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Andrew Reiner

I arrived at Grant Park at 9 a.m., and was able to spin just one Pokéstop. I talked to dozens of people either playing Pokémon Go, or attempting to, and they are all having issues. Grant Park's numerous Pokéstops are lit up like Christmas Trees, and Unown is spawning, but few people can catch anything before the app crashes. AT&T users are apparently faring the worst, while Sprint has the best performance, which is still hardly playable. I even logged onto the press wi-fi at the event, and the app won't launch. It's getting crushed by players.feedback

Abbie Harrison - Verizon

It was rough in the morning. They're turning off animations for the lures and stuff to make it run better. It's running better now. I'm actually able to log in. It was really spotty and nothing would show up on my screen. I can now actually see and do things.feedback

Marcia Welliever

I came in from Montana knowing it was the first one and there would probably be issues and it's about the experience and it will be better next year. I had a stem-cell transplant five years ago and shouldn't be here. Now I catch critters and it keeps me moving and it's giving me my health back. When I got here around 12:15, I couldn't get in at all. I've just been patient.feedback

John Haberkorn

We put together money and stockpiled gifts … in order for these people to be able to make it. The excitement has just been drastically minimized because of what we've experienced today.feedback

Francisco Javier Rodriguez

I have a really common Hispanic name. I just did it as a little parody, where I'm like, nah, I'm the real one. I'm the 'official' one. What I like about the game is it's basically in our neighborhood. For example, you live here, this is your block, and you basically own the gyms here. You're in them, and you hold it down. There's just some pride and some good feelings when it comes to that.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

I'm intensely interested in nurturing that aspect of the game, but I'm also the first person to admit that it's only in its most rudimentary form in Pokemon Go today.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

Speculation is rampant and many people have different preferences, and a lot of people make assumptions that things are going to happen one way or the other. We try to be careful and not to communicate anything until we've figured out internally how we're going to do things and until it's pretty close to launching, beyond just saying generally, Hey, we're looking at improving combat' or 'Trading is something that we ultimately want to do.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

[Pokemon Go before this update] essentially allowed the most highly ranked players to completely dominate the gym ecosystem. Lower level players had no chance, and therefore had no interest in participating in gym battles, by and large. That became apparent within a couple months of launch. It took us a while to get out from under the launch craziness and then to get organized to do something about it, and that's a big part of what this release is about.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

The game that we built before Pokemon Go was Ingress. Ingress is entirely about this team-based, cooperative, territorial combat. The reason that that game has sustained for all of these years is that core fan base of players that are really, really into that mechanic of controlling territory and working together to control it and the casual rivalries, sort of like the ones that you encountered in Pokemon Go. We had sought to carry over some of that gameplay into Pokemon Go.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

What happened is we ended up really tilting heavily, in terms of our development time, toward the casual aspect of Pokemon Go. We had a whole roadmap to evolve that competitive, gym-based, territorial control feature, but almost none of that made it into the initial release.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

The speed at which that event sold out really blew us all away. All the tickets were sold within six minutes, I think. So there's clearly an appetite there amongst the fanbase.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

I think it's going to be super fun. I'll be there with my son!feedback

Francisco Javier Rodriguez

I like seeing that. I don't care if it's Mystic, Valor or Instinct. I just like that people are still playing.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

If there is disappointment that they've invested in something that's not the ultimate weapon that it used to be, hopefully they're stimulated by the fact that there are new challenges. New blood in the game, new blood in the gyms, new blood in terms of people discovering that part of the gameplay and going in. That just keeps it fresh and interesting. Ultimately, stagnation is the enemy.feedback

Ben Schachter

We are in the trough of disillusionment. The fact is the software hasn't delivered on expectations. People want it and love it, but it hasn't been delivered. ... You need to see a killer app – a Pokemon Go-type event – on the hardware.feedback

Ruslan Sokolovsky

It will be a long time before a new video clip appears. I'm not an extremist, that much is certain.feedback

Ruslan Sokolovsky

How can one offend by entering a church with a smartphone? I decided to just catch some Pokemon in church because, why not?feedback

