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Nick Clegg
Populism has not been defeated in mainland Europe, but it does appears to have been contained. We were told a few months ago that [Geert] Wilders would win in the Netherlands, that Le Pen would take the [French] presidency and pull France out of the euro, and that Angela Merkel's position was in doubt. None of those things have happened. Yet in Britain, a revolution overturned four decades of EU membership, and in the US a completely unsuitable candidate was elected
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Jun 22 2017
The latest person who has talked about The Party for Freedom is Geert Wilders: “Rutte has not seen the back of me. Those are not the 30 seats we hoped for.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Geert Wilders and all the other people that have spoken about The Party for Freedom. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Andrej Zaslove

The PVV got more seats than last time, and now they're the second-largest party. The VVD was a winning party because they won the most seats, even though they lost

Andrej Zaslove

Populist parties work well in opposition–they're about attacking the establishment. But their voters at a certain point also want to see tangible results. Wilders is situated not badly now, but eventually he's going to have to show that he can do something. He can't only be in

Pepijn Bergsen

He does not want to be in power – what does he have to gain?feedback

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The values of openness, respect for others, and a faith in Europe's future are the only true response to the nationalist impulses and isolationism that are shaking the

James Franey - Euronews

It would still leave him, however, short of a parliamentary majority and he is likely to need the support of a fourth party as well. Talks could go on for weeks, maybe even for months. On average, it takes about 74 days to form a coalition here. The process of forming the next Dutch government is only just

James Franey - Euronews

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will likely look towards the centre-right Christian Democrats and the pro-EU D66 party as possible coalition partners. That is because he has ruled out working with Geert

Emmanuel Macron

The Netherlands is showing us that a breakthrough for the extreme right is not a foregone conclusion and that progressives are gaining

Angela Merkel

The Netherlands are our partners, friends, neighbours. Therefore I was very happy that a high turnout led to a very pro-European result, a clear signal. And that after days in which the Netherlands had to tolerate accusations and reproaches from Turkey which are totally unacceptable... It was a good day for

Alexander Häusler

Trump's election victory was frenetically celebrated by Europe's radical right. Wilders himself tried to adapt the slogan 'Make America great again' for the

Gijs Rademaker

It's a hard start for Wilders–he's losing momentum, and this is partly because of

Geert Wilders

'I would rather have been the largest party.... but we are not a party that has lost. We gained seats. That's a result to be proud of,'.feedback

Mark Rutte

Our message to the Netherlands - that we will hold our course and keep this country safe, stable and prosperous - got through. This was an evening when, after Brexit and Trump, the Netherlands said, 'Stop' to the wrong sort of

Arne Petimezas

Some of that fear around Brexit, Trump, and then Wilders and (France's) Le Pen, may now be seeping out of the markets - you see some of that fear

Stephen Colbert

Is this news or a reality show? I don't want to watch 'America's Got

Josh Mahony

A cloud of uncertainty has been blown away overnight. The loss of Dutch populist Geert Wilders comes as a huge boost to the EU and eurozone, which will now begin to shift its attention to the enactment of Article 50, followed by next month's French

Geert Wilders

We were the 3rd largest party of the Netherlands. Now we are the 2nd largest party. Next time we will be nr. 1! I would still like to co-govern as the PVV, if possible. But if that doesn't work ... we'll support the cabinet, where needed, on the issues that are important to

Mark Rutte

We say no to the wrong kind of populism. The Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said 'Whoa' to the wrong kind of populism. Today was a celebration of democracy, we saw rows of people queuing to cast their vote, all over the Netherlands -- how long has it been since we've seen that?feedback

Geert Wilders

It is also an evening in which the Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said 'stop' to the wrong kind of populism. Rutte has not seen the back of me!! We won seats. The first gains are made. I would still like to co-govern as the PVV, if possible. But if that doesn't work … we'll support the cabinet, where needed, on the issues that are important to

Seth Meyers

You know you've really accomplished something when the guy who wrote 'Cujo' is no longer the scariest Stephen

Andre Krouwel

I mean, this is your electoral campaign dream, right? You can't script this if it was a movie. It's really helped Mark Rutte to take the lead and a big lead over Geert

Geert Wilders

Thank you PVV Voters! We won seats! The first victory is in! And Rutte has not seen the last of me yet!!feedback

