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Donald J. Trump
I think there is blame on both sides. What about the 'alt-left' that came charging at, as you say, the 'alt-right,' do they have any semblance of guilt? What about the fact they came charging with clubs in hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem? I think they do.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
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Michael Strobaek - Credit Suisse Group

Populism may be a force, but it's unlikely to be a solution to the problems in Europe, and therefore it's not really something to be played at. It's very usual for a politician so long in the seat to see a little bit of loss on votes. But for Europe, Mrs. Merkel is a source of stability, she's a force of integration.feedback

Fred Roeder

Stigmatising different tastes and consistency of food products to an east-west conflict is mere populism. There are also massive differences in taste, consistency, and colour among fairly homogenous groups of countries. This is driven by consumer preferences and choice.feedback

Matthias Quent

The AfD is a great challenge to democracy particularly Germany, given the German history. We see that the AfD has unleashed not only a protest, an anti-elite-populism, but also a populist racist ideology, which in part makes a positive reference to National Socialism. It has also achieved this success at a time when Germany is, objectively speaking, doing well.feedback

Daisuke Karakama - Mizuho Bank

The market reacted by selling the euro on the possibility of Merkel running into difficulties in forging a coalition. The euro, however, was already losing support from the European Central Bank's monetary policy theme and appeared to be on its way lower. The election outcome in Germany showed the country was no longer a special presence in Europe amid growing support for populism and the far right.feedback

Robert Vehrkamp

If we hadn't had this refugee crisis in Germany, then we wouldn't be talking at all in Germany about populism and the AfD at this moment.feedback

Joe Mulhall

I understand their direct impulse to oppose far-right fascism. But we need to do this in the most productive way. In the UK, we had an example where we worked hard to cancel a big far-right event in East London, but then someone from Antifa showed up and hit someone with a hammer, and then all media coverage was about the violent left.feedback

Joe Mulhall

US far-right activists often come from a more traditional, religious background than in the UK. Here I think we can bring in a lot of our expertise, since their entry point to this movement has more in common with the far right in Europe. Now they talk about their common struggles in a new way. They can sit in America and immediately hear about something that happened in Sweden or Hungary. Thousands of alt-right activists across the world are now helping each other across borders.feedback

Joe Mulhall

When [the BNP] organized rallies, instead of doing counter-demonstrations, we would host events or concerts in the community, away from the rally, so there wouldn't be any violence in the streets. This is something I think we can bring to America.feedback

Joe Mulhall

The alt-right is using European far-right ideas about building support through institutions and fundamentally changing culture. Their ideas are rooted in European thinkers, rather than the KKK or traditional extremist groups in America.feedback

Joe Mulhall

Part of the challenge is just finding the right language. In the UK, we have primarily worked with people who are already familiar with local communities. So we're not going to come to America and say you've got it all wrong. We try to find people already rooted in the community and ask them how we can support them.feedback

Joe Mulhall

People are the most susceptible to the far right when they feel hopeless and powerless. When the far right tells them that no one else listens to you, we want them to be able to say that actually, we do. We do long-time community work, where we have people based in these communities over long periods of time, working with local organizations and trade unions, and fixing local things like broken street lights or broken elevators.feedback

Joe Mulhall

There have been numerous attempts to forge a global far-right movement since World War II, but they've all been unsuccessful, because they've been rooted in large part in a message of nationalism. But with increased globalization and the development of the internet, the far right has gone more international. They have emerged as a force, communicating primarily online.feedback

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

Remember that in the first half of 2017, markets were constantly talking about the populist threat in the euro zone. After the Dutch and French elections, this threat seems to have disappeared. No one seems to have an eye on the AfD. If the AfD manages to come in as third largest party, it could not only be the official opposition leader (in case of another CDU/SPD coalition) with special rights in the German parliament but would also show even Germany is not immune against right-wing populism.feedback

Michael Mark Cohen

What America is not understanding about what's happening at Berkeley is this is a community and a campus that is under a comprehensive, well-funded full assault by the alt-right. These people will not leave us alone. This has to stop unless the rest of the country is willing to let Berkeley become a battlefield.feedback

Bill Clinton

We are also quite well aware that a lot of people felt left out, left behind, alienated politically, socially and economically and are very much in need of a hand up to be part of the future that we now take for granted.feedback

Oliver Hermes

We had the coal crisis. We had the steel crisis. That's the big advantage of this area. It knows how to handle change, and the people here are very flexible.feedback

Sabine Birkenfeld

If no one lands on the street, then there won't be any fodder for the right-wing parties.feedback

Bill Clinton

All of this everywhere is about whether we should share power or grab it, and whether social inclusion is better than domination.feedback

John Ganz

Freedom-lovers may say they share nothing with the racially-motivated right. But history suggests otherwise.feedback

Patrik Hermansson

You want to punch them in the face. You want to scream and do whatever – leave. But you can't do any of those things. You have to sit and smile.feedback

Jason Reza Jorjani

Our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy group for the Trump administration.feedback

Jared Bernstein

The populism upon the land is a function of long-term economic trends that have hurt the economic prospects of middle-wage men, and more recently, women as well.feedback

Luis Gutierrez - Brother

Where is it going to lead once the alt-right starts raising their voices, which they've already begun and will only become louder?feedback

Richard Spencer

It's a residue of an older conservatism. It really doesn't have much of anything to do with the alt right.feedback

Eva Bereczova

We had friends visiting and we took them to the city center in the evening and even we were surprised. We were the only local residents there.feedback

Eva Bereczova

They come to City Council meetings in their green shirts sometimes. Then they wanted to hold a meeting at our local cultural center, but we put a stop to that.feedback

Monika Koborova

There is not a problem with people from Israel and people from Arabic countries being side by side. They come to get healthy, not to make trouble.feedback

Mohamad Safwan Hasna

At first, even I thought it was a real photo. I thought, why is this woman praying in a parking lot? But then I realized, of course, it is a fake.feedback

Mohamad Safwan Hasna

The only thing they want is to win the election. So people are getting bolder. They got a signal from the politicians that it's O.K.feedback

