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Gabriel Obiang Lima
We look forward to working with Kosmos as we continue to push the boundaries in oil and gas
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Oct 23 2017
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Thomas Michael Bond and Alfredo Thorne, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Peru. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 186 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 307 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is: “It's important that Anadarko has chosen to come to Peru, to an area as vigorous as the northern region. These are deep waters of 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) where it is very difficult to work.”.
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Jorge Alva

Previously food poisoning from drinking water in other countries was common, now hotels have a better name. But in any case, we are taking

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret

That's something that doesn't come into my head. My plan is to stay as long as my body allows me, at least until I am 40, so that's four or so more years. But if I can stay longer, I will. They're going to have a great time. The girls are fun and there's not such a thing as competing with each other. It's all about enjoying ourselves so I'm sure that they may be nervous but once they get together they realize it's going to be easy, and it's going to be a fun

Kylie Jenner

I do think it's hard to be the best friend. It's a lot of attention. Dealing with me and my family becomes a lot of positive, but a lot of negative too. I just think everything is happening perfectly for her. She's going at the perfect pace. She's accomplished so many things so far. I'm just really proud of her. Jordyn is my ride or die. Vice versa. We might not always be together, but we will always be connected in the mountains of

Paul Daley

I'm going to show him where he really belongs, and he's going to get a shock when I hit him. Everyone says they are going to stand with me, but only two in over 50 fights have done so. Nick Diaz and Douglas

Luccas Badia - Inter

His contract ends on December 31 and there are many clubs interested but I am not sure what Santos is trying to

Luccas Badia - Inter

Crystal Palace made a €15m offer while Fenerbahce made a €20m bid but for some reason neither has been

Luccas Badia - Inter

Inter, Roma and Barcelona are keeping close tabs on Lucas, Manchester United want him. I think we would be well suited to the Serie A but we will

Ignacio Bustamante - Hochschild Mining

We're looking at several different alternatives at the same time. We've started to look for opportunities much more strongly than before and hopefully we can nail something down going

Antonio Cammisecra - Enel Green Power

The construction of Enel's first wind farm in Peru furthers our presence in the country and demonstrates our strong commitment to the Peruvian renewable energy market. Our aim in Peru is to become the leading player in renewable energy, which we consider to be essential for a sustainable development at the local and national

Julia Urrunaga

All of this with impunity in an environment dominated by corruption that ends up favouring large scale

Jorge Sampaoli

Now we have to go out and play Peru [in October] in the same way as against Venezuela to be closer to

Julia Urrunaga

The lack of clarity and consistency of land titling in the Peruvian Amazon has long been a ticking bomb for violent social

Robert Guimaraes

It was a night-time ambush. They bound them by their hands and feet, then they killed them and threw them in a river. We have received death threats from the same land trafficking gang. We are afraid for our families and we are asking the state for protection. These peasant farmers have paid the price for the inaction of the state and the local authorities in tackling land

Jose Luis Guzmán -

Everything points to regional government people being involved in trafficking

Angela Acevedo

The consultation process is not a veto; it's not a yes or no [to a project].feedback

Carlos Sandi

We live in a state where our democratic rights are not respected. If there is no consultation we will not allow the state or the oil companies in our territory for the next 30

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

Indigenous peoples have the right to be consulted about any project which is brought into their communities. If those issues are not dealt with in the right way you cannot expect indigenous people to agree to another contract. They must be addressed seriously as the basis of [any] future consultation is good

Wilmer Chavez

If the government says it'll carry out prior consultation, we'll automatically end the

Bruno Gilaberte

These two fired directly at the car, in the direction of the car. They fired at a car which had five people in it, with the risk of hitting any one of them, including Maxwell and the children. The arms are a way for them to show power to the

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We've opened the door to them. The only thing I can say is that there are a lot of people who are having a hard time in Venezuela ... and that will end one way or

Niki Budalic

We were actively looking to add depth in the midfield during this transfer window and are excited to sign Yoshi. Yoshi can play as a creative midfielder who can operate both wide and centrally, as well as cover as an attacking left back. He stands out for his passing and creative ability, as well as his versatility to play multiple positions. He is a great fit for our long-term plans and someone we've tracked since last year. We are pleased to have finally acquired

Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao

I'll eat a cockroach, live, with mayonnaise. It is not just grave-robbing … Peruvian law says that to extract, alter, or manipulate cultural patrimony without the permission of the state is a

Franck Makouangou

She was so intelligent and independent. It's not easy for a young woman to live a life alone in a place like Lima, but she was a real risk-taker, just like I had always

Franck Makouangou

She was beautiful, there wasn't a girl in Lima that looked anything like her. All I really wanted was a chance to meet her, a chance for her to get to know me

Paul Daley

Larkin is overrated. I think that I gave Douglas Lima more of a fight when we fought, I brought it to him 100%. I don't feel like Larkin did that. Not to mention, I don't think Lima feared Larkin, and as a result, he underperformed. I think even Rory [MacDonald] feared me standing up, granted he has the superior ground skills, but he feared a stand-up exchange with me. Let's see what Larkin does in San

