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Lars Chr Lilleholt
It is a huge scoop that we now get a formal cooperation with the Trump administration on offshore
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Oct 26 2017
Trump administration has been commented on by 289 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Trump administration are: Wilbur Ross, Jeremy Corbyn and Sergey Lavrov. For instance, the most recent quote from Wilbur Ross is: “The Trump administration is committed to both free and fair trade and will defend American workers against unfair trade practices. Still, we are thankful to the government of Argentina for their proactive approach to solving this issue, and remain optimistic that a negotiated solution can be reached both with Argentina and with Indonesia.”.
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Jack Reed

Muzzling EPA scientists won't do anything to address climate change. While the Trump administration tries to suppress the facts, the American people are seeing and feeling the real world impacts. We need to work on a bipartisan basis to reduce pollution and emissions, and this type of hostility toward science inhibits rather than furthers discussion and

Steve O'Neil

We're certainly paying a lot of attention to it. We will know more once the Trump administration makes their final

Patty Murray

Here's what's really at stake, patients and families across the country are looking ahead to next year and they are realizing they are about to pay the price for the uncertainty and partisanship we've seen – especially from the Trump administration – on health care over the last nine

Tom Toles

Members of the Trump administration understand climate science perfectly well. They are using it as a model. They understand that if you introduce enough pollutants into a system, you can derail or destroy the

Larry Levitt

While there clearly were problems with the law's original design, the market has been stabilizing and insurers are now mostly profitable in the ACA marketplace. The problems going forward are now largely a result of uncertainty sowed by the Trump

Danielle Pletka

I think of the Trump administration as [having] a very scattershot, not principle-driven, not ideology-driven foreign policy. And insofar as things have gotten rolled back, they've gotten rolled back in very nominal ways rather than in meaningful ways that actually reverse the failures of the previous eight

Lori Lodes

People are confused. All of the actions the Trump administration has taken to roll back outreach and upend how the marketplaces work is creating even more

Paul Ryan

Under our Constitution, the power of the purse belongs to Congress, not the executive branch. Today's decision by the Trump administration to tend the appeal of that ruling preserves a monumental affirmation of Congress' authority and the separation of

Agnia Grigas

The Trump administration has tried to create L.N.G.

Michael Kugelman

I don't think it's a coincidence that this hostage release was announced when you have a parade of top Trump administration officials in Islamabad to deliver strongly worded warnings to Pakistan. Going after hostages is not the same thing as going after the terrorists holding

Xavier Becerra

In one week, the Trump Administration has re-opened the door to 'junk' health insurance plans and cut off access to contraception for millions of women. Now they're refusing to comply with federal law in a way that will hike the cost of care for millions of Americans by withholding critical subsidies that make care more

Benigno Aguirre

It's always the possibility of turning it into a political issue. That's not only in the case of the Trump administration but in many other governments that either minimize or maximize the

Philip Wallach - The Brookings Institution

It seems pretty clear that barring some pretty radical change, that the Trump administration is just going to try to downplay the emissions control as much as it thinks it can get away with. It seems like they are just inclined to make climate just disappear from the discussion as much as is possible. I think the delay accomplishes the goals of this administration. It can stamp its legacy on the future without ever having to create its own

Bret Baier

The Trump administration not only complains about it behind the scenes, but the president obviously takes that case to the American people – and sometimes in a very pointed and, in my opinion, over-the-top way, which for us as journalists is very uncomfortable. It may work to fire up the base because we're a target, we have lower approval ratings than Congress. But for doing our jobs, it's not a good thing. And probably for the country, it's not a good

Robert Bartholomew

None of this makes sense until you consider the psychogenic explanation. American intelligence agencies are the most sophisticated in the world, and they reportedly don't have a clue as to what's causing the symptoms. I will bet my house that there are agents in the intelligence community who have also concluded that this is a psychogenic event – but their analysis is either being repressed or ignored by the Trump administration because it doesn't fit their narrative. Mass psychogenic illness is by far the most plausible

Chris Coons

While the Trump administration is making a very fine distinction between a decertification that is a report to Congress rather than leaving the deal, I'm concerned that that distinction will be lost on our allies and

Fatima Goss Graves

Today's outrageous rules by the Trump administration show callous disregard for women's rights, health, and autonomy. By taking away women's access to no-cost birth control coverage, the rules give employers a license to discriminate against women. This will leave countless women without the critical birth control coverage they need to protect their health and economic security. We will take immediate legal steps to block these unfair and discriminatory

Bob Doll - Nuveen Asset Management

My view is corrections are non-predictable and random but after the fact we always know why. Catalysts could be maybe earnings aren't as good as we think. Maybe some adults leave the Trump administration. Maybe inflation as we saw a hint of the Friday employment report and wages begin to move

Cecile Richards

The Trump administration just took direct aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women. This is an unacceptable attack on basic health care that the vast majority of women rely on. With this rule in place, any employer could decide that their employees no longer have health insurance coverage for birth control. Birth control is not controversial -- it's health care the vast majority of women will use in the course of their

Kevin de León

California's local law enforcement cannot be commandeered and used by the Trump administration to tear families apart, undermine our public safety and wreck our public

Cecile Richards

The Trump administration just took direct aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women. … With this rule in place, any employer could decide that their employees no longer have health insurance coverage for birth

Stuart Newberger

The Trump administration has today not said a word about the judgments against

John Walke

It shows serial lawbreaking and sloppiness by a Trump administration bent on rollbacks. It is sad they have to have their comeuppance in courts rather than doing what was

Kelly Love

The Trump administration is confident in its legal positions and looks forward to arguing – and winning – before the federal judiciary. This is in stark contrast to the previous administration, which may be the worst win rate before the Supreme Court since the Taylor administration in the early

Piotr Matys - Rabobank

Emerging market currencies are under broad-based selling pressure against the dollar, which is benefiting from growing market expectations that the Trump administration will finally make some progress on tax reforms, and some hawkish comments from Fed

Jonathan Hafetz

The U.S. government cannot imprison American citizens without charge or access to a judge. It also cannot keep secret the most basic facts about their detention, including who they are, where they are being held and on what authority they are being detained. The Trump administration should not resurrect the failed and unlawful policy of 'enemy combatant'

Ron Wyden

It's clear now that this scandal didn't start or end with former H.H.S. Secretary Tom Price. It's time for the Trump administration to come clean with the American people and show us what other top officials in this administration have been using the White House as a luxury travel