Eva Bereczova

I went to the swimming pool with a friend and we met some other people. Only after awhile, when politics came up, did I realize I was the only one who had not voted for Kotleba. They insulted me for being naïve.feedback

Eva Bereczova

People are feeling more and more emboldened. They are unashamed to say things in public they would have been ashamed to say before. And it is probably going to get worse.feedback

Steve Bannon

Sherrod Brown gets this. Tim Ryan gets this … the guys around [Chuck] Schumer get this. They understand this. They're trying to get the identity politics out. They're trying to run. The only question before us: Is it going to be a left-wing populism or a right-wing populism? And that is the question that will be answered in 2020.feedback

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

How can we mobilize billions to rescue banks, but the plaster in our children's schools is crumbling from the wall? This doesn't happen in a fair country!feedback

Stefan Reinecke

Only named the problem, he didn't propose any credible solutions … When he eventually did, they were really quite timid, the kind even Merkel could go along with.feedback

Chantal Mouffe

Europe's recent success of populist forms of politics is the expression of a crisis of liberal-democratic politics.feedback

Stefan Reinecke

Schulz was on to something with the overworked, underpaid individual and stressed-out working parents. Many Germans don't want more Merkel. Schulz … was a kind of projection screen for their wishes.feedback

Alan Posener - Die Welt

There was this feeling that Schröder betrayed the working class and that Schulz [would] roll back Schröder's reforms and make the SPD great again.feedback

Klaus Linsenmeier - Heinrich Böll Foundation

But the party miscalculated. It gradually became obvious that Schulz wasn't really any different than the others.feedback

Ralph Northam

We told them in no uncertain terms to, Go back to where you came from and don't come back.feedback

Ed Gillespie

If you believe that one race is superior to another or that one religion is superior to another … that is dehumanizing, and that is the presence of evil in our world and we have to reject it.feedback

Ed Gillespie

They called themselves the 'alt-right'. They are not on any legitimate political spectrum of left to right. If on a scale of one to 10 – one is the most liberal, and 10 is most conservative – these people are a yellow. They're not on the same continuum.feedback

Ralph Northam

I regret that the president of this great country of ours did not call it out for what it was. I'm proud that Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring and I did. I have said all along that these statues belong in museums.feedback

Lloyd Blankfein

I'd be willing to give that a try. He would do a different job but a great job. The worst thing for your and my happiness is political instability. Populism by itself is not a bad thing, to appeal to people is not a bad thing, that's what democracy is supposed to accomplish. I think there is a line in which populism can cross over into demagoguery.feedback

Angela Nagle

The 4chan thing is that they're not conservatives. They very much reject conservatism. They came to far-right ideas not through traditionalist politics, but through the fun of transgressing liberal sensibilities. And you could say it's kind of a punk sensibility. That was very much where it came from. It was very much about trolling, about being irreverent, about not respecting any boundaries or taboos, breaking every taboo as much and often as you can. That was very much the sensibility, rather than anything that was coming from a traditional right that we recognize.feedback

Angela Nagle

The vast majority of the people who seem to be making up the bulk of this online are not willing to go that far, not even close. And so it's made it all very real. All the different groups around the hard core of the alt-right kind of peeled off. They've all denounced the alt right, they don't want to be associated with them.feedback

Charles Williams II

This is the straw that broke the camel's back. When you hire Kid Rock, who is known to be dog-whistling and cat-calling to white supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community, alt-right, whatever you want to call them, and you take our tax dollars to do that? That's wrong.feedback

Andrew Anglin

We need to be extremely conscious of what we look like, and how we present ourselves.feedback

Natalie Nougayrède

The new French leader was seen as being key to the EU, but instead he has been scapegoating it in order to deflect criticism away from himself. When he came to office, Emmanuel Macron was claimed as the poster child for European political liberalism, saving the day against the forces of extremism and populism. “Europe’s saviour?” was a common headline.feedback

Colin Jost

He's listing off hate groups like they're Pokemon cards. I got Squirtle. I got the Charmander. Oooh, the KKK. Look, it's evolving into the Alt-Right.feedback

Steve Duprey - Republican National Committee

I think the vote on the resolution will be unanimous and I support it. I do think it is useful to remind America that our party condemns all of these hate groups, and that while the President may have not articulated it as well as he could have initially, he too has been forceful in condemning racists, supremacists, the alt right, Nazis, and other hate groups.feedback

Damon Linker

What would a more populist Democratic Party look like? It would embed its bold proposals for cradle-to-grave universal health care, free college tuition at public universities, and ambitious infrastructure projects in a galvanizing story of American citizenship and patriotism, sacrifice, and civic duty.feedback

Joe Dinkin - World Food Programme

The idea that economic populism and social inclusion are at odds is wrong-headed and ridiculous. You are meaningfully improving people's lives when you're raising the minimum wage, and you're also meaningfully improving people's lives when you're shifting resources from prisons into schools.feedback

Donald J. Trump

All week they're talking about the massive crowds that are going to be outside. Where are they? Where are they? Well, it's hot out.feedback

Terry McAuliffe

It's not just about monuments. This was a big issue that happened to this country on Saturday. These people who came to Charlottesville, the neo-Nazis, the alt-right. They weren't here about a statue. . . . There was hatred, there was bigotry that has been unleashed in this country, and we need to understand how it's happened and, most importantly, what we can do to move forward as a nation.feedback

Molly Sauter

At this point, it is now really difficult to be off on your own online.feedback

Tony Suarez

The message rebuking hate and white supremacy and the alt-right–I think the advisory board was very clear on where they stand. I don't think there was any confusion in that message.feedback

Annemarie Bridy

It's not a situation where someone can just set up shop overnight and start selling domain names.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

Last week, the creaky facade of Trumpism came tumbling down as Americans saw for themselves that, at bottom, President Trump’s populism isn’t about economic theory, trade policy or foreign policy. It is an ugly effort to stoke white grievance, convincing working-class whites that their problems are attributable to non-whites who are out to take their jobs and destroy their culture. With Stephen K. Bannon’s departure, even the pretense of economic populism is likely to shrivel, leaving a weird mix of right-wing supply-side economics and nativism - combining, for example, big tax cuts for the rich with virulent opposition to immigration. For policy wonks, this is distressing and destructive; for average Americans, the stench of Charlottesville tends to obscure the policy incoherence.feedback