Brian Foley

A 'typical' concert is around 20-30 transports. 60 would be very bad. We had 70 once and 90 last night. It depends on the act that is in town and the fan base age. HPD has made a high number of Underage Drinking Referrals, . I'm told there was an extraordinary number of EMS transports of severe ETOH. Additional steps will have to be taken to address these issues at these

David Hershey-Webb

The landlord is giving you bad

Hector Becerril

The president should ask Perez to resign immediately. This is a government of

Julia Principe

This situation is a clear interference by the executive

Metin Hara

We realized that we have feelings for each other. Both of us are still getting to know one

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret

No I did not. There is always two sides of the coin. Only 1 has been

Juan Carlos Osorio

We're paying a lot of attention to what they offer as principal characteristics. We've seen two games, the one against Curacao, which we attended, and we also saw the friendly game against Peru on video. It's a team that's going to demand we get the details right, that's going to contend with its quick

Baskut Tuncak
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

The Peruvian Government must suspend the direct negotiations with companies until the right to free, prior and informed consent is guaranteed, and all environmental damage has been

Patrick Toomey

It's fun to have something tangible, where you can see

Alvaro Quijandria

We think we can diversify the origin of investments a

Esther T. Maas

We have shown, that radiofrequency denervation does not give any further

Rogelio Padilla

We cultivated this land since the time of my grandfather. But when illegal miners arrived they behaved as if the land was belonging to

Andrés Noningo

[After the deaths], relations between the Peruvian government and the indigenous organisations reached a low point. When the Peruvian government speaks about development, they mean the exploitation of our resources: gold, oil, wood. This threatens our livelihoods. That's why we formed our autonomous government, to ensure a good life also for future

Andrés Noningo

Our ancestor noticed that the animals speak and even the earth moves and they asked where do these animals come from? What is the origin of the air we breathe? Who looks after the trees? What is the origin of life? To seek wisdom our visionaries would spend up to three months in the forest. They taught us that animals and trees are people just like us and have their guardians that protect

Andrés Noningo

This is why our ancestors were able to teach us where the animals live, where they reproduce, which lands are fertile and which are un-productive, where we should make a farm and how to hunt with respect, using our sacred songs that ensure we treat all living beings with

Andrés Noningo

We will still be Peruvian citizens, but now we have our own government responsible for our own territory. This will enable us to protect ourselves from companies and politicians, who only are able to see gold and oil in our rivers and

Phyllis H. Weisberg

The question is similar to someone who discovers they overpaid on the purchase price of an apartment and now, years after the purchase, wants to go back and reduce the purchase

Phyllis H. Weisberg

And, needless to say, it is unlikely they would

Phyllis H. Weisberg

No two real estate professionals will allocate shares in the same

Sean Diddy Combs

I was telling people that when I watched the movie it's like me doing … You ever hear about when people go into Peru and they do ayahuasca? And they said your life flashes in front of you, and you get to deal with some things? If anything it adds on to the myth of a superhero, but it dispels the myth that a superhero can't be human. When I'm doing what I'm doing, I'm actually, in my head, believing I'm a superhero. But I'm a superhero that's human, banged up, burnt out and went through a

Thomas Michael Bond

If adults are going to read to their children they've got to love the books themselves. If you're laughing, your children will want to know why. If you're bored, they'll want you to stop

Thomas Michael Bond

My father, a civil servant, would have been very worried as to whether he'd be breaking the law by taking Paddington

Thomas Michael Bond

I often find myself asking what Paddington would think or say. When I write him into an impossible scrape, I go to sleep confident that I will know how to get him out of it when I wake up the following

Thomas Michael Bond

It hadn't occurred to me that I had an attitude. In those days the only coloured people I saw were

Thomas Michael Bond

If you'd told me that I'd be sitting here now giving interviews I'd have thought you were mad. They taught me that repetition is key in comic writing. Billy Bunter was always expecting a postal order but you knew he wasn't going to get it. I'd bought it for my first wife and I'd called it Paddington after the station I commuted from. I thought it was a proper-sounding name. No one went to Peru in those days so it seemed very dark. Paddington was the first character-driven story I'd ever written and for some reason he came

Thomas Michael Bond

I think the fact that they can stand on their back legs humanises them. But the great advantage of Paddington is that he's 'humanised' but not a human, which means he gets away with

Thomas Michael Bond

You've got to find new ways of doing it every time. Sometimes I look at what I've written and worry that I might have written it

Thomas Michael Bond

I'm lucky to be here. The first person I came across was a girl with her legs blown off. And the second was an old man holding his false

Thomas Michael Bond

Once on a long-haul flight I was invited to visit the cockpit but it was Paddington the pilot wanted to meet, not

Hugh Bonneville

It seems particularly poignant that we should learn of dear Michael Bond's death on the last day of shooting our second film about his unique, lovable creation. In Paddington, Michael created a character whose enthusiasm and optimism has given pleasure to millions across the generations. Michael will be greatly missed by his legions of fans and especially by his wife Sue, his family and of course by his beloved guinea pigs. He leaves a special legacy: long live the bear from darkest

Ian J. Deary

We don't know yet why intelligence from childhood and longevity are related, and we are keeping an open mind. Lifestyles, education, deprivation and genetics may all play a

