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Raphael Guerreiro
It was a difficult time. But I'm very happy to have finally made my comeback. I feel good again now.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
Portugal has been commented on by 430 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Portugal are: Fernando Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo and António Costa. For instance, the most recent quote from Fernando Santos is: “We were by far the best team on the pitch for the first 30 minutes. At the interval I told them not to lose their focus. We came back very well afterwards and we scored the goal and from then on we had control of the game, but it was always a dangerous situation.”.
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Alexander Held

I would say it's the weather and weather is the short-term of climate. We do have these more extreme weather situations more often, so this is climate change. But it's a very welcome excuse to say it's climate change. It gives you a nice way out to say it's climate change.feedback

Alexander Held

We will see a lot more surprises and fires burning in places that don't have a fire history. Spain burns, yes, but it's not a surprise. We'll see more fires and more intense fires in the Mediterranean and new fire situations in countries that don't really expect it.feedback

Constança Urbano de Sousa

We are facing new (weather) conditions ... In an era of climate change, such disasters are becoming reality all over the world.feedback

António Costa

It's a structural problem that we are facing... This is not a time for resignations, but for solutions. Everything has to be transformed into reforms, to provide responses that the country needs so that nothing stays the way it was after this year. We are aware that the country wants results from us and we're running against time after decades of negligence.feedback

Laurence Olins

I have farmers who are moving to Portugal because they know they are able to hire people from the subcontinent. They know this. To hear Grayling come out with this tripe beggars belief.feedback

Aidan McGivern

During Friday, Saturday and Sunday Ophelia will move very quickly northwards past Portugal heading to the British Isles. This is a highly unusual track for a hurricane to take, but not unheard of. In 2006, Hurricane Gordon brought some very wet and windy weather to to the western parts of Britain as an ex-hurricane, and that's why we're concerned about Ophelia.feedback

Ricardo Mourinho Felix

It's not only a problem for Portugal, but it's also an issue for the euro area and Europe as a whole. We are also concerned about the situation as devoted Europeans that believe in the European project, and it's very important to have a close monitoring.feedback

Peter Nabokov

The European market in African slaves, which opened with a cargo of Mauritanian blacks unloaded in Portugal in 1441, and the explorer Christopher Columbus, born in Genoa ten years later, were closely linked.feedback

Martin O'Neill

Do I fear teams in it? I don't think we'd want to play Italy. I don't think we'd want to play Portugal and there are six others I'd rather not, too. But I'm delighted to be there. I always fear them – and then we go out and beat them.feedback

Jonny Evans

Just imagine getting to the World Cup finals – it would eclipse everything we did at the Euros. You don't want to be coming up against a team like Italy or Portugal, who are sitting second in their groups. But we do enjoy the bigger games – the bigger the team, the greater the challenge for us, and we also try and rise and meet the opposition head on. No matter our Fifa ranking, we are always likely to go into these type of games as the underdog.feedback

Belinda Everingham

They didn't really care that Bondi was actually quite a well known place in Australia and they'd awarded it to a big U.S. company.feedback

Barton Beebe

Trademark law tends to be very parochial when it comes to this sort of thing. It only cares about the perception of the relevant consumer population, and in the U.S., the relevant population was not likely and probably still isn't likely influenced by Australian English.feedback

Antonio Louro

This was an area where families had their small properties and they lived off the land. That ended in the 1970s, they left, and the owners of the land now live in the cities. The landscape we now have is the result of abandonment.feedback

Antonio Louro

I am convinced that in a municipality of the size of Macao, with [15 million euros to 20 million euros] we could start this process very quickly and reverse the fires.feedback

Pedro Jana

What has to be done is land and forest management. As long as that doesn't happen we can't do much. This is more of a question of prevention than firefighting.feedback

Antonio Louro

The problem has been that politicians haven't been ready for our solutions. They still think the small landowners are here, clinging to their plots. They are not. The only way to stop the cycle of fires every 10 to 15 years is if we break it by intervening.feedback

Antonio Louro

We have to reintroduce these crops in the landscape in such a way that the agricultural areas divide the big blocks of forest, reducing the chances of such big fires.feedback

Ellen Page

I would, for sure. I'd love to be able to play the cello really well. Just to come back and be able to say, Yeah, I can play the cello really well.' Something like that I think would be rad.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

When I was 11 years old, I moved from the island to the academy at Sporting Lisbon, and it was the most difficult time in my life. I cried almost every day. I was still in Portugal, but it was like moving to another country. The accent made it like a completely different language. The culture was different. I didn't know anybody, and it was extremely lonely. My family could only afford to come visit me every four months or so. I was missing them so much that every day was painful.feedback