Ray Dalio

It seems to me that we are now economically and socially divided and burdened in ways that are broadly analogous to 1937. During such times conflicts [both internal and external] increase, populism emerges, democracies are threatened and wars can occur. I can't say how bad this time around will get. I'm watching how conflict is being handled as a guide, and I'm not encouraged.feedback

Donald J. Trump

I've known Steve Bannon a long time. If I thought he was a racist or alt-right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I wouldn't even think about hiring him. The American carnage stops right here, right now. From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only America first. America first.feedback

Haskel Lookstein

We condemn the monstrous act of murder that took the life of Heather Heyer. We are appalled by this resurgence of bigotry and antisemitism and the renewed vigor of the neo-Nazis, KKK and alt-right. While we always avoid politics, we are deeply troubled by the moral equivalency and equivocation President Trump has offered in his response to this act of violence.feedback

John McCain

The recent attacks upon [McMaster] from the so-called 'alt-right' are disgraceful. Since this fringe movement cannot attract the support of decent Americans, it resorts to impugning the character of a good man and outstanding soldier who has served honorably in uniform and sacrificed more for our country than any of his detractors ever have. Such smear tactics should not be tolerated and deserve an emphatic response.feedback

Gary Cohn

You're changing history, you're changing culture.feedback

Gary Cohn

George Washington was a slave-owner. Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?feedback

Donald J. Trump

Okay, what about the alt-left, what about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt-right? As someone who pays attention to what goes on with the far left in the U.S., [anti-facism has become] a focal point for politics that was not on the radar back when Occupy Wall Street was going on. There were groups, but it wasn't a focus on the left.feedback

Mark Pitcavage

Modern white supremacist ideology, whether you're talking about the alt-right, or neo-Nazis, or racist skinheads, or the Ku Klux Klan, is centered around the concept that the white race is threatened with imminent extinction. That the survival of the white race itself is in doubt because it is being doomed by a rising tide of color, controlled and manipulated by the Jews. And so modern white supremacist ideology has become a very desperate, cornered-rat sort of ideology, where they basically rationalize that virtually anything is justified if it will somehow quote-unquote save the white race.feedback

Mike Signer

With the terrorist attack, these monuments were transformed into lightning rods. We can, and we must, respond by denying the Nazis and the KKK and the so-called alt-right the twisted totem they seek. And so for the sake of public safety, public reassurance, to magnify Heather's voice, and to repudiate the pure evil that visited us here, I am calling today for the removal of these Confederate statues from downtown Charlottesville. We shouldn't honor the dishonorable Confederate cause, but we shouldn't try to erase it, either.feedback

Yoni Appelbaum

At the moment it's in a state of chaotic disorganization, but that's for the moment. They also have the implicit backing of the president of the United States. That is not a small thing. The press conference that the president gave on Tuesday is going to really resonate. We went and talked to alt-right leaders after that, they felt they said energized, empowered, proud by what the president had said. And lots and lots of young men … are going to hear those remarks and feel as if this is something that is energizing and exciting.feedback

Nino Brown

It went from a few hundred to well over a thousand to now roughly three thousand pretty quickly. There are about 10,000 interested in our event, according to Facebook. It's a distraction because we don't mirror the alt-right. The alt-right is trying to hide its politics, and we have nothing to hide.feedback

Claudia Davenport

As for female empowerment, there's nothing that has made me feel more empowered in my life than supporting and being supported by a strong man. I think that men and women are better off when we stop fighting nature and allow our distinct identities to shine through.feedback

George Hawley

Women make the movement seem more normal.feedback

Kelly Baker

There are a lot of white women who buy into this movement, they're just doing it in private. They're not vocal, but they are supporters of the men in their lives who are.feedback

Paul Joseph Watson

They really hate it when we use the term 'alt-left'. It would be a shame if this got 10,000 retweets.feedback

Justin Gest

Without his chief strategist the president will still have the ‘alt-right’ credentials they built together to mobilize and transform the Republican base. Intrigue swirls around the future of Steve Bannon at the White House in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s management of last weekend’s attacks by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.feedback

Tina Fey

It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville. I'm feeling sick because I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and I wasn't confused by it. Nazis are always bad. I don't care what you say. There's nine more alt-right rallies planned around the country this Saturday, including one in New York City in Washington Square Park. Part of me hopes these neo-Nazis do try it and get the ham salad kicked out of them by a bunch of drag queens, because you know what a drag queen still is? A six-foot-four black man.feedback

Ryan Lenz

The alt-light is the alt-right without the racist overtones but it is hard to differentiate it sometimes because you're looking at people who sometimes dance between both camps.feedback

Dana Fisher

Violence begets violence. One of these groups is coming out with this violent message of hate, and the other has responded with a violent, reactive message. These men and women are basically deciding that there's a violent alt-right that's threatening people, and that they should arm and defend the left.feedback

Anthony D. Romero - American Civil Liberties Union

This is not a new juncture for the A.C.L.U. We have a longstanding history of defending the rights of groups we detest and with whom we fundamentally disagree. It would be a very sorry day for our democracy if government officials insisted on denying any and all protests under the guise that violence might erupt.feedback

Waldo Jaquith

I want to be clear, the violence of this weekend was not caused by our defense of the First Amendment.feedback

David A. Goldberger

The death may make people have second thoughts – I surely hope not. This is a real crossroads for the A.C.L.U., and I think it's going to choose the right road.feedback

Mark Pitcavage

(Alt-left) did not arise organically, and it refers to no actual group or movement or network. It's just a made-up epithet, similar to certain people calling any news they don't like 'fake news.feedback

Patrick Forscher

In the comparison sample, people basically never did those things, or reported [doing them]. We found evidence that there's a much more extreme group of [alt-right] people who are reporting harassing and being offensive intentionally. But there's a group of people who doesn't do that that much, or not that much at all. When we're thinking about current events, our thinking should be grounded in evidence rather than intuition. This provides some evidence. It's definitely not the be-all and end-all.feedback

Patrick Forscher

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this in the first place was to find some leverage points for change.feedback

Patrick Forscher

If you look at the mean dehumanization scores, they're about at the level to the degree people in the US dehumanize ISIS. The reason why I find that so astonishing is that we're engaged in violent conflict with ISIS.feedback

William A. Bell Sr.

