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Mike Cherry
The UK has slower download speeds than Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand. We welcome the government's commitment to an ambitious industrial strategy. But clearly we're not going to have an economy of highly paid, highly productive workers when a significant proportion of businesses can't even access the
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Oct 23 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Romania protests 2017. You'll find 181 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Romania protests 2017 are: Klaus Iohannis, Enes Kanter, Sorin Grindeanu and Radu Magdin. Klaus Iohannis specifically said: “This crisis that we are going through – it's a political crisis – badly harms Romania, it harms the Romanian economy, it hits the image of Romania internationally and in my opinion (…) this crisis has to stop very quickly.”.
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Ionut Dumitru - Raiffeisen Bank International

The government in 2015 decided to cut taxation for consumption. They cut VAT from 24% to 20%, and now 19%, and extended the reduced VAT rate for food and some other items. This was a very strong stimulus for consumption. The government has also doubled the minimum wage in four years. And it's not only the minimum wage that has increased a lot, but also public sector

James Park - Fitbit

The tech talent here is amazing. Romania and other countries in central and eastern Europe have great existing talent, and also great

Ionut Dumitru - Raiffeisen Bank International

The government has also doubled the minimum wage in four years. And it's not only the minimum wage that has increased a lot, but also public sector

Ionut Dumitru - Raiffeisen Bank International

The main concern for the economy is the fiscal situation. The deficit is under

Ionut Dumitru - Raiffeisen Bank International

It's hard to sustain more than 5% growth. Most analysts are predicting closer to 4% for next year. But even 4% will probably be one of the highest growth rates in Europe, so it's not bad at

Vlad Viski

It is unacceptable for a person who disobeyed her own Constitution to tour Romania and give out advice about how Romania's Constitution should be

Vlad Viski

It is extremely worrying that a person who broke the law in the United States is being brought to Romania and presented as some sort of hero of

Kim Davis

I want to give Romanians hope that they can stand strong and they can stand for something without being against a group of people or whatever. What I can safely say is that if the family was defined in the Constitution as a union between a man and a woman, I would not have spent six days in

Alex Giboi

Not even the alert published by the Council of Europe on its press freedom platform was able to stand in the way of the need for political control manifested by the draft law's initiators. What is clear now is it's the politicians' plan to further modify AGERPRES' law. If this first huge step back in time means modernising, I am really afraid of what could

Alex Giboi

Romanian Minister of Culture, Lucian Romașcanu, is aiming to turn Romanian public media into the state's press

Teodor Melescanu

No Romanian school will be closed ... and no teachers in a Romanian school will be

Cristian Pârvulescu

We are seeing a determined attempt to use religion or traditional themes to oppose human rights. We know how this

Harry Mihet

Romanians are determined to prevent such injustice from ever happening again in their

Mihai Gheorghiu

We invite Kim Davis to share with us her fight for freedom, her strong faith and her experience in prison, which was the price she paid for standing up for her

Dominic Gray

On a particularly slow day at work today, looking back through previous World Cup qualifying campaigns, it seems that Ethiopia were part of the Uefa qualifying for the 1962 World Cup in Chile, along with Italy, Cyprus, Israel and Romania (who later withdrew). Is there any explanation for this?feedback

Alexandru Onofrencu

It depends if they will still rent us to us, it depends on the procedures to rent them. If someone will come up with the money and will get involved in this business, it would mean that we all go home and only a chosen few will

Alexandru Onofrencu

It's a situation you can see across the

Alexandru Onofrencu

Since last year, nobody [owning a newsstand] in the fourth district has an operating permit. Probably the city hall wants new

Erich Mocanu

Shady employers can avoid paying taxes in Germany by registering their workers on a list of employees in a fictitious company. They will, for example, register them in Romania and give them the Romanian minimum wage rather than the one in force in

Erich Mocanu

This is a contract set up by a subcontractor who works for a German parcel delivery company. This contract complies with Romanian regulations: 8 working hours per day, 1450 Leus per month, which is about 300 euros. Its leader is the head of two companies: one is based in Germany and the other in Romania. In Germany, he signs contracts with the main companies. In Romania, he recruits staff. So no tax is paid in Germany and there are no social contributions nor pension