Tim Brookes

I had had my eye on AB1 for more than 30-years. It is my wife's initials and so when I saw it advertised in the Daily Telegraph on July 15th I immediately contactes, Brightwells, the dealer that was handling the sale and expressed my interest. I was told they were inviting offers based on a guide price of £250,000. I explained that I was going on holiday to Portugal, but would make a offer once I had returned. As the process had only just begun I did not imagine there was any immediate urgency.feedback

Tim Brookes

I was told they were inviting offers based on a guide price of £250,000. I explained that I was going on holiday to Portugal, but would make a offer once I had returned. As the process had only just begun I did not imagine there was any immediate urgency.feedback

Gearóid Ó Cuinn

We will work with civil society organisations throughout Europe to use our case to highlight the fact that unless governments urgently take much stronger action to prevent the release of greenhouse gas emissions, it is only a matter of decades before we'll be witnessing the catastrophic consequences of insufficient action.feedback

Richard McGuire - Rabobank

We expect the ECB to begin winding down the quantitative easing (QE) programme in January next year which is precisely the same moment one might expect the country to re-enter investment-grade benchmark indices…it would appear that much of the good news of a further upgrade is already priced while the potential bearish impact of tapering has yet to be fully discounted. And the Bank is likely to keep enough flexibility in the programme to increase corporate bond purchases again, if needed.feedback

Jack Allen - Capital Economics

We think that corporate bond yields will rise only gradually as the ECB tapers its asset purchases next year. After all, the economy looks set to continue performing well.feedback

Richard McGuire - Rabobank

This would help the ECB to prevent credit spreads from widening as it reduces its purchases. This is the reason why we are expecting the impact on peripheral spreads to be limited.feedback

Richard McGuire - Rabobank

Second, we do not expect S&P's upgrade to have an immediate impact on Portugal's potential inclusion in investment grade benchmark indices as eligibility for these tends to be based upon the average rating of the big three or the middle rating.feedback

Mario Centeno

There are investors who simply could not buy Portuguese debt before (the upgrade) due to investment rules, even when it behaved strongly in terms of returns. And now they will be able to buy it, which is very good as it is will be a decisive help toward the ongoing government effort of diversifying the investor base.feedback

Patrick O'Donnell - Aberdeen Asset Management

Now the markets are looking at a formal entry into bond market indices and some of these need two investment grade ratings. At this stage, we're getting close to pricing that reflects a return to these indices.feedback

Peter Chatwell

The ratings upgrade is a move we agree with -- it is clear that the economy has recovered significantly and progress made by policy makers has been beneficial to the recovery. It's very beneficial for the bond market in that there could be some indexes that didn't have Portuguese bonds before that could have them in now.feedback

Diogo Teixeira

This would let us consider that an eventual transition to investment grade would be the next step, probably in the same time frame indicated by Moody's. This (rating upgrade) would be really important amid the possible ending of quantitative easing. It would allow a larger group of investors to consider Portugal's debt in their portfolio selection. Otherwise, Portugal risks suffering a substantial increase in financing costs.feedback

Maartje Wijffelaars

S&P could upgrade Portugal tomorrow based on the fact that economic growth is set to exceed their growth forecast of 1.6 percent for 2017 by 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent. That said, while it's difficult to predict what in the end effectively drives rating agencies' actions, my guess would be that they will upgrade the rating to positive, but not yet to investor grade. All the other factors S&P worried about in March have not faded: the banking sector is still very weak and susceptible to shocks and public and private (external) debt remain very large.feedback

Tim Martin

It is my view that the main risk from the current Brexit negotiations is not to Wetherspoon, but to our excellent EU suppliers - and to EU economies. Juncker, Barnier, Selmayr, Verhofstadt and others need to take a wise-up pill in order to avoid causing further economic damage to struggling economies like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy - where youth unemployment, in particular, is at epidemic levels.feedback

José Mourinho - Manchester United

To go back to the Champions League is just to go back to the natural habitat of Manchester United season after season. We look forward to the match and I hope Old Trafford feels it in the same way we are feeling it. We will go into this match thinking we can win, we will go to Moscow for the second match thinking we can win, we will go to Lisbon for the third match thinking we can win. We can. But to say in this moment we are candidates for this, candidates for that… at this moment we are just candidates to win the match against Basel.feedback

Dennis Skinner

In the old days they could argue you might get a socialist government in Germany, but there's not been one for donkeys' years. At one time there was Italy, the Benelux countries, France and Germany, Portugal, Spain and us. Now there's just one in France and it's hanging on by the skin of its teeth.feedback

Slaven Bilic

David Sullivan likes to talk – it's his right to be able to. I wanted a player [Carvalho] and that is not exactly what happened with those two you mention (Sanches and Krychowiak). Why didn't it happen? It was definitely money. I know I wanted the player but as far as I know, we have been in talks with Sporting Lisbon. Official or not, I don't know. I don't do these things.feedback

