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Elwood Dunn
A fierce debate ensued in this country about how to deal with the population of free African-Americans while slavery was still in
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Oct 24 2017
Slavery has been commented on by 211 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Slavery are: Lilian Thuram, Mitch Landrieu, Kevin Hyland and Paul Lister. For instance, the most recent quote from Lilian Thuram is: “First of all I think that our win in 1998 was important for French social cohesion, for asking questions which hadn't been been asked before, I mean about living together, the fact that France is a multi-coloured nation so it was also a good time to talk about colonialism, slavery… Also 1998 was the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in France, so I think it brought all these questions out into the open.”.
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Angel Harris

I think they're a reflection of the way our criminal justice system is functioning now. I think what's shocking to people is that this man just said this on television. That attitude is what's permeating throughout our criminal justice

Steve Prator

In addition to the bad ones – and I call these bad – in addition to them, they're releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that, where we save money. Well, they're going to let them out. My many years of public service prove beyond any doubt that I view all persons equally. To say or imply any differently is

Cat Jarman

When we look at this modern DNA, it's not necessarily representative of the population that was there 800 years ago because so much has happened. So many people have moved because of slavery and it's had a huge genetic impact that we need to take into account when we look at the modern

John Oliver

What we do know, collectively, is that they were fighting to protect the institution of slavery, and I do get wanting a more comfortable history for your family, but in doing so, you can't invent a more comfortable history for your country, because you would be erasing the actual painful experiences of many Americans. Some of these statues commemorate people who fought a war to preserve slavery, were erected to assert white supremacy and were dedicated by Klan members, and yet there is a blanket defense that tends to get offered by people, and not just people, but also this

George Monbiot

The suffering inherent in mass meat production can’t be justified. And as the artificial meat industry grows, the last argument for farming animals has now collapsed. What will future generations, looking back on our age, see as its monstrosities? We think of slavery, the subjugation of women, judicial torture, the murder of heretics, imperial conquest and genocide, the first world war and the rise of fascism, and ask ourselves how people could have failed to see the horror of what they did. What madness of our times will revolt our descendants?feedback

Gwen H. Reese

Coming out of slavery, they banded together and decided how they wanted to live. They developed their own culture, defined what freedom meant to them and created a faith-based

Stephen Planning

We can hopefully begin some healing in not only the history of Georgetown and the Jesuits but also with race relations in our

Stephen Planning

The Society of Jesus has been doing its best to confront this terrible part of our history and to be up front and honest about it, and to apologize for

Jane Harris

They seem to be wary of anything that is in any way abstract, or risks being confusing. If you are writing about slavery, they will want to put a cliched image on the

Michael Cottman

What I am hoping with this book is that it gives young readers an opportunity to learn and understand the history of slavery through one slave ship, the Henrietta Marie. There's no better illustration for racial partnership to me than introducing, in the book and in my lectures, the partnership of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers and the white marine archeologists we worked with to explore the Henrietta

Aram Sinnreich

It starts to look like human slavery. For Joe Investor, sure, it's no more or less meaningful than any other kind of commodity traded on exchanges – but we need to think about what kind of commodity we want human expression to be. It's very different than iron ore or rare earths or something like

William Lloyd Stearman

During my boyhood in the 1930s, hardly anybody displayed Confederate

Ernest Green

The US is still segregated by housing and employment, which are the two pillars we still have to struggle with. But I believe our experience will act as an inspiration to many young people. It may inspire some on the other side: there's probably a crowd that wants to go back to slavery, but we won't let them. I survived a year of Orval Faubus, the Arkansas governor, in 1957. If we pace ourselves according to what Trump wants, obviously we'll go backwards. The idea is to continue the fight and push for equity in this

Fiona David

Information in the abstract can be interesting, but what you really want is information that can shape your responses so that you can identify victims, prosecute criminals, get people the help they need, and change their

Fiona David

The first time you build a magnifying glass, you get a picture than you see with the naked eye, but it might be a bit rough, then you improve your tools over time, you improve your data over time, and over time, your picture gets clearer and clearer, and also you can see more definition in the

Randy Lowry

I wrote in my apology that I did the next day how I understand that cotton represents something to some of the African American community that takes us back to the deplorable times of slavery. So I understand that student and am extraordinarily sorry to have anything on the table that would have been offensive. It was extraordinarily innocent, but I understand fully and I have tried to apologize fully for any offense that might have caused any of our

Theresa May

We gather here today united in our determination to eliminate the scourge of forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking. Modern slavery exists in all our societies, it respects neither borders nor jurisdictions, its victims are subject to the most appalling mistreatment and exploitation. We will not tolerate these crimes in our

Ivanka Trump

We can't stand by in silence. We join you today in a full-throated call for enhanced international co-operation to tackle modern slavery in all its evil forms. The Trump administration will continue to make this a priority and work with your governments to identify and implement solutions to end these crimes once and for all. This is a call to action, a call for the global community to address the greatest human rights issue of our

Ed Gillespie

When you are on the side of preserving the institution, the evil institution of slavery, you are on the wrong side of history. But our history is our history, and I believe that we need to educate about it, and that we need to teach about it. So my view is that the statues should remain and we should place them in historical context so people can

Lynda Richardson

I suspect that our country's mixing of races and the legacy of slavery is writ large in many Americans' DNA whether they know it or not. It's time we saw race for what it is – a social construct meant to shackle minorities who can't pass the 'color'

Charles Maier

In the United States, slavery was embedded in a constitutional regime that at least verbally offered universalizing rights. The German cause had no

Jeffrey Plummer

It's too simplified to say the war was over slavery. That's what's been taught in the schools, but there's more to

Timothy Spencer

Violence is a consistent theme in this case. Your victims had reached a position where they were cowed into submission. They knew that any resistance to you was futile - it would have been met by you recruiting more family members to deliver more

Simon York

This was a truly appalling case. These people lived a life of luxury by exploiting and abusing highly vulnerable individuals. They stripped them of their humanity, forcing them to live and work in terrible

Timothy Spencer

Sometimes payment was not monetary but by cheap cider which promoted a dependency upon alcohol, which provided another means of control over them. You knew they would offer no resistance at all – nor did they. These offences are chilling in their

Carlton W. Reeves

The simple fact is that what turned these children into criminal defendants was their joint decision to act on racial hatred. It should go without saying that the emblem has been used time and time again in the Deep South, especially in Mississippi, to express opposition to racial equality. Persons who have engaged in racial oppression have draped themselves in that banner while carrying out their mission to intimidate or do harm. It is difficult to imagine how a symbol borne of the South's intention to maintain slavery can unite Mississippians in the 21st