Mark Rutte

This is a chance for a big democracy like the Netherlands to make a point to stop this toppling over of the domino stones of the wrong sort of populism. There is still a risk that we wake up on Thursday morning and seeing that Geert Wilders is leading the biggest

Geert Wilders

Whatever the outcome of the election today the genie will not go back into the bottle and this patriotic revolution, whether today or tomorrow, will stay. I think that with what's happening in America, perhaps in other European countries, that once again the normal people want to be patriotic in their own country that has its own sovereignty

Jesse Klaver

Geert Wilders is losing momentum in the polls. We're gaining momentum in the polls. And I think that's the message we have to send to Europe. You can't stop populism but what I would say to all my left-wing friends in Europe: don't try to fake the the populace. Stand for your principles. Be straight. Be pro-refugee. Be

Michael Birnbaum

Geert Wilders, a fiery fixture of the Dutch far-right who wants to ban the Koran and shutter mosques, topped polls for months, unnerving mainstream leaders in France and Germany who face elections later this year. His support has waned in recent weeks, but he has already forced many Dutch parties to sharpen their rhetoric toward immigrants. … A Wilders defeat would likely slow the momentum of French anti-immigrant leader Marine Le Pen, who if she captured her nation's presidency in May would try to lead France out of the European Union, shattering the bloc in the

Mark Rutte

It appears that the VVD will be the biggest party in the Netherlands for the third time in a row. Tonight we'll celebrate a little. It is also an evening in which the Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said 'stop' to the wrong kind of

Jesse Klaver

In these elections there was an overwhelming attention from the foreign press, which is understandable because Brexit happened and Trump was elected, and because France, Germany and maybe Italy will be holding elections. They asked us: Will populism break through in the Netherlands? That is the answer that we have for the whole of Europe: Populism did not break

Alexander Pechtold

During this election campaign, the whole world was watching us. They were looking at Europe to see if this continent would follow the call of the populists, but it has now become clear that call stopped here in the

Bert Bakker

Since the entrance of Geert Wilders into the political arena, he hasn't had any office but he has exerted

Hajo Funke

There is no Trump effect. Nothing happened. I see stagnation, or decline. There is a danger that it can go out of control, as far as the voting for Wilders, but I doubt that will be the case. Italy is potentially the worst case because if they are forced by election results to have a euro referendum, then there would be a big

Mark Rutte

Well, this has nothing to do with elections. We have not sought… We did not seek this fight, it was Turkey deciding to create this chaos last Saturday. That's what I'm fighting for, not for myself, but I do believe that the present strategy, the present course of the government is the best way of moving forward – and no experiments!feedback

Jesse Klaver

I think we are still a tolerant country. We are a country who believes in freedom and we are an emphatic society I would say. Geert Wilders is losing momentum. You know he was very high in the polls and now he is going down and down and down. And that's where he should

Jesse Klaver

And a lot of people who are voting for Geert Wilders are not racist, they are very tolerant. Except they are only afraid for what is happening in their lives. They are afraid for their

Markus Wagner

This sort of thing has been expected for a while but there's never much evidence of it. But in the past six months there's been increasing evidence of parties moving to the right to recapture the

Mark Rutte

It means that we all have to make sure that we are not just there to live our own lives but we also have a responsibility to make sure that we live in a context of caring about others. It's not just me, myself and I. We are a

Mark Rutte

I have made no anti-immigrant statements. I am fighting on my own agenda. My main point is where we thought Brexit would not happen, it happened. We thought the American elections would deliver a Clinton presidency. They didn't. My worry here in the Netherlands is that people think that this type of chaos cannot happen to the Netherlands because Geert Wilders is somewhat down in the polls. But I am warning people it could still

Xandra Lammers

I don't think it's authentic. He's swimming with the waves of Geert

Salima Talib

That generation, they were workers. They didn't talk about things. We have a voice. We are well educated. Mr. Wilders is threatened by how well we are participating in our

Mark Rutte

You want 'Nexit'. You want the Netherlands out of Europe. You know this will cost 1.5 million jobs. That would mean chaos for the Netherlands. In England (Britain), there's chaos too now, because of Brexit. You want to push the Netherlands into chaos too. Don't do it. I sincerely hope you're not going to be the biggest (party), that you won't form a cabinet, I will put up a tough fight. Don't do it. It's the worst news the Netherlands can have