Zinedine Zidane

Cristiano is very excited for Wednesday. He's tired of not playing with us. He did very well for Portugal.feedback

Bruno De Carvalho

William's father came in all excited and said we would get two proposals. Because we were already tired – there were 12 of us at the club - we called the lawyer and asked if any offers had come in. He said 'if you are tired, it is best to go home because in my opinion no proposal will come.feedback

Bernardo Silva

When I was with Portugal at the Confederations Cup and about to sign, I asked Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani about the city. They told me how much they enjoyed it here. They said that all of the people were great and that it's a real football city. The Premier League, too – a competitive league with full stadiums each week and everyone watching. They both said it would be a great move.feedback

Ruben Neves

It was him that gave me the opportunity to grow as a player and as a person, and I want to make the most of it. Any player in the world would love to try out playing here. To have the chance to play here, even in the Championship … it's a league with a good visibility that's talked about all over the world. Pretty much any player wouldn't think twice about it.feedback

Ruben Neves

I like the city. I like the environment. It's a calm atmosphere. It's a more aggressive, more physical type of football, and the big difference that I've noticed so far is the competitive rhythm of the game. The first two games here were physical and fast for the whole 90 minutes. You're running as much as you can for the whole game. That's a huge difference with Portugal because, unfortunately, there's a lot of time-wasting there.feedback

Ruben Neves

The atmosphere is incredible. I've been surprised in a very positive way. I knew the crowds here were really good from watching on television but to be in the middle of the stadium, it's something really impressive. To feel the fans are with you is so important and it's something we have home and away. Even when we go somewhere that's three hours away, our part of the stand is always full and that always helps us. I hope this continues and that we carry on working as a team, all together.feedback

Fernando Santos

We were by far the best team on the pitch for the first 30 minutes. At the interval I told them not to lose their focus. We came back very well afterwards and we scored the goal and from then on we had control of the game, but it was always a dangerous situation.feedback


This will be the next Chapter in My Book! It's time to conquer the world from a different vantage point. I used to be a basket case but now I Live in Lisbon!feedback

Fernando Santos

We were by far the best team on the pitch for the first 30 minutes. After the dismissal of [Priskin], I do not know what happened ... we let ourselves get carried away by very aggressive football and then we lost the next 15 minutes.feedback

Fernando Santos

Now there are two finals left. The first is in Andorra, which will be more complicated than many think.feedback


I used to be a basket case but now I Live in Lisbon! I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family. Rascals ................ Happiness is Contagious!! Happy Independence Day!feedback

Nuno Saraiva

For this reason, Sporting Clube de Portugal challenges him to publicly show the proposals he says have been made as well as the evidence that Sporting CP has received them.feedback

Nuno Saraiva

Mr David Sullivan lies. Sporting Club de Portugal, as was said by its president, did not receive any proposal for the player William Carvalho. The football industry is not the stage of an adult film in which all obscenities are allowed.feedback

Nuno Saraiva

For this reason, the owner of a club requires much more than this intellectual pornography. Mr Sullivan has a duty to prove what he says.feedback

David Sullivan

Overall Slaven is happy with the business we have done during the summer transfer window. We received the manager's wish-list before the window opened and we have managed to get the top four players on it. It is no secret that we made a club-record bid for Sporting Lisbon's William Carvalho but unfortunately that offer was rejected a couple of weeks ago. Late last night Sporting Lisbon made contact to accept the original offer, but unfortunately it was just too late in the day, and we simply did not have enough time to put the player through a medical.feedback

David Sullivan

Grzegorz Krychoqiak and Renato Sanches were both offered to the manager before their switches elsewhere, but he told us that he is happy with the squad he has. As a board we are behind Slaven, and he believes he has the tools to turn around our form and rectify our disappointing start to the season. Late last night Sporting Lisbon made contact to accept the original offer, but unfortunately it was just too late in the day, and we simply did not have enough time to put the player through a medical.feedback

Steve Simpson

In a few decades the temperature of our seas is likely to be roughly the same as those found in the waters around Portugal at the turn of the last century – so we can expect to find the kind of marine life that existed there in British seas in the near future. Apart from cuttlefish and sardines – which are already moving into our waters – we can expect fish like red mullet and john dory to be more common. By contrast the haddock is already disappearing from the southern North Sea, while plaice and sole are also becoming less and less prevalent. Fortunately, cod appears to be more resilient.feedback

David Sullivan

It is no secret that we made a club-record bid for Sporting Lisbon's William Carvalho but unfortunately that offer was rejected a couple of weeks ago. Late last night [Thursday], Sporting Lisbon made contact to accept the original offer, but unfortunately it was just too late in the day, and we simply did not have enough time to put the player through a medical.feedback

