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Jeffrey Halley
Exempt members Libya and Nigeria may be bought into the fold of the production cut deal. There also remains the possibility that an extension of the agreement or an increase in the cuts may be announced.feedback
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NEW Sep 20 2017
Jim Cramer, Jeffrey Halley and John Kilduff, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Oil. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 635 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 949 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Jim Cramer is: “There are some industries that truly make out like bandits when the Gulf Coast gets hit with a really bad hurricane. I've already talked about how the half million wrecked cars from Harvey could lead to a resurgence in the auto industry [and] how the insurance industry might be able to raise your rates without paying out as much in claims because so few people have flood insurance on their homes. The biggest winner, though? Probably the oil refiners.”.
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Daniel Ricciardo

Then in the first few laps I felt we were okay in the wet but then I felt we were a bit harsh on the tyres. Even when we pitted and had fresher tyres, we couldn't really make an impact on Lewis. The team was asking me to manage the gears through the race and after I learned we had a leak and were losing oil pressure in the gearbox from early on. Of course I came here to win and really wanted it, but second place is great and I'm not going to complain about it.feedback

Christian Horner

It was enormously frustrating to lose Max at the start of the race, in an incident that quite clearly had nothing to do with him. Sebastian moving to the left, Kimi moving to the right sandwiched Max and there was nowhere for him to go. Then, after the re-start, Daniel started to lose an awful lot of gearbox oil, which created a lot of problems with oil pressure, and we were feeling that it was looking unlikely that Daniel would get to the end of the race.feedback

Jas Bagniewski

We sold 6,000 mattresses on the first day, and we didn't even know where to get 6,000 mattresses . We were one of the most popular items ever sold on Groupon. When I founded Zen I used to think that I had dug a hole in my back garden and found an oil well, because we were putting these mattresses online on Groupon and they were flying. But we never got any recognition, because no one knew who we were. I'd be reading about these start-ups who got $1m revenue in their first year, and we did $2m on our first day. So I thought I'd like to get some recognition after all.feedback

Stefano Piraino

Imagine a biomass the size of the world's largest oil tanker cruising along the coast. What she is doing now is taking the gonads of the jellyfish. Antonella. Get me the one with the colored gonads. Like a mushroom.feedback

Nikki Haley

There is not a whole lot the Security Council is going to be able to do from here when you have cut 90 percent of the trade and 30 percent of the oil to [North Korea]. So, having said that, I have no problem with kicking it to [US Defense Secretary James] Mattis because I think he has plenty of options.feedback

Erin Gibbs - S&P Global

At the beginning of the year, we expected 350 percent [growth]. So it is a big decline, but overall it's good that at least 240 has been stable for the past month. We've seen that although earnings come massively down, they've basically been reduced by one-third … they've been stable for the past month and a half along with those oil prices. For us, looking at both the stability of the earnings as well as the valuations, this actually looks like a potential turnaround for the energy stocks.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

These continued provocations only deepen North Korea's diplomatic and economic isolation. China supplies North Korea with most of its oil. Russia is the largest employer of North Korean forced labour. China and Russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own.feedback

Michael Stephens

I think the instability of this dynamic is particularly worrying, and regional interference could serve to raise tensions and potentially ignite conflict, rather than dampen down the chances.feedback

Renad Mansour - Chatham House

The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil is the biggest challenge to oil, with the Kurds using this upcoming referendum as a bargaining chip. Do I foresee all out conflict? Probably not. The referendum is a bit of a bluff in that sense because the Kurds need the U.S. and the U.K. and a conflict would mean losing this lifeline. I wouldn't rule out skirmishes but an all-out war is in no-ones best interests.feedback

Ayham Kamel - Eurasia Group

In Kirkuk especially, Baghdad will not accept a scenario in which all of the territories are annexed.feedback

Mark Todd

Retail prices on heating oil have fallen dramatically in recent years – nearly one third in the past four years, but have been on the rise since early 2016. Heating oil in the past tended to cost a lot more than mains gas, but now prices are much closer. Expect to spend about £400-£500 a year for heating and hot water in a typical home with heating oil. This is similar to the cost of using mains gas.feedback

