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Jeremy Corbyn
We are opposed to TTIP-style deregulation and investor protection deals with the Trump administration, which is precisely what this Tory government wants to use Brexit for. We want trade based on fairness, open rules and strong rights and
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Sep 21 2017
Angel Gurria, Heather Conley and Roberto Azevêdo, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about TTIP. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 42 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 63 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Angel Gurria is: “The TTIP rules make a lot of sense. But that's why it's so difficult and so important, that's why it's going to take time. We believe it's a win-win proposition, we believe it should be pursued.”.
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Ian Bremmer - Eurasia Group

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a dead letter in this environment, as is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), [which is ] already on life

Jeffrey Franks - International Monetary Fund

Opposition to TTIP is strong, particularly in the light of the results of the election last

Jyrki Katainen - European Commission

TTIP is probably one of the last agenda items and I don't think we will see a trade policy until year two or year

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

Some of the experiences, some of the procedures that we have experienced with CETA, will also be reflected in our work on

Victor Manuel - Lush

One good example against TTIP is that we will lose the protection against the use of forbidden chemicals in cosmetics in Europe: in Europe there are some 1,300 banned chemical products in cosmetics – while in the USA there are only eleven chemicals banned from cosmetics. An example is lead: in the USA it is still used in cosmetics such as in lipsticks… not like this one produced by

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

Let's now turn to trade and particularly to TTIP. Obama won't have time to push for it, Trump would kill it. Clinton is going back on her word that she supports this particular agreement. Some European countries as you know are completely against it. So is TTIP dead?feedback

Tito Alvarez

Those treaties are killer agreements, they make people to slaves, they are just looking for more economic benefits and they are going to abolish all norms/standards, rules and laws established in Europe since hundreds of years….feedback

Emilio Varela

Twenty-six percent of the costs of our products are increased because of different regulations between us and the USA. If this (TTIP) agreement could solve this point, our success would be bigger, our business would be much bigger and a lot of employment would be created in our country… if we gain twenty percent more of turnover (the car component industry) could create 15,000 jobs in

Jamie Garcia-Legaz Ponce

We have seen Mister Trump attacking free trade agreements. – We believe that this makes little sense: The prosperity of the US has been propelled by free trade in the last few decades. – Free trade is good and TTIP is a way of moving free trade

Jamie Garcia-Legaz Ponce

We see that there is some opposition to TTIP, that is true. We have seen that on the extreme left and on the extreme right – in many areas across the European Union. – On the US side there is some protectionist movement, coming from populist movements as

Paul Magnette

From now on, we can draw the lesson: with CETA improved, TTIP is dead and

John Manley

CETA is not TTIP. It is not a stalking horse for

Angel Gurria - OECD

We're going to be modifying those into one, single multilateral agreement by all the parties involved so that everybody can move towards a transparent world, one where can avoid avoidance of tax

Angel Gurria - OECD

The TTIP rules make a lot of sense. But that's why it's so difficult and so important, that's why it's going to take time. We believe it's a win-win proposition, we believe it should be

Roberto Azevêdo

It is extremely difficult and the interests are very clear, visible and political as well, but it's possible. We have proven (that) at the WTO often – we had the Bali deals two years ago; just last year, another

Angel Gurria - OECD

We are only two months away from the U.S. election and again the mood in the U.S. is, at least from the speeches, very anti-free trade and at the same time in Europe, you have a very low growth

Roberto Azevêdo

When we talk about trade, most of the times, it's making a relationship between trade and unemployment. Trade is not the cause of unemployment. In fact, the biggest drivers of unemployment are innovation and increased productivity. More than 80 percent of unemployment caused in those countries (U.S. and Europe) is due to those two factors, so trade is a minor component of

Angel Gurria - OECD

Trade growth is below 3 percent, it should be at 6-7 percent and act as a locomotive and what are we seeing? We look like we're going

Angel Gurria - OECD

(The European Union) came out strongly saying no, (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel came out and strongly saying no, we're on it and working on it. U.S. said we're working it. All I'm saying is the symptoms and the signals are not good so we have to overcome

Roberto Azevêdo

That may lead to the wrong policies and the wrong decisions, as we come to the situation where a new government is in

Heather Conley

People said, Why are you wasting your time? It's going to pass anyway. Now I have the match

Heather Conley

These are just myths that have been blown out of proportion, but have been used very effectively by anti-trade forces. The irony is that it was U.S. regulators that found out about European companies that were not following

Heather Conley

This is emotional, it's very strong. Would [a U.S. good] really have much market penetration because of the emotions surrounding it?feedback