Simon Kuper - Financial Times

There are two very different stories about next Wednesday's Dutch elections. A foreign story, which is all about Wilders and whether he can complete the populist treble after Brexit and Trump; and a Dutch story, in which Wilders isn't even the main

Josh Barro

I think the answer is that American nationalists tend to oppose immigration for reasons that are fundamentally racist. They want white people to have more babies and fewer minorities to come here. But the facts on the ground in the United States are not useful for arguing that case without explicit appeals to racism. So obsess over Europe, where immigration has created more problems and birthrates are more

Dina Pardijs - European Council

With a larger group of MPs behind him, and a new narrative of an election stolen from the people, he will have even more ammunition to attack from the side lines. Wilders can stay compromise-free until the moment where something fundamentally changes in the

Simon Kuper - Financial Times

If he compromises in order to join a coalition government, he becomes almost a standard Dutch politician, and therefore less interesting to the Horowitzes. More exciting to stay pure, and remain the only Dutch politician who is heard abroad, better known than Mark Rutte, the prime minister since 2010. Wilders' radicalism, like his dyed blond swept-back hair, gives him an international

Andre Krouwel

Wilders will play no role in the formation of a government. But Wilders plays a major role in the tone and content of the campaign and Wilders – even if he doesn't win a single seat – has already won because the two biggest right-wing parties have taken over his policies. The longest coalition formation was seven months. It wouldn't surprise me if this results leads to a very complicated and long formation

Albert Busch

Our prime minister did a very good job at the right moment for the elections. The chance he will be chosen tomorrow is much bigger than it was last

James Franey - Euronews

Geert Wilders has in many ways followed in the footsteps of Pim Fortuyn, who rose to prominence in the Netherlands after 9/11. Socially liberal, but a critic of immigration and Islam, this openly gay politician dared to speak up on issues that were considered taboo at the time. His party topped the polls ahead of the 2002 general

Matthijs Rooduijn

We have Protestants and Catholics. A divided north and south, basically. And religion was also very important when it comes to politics. Your religion to some extent therefore also had a huge impact on which party you voted for. So people really start to switch between parties and one of the parties they might vote for is the

Joop van Holsteijn

Immigration and integration, and the relationship of the Netherlands with Turkey, will be rather salient suddenly, and Wilders can be considered the issue owner here. Following this line of reasoning, Wilders may profit, if only due to some strategic PVV supporters who decide to follow their heart and not their mind on

Mark Rutte

It's not about who will eventually govern. It's about the signal that will be given if Wilders becomes the biggest

Sarah de Lange

He increasingly emphasizes the kind of issues that the PVV campaigns on, but then in a more moderate way. Rutte has recently taken up the issue of Dutch identity and immigration, emphasizing especially the fact that those who do not conform to our norms and values should not continue to live in the

Leo Lucassen

The murder of Theo Van Gogh was a real turning point. He represented this new anti-religion, leftish ideology that was part of the 1960s and 1970s. Many people, even those from the left, would go on to argue that Muslims constitute a problem and a danger to the open society that the Netherlands

Jan Rath

Historically, Dutch tolerance has been more of a pragmatic strategy. Tolerance has been a way to contain oppositions or

Ian Buruma

They were supposed to have been temporary, to clean out oil tankers, work in steel factories, sweep the

Geert Wilders

We should not import a retarded political Islamic society into our country. The Netherlands has been too tolerant to intolerant people for too

Jan Rath

In the 1970s and 1980s, there was growing discontent of Muslim communities. The parties, however, had the principle that it was not appropriate to have a political fight about the presence of immigrants. You don't use minorities to make a political

Simon Usherwood

Wilders is very unlikely to be in government, unless everyone else flat-lines in voting. There's a strong sense of wanting to exclude him [Wilders], even if that means a big coalition and other compromises on policy. It also suits Wilders more to be on the outside,

Gijs De Vries

Wilders' competitors compete with him by embracing some of his ideas without the extremism Wilders purports. At local level most people get along with their neighbours. Muslims, Christians, non-believers or Buddhists. But I think there are many genuine concerns from people who feel their neighbourhoods are no longer the environment they knew when they grew up as