Lizz Wright

Here I am, both a foreigner and the younger generation, moving into this area that has an incredible culture and history that is really based around being an earth steward and caring for one another. I come from a family that has grown their own food from well into times of slavery, provided for themselves and people around them. So I found, through conversations about the earth and about the house with my neighbors, a lot of common

Gwen Peterson-Buchanan

I get tearful thinking about it. I wish I could tell the first Mr. Peterson that because of him this is a time for rejoicing: that his family is still intact, that the love we have for each other is real, and that we are so thankful that he gave this to

Alwin Peterson

It's a triumph. No one could have foretold how this family's story would unfold. Individually we may feel the sting of how our family arrived here. But this is not a weekend for bitterness. We're just always so glad to see each

Walter Johnson

I wouldn't tell him anything at all. I would just listen to him. I would just want to hear him tell me about his life. All of

James Pennington

There is one sin that slavery committed against me, which I can never forgive. It robbed me of my

Emily Katz Anhalt

In many parts of the world today, slavery and ethnic inequality persist and women still lack equal rights and cannot

John Lewis

In light of this report and pending further investigation, we have made the decision to remove from sale black/star galaxy granite and are currently investigating all granite sources

Matt Damon

Can I just say I would like anybody to be the next President of the United States, right away please. You got to pick if you wanted to be a union or a rebel soldier and I was like give me the rebel, I want to be the rebel. You didn't really understand the history of the Confederate flag ... a flag that was designed to carry into battle ... in favour of

Aidan McQuade - Anti-Slavery

Indian quarrying has long been a byword for abuse and exploitation. Yet the companies that still source from India's quarries are notably silent, including in their modern slavery statements, on how they are engaging with the Indian government to obtain the necessary fundamental reform of this sector to ensure that the enslavement of adults and children in quarrying is brought to an

Diewertje Heyl

There are a few quarries where conditions are better than others, but by and large the poor conditions we described in the report are representative of the sector as a

George Clooney

This movie is about our (United States') coming to terms with an issue, racism, that we have never really been able to address fully. We still have a lot of work to do, coming from our original sin of slavery and

Anthony Bogues

The house is of enormous symbolic importance – particularly in these times. From the C.S.S.J. perspective, this is an important conversation, since we are committed to a public history program about the history of racial slavery and its

Retno Marsudi

It's about accepting standard for good labour practices throughout the supply

Retno Marsudi

I propose that during the next Bali meeting next year, the industries, the private sector, will be able to showcase the best practices that have been taken by industries on initiatives resulted from this

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.

Roger Brooke Taney was not a Confederate officer and he remained loyal to the Union until his death in 1864. Many historians have debated the conflicting anti-slavery words and works of Roger Brooke

Karen Finney

It's simple: my ancestor was a slave owner who fought to preserve slavery. If his side had won, that system of enslavement would have included me as well. Supporters of the statues still want to persuade people they're not about white supremacy. It's time to bring the statues

Baskut Tuncak

While the UK has played a leading role in tackling modern slavery, it has turned a blind eye to the human rights impacts of UK business regarding their toxic supply and value

Afua Hirsch

While the US argues about whether to tear down monuments to the supporters of slavery, Britain still celebrates the shameful era. The area I grew up in, leafy Wimbledon in south-west London, is bordered by memorials to two towering historical figures. One side dedicates its streets and walls to the legacy of the abolitionist William Wilberforce: the remnants of a house where he lounged with his friends, and the mounting block he used to get on his horse to ride to the Houses of Parliament, still

Gerry Lynn - Meade Instruments

To me, the people that want to move their monuments, it's just a lot of drama. There are a lot of small, peaceful communities that wouldn't mind having a tribute to veterans from the war. Don't worry, we're not going to let people come down there and throw a fit and have Confederate flags and call names. The judge executive remarked that the Confederacy was about much more than just

Marc Beallor

It emits the hypocritical and shameful message of moral equivalency between those who fought for freedom and those who fought for slavery. Let us act now in the memory of Heather Heyer, who gave her life in this

Frederick Douglass

This evil principle again seeks admission into our body politic. It comes now in shape of a denial of political rights to four million loyal colored people. The South does not now ask for slavery. It only asks for a large degraded caste, which shall have no political

Eric Foner

He was not a pro-slavery ideologue. But I think equally important is that, unlike some white southerners, he never spoke out against

Jim Gray

By relocating theses statues we are not destroying, hiding or sanitising history. We are honouring and learning our history through this

Wesley Norris

We were tied firmly to posts by a Mr. Gwin, our overseer, who was ordered by Gen. Lee to strip us to the waist and give us fifty lashes each, excepting my sister, who received but

Roy Cooper

We cannot continue to glorify a war against the United States of America fought in the defence of slavery. These monuments should come down. Our Civil War history is important, but it belongs in textbooks and museums – not a place of allegiance on our Capitol grounds. And our history must tell the full story, including the subjugation of humans created in God's image to provide the back-breaking labour that drove the South's agrarian

Andrew M. Cuomo

Renaming these streets will send a clear message that in New York, we stand against intolerance and racism, whether it be insidious and hidden or obvious and intentional. Given the events of this week, including the violence and terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville and the resulting emboldening of the voices of Nazis and white supremacists, I now strongly urge the U.S. Army to reconsider its decision and I call on them to rename these streets. Symbols of slavery and racism have no place in New

Denver Brunsman

He freed their slaves, provided for their education, which is what we would call job training. And again, that vision is quite different than the vision of the Confederacy, which was founded on the premise of slavery forevermore. If we think of Washington evolving on this issue, in many ways, Jefferson devolved. He became worse over the course of his life. But that doesn't take away from the universal language of freedom that he provided us in the Declaration of

Denver Brunsman

In terms of race and slavery, in Washington's case, he set up a framework that, while not perfect, is dedicated to universal liberty. He set up the prospect of future equality. We can look at Washington and say that he foresaw a multiracial

Douglas Blackmon

It would be impossible to remember them if an association with slavery is the only

Rex W. Tillerson

ISIS (Daesh) has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement and death. ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims in areas it controlled. ISIS is also responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing directed at these same groups, and in some cases against Sunni Muslims, Kurds and other minorities. The protection of these groups – and others who are targets of violent extremism – remains a human-rights priority for the Trump

Rex W. Tillerson

Religious persecution and intolerance remains far too prevalent. Almost 80 percent of the global population live with restrictions on or hostilities to limit their freedom of religion. Where religious freedom is not protected, we know that instability, human rights abuses, and violent extremism have a greater opportunity to take root. ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement, and

Jonathan Greenblatt

This is an agenda about celebrating the enslavement of Africans and their descendants, and celebrating those that then fought to preserve that terrible machine of white supremacy and human enslavement. And yet, somehow, they're all wearing shirts that talk about Adolf

Rex W. Tillerson

ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement and death. The protection of these groups and others who are targets of violent extremism remains a human rights priority for the Trump