Chris Hughton

We are delighted that Ezequiel is joining us. He has made nearly 190 appearances in the top flight in Italy and Portugal and has played in the Champions League, and is the type of experienced player we want to add to the squad. He can also play as a more attacking wing-back and so gives us some good options in defence.feedback

Paul Clement

He is one of Europe's elite young talents who has already achieved a lot for his age, including winning Euro 2016 with Portugal.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

We wanted Renato Sanches to join a club where he is able to play at a high level and where he has a coach who wants him. Renato has to continuously play for a year, and that's not guaranteed given the quality in our squad.feedback

Diogo Teixeira

My fear is more on the change of habits. We've seen in the last couple of years some signs of complacency and return to bad habits that have put the country in the bad shape it went through in 2011. If the private and public sector don't change their habits throughout the next couple of decades we may have at the end of the road in 10 or 20 years again another crisis in Portugal. The banking sector is still burdened by lot of non-performing loans.feedback

Diogo Teixeira

Any shock in interest rates could endanger the recovery of the country that's for sure because the overall government debt is at about 130 percent, which is the third largest in terms of GDP just below Italy and Greece (in the euro zone).feedback

Hasan Salihamidzic

He asked the coach to be allowed to think about his future. That's why he is not part of the squad today.feedback

Juan Carlos Osorio

We also have Diego Reyes who did it in the Confederations Cup. He has good aerial football, he's good at marking, he can defend balls to the back post like any center back, something that hurt us in the game against Portugal in the third/fourth-place game. Something we think is important and very much keep in mind in this position.feedback

Rene Albrecht - DZ Bank

With the summer lull coming to end and central banks returning, markets are thinking about the future course of ECB action. So investors are taking a more a defensive stance on countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal and that has accelerated this week.feedback

Owen Jones

For years we’ve been told that only deep cuts can save our economy. Portugal’s socialist-led government has proved the opposite. Ever since the banks plunged the western world into economic chaos, we have been told that only cuts offer economic salvation. When the Conservatives and the Lib Dems formed their austerity coalition in 2010, they told the electorate – in apocalyptic tones – that without George Osborne’s scalpel, Britain would go the way of Greece. The economically illiterate metaphor of a household budget was relentlessly deployed – you shouldn’t spend more if you’re personally in debt, so why should the nation? – to popularise an ideologically driven fallacy.feedback

André Thomashausen

I doubt that Lourenço could afford to go against the political establishment. He's there because the political establishment put him there.feedback

Will Smith

500,000 euros! Yes, yes, yes! They look way too young to have 500,000 euros.feedback

Kim Kardashian

Thought I'd seen it all, this is the biggest diamond I've ever seen.feedback

Luis Míra Amaral

It's not realistic that a small country like Portugal would be able to change that.feedback

Antonio Monteiro

It was an investor that was very welcome and, in certain moments, the only investor in Portugal.feedback

Luis Míra Amaral

When I see Isabel dos Santos putting money into Portugal because she has a number of big companies in Angola. After, you can put another question: how she was able to create this company. It's another question. It's not my problem as a banking manager.feedback

Sophie Scott

This is a really exciting demonstration of the ways that unusual experiences with voices can be linked to - and may have their basis in - everyday perceptual processes.feedback

Rui Esteves

The helicopter was attacking the fire at Cabril when it crashed after striking power lines. It then caught fire, which caused the death of the pilot, the only person onboard.feedback

Nemanja Matic

He bought me to Chelsea from Benfica and now when I decided to come to Manchester, he was a reason to come here. Mourinho was the reason and so was the club, Manchester United, so you don't need to think a lot about if you are going to come. My decision was very quick and very clear. Definitely, everyone knows what Manchester United is about. When you say Manchester United, it is different. Also Chelsea is a big club, Benfica are the biggest club in Portugal. But Manchester is Manchester.feedback

António Costa

I express my condolences for the victims of the accident in Madeira. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims.feedback

Paulo Cafôfo

The tree was never earmarked as being in danger of falling.feedback

Martin Powell

Decriminalise drug users, introduce safer drug consumption rooms, prescribe heroin, and properly fund treatment to end the scandal of Scotland's drug death rate being over 27 times that of countries like Portugal. And longer term, to protect our communities, we will need to explore legally regulating drug supply to reduce crime, and steer people towards safer products.feedback

Daniel Muralha

The fires are getting worse and worse, which means this place is going to become a desert. I'm too old to move elsewhere, but more people, of course, decide to leave after every fire. Nobody really cares about the forest, except when it's really on fire.feedback