Lucas Lima

I want to solve this soon, but now my focus is on the Copa do Brasil, then we travel to Goiania [to play Atletico Goianiense on Sunday]. I'll leave it to my

Lucas Lima

This will be my biggest contract. The financial side weighs in, but it is not the most important

Lucas Lima

I had a proposal from Crystal Palace, a fortune from China, and they were not the teams I was hoping

Lucas Lima

What I spoke to Neymar [about Barcelona] is more from curiosity, but I've had no proposal. I want to make clear that when I make my choice, Santos will be the first to know. Santos is the

Lucas Lima

I know that playing well in Santos I will continue in the Selecao … and that carries a lot of

Lucas Lima

Santos' proposal is very good, the president [Modesto Roma Junior] has made a great effort for me to stay. I'm going to talk to my family and give an answer to the club that gave me my chance. I want to make clear that when I make my choice, Santos will be the first to know. Santos is the

Lucas Lima

I want to continue in the Brazilian national team, to win titles, to have the affection of the fans. I'll think about the money, of course, but it's not my first thought. I want to make clear that when I make my choice, Santos will be the first to know. Santos is the

Adam Leitman Bailey

Courts are traditionally hostile to noise complaints arising in metropolitan

Eva Chen - Instagram

Designers understand these days that it's a global ripple effect you can have. You can reach a 15-year-old boy who wants to invest in a new watch, even if he lives in Sydney or in

Nell Agate - Citi

The underperformance of LME zinc in 2Q'17 appears poised to reverse as nascent fundamentals finally buttress modest

Todd Sampson

I want to explore these forces – forces I've always believed in. But it's one thing to believe, and another to trust them with your

Renzo Garibaldi

We're trying to show that Nikkei food is more than fish. It can be versatile and fire is a big part of it. We like the marriage between fire and meat, as well as between

Renzo Garibaldi

The first time I saw one was in the Korin store in New York, and I immediately bought it. We used it at Osso for anticuchos, and I experimented with it in my house for

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

The environmental standards were unrealistic for smelters and processing plants, and with the new standards Grupo Mexico is thinking of doubling its smelting in

Rona Olds

We are a nation of food lovers and the rise of street food has allowed us to play with presenting food in a different

Dylan O'Shea

We were amazed at the quality of what we found. If you go to Peru or Guatemala you will see lots of amazing textiles but you won't necessarily see the kind of thing they do for us, because it's not for the tourist market. It's beautiful, detailed, incredibly skilled

Jessica Macias

One of the most difficult and interesting aspects of our job is to find highly-skilled

Jose Montoya

We are looking to increase diversification in copper opportunities. We are investing heavily in exploration in 2017 to discover the potential we have in copper. We are betting on an aggressive drilling plan ... 30 percent of this will be destined to uncover copper

Gabriel Obiang Lima

Our criteria for selection (of the preferred off-taker) is very simple - whoever gives more money. So, whoever provides the biggest cash and good terms and alternatives to the state. That combination will give us a lot of flexibility. Block EG-11 is the jewel among a group of already very prospective blocks that we are signing in

John Hickenlooper

Given the extraordinary circumstances of this case and Mr. Lima-Marin's demonstrated ability to live successfully in the community ... it would be unjust for Mr. Lima-Marin to suffer further consequences for his

John Hickenlooper

We can't imagine the emotional roller coaster this family has endured. The Colorado Department of Corrections did what was required by law and released Mr. Lima-Marin to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The family has shown amazing strength, and we hope this is a temporary stop on his way to being reunited with his

Carl Rusnok

Rene Michael Lima Marin currently has final orders of removal from a federal immigration

Kimberly Diego

We've been working on this since 2015 – it seems like forever! I broke the news to her as soon as I got the court's order. Talking to her was the first thing I wanted to

Kimberly Diego

Him being put into ICE custody was not something I personally expected. It was

Sebastian A. Arcos

He is in trouble now because of the result of the normalization process which is opening up the possibility, but legally there is no agreement between the two countries to exchange criminals, so he might be in limbo. No one knows what's going to happen in the new

Kimberly Diego

Everyone is completely devastated. Everything has been turned on its

Carlos Samour

Requiring Lima-Marin to serve the rest of his prison sentence all these years later would be draconian, would deprive him of substantive due process, and would perpetrate a manifest injustice. Because the Court finds that Lima-Marin is being unlawfully detained, he is ordered released. No other remedy will result in justice in this

Ryan Gozali - Liga

We have 250 million people, and a genius is one in a million. I'm a statistics guy. I just don't accept that fact. In America, it's a mature sport market – I can do a good job but I won't make much of a dent. In Indonesia, it's like the wild, wild West, looking for the gold rush. John F. Kennedy is like, I'm going to put a man on the moon,''' he

Matt Harvey

It's completely my fault. I put myself in a bad place to be ready for showing up for a ballgame, and that is my responsibility. I take full blame for

Priyanka Chopra

I loved Baywatch so much growing up, It was the quintessential American Dream. All those beautiful people in bathing suits, running slo-mo on the beach in Malibu – amazing!feedback

Gareth McLean

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Our writers answer some of the commonest queries. Because women are simply not allowed to have something special all to themselves, no sooner had the female G-spot been first mentioned in the 1940s than men started mithering and muttering: “But where’s ours? We want a G-spot too.” Envy, like fear, is such a great