Mason Forrence

We're don't know where the Trump administration is going with this. We're

Josh Peck - Modern HEALTHcare

We can't make up for what the [Trump] administration refuses to do. We're taking everything we learned about how to reach people with the information they need about deadlines and financial help and are getting to work to helping more people

Michael Saul

It's a good thing the courts are protecting Americans from oil and gas industry pollution, because the Trump administration has completely abdicated that responsibility. The methane rule puts modest constraints on a dirty practice that endangers public health and wastes billions of taxpayer

Ron Wyden

This yet another example of how the Trump administration is executing a middle-class con job with their tax scam. History has shown most of the pockets lined by corporate tax cuts are found in wealthy shareholder suits. It is disturbing the Treasury Department is burying research proving that trickle-down economics harms American

Wilbur Ross

The U.S. values its relationships with Canada, but even our closest allies must play by the rules. The subsidization of goods by foreign governments is something that the Trump Administration takes very seriously, and we will continue to evaluate and verify the accuracy of this preliminary

Kyle E. Pomerleau

The Trump administration seems to want a plan that keeps the top 1 percent at the same tax burden as current law. This is totally possible at somewhat lower rates, but I think it's infeasible if the pass-through rate is that much lower than the ordinary income-tax

Leigh Ann Caldwell - National Broadcasting Company

Republicans are preparing to release the framework of their tax reform proposal on Wednesday, the result of months of work by congressional leaders and the Trump administration. Early details obtained by NBC News reveal that the large tax breaks for corporations and individuals will be an expensive

Daniel W. Drezner

It looks like the Trump administration is choosing trade protectionism over helping Puerto

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

The Trump administration may see this as a type of leverage in Nafta. Now they have a potential bargaining chip that they didn't have before to try to extract something from

Mary Nichols

What were you thinking when you threw yourselves upon the mercy of the Trump administration to try to solve your problems? Let's take action today, and let's move

Olivia Enos

It would mean you wouldn't see any dramatic swings in U.S. refugee resettlement like you did during [the Obama administration] when it increased to 110,000 [in fiscal year 2017 from 85,000 in fiscal 2016] and, of course, under the Trump administration. You wouldn't experience any of those swings because the president would be required to consult Congress before doing anything too low or too

Richard Hand

While I agree that students should feel free to voice their opinions and beliefs in the classroom, the First Amendment grants this protection outside of the classroom as well. It's hypocritical for a member of the Trump administration to act as a champion free speech while the president has consistently mocked and insulted those trying to exercise that very same

Lauren DeRusha Florez

The bottled water industry has led a years-long campaign against this commonsense policy, all to protect its bottom line. The fact that Trump administration officials knew the benefits of this policy back in May but still decided to rescind it last month, sure looks to me like the bottled water industry's lobbying dollars at

Nancy Pelosi

The Trump Administration must act immediately to make available additional Department of Defense resources for search-and-rescue operations, law enforcement and transportation needs. Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands deserve to know that their government will be there for them, without question or

Ricardo Rossello

The devastation is vast. We will need the full support of the U.S. government. This is a humanitarian disaster involving 3.4 million U.S. citizens. People cannot forget we are U.S. citizens -- and proud of it. So much so that in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which also hit Puerto Rico, we conducted emergency rescue operations to save thousands of U.S. citizens in the Caribbean islands that were devastated by that storm. Given Puerto Rico's fragile economic recovery prior to the storms, we ask the Trump Administration and U.S. Congress to take swift action to help Puerto Rico

Jeremy Corbyn

We are opposed to TTIP-style deregulation and investor protection deals with the Trump administration, which is precisely what this Tory government wants to use Brexit for. We want trade based on fairness, open rules and strong rights and

Charlie Dent

It seemed like for personal reasons it was the right time to go. Yes, there's frustration, but some of that frustration predated the Trump administration, to be

Cyrus Mehta

One way to have an immigration policy that's consistent with the policy that's been articulated by the Trump administration is to put more scrutiny on H-1B

Russell Harrison

What the Trump administration has done for the first time in a very long time is take seriously the fact that companies are misusing the H-1B

Ivanka Trump

We can't stand by in silence. We join you today in a full-throated call for enhanced international co-operation to tackle modern slavery in all its evil forms. The Trump administration will continue to make this a priority and work with your governments to identify and implement solutions to end these crimes once and for all. This is a call to action, a call for the global community to address the greatest human rights issue of our

Rex W. Tillerson

The Trump Administration remains deeply committed to the global HIV/AIDS response and to demonstrating clear outcomes and impact for every U.S. dollar

Donald J. Trump

It would be a fantastic achievement. We are giving it an absolute go. I think there's a good chance it could happen. Most people would say that there is no chance whatsoever. I think with the capability of Bibi - and frankly, the other side - I really think we have a chance. I think Israel would like to see it. I think the Palestinians would like to see it. And I can tell you that the Trump Administration would like to see

Jason Reza Jorjani

Our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy group for the Trump

Kelly Love

The Trump Administration does not comment on leaked documents, especially internal drafts which are still under review by the President and relevant

Frank Bruni

The message of his presence was not only that we can all laugh at his service and sycophancy in the Trump administration, but that he's willing to laugh with

Richard Gowan - European Council

Ironically, the Trump administration could help midwife reforms to make the UN more effective and more efficient–which is not, I think, what the president promised on the campaign trail. While Haley has been a star at the UN, she's going to have to spend General Assembly week trying to look like a servant in a sense. She needs to reassure the president that she isn't using her base up here as a platform to outshine him or even potentially plan to replace to him in

Louise Melling - American Civil Liberties Union

This Justice Department has already made its hostility to the rights of LGBT people and so many others crystal clear. But this brief was shocking, even for this administration. What the Trump Administration is advocating for is nothing short of a constitutional right to

John Delury

The Trump administration has made it explicit that there is a constant trade-off between trade issues and North

Sam Nunberg

The base is revolting. The reality is sinking in that the Trump administration is on the precipice of turning into an establishment

Brian Segee

The Trump administration is willing to ignore the law and destroy the environment in its rush to build a destructive, divisive wall that no one else

Wilbur Ross

The subsidization of goods by foreign governments is something the Trump administration takes very seriously. The Department of Commerce will continue to stand up for American workers and businesses in order to ensure that China does not take advantage of the most open market in the

Douglas Chin

The Trump administration has ended its odd and ill-advised quest to ban grandmas from the country. With respect to the admission to the United States of refugees with formal assurances and the Supreme Court's temporary stay order, each day matters. We will respond very soon to DOJ's

David Cohen

One way the Trump administration can get the Chinese into the game here in a more effective fashion is by looking at more sanctions on Chinese entities, especially certain smaller banks and trading companies, that are critical to the North Korean