José Santos Marques

We luckily escaped another major tragedy in July, but the situation of our forest is a lot worse and unmanaged than in 2003. Instead of improving anything, it seems we're only really waiting for the next fire.feedback

Maria José Morgado

Objectively, there is a big waste of public money in the fight against fires and almost nothing spent on prevention.feedback

João Gama

Everybody in Portugal has a cousin who is a firefighter hero. No politician wants to even start the discussion about a system of volunteers that is really part of our society's culture.feedback

José Santos Marques

Every politician made loads of promises to make everything better, start from scratch and remodel the forest, but then almost nothing at all happened.feedback

José Mourinho - Manchester United

In the Premier League I'd say seven teams will fight for the title and 20 fight for the victory in every game, every match. That's different to the three other leagues [Portugal, Italy and Spain] I have worked in. Every opponent wants to win every match, every opponent gives you a hard time.feedback

Maria Conceicao

There are people setting fires, bad people. It is the only explanation that I can see, there is no other.feedback

Sergio Ramos

Cristiano is a very important player for our team and, regardless of the number of days that he's trained, it's important that he travels with the team. He has a different role than any other player and his presence is always good, whether he plays or not. That will be a technical decision.feedback

Sergio Ramos

His future is a personal issue. We would rather leave personal issues away from football and we would hope he can resolve those issues as soon as possible.feedback

Aage Duenhaupt - A4e

Spain, France and Portgual have all put in place new regulations and people have complained about long delays at Palma, Malaga, Lisbon and Brussels, but the big crunch day is Saturday. These new regulations are only going to work if there are people manning all the booths in passport control. These preparations have not been done properly.feedback

Thomas Reynaert - A4e

Especially during the peak season of the year, travellers face long lines and can't get on their flights. Queuing for up to four hours has been the top record these days; airports like Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris-Orly, Milan or Brussels are producing shameful pictures of devastated passengers in front of immigration booths, in lines stretching hundreds of metres. At some airports, flight delays have increased by 300% compared to last year – Member States must take the responsibility for this.feedback

Lucy Bronze

We're big-game players. People might question some of Mark's big decisions because they often go against established norms but we've been very successful off the back of his gambles, off things like him making 10 changes for our group win against Portugal.feedback

Carlos Silva

Internally, the real situation of the Portuguese banks remains a big question mark to most Portuguese.feedback

Carlos Silva

I believe there's more room for improvement and the economy will continue growing.feedback

Carlos Silva

Of course, there are yet a lot of reforms to do, but I think we are in the right path.feedback

António Costa

This year, we're going to have the biggest economic growth ever registered in the 21st century.feedback

Joao Baptista

It would be preferable if the government would take measures to boost 'quality tourism' and not 'mass tourism'. I like to think that there are good prospects for the country. Mostly because my sector is driven by tourism and this is set to keep rising.feedback

Suzanne Moore

To live in a city in England has meant turning a blind eye to the homeless. Grenfell has changed that. “Where does he keep his toothbrush, Mummy?” I always remember my eldest child’s first reaction, when a toddler, to seeing a young man sleeping in a doorway. This was King’s Cross in north London in the mid-80s. Overnight, it seemed that homelessness had become visible. Young people whose benefits had been cut, and who could no longer live independently of their parents, were on the streets. Until then, I had not seen beggars on the streets of London. I had seen them when I was hitching around Europe. The beggars of Lisbon shocked me: Portugal was in a terrible state then, with empty shops and desperately poor people.feedback

Zinedine Zidane

I don't believe these things hurt him. He's happy because it's over. Now he's calm about the topic of football, he wants to play and he'll be with us on the fifth.feedback

Zinedine Zidane

If he had spoken, there would also be comments. The important thing is what he said to me. He is on holiday and he's calm. He'll be with us on the fifth [of August] and I hope that, after that day, this topic is closed.feedback

Mick Jagger

I went to see England but it wasn't there/ I think I lost it down the back of my chair/ I think I'm losing my imagination/ I'm tired of talking about immigration. Had a girl in Lisbon, a girl in Rome/ Now I'll have to stay at home/ So lock the shutters, bolt the doors/London's gonna be like Singapore.feedback

Mark Sampson

I've been really pleased with the balance of our play. Our efficiency, in both attack and defence, has been outstanding. We've limited our opponents to a very small number of shots on our goal, let alone shots on target. We conceded a goal [against Portugal] against the run of play but in general our goalkeeper hasn't really had a save to make.feedback

Hugo Webb

Although I introduce Hannah at the beginning of the flight, I have never mentioned she is my wife. I suppose some customers may guess. The shift patterns allow us to see our children both during the week and on the weekends. We have taken our children on a few work trips. Our son came to Milan and our daughter joined us in Lisbon for a couple of nights. On an operational level, it's no different from flying with anyone else.feedback