Claudia Alatrista

This is precious. It's everywhere and it's

Johnny Linares

You did it. That was amazing, my friend! You were really surfing!feedback

Johnny Linares

O.K., . It's not bad. But you have to push up faster and get on your feet. Get on your feet, my friend! Paddle! Paddle!feedback

Aldo Rodríguez

We ended the strike because we reached a deal that includes better medical

Jorge Campos

We are completing 10 days of a general indefinite strike... the company is sending letters of dismissals to the workers and other measures of intimidation when the administrative processes in the strike have not even been

Dan Hardy

I realised after the first trip to Peru I can chase the [UFC] world championship as much as I want. Even if I grab it and defend it 10 times, at some point somebody else will take my

Jorge Nieto

That way we would guarantee our water supply so that the rains become a blessing, rather than a

Robert Glasser - UNISDR

This is a large-scale singular event which needs to be viewed in the context of a warming planet, where episodes of extreme weather variability are becoming more evident. If we are to succeed in preventing disasters like this, and to reduce disaster losses, then we need to ensure there is a much broader understanding of the nature of disaster risk in society. This includes better understanding of the impacts of climate change and how it alters local weather

Rudecindo Vega

Three months ago, the government was preparing for a drought. Weeks later, we have had a quantity of rain that is exactly the opposite of a

Jose Espejo

We are based on each side of the railroad and we will not let the train

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

Immediate reconstruction I think will cost us two to three billion dollars, and after that, the public works that will allow Peru to be a modern country will take time, not 15 years, but, yes, five years. There we have another five or six billion dollars. Now, they're discussing if the fiscal deficit is going to be 2 or 3 percent, if (2017) growth is going to be 3 or 3.5

Ernesto Blanco

This is simply God telling us he exists. Life will continue

Juan Manuel Santos

We are confronting a natural disaster caused by climate change. We need to prepare because the rains that are coming will be more

Ernesto Blanco

One has to be realistic. This will just keep on happening to

Yadira Andrea Munoz

Please speed up delivery of the bodies because they are

Maria Helena Benitez

My father's funeral is planned for this afternoon, but if his body becomes too fetid, we'll have to do it without the

Leigh Lima

There was no way we would have known the impact that this would have had. We definitely wanted [Alex and Maggie's relationship] to be a strong representation, and that's why we've thought so hard about it and wanted it to be beautifully done. So I'm just really happy with the writers of 'Supergirl,' who have really brought this to life. They have a lot to grow together. But they are [also] realizing how serious they are about each other, so I think there's some things coming up that would take it maybe to the next

Martin Vizcarra

Every family, company has a limit to what it can give. But people are going to be in need for a long time. There are families that have

Leigh Lima

This was a girl that was in desperate, desperate need of someone to just listen for a moment. So [the comic book store employee] was the real Supergirl in that moment: she sat with this girl, walked her around the store and said, Take the first season DVD, just to watch and kind of keep your mind there.' And at the same time bought her comic books that show different [gay] characters, like Batwoman, and showed her all these different stories that she could hang on to, bought her coffee, sat and just listened to this girl, and this girl just sobbed and just let it

Leigh Lima

I wasn't aware of Maggie Sawyer before I even got word of this part. When I read into it I was like, Wow! What a cool character!' It's very important, this

Martin Vizcarra

It's a rapid gesture that other countries should take so Venezuela sees it's alone on that path. If we want a country, a continent to be governed by democracy, I think all countries must have a firm position of disavowing any kind of coup or authoritarianism. We've gone through that before and we wouldn't want to repeat that experience or see fellow countries like Venezuela go through

Jorge Castaneda

Peru has contributed the most, because it has been very

Alfredo Thorne

We are going to present a project to Congress and within that we will propose an increase in the fiscal deficit that is consistent with our laws ... during a natural disaster we can temporarily increase the

Enrique Pena Nieto

Considering these events, we cannot remain indifferent. Just as we did not in 2002 when there was an illegal attempt to overthrow the

Carlos Basombrio

The plane couldn't stop on the runway and they made a manoeuvre to stop it with the wing and that appears to have caused the

Walter Alva

All of the main historic monuments are being impacted by the erosion they're suffering from because of the rains and overflowing

Michele Detomaso

This really is the worst disaster for the people of northern Peru in decades. Its severity – and the speed with which waters came in – surpassed the capacities of the population to

Leila De Lime

That can happen to me as well. In the realm of possibilities, that can happen. But if the world is no longer watching, I believe the worst thing can happen to me. I'll be dead. I can never feel safe with a president like

Leila De Lime

When I am about to sleep, that's the worst time for me. That's when emotions creep in. I think about my family. I think about my home. I think about my own bed in my comfortable

Leila De Lime

I cannot show myself to be afraid. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me defeated. But if you ask me if I feel safe, I can never feel

Nitesh Shah

There might have been some anticipation to this outcome as talks started this week, so it was largely already in the

Bonnie Liu

Probably base metals demand is not in a strong recovery yet, but from the infrastructure sector and the steel industry, orders are looking pretty good. Base metals always lag behind steel so you probably need to wait for a few weeks (to see demand pick up).feedback