Louis Stanton

Courts routinely conclude that where a product describes itself as substance-flavored despite not containing the actual substance, and the ingredient list truthfully reflects that fact, as a matter of law the product would not confuse a reasonable consumer acting reasonably under the circumstances, and thus does not sustain a consumer fraud claim.feedback

Bonnie Paton

In the law, you can advertise something honestly, and it still can be considered deceptive marketing because the reasonable consumer is not an expert in this area.feedback

Panut Hadisiswoyo

Forest is [a] life support system and [to] protect the forests means [to] protect the future of any form of life, including human population.feedback

Rio Ardi

We make a (seedling) nursery, find the most suitable seeds and plant them. When seeds are germinated, we replant them in the ground. The new sprouts can easily be burnt by the intense sunlight or be destroyed by elephants or other animals. Moreover, the success of the reforestation will ultimately depend on how we secure the land from encroachment and wildfires.feedback

Rudi Putra

People have to understand when they eat more from the palm oil product, that means we will be cutting down the remaining forests.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

That is a very powerful tool and it has been used in the past. We hope China will not reject that.feedback

Dionyssis Kalamatianos

The ship owner has called clean-up crews in within a very short period of time – in less than four hours. The operation is sufficient and effective.feedback

Themis Labridis

Who is going to clean the beaches of each and every polluted stone?feedback

George Papanikolaou

We're angry. It's just such a shame that all this hard work can be destroyed in a split second.feedback

George Papanikolaou

The vessel sank on Sunday. How is it possible that the leak reached Glyfada from Salamina? And how is it possible that we only heard about it on Wednesday?feedback

Panagiotis Kouroumplis

We couldn't sleep because of the smell. The sea is like a dirty lagoon, a swamp of oil.feedback

Brenton Saunders - Allergan

Trust has eroded significantly between our industry and the public. And when you're in a business that's designed around improving or saving lives, there's no reason we should have reputations that are worse than tobacco or oil companies…and yet we do.feedback

Jim Chanos - Kynikos Associates

A reliance on that EBITDA number for valuation metrics, which an awful lot of people on Wall Street still do, is going to be the road to ruin for lots of investors.feedback

Jim Chanos - Kynikos Associates

In our view, people have been looking at this industry through the rose-colored glasses of Wall Street. And this is the inherent problem with the North American shale business.feedback

Khalid al-Falih

Exports have now become the key metric for financial markets.feedback

Abhishek Kumar - Interfax

A sharp rebound in U.S. oil production compared with last week has limited gains in crude prices as concerns grow that oil output is recovering faster than refining capacity coming online.feedback

Mark Watkins - U.S. Bank

Over the next two to three weeks, the EIA inventory numbers will be rather sloppy because you have production disrupted, refineries going offline and online. That's why you have to look out further.feedback

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

The market is looking for a significant buildup in oil inventories. That's not surprising given the disruption of refineries as consequences of hurricanes, so I guess there is a bit of caution here.feedback

Jim Cramer

There are some industries that truly make out like bandits when the Gulf Coast gets hit with a really bad hurricane. I've already talked about how the half million wrecked cars from Harvey could lead to a resurgence in the auto industry [and] how the insurance industry might be able to raise your rates without paying out as much in claims because so few people have flood insurance on their homes. The biggest winner, though? Probably the oil refiners.feedback

Dirk Lever

The question may become what do others who are working in the oil and gas industry think about that.feedback

Matt Rimmer

It's frustrating as these situations are totally avoidable and caused by fat, oil and grease being washed down sinks and wipes flushed down the loo. This fatberg is up there with the biggest we've ever seen. It's a total monster and taking a lot of manpower and machinery to remove as it's set hard. When it comes to preventing fatbergs, everyone has a role to play. Yes a lot of the fat comes from food outlets but the wipes and sanitary items are far more likely to be from domestic properties. The sewers are not an abyss for household rubbish.feedback