Thomas Reynaert - A4e

Especially during the peak season of the year, travellers face long lines and can't get on their flights. Queuing for up to four hours has been the top record these days; airports like Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris-Orly, Milan or Brussels are producing shameful pictures of devastated passengers in front of immigration booths, in lines stretching hundreds of metres. Member States need to take all necessary measures now to prevent such disruptions and deploy appropriate staff and resources in sufficient numbers to carry out the requested checks.feedback

Lucy Bronze

The most important thing is to win but a clean sheet to nick the record is a nice little bonus.feedback

Lucy Bronze

We're 100% a team that is about improving and winning. We're demanding that England find a way to win this match against Portugal. The most important thing is to win but a clean sheet to nick the record is a nice little bonus.feedback

Lucy Bronze

So far at this tournament we've got the biggest winning margin in European Championships, the first English woman to score a hat-trick at a major tournament (Jodie Taylor) and the quickest ever goal in a European Championship (Fran Kirby against Spain).feedback

Mark Sampson

A lot of the players have been saying they don't feel they've hit their straps yet, they're not quite at the intensity they'd like to be. So, the nice thing physically is we know we can raise the bar come this game and into the knock-out stages, because this is what we planned to peak for, not the first game.feedback

Mark Sampson

We're demanding that England find a way to win this match. There are nine points on the board and we want to create a bit of national history. We really want to set the bar high, for going into the knock out matches with a real sense of confidence and momentum behind us. We feel we can beat anyone in this tournament on our day. Against Portugal we want a better performance than we've seen so far and then to repeat that in the quarter final.feedback

Mark Sampson

We're confident about taking on anyone really. We know the permutations, France, Austria or Switzerland could be a team that we could face. The quality of our analysis - unfortunately it's a lot of hard work for our stuff - means that, whoever we play, we'll be fully prepared. Of course, belief should be growing, the players should be confident they can go a lot further. What pleases me the most is the variety - the variety of their play in the games within the game.feedback

Mark Sampson

It's a tight turn-around ahead of the quarter final, that will challenge us because we obviously have the disadvantage of one less recovery day. It meant we've had to really taper off after first two games and get ourselves ready for first knock out match.feedback

Mark Sampson

As the tournament went on, we wanted to get fitter, faster and stronger. That tapering period has taken its toll in those first two games, but I'm confident now we're really good to go and we'll see a stronger England team for the rest of the tournament.feedback

Mark Sampson

You know foot to the floor against Scotland, sharp, aggressive with their passing and at times being able to just manage the game. And then to defend near perfectly against a very good Spanish team. We have found a way to win in different circumstances but there are massive challenges to come.feedback

Mark Sampson

One of the reasons we're really pleased to get six points from the first two games is that we pushed the players really hard physically in a four-week prep camp. We knew we would taper off for the first game. It always means when you taper off after such a high-intensity period of work that you're not going to be up to speed probably for your first two, two-and-a-half games, so the great thing for us now is that we've got those games out of the way.feedback

Mark Sampson

This is a nation that found a way to win the men's European Championship finals last summer having won only one game – very sadly for me, as a Welshman – over 90 minutes. It's an opportunity for Portugal's women, at their first European Championship, to qualify for the knockout rounds.feedback

Mark Sampson

We know they'll be incredibly motivated but so are we. We want to keep improving and building momentum. The more I look at this tournament the more I feel that momentum could be a big thing going into the latter stages. We want to make sure that when other teams get their snowball rolling down the hill, ours stays ahead of theirs and we keep it rolling at a faster rate.feedback

Mark Sampson

When we started our prep it was about the body recovering naturally, the body naturally acclimatising and adapting to what we were doing. It means that, when the tournament begins and you start using recovery methods, they make a bigger impact. It's a poor decision to only have a two-day turnaround. This is the showcase of our European game and the players should be given at least three days' recovery time before the final.feedback

Lucy Bronze

I've never faced Portugal before. But I know two of their players. I've been quite close to Amanda Da Costa because I played with her at Liverpool. She was in the same situation as me – she was American but with Portuguese parents – and we used to joke that we'd go to play for Portugal together if we didn't get the chance with the USA or England.feedback

Lucy Bronze

My brother was born in Portugal and we were brought up to be bilingual. Dad used to speak to us in Portuguese but we always replied in English. That's probably why I'm not very comfortable speaking Portuguese.feedback

Lucy Bronze

It means we're the best prepared we could be, both mentally and physically. We're really going for this tournament. We've worked so hard to get positive media coverage and now we want to reach our peak in the final. We want to become European champions.feedback