Donna Friedsam

I have delivered 10 layoff notices to staff members. We don't have a funding flow anymore. As someone who has worked on many federal grants, this is really unusual. Usually if the grant letter shows up late, it still goes back to the project start date. The Trump administration is essentially saying, you need to deconstruct your organization on September 1 and reconstruct it on whatever day we provide funding. In what world is that possible?feedback

Wilbur Ross

The dumping of goods below market value in the United States is something the Trump administration takes very

Kristen Welker

Trump administration talking points distributed on Tuesday had a blunt message for DACA recipients: 'Prepare for departure.' That guidance appeared in a memo (.pdf) that was sent to stakeholders in the immigration debate by the Department of Homeland Security, just hours after the Trump administration announced it would end

Stephen Colbert

While Harvey's a natural disaster that seems to be brining people together in very heartwarming ways, there's a man-made disaster unfolding in Washington right now because the Trump Administration has announced they're ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. You're right, Jeff, deporting innocent children does not mean they're bad people. It means you're a bad person. It's O.K., we're sorry he's President

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think they might be tougher than the Trump administration thought. Trade negotiations are always

Gideon Rachman

There's a difference in political philosophy between the hawkish Trump

Ted Mitchell

We are extremely disappointed that, according to multiple media reports, the Trump administration tomorrow will announce that it is rescinding a policy that has allowed a group of exceptional young people brought to this country as infants or children, to make contributions to American society and the economy by working, serving in the military or attending

Dennis Kelleher

If the Trump administration is not careful, it is going to recreate the pre-crisis, two-tier regulatory system, where banks are heavily regulated and non-banks, including gigantic non-banks, are going to be

David Kaye

The primary victim of Trump's campaign against independent news is the American public. He may see it as valuable politically, but it's wrong, and it risks doing long-term damage to a core value. When we tie together the jeremiads and rhetoric with what the Trump administration is doing in other governing spaces, the practice of attacking the press becomes clearer as policy than solely reckless

Lloyd Doggett

With so much rebuilding needed, we should make it easier for folks to get back to work. Unfortunately, always overflowing with anti-immigrant hysteria, the Trump administration is choosing red tape and bureaucracy instead of learning lessons from past

Austan Goolsbee

They jealously guard their turf. And if the (Trump) administration says 'We want you to get rid of the following deductions and loopholes,' I think there's going to be serious

Chuck Schumer

The Trump administration is deliberately attempting to sabotage our health care system. When the number of people with health insurance declines and costs skyrocket, the American people will know who's to

Linda DeAngelo

This can definitely be seen as further evidence of the Trump administration, and DeVos in particular, [practicing] favoritism toward for-profit entities and for-profit education, which is a move away from [higher education's] historic mission … of being a nonprofit that reinvests in its

Cliff Kupchan - Eurasia Group

The Trump administration simply doesn't like this agreement. It will continue to look for a way not to certify Iran's compliance in coming months. And it will probably seek I.A.E.A. inspection of Iran's military facilities to an extent Iran deems intolerable. This deal is still in a lot of

Gamal Eid

The visit has emboldened the Arab rulers that whatever violations they commit against their people are going to be accepted by the Trump administration. This gave Sissi the green light to increase the repression. He's been

Kathy Griffin

There are many reasons the Trump administration concerns me...Melania Trump's shoes aren't one of them. Not today

Cristian Bardales

I can’t escape the reality that some are pushing the Trump administration to end what the Obama administration

Marnie Shure

What we do becomes even more essential when its targets are this clownish. I'd argue that the world right now is farcical, not satirical. The satire comes in when you can speak truth to that reigning circus sideshow. Our maxim is 'afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted'. That's certainly not something that anyone in the Trump administration is attempting to

Frank Bruni

If the Trump administration won’t protect gay people, we’re at the mercy of our ZIP

Jaisal Pastakia

Contrast this train of improving events with the U.K., where economic momentum looks uncertain. Monthly factory orders this year suggest that the sector is failing to capitalize from a weaker sterling and a pick-up in global trade. In addition, political uncertainty is likely to continue to weigh on the UK currency. The euro's fortunes this year are also at odds with the U.S. dollar. Positioning in the U.S. dollar reflects investors' pessimism about the ability of the Trump administration to make progress on its legislative agenda, particularly on tax

Jared Genser

The Trump administration should maintain its principled position and develop human rights benchmarks for Egypt to

Mark Kresowik - Sierra Club

With the current disastrous policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration, we're pleased to see these states step up, listen to their constituents, and come together to increase clean energy in the

Richard Gowan - European Council

Until she spoke, there was no clarity on where the Trump administration was going on Russia and Crimea. She set the direction for the administration by saying, No, the occupation of Crimea remains illegal. There were very credible rumors at the UN that Haley's strong line over Crimea was not cleared with senior officials at the White

Randolph Tex Alles - Secret Service

The Secret Service estimates that roughly 1,100 employees will work overtime hours in excess of statutory pay caps during calendar year 2017. To remedy this ongoing and serious problem, the agency has worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security, the Trump Administration, and the Congress over the past several months to find a legislative

Robert Satloff

It is unusual that the Trump administration would take a punitive measure against Egypt, given the president's outreach to President Sisi and his general embrace of this Egyptian government. I would not say reports of difficulties with Egypt's human rights situation or its connection with North Korea are

Richard Javad Heydarian

It drives home growing worries about a competence deficit within American organs of power under the increasingly besieged Trump

Jennifer Werner

It is clear that the Secret Service's demands will continue to be higher than ever throughout the Trump

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

They felt they could do business with the Trump administration without any real focus on thorny issues such as human rights or questions of governance that have complicated bilateral ties with other presidencies in the

J. Bryant Evan - Cozad Asset Management

While this mini correction we're seeing may not amount to much, it's probably caused by this escalation in doubt of all of these things that seemed hopeful to investors at the beginning of the Trump

Nancy Pelosi

Steve Bannon's firing is welcome news, but it doesn't disguise where President Trump himself stands on white supremacists and the bigoted beliefs they advance. President Trump's growing record of repulsive statements is matched by his repulsive policies. Personnel changes are worthless so long as President Trump continues to advance policies that disgrace our cherished American values. The Trump Administration must not only purge itself of the remaining white supremacists on staff, but abandon the bigoted ideology that clearly governs its

Rand Paul

Did the president direct you to eavesdrop and sift through intelligence? If someone were investigating the Trump administration, it ought to be the FBI not someone in the White House. She's a political appointee that reports directly to the

