on either

Mark Regev

We'll be watching very closely, though,because as we've seen, as recently as last Friday, Hamas has violated ceasefires that it supposedly committed to. So we'll be watching closely. We'll be ready for any

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The Israeli occupation forces should withdraw outside the border. According to this agreement, the other members of the Palestinian delegation will travel to Cairo. There will be indirect negotiations through the Egyptian

Mahmoud Abbas

I hope next year, and every year after that, such a wedding will be

Amina Saideh

The situation is not good, no work, all of us need

Robert Serry

Much of Gaza's infrastructure has now been destroyed. The death and injury toll in Gaza continues to mount. Hamas rockets are now reaching 40 kilometres into Israel. Protection of civilians, the fabric of Gaza, the future of the peace process and regional stability are all trapped between the irresponsibility of Hamas rocket attacks and the excessiveness of Israel's

Ahmed Hassan

My opinion is that what happened is shameful for the Egyptian media, for both the private and public sector. It brings shame upon us as revolutionaries to accept this because he was here during the time of the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing

Yuval Dror

We haven't seen an army using social media with such an intensity before, and I don't think it's the last one, because social media is the new media, is the new thing. The audience is there, we know that millions, a billion people are on Facebook, you want to communicate (to) this audience where it's sitting. First, it's unprecedented, and second, there will be followers after the

Avital Leibovich

The goal of this is to actually try and reach audiences all over the world, audiences that maybe don't get their information messaging from the mainstream media. We would like to reach out to those audiences and to influence them as much as we can by supplying them information and content, visual and

Luis Carballo

These walls have witnessed battles for centuries, but while the confrontation today between Israel and Hamas is being waged with the same weapons as always, but there is also a new, very different one: the Internet. In this version of war, Israel wants to reverse reasoning which says it usually wins on the field of battle but as often as not loses the war of

Mark Regev

We don't want to see more rockets, we don't want to see any more terror tunnels. So we have to make sure that Hamas cannot rebuild its very formidable terrorist military machine. In the longer term of course we have to talk about demilitarising the Gaza

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