What Charlottesville represented was an open defiance by hate groups of the tradition of this country to bring social and racial harmony. The condonement by the president of the actions of the alt-right, the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis gave a greater urgency to take some kind of action.feedback

Donald J. Trump

What about the alt-left, that came charging at the – as you say – the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt? George Washington was a slave owner. Are we now going to take down statues of George Washington?feedback

Jared Taylor

It is gratifying that there is at least one political figure who recognizes that not everyone who wants to keep the Lee statue is a neo-Nazi or white supremacist, and that many of the counterdemonstrators were violent thugs. We live in astonishing times in which to state the obvious is revolutionary.feedback

Jack Posobiec

The madman is back. He is out of DC and getting back into offense mode, where he's at his best by pushing back against fake news and calling out extremists who commit violence on both sides. Antifa should have been included in the initial statement.feedback

Jared Taylor

Thank you President Trump for condemning the alt-left antifa thugs who attacked us in Charlottesville.feedback

Richard Spencer

He was calling it like he saw it. He endorsed nothing. He was being honest.feedback

Mike Cernovich

It energized the base. Losers like Richard Spencer and David Duke will try to dick ride it, but Trump specifically disavowed neo-Nazis and white nationalists.feedback

Eros Resmini

We unequivocally condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism or any other group, term, ideology that is based on these beliefs. They are not welcome on Discord. When hatred like this violates our community standards we act swiftly to take servers down and ban individual users. The public server linked to AltRight.com that violated those terms was shut down along with several other public groups and accounts fostering bad actors on Discord. We will continue to be aggressive to ensure that Discord exists for the community we set out to support – gamers.feedback

Nathan Damigo

I don't know exactly what he meant by that statement. People in his position, they're not stupid, they make these very ambiguous statements with words that are very loaded and hard to interpret.feedback

Richard Spencer

There's no way in hell I'm not going back to Charlottesville.feedback

Richard Spencer

They at least are connected with identitarian ideas in a way that the rest of them are not.feedback

John Fabian Witt - Yale

The amazing thing is that the president is doing more to endanger historical monuments than most of the protesters. The alt-right is producing a world where there is more pressure to remove monuments, rather than less.feedback

Eros Resmini

Discord was built to bring people together through a love of gaming and our mission is to connect positive communities who share this appreciation. We unequivocally condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism or any other group, term [or] ideology that is based on these beliefs. They are not welcome on Discord.feedback

James Thompson

Since the Le Pen defeat, concerns about that have collapsed. Of the eight top risk categories…populism is basically at the bottom.feedback

Peter Cytanovic

I hope people acknowledge that being a party to the alternative right does not make me an evil Nazi, and that being pro-white right now is dangerous, and being pro-white doesn't mean I'm anti-anyone else.feedback

Mike Cernovich

The alt-right will now be made up of losers with nothing to lose. This sets ceiling on numbers while also attracting loons and terrorists.feedback

Richard Spencer

I am not going to condemn this young man at this point. My cause has nothing to do with this car.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

The biggest problem is a failure or refusal to enforce the terms of service that they have. The question for the Googles of the world is: Do you really want to be party to what is going on with these websites?feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

Discord has had a monopoly on communication between members of the far right hate groups for the past six months if not more. Almost every leader in this movement has an account there. So much of the coordination and collaboration of Charlottesville took place on Discord.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

They make a big thing of saying that they want to be where the 'normies' are. Why would you want to preach to people who already agree with you?feedback

Suzanne Moore

Plenty of women have contributed to the leftist cause, but women’s rights always come second to the male-centric populism of their cohorts. Leftwing men: can’t live with them, can’t shoot them. Instead, they can be splattered with faint praise for being “well-meaning”. Jess Phillips, the Marmite MP (I love Marmite) has taken a little pop at lefty men at the Edinburgh book festival. She was asked about the behaviour of men on the left and said they are the “absolute worst” sexists. They claim that they want to see women treated the same as men but they are guilty of “benign neglect” and don’t really fight for gender equality. They were worse, she said, than the “out and out sexists of the right”.feedback

Russell Moore

The so-called Alt-Right white supremacist ideologies are anti-Christ and satanic to the core. We should say so.feedback

Mike Cernovich

That's all the alt-right stands for, is white nationalism. They are now indistinguishable. Worse than that, they are now associated with domestic terrorism.feedback

Mike Cernovich

These alt-right people are so scared of people calling them a cuck they walked with them. Those dumb motherfuckers, are you kidding me? They're gonna let themselves be in pictures with the Nazi flag?feedback

George Hawley

I think to an extent the alt-right loves the Antifa because they see them as being the perfect foil.feedback

Andrew Dodson

This is a phenomenal victory. Our ideas are so powerful, that the cops have to break the law and use violence against us to shut us down. This shows just what an unbelievable threat we are to the system.feedback

Cory Gardner

We must call evil by its name. Praying for those hurt & killed today in Charlottesville. This is nothing short of domestic terrorism & should be named as such. Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.feedback

Chuck Schumer

Of course we condemn ALL that hate stands for. Until @POTUS specifically condemns alt-right action in Charlottesville, he hasnt done his job. Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence. #Charlottesville.feedback

Matthew Owens

We cannot dismiss the alt right as a joke. We cannot ignore them away as their numbers grow and their influence expands. We cannot let their worldview normalize. We must be clear, united, and vocal in our opposition.feedback

Robert Vehrkamp

I would go as far as to say, that if we hadn't had this refugee crisis in Germany, then we wouldn't be talking at all in Germany about populism and the AFD at this moment.feedback

