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Ray Zucaro
PDVSA and the government have been quiet, very quiet on it. The radio silence is deafening.feedback
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Oct 26 2017
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Mohammed bin Salman

Today we have a people who are convinced that by working very strongly together, Saudi Arabia and all of its projects and programs can reach new horizons in the world.feedback

Carl Weinberg - High Frequency Economics

I believe that yuan pricing of oil is coming and as soon as the Saudis move to accept it – as the Chinese will compel them to do – then the rest of the oil market will move along with them.feedback

Joseph Gorder - Valero Energy

Despite the extent of the storm's impact, we are pleased with our financial performance for the quarter and remain optimistic for the fourth quarter. We are encouraged by domestic and global economic growth, and we expect low oil prices and solid product demand to continue into 2018.feedback

Mark Tepper - Strategic Wealth Partners

We do feel the tide has certainly turned, and overall, the landscape for the energy sector in general looks to be positive. So we're looking at these earnings reports for Exxon and Chevron to really confirm that optimism.feedback

Mark Tepper - Strategic Wealth Partners

Energy has been an earnings laggard over the course of the last several years, but the tide is finally turning for the sector as it's now the biggest contributor to earnings growth. Fortunately, as the tide has been turning, we've seen a significant rise in the price of oil since last quarter. Because the price of oil started so low in [the third quarter] and gradually increased throughout the quarter, we're really not expecting to see that flow through to earnings this quarter. It will likely be next quarter.feedback

Emmy Rossum

Having a lipstick that has jojoba oil and other things in it that makes it feel really nourishing is really nice. I like it not only before bed but I like it even over makeup. In lieu of highlighter, put some on your cheekbones, above your cupid's bow, and down your nose – it makes your face look really healthy and moisturized.feedback

Ryan Zinke

In today's low-price energy environment, providing the offshore industry access to the maximum amount of opportunities possible is part of our strategy to spur local and regional economic dynamism and job creation and a pillar of President Trump's plan to make the United States energy dominant. And the economic terms proposed for this sale include a range of incentives to encourage diligent development and ensure a fair return to taxpayers.feedback

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

As I've said before, if we don't do anything about climate change now, in 50 years' time we will be toasted, roasted and grilled. Decisions are needed at this point in time, which will probably mean that in 50 years' time oil will be a secondary commodity.feedback

Jennifer Cafarella

I do expect the Al Assad regime will pressure the SDF to relinquish control of the oil field in return for some form of financial or energy support from the regime.feedback

Tony Nunan - Mitsubishi

OPEC is holding a line on the production cuts. Even though shale (output) is now rebounding, the stocks are drawing, and now we're heading into the winter season, so the market is strong.feedback

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Prince Mohammed has shown he can make bold moves on the social front. He needs now to move that focus away from the social aspects to the vested economic interests, which otherwise could hold back or possibly reverse some of the hoped-for changes.feedback

Jean-François Seznec

The private sector will want to make the profits, but will they accept to work with Saudis and not just hire a bunch of foreigners for one-fifth the price? I am not sure that is going to happen just yet.feedback

Jeffrey Currie - Goldman Sachs Group

There's a significant amount of skepticism in the market around Saudi's ability to execute on Vision 2030. My view is more optimistic.feedback

Daniel Yergin

It's head-spinning in its ambition. This is taking on a very big challenge that will be measured not in decades, but over a generation.feedback

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

We've got a two-way battle here and at this stage, the bulls are having it. We are in much better shape than we have been for a long time. The million dollar question is - is the market ready and prepared for a go at key resistance above $60? I still feel that is a step too far.feedback

Jim Cramer

A reading over 70 is rare and signals that we're pretty overbought, meaning we've come up too far too fast. Over the last 20 years, the RSI on the S&P 500's monthly chart has broken out above 70 just three times ... One, the peak of the dot-com bubble in 1999 and 2000, then right before the financial crisis in 2007, and then the oil implosion in late 2014.feedback

Amin Nasser

The chemical business grows at about 3 percent, much more than the growth of the transport sector. What can we do to grow that even further by identifying a new usage?feedback

Russ Dallen

The fact that they're paying that literally has caused the market to bounce a couple of points. There was no word from the government, no payment, so it was just looking like they were just going to default.feedback