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Children in Romania or Italy must have the same access to measles vaccines as other children right across Europe. No ifs, no buts. This is why we are working with all Member States to support national vaccination efforts. Avoidable deaths must not occur in

Laura Lisita

Would a parent who sees another child in that condition have the courage to say: 'I will not vaccinate my baby?' Whoever has this courage is a

Laura Lisita

Life is not just what you see on TV and what you read on the internet. I would tell parents who do not vaccinate their children to go to the hospital to see how much a child with measles suffers, to see how his skin itches, to see how he coughs, to see how he breathes, to see a parent holding a mask against their baby's face knowing that if it is removed, the child will

Peter Bone

Any divorce bill would be too much for me ... If you ask my constituents, in Wellingborough we want an urgent care centre. We've been campaigning for years, and it's a few million pounds. And we are told there is not enough money for that. If we're then told we're giving £20bn to subsidise Romania and Poland, I think my constituents, and I think constituents around the country, would be furious about

Nicolae Robu

I am on the field, crossing myself. There are dozens of trees on the ground, roads blocked, we are out of electricity and water. There are roofs torn off houses, apartment buildings. There are overturned trucks. I've never seen anything like

Gustav Gressel

That creates a division within the alliance, a sense of divided security. We've never practiced that in Romania and Bulgaria; all the concepts to defend the Baltics are paper concepts. Everything you haven't practiced in a real war situation doesn't work, because virtually every plan forgets something or runs into difficulties that you haven't come across unless you've tried it. In my mind, we owe it to our allies in the East to show the Russians that we're not just talking tough; that if they do some nonsense in the East we're there and we're going to catch

Gabriela Leu - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Sea crossing are dangerous and the fact people are putting children on these boats shows they have to be very desperate. People need more safe ways [in addition to the Turkey-EU deal] to get to Europe and because they don't have legal means they have to find new

Raluca Stirbat

Of course, the music is not easy to play and as later his compositions are as more things are complicated. The secret to playing Enescu's compositions is that you have to understand and master them so well, that the audience has the feeling that you are improvising on stage. One has to lose the notion of time and

Liviu Dragnea

This is a key position. Fifor is a responsible person, he has the advantage of being an economy minister and closely working with the defense ministry on military

Sanda Nicolae

I come to the festival because I love Enescu, he is a representative for Romania, an international music force and he is beginning to be appreciated in the world. When our soul hurts, we find ourselves in his

Irene Donadio

The UK is a great example among the countries that have been struggling with teen

Irene Donadio

There are two countries with a staggering problem: Bulgaria and Romania. These countries are the ones that have a lack of engagement when it comes to gender equality and education. There is an exception and that's Estonia. It's done something important over a number of years in relation to access to education, information and access to care. This has brought results. It's not only a question of having a very developed system like in western Europe – Estonia have shown it can be done in that region of Europe. They are doing well and they're a role model that could be

Irene Donadio

Certainly more education [would be good]. Because boys have to understand better and girls should know more about what their rights

Irene Donadio

Estonia has made a lot of progress in comparison with their neighbouring countries. Just next to them you have Lithuania which has abstinence-only programmes in its schools and Latvia which recently introduced measures that will undermine the promotion of gender equality education in

Irene Donadio

You have to wonder how much consent is appreciated in the country. How much real choice about sexual and reproductive autonomy and self-determination girls have, including in relation to termination. In some cases we are practically talking about children, so there's a child protection failure at play too. We celebrate the UK government's recent decision to make sex and relationships education mandatory in all schools. This is a crucial step on the right

Stéphanie Danielle Roth

The government is trying to strike a deal with Gabriel Resources. It's very worrying. The interview was no accident – Tudose was outlining the government's plans for the

Michel Barnier

It is up to us, from Paris to Bucharest, to continue to make the European Union a community of destinies that will necessarily pass through the establishment of an integrated European

George Downs

We learn from them and their techniques and tactics, and at the same time, we're teaching them alongside them with our tactics and techniques, so that we are more integrated with

George Downs

Operation Atlantic Resolve is our steadfast commitment to support our NATO allies in regional and collective