Robert Vehrkamp

If the refugee crisis were to break out again… then that of course would be grist for the AfD's mill. But that's the only topic that populism can grown on here.feedback

Mike Cernovich

That's all the alt-right stands for, is white nationalism. They are now indistinguishable.feedback

James Damore

We decided to have Mike Cernovich tweet my image because he has 300K followers.feedback

Lawrence Rosenthal

The propaganda value of it is so overwhelming for the alt-right. The pattern has been what's been going on in universities. It so easily gives itself to [the idea] that they are opposing free speech.feedback

Samantha Bee

Things may seem scary right now, but as long there's one grownup in a White House full of children, reality stars and Huckabees, we should be fine. Steve has been out of public view lately. If I could suck my own cock I'd probably never leave my bedroom either. Since I can't, I spend my time reading. Devil's Bargain traces Steve Bannon's rise from working-class kid to powerful hand of the king with tiny hands. This is the true story of how Steve Bannon brought the alt-right into our world like a reverse Buffy standing at the hellmouth saying, Come on in, demons!feedback

Douglas Brinkley

There's a huge strain in the military services that stays out of politics. They don't want an 'R' or a 'D' attached to their name. They're all about duty, honor, country. And I see Kelly as part of this tradition. . . . You can't tar and feather General Kelly as being alternative right or a conservative Trumpian.feedback

Mike Cernovich

We're just doing what the left has done for a while. You use activist tactics to apply pressure to corporations, and the corporations respond.feedback

Jack Conte - Patreon

The decision to remove a creator page has nothing to do with politics and ideology.feedback

Obert Gutu

This is populism that defies logic. It is meant to stroke Mugabe's ego because we know this government is broke.feedback

Owen Jones

James Damore’s diatribe against women in tech offers an insight into the male backlash that was an important factor in the rise of Trump. Google has just reportedly fired one of its workers for circulating a memo discussing the biological inferiority of his female colleagues, and how this made them less suitable for tech. The software engineer in question is James Damore. You’re going to hear a lot about him in the coming weeks: he’ll probably be a star guest on alt-right shows and the rightwing lecture circuit, splashed on the front covers of conservative magazines, no doubt before a lucrative book deal about his martyrdom and what it says about the Liberal Big Brother Anti-White Man Thought Police. For the online right, he’s already a hero: I’ll wager that soon thousands of angry male rightists will change their Twitter profile pictures to Damore’s face, and their Twitter names to I Am James Damore.feedback

Jeff Flake

I think more of us will say where does this lead, where are we and what happens when we get off this sugar high of populism? What can we do on trade when supply trains get sent around us? Those have long-term ramifications. This is not something that we can flirt with for four years and then quickly snap back, so I do think there needs to be more pushback. So I do think that you're seeing more people stand up and say 'we've got to respect the institutions'. I do think that will continue. I do sense that the Congress is reasserting itself a little more.feedback

Jelani Cobb - The New Yorker

The dominant theme in the history of American populism [...] is that resentful whites understand their economic status not in absolute terms but relative to the blacks whom they perceive as the true barometer of their standing.feedback

Linda Sarsour

@Jaketapper joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online. Welcome to the party.feedback

Thomas E. Mann - The Brookings Institution

It's a commendable effort to keep Democrats on the same page as they try to position themselves to take full advantage of a Democratic wave in 2018. The national campaign will be about Trump the autocrat, the kleptocrat, the phony populist, and the cravenly accommodating Republican Party. The Better Deal will be helpful in arming candidates with a positive vision and avoiding intraparty divisions in the midterm elections. Their rhetorical challenge is best dealt with via the right presidential candidate and campaign in 2020.feedback

Thomas E. Mann - The Brookings Institution

Populism is a protean concept–used by politicians of all stripes to rally the forgotten people against the nefarious elites. Left wing/right wing, liberal-democratic/authoritarian, policy oriented/purely symbolic, racially inclusive/racist. Trump's populism is in each case of the latter type. Identify the enemy, romanticize the past, promise a return to a better and fairer life.feedback

Thomas E. Mann - The Brookings Institution

The Democrats' Better Deal can't compete at a rhetorical level with Trump's Make America Great Again.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

These are the spaces where you talk to people who aren't already in your movement. Recruitment is always at the center of this. The alt-right and white nationalists are extremely conscious of the fact that they are in the minority, and they are always trying to get more members.feedback

Al Gore

I was wrong. On the other hand, two-thirds of the American people are convinced that it's an extremely serious crisis and we have to take it on. And there is a law of physics that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. And I do think there is a reaction to the Trump/Brexit/Alt-Right populist authoritarianism around the world. People who took liberal democracy more or less for granted are now awakening to a sense that it can only be defended by the people themselves.feedback

Peter Duke

There's this kind of, I think, phony idea that things are objective – when you push the button, that's the objective reality, and I just don't think that's true.feedback

Peter Duke

I got a wild hair up my ass, and I said, I want to start taking pictures of our side and making our side look heroic. There you go. Be the frog, man, be the frog.feedback

Peter Duke

My intention, was to make him look like a strong, forceful personality.feedback

Peter Duke

I said, You look like a muppet, and I want to make you look like a rock star. He said, You can do that?feedback

Peter Duke

It looks pretty nice right here. I can make you look good.feedback

Andreas Johansson Heinö

It is way to early to declare the end of populism. The data shows that both left- and right-wing populism seems to have stabilized on very high levels since 2015.feedback

Marc A. Thiessen

His Warsaw speech, criticized at home, had echoes of Reagan, Truman, Kennedy and Clinton.feedback

Cas Mudde

Recent victories for European centrists offer a chance to reflect on the phenomenon of populism – and draw some crucial lessons for the future• Cas Mudde is a US academic and writer. The electoral victories of Emmanuel Macron in France and Mark Rutte in the Netherlands have significantly changed the discourse on European politics. The international media has gone from “populism is unbeatable” to “populism is dead”. Obviously, neither is or was true. In fact, populist parties are still doing better in elections, on average, than ever before during the postwar era. Various European countries have populists in their government – including Finland, Greece, Hungary, Norway, and Slovakia – while the most powerful country in the world is at the mercy of a billionaire president who has wholeheartedly embraced the populism of some of his main advisers, notably Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.feedback