Etienne Lavigne

The six Peruvian race days are sand and dunes. They will then cross the Bolivian altiplano and its challenging weather conditions. There will be longer stages with also large sandy areas, particularly on the Orinoca area and south of Uyuni, where we already held some stages this year. And then to north west Argentina, with more stony stages off road, you can get lost there. The race conditions will be very hard because it will be very

Tony Estanguet

We can't accept '28. It's not possible. We're OK if the IOC wants to give two games at the same session in Lima. But on our side, our project is only possible for '24. We also believe this is the time to come back to Paris, or to Europe, in '24. This is the fourth bid, we learnt a lot. It's now or

Zenon Mujica

This first strike is ending on Thursday and we will start a new one on Friday. It's going to be hard because the company has been quite

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

This emergency will pass, but we must be prudent. Do not take unnecessary risks such as crossing flooded roads or weak bridges. We will continue to monitor this emergency. My ministries are deployed at the national level to address the affected

Patricia Garcia

She is a little confused, but she is very well and will recover because she is a warrior and thank God nothing serious

Jorge Chavez

We've never seen anything like this before. From one moment to the next, sea temperatures rose and winds that keep precipitation from reaching land subsided. We need more and better bridges, we need highways and cities with drainage systems. We can't count on nature being

Valentin Fernandez

There's no electricity, no drinking transit because streets are

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We are confronting a serious climatic problem. There hasn't been an incident of this strength along the coast of Peru since 1998. This hasn't ended. And it will continue for some time

Patricia Calvino

I do not sleep. I cannot imagine the hour when I can arrive and embrace my family. Many talk about doing it out of economic necessity, of being short of money. But really, it's from a lack of

Helen Lau

This is positive development for copper after a week-long weakness upon the expectation of (U.S.) rate

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret

I'm a very private person. But I try to share a little bit of everything, you know especially through social media: little moments with my children, things that I like, books that I

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret

People are watching you and you become their inspiration. These days, women are aging [in] such a more beautiful way. I'm here representing mature women with Victoria's Secret, so there is no pressure at all [to look good]. I believe that if I would go back to my younger times doing Victoria's Secret, I feel more beautiful right

Caroline Sayuri Fukushima

This illustration gave origin to the name of the genus and the popular name birdeater spiders. People at that time did not believe in her observations, saying that a spider eating a bird was a female fantasy. Now we know she was

Ramón Barúa - Hochschild Mining

The conditions are very supportive for prices and we expect them to go up in the rest of the

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

It's a complicated matter because it's a very large company that has various projects under way in Peru and, of course, there should be a gradual exit. I would say six months, perhaps

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

(Gross domestic product) is not going to fall this year. The growth rate will be between 3 and 5 percent, and to do this, public investment will have to be

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

I believe there is a lot of pessimism. The corruption case revolves around contractors. Odebrecht is already being investigated, but there are others, and that makes the projects

Rodrigo Duterte

Is it bad to say I will kill people for my country? It's a warning actually to

Salvador Panelo

She should accept reality and the truth that she created the rut she is now

Rodrigo Duterte

If you stop taking shabu tonight, tomorrow I can assure no more killings connected with

Leila de Lima

There is a president who is threatening to re-impose martial law and openly supports the killings of thousands of people. The grim truth: in the last seven months under Duterte, there were more deaths than in 14 years of martial law under the Marcos

Dionardo Carlos

Led by the Philippine National Police members of the HSS, (Headquarters Support Service), and CIDG, (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group), will make sure that she's safe and secure while in our

Leila de Lima

The truth will come out and I will achieve justice. I am

Jaime Reusche

We should expect to see one, maybe two, relatively large issuances throughout the year if conditions are appropriate, either in domestic or foreign markets, mostly with a focus on liability

Leila de Lima

With the coming out of Lascanas, there's no more doubt that our president is a murderer and a sociopathic serial killer. I will not retreat from this fight now that I know I am not alone. We are plenty already, so they should be scared. I call on all our countrymen that have yet to act, to hold responsible the murderer president of the

Leila de Lima

There's no other reason because I'm innocent and not at all involved in the drug trade. I'm here with the people because of our shared thoughts and opinion, and shared views, and shared

Katherine Ampuero

The damage ... against the state, its image and the institutions of the country, is

Ramon Leal - ALFA

We're focusing our resources in our core businesses and putting a permanent pause on our energy

Carlos Basombrio

It's hard for us to understand what additional indications are needed ... we find what's been uncovered thus far

Heriberto Benitez

He can't come back ... I wouldn't recommend it. With judges like this, careful!feedback

Carlos Basombrio

Anyone in the world who can help us find him can claim the reward. Peru doesn't deserve to see another president flee

Marisol Perez Tello

We're all very ashamed of what this looks like internationally; all we're asking is that he come back to explain what

Mark Tester

Quinoa is currently greatly under-utilized. It is highly nutritious, with a high protein content that, importantly, has a very good balance of amino acids, which is unusual for our major grains. It is gluten free and high in vitamins and minerals,

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

Justice must be the same for everyone. If someone committed acts of corruption, they must be penalized. I've ordered the executive to collaborate with whatever is necessary to guarantee the investigation is efficient. Corruption never

