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Denny Nealon
The beauty is trying to enhance Uber loyalists' experience.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
“Today the Board came together collaboratively and took a major step forward in Uber's journey to becoming a world class public company. We approved moving forward with the Softbank transaction and reached unanimous agreement on a new governance framework that will serve Uber well. Under Dara's leadership and with strong guidance from the Board, we should expect great things ahead for Uber.” said Travis Kalanick speaking about Uber. It’s one of the 894 quotes about Uber you can find on this page. 518 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Dara Khosrowshahi and Sadiq Khan. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Ginny Ehrlich

If a woman has to travel three counties away to access the method of contraception that is right for her, that creates a lot of barriers, especially for women who are living on limited income or below the poverty line.feedback

Ginny Ehrlich

For women who lose their coverage for contraception, many of them will go back to these safety-net clinics. The burden on these clinics will become probably even higher.feedback

Michael Adcock

Rural populations very much benefit from telehealth, but access isn't just a geographical issue. There are physician shortages in different specialties.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

Clearly, behemoth companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft – these are giants. We have seen a lot of voices in the United States where we need to regulate what's happening on Facebook, and to a lesser extent on Twitter. ...We've seen in the '90s and early 2000s they were trying to break up Microsoft and it failed completely. I think it's a free market, there should be free competition.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

Our investment in Twitter is part and parcel of a plan whereby Kingdom Holdings is moving from the old investments that we had to the new investments, like JD.com in China, like Twitter, Lyft, and Careem, which is another ride-hailing [company] in the Middle East. We are very optimistic about that, obviously –Twitter. It's not going to be easy because now they're facing some difficulties. But our entry point was very reasonable so right now it's holding our breakeven point. So any good news from Mr. Jack Dorsey and his team at Twitter will reflect very much on Twitter.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

We were in discussions with both Uber and Lyft, but when we evaluated both companies, we thought that Lyft is a better entry point for us. Because at that time, Uber's price was at a plateau of its highest height. So we invested in Lyft, and we have a very good relationship with .... the management. But Uber still is a great company, obviously, and Uber is the company that began with this whole idea of shared rides. Our choice was to go with Lyft but it doesn't mean that Uber is not good.feedback

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

We have a new CEO there, just appointed, and I think we should give him the time to get the company back on track. Travis was a genius in what he did, he is very smart. Uber is at the vanguard of this project. Uber's going to make it for sure, no doubt about that.feedback

Susan Fowler

What? But I work there. I only use Lyft. Did you read that interview with the CEO, Travis, where he talked about how Uber helps him get girls? He's a misogynist. I could never use his product.feedback

William Trivino

We want the government to stop Uber, Cabify and any other applications that try to come here. Protect taxi drivers who...pay taxes and don't allow someone with a private vehicle and a cell phone to become a taxi.feedback

Adam Gromis

We get asked all the time 'Is there any way you can share more data? We'd love to see where people are travelling in our city.feedback

Sydnee Caldwell

People respond a lot to changes in their hourly earnings.feedback

Alexandre Droulers - Uber

As a technology company we can play a role in helping cities make data-driven decisions for the benefit of the environment and its citizens.feedback

Mark Luschini - Janney Montgomery Scott

Clearly at the end it had everything to do with the speculation about Jerome Powell. I can't observe any other reason for why we ended up. He's viewed to be sort of an extension of (current Fed Chair) Janet Yellen by way of being a policy dove ... and, with the market loving more of the same with regard to uber-accommodative monetary policy, as more welcome than the alternative.feedback

Matt Wing - Uber

Uber joined the Coalition for the American Dream because we stand with the Dreamers. We've also held town halls, provided legal support and launched an online Dreamer Resource Center for any of our drivers... We plan to support Dreamers as long they need help.feedback

Todd Schulte - Fwd.us

No politician wants to go home for the holidays and read stories about how this is going to be DACA recipients' last holidays in the U.S. You will see this continue to escalate until the end of the year.feedback

Mark Luschini - Janney Montgomery Scott

Clearly at the end it had everything to do with the speculation about Jerome Powell. He's viewed to be sort of an extension of Janet Yellen by way of being a policy dove. At least that's the interpretation of his experience in history, and therefore with the market loving more of the same with regard to uber accommodative monetary policy is more welcome than the alternative, which would be the market speculating on (Trump) selecting somebody more hawkish in nature.feedback

Bill Maris

It is completely rational to me as an investor to take all of the money off the table now given all of the drama, all of the toxicity, all of the DOJ investigations. This thing likely goes up from here.feedback

David Lawee

CapitalG is honored to work with Lyft's compelling founders and strong leadership team. Ridesharing is still in its early days and we look forward to seeing Lyft continue its impressive growth.feedback

