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“Hosting World Cup 2022 should not be tainted by support of extremist individuals and organisations and terrorist figures, (and) review of Qatar's policies a must. Qatar's hosting of World Cup 2022 should include a repudiation of policies supporting extremism and terrorism. Doha should review its record.” said Anwar Gargash speaking about Qatar. It’s one of the 722 quotes about Qatar you can find on this page. 391 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Akbar Al Baker, Donald J. Trump and Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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John Dore

The people that have shot themselves in the foot are the Saudis. If the blockade was lifted, there is so much pro-Qatar sentiment and nationalist pride that the people will buy Qatar milk, not Saudi. I think the whole environment will completely change. Our challenge is to get enough milk. If we can make enough milk, the people in Qatar will buy

John Dore

The boycott has been great thing for Qatar in a way. It has been a wakeup call to the entire country. It has made them aware of all the opportunities that are there, and not just in farming. Nearly 80% of its food came from its neighbours. It sometimes takes war or the threat of war to make countries look at their food security. Look at the common agricultural policy in

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

It is nothing to do with stopping financing terrorism or hate speech while they are doing the same by promoting incitement against my country, promoting a regime change in my

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

We see (Saudi) government officials talking about regime change. We see officials inciting the people to go and protest their government, so it is about regime

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

Restoring diplomatic relations with Iran does not change our policy with them. We cannot increase the tension with them. We need to have

Najib Razak

We pray that all differences among our Arab brothers will be settled amicably and that the unity and harmony of the (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries can be

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

The attack on (hashtag)Qatar diplomatic mission in Mogadishu will not deter our support for (hashtag)Somalia's democracy, security and

Michael Keating

I am shocked and appalled by the number of lives that were lost in the bombings and the scale of destruction they caused. Our deepest condolences go to the families and friends of the dead, and our thoughts are with the injured and all those affected. The perpetrators struck a densely populated neighborhood of Mogadishu. They have killed an unprecedented number of civilians. It is a revolting attack both in terms of its intent and impact. All Somalis must unite to condemn and repulse this kind of violent

Franck Ribery

I feel no pain. I just have to wait. I will be fit for the [winter break] preseason 100 per cent, I have to be with the team in Qatar. Maybe I can already play again before the winter

Audrey Azoulay

If I'm confirmed, the first thing I will do is work to restore its

Dharmendra Pradhan

The agreement will have a swap clause as well, like we can swap our Australian LNG from Gorgon project with LNG booked by Japan with

Anwar Gargash

Hosting World Cup 2022 should not be tainted by support of extremist individuals and organisations and terrorist figures, (and) review of Qatar's policies a must. Qatar's hosting of World Cup 2022 should include a repudiation of policies supporting extremism and terrorism. Doha should review its

Abdulaziz Breida

Sometimes, during the Champions League or Emir Cup, this can last for 12

Xavi Hernandez

It is not easy because it is a very small country. I think we have only 6,000 licensed

Khalid Salman

One game with Saudi Arabia, we needed to draw and we lost. It is my bad luck I never went to the World Cup. But the World Cup is coming to

Xavi Hernandez

They have talent, they are technical. The big difference is, tactically, they don't know how we attack, how we defend. That is the big difference. Conceptuality. On the

Bora Milutinovic

You need to believe, you need to dream, you need to prepare good. But to be ready, you need to be ready in 2022, in June. Only this is important. One week before the World Cup, you can speak that your team is ready for the World Cup. Not

Khalid Jassim

You know Mohamed Farah? He is Somalian, yes? But he got the British passport and got good results in the

Bora Milutinovic

They have three or four very good players with talents. But you never know what will happen in the

Khalid Jassim

Anyone who gets a Qatar passport, we'll respect him. But we can talk about why are we taking players who are not quality? This is why the fans are

Nicholas McGeehan - Human Rights Watch

Fifa released a statement about the findings we put out. There was no expression of concern for the findings, there was no expression of concern for the deaths. The tone of it was sort of bristling with indignation that we would present information that was contrary to the narrative of events that they wanted to

Maria Van Kerkhove - World Health Organization

The virus is in camels everywhere. The virus is in Qatar, it´s in United Arab Emirates, it´s wherever we look. I know so much more about camels than I ever thought I would. You drive up in the car to the person in the booth and they ask you three questions. It takes less than 13

Frankie Dettori

I don't care about the record, all I care about is trying to win. She's in great fettle and I hope she travels well but [the course at] Chantilly can be tricky. You have got to be aware of the hard luck stories there – we will need some good

Frankie Dettori

She has been very consistent. She's had a long season but we will give it a go. She looks well, we're all happy with her, it's the biggest prize of the season, everyone wants to win and everyone's turned up. This is her biggest test yet and if she's the best in Europe she's got to show her stuff and take another step forward. I just hope it goes well, and if she gets beat by a better horse so be it. But it's all about Enable. If I become this that or the other, we can talk about that afterwards but the only thing on my mind at the moment is to give her the best