Annette Gordon-Reed

This is not about the personality of an individual and his or her flaws. This is about men who organized a system of government to maintain a system of slavery and to destroy the American

Rex W. Tillerson

As we make progress in defeating ISIS and denying them their caliphate, their terrorists members have and continue to target multiple religions and ethnic groups for rape, kidnapping, enslavement and even death. I would put our record on religious freedom up against anybody in the

Paul Kingsnorth

The Norman invasion and occupation of England was probably the most catastrophic single event in this nation's history. It brought slaughter, famine, scorched-earth warfare, slavery, and widespread land

Chris Packham

The idea that in the 21st century it's appropriate to charge around the countryside tearing animals to pieces with dogs is wrong, pure and

Chris Packham

In newspapers today, in websites today, it's not all about the Glorious 12th any longer, it's more about the Inglorious

Chris Packham

They sometimes say: 'Ah, it's a tradition.' Slavery was a tradition, racism was a tradition, homophobia was a tradition. We haven't quite got rid of all of them, but we are justifiably trying to get rid of these abhorrent, out-of-date

Timothy Spencer

After careful consideration, I'm quite satisfied the public interest lies in these matters being

Simon Pope

I would have really liked to have attempted to get a prosecution under the modern-day slavery offences because they were being exploited. This is becoming more and more common – these cannabis factories, with gardeners held in poor conditions, given little to no

Chloe Setter

It is extremely concerning that modern slavery charges were dropped in this case, when there was clearly reason for the police to believe that several people were being exploited. It appears those thought to have been victims of a major organised criminal network potentially making millions from their exploitation have received little to no support, and the risk of retrafficking barely

Paul Franklin

It was slavery. There's no doubt. They weren't there by choice. They were trafficked from Vietnam, they were placed there, and told to

Paul Franklin

This is the reality of slavery. People sleeping on a mattress on the floor, urinating in a plastic tub, having no access to getting outside. It's very unpleasant. This was hard manual labour. You can see how bad the exploitation

Joy Reid - MSNBC

It plays to a rather concrete American fantasy: slavery that never ends, becoming a permanent state for black people.

Anthony Scaramucci

One of the things I cannot stand about this town is the backstabbing that goes on here, OK? Where I grew up, in the neighborhood where I'm from, we're front-stabbers. We like to tell you exactly where we are from and what we're doing. And so to me, if you can handle the president's personality, you can handle his temperament, which I happen to love, then you're going to do great with the

Anthony Scaramucci

It's too early, it's too early. What do we know? That's a congregational setting. There's a lot of conversations that go on. If you read 'Team of Rivals,' it took Lincoln three or four times to get what he wanted from the Senate and the House of Representatives, which was the full abolition of slavery. That was a much tougher thing to get done than what we're working on right

Louise Ellman

There are some individuals engaging in traditional anti-Semitism, such as making references to Jews financing slavery, and others who are anti-Zionist to the degree that they become associated with people who denigrate Jews as a whole. Anti-Semitism is of concern, but there are many in the party who are outraged about what's

Anthony Scaramucci

It took 22 months for President Obama to get what he wanted from the legislature. We're in the six months of the president's presidency. So think about the things we are trying to accomplish inside of one year ... If we get Obamacare repealed and replaced, which I predict will still happen, and we get a level of tax reform that we haven't seen since 1986 and we do that inside of a 12-month period of the presidency, I think that will be

Anthony Scaramucci

Do you live here in Washington? ... People say one thing to your face but they don't really mean it, and they something else behind your back. What I like about the president, it's actually good leadership to say the things to people's

Ash Carter

Abu Sayyaf was involved in ISIL's military operations and helped direct the terrorist organization's illicit oil, gas and financial operations as well. Abu Sayyaf was killed during the course of the operation when he engaged U.S. forces. U.S. forces captured Umm Sayyaf, who we suspect is a member of ISIL, played an important role in ISIL's terrorist activities, and may have been complicit in what appears to have been the enslavement of a young Yazidi woman rescued last

Mitch McConnell

So I hope I have at least refreshed the memory of my friend from Minnesota and some of my other Democratic

Matthew Stallard

Local MP Eleanor Smith raised concerns over the emblem – and caused outrage. But the region’s connection to slavery cannot be ignored• Matthew Stallard is a historian of class and race at the University of

Cheryl Phoenix

If my child came home with that, I would not be happy. This is a very, very emotional thing. If it was something about the Holocaust – having to guess about how many Jews to gas – would they be so brazen about it?feedback

Carlton W. Reeves

Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery – the greatest material interest of the

Alondra Nelson

This test was not just about identity in a narcissistic way, but about people trying to reconcile the history of slavery, and scaling up from their ancestry test to what it means for the history of the

Alondra Nelson

We talk about the history of slavery in this country and it feels so abstract. But genetic ancestry testing can make it very personal. The ceremony allowed for a social practice of healing, where people didn't just have to sit with the knowledge. Many of the folks I talked to tell very moving stories about new relationships they began in their communities with their genetic test

Kamala Harris

When it comes to the pay gap, abortion access and workplace discrimination, progressives have much to say. But we're still waiting for a march against honor killings, child marriages, polygamy, sex slavery or female genital

Levar Stoney

Equal parts myth and deception, they were the 'alternative facts' of their time – a false narrative etched in stone and bronze more than 100 years ago – not only to lionize the architects and defenders of slavery, but to perpetuate the tyranny and terror of Jim Crow and reassert a new era of white

Al Gore

There is now in our world a sustainability revolution and it's best understood, in my view, by placing it in the context of other great global transformations – the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the digital revolution. This sustainability revolution has the breadth and magnitude of the industrial revolution but it has the speed of the digital

Al Gore

When the central issue was thus framed in stark relief because of who we are as human beings, the outcome became foreordained. We chose what was right, and now in this case it is clearly wrong to destroy the prospects of living prosperously and sustainably on a clean earth when we bequeath it to our children. It is wrong to use the sky as an open sewer, it is wrong to condemn future generations to a lifetime haunted by continual declines in their standard of living, and give them a world of political disruption and all the chaos that the scientists have warned us

Al Gore

Instead of beginning in a corner of the UK in a world of 1.5bn people, and then slowly spreading to western Europe and North America, this sustainability revolution is being jump started in rich and poor countries alike in every corner of this world of 7.4 billion

Al Gore

During some of the bleakest days of the civil rights movement, Dr Martin Luther King Junior was asked by one of his fellow advocates how long is this going to take and he famously answered, not long because no lie can live for

Desmond Tutu

During the anti-apartheid struggle, using boycotts, divestment and sanctions, we were not only able to apply economic pressure on the unjust state, but also serious moral pressure. People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate

Donald J. Trump

Melania and I send our warmest greetings to all those celebrating Juneteenth, a historic day recognizing the end of

Angelica Jade Bastién

The history that 'The Handmaid's Tale' trades in to the most profound degree is America's greatest sin:

Alison Dreith

He routinely compares abortion to the Holocaust and slavery and this is another example of him grandstanding in a disturbing and dangerous way. Furthermore, this special session is all about the governor's political ambitions. He wants to be able to tell any future adversaries that he called his general assembly in the summer to pass all of thee special abortions restrictions so he'll have his conservative

Liyakat Takim

The Quran allows slavery, so does the Old Testament. That doesn't mean we allow it today, too. Laws are amenable to

Mitch Landrieu

These statues are not just stone and metal. They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood

Wesley Morris

The insult to injury here involves the conflation of Mr. Maher's transgression and the umbrage he feigned at being asked to work in the fields. As my sister might say: Oh, he fancy now. For a long time, black people have deployed slavery-derived hierarchies as a social and psycho-political sorting mechanism. A house assignment might have won a slave less arduous work but more suspicion and contempt from her counterparts in the fields. No one self-identifies as a house Negro–unless that person is making a joke. And even then that person probably shouldn't be Bill

Karen Gibson

Many of the white settlers who came here came for the Oregon Land Donation Act. This place was intentionally settled by whites for whites. They did not want slavery here. They didn't want land taken over by large plantations so they didn't have to compete with bonded labor. But they also thought blacks were inferior. That is still here. White supremacy is about that: the beliefs that whites were

Carlos de Mello Rosa

Any economic sector has to do their own self-regulation as well as using the blacklist to check whether slave labour is taking place in their supply

Ronnie Joyner

I never looked at this statue as a black versus white thing or that it had a link to slavery or anything like that. Its actually a monument to the Confederate Veterans who fought in the Civil

Greg Fischer

The stain of slavery and racism that this monument represents for many, many people has no place in a compassionate, forward leaning

Mitch Landrieu

They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for. They may have been warriors, but in this cause they were not

Mitch Landrieu

These statues are not just stone and metal. They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for. After the Civil War, these statues were a part of that terrorism, as much as burning a cross on someone's lawn. They were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in their shadows about who was still in charge in this

Mitch Landrieu

(The monuments) were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in the shadows (of them) about who was still in charge in this

Obasi Shaw

[African-Americans are] free, but the effects of slavery still exist. Each song is an exploration of that state between slavery and freedom. Rhyming poems were very common in old English

Mitch Landrieu

They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood

Mitch Landrieu

This 'cult' had one goal, through monuments and through other means, to rewrite history to hide the truth, which is that the Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy, ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement and the terror that it actually stood

Dana Marterella

To make a disturbing story even worse, the 'caring surrogate mother/servant' trope is a highly problematic and tired cliché.feedback

Katrina Langford

I can only imagine how difficult this journey was to make as a

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

One child moving alone is one too many and yet, today, there are a staggering number of children doing just that – we as adults are failing to protect them. Ruthless smugglers and traffickers are exploiting their vulnerability for personal gain, helping children to cross borders, only to sell them into slavery and forced prostitution. It is unconscionable that we are not adequately defending children from these

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

One child moving alone is one too many, and yet today, there are a staggering number of children doing just that – we as adults are failing to protect them. Ruthless smugglers and traffickers are exploiting their vulnerability for personal gain, helping children to cross borders, only to sell them into slavery and forced prostitution. It is unconscionable that we are not adequately defending children from these

Beth Tiger

Most American women don't realize they can play a role [to end] slavery on the ground. Because I'm a businesswoman, I'm always looking to try different

Mitch Landrieu

Today we continue the mission. These monuments have stood not as historic or educational markers of our legacy of slavery and segregation, but in celebration of it. I believe we must remember all of our history, but we need not revere it. To literally put the Confederacy on a pedestal in some of our most prominent public places is not only an inaccurate reflection of our past, it is an affront to our present, and a bad prescription for our future. We should not be afraid to confront and reconcile our

John T. Edge

If you are going to think and write about Southern food, the first thing to apprehend is the debts of slavery and the imprint of slavery on this

James Grossman

The Jackson stuff on Monday is different. In that case – where he was wrong deeply – deeply matters for public policy and public culture. It's important that we know that the Civil War was fought over slavery. It's important to know that it wouldn't have been good to make a deal unless that deal had freed the slaves, which obviously wasn't going to

Heather Cox Richardson

Historians have (correctly) savaged President Trump’s recent query: “Why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?” As any educated fifth-grader knows, there was a war from 1861 to 1865 because Southern slaveholders insisted that they had the right to spread slavery across the nation, and Northerners, who thought that American [].feedback

Jon Meacham

The expansion of slavery caused the Civil War. And you can't get around that. So what does Trump mean? Would he have let slavery exist but not expand? That's the counterfactual question you have to

Eric Foner

Slavery was the root cause of the Civil War. It was not the only cause, but it was the underlying cause. As a historian, I would prefer the president had a better handle on American

Leonard Doyle

Migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe, have no idea of the torture archipelago that awaits them just over the

Giuseppe Loprete - International Organization for Migration

We talk to returning migrants every day and we hear this stories every day – stories of exploitation, psychological, physical and sexual abuse. The situation is only getting

Trevor Noah

What are black people supposed to do on this holiday? So I either don't get the day off, or I support slavery? Man, I'll take the day off, but I'm watching B.E.T. the whole

Alfred L. Brophy

My initial thought is that removing these monuments leads to forgetting. We need to be aware that people in power at that time thought it was appropriate to celebrate slavery and Jim

Walter Isaac

For an earlier generation of saints, Canaan Land was seen as a place that was safe and free from white

Jacob Dorman

The Church of God and Saints of Christ practices a beautiful and meaningful form of Judaism that has not attempted to erase the traces of Christianity in its heritage, but also has not asked anyone's permission to practice Judaism: They simply

Phillip E. McNeil

Our leaders wanted to be more in step with contemporary Judaism. Not to the extent that we would deny our own heritage and legacy of Prophet William Saunders Crowdy, but to bring in some of the good parts, parts that would reconnect us with the ancient

Phillip E. McNeil

Are you tired yet? There's nothing like worshiping the God of Israel, is there?feedback

Jacob Dorman

The Church of God and Saints of Christ is one of the most important religious bodies in America that few people have ever heard

Phillip E. McNeil

He preached a way of life to people who were just out of slavery, some folks who were just wandering. He brought meaning to their lives, preaching that those biblical characters they read about–Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, even Jesus–were people of

Catherine Ajenifuja

Slavery was very complicated. It defined what the country was and still to this day defines what the country is. It's important for people to understand their