George Downs

We're training with our Romanian allies so that we're better integrated with them in case of future

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

Bulgaria and Romania possess a huge potential but are clearly lagging behind in utilising their potential, they rather stick to the old

Jonathan Erdman - The Weather Channel

There's been a high pressure dome reaching from Spain throughout Eastern Europe. It's been persistent with very little cloud cover and has been camped out over most of the summer in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and

Mugur Isarescu

Price developments in Romania are under control for now, inflation is one of Europe's lowest, but it is just as true that this period of negative inflation is ending. Arguments to act in the following period are piling up but we cannot make a decision disconnected from what is going on in our region and in Europe in

John-Paul Schuirink - Heineken

We recognized the emotional value of the Csiki brand name to its brewers and consumers, as well as to its stakeholders in both Romania and

Constantin Braila

I went through so much, so many troubles. My mother died, my brothers, my granddad. It was so upsetting, tormenting, sad. I was hungry, dirty, full of

Michael Del Nin

This represents a transformational moment in the history of CME. We have always had a great set of assets, and this transaction underscores the enduring attractiveness of broadcasters in the region. It also moves us significantly closer to our long-held goal of establishing a more appropriate leverage profile for our

Berta Herscovici

Uncles and aunts and cousins, they were in this death train. They destroyed me in a way because I could never get rid of my memories. … Some of my days are hell even now after so many

Oana Suciu

They're trying to raise money from new sources because they promised that they were going to increase salaries and realized that they didn't have the

Paul Ivan

There is a structural tension that leads to the sort of situation that we saw, the conflict between Dragnea and

Paul Ivan

Giving people the impression that you are going to take the money they've saved is never a good

Oru Mohiuddin

While the political turmoil is a cause of worry, Romania offers a combination of low wages, a good business infrastructure and consumers with strong affordability, which are usually hard to

Sorin Grindeanu

Maybe I was a bit negligent but it was like doing a geometry work: I cannot claim to have invented Pythagoras'

Klaus Iohannis

This crisis that we are going through – it's a political crisis – badly harms Romania, it harms the Romanian economy, it hits the image of Romania internationally and in my opinion (…) this crisis has to stop very

Andrew Pinnington

The major driving factor is strategic, to grab market share and extend into more geographic

Sergiu Miscoiu

It will be very difficult for him to find another

Sorin Grindeanu

I don't understand why we are here today, and Romanians don't understand either. I don't understand why there is so much scandal in the party not even six months after we won the elections with a smashing

Robert Lewandowski

In any case, such things cannot happen with the 10th team in the FIFA

Robert Lewandowski

Personally I'm happy, but for me what matters most to the team. We won and we have taken another step towards the Russian World

Robert Lewandowski

Romania played very defensively. After the third goal we lost it. I do not know why. Maybe fatigue after a long

Marek Pietrzak

But also in central and eastern Europe several countries created such a force, such as the Baltic States, Romania and

Ian Cave

While this is a first time that this particular set of exercises takes place in Romania, the desired effect is to practice the ability to deliver to our politicians the capability they've requested of

Fabian Badila

My colleagues discovered ... that the passport had been canceled by Turkish authorities, and legally he is not allowed to enter

Enes Kanter

I'm playing basketball in front of millions of people – that's why I'm here now. But there are thousands of people getting killed, raped. It's really sad to see all this. My friends' family are in jail. I hope the world is watching this. I want people to do something about it. I'm not even from America, and I see all these people and I get all this support. I feel like this is my home

Enes Kanter

If they sent me back to Turkey, probably you guys wouldn't hear a word from me the second day. The reason behind it was, whoever is going to try to go against the president, he's going to try to shut him down. The Secret Service of Indonesia and the army was looking for me because the Turkish government told them that I'm a dangerous man. I'm getting death threats almost every

Fabian Badila

My colleagues established that his travel documents weren't valid. They had been cancelled by his home country, so he wasn't allowed to enter the country. At around 5pm, he left the airport on a flight to London. While he was at the airport, he wasn't detained or locked up. He was allowed to wander around but he couldn't enter the