Olivier Delloye

Longchamp has and always will be the racecourse of the Arc. It might be a bit technical for those who are not racing aficionados, but the racing world is particularly attached to the track at the Longchamp racecourse. The way the track is laid out, with its descent and rise, makes it very demanding, and the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is a real reference point in the world of

Olivier Delloye

The appeal of the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is that it always attracts the best horses in the world. Thanks to our long-term sponsoring partnership agreement with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, the race is worth 5 million euros in prize money, which makes it one of the richest races in the world. From a sporting point of view, an Arc winner is generally considered one of the best horses in the

Saif Al Thani

We continue to coordinate closely with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and international NGOs to implement reforms that will improve the health, safety and rights of migrant

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

Enforcing appropriate restrictions on outdoor work and regularly investigating and publicising information about worker deaths is essential to protect the health and lives of construction workers in Qatar. Limiting work hours to safe temperatures – not set by a clock or calendar – is well within the capacity of the Qatari government and will help protect hundreds of thousands of workers. If Qatar's World Cup organisers can mandate a climate-based work ban, then the Qatar government can follow its lead as a step towards providing better protection from heat for all

Nicholas McGeehan - Human Rights Watch

Their heat protection system is inappropriate and data shows that its enforcement is seriously deficient. That means they are putting stadium workers' lives at

Nicholas McGeehan - Human Rights Watch

We need data on deaths, new laws on heat protection and immediate investigations, otherwise the death toll will continue to

Bin Jassim Al-Thani

Qatar is a country. We don't deal with groups. We deal with

Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari - Qatar National Bank

Sometimes it's a dollar and a half or two dollars from one side over the other because Qatar is not dependent on these economies, while some countries are dependent on trade flows with Qatar. So it's important to say this: Qatar also has deposits in the

Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari - Qatar National Bank

I think to replace 3 to 4 percent is not a big deal and let me also remind you there is a two-way relationship. So there's deposits coming from the countries to Qatar and vice versa, Qatar has investments in these economies so it's fair to say for every dollar lost on one side, there's a dollar lost on the other

Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari - Qatar National Bank

This is an ongoing exercise for us, with or without the crisis, to tap into the markets and help us fund our

Iyad Ghulam - NCB Capital

The headline news hurt the share price today, but it will be positive for the telcos as data usage will

Ziyad bin Naheet

The role that the media are playing today is a very, very, very negative and bad role, and I think there is no logical person who is pleased with what is

Abdulaziz al-Hussan

No one is going to take away your rule or keep you from becoming king. It's really a

Jamal Khashoggi - Al Arab News

It is absurd. There were no conspiracies. There was nothing that called for such arrests. They are not the members of a political organization, and they represent different points of

Jamal Khashoggi - Al Arab News

They are the silent or the people who refused to jump in the wagon with the government in its campaign against Qatar. They saw that this was not the thing to do, but they did not go against the

Jamal Khashoggi - Al Arab News

This is unlike anything Saudis have experienced before. The country is going through a major economic transformation that is supported by the people–a transformation that will be painful and hard to do, and that requires unity. Instead, they are encouraging

Shabbir Malik

What we would be looking out for is how this change in strategic shareholder will change the management style of the bank. Kingdom, although it owns a stake in Citi, lacks experience of running a commercial bank in our

Hassan al-Thawadi

We have very quickly moved on to Plan B, found alternative sources of supply – alternative routes of supply as

Jane Kinninmont - Chatham House

The demands are so big that it's politically impossible for Qatar to accept

Richard Molnar

We have said many times that the protection of our copyright, and the investment made by our broadcast partners, is critically important to the Premier League and the future health of English

Sophie Jordan

What we are asking from the football authorities are significant measures that are dissuasive. They haven't done much, and the proof of that is the incidents are

Sophie Jordan

Every single obstacle to prevent the commercialization of beIN channels has been put in place by the Saudi

Sophie Jordan

There are so many different levels to this issue. This is unprecedented. The accumulation of all the incidents when there is a Saudi, U.A.E. or Egyptian team playing is starting to have a significant impact. I have been working in sports for 20 years and have never seen anything like

Praful Patel

Integrity stretches beyond the action on the field to also protecting the rights of our broadcast and commercial partners, and enforcing the A.F.C. rules and regulations which govern matches played under its jurisdiction. I have been asked by the president to adjudicate in these matters which affect the West Asia Zone during the present challenging times and I will carry out those duties by ensuring this is a most comprehensive

Salman al-Awdah

May God harmonize between their hearts for the good of their

Donald J. Trump

If they don't stop the funding of terrorism, I don't want them to come

Michael Stephens

The problem is as much about appearing to not capitulate to the other side as it is trying to solve any problems. Given the hypersensitivity of both sides to appearing weak, it makes the problem considerably harder to solve. If they don't stop the funding of terrorism, I don't want them to come