Harry Tchilinguirian - BNP Paribas

A lot of what's going to drive oil markets is anticipating the U.S. (stocks). As showed by the Reuters poll, the range of expectations is quite wide ... a lot of volatility past the release is possible.feedback

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Certain countries do need $60s for their policies. I don't know why they are actually included in the agreement. They sign up and keep pumping.feedback

Helima Croft - BC Capital

We went from a situation pre-U.S. shale boom where we were talking about peak production, now we're talking about peak demand. For U.S. shale producers…when it's $45 no-one is really happy but you get to $50 and they're willing to hedge their production so there's a question of 'is this a cap on near-term prices'?feedback

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Is Saudi going to do more to make up for the states that are not honouring their commitment?feedback

Mike Prestwood

Clothing prices rising faster than last year, along with a hike in the cost of petrol, helped nudge inflation upwards. Conversely, these effects were partially offset by airfares, which rose more slowly than during last year's summer holidays. The costs of raw materials and goods leaving factories also increased slightly, mainly due to oil and fuel prices.feedback

Lee Soo-hyuck

If there's a total embargo, that would be a good step. But setting a cap on crude oil exports to North Korea is meaningless.feedback

Scott Kahan

You absolutely can lose eight pounds in a week whether you're 400 pounds or 150 pounds, but relatively little of that is actually fat. A well-presented mix of a lot of harmless pseudoscience combined with a lot of high profit-margin snake-oil promotion, combined with some potentially harmful pseudoscience and product sales, and also combined with some reasonable, if repackaged, recommendations, that are completely accepted but by themselves aren't enough ... to sell copies of their products.feedback

David Gray

EPA completed site assessments at all 43 Superfund sites affected by the storm. Of these sites, two (San Jacinto and U.S. Oil Recovery) require additional assessment efforts.feedback

Mark Watkins - U.S. Bank

Over the next two to three weeks, the EIA inventory numbers will be rather sloppy because you have production disrupted, refineries going offline and online.feedback

Mutsumi Kagawa - Rakuten Securities

The measures did not include an outright ban on oil supplies to the regime, so the threat of an immediate military confrontation appears to have eased for now.feedback

Tamas Varga

If the Harvey impact was potentially and possibly short-term bullish for oil prices the same cannot be said about Irma. There is no refinery capacity in the region therefore the main concern lies in the hit of oil demand.feedback

Eddie McNamara

My mom boiled everything, and if you were lucky, you got salt and butter. I do a Parmesan-crusted broccoli and it's almost like a fried chicken exterior. That's not the steamed, stinky broccoli I remember. My whole thing is it just takes one extra step. Just make a spice blend, put a little olive oil on it, rub it in, roast it, and you have something delicious. That's kind of a rule for any vegetable. If you do that, you're gonna be good.feedback

Art Cashin

There's another part to that story. The U.S. seems to have tempered down the U.N. procedures that they were going to put in. It doesn't look like they're going directly for the oil embargo.feedback

Damien Courvalin - Goldman Sachs Group

We believe that Irma will have a negative impact on oil demand but not on oil production or processing. Harvey's negative impact on demand will remain larger. We tentatively estimated that Harvey's impact on demand will be -600 kb/d in the month following landfall. In the case of Irma, we expect this initial impact to be around -300 kb/d, although note that the lack of many precedents makes this estimate even more tentative.feedback

Vladimir Putin

We should not act out of emotions and push North Korea into a dead end. ... We must act with calm and avoid steps that could raise tensions.feedback

Tomomichi Akuta - Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting

The oil market reacted to the Saudi talks. The drop in U.S. oil refining is also to be offset by higher processing at other nations, so worries over a substantial cut in crude oil demand are fading.feedback

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

They (The Liberals and the Christian Democrats) will support Solberg as prime minister, but the question is whether they get a firm agreement or if there is cooperation on a case-by-case basis. Then it may be a weaker government.feedback