Casey Wasserman

The IOC has seen that first hand and so our job for our bid is very clear which is remain focused on our process, focused on the IOC's plan that they laid out for the bid cities, the rules of engagement, to be part of the community in every way we can and put that forth with great certainty and confidence so when it comes time for Lima they know who they are voting for and what they are voting

Brian Porter - Bank Of Nova Scotia

Our customers want to do more of their banking through digital channels. We intend to be a digital leader in the financial services industry not only here in Canada, but also in our key Pacific alliance markets of Mexico, Peru, Colombia and

Nezir Sinani

The World Bank has pledged to help countries adopt a low-carbon development path, specifically by phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and promoting a carbon tax. However, the bank's policy lending does the opposite, by introducing tax breaks for coal power plants and coal export

Alfredo Thorne

Due to the Odebrecht effect ... I think it's hard to think that we're going to grow 4.8 percent, I think we could grow one percentage point below that. We're not going to tolerate corruption. If that means we have to pay for it with a bit of growth, well, I think we're ready to do

Helbert Espinoza

We shouldn't be pessimistic, we have to keep working until the

Pablo Sanchez Velarde

We will establish dialogue and the transmission of information in a more direct and spontaneous

Pablo Sanchez Velarde

We are very interested in getting information to improve our

Carlos Arredondo

We want the metallurgical complex to be reactivated, but in an environmentally and socially responsible

Luis Egocheaga

It used to import highly contaminating material to feed the smelter ... that ended up in the city and in

Carlos Rossini

The roads belong to the people and not to corporations!feedback

Alfredo Thorne

We're going to talk with banks, with the Spaniards, we're going to talk with the minister who's giving us this Cesce loan and we're going to try to close this as soon as possible to obtain $3 billion in

Alfredo Thorne

If Odebrecht does sell its stake, it wouldn't collect. That money would turn into a guarantee in the event there was any

Hamilton Castro

The illegal earnings the company obtained must be returned to the Peruvian state, that's why we're negotiating a significant sum of cash that must be deposited in public coffers as

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We're analyzing various alternatives. Without doubt one of them is that, but it has to be looked at case by case. Because otherwise, we're going to get into interminable judicial processes with terrible

Reynaldo Hilbck

Poechos provides drinking water for five provinces in Piura and irrigates 110,000 hectares of farmland. It's the backbone of the

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

It clearly needs to be investigated. I can guarantee that I didn't receive anything or do anything. I signed off on a law that Congress passed. That's not a

Russ Mould

Inchcape has been active in South America for more than 30 years and the acquisition will bolster its presence in Chile and Peru and add new markets of Colombia and

Rodolfo Fariñas

In fact, then-Justice Secretary Leila de Lima had investigated such cases and came up with no actionable offences. The president could only be impeached for acts or omissions committed as

Fernando Zavala - SABMiller

We're against any kind of corruption and are going to support relevant bodies so those investigations are

Alfredo Thorne

I think we'll be signing before the end of the year and construction would begin at the start of next

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

Today's a day of mourning because 13 police officers have died unnecessarily in a highway in

Michelle Bachelet

These bad practices by some businessmen directly affect confidence and curb our chances of development ... we can't allow this to be

Alfredo Thorne

Some public investment projects have stalled because they want to be part of the new system...a more agile system, less paperwork and less participation from the government, and that's

Richard Gordon

When he says that, he's opening himself up, isn't he? He said it, so the legal way is to go ahead and impeach him. I'm sure he knows how to defend

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We've decided to avoid a scenario of greater confrontation. The campaign ended seven months ago. Now we have the tremendous task of governing

Jeremias Petsein

We have healthy rainforest free of pollution; that's why we don't want oil companies to come

Martin Vizcarra

We've asked the company to start the process of modifying its environmental impact study within three months. We want to prevent and correct all the mistakes or deficiencies that may have

Carlos Basombrio

Those spreading this information will pay the consequences. There have been no reports of organ trafficking. This information is

Alvaro Quijandria

From the portfolio of projects, 44 are state initiatives and 63 are from the private sector which we'll improve and help untangle from permits so they can happen

Carmen Masias

When they're no longer useful, they're killed. So this is also a big human rights

Carmen Masias

Eradication goals must be coupled with development goals. They call it the war on drugs, but it's not a war, it's a struggle. It's a process that takes

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We're working and I expect that by the beginning of January we'll have a replacement and the pipeline will be built no matter

Edgar Ortega

In some areas the fires are contained but still not

Guadalupe Quispe

After she got better she went to school. And now she's a nurse and has a family. When I think of her I feel

Leonid Lecca

Some medicines change the color of your skin, some cause bouts of psychosis. Patients need to be accompanied through this

William Campos

I used to cry constantly. The pain was so unbearable. I even thought about killing myself. But thanks to Mrs. Guadalupe I have hope to push through

Vladimir Putin

We are ready to freeze (oil) output at the present level. We see no harm in this for our energy sector. The energy minister is in constant contact with the leading (oil) companies, and they are ready for such

Vladimir Putin

I told him that we would be happy to see him (Obama) in Russia anytime if he wants, can and has