Ruslan Sokolovsky

How can one offend by entering a church with a smartphone? I decided to just catch some Pokemon in church because, why not? I believe it's both safe and not prohibited by law. Let's go.feedback

Shannon Symonds

Until Halo's launch, the most successful shooters required a personal computer and the precision offered by a high-quality mouse. Halo proved a console could be just as effective, if not better, than a PC. It also boasted one of the strongest multiplayer experiences of its time.feedback

George Jijiashvili

The key driver of Pokemon Go's achievement has been the strength of the Pokemon brand that has been built up over the last 20 years and the strong nostalgia element associated with it. It is unsurprising that Nintendo saw increased sales of their game consoles, because those who enjoyed Pokemon games as kids in the 90's and early 2000's are now adults with disposable incomes.feedback

Jeremy Saucier

Street Fighter II allowed for head-to-head battles between human opponents, instantly attracting spectators and generating fierce tournament play in arcades across the world. This communal style of game play reinvigorated the arcade industry in the 1990s and helped give birth to a generation of fighting games.feedback

Shannon Symonds

Pokemon Red and Green' launched a franchise that has taken the world by storm, vaulting many of its characters, such as Pikachu, into popular, mainstream culture.feedback

Leonid Volkov

It's some kind of hell. The full-on inquisition, the middle ages and [George Orwell's] 1984 rolled into one.feedback

Ruslan Sokolovsky

I'm in shock. I have been in jail, I was there for three months, and it is the doorway to hell. I do not consider myself an extremist, maybe I'm an idiot, but not in any way an extremist.feedback

Phil Lloyd

We've got a huge amount of respect for the game [Nintendo and Niantic] built. They have helped people like us accelerate conversations, because now people know [the game mechanics] and it's very easy to get across the concept. … But while we are similar, we're also not. The entire point of Snatch is brand integration. This isn't all about big global brands. This is about small medium and large brands. … And part of the interest for brands is people really respect the contents of the parcel. Once you've got one, you really work to keep it for six hours.feedback

Phil Lloyd

The most exciting part of the game for people is doing the thing you shouldn't do, which is stealing from other people. We're very mindful of the very steep curve [Pokemon Go] had. We just want to have a game that has a longer lifecycle.feedback

Matthew Hudak

Even something like Pokemon Go that did very well, it also faded very, very quickly.feedback

Serkan Toto

The strategy is working. Nintendo sold more 3DS units. People went out and bought out a $180 dollar device just to play Pokemon games. It is clear there was a strong effect of Pokemon Go. The Switch is critical for Nintendo. Nintendo will have a difficult time if it doesn't work. It's not like in mobile games, if an app doesn't work, you blew $5 million developing it but you move to the next one, but you cannot do that with a console. Nintendo is fixed in its position in the next couple of years in the console cycle, so it's critical for Nintendo to get right.feedback

Lim Jae Boem - Pokemon Korea

We have waited very long and worked very hard to launch Pokemon Go in South Korea.feedback

Shin Seung-woo

Pokemon Go officially launched its service in South Korea today. The popularity has died down but I'm going to do it.feedback

Shari Frilot

I thought this is definitely the year to do this because people will be looking for AR.feedback

Daniella Segal

You can take something that may feel very cutting edge and very technological and make it something that every person can find the value in.feedback

Linc Gasking

This really opens up lots of promotional opportunities in entertainment.feedback

Atul Goyal

It's not the console that you remember … What you remember (are) Nintendo games, So don't look at console versus mobile, it's the intellectual property (and) the brand that Nintendo brings -- Mario, Zelda, Pokemon … plenty others.feedback

Kenji Ono

I think it will be a success, but not to the extent that Pokemon GO was.feedback

Randy Nelson - Sensor Tower

We have no doubt that first month downloads of 'Super Mario Run' will be historic–likely much greater than 'Pokemon Go' – thanks to months of prominent featuring by Apple, extensive media coverage, and more.feedback

Serkan Toto

Nintendo is the only company in the world that can put a $10 fixed price mobile game out there.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