Rob Thummel

Stable oil prices are the key because that's what keeps the sector intact and in place to move higher.feedback

Rob Thummel

They're agnostic to the oil price. It doesn't matter if oil is $55 or if it's $60 or if it's $50. These companies are simply charging a fee to transport product through their pipelines.feedback

John Neely Kennedy

This is great news that our oil and gas industry in Louisiana sorely needs. This is the largest sale in U.S. history, and it will create jobs and bolster our state and national economy. Our Louisiana workers are ready to go back to work.feedback

Amin Nasser

So the number of conventional vehicles still in the market, even though they are more efficient for sure, is still a lot compared to what we have today. So electric vehicles will continue to grow. They will take good market share, but it will be decades before they shoulder a significant percentage of the energy mix.feedback

Joshua Friedman - Debtwire

That's one of the scarier ones. How cheap does it have to be in retail to decide you're going to wade into that? Some of those companies are companies that will be permanently gone. We're very cautious in that area.feedback

Amin Nasser

The offering since the beginning was never linked to the market or the condition of the market. There is no doubt, oil market stability is very important and Saudi Arabia has a leading position in the oil market.feedback

Amin Nasser

We have a diversity of investments and we are looking at doubling our petrochemicals investments and industries based on petrochemicals.feedback

Ajay Banga - MasterCard

I use it for everything from Boots trying to figure out where to relocate its pharmacies, or for McDonald's trying to figure out if they should have all-day breakfasts in their menu.feedback

Ajay Banga - MasterCard

I believe that data is the new oil. I am saying it in this country because I believe that the prosperity that oil brought in the last 50 years, data will bring in the next 50, 100 years if you use it the right way.feedback

Ajay Banga - MasterCard

You can help direct first responders and aid and methodology of recovery to the right destination.feedback

Amin Nasser

The concentration that we are seeing today is on the sweet spot of shale, and this will not last forever.feedback

Amin Nasser

Shale oil will contribute additional barrels, but it will all depend on the price of crude.feedback

Amin Nasser

Even the production currently is dictated by the Ministry of Energy rather than Aramco. When there is an agreement within OPEC, we will adhere to whatever the ministry asks for. But whatever is put on the market, in terms of supply-demand balances, will dictate the price.feedback

Amin Nasser

I can say Aramco has always been run like a publicly traded company. If you look at our governance, we have independent board members. Everything that has been done in the company is similar to any international oil company in terms of the way we do business.feedback

Vincent DeVito

American energy production can be competitive while remaining safe and environmentally sound. People need jobs, the Gulf Coast states need revenue, and Americans do not want to be dependent on foreign oil.feedback

Phil Bryant

Mississippi welcomes Secretary Zinke's action to carry out the president's vision for American energy dominance. This will strengthen our state's status as a leader in oil and gas exploration and create good jobs for hard-working Mississippians.feedback

John Driscoll

My biggest reservations are the role of the Chinese central government, potential state intervention and favoritism toward Chinese companies. Will the contract create a level playing field? The biggest challenge in global oil markets may be ensuring that no country or entity garners a dominant advantage. China may be world's fastest growing and most formidable energy consumer, but its central government plays a dominant role in the energy sector.feedback

John Hess - The Hess Corporation

With the continued success of our asset sale program, we are focusing on higher return assets and reducing our breakeven oil price.feedback

Riccardo Micheli

For the future we don't know what to do. One year, it's too much rain. Other year, it's too much heat. Next year, who knows?feedback

John Hess - The Hess Corporation

With the continued success of our asset sale program, we are focusing our portfolio on higher return assets and reducing our breakeven oil price. Proceeds from these asset sales, along with cash on the balance sheet, will prefund development of our world class investment opportunity in offshore Guyana, where we have participated in one of the world's largest oil discoveries of the past decade – positioning our company to deliver more than a decade of cash generative growth and significant value for our shareholders.feedback

Tom Kloza - Oil Price Information Service

If you consider what happened in Iraq and the saber rattling about the Iran nuclear deal, the market barely moved. So, it may be a little biased towards lower prices. The interesting thing is when you get to 2018, we're expecting a tale of two markets. Weaker prices in the first half, with maybe some more inventory builds worldwide, and stronger prices in the second half of 2018.feedback