Enes Kanter

Today I lost my mother, father, brothers and sisters, my family and all my relatives. My own father asked me to change my surname. My mother, who has given me life, disowned me. My brothers and sisters, with which we have grown together, ignore

Enes Kanter

We are in Romania and they said they cancelled my passport by [the] Turkish embassy. The reason behind it is just, of course, my political views and the guy who did it is, you know, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey. You guys know him. He has attacked the people in Washington. He is a bad, bad man. He is a dictator and he is the Hitler of our

Enes Kanter

What's up world. Just wanted to say we are in Romania and they said they cancelled my passport by Turkish Embassy. They have been holding us here for hours by these two police. The reason behind is of course my political views. The guy who did it is the President of Turkey, and you guys know him by now. He's attacked the people in Washington he's a bad bad man. He is a dictator and he is the Hitler of our century. I'll keep you posted guy, but just pray for us and I'll tell you what's going on. Appreciate

Enes Kanter

The reason behind it is just, of course, my political views, and the guy who did it is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey. I will keep you posted guys, but just pray for us, and I'll tell you guys what's going

Fabian Badila

Today at around 1pm local time an individual arrived from Frankfurt. My colleagues established that his travel documents weren't valid, that they had been canceled by his home country, so he wasn't allowed to enter the

Mehmet Kanter

With a feeling of shame I apologize to our president and the Turkish people for having such a

Emily Hyle

This is regardless of where people travel. Right now there are outbreaks in Germany, Italy and

Andy Murray

When I started to control the points more towards the end of the first set and second set, I was hitting the ball pretty clean, creating a few chances. I didn't give him any opportunities. It was good for the first

Cristian Lica

My favourite kitsch, which has unfortunately been damaged, is a statue of Christ with an incorporated room thermometer. The creativity behind kitsch must be admired. We don't want to insult anyone. We didn't invent anything, we just picked up items from the reality around

Simona Constantin

I am glad such a museum has opened. Everything I have seen has made me

Cristian Lica

Kitsch is a form of expression. It's failed art. Some of it is a cliche and repetitive like Mona Lisa copies. Some is creative

Sorin Balanescu

There is an invasion (of kitsch) that is so tiring and ugly. You can't see the city because of the billboards ... I don't know how we will get rid of

Ilie Nastase

But if they are going to be so small-minded about it, there's nothing I can do. What does Wimbledon have to do with what I said about Serena and at the match in

Laura Stefan

I wouldn't use big words to describe today. It is another day where we survive. What we see recently is that each day is a battle. These are not normal times. The ombudsman going to the Constitutional Court to ask if someone who has a criminal record can become prime minister, is that a normal question in a normal country?feedback

Cristian Pirvulescu

This decision of the judiciary committee is very important. Probably believed the civic movement was finished and they could restart disruptions against the rule of law. In Bucharest we had a small but very determined protest, and the reaction was very

Radu Delicote - Smartlink

I think this is a signal, but we don't yet know the motivation of the court. They haven't issued any official statement

Ilie Nastase

In the last few days, my name and the unfortunate situation at the Romania vs England (sic) Fed Cup match were present in both the national and international press. I do not wish to deny the negative reactions I've received, but I would like to add a few words of my own to this matter now, after a period of reflection. I was five when I first picked up a racket. Since then, tennis has been more than a sport or a profession for me. Tennis has been, and is, my life, and for tennis I have sacrificed almost everything, personal or

Michael Del Nin

We're thrilled with the way the year has started. These great financial results, combined with the recent transaction to lower the cost of all of our outstanding debt, have made the first quarter one of significant progress and achievement, causing us to be very optimistic about the rest of 2017. We feel confident that we are on track for yet another year of strong earnings growth and significant

Nadia Comaneci

Ilie is very patriotic and sometimes he says things that he doesn't really mean - it's just Ilie, and he will always be my friend. Of course Ilie is responsible for what comes out of his mouth, and I think it is important in sport that you keep the respect and good behaviour. He will have to deal with it (the consequences), but he can survive whatever happens to him. People make mistakes. Everybody in Romania loves Ilie because he is

Simona Halep

I had extra motivation because in my opinion the public was very fair yesterday. They didn't say anything bad, they just were supporting