Starbucks has played an important role in creating welcoming places for people to come together for refreshment and social engagement. The physical locations component of the collaboration is important to us as we look for ways to use technology to encourage exploration, exercise and real world social interaction, and Starbucks' footprint throughout the U.S. provides an awesome platform.feedback

Gautam Shah

Think of it as Pokemon Go, but where the animals are real animals, and where they move around a city based on their actual movements, not where we tell them to go.feedback

Gautam Shah

This is just the first game. There are many other ways that the data can be used.feedback

Barry Sandoval

The Pikachu Illustrator Card was given in January of 1998 to winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest. Only 20 to 39 copies of this card were released, 10 of which are graded in top condition and it is unknown how many still remain with the public.feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

One of your ways of relaxation, and it is quite well publicised, is Pokemon Go – what has got you hooked, why do you enjoy it?feedback

Mikhail Gronas

Since the birth of democracy in ancient Greece, modern politics has been, in essence, a competitive game. Games are often considered a less serious social activity; however, elections are some of our nation's most important political decisions and are very much game-like: we follow the scores or polls, and we root for our teams.feedback

Mikhail Gronas

Perhaps, HillaryDonald Go can inject some lighthearted competition into this election season, lessen the acrimony and allow us to take a brief break from the tensions of the campaign.feedback

Boris Schlossberg

The whole game has kind of turned into what I call 'Pokemon shopping,' where everybody is looking for discount shopping.feedback

Jennifer Kent - Parks Associates

A new Mario game is likely to be popular not only among the kid/teen crowd but also among the older Millennial generation who grew up with the famous game. Apple is hoping to recreate the 'Pokemon Go' craze of the summer, which also leveraged an established gaming character and a sense of nostalgia to engage gamers from older demographics.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

The added dimension of the Pokemon Go craze has undoubtedly raised awareness of the potential for augmented reality. That can only be positive for the technology.feedback

Ben Kagan

If I feel like something fresh, I'd devour a Bulbasaur. Otherwise Pikachu is my favorite, though it requires a long walk afterwards.feedback

Ben Kagan

The burgers' flavors have been designed to match each Pokemon's look and personality. Charmander is a bit spicy and has orange lava cheese.feedback

Piers Harding-Rolls

The latest sales results for the 3DS handheld and Pokemon games reflect the impact that engaging audiences at scale on mobile platforms can have on adjacent markets.feedback

Stephen Harmston - YouGov

Our research is showing that spend levels in five weeks in just three countries is over a quarter of a billion dollars. Start projecting that over time and across 72 countries where Pokémon Go is available and you'll see how quickly this will become a $1 billion run-rate game.feedback

Stephen Harmston - YouGov

It's still early days, but this suggests the game has staying power and is not just a flash in the pan.feedback

Tatsuya Sumida

We were so relieved. We were worried if those Pokémon were really going to go away in time. We consider the park a sacred place where we pray for the victims of the atomic bombings. It was unlikely the game would return to the serious site.feedback

Joel Vieira

I can't play! I am not allowed to know how it really feels to see the little animals on my cell phone. Because we don't have it in Brazil, yet. But we are having the Olympics.feedback

J.C. Smith - The Pokémon Company

We don't need to directly tie anything to 'Go' for it to benefit our fans or the brand as a whole. In the end, the characters are the same. Pikachu in our animated series or Pikachu in our upcoming Legendary film or Pikachu in 'Go' are all the same.feedback

Dan Levy - Facebook

We think business owners are going to be smart and do whatever they can to drive business to their store. There was a restaurant in Philadelphia that we're familiar with called The Dining Car and they've actually mentioned that they've created a new Pokemon drink related to them being a Pokestop, and they're telling us that it's helping drive more traffic into their restaurant.feedback

Seth Fischer - Oasis Management

This is great for Nintendo. They have an enormous amount of patents, about 4,000 patents; we think they can make an additional 300 - 800 million dollars a year of monetization of their mobile game [patents], as well as, multiplayer patents.feedback