Rafael Behr

Until recently both were forces to be feared. But with the G20 about to start, the vision of rolling revolution has been exposed as pure fantasy. A nation’s standing in the world is hard to measure, and change is not always obvious from the inside. To get a sense of perspective, try holding Theresa May’s appearance at the G20 summit in Hamburg on Friday against the memory of a similar event eight years ago.feedback

Peter Wittig

There is a legacy of the past: right-wing thinking, right-wing discourse, authoritarian temptations are stigmatized by the Nazi past. That's important. They exist. ... But there's a lid on this.feedback

Peter Wittig

We have an extremely good economic run: record low unemployment, record low youth unemployment, ... pretty good social-security system, less people that feel left behind, less losers of globalization, not a dramatic inequality. So there's a strong social tissue and that has helped us. So nationalism is checked and there's no scapegoat. We have benefited from Europe. We don't have this anti-Brussels discourse.feedback

Richard Spencer

A movement needs a good purge. If these were really top-notch thinkers, scholars, human beings, I might try to reach out to them. Being that they're not, I think it's good to just cut off the fat.feedback

Mike Cernovich

They are losers who can't draw a crowd without us. They should stop being garbage people who throw Nazi salutes rather than cry when we won't hang out with them.feedback

Lacy McAuley

We are the ones who materially have our actual speech impinged upon on a regular basis. It's not a body of people who are white dudes.feedback

Mike Cernovich

The New Right is focused on issues of grave concern to Americans who are trying to find hope. We support free speech, trade agreements that benefit American workers by giving them jobs rather than cheaper iPhones, and bankruptcy reform for students who were conned into assuming an unbearable debt load. We have ideas which neither party supports, and we are eager to debate them.feedback

Connor Groce

It's not my place to say they shouldn't be doing this. They have the same right to stand up there and present their position . . . but I think if you're countering that, you're sort of countering what we stand for.feedback

Nick Clegg

[They are also] the owners and editors of the rightwing press, whose visceral loathing of the EU has shaped their respective papers' tone and coverage for decades; the Tory backbenchers, many of whom still inhabit a preposterous past in which Britannia still rules the waves and diplomacy is best conducted from the royal yacht; a handful of multi-millionaire businessmen who have, in some cases over 30 years or more, bankrolled whichever party, or politician, stands on the most aggressive EU-bashing platform.feedback

Nick Clegg

The UK stands alone as a rich economy that experienced a strong economic recovery in which the real wages of workers fell.feedback

Nick Clegg

Populism has not been defeated in mainland Europe, but it does appears to have been contained. We were told a few months ago that [Geert] Wilders would win in the Netherlands, that Le Pen would take the [French] presidency and pull France out of the euro, and that Angela Merkel's position was in doubt. None of those things have happened. Yet in Britain, a revolution overturned four decades of EU membership, and in the US a completely unsuitable candidate was elected president.feedback

Nick Clegg

A disastrous collapse, an extension to the timescale, or a significant softening of the government's negotiating stance to allow a generous transition period in which many of the features of EU membership continue to apply.feedback

Nick Clegg

Far from increasing our standing in Washington or Beijing, the decision to leave the EU is already seen as a sign of Britain's decline, pushing us to the margins in international affairs.feedback

Nick Clegg

Mainstream politicians of all stripes are failing to deliver on the bread and butter issues that matter to voters. The housing problem in particular has been festering for years, with social housing in decline, too little affordable housing, skyrocketing rents, and an over-reliance on a dysfunctional private sector that has not built enough homes, and not enough good-quality homes.feedback

Tim Gionet

I had heard … about the dangers of political correctness, but I thought this was just exaggerated. I thought there was no way people in real life could be like this.feedback

Daniel W. Drezner

What political science can tell us about the causes and effects of populism.feedback

Frank Kermode

Shakespeare treats [Brutus] with delicate sympathy, but cannot have thought his act a right one.feedback

Thabiti Anyabwile

We must be clear, We live in a time when equivocating on these matters furthers the sin of racism even to violence and death. Any 'church' that cannot denounce white supremacy without hesitancy and equivocation is a dead, Jesus denying assembly. No 2 ways about it.feedback

Anne Fischel - Red Square

I thought I'd be speaking from Red Square where graduation is traditionally held, and then as the alt-right backlash hit us, I wondered if we'd have graduation at all. No one should see this graduation as a return to normalcy, to the way things were before. For one thing, the lives of some of our community members have been threatened, and they can't be here today.feedback

Pascal Gannat

We've got to redefine populism. We have to define for ourselves. Marine Le Pen was afraid of defining herself as of the right.feedback

William McKissic

I saw people identifying themselves as Southern Baptist and members of the alt-right, so this is horrifying to me. I wanted the Southern Baptist Convention to make it very clear we have no relationship to them. We're turning the corner. I see the heart of the majority.feedback

Barry McCarty

The committee on resolutions is prepared to report out a resolution on the anti-gospel, alt-right, white-supremacy movement.feedback

Ed Stetzer

Southern Baptists need to speak to this issue. Too many Southern Baptists were on the wrong side of the fire hoses in Birmingham. They need to get on the correct side of the rising tide of racism.feedback

Eric Peters

People talk of rising populism. Every populist movement turns its ire on someone… Apple earns 90 percent of the global smartphone market profits but sells 20 percent of the phones. Populists will go after these firms, because that's where the money is.feedback

Marc Reynebeau

These ethically dubious practices have been part of the old-fashioned way of doing politics in Belgium for decades. There is a rising distrust of politicians, suspicion of corruption, and sensitivity to scandals, and so we're seeing more and more of these scandals returning lately. This hangs together with the wave of populism we're seeing in the rest of Europe. The traditional parties cannot keep ignoring these scandals.feedback

Lyn Graham-Taylor - Rabobank

Macron doing well in the first round of the French parliamentary elections bodes well for him getting a majority. The fact that 5-Star did poorly in local elections in Italy also suggests a setback for populism in Europe.feedback