Lucy Bronze

A lot of our girls are friends with some of the cricketers. And we share a lot of ideas and methods about building a team and having a winning mentality with the cricket girls, as well as with all sorts of other women's sports teams.feedback

Lucy Bronze

I was first asked when I was about 16. I know two of the players; one of them, Amanda da Costa, I've been quite close to because I played with her at Liverpool, and she was in the same situation as me – she was American but with Portuguese parents, and we used to joke with each other saying we'd go to play for Portugal together if we didn't get the chance with the USA or England.feedback

Lucy Bronze

Not at all and he'll be supporting England on Thursday. He'll support who he's told to support; my mum will tell him.feedback

Lucy Bronze

Obviously, she's ended up deciding on Portugal and I've stuck with England. But it's just another game at the end of the day. At the end we'll maybe swap shirts, it would be nice to have a Portugal shirt. I also know Ana Borges, who played for Chelsea, but her English is not fantastic so I've spoken to her in Portuguese a few times.feedback

Lucy Bronze

I've never faced Portugal, so it will be a special moment for me.feedback

Jo Potter

It doesn't matter. We know that, to lift this cup, we have to beat the best. If that means a France quarter-final that's exactly what we're going to do. I don't think you can ever ask an England team to go into a game thinking about a draw or even a loss, so we're going to 100% go for a win against Portugal. We want nine points out of nine. If that means meeting France next so be it.feedback

Anna Signeul

We have huge respect for Portugal – this group is not just England and Spain. Neto is a great player, she's playing in Sweden and we will be ready for her, but they're a team.feedback

Padraig Harrington

Golf is great. It always throws a win out. It always gives you something later on. It would be very easy to say with me winning in Honda and me winning in Portugal was that, Here you go, here's one at the end of your career, thanks very much.feedback

William Gallas

I know he wants to have success. He wants to be like Thierry Henry was for France, like Ronaldo for Portugal, like Ronaldo for Brazil. He wants to have a big impact on football.feedback

Jay Zaveri - Social Capital

When I look at like Google and Amazon in the 1990s, I kind of feel like it's Columbus and Vasco da Gama sailing out of Portugal the first time.feedback

Ola Aina

I'm very excited to be here and it is the start of a new chapter in my career. It's my first loan move away from Chelsea and I just want to hit the ground running. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of my new team-mates during the training camp in Portugal.feedback

Joao Martins Pisco

Uterine embolization procedure is a controversial matter because it is still seen as a risk to fertility. With this study we were able to verify that women who could not conceive due to uterine fibroids, once subjected to embolization, could have a normal pregnancy with a live newborn.feedback

Cedric Soares

When we have Cristiano we are clearly stronger, it's logical. But we have players with the same quality and we will try to demonstrate our worth against Mexico.feedback

Javier Hernandez

We are playing the European champions in the third-place playoff, which is something we didn't reach four years ago, so something is improving. We're going step by step, it's not night and day.feedback

Joana Carmo

Owing to changes in food habits, anisakiasis is a growing disease in Western countries, which should be suspected in patients with a history of ingestion of raw or uncooked fish. Patients can have allergic symptoms. Gastrointestinal symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and complications like digestive bleeding, bowel obstruction, perforation and peritonitis can also arise.feedback

Arturo Vidal

These are not idle words. We have proven our value on the pitch. We beat Argentina [in the 2016 Copa América final], who are one of the best teams, and the other day we beat Portugal, who are the European champions. If we win tomorrow we might be the best team in the world.feedback

Robert Vautard

Hot months are no longer rare in our current climate. By the middle of the century, this kind of extreme heat in June will become the norm in western Europe unless we take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.feedback

Friederike Otto

Heat can be deadly – especially for the very young and the elderly. This extreme event attribution analysis makes clear that European heatwaves have become more frequent, and in the South of Europe at least 10 times more frequent. It is critical that cities work with scientists and public health experts to develop heat action plans. Climate change is impacting communities right now and these plans save lives.feedback

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh

We found clear and strong links between this month's record warmth and human-caused climate change.feedback

Friederike Otto

Heat can be deadly – especially for the very young and the elderly. It is critical that cities work with scientists and public health experts to develop heat action plans.feedback

Claudio Bravo

I was injured and I didn't play at my normal pace, but I normally get things quietly. This is very important to us because it's like completing a very successful cycle. We are very happy to be able to play in the final.feedback

Claudio Bravo

I feel as I always do. I'm a very balanced person. I was injured and didn't play at my normal pace. But I normally take things calmly and this was a very special game for us.feedback

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

Claudio was amazing, the players who scored their penalties were amazing, and I think we deserve to be in the final. We have made a huge effort, and I think you could see it during the game.feedback