Stefano Arcuri

She was afraid of being late. If you are late, they don't let you get on the

Assunta Urselli

The problem is that enslaved workers don't take advantage of the gains. The only thing that increases is competition among

Stefano Arcuri

I want to feel that she is still alive. The difference between how my wife worked and how migrants work is that Italians make more money, and the fact that we have a house to sleep in. I trust justice. The truth will come out. And I do hope that the law that her death triggered will help migrants and Italians

Nicola Altiero

When we started interviewing Ms. Clemente's colleagues, we faced a wall of

Donato Fanelli

I am very glad we have a law against the exploitation of workers in the fields, because these practices damage healthy companies, creating unfair

Corey Stewart

I'm proud to be next to the Confederate flag. That flag is not about racism, folks. It's not about hatred. It's not about slavery. It's about our heritage. … It's time that we stop running away from our heritage. It's time that we embrace

Colson Whitehead

For a smart melding of realism and allegory that combines the violence of slavery and the drama of escape in a myth that speaks to contemporary

Evan Osnos - The New Yorker

As recently as four years ago, Xi and other Chinese leaders fretted, publicly and explicitly, that their people were being seduced by the moral glamour of American democracy – by the openhearted confidence of the 'shining city on a hill' and by the ability of a nation founded on slavery to elect its first African-American President. Xi worried that the American example of competence, generosity, and contempt for authoritarianism would, someday, drive his own people to challenge the rule of the Communist Party. Xi has less reason to worry about that

Corey Stewart

Folks, this is a symbol of heritage. It is not a symbol of racism. It is not a symbol of slavery. I'm proud to be here with this

Patton Oswalt

Poop Dogg has nephew named Bow Wow; both bad dogs who advocate murder and sex slavery for @POTUS and First Lady. Who let the dogs out?feedback

James Benton

It really is intended to make sure that we remember this part of the university's

Ben Carson

There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land. I'm proud of the courage and perseverance of Black Americans and their incomprehensible struggle from slavery to freedom. I'm proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know as

JoAnne Musick

She had multiple men brought in to have sex with [the girl] while her captors collected the

Tu Rinsche

I would say that the industry has worked well and closely together to promote ending human trafficking and modern day slavery. We've also made [our training] a brand standard and made it available to all staff around the

Bill Rauch

The genocide of Native American people, along with the sin of slavery, shapes every aspect of our country's life. Mary Kathryn Nagle and so many other Native American artists are creating vitally important work that will continue to strengthen our field, especially necessary at this time of increased polarization in our

Leslie Harris

There has been a huge backlash against talking about slavery that continues to this

Leslie Harris

An indenture implies two people have entered into a contract with each other but slavery is not a contract. It is often about being a prisoner of war or being bought or sold bodily as part of a trade. That is a critical

Liam Hogan

I'm not saying it was pleasant or anything – it was the opposite – but it was a completely different category from slavery. It was a transitory state. These memes are the No. 1 derailment people use when they talk about the slave trade. Look in any race-related or slavery-related news story from the last two years and someone will mention it in the comments. This continued misuse of Irish history devalues the real history. There are libraries filled with all the bad things that actually did happen. We don't need memes and these dodgy articles full of

William Mozdzierz

We remain deeply concerned by ongoing widespread and gross human rights violations and abuses in the DPRK, including summary executions, enslavement, torture, arbitrary detention, and enforced

Drew Gilpin Faust

Only by coming to terms with history can we free ourselves to create a more just

Jordan Peele

People Under the Stairs' represents, whether intentionally or not, a certain fear of what goes on behind closed doors in white homes. And it also approaches the notion of enslavement of the people they've got hidden under the

Melania Trump

There remains far more brutal and terrifying incarnations of actual gender persecution which we must face together, such as forced enslavement, sexual abuse and absolute repression of far too many women and girls around the globe. We must remember these women in our daily prayers and use our combined resources to help free them from such unthinkable and inhumane

Aygun Kazimova - Verisk Maplecroft

Undocumented migrants in the U.S. labour force could worsen the risk of modern slavery across key states. Over half of the undocumented migrant workers in Florida and California work in agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, construction and transport. These sectors will therefore be hard hit by measures that put migrant workers at risk of

Arthur Jones

My first reaction is absolute shock – and I actually understand it when I think about it – but that's my first reaction. I feel kind of sad. I feel like the story of American chattel slavery and this incredible cultural tradition, built up within a community of people who were victims and often seen as incapable of standing up for themselves, is such a powerful story that I want the whole world to know about it. But apparently not everyone

Ben Carson

There were other immigrants who came here on the bottom of slave

Jurnee Smollett-Bell

John and I are going at it. I'm frustrated, because he believes in the system. He believes in this justice system, but I told him 'It's actually unjust when it comes to someone like us, someone of color.' Then, I took a pause and reflected on the fact that I could literally be saying this exact same line to someone today in real life. The wounds of slavery are still not healed. Our ancestors went through so many obstacles. Our show calls us to action, and shows how they pushed

Jacqueline Stevens

Just slapping the word 'volunteer' in front of 'work program' doesn't exempt the prison firm from paying legally mandated wages any more than McDonald's can use 'volunteer' senior citizens and pay them Big Macs. There's no ostensible purpose to rehabilitate them. They're just waiting for a court date in order to clarify their immigration status. Some don't end up being

Nina DiSalvo

GEO's argument was, Even if we are forcing people to work under threat of solitary confinement, that would be allowed,' . And the judge said, No it wouldn't

Andrew Free

That's much cheaper than spending double the current cost of detention. The for-profit prisons are a policy choice against due process in immigration courts and against access to counsel and against positive outcomes to immigrants who have valid

Andrew Free

Forced slavery is a particular violation of the statute that we've alleged. Whether you're calling it forced labor or slavery, the practical reality for the plaintiffs is much the same. You're being compelled to work against your will under the threat of force or use of

Pablo Paez - Geo Group

We intend to continue to vigorously defend our company against these claims. The volunteer work program at immigration facilities as well as the wage rates and standards associated with the program are set by the Federal government. Our facilities, including the Aurora, Colo. Facility, are highly rated and provide high-quality services in safe, secure, and humane residential environments pursuant to the Federal Government's national

Jeff Sessions

The memorandum changed long-standing policy and practice, and impaired the Bureau's ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system. Therefore, I direct the Bureau to return to its previous

Nina DiSalvo

That's obviously a big deal; it's recognizing the possibility that a government contractor could be engaging in forced labor. That means you need to round up and detain more people in order to determine whether they have the rights to stay in this country before you deport them. More people could be moving through, not just in the Aurora facility. More people could be subjected to GEO's forced labor

Erik Wemple

I've never understood why after 176 years of writing political platforms the Democratic Party doesn't simply say, We were responsible for slavery and segregation. We apologize. Let's name the injustice – we were responsible for creating this culture of race in this country and we're sorry.' I mean, I just don't understand what's wrong with