Caroline Freund - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think there's been some confusion among people in the Trump administration on what exactly they are. They seem to assume that they're U.S. content requirements, which they're not. They're regional content requirements. It's difficult to imagine how increasing rules of origin would lead to more U.S. content in trade with our NAFTA

Rex W. Tillerson

ISIS (Daesh) has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement and death. ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims in areas it controlled. ISIS is also responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing directed at these same groups, and in some cases against Sunni Muslims, Kurds and other minorities. The protection of these groups – and others who are targets of violent extremism – remains a human-rights priority for the Trump

Jo Miller

They weren't given a reason. But we now know that it was the Trump administration wanting to focus all the judgment towards Islamic extremists and not white supremacy

Rex W. Tillerson

ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement and death. The protection of these groups and others who are targets of violent extremism remains a human rights priority for the Trump

Chris Ghazarian - DreamHost

The search warrant is not only dealing with everything in relation to the website but also tons of data about people who visited it. What you're seeing is pure prosecutorial overreach by a politicized Justice Department, allowing the Trump administration to use prosecutors to silence

Lisa Frydman

It is not a surprise, but it is a disgrace. This is the Trump administration completely turning its back on Central American children, slamming the door on

Eli Lehrer

The Trump administration is acting very rashly in part out of the desire to undo a climate measure under the Obama administration. This is an enormous mistake that is disastrous for taxpayers. The (Obama) rule would have saved billions of dollars over

Hassan Rouhani

It is the U.S. government, especially the current Trump administration, that is ignoring international treaties, showing to the world and its allies that the U.S. is neither a good ally nor a trustworthy negotiating

Xavier Becerra

It's a low blow to the men and women who wear the badge for the federal government to threaten their crime fighting resources in order to force them to do the work of the federal government when it comes to immigration enforcement. The Trump administration has instituted policies that are not only reckless but

William Dudley - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Trump Administration has been very hands-off in terms of the Fed. So, I think they've been very respectful of the monetary policy, not to politicize the monetary policy

Caroline Freund - Peterson Institute for International Economics

The Trump administration has framed their NAFTA negotiating goals around decreasing the trade deficit with Mexico. If they don't touch vehicles, there's no other way of getting at exactly what they

Jeremy Corbyn

There can be no question of blind loyalty to the erratic and belligerent Trump administration. US-led regime-change wars and the threat of more to come have made this crisis more dangerous and difficult to

Susan E. Rice

War is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what some in the Trump administration seem to have concluded. History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea – the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War. It will require being

Xavier Becerra

Administrator Pruitt and the Trump administration are not above the law. The public has a right to know whether Administrator Pruitt and the EPA have complied with federal ethics laws. Administrator Pruitt's ability to serve as an impartial decision maker merits close

Sergey Lavrov

Unfortunately now our American partners call this ... [treaty] into question. In the Trump administration they continue calling these agreements wrong and erroneous, and it's a pity that such a successful treaty is now somewhat being cast into

Larry Levitt

In most of the country, the market would be stable if not for significant uncertainty about what the (President Donald) Trump administration will do. Virtually every insurer cites policy uncertainty as a factor in premium increases, and where insurers quantify the uncertainty it's often upwards of half the premium

Victoria Hermann

It was clear from the start of the Trump administration that there was no interest in helping Alaskan communities, particularly coastal communities, adapt to climate change. There's now no liaison from Washington on the issue. The biggest loss has been momentum. It feels like the Obama administration was kickstarting something useful but now it has dropped

Julia Olson

These children's lives and their security are threatened by what the government is doing. Even the minimal steps that were taken by, for example, the Obama administration are now being reversed by the Trump

Cynthia Cox

The actuaries don't really have a model for predicting how the Trump administration will act, so, to some extent, the insurance companies are really

Josh Rogin

For several months, the Trump administration has held off using various tools at its disposal to increase the pressure on China to increase its pressure on North Korea. But as the crisis worsens, it’s clearer than ever that China is not going to voluntarily do what’s needed to bring Pyongyang to the negotiating table under terms the United States can

Bruce Bennett - Rand Corporation

I'm not sure the direction we're headed in is curbing tensions. If we're not going to negotiate, which seems to be what the [Trump] administration is saying, we're likely going to be taking actions – missile launchers, bomber overflies, and so forth – that will actually heighten

Ted Yoho

The Trump administration is just getting started. It has taken a while for nominees to get approved, so it will just take some

Adam Mount - Center for American Progress

The Trump administration has contradicted itself on every piece of its North Korea policy. They continue to look for easy answers where there are none. Each time they contradict a policy, it makes them harder to go down that route. And with very few tools to choose from, they are severely limiting their own options. Meanwhile, they have been neglecting pressing imperatives: reassurance of American allies, re-evaluating whether allied deterrence posture remains sound, and enforcing the sanctions authority they already

Constance Hamilton

The fact that we accepted the petition under the Trump administration, I won't say that means we're any harder on any countries, it just says we respect the

Peter Schmidt

Any broader Trump administration campaign against race-conscious admissions policies will have trouble making much headway, at least in the short

Randy Gerardes - Wells Fargo Securities

I think people started to realize that the agenda within the Trump administration wasn't going to accelerate as quickly as had been advertised. When deals do come to market, people are aggressively bidding them up. That's pushing up the price and down the

Jean Franzblau

In regards to the Trump administration, this practice is really inoculating me from the drama and trauma that I'm witnessing on Facebook. I'm getting the boost that I need on a regular basis that helps me feel like a human instead of a panic

Chad Storlie

I think that John Kelly's military leadership style is exactly what the Trump administration needs at this

Vergel Villasoto

Equities, no doubt, have an impact on the performance of gold-backed ETFs in the short term ... Despite geopolitical tensions with North Korea and the shake-up in the Trump administration, equity markets seem to be taking them in their stride. These announcements have a negative impact in ... demand for safe haven assets like gold or

Steny Hoyer

I urge the Trump Administration to give up their attacks on our dedicated workforce, and promptly nominate a qualified candidate – one that will stand up for our hardworking federal employees and provide support for the civilian workforce – to lead this critically important

Steny Hoyer

The nomination of Mr. Nesterczuk to serve in such a critical role was yet another example of how the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans continue to denigrate and undermine the work of our tireless federal civilian workforce. From attempting to reduce the deficit on the backs of federal employees to reinstating the Holman Rule, Republicans have continually sought to attack the federal

Dmitri Medvedev

It is a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia. The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

We are better organised than the Trump administration. That is because if there are any internal difficulties, those difficulties are fixed in a direct conversation instead of by firing