Lori Plotkin Boghardt

There's a willingness by both parties to talk with each other. That's progress. High-level U.S. engagement is critical to making this happen. But it's going to take a sustained, long-term effort to overcome the damage of the crisis on both

Donald J. Trump

I would be willing to be the mediator. I would be willing to do so, and I think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly. I think it's something that's going to get solved fairly

Donald J. Trump

I would be willing to be the mediator. I was telling the Emir before that if I can help between UAE and Saudi Arabia, where I have a very great relationship, I spoke with the King yesterday, King Salman, who is a friend of mine, and we spoke on unrelated subjects, but we had a long conversation. If I can help mediate between Qatar and, in particular, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, I would be willing to do so. And I think you'd have a deal worked out very

Alexander Kornilov - Aton

From Rosneft's point of view, the arrival of such a partner is positive as it shows that the foreign investors still keep their interest to the Russian oil

Peter Morris - David Wilson Homes

Qatar Airways has been particularly hit on markets to Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, and Emirates on routes to the

Jassim bin Saif al-Sulaiti

We have proven beyond any doubt how much we are flexible but steadfast when it comes to facing

Simon Chadwick

The collosal Neymar deal, funded by Qatar Sports Investments, shows how far governments will go to secure global influence• Simon Chadwick is professor of sports enterprise at Salford University. In 1905 my club – Middlesbrough – broke the world transfer fee record when it paid Sunderland £1,000 to sign Alf Common. It was the first time in history a football player had been sold for four figures. Now, 112 years later, the record has been smashed for the second summer running, with Paris Saint-Germain paying £198m for Brazilian superstar Neymar, the highlight of the latest period of transfer hyperactivity that ended yesterday. This phenomenon transcends sport. How can an individual in any sphere be worth £198m? Who would pay that and why? What does the now normalised outlay of mind-boggling fees and salaries say about society? How did we get here?feedback

Krisjanis Krustins - Fitch Ratings
Jan Friederich - Fitch

International mediation efforts are still ongoing but are not showing significant progress. In our view, the negotiating positions of Qatar and the boycotting countries remain far

Yousef al-Otaiba

We're three months in now, and I'm more convinced than ever that [the Qataris] are not serious about sitting down and having a conversation about how this gets

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Despite our disagreement with both sides, we have asked them to resolve their disputes through dialogue and

Bahram Qassemi

The phone call was made last night, and the Qatari side expressed their interest in returning their ambassador to Tehran. Their ambassador had been recalled to Doha for certain consultations, and his return to Tehran is considered a logical and positive move and decision. As we have repeatedly declared, the Islamic Republic of Iran's principled policy has always been, and will be, the development of its relations with all

Ibrahim Fraihat

I think Saudi Arabia wanted to prevent Qatar from using this card within the crisis, because whenever it's used by Qatar or any other Muslim-majority country, it hurts Saudi. They're trying to avoid [that outcome] and insist this is not against the Qatari

Neil Black

I understand that people will go, who is going to replace Mo and Greg [Rutherford] and Jess? That is not our concern. We are looking to replace them. We are looking to produce a team who are capable of performing at this level. Dina [Asher-Smith] excited the hell out of me. Kyle [Langford] has untapped potential. Reece [Prescod] is going to be a serious competitor. Callum Hawkins excites me as well. In Doha, the plan is to progress these athletes. We expect more individual

Dan Diker - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Clearly there is a fundamental difference. Israel was founded on a fundamentally democratic ideal, in which freedom of the press and expression is a fundamental part of its national identity culture. In the situation of the Gulf states and the Saudis, they are all [trying to shut] Al Jazeera in their boycott of

Heather Nauert

Now that it has been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the Gulf states have not released to the Qataris nor to the public the details about the claims they are making toward Qatar. The more that time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Or were they about the long-simmering grievances between and among the GCC countries?feedback

Heather Nauert

At this point we are left with one simple question: were the actions really about their concerns regarding Qatar's alleged support for

Van Nierkerk

I've got a good team to help me recover and its back to work

Walid Omary

The collusion by Netanyahu with his Arab autocratic neighbors leaves little doubt that free independent media and truth are ready to be sacrificed as collateral damage in the power politics of the region. What difference then is there between Israel, as a perceived democracy, and these dictatorships?feedback

Nitish Bhojnagarwala - Moody's

Qatari banks' reliance on confidence-sensitive external funding has increased in recent years due to a significant decline in oil-related revenues. This leaves them vulnerable to shifts in investor

Firas Modad - IHS

The decision was aimed at better paid, high skill workers, who are far less likely to suffer rights abuses. As such, it doesn't address the issue conditions of foreign construction workers for which Qatar has been criticized by international rights