Peter Boardman

Nintendo is moving from a hardware supplier with games to just a game company, with some hardware. You have seen hardware products like Wii U, 3DS and [other] handheld products falling off a cliff.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We are high on AR for the long run, we think there's great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity. The number one thing is to make sure our products work well with other developers' kind of products like Pokémon, that's why you see so many iPhones in the wild chasing Pokémon.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

AI makes it more and more important, as the phone becomes your assistant. In terms of AR [augmented reality] and the Pokemon phenomenon, it's incredible what has happened there.feedback

Masayuki Otani

I believe Nintendo can leverage the success of Pokemon GO, bringing the game to its consoles or introducing other characters to similar games. This is just the beginning for Nintendo.feedback

Lynnette Bruno - Trulia

It's important to understand what the neighborhood is like, in addition to the house.feedback

Piers Harding-Rolls

It has a knock-on effect on their traditional businesses the handheld devices and brands associated with that. There has been an uptick in sales in Pokemon games, 3DS handheld (console) and there are new Pokemon games later this year.feedback

Darren Sinden

Of course the hard part of all of these things is monetising them, but I believe Nintendo has set a precedent and I hope they will be able to capitalise on that going forward.feedback

Darren Sinden

What I think they have done with Pokemon GO here is establish a precedent, that a console company can enter the world of online gaming. More importantly a game that is augmented reality. So I think they have proved the business case, they have got some other great characters that may be able to make the jump from the console world into the online and hand-held gaming world.feedback

David Gibson - Macquarie Capital Securities

The market has overreacted to the Nintendo statement. I believe that Pokemon GO will be material in the company's earnings given the current trends for the game.feedback

Lisa Gregorian - Warner Bros.

Augmented reality is such a fun application. We decided we'd create these bags that come to life.feedback

Kit Ellis - Nintendo

This year in addition to 'Pokemon Go,' which has of course been a massive phenomenon, we also have new games for Nintendo 3DS – 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon' coming out later this year. It really continues that style of game play that so many people grew up with.feedback

Emma Roberts

I think it's become even more relevant since we shot it, in the year and a half since we made the movie because while we were filming Periscope came out … and now Pokemon Go. People are becoming more and more obsessed with online games, app games and interacting with reality and fantasy.feedback

Junichi Masuda

From today you can go out and find Pokemon to your heart's content. We hope the game enables users to see the world in a new, fulfilling way. Obey the rules and have fun.feedback

Oliver Stone

Without Lindsay in his life, he doesn't have any friends. He's not close to sister, mother, father, he lives in a computer world, and that's his link to the rest of us.feedback

Junichi Masuda

From today you can go out and find Pokémon to your heart's content. We hope the game enables users to see the world in a new, fulfilling way. Obey the rules and have fun.feedback

Ridzki Kramadibrata

People are crazy about it now. I was there (the National Monument) myself and managed to catch some Pokemons.feedback

Laura Martin - Needham

We believe Apple keeps 30 per cent of Pokemon Go's revenue spent on iOS devices, suggesting upside to earnings.feedback

Souta Horime

There are people who have achieved a high score abroad, so I hope it gets released in Japan soon.feedback

Fabio Backhaus

And then you just stand still in the middle of the road. It really is dangerous, I have to admit. Well, you walk around looking at you phone all the time, and you only see Pokemons appearing on the map and you try to catch them.feedback

Dimitrios Tsivrikos

With augmented reality you are actually coming face to face with other players, so you almost might need to develop a new character a new personality as to how they might be appearing. So perhaps this new perspective can actually become a threat for some individuals who have had a personality that was developed socially within social media.feedback

Deniz Pezold

Well, you do walk around looking at your smart phone all the time. You really have to be careful crossing the streets. I caught myself once or twice almost walking into a road.feedback

Laura Martin - Needham

Apple has higher profit margins than the Walt Disney Company and has higher returns on capital than Facebook and, therefore, the notion that it could be valued as a hardware company just because it makes phones, we think is flawed. Those margins are only achievable because it does have these ecosystem benefits like 'Pokemon Go' to route its ecosystem to a much higher margin.feedback