Ngaire Woods

Mainstream politics is struggling to keep up with the changes in people’s lives. The world’s electorates are confounding what we thought we knew about voters and voting. Neither Brexit nor Donald Trump was on the cards. Nor, until the very last moment, was a Labour surge predicted in last week’s election. Explanations are forming. The rise of populism and a disenchantment with globalisation are blamed. But what is actually changing in politics and what do we really know?feedback

Benjamin Lauderdale

Party loyalty really was scrambled to a greater degree than usual. There were some people switching one way and other people switching another way.feedback

Dan Cantor

The only way to beat phony rightwing racialized populism is with a bold anti-corporate inclusive progressive populism.feedback

Heidi Beirich - Southern Poverty Law Center

It doesn't seem like Trump cares about hate crimes against these populations. When it comes to extremism bred from our own culture, he says nothing–or very, very little. It makes you wonder whether the alt right and the extremists who supported him during the campaign–whether he's somehow afraid of offending them. The [victims] are fellow citizens–he should care about them.feedback

Kirk Hawkins

Our research shows that time matters. Populists don't do away with democracy the first day that they enter office.feedback

Francisco Toro

Venezuela ran large budget deficits every year, even as oil prices skyrocketed between 2005 to 2014. That meant the country was piling on debt even as government revenue exploded–a senseless, pro-cyclical policy that left Venezuela up a creek without a paddle when commodity prices tanked.feedback

Kirk Hawkins

Populism has a moral dimension that is ... dualistic. Populists do actually come [into office] believing very firmly in democracy. It probably takes a while–repeated conflicts with their opponents, reinforcing their beliefs about conspiracies against them–to justify stronger and stronger moves against those institutions. … But I also think there has to be a public that is willing to see their own cherished institutions be chiseled away at and not question it. That is something that is very hard to do all at once.feedback

Olga Onuch
Inaki Sagarzazu

Maduro's patronage and populism, combined with the opposition's failure to reach out to the working classes and the poor, may prevent the creation of a broad all-Venezuelan protest coalition. That's a problem if organizers hope to force change in Maduro's government.feedback

Sebastian Edwards

The number-one rule for proper economic management in a natural resources-based country is to save during the boom years in order to be prepared to survive the lean years.feedback

Kirk Hawkins

If we had a right[-wing] populist–if this were [former Peruvian President] Alberto Fujimori or even a … Donald Trump or a Marine Le Pen, the [Venezuelan] economy wouldn't look like it does right now. Populism interacts with other features of the political environment to give you certain kinds of tendencies.feedback

Kyle Based Stickman Chapman

I believe in freedom of speech. Our speakers have a right to say what they want, and not be exposed to this shit across the street. I was gonna speak, but today it's so violent I'm gonna stay on the front lines. I am definitely willing to use violence to make sure my family is safe and my patriot family is safe. But do I want it? Not necessarily. Until antifa learns not to use violence … God, I hate them. I look over there and I just want to smash.feedback

Bill Maher

You can be mad at me for giving a platform to Milo, but Donald Trump is the apotheosis of the alt-right and the media gave him the biggest platform. Work in the fields? Senator, I'm a house nigger.feedback

Valdis Dombrovskis - European Commission

We cannot and should not wait for another crisis. Doubts remain about the full stability and safety of the system.feedback

Ted Wheeler

Please back off and give the families and give this community the space it needs to mourn and process this horrific crime of hate and bigotry and terrorism.feedback

Jane Foley - Rabobank International

We always knew Italy was going to come back into the market's sights, but I think people thought we would have a longer stay of execution. It does seem like the market will have to face worries about elections and populism again over the summer. That of course is a drag for the euro.feedback

Kyle Chapman

We took our Mohamed/Sarsour meme to Times Square and turned it into an art exhibit. The local Muslims were beside themselves hah hah!feedback

Bill Lipton

Bold progressive populism that puts working people's issues front and center–this is how we win in Trump country.feedback

Angela Nagle

Journalists should be saying, I don't want to talk about Pepe memes and hand signs. Tell me what are the limits of what you're prepared to do. We should force them to talk about what they really stand for.feedback

Milo Yiannopoulos

Are they actually bigots? No more than death metal devotees in the 1980s were actually satanists. For them, it's simply a means to fluster their grandparents.feedback

Alexander Reid Ross

Fascism is more or less a social taboo. It's unacceptable in modern society. Humour or irony is one of the ways that they can put forward their affective positions without having to fall back on any affirmative ideological positions.feedback

Angela Nagle

The thing that people have to realize is that it isn't that complicated. We know what they believe in, and if you say that you're 'alt-right', presumably you believe in those things too.feedback

Alexander Reid Ross

They're putting forward the anger, the sense of betrayal, the need for revenge, the resentment, the violence. They're putting forward the male fantasies, the desire for a national community and a sense of unity and a rejection of Muslims. They're doing all of that, but they're not stating it.feedback

Ryan Milner

Unless you have an obvious marker of another person's intent, you can't really gauge their intent. They could be messing around. They could be deadly serious. They could be a mix of both. Every time you see a viral video of somebody shouting down a person of Muslim descent in a supermarket line, what you're seeing are the effects of an environment where it's increasingly normal, increasingly accepted and expected to speak in this register, whether or not that started out as a joke.feedback

Ryan Milner

A lot of the people propagating the Pizzagate conspiracy were doing it winkingly. But in the moment that somebody walked into that shop with a gun, then that playful buzzing participation around that conspiracy turned into real consequences.feedback

Sam Nunberg

You have to understand that for Trump, growth is populism, so he doesn't see this as a budget of cuts but a budget for growth. What he's trying to do is work with Congress, where a lot of these ideas started, and put something together.feedback

Richard Spencer

I'm really a model gym-goer. I don't bother anyone. I don't talk to anyone. I really just go and lift weights. I don't come to the gym to do politics. But she started screeching and yelling all this stuff.feedback