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

To ensure that we have robust economic growth and promote fiscal discipline, the Trump administration believes it's important to raise the debt ceiling as soon as possible. Over the past two decades, members of Congress and presidents from both parties have raised [the] debt ceiling 15 times and we look forward to working with Congress to ensure the full faith and credit of the United States

Wilbur Ross

The Trump administration believes in free and fair trade and will use every available tool to counter the protectionism of those who pledge allegiance to free trade while violating its core principles. China is not a market economy. The Chinese government creates national champions and takes other actions that significantly distort markets. Responding to such actions with trade remedies is not

Timothy Jost

I think there would very likely be litigation if the Trump administration tries to cut off the

Sarah Sanders

To ensure that we have robust economic growth and promote fiscal discipline, the Trump administration believes it's important to raise the debt ceiling as soon as

Brian Gardner - Keefe Bruyette & Woods

September will be a month when the Trump administration faces its most significant test on Capitol Hill. Passing spending bills and raising the debt ceiling must be

Douglas Wigdor

According to the complaint, at the same time that 21st Century Fox's General Counsel, Gerson Zweifach, was meeting with the UK regulators in an attempt to convince them that Fox had in place procedures to ensure compliance with broadcasting standards to purchase Sky, Fox News was working with the Trump administration to disseminate fake news in order to distract the public from Russia's alleged attempts to influence our Country's presidential

Sam Altman

I'm more interested in how we build the seeds of a really long-term movement, starting in a set of people who believe in these ideas in 2018. To the degree the Democratic Party is aligned on getting these policies and principles implemented, then I see myself aligned with them. I still identify personally as a Democrat. I think the Democratic Party had a catastrophic failure of delivering a cohesive, positive, economic message for Americans over the last decade. I hope the Trump administration is enough of a wakeup

Chuck Schumer

I take what's given me… We're in the minority, so we're not making policy. We have to know when to dance and when to fight. The Trump administration has made it harder to

William A. Galston - The Brookings Institution

This is certainly the week in which the Trump administration went off the rails. And it's going to require some heavy lifting equipment to get it back on the rails and off down the track. Retired sergeant says transgender ban

Tony Jack

Emotional resonance helps religious people to feel more certain - the more moral correctness they see in something, the more it affirms their thinking. In contrast, moral concerns make nonreligious people feel less certain. Terrorists, within their bubble, believe it's a highly moral thing they're doing. They believe they are righting wrongs and protecting something sacred. With all this talk about fake news, the Trump administration, by emotionally resonating with people, appeals to members of its base while ignoring

Michael Anton

General [H.R.] McMaster greatly appreciates Derek Harvey's service to his country as a career Army officer, where he served his country bravely in the field and played a crucial role in the successful surge in Iraq, and also for his service on Capitol Hill and in the Trump administration. The administration is working with Colonel Harvey to identify positions in which his background and expertise can be best

Jon Lieber

This reflects Congress running out of patience with the Trump administration. The Republicans said, We'll give you a chance, time to fix [the Russian threat].' Now it's four or five months later, they haven't fixed it, and it seems like they might be backsliding. There are serious concerns on Capitol Hill about the administration's ability to deal with

Jeremy J. Siegel

I was pleased with Trump's comments about Janet Yellen. I think she's done a good job ... I think that's a good team. I think that's a good team for the Trump administration. The fact that he has actively said he is considering her, I mean I think that should be very, very positive the

Richard Curtin

When directly asked to evaluate economic policies of the Trump administration, just 17 percent of all consumers rated them

Chip Unruh

He has said it publicly and privately. The Trump administration is behaving erratically and

Lawrence Noble - Campaign Legal Center

What we're seeing here is almost a wholesale avoidance of the Advisory Committee Act by the Trump administration, and that is dangerous, because it allows this basically shadow government to

Rodrigo Catril - National Australia Bank

Opening the debate on repealing and replacing the Obamacare bill could be a positive for the U.S. dollar as it would improve the prospect for the Trump administration to get its infrastructure spending and tax reform agenda back on

Steny Hoyer

When Trump administration officials either disagree with or do not understand the impacts of their own policies, they prefer to attack the nonpartisan analysts who are doing their jobs with integrity and

Robert Johnson - Morningstar

The Trump administration has decided to support the deeply unpopular policy of civil

Miguel Diaz

It's clear there are tensions. Her challenge is going to be to bridge the clear differences between the Trump administration and Pope Francis's

Douglas Chin

This confirms we were right to say that the Trump Administration over-reached in trying to unilaterally keep families apart from each other, in violation of the Supreme Court's prior

Scott Kennedy

The Trump administration is pushing as hard on Korea, Japan and others that have trade surpluses with the U.S. at the same time as they're pushing on China, and we all need to actually work together to deal with the China

Seth Meyers

If you've been following the recent saga of the Republican healthcare bill, which, once again, failed to get the necessary votes to pass, you might think the Trump administration isn't accomplishing anything. But there is one department, the EPA, that has actually been quietly implementing big changes, unfortunately for the benefit of a select

Seth Meyers

The company that makes the pesticide in question has close ties to the White House. Dow's CEO, Andrew Liveris, heads up the White House manufacturing working group, and there he was, right by Trump's side, as he signed an executive order on reducing regulations across government agencies back in January. So the Trump administration is vehemently anti-leak, unless that leak is

Ames Grawert

If you're going to see anything from the Trump administration proposing new [or longer] mandatory minimums and a general return to the tough on crime tactics, I think you'll see those recommendations made by the task

Frank Bruni

If only corporate America and the Trump administration were like

Christopher Whalen

If you see Cohn go to the Fed, to me, that's an escape path for him and that means that Goldman has given up on the Trump

Sergey Lavrov

How is it possible to take away property formalized by a ratified inter-governmental document? And what kind of principle is it to say 'What's mine is mine, and we'll divide what's yours' while discussing its return? Decent and well brought up people don't behave this way. I am confident that the Trump administration has some reasonable people who realize that the Obama administration had made a decision to seize diplomatic real estate and to evict Russian diplomats and their families when the administration was in its death

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

I think there is a big difference between Americans and the Trump administration. America is full of brilliant, brilliant people with brilliant minds who want to do the right thing. The sad thing is that some of the things that are coming out of the Trump administration seem to be anything but that. And obviously, seeing as today we are talking about climate change, it was America first and our beautiful globe last. And it does seem incredibly sad. So there is by no means any guarantee we will change his