Richard Nephew

Far from showing a major international shift to support regime-threatening sanctions, the UN [security council's] proposed resolution underscores the degree to which the US and other members have fundamentally different views on [North Korea].feedback

Richard Gowan - European Council

This is a pretty solid resolution, and if the US had worked it up quietly with China and Russia it could have been sold as another significant win for Washington. But the fact that the original US pitch was so much stronger now makes it look like a defeat. Perhaps Haley felt that she had to open with a maximalist bid to get anything at all.feedback

Kang Kyung-wha

We have been in consultations that oil has to be part of the final sanctions. I do believe that whatever makes it into the final text and is adopted by consensus hopefully will have significant consequences on the economic pressure against North Korea.feedback

Mathios Rigas

After the approval of the FDP for Karish and Tanin by the Israeli Government in August, we are excited to also receive approval of our development plan for Katakolo from the Greek Government. Katakolo is a previously discovered oil and gas field that has so far remained undeveloped. Energean is now unlocking the value of this very important project for the country as well as revealing the potential for wider exploration of the East Adriatic region.feedback

Saul Kavonic - Wood Mackenzie

This trend is overall a negative for sellers, as they are forced to provide more flexibility to buyers' needs to maintain their markets. The risk of price renegotiations will become more acute over the next couple years as spot LNG prices remain depressed, even if oil linked prices rise. The elephant in the room will be how negotiations play out with traditional markets in Japan and Korea, and especially the Chinese national oil companies.feedback

Kim Jong-un

The recent test of the H-bomb is the great victory won by the Korean people.feedback

Erik Bruce - Nordea Markets

Regardless of which government we get, the challenge will be to use less oil money. There is broad consensus about the outlook for the sovereign wealth fund and the Norwegian economy, which means a tighter fiscal policy.feedback

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

The public mood has changed. Something's really happening. For the first time, our national dependency on oil, our responsibility as oil pushers to the rest of the world, are real questions.feedback

Odd-Inge Kvalheim

It's like elsewhere. One or two-issue parties are doing well; those that voters expect to have a policy on everything from kindergartens to climate change, and a balanced budget, are not.feedback

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

The Paris accord commitments focused minds, and the oil price crash showed our oil is not always going to be profitable, and there may actually be an economic risk to relying on it. The mentality has changed.feedback

Harald Bergh

I think the government's done OK. They've spent wisely, cut taxes, kept us afloat. And no one should touch the oil industry – it's been our salvation.feedback

Trine Daehlie

We want change, more social justice. But the planet's the biggest concern. And the green economy is happening everywhere – soon all our oil won't be worth much.feedback

Anders Jupskås

It was saved by those two external crises. Surveys show its members are very happy with the Progress party.feedback

Svein Tore Marthinsen

It looks like it's going to be very, very close. Both major parties are declining and the landscape is fragmenting – we could have nine parties in parliament, a record. The final outcome is wide open.feedback

Abu Khawlah

We at the military council decided to start this decisive operation. The morale of our forces is strong and we are ready for victory.feedback

Ian Paisley

I can categorically state that I have never brokered any oil deal for this gentleman or anyone else. My client totally denies the defamatory inferences arising from the article in today's Daily Telegraph including those relating to his registration obligations as an MP. He has now referred this matter, and a full explanation, to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.feedback

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

It used to take four years and $500m to build an LNG-receiving terminal. Now you can have an FSRU floating off your country 18 months after taking the decision.feedback

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

Renewables will dominate in the long run but during the transition, and maybe even at the end of it, there will need to be a stable source of electricity that can step in when wind and solar are not available. I'm absolutely convinced that gas will provide that role.feedback

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

Heavy transport by ships, trucks and buses can't be electrified and the lowest carbon alternative is for them to use LNG.feedback

Claudio Descalzi - Eni

In the past, when you struck gas rather than oil in this industry you were disappointed, but now we go looking for it.feedback

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

We'll not squeeze out coal overnight, but air pollution is becoming a political problem in China. The priority has been jobs and cheap electricity but, when you cannot go outside for 30 days because of smog, environmental factors count for more.feedback