C. Christine Fair

I said, Oh, not only are you a Nazi, you're a cowardly Nazi.feedback

C. Christine Fair

I really do think we're in this 'Germany-1932' moment. The worst thing we can do is be silent and pretend that just because he didn't bring his torch to the gym, he's only a Nazi from 9 to 5. There is no First Amendment issue here. This is a private club that can regulate speech as it sees fit.feedback

Mitch Landrieu

They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood for.feedback

McKay Coppins

To many, this populist posture will reek of phoniness.feedback

Mike Signer

Whew! Lot of trolls out tonight. Must be doing something right. Apparently this troll doesn't know about our unemployment rate (2.9%-lowest in Va) and AAA-bond rating. Oh well! Another profile in courage here – anonymous trolls lecturing elected officials about cowardice. Yawn. It's always a difficult balancing act for public officials about how much oxygen to give the alt-right, which depends on publicity to survive. I think for me, it's the right choice to say: 'Enough is enough.feedback

Toni Roldán

There are a lot of similitudes (between En Marche and Ciudadanos). En Marche, like Ciudadanos, started as a citizens movement and it has overtaken the limitations and constrains of the old politics and the traditional parties. Macron is 38-years-old, the similitudes with Rivera are clear and they are there for all to see. And in terms of the political project, he he added, 'it is evident that the Conservatives and the Socialists are not capable of providing the answers to the challenges that are fuelling the rise of populism.feedback

Mike Signer

In time when you've seen legitimacy conferred on a really toxic politics of intimidation from the top down, including the sort of blessing of the alt-right movement from the White House, I think it's a sign you're doing the right things when these trolls try to attack you from anonymous accounts. Here is what this great country faces in this age of @realDonaldTrump-a sitting mayor subjected to anti-Semitism. I will not be intimidated. Well, let's not be too sure. Could have been a Russian.feedback

Corey Stewart

Only a jerk would talk politics on Mother's Day. Go be with your family. Talk tomorrow.feedback

Richard Spencer

Your articles on isis have been popular on the alt-right.feedback

Richard Spencer

What if there's some kid at St. Mark's who is an alt-right shitlord, who has an anonymous Twitter account, posting videos, following me, retweeting me? What's going to happen to him if he gets discovered?feedback

Melissa Cooper

I'm trying not to have that visceral reaction that Tom Perriello is Bernie. Divisiveness didn't work very well for us last year.feedback

Corey Stewart

If Trump doesn't deliver on jobs and immigration by November, I'm going to have a lot of trouble.feedback

Thomas Perriello

We need Hillary's command of policy and Bernie's sense of the corruption in the system.feedback

Corey Stewart

My purpose is to show I have the guts to stand up to political correctness, . People voted for Trump because of his guts, not so much because of his policy views. I'm betting that Trump voters have that same desire this year for somebody who says things you're not supposed to say. It's a risky move, but I want to demonstrate that I'm willing to be vilified. If the Republicans choose the establishment guy who's mouthing the same old garbage that Republicans have for 30 years, then we lose.feedback

Will Estrada

In a place like Virginia, in a low turnout, off-year race, people are ready for a cheerful, roll-up-your-sleeves, hardworking traditional governor. People aren't looking for another Trump; Trump is an anomaly. Trump is unique.feedback

Dave Mudcat Saunders

When times are darkest, the people will always turn to the meanest, toughest son of a bitch in the tribe.feedback

Corey Stewart

This Virginia gentleman thing is a bunch of baloney. It's BS. They may act on the surface a little more genteel, but Virginians like fighters. I'm an in-your-face, no-holds-barred, ruthless fighter. There are parallels between Perriello and me; we're both trying to tear down the established order.feedback

Dave Mudcat Saunders

The Democratic brand is very, very tarnished out here among working-class people, the winning margin wasn't just Trump – it was ABC, Anybody But Clinton.feedback

Donald Scoggins

Governing is more important right now than shaking things up. I don't want a governor who pines for adulation. It'd be a tragic thing if that Trump attitude percolated down to the state level.feedback

Melissa Cooper

Northam's an establishment guy and that's not what I want, but I want to win and I think people are a little tired of people who are all fervor.feedback

Corey Stewart

I was Trump before Trump was Trump. As soon as this primary is over, I'm going right back to the community to say, I know you don't like what I say about southern heritage or that I supported Trump, but there's a lot of other stuff we agree on. Clearly, my focus will change after the primary and be about jobs and the economy. I will probably never say the word 'Republican' in the fall campaign. The issue ebbs and flows. Now it's flowing again.feedback

Thomas Perriello

People have trouble putting us in a box. We're very explicitly trying to unite the Bernie, Hillary and Obama wings of the party. Humanity draws on both mythos and logos as sources of truth. Unfortunately, we've become a country where one party is just mythos and the other is just logos. All of us respond to both of those traditions. Obama was at his most transformative when he didn't just have his Mr. Spock side, but his prophetic side.feedback

Kyle Bristow

The Republicans have an elephant. The Democrats have a donkey. The alt-right has a cartoon frog.feedback

Denis Arnoult

We are at a turning point. If Macron doesn't succeed, we'll have more populism when the next presidential election comes around.feedback

Ben Nimmo

In French terms, the alt-right and the far right overestimated the affect you can achieve through social media. I don't for a moment think that the game is over and I don't think for a moment that the Russian disinformation campaign has admitted defeat.feedback

Marta Lorimer

There are a huge number of people who don't feel represented by either of the two candidates. This is not the story of rise and decline of populism, as so many people say it is. What we're looking at here is the complete fragmentation of France. More than just expressing the fact that the alternative to Le Pen is not very likeable, voting blank or spoiling the ballot undermines the future president from the beginning.feedback

Mathieu Laine

By defeating Marine Le Pen and winning the French presidency, the centrist can help bring an end to the age of anger that has fuelled European extremism. French election 2017: latest news and reaction.feedback

Guy Verhofstadt

We supported him from the very start. I am relieved by his defeat of demagoguery and populism. I am also proud of his commitment to a social, liberal European project.feedback

Pierre-Yves Colinet

I'm so happy, it feels so good! I lived the election of Donald Trump in New York, and now finally, after Brexit, after Trump, populism has been beaten in France. Today, I'm proud to be French.feedback

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