Matt Miller

We respect Qatar Airways' decision not to proceed with its proposed investment in American Airlines. This in no way changes the course for

Ali Alwaleed al-Thani - World Trade Organization

Obviously all options are available. But we have not raised a consultation request with Egypt

Ali Alwaleed al-Thani - World Trade Organization

If it is self-regulating, that is a danger to the entire multilateral trading system itself. And we believe the WTO will take that into

Ali Alwaleed al-Thani - World Trade Organization

The consultation request is to discuss and clarify the legality of these measures and find a way to bring them into conformity with their commitments. We have always called for dialogue, for negotiations, and this is part of our strategy to talk to the members concerned and to gain more information on these measures, the legality of these measures, and to find a solution to resolve the

Khalid Albaih

There's a very thin line between being a propagandist and a cartoonist. Cartoonists, in the end, we're critics. You need to be critical of

Khalid Albaih

Most people are saying we really want to comment or 'like' but we can't. It's quite notable that a lot of the intellectuals in the Emirates or Saudi [Arabia] are not even talking about the subject at all because they cannot say anything

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

We are tired of responding to false information and stories invented from nothing. There isn't a clear vision (from Manama's meeting), there is only a stubborn policy from the blockading countries and a refusal to admit that these are illegal

Javier Tebas

La Liga and Barcelona are bigger than Neymar. I would be more worried if Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi left. Even if they don't pay the release clause we will report them. They cannot make up some commercial number s that are bigger than Barcelona or Real Madrid. Nobody believes that , which means that the state of Qatar is injecting money and that violates Financial Fair

Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa

The four countries are ready for dialogue with Qatar with the condition that it announces its sincere willingness to stop funding terrorism and extremism and its commitment to not interfere in other countries' foreign affairs and respond to the 13

Doug Parker - American Airlines

We'll see where this all ends up. We thought we were undervalued yesterday. So now we feel really undervalued over the last couple days because the market seems to be reacting to short-term revenue issues as opposed to long-term cash

Doug Parker - American Airlines

It's not fair, and our job is to make sure that we point out that it's not fair and do everything we can to stop them from being able to expand into our markets and take away American

Doug Parker - American Airlines

Our strong revenue growth is a credit to our more than 120,000 team members and evidence that these investments are working. Looking forward, we are enthusiastic about our prospects for the second half of 2017, as well as 2018 and

Benjamin Netanyahu

The Al-Jazeera network continues to incite violence around the Temple Mount. I have appealed several times to law enforcement authorities demanding the closure of the Al-Jazeera Jerusalem office. If this does not happen because of legal interpretation, I will work to legislate the required laws in order to remove Al-Jazeera from

Donald J. Trump

The nation of Qatar, unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level. And in the wake of that conference, nations came together and spoke to me about confronting Qatar over its

Rex W. Tillerson

We call on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt to ease the blockade against Qatar. There are humanitarian consequences to this

Saud al-Qahtani

The lifting of the block on websites of the Qatari authorities was due to a technical error and will be fixed within the coming

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

We are open to dialogue to iron out all the pending issues, not only for the benefit of our peoples and governments, but also to spare our region the pointless efforts to dissipate our

Sediq Sediqqi

They lied – it's part of propaganda. The Taliban leaders and their families are living in luxury in Pakistan and Qatar, and they incite others to kill Afghans in the name of

Rex W. Tillerson

Positive movement. The Qataris have continued to move forward on the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that the US and Qatar entered into to address many of the terrorism, terror financing, counterterrorism concerns that people have. So we're, I think we're satisfied with the effort they're putting forth. I hope the four countries will consider as a sign of good faith lifting this land blockade, which is really having the most, I think, negative effects on the Qatari

Rex W. Tillerson

So we are satisfied with the effort they are putting it forward. I think they have also indicated a willingness to sit with the four parties and negotiate and discuss the four demands. They have indicated that the sovereignty and dignity of all five countries most be

Rex W. Tillerson

I hope as a sign of good faith they will lift that blockade. That would be a positive

Anwar Gargash

It is a positive step to deal seriously with the list of 59 terrorists. The pressure linked to the crisis has begun to bear fruit. It would be wiser (for Qatar) to totally change its (political)

Stephen Constantine

They look very quick at times. They have an utmost quality I must say. It'll be a big challenge for us against them,'' he

Ali Mohammed al-Mohannadi

The only thing we are sure of is that . . . the anticipation and the benefit from this hacking was in the United Arab

Adel Al-Jubeir

We came to the conclusion that enough is enough. If Qatar wants to be part of the Gulf, it has to act like it. And stop engaging with this mischief. If not, we are prepared to wait for long time. We are not in a hurry. But we can not go back to the way they