Pedro Caixinha

I've had them in Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Romania and with national teams. I like those type of matches and I like matches which are more about the strategical side of the game, and I love that. I think I am going to be a guy who will enjoy the game and seeing if things are going to go the way we have worked with them along the week. It is going to be a fantastic environment and a fantastic football match. We need to be prepared to play it and win

Johanna Konta

I think it will be something I'll work through in the way I work through most of my challenges. Something I'll do my best to overcome and to just

Irina-Camelia Begu

I really wanted to shake the hand at the end, but I was so happy that I just saw Sorana and my team. I think you guys try to put too much negative things on the table. I don't really like that, but I accept that this is the journalists'

Heather Watson

I always shake my opponents hand after every single match I've ever played. I just think it's a sign of respect especially after a match like we had. I was very surprised. I don't think disappointed is the word but I'm not just going to stand around like a

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

In this process we've jointly did since membership, 10 years of cooperation and verification, we've achieved so much that we are now in the final, final stretch of a very long marathon and my impulse, my dedication is to finishing this

Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca - NATO

The Patriot missile defence system is part of the multi-level air defence system of Romania's airspace. We're assessing all options to develop this (acquisition) programme. It is important to say the programme will start this

Anna Bodey

Today's analysis shows the significant impact international migration has on the UK labour market. It is particularly important to the wholesale and retail, hospitality, and public administration and health sectors, which employ around 1.5 million non-UK nationals. Migrants from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and Romania are likely to work more hours and earn lower wages than other workers, partly reflecting their numbers in lower-skilled jobs. Many EU migrants are also more likely to be over-educated for the jobs they are

Markus Krantz

It meant the world to me to find out that they were not injured, and that they were thankful for the gesture. When the story broke I had some anxiety about the fact that the owners might be offended in some way over the massive attention brought to Iggy's passing. So it felt really good to know they were

Markus Krantz

They thanked me for bringing light to their lost family member since they hadn't managed to go back to the site of the attack since it

Alexandra Popescu

If they find that one of these people, or the document the person presented at the border crossing point, appears in the data base with a warning note, that person is invited to the second queue, where the Border Police officers will conduct further detailed verifications. But this procedure will not affect the fluidity of passenger

John Hall

Those killed and injured included Londoners, but also people from the United States of America, from Romania, France, South Korea, Italy, China, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Ireland. We weep for the violence, for the hatred, for the loss of life, for all that divides and spoils our world. It was not meant to be like this. It should not be like this. Violence and hatred are not the

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

With steady progress towards elimination over the past two years, it is of particular concern that measles cases are climbing in Europe, . Today's travel patterns put no person or country beyond the reach of the measles virus. I urge all endemic countries to take urgent measures to stop transmission of measles within their borders, and all countries that have already achieved this to keep up their guard and sustain high immunisation coverage. Outbreaks will continue in Europe, as elsewhere, until every country reaches the level of immunisation needed to fully protect their

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

With steady progress towards elimination over the past 2 years, it is of particular concern that measles cases are climbing in Europe. Today's travel patterns put no person or country beyond the reach of the measles virus. Outbreaks will continue in Europe, as elsewhere, until every country reaches the level of immunization needed to fully protect their

Dan Mihalache

We don't have a formula, we have many varieties; that's what I've heard from British officials. Probably during the negotiations, a formula will be

Ion Radu

Too many people died there and it was considered normal. He totally deserves this punishment. He was left alone for too long. He was a cruel

Simon Kjaer

I never accept defeat, but losing 3-2 away against Poland was not a disaster - just look at their results last summer at the Euros. Right now, we are 'below budget' regarding the number of points we have in our group because we lost the home game against Montenegro. We shouldn't have lost that game for sure. It was the sort of game where you win nine out of 10 times with the number of chances we created and the possession we had. That result put us under a bit of extra pressure, but if we beat Romania the group offers all sorts of options for us

Marius Barbulescu

We are dealing with humiliation that is hard to describe in

Cristian Vlad

Because we have one doctor per section for most specialties, when a doctor goes on holiday we need to close down the

Andreea Kis

I chose to be a family doctor because this is compatible with family life. People in the villages preserve their humanity