Laura Martin - Needham

I think the point is that while Nintendo has gone up 20 billion and they do have IP risks, Apple does not. It is hedged because the next genius that makes a hit game, Apple shares on that one too. So while this one may be transitory, Apple has an option on all future hit games over the iOS platform.feedback

Michael Tatelman - RadioShack

There is something great about 'go in and chase this monster into your store'. The question is will it stay compelling.feedback

Laura Martin - Needham

We believe Pokémon Go underscores two under-appreciated investment qualities of AAPL: 1) AAPL is THE global distribution platform for mobile content winners (not just Pokémon Go), with the wealthiest consumers; and 2) We believe AAPL keeps 30 percent of Pokémon GO's revenue spent on iOS devices, suggesting upside to earnings.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

The technical challenge for us is having enough server capacity on the back end to handle that number of users.feedback

Takashi Oba - Okasan Securities

I've never seen the trend of such a big company's shares changing so quickly in such a short period of time.feedback

Serkan Toto

Over the last decade they never compromised on the software side. That's why they'll blow everybody out of the water once they start to take iOS and Android more seriously than they do now. The successes of Pokemon Go will open the eyes of executives in Kyoto. This is unprecedented.feedback

Paul Raines

We are very much in the game, and are taking advantage of it now.feedback

Han Joon Kim - Deutsche Bank

The market is now valuing Nintendo at US$27bn in market capitalization (ex-cash & treasury shares at BV), on a par with global leaders such as EA and ATVI that respectively have 5% global video game market share vs. Nintendo's current 2%.feedback

Seth Fischer - Oasis Management

I hope they will now understand the power of smartphones. And as a result, I hope this means there is a whole change in strategy.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

It's been wonderful to be able to combine our philosophy for these kinds of games with the powerful affinity that people have for Pokemon.feedback

Serkan Toto

Over the last decade they never compromised on the software side. That's why they'll blow everybody out of the water once they start take iOS and Android more seriously than they do now. The successes of Pokémon Go will open the eyes of executives in Kyoto. This is unprecedented.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

It's been wonderful to be able to combine our philosophy for these kinds of games with the powerful affinity that people have for Pokémon.feedback

Christophe Jammet

With Pokemon GO, you are seeing it as bypassing a lot of digital (marketing) channels that the brick and mortar shops have been relying on for the past few years. There hasn't been a geolocation social platform that can lure so many people all at once.feedback

Suleiman al-Fahd

The danger in dealing with this game is that it involves the user photographing areas nearby with ... smart phones which transfer the pictures of the sites to third parties. The interior ministry has informed security men to show zero tolerance to anyone approaching such prohibited sites, deliberately or not.feedback

Toshiyuki Kanayama - Monex Securities

When you look at the way it's becoming a social phenomenon in the U.S., the rally is understandable even though it's not clear yet how much it will boost profits. People still remember the time when the Wii and the DS became a hit and boosted Nintendo's shares.feedback

Gan Tian

I really looked forward to playing the Pokemon artificial reality game since they first announced it. I really liked Pokemon as a kid.feedback

Jen Barrett - Acorns

The app may be free, but going over your data plan could cost you bigtime.feedback

Jen Barrett - Acorns

If you are playing Po-Go instead of going to see a movie or paying for some other type of entertainment, it may be an even swap. But keep track of what you're spending in real money on PokeCoins. It can add up quickly.feedback

Oliver Chen - Cowen Group

In our view, the new free-to-play [augmented reality] gaming app has broad implications for retail as it addresses declining mall traffic, plus emerging trends toward social experience and health [and] wellness.feedback

Deborah Bruzzo

With the millennials and open office space, I wouldn't be surprised if we see advertising office space as a Pokemon gym now.feedback

Jay Glazer

I think that sellers might be opposed to advertising 'Pokemon Go' in their listings ultimately because – let's admit – it is a little bit childish and not necessarily highbrow, and if you're going for a certain look or aesthetic, a theme such as sophistication, it's ultimately not going to fit in with that.feedback

Svenja Gudell - Zillow

I think right now it has more than a novel feeling to it. I don't think people are expecting it to move the needle on any point.feedback