April Longley Alley - The International Crisis Group

Whatever Saudi Arabia's current view of the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries, in Yemen they are natural allies against the Houthi-Saleh alliance. In many fighting fronts in the north, tribesmen or soldiers associated with Islah are a critical, if not the most important, part of the anti-Houthi fighting

Joshua Marcuse

The board members were horrified and appalled at the way we were doing it. But they were also really impressed with the young men and women who had the ingenuity to try to work through this on their own. They just felt there had to be a better

Enrique Oti - Air Force

We have an acquisition system that was built for a hardware-centric world. But in the current age – especially in the cloud computing age, where processing is cheap – you should be able to push out something that is good enough, and then keep building on top of

Benjamin Mendel - Air Force

We commonly refer to it as the 'easy button,' which can go ahead and really create the plan in a matter of

Abdallah al-Mouallimi

If the only way to achieve that is by closing down Al-Jazeera, fine. If we can achieve that without closing down Al Jazeera, that's also fine. The important thing is the objective and the principle

Anwar Gargash

Al Jazeera has presented opportunities for terrorist groups to threaten, recruit and incite, without challenge or

Saif bin Ahmad Al Thani

It is especially unfortunate that this shameful act of cyber terrorism is being attributed to a fellow member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This criminal act represents a clear violation and breach of international law and of the bilateral and collective agreements signed between the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as collective agreements with the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and the United

Anwar Gargash

We need to do that and when we do that, come back to the fold and we can work

Ali Kamal Ali

We bring in all the stock in suitcases from Dubai and

Lisa Farbstein

Etihad Airways and Abu Dhabi International Airport; Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Ataturk Airport; Emirates Airlines and Dubai International Airport; and Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport have implemented the required initial enhanced security measures. Travelers will now be able to bring laptops and other large electronic devices into the cabin of U.S.-bound

Anwar Gargash

You cannot be part of a regional organisation dedicated to strengthening mutual security and furthering mutual interests, and at the same time undermine that security and harm those interests. You cannot be both our friend and the friend of

Anwar Gargash

We've sent a message to Qatar. We've said we are not there to escalate. We are not after regime change. We are after a change of

Anwar Gargash

We are too early to speak about meetings, before we get a mediation with some

Anwar Gargash

The Washington Post story today that we actually hacked the Qataris is also not true. We need to be certain that Qatar, a state with $300bn in reserves, is no longer an official or unofficial sponsor of jihadist and terrorist

Anwar Gargash

There will be some tightening of the screws. We will see what are these screws, whether they are financial, whether they are other, but they completely within our (remit) as sovereign

Anwar Gargash

The Washington Post story is not true. It is purely wrong. You will see in the next few days the story will

Anwar Gargash

As the Qataris realise this is a crisis that will drag on, we will see them become a bit more

Gianni Infantino

The countries warned FIFA of the risks threatening fan and player security in a country that is 'the base and the castle of

Yusuf al-Qaradawi

We have the 'children bomb,' and these human bombs must continue until

Michael Semple

Clearly they are using their foothold in the Gulf to try and fund-raise and legitimize. If they haven't broached the substantive issues around peace, and the other gains are modest, then you could argue that that Qatar initiative makes things

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

We welcome the French republic's position to support the Kuwaiti mediation to reach a solution through negotiation built on mutual respect and the respect of sovereignty, in accordance to international

Jean-Yves Le Drian

This crisis is not benefitting anyone and is against everyone's interests. France calls for the lifting, as soon as possible, of the measures that affect the populations in particular, bi-national families that have been separated or

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

We believe the main issue is not about terrorism. The main issue is opposing differences and the way to shut the other voice. Maybe they are looking at Qatar [and thinking] that it's punching over its

Dave Roberts

The Brotherhood's lack of penetration in Qatar is also explained by its inability to perform its usual social functions. Running local hospitals or schools, typical Brotherhood activities elsewhere in the region, is popular but inevitably undercuts the state's legitimacy. Qatar is a wealthy ... state that provides for its citizens' every

Mevlut Cavusoglu

All our efforts are focused on a solution that suits the laws of brotherly

Heather Nauert

Based on his meetings, the secretary believes that getting the parties to talk directly to one another would be an important next step. We hope the parties will agree to do so and we will continue to support the emir of Kuwait in his mediation

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

The US shale revolution shows no sign of running out of steam and its effects are now amplified by a second revolution of rising LNG supplies. Also, the rising number of LNG consuming countries, from 15 in 2005 to 39 this year, shows that LNG attracts many new customers, especially in the emerging world. However, whether these countries remain long-term consumers or opportunistic buyers will depend on price competition. The environmental advantages of natural gas, particularly when replacing coal, also deserve more attention from policy

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Competition among air carriers is robust. This is healthy, especially for our passengers, but our competition must remain respectful. For the cabin crew serving aboard all air carriers, professionalism, skill and dedication are the qualities that matter. I was wrong to imply that other factors, like age, are