Beth Parnicza - National Park Service

This is the area that shaped Harriet Tubman's ideals. It's where she and her family grew up, where she lived for 27 years of her

Kate Clifford Larson

They would have imagined that it was a white male abolitionist. They just could not get their heads around thinking that it was a little black

Kate Clifford Larson

She was a genius. Even though she couldn't read or write, she was born with a gift. When she worked in the woods with her father, he taught her how to survive. How to feed herself, how to protect herself, how to navigate through those woods that are really dark at night. When … I had crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such a glory over everything. The sun came like gold through the trees and over the fields, and I felt like I was in

Ben Carson

The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave

Ben Cardin

Could they have come in under that ban? When we say we are going to protect these victims, we must look for every possible way to accomplish this

Ashton Kutcher

The right to pursue happiness for so many is stripped away, it's raped, it's abused, it's taken by force. Technology can be used to enable slavery, but it can also be used to disable slavery. We were the last line of defence - an actor and his

Peter Salovey - Yale

The decision to change a college's name is not one we take lightly, but John C. Calhoun's legacy as a white supremacist and a national leader who passionately promoted slavery as a 'positive good' fundamentally conflicts with Yale's mission and values. At that time, as now, I was committed to confronting, not erasing, our history. I was concerned about inviting a series of name changes that would obscure Yale's

Peter Salovey - Yale

We have a strong presumption against renaming buildings on this campus. I have been concerned all along and remain concerned that we don't do things that erase history. So renamings are going to be exceptional. John C. Calhoun. White supremacist. Ardent defender of slavery as a positive good. Someone whose views hardened over the course of his life, died essentially criticizing the Declaration of Independence and its emphasis on all men being created equal.'.feedback

Chris Rabb

I'm underwhelmed. This choice makes no corrective move toward reconciliation in light of not just the legacy of John C. Calhoun, but Yale University's ties to slavery and systemic

Barack Obama

There is an ugly history to that that we should not be shy about talking about. The reason that we are the only country among advanced countries that makes it harder to vote is, it traces directly back to Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery. It became sort of acceptable to restrict the franchise. That's not who we are. That shouldn't be who we are. That's not when America works

David Hanson - Hanson Robotics

You can say they could be very positive in their impact because lonely people who never get a chance to have a relationship can suddenly have a relationship, and could decrease the demand for sex slavery, or sex traffic. It could decrease the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, it could reduce the incompetence of human to human relations because they could serve as a kind of sex therapist and could train people for better human to human

Ivan Garcia

The difference with the show that Jordi presents to us is that it doesn't show us beauty but instead it's a show that uses music to invite us to reflect on something that has happened in the past. But it also continues to be present today in another way –

Jordi Savall

Only if we know the history from our ancestors, we can be able to build a new future and I think this is what moved me to prepare and do all these projects about the history: because I think we need the art and the music helps us to understand what happened in our

Matt Friedman

To me, the modern slavery issue is like a slowly unfolding disaster. We all need to step up our game, we need to solve many of these long-standing systemic challenges, we need to have more of a sense of urgency, and we need to do it

Manon Bouquin

In public school, we learned about slavery and the Vichy government [which collaborated with the Nazis during World War II]. We only learn about the somber moments of French history … Kids with immigrant parents will hear that and not want to be French. We have to teach people to be

Gerard Oonk

We have raised the issue for five years now, but even to us the scale of this problem came as a

Nadia Murad

One element of this genocide (committed by ISIL against Yazidi) was the systematic enslavement of the Yazidi women, girls and children. More than 6 thousand were enslaved and reduced to items of property through an abusive system, where ISIL militants treated Yazidi women as a worthless tool to served there sick

Andrew Wallis

Often this crime and the exploitation of people is hidden in plain sight and the psychological chains that hold people in situations of modern slavery are very

Jeffrey Sachs

Vulnerability is the number one factor why this is happening, and from a moral point of view, nobody in this world should be so vulnerable. It's a disgrace of our civilisation that we not only allow this vulnerability, but it is happening to hundreds of millions of people in a world of such

Jeffrey Sachs

Children are growing up in very vulnerable conditions, usually poverty is part of the story. The fathers may not be at home, the mothers may not be literate and the children may not have enough to eat, and there is little

Darnell Hunt

The criticism of Hollywood has been in the past that if you are making a black film, it's either going to be about slavery or civil

Meg Whitman - Hewlett-Packard

As some of the biggest companies in the world, we have a particular responsibility to eradicate forced labour from our supply chains. I believe we need a combination of teamwork between individual corporations, governments, investors and other stakeholders to tackle the root causes of forced labour. Together I know we

Monique Villa

The bar has now been raised for businesses all over the world to follow suit. The Stop Slavery Award wants to start a virtuous circle by proving that corporations play a key role in the fight against

Richard L. Clemmer

This is the way we ensure we are good global citizens and that anyone we do business with follows the same high standards that we do. We have a complete team that goes out to audit and train procurement organizations to establish the right principles and processes with suppliers. We train so that working conditions are safe and

Richard L. Clemmer

These were issues different to what the term 'slavery' usually means to people but we were able to eradicate

Paul Lister - Primark

We look to find and we will find and when we find we know what to do because we are not scared. Turkey is a particular focus and we have changed the way we operate to deal with the devastating circumstances

Paul Lister - Primark

It is about constantly being vigilant, constantly being out there and knowing what to look for and being

Paul Lister - Primark

We don't have fancy branding, we don't have fancy advertising, all of which adds to the price of the clothes that you

Meenal Sachdev

We're also calling on individuals to be vigilant when they're making hotel bookings. So next time you walk into a hotel, ask them what they're doing to tackle human trafficking and

Meenal Sachdev

Businesses have a big role to play. It's not just the government's job, it's not just charities working on the ground trying to protect these

Meenal Sachdev

People don't really know what tangible steps they can take. But you don't need to leave your sector to go and do something about this

Umida Niyazova

The European Parliament cannot pretend that the human rights concerns over Uzbekistan ended with children no longer sent out to the fields, whilst their teachers and so many others suffer

Klara Skrivankova

The European Parliament should hold the EU's trading partners to high

Holly Allan

Migrant domestic workers are generally treated as a homogeneous group defined by their

Jade Anderson

We believe that Hong Kong needs a transparent plan of action to combat human trafficking, forced labour, or slavery-like practices, and protect victims. And ultimately there needs to be legislative reform. Hong Kong must develop more comprehensive policies and laws to protect

Scott Stiles

I think there is room for improvement but it is more of an enforcement issue. If people are scared of the repercussions if they quit their job, and feel like they can't, then that is a bad

Jade Anderson

At the moment, there is little information from the government about human trafficking, forced labour, or slavery-like practices in Hong