Alan Bollard

I don't think we'll hear a lot on TPP for a while. We've got to wait for the U.S. administration to get it through Congress, be clearer about its policies, which we're not clear

Mercedes Araoz

We are not going to start negotiations right away, but we probably will have several paths we could take, always with the commitment of having a free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific

Steven Ciobo

The American people have had their say... It doesn't impact on my advocacy of trade to pursue Australia's national interest. I want trade deals that are good for

Xiaoyu Gao

In Peru, we've been thinking about this issue. If we discover new reserves, we have to go to difficult

Alan Bollard

With the advantages of electronic commerce, it's possible for small, remote businesses to be world traders in a way they never could

Alan Bollard

The pessimism about trade does seem to be more of a developed, affluent country

Scott Miller

He's a skeptic of trade agreements, and he's held that position for a long time as a private citizen. What he has not been in a position to do is consider and then represent the broader interests of the American people. That's usually how presidents become free

Scott Miller

As you can imagine, the issue of the day will consume a lot of the

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

The Berlin Wall lasted 40 years . . . why do we want another wall? In Latin America we must show

Alfredo Thorne

We are talking with the new company that is going to take leadership and informally they have told us an agreement between the buyers and the sellers was reached. It is Sempra, which has been in talks with the outgoing company,

Julio Velarde

If there is any question with respect to whether the orientation of monetary policy could change, I think that concern has absolutely no basis. Ninety-nine percent of decisions are unanimous. I don't think the bank's monetary policy will change at

Luis Zubizarreta

We are the main supplier of biodiesel for Peruvian transport, and this unjustified decision will have consequences for their economy since domestic prices for fuel will

Andrew Michelmore

Community roads are currently blocked and supplies for operating and subsisting are about to run out. We now have large reserves that cannot be transported by road, a situation that cannot go on for much

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

The block that CNPC has ... will soon be declared viable with three to four trillion in proven reserves of

Pablo Peschiera

The market is in charge. We'll launch the auction with whatever conditions are in place and hope that by then these changes will have been

Paulo Dias

The condition of the skull has been well preserved. It has been preserved with its deformation, which has been caused over time. The process of disassembling the different pieces so that they remain anatomically compatible took us a great amount of time. After that was the technical application of forensics

Walter Alva

This brings us closer and connects us especially to the current indigenous population. We see that the face of the Lord of Sipan is very similar to the Moches of Lambayeque who still survive to this day. The faces of the fishermen, the farmers of the region are direct descendants of this creative

Luis Repetto

It's called Plaza de Armas because in the 17th and 18th century Lima was often attacked by pirates and guns were kept inside the Government Palace. When the alarms sounded, it meant the pirates were approaching and people went to the palace to take the guns to defend the

Maria José Gueudet

This hotel was built in 1914, which makes it 102 years old. It was abandoned for two decades and then restored by Beaux-Art artists. The repairs took three

Rodrigo Duterte

I am inviting the United Nations' Ban Ki ... what's the name of that devil? ... Ban

Phidel Vineles

This new list will simply justify his argument that he needs an extension for his anti-drug campaign. His vow to crush illegal drugs and criminality within first six months of his presidency might be extended for another several

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

It is unavoidable that I mention our concern for the very critical political, economic and social situation that our friendly nation of Venezuela is experiencing. Full-fledged democracy requires absolute respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as due process. It also requires the full guarantee of the respect of the separation of powers and checks and

Héctor Solis

Today we have received three kinds of fish: the buri, (japanese amberjack or yellowtail), the cabrilla, (a kind of grouper), and the cojinova, (South Pacific bream). We never have the same fish, nor the quantities we would like, as we work with people who catch fish from the beach, and who practice responsible fishing. I will always prepare a classic ceviche from northern Peru, very simple and very

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

Right now I'm sitting with Mr. Fink, the head of BlackRock. They're interested in doing financing in Peru on infrastructure, and I'm in talks with them about

Panfilo Lacson

There are many lapses in his testimonies. Like in baseball, I was counting his

Martin Vizcarra

With that money, $35 billion, we could build a lot of projects to benefit

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

I told them, without getting confrontational, that this trans-Amazonic train has very high costs, it could have environmental impacts and we have to look at that

Carmela Garcia

We are here marching for an idea, which is, enough of the mistreatment of women, physically or psychologically,' because as a mother, we want our kids to be free to go out

Adelaida Avila

The latest court sentences have not been favourable for the women of our country. It is time for women to stand up, men and women like those here. We are a united country, but why do we continue to have the third highest rate of violence against women?feedback

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

The progress we have made is undeniable, but we all know we need to do more, much

Francisco Durand - Lima

I can't remember in the country's history such a pro-business

Rafael Zoeger

It seems ... it is going to be paralyzed six months or

Steven Levitsky

This was a real shock to her. She didn't plan for this scenario. She and her supporters all expected to win for the last five

Maria Cuculiza

She's worked so hard crisscrossing the country. It would be unfair if she doesn't

Ollanta Humala

We exhort the authorities to deliver the results the quickest and most-responsible

Fernando Tuesta

We are reaching a very Peruvian finale to this election, with uncertainty over who is going to win. Anything can