Sonia Papiu

I don't think any of my colleagues are planning to stay. I think I could learn more abroad. You have higher responsibilities as a resident

Vlad Voiculescu

Medical staff leaving Romania at an almost massive pace deepens the problems of the healthcare system. Entire hospitals are facing a major personnel deficit and entire towns don't have a family

Dan Ionescu

Usually Romania is at the border of the European Union, but from time to time we are in the centre and this is a moment in which we are in the centre. So I think that the people are sharing the common values of the EU today, and I think it is a very strong message for everybody including our

Dan Ionescu

There is a broken trust between the people and the ruling party and they are forced to invalidate this act, if they do it so, we will see the final reaction

Catalin Tenita

The feeling in the street is that there hasn't been closure. We're in a situation where the government is consuming social resources just because they wouldn't admit they have done something

Sorin Grindeanu

We now have a budget that will bring prosperity and development to Romanians. We have all the necessary means to implement the governing programme that Romanians voted for with a substantial majority in

Radu Magdin

But on other channels of communications, they are viewed as okay, particularly since a lot of influencers are supporting them. Credibility will be lost in case of a scenario of violence or in case they start looking totally unreasonable: namely if people feel there is no longer a case for

Liviu Dragnea

The government has no reason to resign, it was legitimately elected. As long as this tense state continues in Romania, no one has anything to

Klaus Iohannis

I was surprised by the size of the crowd. Having over 200,000 people in Piata Victoriei (Victory Square) is something extraordinary. It's a very good way to say Europe is alive, it's alert, and basically

Klaus Iohannis

The prosperity of the Romanian people was not your first priority. Your first concern was to look after the penal files, and that's why Romanians are indignant and revolted. You have been saying in public that I would like to overthrow the legitimate government. That's false. You won, now you govern and legislate, but not at any price…The resignation of a single minister is too little and early elections would at this stage be too much. This is the available room for

Klaus Iohannis

Romania needs a strong government which works transparently, which governs predictably, in the light of day, not hiding at night. Make good laws for Romania, not for a group of politicians with problems. That's what our EU and NATO partners expect from

Klaus Iohannis

Don't mock Romania... Keep the economic

Sorin Grindeanu

I said I'd let two days pass – one to discuss the budget and the other one for the vote of no confidence in the government, because it's normal for Iordache to participate in the talks on the vote and on the Wednesday evening or Thursday he would then make the decision or I would make it for

Sergiu Miscoiu

The government's loss of credibility is very serious and any measure it takes going forward, not just in the justice department, regardless of its nature, will be looked upon with suspicion and could trigger street

Per Hammarlund

That provided a shot in the arm for EM risk appetite. If the FOMC won't hike as fast as previously thought, that's good for higher-yielding emerging

Sorin Grindeanu

I do not want to divide Romania. It can't be divided in two. We'll hold an extraordinary meeting on Sunday to repeal the decree, withdraw, cancel it … and find a legal way to make sure it does not take

Florian Iordache

When we repealed the emergency decree, we went back to the initial situation, when there were many unconstitutional articles. We will develop and publish a draft bill which will be submitted in parliament after public

Sergiu Miscoiu

I don't think parliament will reject the repeal decree, but they may try to introduce some of the contested provisions in a draft bill to amend the criminal

Sorin Grindeanu

I do not want to divide Romania. Romania can't be split in two. Right now Romania seems broken in two. My last desire is to witness

Liviu Dragnea

There may even be talks to withdraw it if the Prime Minister agrees. I feel I can't keep everything under control from the centre ... [with] pressure from regional organizations to bring one million people onto the streets of Bucharest. I have decided to meet coalition partners to suggest a solution to solve the

Sorin Grindeanu

I don't want to divide Romania ... Romania in this moment seems broken in

Calin Popescu Tariceanu

A possible repeal of the decree will allow us to have a serious discussion with wide segments from society ... on how we build the future of the country. We will need to have a lucid and nonpartisan approach to find a way to solve this

Cristian Busuioc

I want to explain to him ... what democracy means, and the way the ones who govern must create laws for the people and not against them or in their own