Jim Cramer

But this quarter, Seagate gave you some encouraging signs about its data center business levered to its biggest disk drives. No one saw that coming. That's why this stock rallied so big. It was hated, so it got a monster 12.6 percent move. The whole point of a 401(k) plan is that your contributions are tax-deductible up to $18,000 a year. They want to slash that to $2,400? It's hard to imagine a less popular way to pay for the massive tax cuts that President [Donald] Trump assures us [will] make our companies more competitive while helping the middle class.feedback

Jim Cramer

The best thing that could happen to Schlumberger long term is a healthy oil market where crude can go higher. The company believes we're getting there, but the oil service industry might need to experience some near-term pain first. At these levels, with oil possibly making a major comeback next year ... I think you're getting an excellent buying opportunity in the best stock of the best company in the entire industry, Schlumberger.feedback

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

We didn't know that it was going to happen, and obviously when you first hear about this you take a few days off. We wanted to understand exactly what the impact might be.feedback

Jim Cramer

The biggest winners so far of the earnings season ahead of what's going to be an amazing week? It's the stocks of companies that were supposed to report sub-par earnings. These are the stocks that are really exploding higher.feedback

Garo H. Armen - Agenus

We sold a part of our royalties early on, about two and a half years ago. However, it was a very, very smart transaction because these royalties are re-purchasable, and our conviction is that this is a multi-billion-dollar product opportunity. So it's possible that we will restructure that arrangement in order to be able to capture the cash flow.feedback

Dennis Gartman

So I think yes, the IPO when it comes – it is a long way away, it's the next half of next year – but I think that probably shall mark a very important high for the crude oil market for many years into the future. If you have to have something in the oil business, if you want to own oil in some manner, own the refiners. I think that's a better trade.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

All other companies are going into the Tesla path of electric cars and even autonomous cars … So 5, 10, 20 years [from now] there is no doubt the dependence on oil will have to diminish. Saudi Arabia's move to reduce its dependence on oil is very important and smart. We would like to celebrate when we export the last drop of oil and be dependent on other sources of wealth. Maybe some people believe the value is right. It's not for me to enter [at] that price. It's too exuberant for me right now.feedback

Shane Chanel

We will see oil prices higher by 10 percent by the end of the year. We have started to accumulate strong positions within the oil sector.feedback

Gabriel Obiang Lima

We look forward to working with Kosmos as we continue to push the boundaries in oil and gas exploration.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

If you go 5%, there's nothing that prohibits you from going another 5% next year, and 5% the third year and fourth year, and so forth, depending on the situation. I'm not a member of the government but I read these reports, and I will not be surprised if China will be looking at this opportunity. China depends on oil and will depend on oil for a long time to come. And Saudi Arabia is an anchor exporter of oil to China.feedback

Gary Heminger - Marathon Petroleum

Ten years ago, we were 1 million barrels per day short on products, with the Gulf Coast supplying the product. Today, the midcontinent is flush with products.feedback

Mark Routt - KBC Advanced Technologies

The Midwest is well positioned to supply its region and parts of southern Canada, and will even have excess supplies to send to the East Coast. It's in a good spot.feedback

Ryan Dillon

Our mission is to defeat ISIS. Our priority was the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa, and now that defeat has happened. They [the SDF] have made this very quick sprint down to al-Omar, and they have to reinforce that area. The offensive operations on Bukamal will be difficult and will take a lot of forces.feedback

Mervyn Druian

Coconut oil "pulling" (where you swish coconut oil in your mouth to brighten your teeth) can help with the build-up of tartar, but fluoride is one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay.feedback

Edward Glossop - Capital Economics

Next year is quite tough again. It will be sort of touch and go. If oil prices remain where they are, we think they could get through.feedback

Paal Kibsgaard - Schlumberger

A continuation of these market trends, combined with further steady draws in global oil inventories is now creating the required foundation for further upward movement in oil prices and subsequent growth in global E&P investment.feedback