Thilo Brodtmann

There will be more [international trade agreements] coming. I think the TTIP is necessary and I also think the TTIP will

Thilo Brodtmann

Especially talking about TTIP, in some parts of Europe, people are a bit reluctant because they do not really understand what's going on. It's a very complex matter. For the first time, a free trade agreement has been taken on by politics and by unions on the

Heather Conley

In some ways this is a really good vehicle for anti-Americanism. In Germany, the most potent anti-U.S. vehicle was about the NSA, Snowden and privacy … and all that anger, and all that sentiment has gone on to

Dhruva Jaishankar

Anti-trade rhetoric during the election in the U.S., coupled with the priority given to TPP and TTIP, as well as frustrations with India paint a grim picture [for future agreements].feedback

Peter van Ham

There may be an economic rationale, but everyone is scrapping for votes and you lose votes if you support TTIP. Any credit from potential free trade gains would be two to three years

Sigmar Gabriel

It doesn't make sense to end talks on such issues - neither with Turkey nor with Russia nor with

Francois Hollande

The negotiations are bogged down, positions have not been respected, it's clearly

Margaritis Schinas - European Commission

Talks are now indeed entering a crucial stage as we have proposals for almost all chapters on the table and a good sense about the outline of the future

Sigmar Gabriel

In my opinion the negotiations with the United States have de facto failed, even though nobody is really admitting it. The negotiations with the USA have...failed because we Europeans did not want to subject ourselves to American

Paul de Clerck

The problems (for TTIP) are the biggest they've ever been. I don't think Brexit is the final nail in the coffin, but it's one of the

Marianne Schneider-Petsinger

Within three days of the Brexit vote, French PM Manuel Valls dismissed the possibility of a US-EU trade deal, stating TTIP was against 'EU

Christofer Fjeliner - European Parliament

I would say the current situation in Europe should make us even more eager to produce something by the end of the year, because right now letting TTIP dwell into oblivion would hurt us enormously. We are already weakened by the referendum in Britain and not having TTIP as well would be devastating so therefore I would actually say there's a logic to speeding up things and giving more emphasis to the current trade

Paul de Clerck

There is already a lot of questions already about the appetite in the US for making a deal with Europe. The UK leaving the EU doesn't make TTIP more attractive for the US because the UK is still one of the biggest trade partners for the US. So if the UK leaves that's probably about 20 percent less trade in the deal so that's not strengthening the

John Kerry

The president, very clearly, he was talking about TTIP and the fact that we have 28, now 27, countries we have to negotiate with, or now potentially 27 countries that we have to negotiate with, to get that

Gary Hufbauer

The 'back of the queue' statement will be forgotten by the next administration, if not sooner. In my view, TTIP is either dormant or dead in the wake of

Miriam Sapiro

A U.S.-UK agreement could create leverage to get TTIP done more quickly, and it's an easier agreement to

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

If it is not good enough we just have to say 'Sorry but we have to put this on ice' and wait for the next administration. Obviously we lose time and momentum, but we cannot agree to TTIP-lite or something that's not good

Ignacio Garcia

Does the the leak bother us? Yes, of course, it's not good for trust in the process that such a document is leaked. But there you go, that's all I can say for the moment. Thank

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The European Parliament needs to contribute with a clear and unequivocal position. What we should have is a strong text by the European Parliament and what we should avoid is that Parliament adopts a resolution which is neither here or there, or, even worse, is not able to adopt a

Markus Tons

I think the Commission should renounce such mediation mechanisms in TTIP, especially in the case of two entities like the US and the EU who do have strong jurisdiction and good courts. We don't need such

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

Mr. President, let's talk about EU-US relations. We've had the NSA scandal that created a lot of repercussions in Europe, we have the TTIP trade talks that are very complicated and there is a lot of resistance in Europe and the United States, so where are we right now? Your

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

It's important to understand that this Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership can be a real transformation in the global economic scenario, because our relationship is the biggest by far in terms of trade and investment. There were and there are some concerns, the issue of surveillance by American agencies, of course, is a very serious issue and we have expressed to our American partners our concerns in a very firm and convincing way. But we are also addressing this through

Tyson Barker

There is a recognition that the bilateral relationship between the US and Europe is changing. It is no longer a security-based relationship. The premise of that relationship is economic. And we don't have yet that kind of institutional mechanisms to support that relationship. So creating the TTIP at this time – it couldn't be more

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

What came out of Angela Merkel's visit to Washington was the willingness of Germany and the United States to work even closer together on issues like Ukraine, TTIP and surveillance. A challenging agenda given the most recent

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