Gijs De Vries

I think the headline reporting that suggests Wilders is about to takeover The Netherlands is misleading, that is definitely not the case. Numerically at least, as much as we can trust the polls, he's not getting above 20 percent of the vote. Secondly he will have great difficulty joining a government coalition. The other parties have so far claimed they would not wish to join in a coalition that included Mr

Gijs De Vries

That is a feeling many people have and it's genuine and it should be taken very seriously. At the same time it's also clear you have a number of politicians who actively fan the flames of xenophobia. And it's obvious Mr Wilders is one of them. If you go into the elections saying you will close all Islamic schools, even though you want Christians to be free to form their schools, you are clearly trying to exploit a divide. He's got support but many people find he's going much too

Geert Wilders

They carry our passports, but they do not belong to us. They spit on our identity and behave like conquerors. We'll take care of

Tom Louwerse

It is quite likely that this year, even after the election it will be quite unclear as to what coalition might be formed, so at this stage it would be pure

Geert Wilders

Nexit is the best thing that can happen to us. We will be in charge of our own country, we will have the key to our own front door again. Rutte said last year Britain would vanish from the face of the earth. They're doing better than

Mark Rutte

It's the difference between tweeting from the sofa and running a country. Since then you have radicalised still further by saying the mosques will close and you will remove Korans from people's homes. I will not work with a politician like that, either in government or with a supporting deal. Not ever,

Joris Luyendijk

However well his anti-EU, anti-Islam and anti-immigration platform does in the general election, Wilders will not get to lead a government – or a Nexit. Whether Geert Wilders’ PVV party ends in first, second or third place in the Dutch general election on Wednesday, one thing is certain: the Netherlands will still be gripped by “populism paralysis”.feedback

Mark Rutte

I want The Netherlands to be the first country which stops this trend of the wrong sort of populism. You could say these are the quarter-finals in trying to prevent the wrong sort of populism to win. The half-finals are in France in April and May and then in September in Germany you have the

Don Bijl

Everything could be rationalised away. In Purmerend, there are a lot of people who moved out of Amsterdam because, well, they felt their neighbourhoods had changed. Moroccan families had moved there; their streets no longer felt the same. Now they're here and they don't want it to happen again. All our surveys show people are happy here – good social provision, no real poverty, minimal crime. But some people in Purmerend will vote for the PVV not because they are unhappy, but because they are happy, and afraid of losing

Jan Kok

And then you have Wilders and Rutte, the prime minister, saying, You don't like it here, then go away,' but these boys were born here. Where are they going to go?feedback

Fouad El Kanfaoui

Wilders speaks to a part of Dutch society that feels their Dutch identity is threatened. The Dutch supermarkets and bakeries are leaving, Instead of Hans's bakery, it's Muhammad's bakery. When traditions change it's difficult; when it's confronting them personally, it's

Wim Kortenoeven

Wilders is assuming that everything will be broken very soon and that when it does, the urgency to ask him to be the prime minister will be bigger than the aversion to work together with

Omer Celik

The Netherlands' decision to cancel the flight permit of our foreign minister is not befitting of friendship. This decision does not suit our alliance and our friendship that has spanned centuries. If racist Geert Wilders were in power in the Netherlands, he'd make such a

Elizabeth Wiztier

The signal that would send out to the rest of the world is shocking. I believe in Europe and that we need to work

Mohammed Mohandis

Some voters think we did the right thing taking responsibility in government, but others say, what are you doing with the VVD? You hear

Geert Tomlow

Trump is the biggest antidote to Wilders. People are aware that a Wilders type of person won't give them the change they're looking

Sijbren de Jong

Wilders took a cue from the U.S. elections as to how Donald Trump has done this. The whole point is to denounce people, the media, the establishment. It's politics on the basis of emotion. It's completely devoid of

Denice Spaans

I think 80 percent of people who vote Wilders are afraid of

Leo Pronk

Wilders is saying what the low-educated people want to hear ... Immigrants are taking our jobs, they are raping our

Mevlut Cavusoglu

I will go to the Netherlands, of course I will. Everybody should know that no such implementations, no such obstacles can stop us. Nobody can stop us from meeting our citizens. We will not succumb to fascists and racists like Wilders. We will go and meet our citizens whenever and wherever they