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

Gas needs to be affordable. To grow profitability of this business we need volume growth not margin growth, because margin growth means higher prices which will drive demand away.feedback

Noel Tomnay - Wood Mackenzie

Up until now, LNG has been a technology with high barriers to entry. The US is democratising the market and now any Tom, Dick or Harry can access LNG.feedback

Dan Smith - Oxford Economics

An oversupplied LNG market is helping alter the dynamics of the gas market by shifting the balance of power from producers to customers. LNG buyers are able to be more demanding and have been pushing for shorter and more flexible contracts.feedback

Gene McGillian - Tradition Energy

I do think there is a certain concern that there's a production increase in the U.S. and you don't see demand.feedback

Mike Breard - Hodges Capital Management

I like the long-term aspect of it – the fact that they are telling frack crews where to work, and using their own equipment more efficiently than might be used by some other operator.feedback

Mohammed Idriss

I had a bag filled with oil, sugar, flour, 10,000 kyat, rice – things I had taken from the house when we left. When we got to the Naf river [the Bangladesh border], the Myanmar army started shooting. After the speech, the soldiers went from house to house. They were with [local Rakhine Buddhists] and took everything they could find that was valuable: gold, cash, clothes, potatoes and rice. They smashed up houses of three or four people they said had been spreading rumours. They were looking for fighters. The Buddhists had told them about fighters, but there were none there.feedback

Andrzej Ancygier - Climate Analytics

This over-investment in natural gas infrastructure is likely to lead to either emissions overshooting the Paris [emission] goals, or a large number of stranded assets as the shift to cheaper renewables takes place.feedback

Mark Watkins - U.S. Bank

Irma looks like it will miss the key Gulf areas, and we're more worried about shale.feedback

Alexander Kornilov - Aton

From Rosneft's point of view, the arrival of such a partner is positive as it shows that the foreign investors still keep their interest to the Russian oil industry.feedback

Eugen Weinberg - Commerzbank

Hurricanes can have a lasting effect on refinery and industry demand. The impact of the forces of nature on U.S. oil production should not be overestimated – nor should their impact on demand be underestimated.feedback

Graham Horton - Cbre

As oil and gas companies continue to downsize in response to the low oil price environment, Houston remains flush with sublease space with existing furniture already in place.feedback

Ed Gillespie

He "supports passage of legislation such as [Vogel's] SB 1298 to allow the use of medical marijuana and CBD oil when scientific research has demonstrated the benefit of this as an effective treatment for serious conditions.feedback

David von Hippel

People will be forced to walk or not move at all, and to push buses instead of riding in them. There will be less light in households due to less kerosene.feedback

Steven Mnuchin

I have an executive order prepared that's ready to go to the President that would authorize me to stop doing trade, put sanctions on anybody that does trade with North Korea, and the President will consider that at the appropriate time once he gives the UN time to act. We believe we need to economically cut off North Korea while they do this action. If we don't get those additional sanctions at the UN, Trump will consider the already-drafted executive action.feedback

Joe Forsythe

It's easy to get back into that mentality. I'd work 24 hours ... I was just plagued with fatigue and needed something to improve my work ethic. I could do a little coke and speed and it would give me the extra stretch. It ended up running me to the ground.feedback

Deirdre Michie

Our sector is successfully re-positioning through efficiency and cost improvements. We are transforming in a way that is getting UK oil and gas back in the game. We are increasingly being seen as a much more attractive basin in which to invest, with further M&A activity expected over the remainder of this year and into the next - [but] we still need further investment to generate new activity and sustain hundreds of thousands of UK jobs.feedback

Jeffrey Halley

Demand may continue to be distorted as multiple hurricanes make their way across the Caribbean.feedback

Jim Miller

You basiscally had people in all 67 counties rushing out to get gas, food and water. The shortages that we're seeing are very sporadic and temporary. It's not an issue of supply. It's an issue of resupply.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

The demand surges in advance of the storm as everyone fills up, and then they hunker down in their homes as the hurricane approaches and passes.feedback