Trevor Noah

The Trump administration is allergic to facts. Instead of focusing on the numbers, Trump's team says we should focus on what we believe. Yes, we believe everyone's going to be covered. Some by insurance, some by the sheets that the coroners place over them because they can't afford healthcare. On some level, you have to be impressed that Mitch McConnell and his friends have written a bill so bad that their own party hates it. The only question is when something is so deeply unpopular, how could you possible make it worse?feedback

David Victor

There's no relationship between what we're seeing in the real world and what the Trump administration is doing in terms of energy

Kristen Monsell

Approving this Arctic drilling plan at the 11th hour makes a dangerous project even riskier. An oil spill here would do incredible damage, and it would be impossible to clean up. The Trump administration clearly cares only about appeasing oil companies, no matter its legal obligations or the threats to polar bears or our

Ron Wyden

It is surprising that in key areas the Trump administration is seeking outcomes that were achieved in the T.P.P., which the president said was a bad

John Hoellwarth

A lot of the things that are moving the Department of Veterans Affairs in the right direction actually got underway before the Trump

Jan Hasselman

This decision marks an important turning point. Until now, the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been disregarded by the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Trump administration–prompting a well-deserved global outcry. The federal courts have stepped in where our political systems have failed to protect the rights of Native

Matt Latimer

It's a book about leadership and his search for truth, informed by lessons and experiences he's had throughout his career, including his recent experiences in the Trump administration. It will speak to a broader desire in our country for more ethical

Takuji Okubo

I think it's simply wishful thinking that the Trump administration will change its mind about the T.P.P. So long as he remains the president I don't think he will actually make that

Sarah Binder

Strategic attorneys general can likely chart a path through Democratic-leaning courts - making it harder on the Trump administration to pursue its agenda through executive

JoDee Winterhof - Human Rights Campaign

Sessions' alarming comments proved what LGBTQ and civil rights leaders know to be true – that he cannot be trusted. A month ago, he vowed to protect transgender women from violent attacks and now we find him promoting license to discriminate laws. This is another predictable step for the anti-LGBTQ Trump-Pence

Kamala Harris

During his confirmation hearing, Mr. Kelly came across as this person who would be a moderating voice in the Trump administration, someone who would speak truth to power. But that's not what we're seeing from him as secretary of Homeland Security. Under him, this agency has seemed eager to carry out the destructive immigration policies of this

Donovan Richards

With the Trump administration in place, people who don't necessarily even believe in climate change, I'm really worried whether the money will even be

Vince Willmore - Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids

With the new Trump administration and Congress trying to roll back health and safety regulations, generally the tobacco industry is seizing the opportunity to mount its own assault on the programs and policies that have reduced smoking in this

Terry McAuliffe

It's a shame that the dysfunction of the Trump administration killed this project and will likely make it harder for the FBI to do its

Gina M. Raimondo

It's important for us to figure out a way to speak with one voice to the Trump administration to explain that this is going to hurt a lot of people in a lot of states, regardless of whether there's a Democrat or Republican in the governor's

John Logsdon

The right thing to say is, nobody knows. The budget the Trump administration approved for NASA is basically a holding

Nancy McLernon - Organization for International Investment

It is great to see the [Trump] administration recognize the detrimental impact that these regulations will have on America's economic

Andrew Steer - World Resources Institute

In the end, it was a landslide victory for countries voicing support for global climate action. Chancellor Merkel demonstrated deft leadership in rallying 19 of the world's largest economies to deliver an unmistakable message behind climate action. The direction of travel toward clean energy is loud and clear. The question remains how quickly the world will surge forward and how far behind the Trump administration will let the United States

Vivek Stalam - New Street Research

The business community is watching intensely to see what an antitrust D.O.J. will look like in the Trump administration and how much of the rhetoric from the campaign trickles down into policy. People are looking at AT&T-Time Warner as the first indicator of what that will be

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

The big concern with the Trump administration is their commitment to the W.T.O. system and whether it bothers them to have the system

Sarah Isgur Flores

Keeping this country safe from terrorists is the highest priority of the Trump administration. Recent attacks in Europe and elsewhere confirm that the threat to our nation is immediate and real, and it remains essential that we use every lawful tool available to prevent as many attacks as

Jim Cramer

If that [bill] fails – and it probably will, which I've been telling you from the beginning – then we're going to have to accept that this market likely won't be getting much assistance from the Trump administration. In fact, the only thing coming from Washington is rate hikes from the Fed and potential bond sales, which is only good news for you if you're a bank CEO. Bad for everyone

Frank Aum

I don't think the Trump administration sees any other options. They don't really believe in negotiations at this point. They feel like they need to apply greater financial

Bjoern Conrad

Now the focus of the Trump administration shifts once more – and China is back in the

Michael Jasny

I don't think you'll see the public opposition wane at all. And you'll see the Trump administration taken to

Jeff Rathke

Poland is, in some ways, a poster child for some of the issues that the Trump administration has been stressing. They're betting that this relationship with the United States on defense will balance their concerns about the possible directions of U.S.-Russia

Betsy Greer

The Trump administration has basically given us a trope of what happens when we get too disconnected from ourselves, our realities and people who are different than

Christopher Hill

I think this is really going to take some time and effort on the part of the Trump administration to convince the Chinese, No, the U.S. does not want to put troops up on the Yalu river or a listening

Christopher Hill

I think the problem the Trump administration has had with China is they look at China as a sort of outsourcing place, where they can kind of turn it over to China and tell the Chinese, you figure it

Gary Younge

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Anthony Ruggiero

This is a strong message to Chinese leaders that the Trump administration will act against North Korea's sanctions evasion in

Vanita Gupta

It's past time for the Trump administration and the Sessions Justice Department to demonstrate, through action and its megaphone, its full and unflagging commitment to preventing hate-based violence and harassment that hurts our communities and destroys the fabric of our

David Konisky

This new framing of energy policy around the idea of dominance is a thinly-veiled attempt to justify unfettered development of fossil fuels and rollbacks of environmental protections. The Trump Administration continues to give lip service to clean energy, while simultaneously rescinding the very policies intended to hasten its

Julius Krein

There's no such thing as the Trump administration in any conventional

Rick Perry

I see this as an opportunity to allow an American natural resource to help bolster both countries' economies. The overall goal of the Trump administration is to sell what Americans make to bolster this economy. If you are selling it to a partner, a neighbor, even

Tom Finke

Could there be a correction based on disappointment with the Trump administration undoing some of the bump? Sure, but we're probably seeing that as buying opportunity for good value