Paul Wilders

My family has been threatened, I have been threatened. My life was at stake at moments. I've been bullied. I got phone calls all the time. Not the pleasant ones. So for me it did have an impact. My mother's birthday, that was the last time, until I spoke up last december [against him], after that he did cut me off. I took into account it could happen knowing the way he is. I sincerely did hope it didn't turned out that way. So I'm not happy with it. It's not up to me to decide for

Paul Wilders

He has been a little spoiled, a little spoiled brat. He lived like most young guys do up til his 18th birthday when he left for Israel. After he returned, he went to work for social service, experienced that there was a lot of bureaucracy and from that moment on he decided: I really do want to make difference. He saw a gap politically. He was a fierce opponent of Turkey at that moment and jumped into the gap with quite a lot of success. He has been the person in the Netherlands who stood up in a way quite extreme, providing easy solutions for difficult problems that people where looking

Paul Wilders

Most of the things he does propose are that extreme, laws will have to be changed and that will take years in the Netherlands. So he will disappoint his followers and voters [as well]. He can't afford that. So in the end, whatever the outcome of the elections, I do believe, he will take the first way out, blame the

Mark Rutte

Well yes, in the Netherlands it might be a particularly difficult phase after the elections but typically it can take some time but we eventually will form a

Geert Wilders

Movements like mine in France, in Germany, in Austria and Italy, we were getting stronger in the last few years even before Donald Trump came to

Jennifer Rubin

With a lot of pretentious talk about the “deconstruction of the administrative state” and political fantasies (tariffs that don’t provoke retaliation, for example), Stephen K. Bannon and President Trump hoped to transform the GOP into an ethno-nationalist, pro-Russia party akin to the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the National Front in France and the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom (headed by Geert Wilders). We will see how the European counterparts do in elections throughout the year, but so far the Trumpist GOP and its hodgepodge of ill-conceived ideas gleaned from Fox News (with its obsession over illegal immigration for which it provides oodles of incorrect data) have fallen

Jesse Klaver

When I look to the international media, they are paying a lot of attention to Geert Wilders and that's not the Netherlands, it's just a part of the Netherlands. And you see that our party, we are gaining momentum and we are just the opposite of what is happening with Geert

Geert Wilders

Stay away, this is our country. This is Holland, so stay away. And I hope the Dutch government will be a little bit more tough and tell them that they are not welcome to lobby here, we are not a country where foreign people who support people like Mr. Erdogan to give him even more power and give him more

Geert Wilders

We would not allow lobbying for North Korea or Saudi Arabia in our country

Holger Sandte - Nordea Bank

I can only speculate, but I think a negative Trump effects is at play. On top of that, Rutte's sharpening of the tone regarding immigration could also play a role. And some potential PVV voters might feel that their vote is lost as the main parties excluded to cooperate with

Hans de Bruijn

Twitter of course fits Wilders's style, but there is also a practical reason for using Twitter – due to his police protection, the opportunities for Wilders to organize town-hall-like meetings with his supporters are very limited. They do not exploit the

Cas Mudde

I think it is impossible to maintain, as Wilders does, that living under 24/7 protection and safe houses for 13 years has not affected him. He has hardened on Islam and on those 'defending' Islam. His struggle with 'Global Islam' has a clear personal aspect, which further polarizes

Geert Wilders

When I go to a movie theater, the last rows of seats are cleared for me and my guards. We come in after the movie has begun and leave before it ends – the last time I saw the beginning or the end of a movie in a Dutch theater, George W. Bush was still serving his first term as U.S.

David Horowitz

I think he's the Paul Revere of Europe. Geert Wilders is a hero, and I think he's a hero of the most important battle of our times, the battle to defend free

Bert Brussen

It's a way of speaking to people. A lot of what Wilders says, it's Internet language. The Internet makes them stronger, and they make the Internet

Geert Wilders

The Koran really, for instance if you look at anti-Semitism, the Koran has more anti-Semitism in it than Mein Kampf, the book of another totalitarian violent ideology. So rather I would have no Koran at all as we in Holland at least have outlawed Mein Kampf as

Mark Rutte

We are now number one in the polls, but we still have the Freedom Party just behind us, Geert Wilders, so there is still a big risk that he could come out number one, so I think that it would be very bad news. I will fight very hard for my party to get out

Maurice de Hond

My research shows that there is a part of population who is pessimistic about their financial future. It's about 30-35 percent of Dutch population, usually also with lower education, who are favourable for a party like party of

Geert Wilders

Islam...might be dressed up as a religion. I believe that the Koran and the Islam more especially might be dressed up as a religion. It has a holy book, it has a temple. It has Imams. But in reality, it is not so much a religion but an

Geert Wilders

It's the voters who are in charge of this country Mark, for a HUNDRED percent. And. Nobody. In. The. Netherlands. Still. Believes.