Paal Kibsgaard - Schlumberger

Given the visible tightening of the supply and demand balance and the current geopolitical tensions in many of the world's key oil producing regions, a geopolitical risk premium may again become a significant factor.feedback

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

There's a little bit of profit-taking. The market has really been treading a small range all of this week without any true momentum.feedback

Barney Crockett

They really like the buses because we've no harmful emissions, it's only water vapour… that comes out of the tailpipe.feedback

Barney Crockett

They're a very good fit for us because we have, like many other cities… air quality issues.feedback

Barney Crockett

A lot of people have said to us it's more like being on a train than being on a bus.feedback

Margaret Yang - CMC Markets

The company's fundamentals haven't improved, and they keep selling their core assets to get liquidity. There might be an update on the sale of the oil business. Whether or not the deal will go through, and the selling price is important -- those are the two things people will be looking at.feedback

James Williams

Congress cannot sneak this through the back door when they think nobody is looking.feedback

Sneh Seetal - Suncor Energy

Our thoughts and prayers are with the person's family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time. We have initiated grief counselling activities for people on site.feedback

Gene McGillian - Tradition Energy

We've continued to see signs that the market needs a steady drumbeat of positive information. This week's DOE report where gasoline demand dropped to its lowest since March gave a little pause to that.feedback

Ali Shareef Al-Emadi

Qatar took the most difficult steps 20 years ago. It was investing in liquid gas, oil and gas industries and in utilities with international companies. We had Exxon Mobil here 20 years ago, not two years ago. At the time it was so difficult to get foreign firms to invest in our natural resources, even culturally it was a difficult thing to sell. We made the big investments in education.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

We expect global oil demand to surpass 100 million barrels per day (MMBPD) by 2020.feedback

Scott Pruitt

It can be done. It's just a matter of having the process in place to achieve results. Regulatory uncertainty is the biggest reason why the U.S. economy isn't growing faster.feedback

Thomas Hugger - Asia Frontier Capital

We are not really bullish on the oil price due to the strong push by China to reduce the air pollution. However, each investment has its price and if the valuation is very attractive (which I doubt) it could be worth an investment.feedback

Bryan Goh

Aramco is not just an oil and gas company, it's the sovereign wealth fund and economic and social development fund of Saudi Arabia. We can't be confident that the company will be managed from a purely commercial perspective.feedback

Kunal Ghosh - Allianz Global Investors

When I'm buying an oil company, I'm doing it because I have a view on the commodity, a view on reserves and a view on the management and their respect for my view as a minority shareholder. Saudi Aramco has been a private company for decades, and needs a change of mindset. Until there's a change of mindset, it will keep us on the sidelines. What multiples it will get for its reserves and earnings will be determined by their corporate governance.feedback

Adam Kolton - Alaska Wilderness League

Today's vote is a wakeup call for all Americans. Americans have fought for decades to protect this last remaining truly wild landscape, and are rallying today because they believe in taking action on climate change and want to defend the rights of the Native Gwich'in people. Every member of Congress who supported this scheme, to hijack the budget process to do the bidding of oil companies, needs to hear loud and clear that we are determined to defend 'America's Serengeti.feedback

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

That's why I think, we shouldn't expect a jump in oil prices in the near future.feedback

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The key task here is to create a unified system of inventory measurement and removal of stock overhang.feedback

Jennifer Cafarella

That's what you get when you make a deal with the Russians. What we see is a push by the regime and its backers to seize key infrastructure, such as oil and gas fields, and to position to disrupt U.S.-led anti-ISIS operations further down the Euphrates.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

It's difficult to say at the moment what will be decided in November. There is no doubt that the market is rebalancing at an accelerating pace; stability is steadily returning; and there is far more light at the end of the dark tunnel we have been travelling down for the past three years. I have gauged the industry's temperature. There is no doubt that we are starting to feel a warmer glow.feedback

Bob Dudley - BP

Together we were able to honour our commitments to the Gulf while rebuilding BP into a safer, stronger company. We devised a strategy to weather the downturn in the oil market while returning to growth. Carl-Henric's wise counsel and good humour will be sorely missed.feedback