Phil Bloomer

No company wants the scourge of slavery in its operations and supply chains. We hope the next group (of companies)... will emulate the better practice of the (top performers).feedback

Marilyn Croser

This analysis exposes a shocking level of inaction within big business on modern

Kevin Hyland

While the Modern Slavery Act has undoubtedly pushed modern slavery up the agenda and into the boardrooms of large businesses, this is just the first step. There is still much more to be done to ensure that companies produce statements that both comply with the Act's obligations and point to decisive action begin taken, as opposed to merely being a 'tick box' exercise. Here the role of consumer and investor pressure is

Kevin Hyland

There aren't enough prosecutions, and that's in the UK and internationally. There aren't enough resources being allocated to this, and there isn't enough coordination. The criminals are very much operating with

Kevin Hyland

In a lot of ways this hasn't been a fair fight because the criminals are making $150 billion a year and there's about $1 billion invested in this from the global community. I think what we've been doing for too long is not looking at it as serious organised crime, not having the organisations that have the skills and the ability to pursue these

Kevin Hyland

But what we do need to do is make sure the relationships that are there with law enforcement and prosecutors within the EU are developed, are trusting and look at serious and organised

Kevin Hyland

I think the frustration has been that we haven't had the right people doing the right

Kevin Hyland

Once we start using those resources and tactics and strategies and working more with countries of origin, we will see a change in the

Barack Obama

I think even most 8-year-olds will tell you that whole slavery thing wasn't very good for black people. Jim Crow wasn't very good for black people. What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress in the

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Congress should repeal the loophole that exempts U.S. fishing captains from having to provide basic labour protections to their

Robert Pajkovski

What they sought was to strike a balance - to help the employer save face, not to lose, and at the same time, not to jail Andy, to let him go with a slap on his wrist... but I don't think they satisfied anyone

Kingsley Abbott

Defamation should be a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and Thai laws, including criminal defamation and the computer crimes act, must stop being used as a form of retaliation against human rights

Brad Adams - Human Rights Watch

For any company around the world that is seriously interested in compliance with certain ethical principles, with respect for basic labor rights and human rights in supply chains, I think this conviction needs to put Thailand on a possible no-go

Brad Adams - Human Rights Watch

This will clearly have a chilling effect on independent research on supply chains all over Thailand. The concern is that we will see copycat prosecutions from other companies anytime someone criticizes

Barack Obama

I mean, he missed that whole civics lesson about slavery and Jim Crow, but we've got a museum for him to

Patricia Jurewicz

Located in the middle of the supply chain, spinning mills are uniquely positioned to identify cotton produced with forced labour and prevent it from entering corporate supply chains. Our initiative targets the most opaque place in the supply chain, where yarn spinners blend different types of cotton

Patricia Jurewicz

They are the key to knowing if the cotton that gets spun and woven into our clothes was harvested under forced labour

Craig Stephen Wilder

Georgetown, being a Catholic institution, really can't escape the moral problem of that history, because it's come to challenge its Catholic

John J. DeGioia

I believe the most appropriate ways for us to redress the participation of our predecessors in the institution of slavery is to address the manifestations of the legacy of slavery in our

Craig Stephen Wilder

The history of the American college is in fact a chapter in the history of American slavery. Every college that was established before the American Revolution has direct ties to

Manuel Valls

We have to wage a determined fight against radical Islam, against these religious symbols which are filtering into public spaces. For me the burkini is a symbol of the enslavement of

William Bratton - New York City Police Department

Slavery, our country's original sin, sat on a foundation codified by laws enforced by police, by

Michael Brown

We seek radical transformation, not reactionary reform. As the 2016 election continues, this platform provides us with a way to intervene with an agenda that resists state and corporate power, an opportunity to implement policies that truly value the safety and humanity of Black lives, and an overall means to hold elected leaders

Paulo Pinheiro

ISIS abuse of Yazidi men, women and children amounts to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The genocide is ongoing. From the day of the attack on Sinjar until today. ISIS has vehemently sought to erase the Yazidis through killing, sexual slaveries, enslavement, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment and forceable transfer, causing serious bodily and mental

Russell Crowe

I think all of us should keep focussed on it until we get to that point … where it just gets pushed over the edge and it's

Andrew Forrest

We need to make it clear we're not going to tolerate slavery and when there is slavery in a regime we should not trade with

Andrew Forrest

But I've had some of some biggest entrepreneurs in the world look me in the eye and say I will not look for slavery in case I find

Russell Crowe

As an actor, my role is often to portray raw human emotion, but nothing compares with the people's lives reflected in the report published

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Reports of trauma from sexual and other forms of gender-based violence among women making the journey – or being trafficked – appear common. Some women have told us they were subject to sexual slavery in Libya. We have also been seeing an increase in arrivals of unaccompanied

Amrita Myers

Every time you pick up that $20 bill, it's a reminder that we can't ignore or pretend like we didn't have 400 years of slavery. Not only is this going to be the first African-American historical figure on U.S. currency, but it's a woman specifically from the era of slavery. We still live in a nation that doesn't like to acknowledge its history of racial and gender oppression. Black women experience those things

Cathy Zimmerman

The key message of our findings is quite simple: human trafficking or modern slavery is a crime that does not discriminate. It damages the physical and psychological health of men and women exploited in many different labour sectors. The NHS has a key role to play in helping trafficked people to recover from their ordeal, and in the UK response to human

Beth Fukumoto-Chang

The party I signed up for was the party that abolished slavery and broke up the trusts and tried to return power to the people instead of big government or big corporations. I think the party has strayed pretty far from that and doesn't reflect a lot of party members' values anymore. But I think it can still be that party I signed up

Arthur Jones

I feel kind of sad. I feel like the story of American chattel slavery and this incredible cultural tradition, built up within a community of people who were victims and often seen as incapable of standing up for themselves, is such a powerful story that I want the whole world to know about it. But apparently not everyone

Gil Kerlikowske

The mere deterrent effect of closing this loophole is a great step forward. We're going to make sure that is heavily noted throughout the

Maria Rosa L. Henson

I was forced to stay at the hospital which they have made as a garrison. I met six women in the garrison after two or three days in the place. The Japanese soldiers were forcing me to have sex with several of their colleagues. Sometimes 12 soldiers would force me to have sex with them and then they would allow me to rest for a while, then about 12 soldiers would have sex with me

Pope Francis

Today there are many children in the world who are

Hilary Beckels

We ask not for handouts or any such acts of indecent submission. We merely ask that you acknowledge responsibility for your share of this situation and move to contribute in a joint programme of rehabilitation and

Durant Ashmore

I think its a terrible insult to the black residents of the State of South Carolina. It's a symbol that they are inferior citizens, and they are not: they are equal. South Carolina is a diverse state and we should revel in our