Andrej Zaslove

Dutch politics is about coalition forming, and traditionally the largest party is given the chance to go and have talks with other political parties and form a government. Even if he [Wilders] was in power, he's not going to be Donald Trump where he can pass executive laws willy nilly. It's about dealmaking. Populism is on the rise in Europe and North America, there's no question. But in Dutch politics, it's much more normalized, and I think it has to do with the fact that we have a multi-party system with a very low entry threshold so populism and other new parties are

Sarah de Lange

Most of the political parties have a very broad network in society with people with experience in large organizations or in civil society. He doesn'

Sarah de Lange

Wilders has been in parliament for a longtime–first for the VVD, and now for the PVV. Nevertheless voters consider him an outsider … and that is more a way he presents himself than objective

Andrej Zaslove

If you do a statistical analysis, you see the ideal type voter would be a lower educated, probably white man who is lower middle class or maybe working class who lives in a smaller town, perhaps a suburb, probably bordering on a larger city. You get other people that vote for different reasons. But if you're looking for statistical mean, that's what you would

Sarah de Lange

He is very skilled at projecting himself as someone who is not part of the establishment, who is outside politics, who is not tainted by traditional politics. The fact that he's been under police surveillance for more than a decade now helps him make that claim, because he does not participate in many of the traditional political events that take

Andrej Zaslove

It's not something that's all of the sudden appeared and it's not something that's going to go

Geert Wilders

Almost the entire Establishment, the elite universities, the churches, the media, politicians, put our hard-earned liberties at risk. Day after day, for years, we are experiencing the decay of our cherished values. The equality of men and women, freedom of opinion and speech, tolerance of homosexuality–all this is in

Geert Wilders

I rather would have not Koran at all as we in Holland at least have outlawed Mein Kampf as

Rudi Kunzel

The first crisis of capitalism was in 2008 and it was not followed by the return of work opportunities. So people are rightly angry, but they wrongly turn their anger against

Geert Wilders

Mr Rutte is right, there is a very big chance the PVV will be the biggest party in the Netherlands after the elections. But I don't agree with what he says that we do wrong kind of populism. We say what people want to hear when it comes to immigration, integration, Islam, problems which are

Alexander Pechtold

It's my ambition to form a coalition, a stable coalition and it's my personal ambition to become prime

Sylvana Simons

The trouble is, our constitution's first article is under

Richard Mosse

It's my attempt to use that technology against itself, to create an abiding image of very provisional, temporary spaces that we'd rather overlook in our

Gijs De Vries

Wilders' discourse is increasingly being copied and rehashed by his competitors. Mr Rutte [current PM] wrote an open letter in a major Dutch newspaper, which, between the lines said 'if foreigners don't behave the way, we, the original Dutch want, they had better pack their bags'. The Christian Democrats leader, not to be outdone, has just said he would be happy to tear up the [EU's} treaty with Ukraine [which the Dutch rejected in a referendum], pandering to the anti-EU sentiment in part of the

Geert Wilders

I can hardly remember what it's like to cross the road alone. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But at least I know why I do what I do. My mission is to make sure the Netherlands, unlike my own life, remains

Paul Wilders

Political exploitation of social unrest is a dangerous thing. Those with the shiniest fruit on the market often sell the most poisonous

Laszlo Maracz

Yahtzee was his favorite. He always knew how to go all in on a bet, managing to throw a high enough number against the

Marine Le Pen

How can the pro-European fanatic Emmanuel Macron hope to be understood by Britain which has voted for Brexit, by Italy who has just said no to the European Union by referendum, by the Netherlands which are getting ready for a victory of the nationalists with my friend Geert