Liviu Dragnea

We can possibly talking about repealing the decree if the prime minister

Daniel Horodniceanu

We have an over population in prisons and this problem can be solved either by increasing the number of places or by reducing the number of inmates. The fastest way to solve this is an amnesty. We were criticised by the European Court for Human Rights who gave us the examples of other states, so we followed that example. And suddenly we are criticised for doing exactly what we were told to

Daniel Horodniceanu

The moment a suspect would have nothing to gain from informing, then he would have no interest in doing it. Therefore, such acts may remain in a dark area, a discrete area where the state could never find or prove

Florian Iordache

Yes, this decree is the ministry's call, and I assume responsibility for that. As long as I am minister and I have signed the two draft bills, I take total responsibility for

Daniel Horodniceanu

There has only ever been one single strategy for fighting corruption and we have learned and developed with that. The state should be consistent and follow this strategy through the proper institutions. If not, it should have communicated its plans to change the national anti-corruption strategy before proceeding with legislative

Victor Ciorbea

There would have been plenty of time to discuss such things in a regular, parliamentary procedure, so no one can claim any urgency. The court will now decide whether the decree is constitutional or

Valer Dorneanu

(The court magistrates) will respect the constitution, the laws, our internal rules and our own

Siegfried Muresan

We have ten days now to try to reverse things because if within these ten days the government cancels its own decree, it will not enter into force and the damage to the rule of law, the judiciary will not be done. So all of the international partners, the European Commission, but also the member states, our partners also from across the Atlantic, from the USA, should use all tools which they have to put pressure on the current government to withdraw this piece of

Eugen Nicolicea

I am disappointed with this criticism because the European Commission's views are usually not founded on the Romanian or international legislation. While being screened for access to the Schengen area, we were asked to contravene our constitution which is a proof either of bad faith or

Diana Rusu

Romanian large anti-governmental protests have been viewed by the urban population as a sign of civil responsibility when the political leaders seem not to follow the best interest of the people. It is worth mention that the massive protests in November 2015 that led to the resignation of the Social Democrat government have set a precedent that peaceful demonstrations can bring a change. I believe this is one very important motivation of all those

Mihai Picu

The economic crisis has squeezed the Romanian economy since 2009. From 2012 to 2015 the PSD government decided to cut investment, therefore many projects disappeared. I believe that this economic issue created pressure groups and a movement against

Ovidiu Ursachi

Three million people have already left this country (including me) because these politicians left us no possible bright future. Many still hope, but now they are at their limit and are becoming hopeless. In this way, Romania will soon be no longer be a stability pole in Eastern Europe. After Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, it seems Romania is paving its way to political instability. Thus, all western politicians must support us in our endeavour to reverse these

Micu Alexandru

I will be in the street as long as it takes to change this. And when all this is over, if they will still be in charge, I'm seriously thinking about leaving the

Micu Alexandru

I am sick and tired of the people that are in charge right now. They are doing things only for their benefit, even if it means 'burning' the country. Last night around 300,000 Romanians all around the world demonstrated against the government and against the Tuesday decrees. This was probably the biggest manifestation since the Revolution and they still don't even

Michael Iakab

I don't support the changes the Romanian parliament has done, I'm ashamed that I'm a Romanian

Valentina Dimulescu

People definitely feel that their voices have been grossly ignored and lied to since the government promised the president that these changes would pass through adequate public scrutiny. The fact that approximately 12,000 people rushed to protest on Tuesday night and in other major cities goes to show that these protests will most likely continue and even grow. Some local companies said that they will offer free food and drinks to protesters and some private citizens are offering their apartments for protesters outside

Ion Sava

We hope the EU might step in and take a powerful stand, as there are already rumors that the government will try to steer the country away from EU, in order to escape the corruption

Ion Sava

The protests stems from the sneaky and abusive way in which they did it, over the parliament and with interference with the judicial branch, so that it may save their boss, Dragnea, from going to jail. Many believe that we must act with all the strength, now, before they decide to outlaw public gatherings, social media and the freedom of speech. Because they just showed us that they can and will stop at nothing to get total