Cornell William Brooks

When we see that symbol lifted up as an emblem of hate, as a tool of hate, as an inspiration for hate, as an inspiration for violence, that symbol has to come down! That symbol must be removed from our state capital!feedback

Kara Walker

There were two strains of criticism. One was about the work, and who was looking at it, and me feeding into the viewing audience's preconceived ideas about black people. And the other was that I was just some highfalutin

Kara Walker

I just didn't get the rules. I didn't know what the story was that made people behave in very particular ways that I thought were prescripted and unnatural. I started looking for my own point of origin: maybe the point of origin was being American, or being black, or being a woman. I thought, I'll start with the foundation of this idea of a place, of America, and then work my way

Kara Walker

My own family were once given a piece of land. I started thinking about what happened to that land; about what made so many people leave the south, whether it was social violence, or domestic terrorism, or economic strife. It makes people queasy. And I like that queasy

Kara Walker

There's so much suspicion around having a biracial president, around Obama's presence on the world stage – the fact that the Tea Party gets coverage as anything other than a fringe group. There's nothing Obama can say or do as a black man that they're [willing] to

Christelle Popotte

The minister of education introduced changes to the school curriculum in this region. So here we teach some things that aren't necessarily taught all over France – for example the history of slavery and the treaty are taught as well as other subjects. So we are allowed to go further into it, and we have an extra hour a week to teach these subjects in

Hillary Clinton

I urge leaders around the world to view this Index as a call to action, and to stay focused on the work of responding to this crime, even if your country receives a positive rank. Now we know the Index isn't perfect and can't answer every question about modern slavery, but this is an important starting

Gordon Brown

With this evidence, we can now plan the end of child slavery in our generation. If anybody is in any doubt that slavery is a thing of the past you must look at the Global Slavery Index produced by the Walk Free Foundation and Andrew Forrest. It exposes the horror and injustice of millons of people condemned to slavery in the 21st century. It is the most powerful call to action, and that action must be heeded by the international

Gordon Brown

Andrew Forrest and Walk Free's pioneering work to expose the full scale and horror of child slavery is a landmark moment in the struggle for children's rights. He has undertaken the vital work of revealing the full evidence that will allow us to campaign for children to move from exploitation into education, from oppression into opportunity, from slavery into

Manuela Nirhou

This is a place dedicated to the history of slavery from Spartacus to Malcolm X. Also slavery in modern times. We hope that in four years time our visitors will be able to see the boats arrive from our great vantage point

Yury Fedotov - United Nations

There is no place in the world where children, women and men are safe from human trafficking. Official data reported to UNODC by national authorities represents only what has been detected. It is very clear that the scale of modern-day slavery is far

Smar McCarthy

I think that what's happened is that people have said that they are not willing to accept being put into any sort of debt

Barack Obama

To the people of Haiti, we say clearly and with conviction: you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten. In this, your hour of greatest need, America stands with you, the world stands with you. We know that you are a strong and resilient people. You have endured a history of slavery and struggle, of natural disaster and recovery and, through it all, your spirit has been unbroken and your faith has been

Christa Prets

Trafficking in women is a Europe-wide crime and an extraordinarily cruel form of modern

Arturo Lavorato

They don't take action for the long term. The only way they have is in creating Solidarity Village, a huge and expensive centre, far from the towns, that will be soon a ghetto. It cost a fortune. With the same money, you could restore some houses in this

Fabio Mostaccio

Farmers have to accept the prices established by the industry, that does not want to pay more. And that is why we get the exploitation of foreign workers. Labourers were exploited 50 years ago, and it is still happening today. Once they were locals, now they are

Domenico Madafferi

I called for help immediately. I wrote to the prefect, to the regional president of Calabria, to other institutions. Nobody answered. So I had no choice. I had to order the camp

Clare Calosci

They shouldn't be uprooted. Of course people want to protect them and raise them, but this should be done in their country where their long-term future

Bernard Kouchner

Twenty-five years ago, Romania and Bulgaria and other countries were not in the EU, and the Berlin Wall had not fallen. With Europe now in existence, it is up to each country to integrate its people. It melts my heart to see them – not only the Roma but them in particular – treated badly, exploited, children drugged so as to appear ill in order to invite pity; there is a real oppression and even enslavement of these populations. It does not in the least amuse me. How to remedy this? Through my resignation? I thought about it!feedback

Mark Kermode

It has turned up not only in the Best Film category but also in the Outstanding British Film category because, of course, although it's got Hollywood stars, it was made here. British technicians doing all those incredible effects, it's the first 3D film I have ever seen where I have thought it really is better in 3D than in 2D. However, I have to say my affections are for '12 Years a Slave', which I think is an extraordinary piece of work with great direction by Steve

Abdel Aziz Duaik

We hope that the Israelis will go back to their reason and understand that we are people under occupation and we are freedom-seekers so that we would like the whole world, really, to emancipate us from the slavery of

Hillary Clinton

This Index will help us find answers. It also reminds us that trafficking in persons is a crime that affects every country in the world, that all governments have a responsibility to deal with this problem and that no government anywhere is doing

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

You've just got back from a tour of Africa, publicising your new book about the continent 'My Black Stars'. What would you like to tell the children of Africa?feedback

Lilian Thuram

First of all I think that our win in 1998 was important for French social cohesion, for asking questions which hadn't been been asked before, I mean about living together, the fact that France is a multi-coloured nation so it was also a good time to talk about colonialism, slavery… Also 1998 was the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in France, so I think it brought all these questions out into the

Lilian Thuram

Well of course as soon as you are a trainer or a manager you have to make choices, and as a general rule you make choices to achieve the best team possible. And the best possible team contains the strongest possible players. And players who can play together as a

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Discrimination as we have already said, doesn't stop with the colour of someone's skin, it is also a discrimination against poor people. So turning to the World Cup in Brazil, I'd like to ask you, can spending so much on a sporting event be justified?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

The rise of the National Front in France could be a sign that the French are becoming more racist or more afraid of immigrants. Do you ever think, right I'm leaving France?feedback

Lilian Thuram

Ah well, but I see that it's only the result of the history, and we just have to understand

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

The World Cup victory in 1998 was, of course, a sporting victory but also a social one, your rainbow team was recognised for being well integrated, so 20 years later, what is it like now?feedback

Lilian Thuram

That depends on the players. But once again, many people don't understand that racism is above all a form of violence. Whenever I wanted to complain about verbal racism or racist acts, many players would say 'Oh you know, it doesn't matter, they just want to upset you', and I would say that racism in football is less dangerous than racism in society….feedback

Lilian Thuram

Oh no, really no! I have to say that I think what I'm doing now is much more important than

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

He ate a banana that someone threw at him, didn't he?feedback

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