Seth Meyers

When asked about criminal justice reform in general, Trump seemed to have no idea what he was talking about. GEO Group also donated $100,000 to Rebuild America Now, a pro-Trump Super PAC. So now GEO Group has a contract to build the first new immigrant detention center under the Trump administration in Texas, set to open by the end of next

Carlos Curbelo

The president remains an entity in and of itself, not a part of the traditional Republican Party. I handle the Trump administration the same way I handled the Obama administration. When I agree, I work with them. When I oppose, I don'

Russell Fishkind

Many individual trustees are concerned about assuming responsibilities for a loved one. If you show them the resources are there and give them directions to dispense their fiduciary duty, it's not as daunting. We've seen a tremendous shift from the Obama administration to the Trump administration in goals and objectives for providing healthcare plans. You need to take matters into your own

Gregor Robertson

The Trump administration better watch out for US cities. They are on the rise and I think they will prevail in the end, turning the tide and making sure that the US is a climate leader, rather than what is happening

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Once again, the Trump administration has agreed to do the bidding of the worst polluters in our country, and once again it's putting the health of American families and communities at risk. We will fight this and every other attempt by polluters and the Trump administration to destroy our water

Peter Costa

The market likes certainty and now there's uncertainty. What is this (health bill) going to look like when this gets out of the next iteration? That uncertainty I think is just having people pause a little bit. I also think that when the market gets to certain levels, any type of uncertainty, especially in anything that has to do with the (Trump) administration, will have an adverse

Rick Perry

Everybody in the private sector is going to look after their interests and their stockholders' interests. I get that, and that's fine and good. The Trump administration is going to make decisions on how to sell American products, create American jobs, and if that helps bolster the relationship with Mexico and Canada in a North America energy strategy, then there is a lot of reason to

Ken Paxton

It's reassuring to know that the Trump administration believes in upholding the Constitution and defending the rule of

Stephen Colbert

To the beautiful and friendly Russian people. I don't understand why no members of the Trump administration can remember meeting you. If anyone would like to work on my campaign in an unofficial capacity, please just let me

Stephen Colbert

I don't understand why no members of the Trump administration can remember meeting you. I am here to announce that I am considering a run for president in 2020, and I thought it would be better to cut out the middleman and just tell the Russians myself. If anyone would like to work on my campaign in an unofficial capacity, please just let me

Barry Burden

It is a bit surprising that Democrats haven't managed a single victory yet, and haven't had more success in turning their anger against the Trump administration into something tangible. The party can weather that for a while, but at some point it could become

Jaret Seiberg

We see today's ... stress test results as a positive for Trump administration efforts to deregulate the

Irvin B. Nathan

The Trump administration has no right to stonewall questions from

Larry Levitt

There is no question that Anthem has soured on the marketplace, given underlying instability and the tremendous uncertainty stoked by the Trump administration and the health-care debate in Congress. Assuming other insurers in Indiana and Wisconsin stick around, there will still be at least one insurer in all counties in these

Mark Dubowitz

The Obama administration would take the exact same position that the Trump administration is taking right now on waivers – any administration would – but this is as much about politics as about the ever-present tension between the executive branch and the legislative branch over

Corin Tucker

For me, performing live with someone is the true litmus test of collaboration. I remember our first Filthy Friends show together in Portland, I was able to turn to Peter onstage, and really read him then, as wide open to possibility, spontaneity and creative sparks. I'm inspired by all of the states who have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement on their own. We need to keep moving on this issue despite the actions of the Trump

Eric Altbach - Albright Stonebridge Group

This initial period of calm in the U.S.-China relationship was not sustainable. We're reaching the end of the beginning for the Trump administration, and things are only going to get

Jeff Sessions

You are on the front lines of the battle to keep us safe. You are the force multiplier that will make this work a success. The Department of Justice and I are here to empower, support, and partner with you to carry out your mission. Turning back the recent troubling increase in violent crime in our country is a top priority of the Department of Justice and the Trump Administration, as we work to fulfill the president's promise to make America safe

John Delury

Perhaps his condition deteriorated and the authorities decided it was better to release him in a coma than as a corpse. North Koreans might have feelers out to see if there is a deal to be made with the Trump administration, and releasing Mr. Warmbier is a way to move that process along, while also removing what could be an obstacle down the

Greg Hayes

The Indianapolis situation was difficult … I think we came to an agreement with the new Trump administration in terms of saving 800 jobs and keeping the plant open and we have kept that commitment. Unfortunately we have also continued to remove some jobs out as we had expected to

Scott Schoettes

The decision to resign from government service is not one that any of us take lightly. However, we cannot ignore the many signs that the Trump administration does not take the on-going epidemic or the needs of people living with HIV seriously. Because we do not believe the Trump Administration is listening to – or cares – about the communities we serve as members of PACHA, we have decided it is time to step

Beth Ann Bovino - Standard & Poor's

Promises are not policies and the Trump administration is going to face the reality of a slow legislative process, despite the fact that we have a majority of Republicans in

Robert Law

The Trump administration is affirmatively saying that 'we are keeping in place a program that we've repeatedly said was lawless and

James Williams

We are encouraged that the Trump administration wants to help Cuba's private sector. Unfortunately, the people who will be most negatively impacted by this directive are Cuban entrepreneurs. The confusion that will surround this policy will undoubtedly stifle U.S. demand to travel to the

David Sandalow

Civil servants deserve our thanks, not the disrespect they're being shown by the Trump administration. At Interior, they protect national treasures. At the Energy Department, they invest in innovative technologies. The White House should be supporting their work, not trying to 'deconstruct the administrative

Arne Sorenson - Marriott International

We urge the Trump administration to recognize and utilize travel as a strategic tool in its efforts to improve relations with Cuba, allowing us to be part of a promising future, as opposed to reverting to the policies of the

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

And it doesn't help the Trump administration that the Special Counsel was appointed by the Trump

William Jackson - Capital Economics

Russian stocks are responding to the bill passed by the U.S. Senate last night which would tighten the sanctions regime if signed into law. Early signs are that (the bill) won't have a very big macroeconomic impact, but ... as far as there were any hopes that sanctions might be eased or lifted gradually under the Trump administration, that is not going to

Daniel Russel

The Trump administration has made it quite clear that this is an all-of-the-above approach. They will explore what kind of official or unofficial contacts with North Korea can advance the

Kristina Hooper - Allianz Global Investors

There's more concern, but it's not general concern about risk, it's more focused on the diminishing expectations for the Trump administration