Bob Dudley - BP

BP's comeback would not have been possible without the strong leadership and steadfast support of Carl-Henric and the board. Together we were able to honour our commitments to the Gulf while rebuilding BP into a safer, stronger company. We devised a strategy to weather the downturn in the oil market while returning to growth. And we committed to playing a leading role in the energy transition while delivering oil and gas more efficiently. Carl-Henric's wise counsel and good humour will be sorely missed.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

OPEC has bought a lifeline in their relationship with Russia, but I think they have a hope in that relationship that U.S. production is going to falter, and that has proven to be wrong in every move they made since 2014, and I don't see why it's not wrong today. I think they're going to keep postponing the end of the agreement. The question is how far can they do this, and what the consequences are.feedback

Daniel Yergin

There's a real turnaround in and a shift away from the focus on energy security, to really trying to understand how geopolitics is being changed by the emergence of the U.S. back as a big time oil and gas producer.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

Net U.S. oil imports fell to 2.75 million barrels a day, less than the total volume of imports from Canada, a harbinger of things to come as U.S. production continues to grow.feedback

Daniel Yergin

The thinking is really struggling to catch up to the new reality of America's transformed energy position.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

On the oil side if we look at crude oil we're producing 9.6 million barrels a day. We expect next year to be at 10.6 million or higher. That would be about even with Saudi Arabia. The thing about the U.S. is we have several other things that go into production numbers. We have natural gas liquids. We are the biggest natural gas liquid producer in the world, and we have biofuels… If you add the bio fuels, natural gas liquids and refinery efficiency gains, it's closer to 15 million barrels a day.feedback

Paul Polman

Climate change threatens the production of food staples like corn, wheat, rice and soy by as much as a quarter – but a global population of nine billion by 2050 will need up to 50% more food. Fortunately, this research shows we have a huge opportunity to reshape our food and land use systems, putting them at the heart of delivering both the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.feedback

Ning Gaoning

Our people are preparing for it (IPO) ... but it's still far away.feedback

Antigoni Fakou

We are monitoring developments before making any new project plans.feedback

Diego Biasi - Quercus

We have been approached by a number of finance providers, especially from the Far East, including China, proposing various options for construction and financing.feedback

Carmelo Zuccaro

This oil contains less than one per cent of sulphur. It should be used for bunkering or the refuelling of ships. Instead it was distributed in petrol stations through this illegal network. Many of us might have bought it unwittingly, but clearly it is not petrol that should be used in our cars.feedback

Mathios Rigas

There have been several natural gas discoveries in the region and a number of governments are keen to further explore their countries' hydrocarbon potential.feedback

Mathios Rigas

Both blocks are priority exploration targets for Energean and strategically important for the Greek oil and gas sector.feedback

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The scenarios of private share placement of local listing, which are being discussed today, unfortunately will not achieve the goals, which the organizers had initially set out.feedback

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The analysis shows that the announced goal of inventories stabilization has not been fully implemented and it is too early to talk about a watershed in the global market.feedback

Mark R. Tercek

Today our impacts on the land cause a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. The way we manage the lands in the future could deliver 37 percent of the solution to climate change. That is huge potential, so if we are serious about climate change, then we are going to have to get serious about investing in nature, as well as in clean energy and clean transport.feedback

Shane Chanel

OPEC is desperate to bring the market into equilibrium and mop up as much of the excess stockpiles, which was caused as a result of the free for all production approach over the last few years. I am expecting OPEC and Russia to agree on a further 9-month extension to production cuts.feedback

Michael Halpern - Union of Concerned Scientists

Getting science advice from the EPA Science Advisory Board is like getting basketball tips from 40 Steph Currys. It's the best in the business, volunteering their time in service of the public good. So let's recap: according to some, scientists who receive money from oil and chemical companies are perfectly qualified to provide the EPA with independent science advice, while those who receive federal grants are not. It's a fundamental misrepresentation of how conflicts of interest work.feedback

Shelagh Whitley

The air pollution crisis in cities across Europe and the recent diesel emissions testing scandal have rightly led to increased pressure for governments to act, yet our analysis shows European countries are providing enormous subsidies to the transport sector. This study shows how governments in Europe and the EU continue to subsidise and finance a reliance on oil, gas and coal, fuelling dangerous climate change and air pollution with taxpayers' money.feedback