Sara Nelson - Association of Flight Attendants

Flight attendants have been at the forefront of fighting to gain equal rights on the job. On our planes, we welcome humanity from every corner of the earth and we deliver passengers safely around the globe. Attacks against U.S. flight attendants by the leaders of Gulf airlines, in public and private, are a reflection of their countries' documented disregard for human

Bob Ross - Association of Professional Flight Attendants

Would Mr. Akbar Al Baker question the age of the flight attendants who thwarted Richard Reid, the 'shoe bomber,' or those who evacuated the aircraft that landed on the Hudson River? We are proud of our members who are not revered for their youth, but for their roles as safety professionals and first

Dan Carey

The comments by Akbar al Baker disgust me as a husband, they disgust me as a father of three daughters, and they disgust me as a pilot who relies on the skill and experience of our crew members – grandmothers or

David Ignatius

To resolve the Middle East turmoil over the Qatar boycott, the United States must deal with the anger that fueled

Abhishek Kumar - Interfax

The (Gulf) stand-off could last years. They own prime properties around the world as well as undisclosed amounts of liquid assets -- bonds and equities -- so if they need to sell, the impact is going to be

Sara Nelson - Association of Flight Attendants

Straight from Akbar Al Baker lips, he confirms what AFA has said all along: Qatar Airways thrives on misogyny and discrimination. Qatar is not only seeking to choke out U.S. Aviation, but also the 300,000 good jobs built through opportunity created on the principle of equality. There is no room for a separation of humanity in air travel or in an emergency. Flight Attendants are onboard to save lives and every life counts. If you prop up Qatar Airways you are supporting sexism, racism, and ageism.

Stephen Constantine

We are a fairly young team and a new team. We've lost one and won one against Singapore. We will probably be the underdogs going into the tournament, but the boys are

Akbar al-Baker - Qatar Airways

Our stock purchase request and filing is going ahead as normal. We had to clarify certain questions of the regulator, which we compiled with. I think one of the problems is the expectations of what an audit is there to do is very high. The audit is not there to be a forensic review of every transaction that passes through the books of a company, where there are millions of

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I should like to apologise unreservedly to those offended by my recent remarks which compared Qatar Airways cabin crew with cabin crew on US carriers. The remarks were made informally at a private gala dinner, following comments about the Qatar Airways cabin service, and were in no way intended to cause offence. This is a time of strong rivalry between our airline and the US carriers, and we are of course immensely proud of our own cabin

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Cabin crew are the public face of all airlines, and I greatly respect their hard work and professionalism. They play a huge role in the safety and comfort of passengers, irrespective of their age or gender or familial status. I have worked for many years in the industry, and I have a high regard for the value that I see long-serving staff members bringing through their experience and

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Tillerson cannot impose reconciliation, but he could reduce the distance between the parties in the diplomatic rift – all of which are his allies – rather than taking the side of one against the

Rex W. Tillerson

The agreement which we both have signed on behalf of our governments represents weeks of intensive discussions between experts and reinvigorates the spirit of the Riyadh summit. The memorandum lays out a series of steps that each country will take in coming months and years to interrupt and disable terror financing flows and intensify counter terrorism activities

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

What makes Wednesday's meeting in Jiddah difficult is that Tillerson has, since the beginning of the crisis, appeared to be taking the Qatari side. He has to realize that he will be further complicating an already complex matter and prolonging the

Salman Ahmed - Lombard Odier Asset Management

If they had not issued bonds and accumulated liquidity I think we would have seen more pressure. They have been using the proceeds of these bonds to bridge the

Marcus Chenevix

One should expect Gulf governments to sell liquid assets when they have to. I am sure the Qataris will be moving some of their less liquid assets into more liquid ones as a form of insurance, i.e. real estate into

R.C. Hammond

Qatar and the United States have signed a memorandum of understanding between the two counties outlining future efforts Qatar can take to fortify its fight against terrorism and actively address terrorism funding issues. This is a hopeful step

Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah

Emirates (UAE) rejected it because today the biggest trade between Iran is (with the) Emirates – about 30-40 billion dirham a year ($8-10 billion). Don't believe that they (UAE) are focusing on Iran. If they are focusing on Iran they must cut full diplomatic relations with Iran, stop business with Iran. If you see the trade comparison, Qatar and Iran is

Seri Subahan Kamal

We're trying to get Syria because Syria will play a qualification match against Qatar in Melaka as well. We're trying to talk to Syria to get them to play against us on the 22nd, so coach Nelo (Malaysia head coach Nelo Vingada) has three matches (before the Hong Kong match). This time Melaka will host it as most of the stadiums in Kuala Lumpur will be occupied by the SEA Games which will end on the

Anwar Gargash

The finest mediation work will fail without realism, maturity and rationality from Doha. Hiding behind the vocabulary of sovereignty and denial prolongs the