Arturo Vidal

Cristiano is a smart ass! For me he does not exist. I have already told my Bayern Munich team-mate [and Germany international] Joshua Kimmich that we will meet again in the final!feedback

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

We know it's going to be a difficult match. And I'm sure it's going to be difficult ...for Portugal as well. It a privilege and reason for satisfaction to have all of (the players)... tomorrow at our disposal. Let's hope they are able to play at the same level tomorrow as we've seen until now.feedback

Fernando Santos

I always trust my team. I have unshakeable confidence. I'll go to the end of the world with these players. There are no two teams that play the same. Chile have quality players, are very dynamic and are very aggressive and combative. But we're descended from Portuguese, Lusitanic blood, we're warriors, we have a great capacity to suffer and have dedication to our people. So in that sense, we're equal on the field. You don't ask him for anything. We ask him to play as usual.feedback

Fernando Santos

It's not easy to understand how they play because they are very dynamic so we have to pay attention to their movements. They're not a traditional team. We're ready for that. We know their good points and like every team they have less strong points.feedback

Fernando Santos

Cristiano has shown that on the field. His leadership, his presence as captain is excellent. He dedicates all his time to the team and he will defend them 100 per cent.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

We can be confident that our policy is working and its full effects on inflation will gradually materialize. But for that, our policy needs to be persistent, and we need to be prudent in how we adjust its parameters to improving economic conditions.feedback

Diogo Quevedo

They were alone and didn't know what to do. Those who stayed lived, but those who left died.feedback

John Gourley

How do you finish that record? I feel like rock & roll has become very tame. If anybody does it right, it's hip-hop.feedback

Zach Carothers

The whole festival and movement were so huge to us growing up. Seeing the similarities in the political and social climates [between then and now] – people in the streets, artists coming together and finding something to fight against – was a moment of clarity.feedback

Zach Carothers

The entire planet is now a bunch of news anchors, but none of it's news, it's all opinion. It's fucking wild out there.feedback

John Gourley

I feel like rock & roll has become very tame. If anybody does it right, it's hip-hop – so many hip-hop shows are punk as fuck. You have something to say? Better start rapping.feedback

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

There was huge pressure on us because everyone thought Chile would get to the next round because of the way we've been playing. We also know that Australia aren't one of the best teams in the world so there was huge responsibility on us.feedback

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

We didn't feel comfortable on the pitch, we couldn't play our game, our opponents stopped us. They closed every door and were physical.feedback

Fernando Pinto - TAP Portugal

Due to the irresponsible behaviour of some – and I'm speaking in a European and global context – (drones) are being used very badly, in a very dangerous way, and that worries us.feedback

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

I didn't underestimate Australia at all. The level tonight was that of a World Cup quarter-final, it was very high. The main thing is we reached our objective. Now we need to think about Portugal.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

At the beginning, he was very surprised and now he's in a phase of pain that will pass. He wants to give a good image of himself to the world, and at the moment that's a bit complicated.feedback

Anthony Hudson

At 2-0 we could have kept the scoreline respectable, but we didn't. We had three strikers on the pitch and got caught at the end.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

I helped the team, I scored the opening goal and I had a few more chances. We played very well, we wanted to win and get the result in the first half. It was hard to play better than we played because the grass was not very good. We know that in the semi-finals both Chile and Germany are great teams, but we are confident.feedback

Fernando Santos

Opponents? [Chile and Germany] are two very strong teams. Now, I will analyse the opponents and prepare the game regardless of the opponent.feedback

Joao Moutinho

I'm very proud to make 100 appearances, I hope to do even more. It's always good to help the team achieve their goals. It was a good team match, we managed to put on the field what we trained. We achieved a result, a good victory and a place in the semi-final, which was our main goal.feedback

Joao Marques de Freitas

It was very difficult for him to adapt in Lisbon because Madeirans have a pronunciation which is very different to Lisbon. He had problems at school, they laughed at him, and he resisted. At one point, he wanted to leave, but fortunately he stayed. He went through a bad time.feedback

Anthony Hudson

So whoever we face in November, it will be the fifth-best team in South America. They are fifth for a reason. If it's a top team they are fifth because they have lost games they should have won. They will have weaknesses so we will have confidence going into that game.feedback

Anthony Hudson

I don't think it will be Argentina [who finishes fifth] now they have the coach they have [Jorge Sampaoli]. But the way we played the other night against Mexico [a hard-fought 2-1 defeat], we knew we had that in us. We don't have a big playing pool, it's ludicrous compared to other teams at this tournament. We have 26 or 27 players to choose from but we have incredible belief.feedback

Fernando Santos

So, Portugal won four games, don't forget that. I think your interpretation doesn't make any sense.feedback

Fernando Santos

The first three in the group stage, maybe not, but from then, if you don't win, you lose and you go out.