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

We were right to sign the Iran deal and it gave us a clear boost… having said that, I see what's happening in the U.S. and we have to look at the fact that we are governed by laws and no one knows what Congress will decide. If the framework changes, if we can legally do and execute the contract we will do that. There are huge opportunities in Iran. But let's see if we can do that initial project first.feedback

Jason Pride

Expectations of ongoing earnings growth are reasonably strong, but there may be a bit of a wait-and-see at this point in time, given the run in the equity markets.feedback

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

Our U.S. colleagues are hedging like mad at $56 a barrel so we will see another wave of investment in U.S. shale, no doubt about it.feedback

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

The number of FIDs from 2010-2014 averaged 35 FIDs per year ... to add potentially 2.5 million bpd. Since 2015, it's 12 per year ... to add 1 million bpd that's probably not enough. Post-2020, we will face an issue with these lower numbers of FIDs ... it takes time to bring new capacity to production.feedback

Ryan Zinke

Oil and gas production on federal lands is an important source of revenue and job growth in rural America.feedback

Cliff Kupchan - Eurasia Group

Oil importers in Europe, South Korea, and Japan will also likely decide against purchasing Iranian oil. But it is far less likely that China or India will acquiesce to a U.S. demand to significantly reduce, or halt, their imports.feedback

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

We have signed a contract in Iran. If we can move forward, we'll move forward. If we cannot, we will have to stop.feedback

Costis Stambolis

Greece's contingent oil reserves are estimated at 950 million barrels. To date, however, 50 million of proven reserves have been discovered.feedback

Pat Thaker

Direct confrontation in the Gulf is a major risk to the global oil market, given that 20 percent of the world's oil travels through an Iranian-controlled chokepoint at the Strait of Hormuz.feedback

Alan Gelder - Wood Mackenzie

We are becoming increasingly efficient as we use our energy. So as economies grow we are less reliant on oil, so the significance of oil in the global economy should decline over time.feedback

Robert Manning

I'm not going to speculate on that but I will tell you that we're looking at all options for planning considerations ... We encourage dialogue.feedback

Anthony Headrick - CHS Hedging

The supportive Chinese import data from Friday generated a spark in energy markets that continued today.feedback

Anthony Headrick - CHS Hedging

We're seeing increased geopolitical tension in the Middle East providing support in the market today, namely in Iraqi Kurdistan, and some uncertainty around Iran.feedback

Edward J. Markey

This Republican budget scam to hand over the wildest place left in America to Big Oil should be removed from the budget and put on ice.feedback

David Letzler - Impact Radius

Even websites whose mission is to promote accountability can inadvertently wind up getting used by snake oil salesmen.feedback

Dale Ross

We were on the frontier of the fossil fuel business, oil and gas. And now Texas again is on the frontier of the new energy that's going to be the future.feedback

Donald J. Trump

He's led this charmed life. He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country.feedback

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman

How can you not take sides? This is Iranian-backed militia, using American weapons, to attack an ally of the United States. I'm bewildered by the U.S. government position. Not just President Trump's statement, but statements from the [Defense Department] and others, trying to downplay what's been happening in Kirkuk.feedback

Haider al Abadi

We assure our people in Kurdistan and in Kirkuk in particular that we are keen on their safety and best interest. We have only acted to fulfill our constitutional duty to extend the federal authority and impose security and protect the national wealth in this city, which we want to remain a city of peaceful coexistence for all Iraqis.feedback

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon - NATO

The greatest evil everywhere is Isil and the greatest threat to the UK is Isil. It's the defeat of Islamic State that is key and the trouble is people in Iraq believe that the fight against Isil is over and it's focused in Raqqa and Syria. But there are still pockets in Iraq and anything that deflects from that could have a global impact.feedback

Kawa Mustafa Mohamed

I don't know where I'm going now but my father was killed by the Iraqis and I don't want that to happen to my family. I want to keep my daughters and wife safe.feedback

Baran Abdullah

I'm going to stay to the end. Our leaders sold us out, they sold Kirkuk and they sold the martyrs.feedback

Andrew Love

My house actually shook. At first I thought it was a sonic boom or something. I had no idea what was happening.feedback