Amir-Hossein Zamaninia

With the contracts signed last week, with the Chinese company and Total and the Iranian company, that is also a very good indication that the assessment by international oil companies is that the return of sanctions is very unlikely, if not

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

Today, the state of Qatar was the first to sign the executive programme with the United States to fight terrorism

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

Today, Qatar is the first country to sign a memorandum of agreement with the US, and we call on the countries imposing the siege against Qatar to join us as signatories to this MOU [memorandum of understanding].feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

The US has one goal: to drive terrorism off the face of the Earth. The president said every country has an absolute duty to make sure that terrorists find no sanctuary on their soil. Together the United States and Qatar will do more to track down funding sources, will do more to collaborate and share information, and will do more to keep the region and our homeland

Ahmed Abu Zeid

It is unacceptable for the coalition to have amongst its members states that support terrorism or advocate for it in their media. The decision by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain to boycott Qatar – a coalition member – is in accordance with that

R.C. Hammond

We've had one round of exchanges and dialogue and didn't advance the ball. We will work with Kuwait and see if we can hash out a different strategy. Individually there are things in there that could work. This is a two-way street. There are no clean

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

Of course, I won't go to the same field in Iran without telling Qatar. The Iranian block where we are supposed to produce is next to the border with Qatar. When I travelled to Doha I discussed it with the (Qatari) authorities and they told us: 'It is ok – we know

Hussein Al-Marri

I have returned from Saudi Arabia. I myself saw more than 100 dead camels on the road as well as hundreds of lost camels and

Donald J. Trump

Saudi Arabia giving $25 million, Qatar, all of these countries. You talk about women and women's rights? So these are people that push gays off ... buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly. And yet you take their

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

The security measures in place in Doha allow us to continue to provide our renowned world-class service for all our passengers travelling to the U.S. We look forward to providing our passengers an even greater choice of U.S. destinations soon, with the addition of San Francisco to our expanding network, on board the most modern of aircraft including the Airbus A350 and our Qsuite retro-fitted Boeing 777

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We are pleased to announce that the electronics ban has been lifted from Qatar Airways flights departing to all destinations in the U.S. Safety and security are always our highest priority. They are expressed throughout all of our corporate values, and must never be

Abdullah Saud Al-Thani

There is no risk. There are 120 registered asset managers, fund managers and individuals from outside who want to and are interested in playing a role in our stock market … we haven't seen this much in a period of time (of people) who come and invest in our stock market. It is not speculation. They are mostly coming for medium to long term to invest in the stock market and also in our treasury

Saif Bin Ahmed Al-Thani

A full reading of that text will show that the intent of the 2013/14 agreements was to ensure that sovereign GCC nations be able cooperate within a clear framework. Their demands – that Qatar close down Al Jazeera, force the breakup of families, and pay 'compensation' – are demands that bear no relation to the Riyadh agreements. Further, at no point did Saudi Arabia or the UAE use the mechanisms in the Riyadh agreement to communicate their concerns to

R C Hammond

We've had one round of exchanges and dialogue and didn't advance the ball. Our job here is to keep people communicating and talking to each

Lori Plotkin Boghardt

If they feel a decrease in support from their neighbors and a bit more challenging relationship with the U.S., will they provide additional support to dangerous actors in the region, as part of their security strategy? He's putting his reputation as secretary of state on the

Ranj Alaaldin

Although Islamic State’s caliphate has fallen, it would be a mistake to expect harmony in northern Iraq any time soon• Ranj Alaaldin is a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Doha. The liberation of Mosul is complete. Islamic State is unlikely to again govern and control large swaths of territory in the near future. While the past three years of war have been brutal, there will be some justice and respite for those who have lost friends and family to Isis, as well as for the broader Iraqi population that has had to put up with it and its ilk for more than a

Abdullah Bin Saoud al-Thani

This is the credibility of our system, we have enough cash to [absorb] any ... kind of

Abdullah Saud Al-Thani

This is the credibility of our system, we have enough cash to preserve any - any kind of shock. So we don't believe that there is anything to worry about at this moment. What I can say is that our environment is proof to anybody that we are first of all solid, strong and resilient against any kind of

Boris Johnson

These talks underline the UK's strong support for Kuwait's mediation efforts, and I urge all parties to play a constructive role in order to restore the unity of the Gulf Cooperation Council. My impression is progress can be made and there is a way forward. But I'm not going to pretend to you now that it is necessarily overnight or this is going to be done in the next couple of

Mahir Zeynalov

Beating up protesters in Washington, his position on the Qatar crisis, reluctance to work with Syrian Kurds in the fight against ISIS only pushed for his isolation in the world. Turkey is not an international pariah yet, but it sure is on its way to

Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah

We are trying to resolve an issue that concerns not just us but the whole

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

What is happening now among Arab countries is that someone is trying to change the political dynamic in the region, and this instability is not good for us and other countries although it benefits Israel. There are countries that want Gaza to be part of the regional equation, others that want to shut gates or punish Hamas. We understand the contradictions. If you have good relations with Qatar, Egypt will be angry. If you have good relations with Iran, Saudi will be

Phil Kornbluth

The thing this really highlights, is that the helium supply chain, even though there's ample supply when everything is running, is inflexible and

Heather Nauert

We remain very concerned about that ongoing situation between Qatar and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. We've become increasingly concerned that that dispute is at an impasse at this point. We believe that this could potentially drag on for weeks. It could drag on for months. It could possibly even

Heather Nauert

We remain very concerned about that ongoing situation involving Qatar and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Donato Di Campli

Then there's the final point, which is the most important: it's about Doha, which is home to, among others, the owners of PSG. Not giving up Verratti to Barca for €100m has become a matter of

Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida

This is bad, but it has gotten worse previously. I think 2008 was a way worse economic crisis than

Raghavan Seetharaman - Doha Bank

The outlook has been put to negative. It means the borrowing costs for the sovereign or institutions may go up slightly. It doesn't imply anything beyond that. There is nothing [that] can disturb the financial stability in the medium and long term. Short-term turbulence, yes. Medium and long term, no. Nothing to worry. Trust the

Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida

I think investors who were set up in nearby countries to do business in this part of the world ... have obviously suffered a lot of

Donato Di Campli

Marco Verratti is a prisoner of the Emir. [PSG president Nasser] Al-Khelaifi has told me that if he sells [Verratti] then they would never forgive him in

Ahmed al-Kuwari

We will go to the streets and fight for him [Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani].feedback

Oliver Richardson

It's high time British Airways stopped spending millions defending low pay and its bullying approach by negotiating a settlement to this long running

Akbar al-Baker - Qatar Airways

We are asking Airbus to deliver it faster. The delay is from

Sigmar Gabriel

For us (Europeans), the GCC is the guarantor of stability and security in the

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Americans are also there ... and so are the French. ... Why are the Saudis disturbed by us and not by that? This is

Sigmar Gabriel

But it is also possible that it will continue to be difficult for some

Tom Ellacott - Wood Mackenzie

Qatar LNG is really an important part of their overall portfolio, especially for Exxon. But Total and Shell are also material LNG players there. Qatar LNG is very competitive. Debottlenecking will be a relatively cheap option to increase capacity, but with the industry at a low point in the cost cycle, it may also be a good time to install new

Sameh Shoukry

The response the four states got was overall negative and lacked any content. We find it did not provide a basis for Qatar to retreat from its policies. The demands are not negotiable. The matter from the beginning was not up for negotiations ... there is no middle

Heather Nauert

We believe that overall, the fight against terrorism is something that will bring all these countries together eventually, because we still have that shared fight. And I think all the nations recognize

Haya Alwaleed al-Thani

No one in the family is worried about him stepping down. He has legitimacy. He has treated people with

Haya Alwaleed al-Thani

During the Kuwait invasion my relatives barricaded their windows and stayed inside. They are scared of that happening

Sigmar Gabriel

We now have this opportunity to reach good results for the benefit of the whole region. The matter is not related only to the sovereignty of Qatar. We have to come back to common work at the GCC and for the Europeans this is a very important matter. For us, the GCC is the guarantor of stability and security in the

Kim Young-ki - Korea Gas Corporation

We would have to figure out why Qatar is planning to boost its output... We don't have plans yet to import new LNG cargoes from

Oliver Richardson

The time and money British Airways is spending on wet leasing aircraft and bullying striking cabin crew are resources which could easily settle this dispute. The 'wet leasing' of Qatar Airways' aircraft should not have been approved by the Government or been sought by British Airways. We believe it is not only in breach of European regulations and non-compliant with civil aviation safety, but has also driven a coach and horses through British Airways' own corporate social responsibility policy, which is not worth the paper it's written

Oliver Richardson

Today's announcement of a further escalation, underlines the determination of our members in their fight for better pay and against British Airways' bullying behaviour. We are seeing strong support for the ongoing strike action. The 'wet leasing' of Qatar Airways' aircraft should not have been approved by the Government or been sought by British

Simon Culkin

The delivery adds more diversity to the sources of gas we rely on. This year we have brought in shipments from Algeria, Qatar and South America too. The more sources you can draw on, the

Theodore Kattouf

Asking him to close a base where Turkish troops are stationed, downgrade relations with Iran and close Al-Jazeera, the flagship satellite channel in the Middle East, would be humiliating. So there's no way out of this immediately. They're like kids in a tough neighborhood who have too much lunch change in their

Theodore Kattouf

The United States is committed to keeping shipping lanes in that region of the world open, so I don't see any move to close Qatar's ports to oil shipments or gas shipments in or

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