Diana Rusu

The anti-corruption fight has always had a very large popular support, especially since it has intensified in the past four years, bringing down tens of corrupt officials or politicians. A significant part of the population, notably the urban one that traditionally doesn't support the Social Democrats, has seen an improvement in the standard of living after Romania joined the EU and considers the anti-corruption fight a compulsory step in the transformation of the

Ovidiu Ursachi

When a political party with strong communist roots is coming to power and as a very first measure they make an urgent amendment (normally used for real urgency situations such as war, natural disasters, etc.) to the laws against corruption, then this country has a big issue. In a country where strong corruption is everywhere in the political and administrative system and where investments go into the pockets of politicians instead of education, health, transportation or defence systems, then people have no more

Vasile Braileanu

We are sick of these politicians who think they are elected forever. The chief of PSD was condemned to two years in prison for electoral fraud, a second file on corruption is ongoing, and these changes of the law will pardon him, so he can then be prime minister because he is no longer an outlaw. It is all explained by the justice minister as the need for more space in prisons, that they are overcrowded. Since the bloody revolution not a prison has been built, although justice ministers report every year the prisons are overcrowded and the conditions are

Florin Jianu

How am I going to look him in the eye and what am I going to tell him over the years? Am I going to tell him his father was a coward and supported actions he does not believe in, or that he chose to walk away from a story that isn't his?feedback

Laura Stefan

The rush in adopting this piece of legislation overnight, at midnight almost, is basically to favour him. You would have thought such things are no longer possible in Romania, that things have changed. What we're most concerned with, first and foremost is the way the government has chosen to adopt legislation. This is really taking us back to the 1990s when legislation was adopted overnight and published in the official gazette. You go to sleep with one law and then you wake up with a different

Florin Iarui

I never dared to think that this was possible. I have always thought that there was some logic, some common sense that would lead to a valid law. But when I saw what has happened, I was

Lucian Mandruta

It's an incredible manifestation of disappointment from these people who feel that they have been cheated. They have been deceived by the government. This Socialist government came to power only one month ago and in one month they managed to have 100.000 people unprecedented since the revolution on the streets against

Mark Toner

The United States is deeply concerned about the Government of Romania's recent measures that undermine rule of law and weaken accountability for financial and corruption-related

Laura Stefan

If we accept they can approve emergency decrees without transparency, then tomorrow they will adopt others and so on. We will wake up without institutions

Maros Sefcovic

We see this is a great matter and that we think that the backtracking on the fight against corruption is not a good thing to do and it sends a very wrong

Klaus Iohannis

The problem is that one cannot act the way the government has done in a country with the rule of law, which Romania is and wants to

Radu Magdin

DNA are having a lot of cases based on this administrative abuse (abuse of power). Of course this is going to affect their

Radu Magdin

In terms of political boldness I think the government is acting like the Polish one, you're in power, you have a majority and 'this is our moment and we can do what we

Radu Magdin

I don't think the PSD will blink. I don't think the protesters will blink. But I don't we are going to see occupy parliament or anything like that, because the government could spin that in their favour. I think it is going to be a fine balance in the next few days and weeks between who eventually gets tired of what. Time is on the side of PSD because at the same time they are voting through the budget and that has economic benefits for the

Radu Magdin

It's a generous budget for the economy. We're gonna see a splash of money. They are going to try and compensate their image and say 'let's talk about serious stuff for the country and the economy and we should stop talking about something that's a fait accompli'. The problem is the people on the streets and the president don't agree and they will protests until the government gives in. It's a cost for the next four years. Because they are changing the theme in society so it's again about right-wing parties defending the rule of law and the PSD who is not, in simple

Radu Magdin

I think they [PSD] feel emboldened, I think they feel cocky. They feel this is a moment for them to act and take responsibility. I'm not sure they were ready for a public debate and I think this was a mistake. It's very simple in the public arena to scream corruption. But technically it [abuse of power] was not a bribe. A lot of politicians are affected like this and this is causing an outcry among the political class. Not only PSD but also liberals. It's very difficult to defend this but I think people would be a lot more relaxed if we'd had a proper

Klaus Iohannis

This is totally unacceptable. This means that hundreds of corrupt politicians will be cleared to carry on with their misdeeds. Romanians do have a point, to be utterly

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