Bartosz Bartyzel

The former Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau is not only a museum today, it is above all a place of remembrance, a place where people come not only to find out about history, but they come for moments of meditation, reflection, often for prayer. It is inconceivable that we should treat this place as a place for games or to have fun.feedback

Michael Petit - Check Point Software Technologies

The vulnerability from 'Pokemon Go' is due to the fact that Nintendo didn't have a global release of the game.feedback

Hillary Clinton

Cause we're gonna have a lot of jobs. Jobs from building infrastructure to coding, creating new apps. I don't know who created Pokémon Go, but I'm trying to figure out we get them to Pokémon Go to the polls.feedback

Jeremiah Rosen

People born in the 1980s and 90s, they grew up with this. It's approachable and reassuring and that's whyit's gone from zero to millions of users in just a few days. I see McDonald's, Home Depot (NYSE:HD), national brands playing into the culture.feedback

Joost van Dreunen - SuperData Research

Let's see how popular it is when it starts raining and fall comes around. Will people still be walking around in the snow chasing Pokemon? ... Just like every other mobile game, it will have to face the retention figures after 7, 30 and 90 days. Chances are we are looking at the mobile games' equivalent of a summer hit song rather than a revolution in the mobile game monarchy.feedback

Lynn Menges

I didn't know what was going on. The last time I heard about Pokemon was back in the '90s.feedback

Jim McLean

I'm not sure how he got back there, but it was clear what he was doing. He was playing a Pokemon game with his phone up in the air.feedback

Jim McLean

Be careful where you chase these Pokemon – or whatever it is you chase – because we have seen issues in other places with people going onto private property where a property owner didn't want them on there.feedback

William De Vijlder - BNP Paribas

I think people may see helicopter money as a kind of ultimate medical solution. If all else fails, you go for helicopter money.feedback

Al Franken

I am concerned about the extent to which Niantic may be unnecessarily collecting, using, and sharing a wide range of users' personal information without their appropriate consent. As the augmented reality market evolves, I ask that you provide greater clarity on how Niantic is addressing issues of user privacy and security, particularly that of its younger players.feedback

Derek Fridman

It created great impromptu conversations where people were coming in and just hanging out.feedback

Margo Donis

I've got a lot of my friends hooked up that haven't played Pokemon before, I've got them hooked up on it now.feedback

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

I think it's fantastic to see these augmented reality applications getting built, because the best thing that can happen when you're creating a new category is for applications that are these killer apps, whether it be game or in the industrial scenario, to get invested in.feedback

Jim Cramer

No, I'm not saying that when oil rallies it will no longer help the bulls, because it will. I'm not saying that the super-freaking strong dollar can't go any higher; if the Fed raises rates, it will.feedback

Jim Cramer

If I were General Mills, I would be tempted to one-up Danone for WhiteWave, if only to get the French company to pay more for the darned thing because they're vicious competitors.feedback

Morgan Jackson

I have no idea if it will work, but for anyone willing to help #PokemonGO players engage with #NatHist, I'll be using # PokeBlitz. Join in!feedback

Jeffrey Immelt

I'm not a great gamer, so I can't really say how much that's worth – but the industrial applications of this are going to be billions of dollars of productivity.feedback

Mick Hickey

I think it creates a lot of potential excitement for NX. It's crazy the amount of attention this game has gotten. And attention creates awareness. It gets people thinking about Nintendo and there are ancillary benefits for people thinking about the company's IP. It's a positive because it creates curiosity. And Nintendo has had success in leveraging handheld consoles – like the DS – and creating interest in its consoles historically.feedback

Yoshihiro Okumura

Now if we were talking about its next generation console becoming the core platform for gamers, then that would be something to get excited about -- but at the moment, this alone is not enough.feedback

Mike Schultz

I just wanted to be able to stop quickly if there were any Pokemons nearby to catch. I don't think the company is really at fault.feedback

Lindsay Plunkett

It doesn't count as walking if you're going more than 20 miles per hour, so that's good, I guess.feedback

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