Juan Diego Flórez

What do I wish for the future? To grow more, to give the opportunity to play, to sing, to fill the country with orchestras and choruses for many many more

Juan Diego Flórez

Kids that tell me: I don't have a roof on my house yet or we don't have electricity, we don't have water and I have to walk 40 minutes to get to the music school but I'm happy. Before I was all the time sad now I smile. So this is very important. This makes your

Juan Diego Flórez

I'm so moved. To see my colleagues sing and donate their efforts is fantastic because there is a special heart in it and you can feel

Pablo Kuczynski

When I opened the treasury, it was empty! Bit by bit, in two to three years, we had turned things around. Peru started to

John Kasich

That's like blaming a car dealer in Lima for the collapse of

Ollanta Humala

This place must bring us together, so these types of terrorist acts never happen again. They must remain in the past. And we must remember so as not to repeat

Gerard Arances

The people in my country, my brothers and sisters in the Philippines, are dying. As governments here discuss the fate of my people and the people of this

Rafael Roncagliolo

The most important thing for the court to do is to determine, as we maintain, that there was no border treaty between Peru and Chile, although Chile says there was. There are agreements from 1952 and 1954 but for us they don't have any bearing on the border and can't be considered as

Carlos Wester

The dig started last February and in the zone we call 'The Palace', a chamber had been detected. This led to the discovery of the tomb of someone very important, dating from around the 12th century AD, whose burial was preceded by a series of

Carlos Wester

We found the actual tomb at the burial level. First we found a copper and silver crown, then a copper mask with tears flowing from it, a necklace of discs, and other copper

Gladys Cardozo

All the shelters are full. We are having to improvise so people don't have to sleep in the streets. It's been intensely cold at night and with the bad weather, people can get sick or even

Peter Madden

Michaella McCollum did not owe any money to any drugs dealer. She was not involved in the drugs

Julio Vela

They were nervous when they were approached, bewildered, they don't speak Spanish so it was difficult for them to

Philippe Boliar

The worst thing really, it's not my house falling down. It was finding yourself surrounded by rubble. I spent the night trying to help save some people. We pulled maybe three living children out. The worst thing was not being able to do anything when you can hear a child crying for help for hours. And you're there, empty handed. And you can do

Luis Carballo

From under the rubble they pulled out the dead bodies of 60 children. The rescue teams could do nothing. Leogane is 15 kilometers south-west of Port-au-Prince. Here, the earthquake was a true catastrophe. In these ruins, they found schoolbooks belonging to the children who studied here. They were children who had practically been adopted by the nuns who ran the

Rodolfo Salas

The fossil was discovered in 2008 and published in the magazine Nature. It's the skull and jaw of a whale fossil that had very different characteristics from modern whales. This fossil was found in the desert within rocks that are more or less 12 million years old. Based on the size of the teeth, we are talking about a large predator. The thickness of the skull, the size of the jaw crater indicates it would have had very very strong jaw

Aleksander Shenkov

The products have brought us international recognition from France, Spain, North Africa and even

Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima

Those who can contribute must do so. We are under-developed countries, vulnerable countries, we are countries that can't do so much. So, those who can have to act

Connie Hedegaard - European Union

We will need to agree on innovative sources so that it will not have to come, all of it, from public finance budgets. Because that is where developing countries have all too often seen that fine pledges are given but not being fulfilled afterwards. We should be more innovative and creative this

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

It was a good idea to choose themes such as the fight against poverty and the fight for the environment and against climate

Rodolfo Salas

We already knew about the paleontological richness of Ocucaje dating back 10-12 million

Yehude Simon

They don't understand that violence must be part of the past of this country. Some of them must have a sick mind. They continue to kill soldiers and police officers but this is not going to defeat the army nor the police, much less

Jules Kortenhorst

As a fast start, it is on the low end of the range, but it is a good start. So the 100 billion euros on average for the next 10 years in our analysis would be a fair and reasonable amount and the European component of such an amout would be in the order of magnitude of one

Margaret Thatcher

I just say it was the worst moment of my life. That night, no-one could tell me whether we could retake the Falklands –

Alan Garcia

We are tired of bullies and militarism. Here, in Peru, it's the people who decide and direct, and I'm sure that in no time at all, right across Latin America, it'll be the people who decide and

Laurent Milchior

It's an extremely competitive market and European economies are still somewhat depressed. So it's the companies who invest in their products, in experience, in the brand, who will win. We still have a factory in the north of France employing 70 people and they produce garments with a real savoir faire. The factory is 50 years old and that's really what makes the difference for our products, they're very fashionable but also good quality and very well

John Kerry

I know the debates over who should do what and how hard fought and how complex. And if it weren't hard this would have been solved a while ago. But the fact is we simply don't have time to sit around going back and forth about whose responsibility it is to act. Pretty simple folks: it's everyone's

Ollanta Humala

The electoral campaign is complete, and on July 28 the president of all Peruvians will assume responsibility to continue the work of consolidating our economic growth. This growth will be the engine driving the social inclusion Peruvians yearn

Stephen Harper

Under the current circumstances in the oil and gas sector, it would be crazy, it would be crazy economic policy to do unilateral penalties on that sector. We're clearly not going to do

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