Vladimir Putin

We too, are against North Korea developing its nuclear capabilities and condemn it, but it is worrying cutting the oil pipeline will harm the regular people, like in hospitals. Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programme is a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolution, it undermines the non-proliferation regime and poses a threat to security in Northeast Asia.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We have to make North Korea change its current policy and understand that there is no bright future if North Korea continues the present policy.feedback

Moon Jae-in

If North Korea's provocation doesn't stop here, I think could fall into an uncontrollable situation.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Refineries coming back online is putting a squeeze on supplies in the Gulf.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Everyone is just grappling with the spate of storms that are populating the Gulf.feedback

Robert Skelton - Mediolanum

I think they will be careful not to push any major changes - they are wary of the exchange rate.feedback

Chris Scicluna - Daiwa Capital Markets

We've got the oil price higher, which is something that is often consistent with a move higher in bond yields. After such a significant downward move in U.S. Treasury yields, there's also a bit of retracement there.feedback

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

Hurricane Harvey was bearish for crude and speculators went massively short WTI but now there is a reversal to positions pre-Harvey. Strong margins are helping underpin crude ... gasoil is at its highest point this year.feedback

Vladimir Putin

Without political and diplomatic tools, it is impossible to make headway in the current situation; to be more precise, it is impossible at all.feedback

Gina Kane

The rise of respected beauty sites such as Beauty Bay means people aren't just shopping for products but for ideas. If you go to a branded counter in a department store, you are never going to get the same range of unbiased information. It is so personal, depending on the oil content and pH balance of your skin. I could give the same product to 10 people with ostensibly the same skin-type, and within half an hour it will look different on everybody. For that reason, the testers you can buy on eBay are a really good idea.feedback

Steve Todd

I've been involved in this industry for 45 years and it's the worst I've ever seen it. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. If anything it's getting worse, in my view. I'm yet to be convinced there are any green shoots.feedback

Steve Todd

Morale among the workforce is rock bottom. Those in jobs have had to make sacrifices, they've had to do longer tours of duty [out on vessels and on rigs]. People have taken pay cuts, sometimes of 20% to 30%.feedback

Jim Cramer

If you think that higher oil correlates with economic growth, then you're most likely to set up a basket of stocks that does well when the economy is accelerating, and you can buy that basket every time oil goes higher. When your stock keeps coming down even though there's nothing wrong at the underlying company, ask yourself if there's a larger rotation going on. If there is, you have a decision to make, cut and run or buy more.feedback

Jim Cramer

So if you think that higher oil correlates with economic growth, then you're most likely to set up a basket of stocks that does well when the economy is accelerating, and you can buy that basket every time oil goes higher.feedback

Tilman Fertitta

I learned how to check in fresh fish at the back door, I learned how to fry shrimp, I learned how to change oil. It just gave me so many more years of experience than everybody else.feedback

Philip Aiken - Aveva

It balances things out a lot better than we had before. That's the beauty. In the oil and gas sector the upstream, midstream and downstream portfolio is very unique compared to our competitors. We have an end-to-end offer that nobody can match.feedback

Michael Cohen

That's new, and I think that the effects of this hurricane still have not yet been fully understood by the market.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

What we're seeing here today is really a reversal of the activity we saw in the previous week as oil pipelines were shut down and refineries were shut down.feedback

Jean-Pascal Tricoire - Schneider Electric

Secondly, the markets are more stable, I mean when we started the discussion in 2015, there were big instabilities in the market of mining and oil and gas, which today – I wouldn't say they are the most stable markets in the world – yet there is more visibility, more predictability.feedback

Ben van Beurden - Royal Dutch Shell

The world needs renewables. But renewables produce electricity and electricity is less than 20pc of the world's energy system. The world needs battery electric cars. They are on our roads already and we need many more of them. But batteries are not the answer for every road journey, let alone for shipping, freight or air travel. The energy transition to a low carbon future will happen. It has to. But it will take time to happen. It will take generations to happen. And the world still needs oil. It still needs gas.feedback