Geert Wilders

My god, I had no idea. How much more is there I don't know?feedback

Wil Fens

The most important thing for me is bringing the pension age back down to 65. Despite all the hate and fear-mongering of the elite both in Britain and Brussels, people took their fate in their own hands. I think that will happen in Holland, in France, Austria and in

Geert Wilders

Look at the Islamization, how we let terrorism into the country. How we let the Moroccan scum go ahead without us doing anything against

Wil Fens

The most important thing for me is bringing the pension/sage back down to

Geert Wilders

Not all are scum, but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who makes the streets unsafe. If you want to regain your country, if you want to make the Netherlands for the people of the Netherlands, your own home, again, then you can only vote for one party. Despite all the hate and fear-mongering of the elite both in Britain and Brussels, people took their fate in their own hands. I think that will happen in Holland, in France, Austria and in

Geert Wilders

We want to make the Netherlands ours again, to close the borders and keep all the money we give to foreigners, it's billions, to Africa for development, to Brussels, to Greece, to asylum seekers in the Netherlands. We will stop it and give all that money to the Dutch people living in the

Koen Vossen

He's preaching to the converted and also to a few percent _ maybe 10 per cent _ who are still doubting whether they will vote for Wilders. Maybe he will win a few percent extra because of Trump, but he could also lose a few

Geert Wilders

I will continue to speak the truth regardless, including about the Moroccan problem, and no judge, politician or 'terrorist' will stop

Geert Wilders

Three PVV [Party for Freedom] hating judges declare that Moroccans are a race and convict me and half of the Netherlands.

Geert Wilders

Trump winning proved to me that people are fed up with politically correct politicians who are concerned and involved with issues that regard themselves but not those that are important to the

Geert Wilders

It is a travesty that I have to stand trial because I spoke about fewer Moroccans. It is my right and my duty as a politician to speak about the problems in our

Geert Wilders

Next Monday, the trial against freedom of speech begins. Against a politician who says what the politically correct elite does not want to hear. This trial is a political trial, in which I refuse to

Hendrik Steenhuis

Just because Mr Wilders has never been prosecuted for his remarks or his party's views on Moroccans over the last nine years, doesn't mean he will never be prosecuted for his comments about

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

What Mr. Wilders shares in common with Mr. Trump, Mr. (Viktor) Orban, Mr. (Milos) Zeman, Mr. (Nobert) Hofer, Mr. (Robert) Fico, Madame (Marine) Le Pen, Mr. Farage, he also shares with Da'esh (ISIS).feedback

Jean Asselborn

I hope this can be a lesson against falling for political opportunists like the (anti-migration) AfD in Germany or Geert Wilders in the

Geert Wilders

It is time for a new start, relying on our own strength and sovereignty. Also in the

Wouter Bos

The suspicion is that with these words Wilders insulted Moroccans as a group. Further, the suspicion is that with these words he incited discrimination and hatred. Thank

Edwin Wagensveld

This is absolutely not a fair process. We are living in a democracy, and one has a right to say things openly, without calling on violence, and we are against that but we have the right to say what we

Ibrahim Hooper

There is no excuse for an attack of this type, even on an anti-Islam event. We believe even anti-Muslim bigots like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders have the right to air their hatred and bigotry and we have the right to peacefully challenge that

Birgit van Roessel
Paul Velleman

Wilders does not often refer to Muslims, but Islam. Criticism of a religion is not

Olaf Bruns

For Geert Wilders it's personally a bad result, but it's also a bad start for the voting for his eurosceptic partners in other countries who, this time, promised a

John Strauer

You have to start somewhere don't you? PVV are the only party who stand for

Geert Wilders

So I ask you what do you want in this city more or less Moroccans?feedback

Geert Wilders

It's not just a religion as so many people mistakenly think. It's primarily a dangerous and totalitarian

Marine Le Pen

We want to give back freedom to our people. We want to give back sovereignty to our countries. Those two things alone should be enough to justify the fact we are here at the start of working

Geert Wilders

I think being here today in the United Kingdom is a victory. It's not so much a victory for myself, I'm not that important, but it's a victory for the freedom of speech. I have a problem with the Islamic ideology, the Islamic culture, because I believe that the more Islam we get in our free societies, the less freedom we will

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