Bob Corker

With overwhelming Senate passage of the Russia sanctions amendment, the U.S. sends a strong signal to President Putin while ensuring the Trump administration has the flexibility it needs. The Russian government continues to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine, aggravate the crisis in Syria, and destabilize democracies around the world. This amendment makes clear that we will not continue to tolerate such actions, and I am glad we are one step closer to passage of our legislation to hold Iran

Mark Eibel - Russell Investments

We do think we're due for a correction in U.S. stocks [and] a key risk is lack of policy follow-through. At some point the market will get tired of waiting for tax reform and other key policies from the Trump administration. There's a continued risk to the

Xavier Becerra

The Department of Energy is blocking common-sense energy efficiency standards. This is absurd. The Trump Administration should stop stalling and start following the

Ben Cardin

The Administration's notice to us that they are about to start delivering precision-guided munitions in 30 days from a previous sale shows that the Saudis won't be running out of these weapons anytime soon. We need to send a message to both the Trump Administration and the Saudis to work much harder to avoid civilian casualties, expedite humanitarian relief, and push for a peaceful end to the war through a negotiated political

Chuck Schumer

Unfortunately, the Attorney General repeatedly refused to answer pertinent questions from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee without offering a scintilla of a legal justification for doing so. This is part of a repeated and troubling pattern from Trump administration officials who clam up and refuse to answer questions about the Russia investigation, even though cabinet officials have had no qualms talking about their conversations with the

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

The bottom line continues to be that small businesses remain hopeful for positive policy changes out of the [Trump] Administration. Companies are still hiring but not really increasing investments in their business. On the former, a growing issue is the dearth of supply for qualified workers which we keep talking

Jim O'Hara - Center for Science in the Public Interest

The ability of the Trump administration to repeat its mistakes is breathtaking. Just like with the menu-labeling delay, this administration is denying consumers critical information they need to make decisions, and it's throwing the food industry into disarray. It doesn't help consumers. And ultimately it doesn't help industry,

Andrea Prasow - Human Rights Watch

Nearly half of the U.S. Senate sent an overwhelmingly clear message to Riyadh that if it wants to return to a time of unequivocal U.S. support, it needs to stop killing civilians in Yemen. The Trump administration should take notice and use this statement as an opportunity to press the Saudis to change their behavior in Yemen – to focus on protecting civilians, and to be transparent about its conduct in this devastating

Grant Rumley

I think it's a dangerous approach, however, and one that ultimately will hurt everyday Gazans. Abbas wants to be the central address for the Trump administration but while squeezing Gaza financially may put his political rivals in a bind, it will likely only widen the gap between him and the

James Wagner

Right now, I'm more worried about the economy and that [the Trump administration] want[s] to take the VA and privatize it. That ain't gonna

Randi Spivak

Zinke's recommendation is a slap in the face to the tribes that sought protection for Bears Ears and any American who values our incredible public lands. Sadly, this is yet another corrupt process from the Trump administration that ignores public sentiment and rewards polluting industries that view our public lands as simply another source of profit. … It's time for Zinke to stop pretending he's a Teddy Roosevelt kind of a guy. President Roosevelt would be ashamed of

Tobias Levkovich - Citi

In some respects, one of the scariest charts to look at currently is the number of announced mergers and acquisition deals over the past year or two. M&A lawyers argue the 'uncertainty' factor, which has come about recently, given some unpredictable aspects of the new Trump administration, has been the

Nestor Duprey

I think it's a useless exercise, because we have seen that the Trump administration and Congress have not showed the slightest interest in the process itself, much less the will of the people of Puerto Rico. Supporters of statehood did not seem enthusiastic about this plebiscite as they were five years

Jamie Gorelick

The Trump administration has made people unusually uneasy, to say the

Martin Heinrich

There are reports that the incoming Trump administration ... attempted to set up a sort of back-door communication channel with the Russian government using their infrastructure, their devices or facilities. What would be the risks ... to setting up unauthorized channels with a hostile foreign government, especially if they were to evade our own American intelligence services?feedback

Charles Fried

I would've thought until just recently that one would be willing to take the job of solicitor general even in a Trump

Kirk Vashaw

To be honest, I'm just very disappointed that the Trump administration didn't do more to level the playing field, which is something they promised over and over again to do for the American worker. This was an opportunity to do that, and they didn'

Mike Kreidler

For months, we've worked closely with our health insurers and other stakeholders in a concerted effort to try to explain to the Trump administration and congressional leaders what the impact could be to our market and most importantly, to our consumers, if this level of uncertainty and volatility continued. Today, our predictions came

Mike Kreidler

I'm deeply troubled by the changes we're seeing for next year's health insurance market. The proposed drop in insurers and coverage areas clearly indicates to me that the uncertainty the Trump administration and the GOP-controlled Congress has sowed for months is sabotaging the progress we've

Marguerite Jimenez

The Trump administration is zeroing in on human rights, as though a potential roll-back of Cuba regulation is being done in the name of Cuban rights. We in the human-rights community are working to get the message out, not in our name.' There's absolutely no human-rights ground that is justifiable in rolling back this

John Canavan - Stone & McCarthy Research Associates

It leaves us where we were before. It becomes that much more difficult for the Trump administration to put together a fiscal stimulus package. Anything they could put together with tax reform and infrastructure spending would be a lot smaller than had been expected. You are also pushing back the timing on any fiscal stimulus into 2018, possibly in

Boris Epshteyn

From the very start of the Trump administration, the press briefings have veered way off course, becoming more theater than information gathering – theater in which, frankly, the press has often played the leading

Andrew Light - World Resources Institute

The question is whether the Trump administration still shows up for those discussions. If they really are pushing to 'renegotiate' the deal, as they say, I don't see why they wouldn't

Stephen Colbert

This is how democracy ends. With a fake email sent to the ancient cat lady manning the polling station at your high school gym. The leaker's name, and this is true: Reality Winner. So it's official, the Trump administration is at war with

John Weingart

It seems like people are pre-occupied and somewhat exhausted by everything that's happening in national politics. Normally in New Jersey the governor's race is the subject of intense discussion among people who pay attention to politics for months leading up to it, but I think one of the reasons that's not happening is because first, the 2016 campaign and then the first months of the Trump administration have sucked up all the

Jamil Dakwar

It's hard to take Ambassador Haley seriously on U.S. support for human rights in light of Trump administration actions like the Muslim ban and immigration crackdowns. The United States must get its own house in order and make human rights at home a priority – then, it can begin to credibly demand the same of other countries

Gary Watson

I think the Trump administration is very interested in looking at the situation. A number of companies are very anxious to get in there and start extracting uranium. There is no

Kentaro Tamura

Even after this Trump administration announcement, most of the businesspeople will not change their minds or

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