Christopher Arredondo

I would like you to know that we value your business here at Xchange Leasing. Xchange Leasing does not report negative or positive history to credit bureaus. The only time your credit is reviewed is the initial application process.feedback

Greg McBride

It's up to creditors to report information to the credit bureaus and not all do. Particularly for lending that's done to subprime customers, it's not unusual for things to not report to the credit bureau.feedback

Gene Neri

The whole point of me getting the leased car was to help build my credit history. Anything that they want to throw my way, I'm going to take it. They've taken enough from me.feedback

John Zimmer - Lyft

Less than 0.5 percent of miles traveled in the U.S. happen on rideshare networks. This creates a huge opportunity to best serve our cities' economic, environmental, and social futures.feedback

Ashley Graham

When I'm shooting lingerie or Sports Illustrated, I'm aware that my pastor follows me on Instagram. You should be the same person from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

We will appeal this decision on behalf of millions of Londoners, but we do so with the knowledge that we must also change.feedback

Joey Levin

In a lot of ways I'd say it hasn't changed. I've been around the internet long enough, and the first thing we used to ask in every meeting when I started was, Why won't Microsoft do your business?' Then six years later it was, Why doesn't Google do it?' Now it's a combination of why can't Facebook, Google, Apple or Amazon do this?feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Am I sour? No, not really. It's just how it goes. If they say Uber will no longer be on the streets on London, I'd be very surprised. I'd eat my hat.feedback

John McDonnell

We've been here for 350 years, and this American company comes in and decides to take over? That's not on. We will have the skilled people. We don't want the unskilled.feedback

Ovidiu Vilcea

This is technology. This is the future. If it's not Uber, it's going to be another company soon.feedback

Tony Bensalem

I'm like a doctor, and they are like a cleaner compared to us. Someone comes from Italy, France, wherever, they have no job, and then they have Uber. I think it's wrong, 100 percent.feedback

Christopher Burghardt - Uber

The energy and mobility spaces are coming together. ChargePoint is really one of the leading companies in electric vehicle infrastructure - where the two trends meet.feedback

Christopher Burghardt - Uber

For me this is a choice because I really believe in Chargepoint and the advent of the electric vehicle. I'm still a great believer in what Uber does. Dara really has vision that will take the company into a bright future.feedback

Arianna Huffington - The Huffington Post

We expect to have an announcement pretty soon. We are waiting at the moment on what is going to transpire in terms of the price.feedback

Arianna Huffington - The Huffington Post

The problem was this worship at the altar of hyper growth, which means you forget to build the culture. Culture, we are now recognizing, is the immune system of a company … We are recognizing that what happens in the culture is contributing to the bottom line.feedback

Regina Clewlow

There's this potential opportunity for policy makers, city planners and these firms themselves to find solutions where we're steering toward that future.feedback

Clayton Kershaw

Try to walk a few blocks and get an Uber if we lose again. (It was) probably a little bit more difficult to get to this point than it was last year. I talked about the hangover being a real thing. I thought we dealt with it up front. Right now, we're playing with that same kind of mental acumen and edge that I've seen the last two years.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

For most of the existence of the company, this idea of connecting the world has not been a controversial thing. Something changed.feedback

Clayton Kershaw

Yeah, try to walk a few blocks and get an Uber if we lose again.feedback

Richard Barone

Cities need to play an active role in this. How aggressive it is depends on the city.feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

And yet too often it has given rein to a more rapacious and exploitative form of capitalism. Imagine an Uber run co-operatively by their drivers, collectively controlling their futures, agreeing their own pay and conditions, with profits shared or re-invested. The biggest obstacle to this is not technological, but a rigged economic system that favours wealth extractors not wealth creators.feedback

Amy Candido - Waymo

Waymo had one goal: to stop Uber from using its trade secrets. That remains its goal.feedback

W. Franklyn Richardson

It gives safe transportation to people in communities where the cabs don't stop, where the color of your skin prohibits you from access.feedback

Ricardo Peña

A lot of people need this form of transportation. They need the convenience.feedback

Sarfraz Maredia - Uber Technologies

We really want to make sure we're fulfilling the needs of New Yorkers wherever they live. Taxis have long ignored some of these communities.feedback

Samantha Forrest

Uber is everywhere. When I think of cabs, I think of Uber because that's the main thing to take now.feedback

Sergio Sanchez

People were standing on the corners waiting for Uber. The green taxis were invisible, like they weren't even there.feedback

Bruce Schaller

I think the incremental increase in traffic is way overshadowed by the improvement in mobility in these neighborhoods.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The courts now will consider the appeal from Uber and of course TfL (Transport for London) will defend the decision they made.feedback

Brian Kelly

We are excited to take the next step in furthering the development of this potentially life-saving technology in California.feedback

Bhavish Aggarwal

We are thrilled to have Tencent Holdings join us as new partners in our mission to build mobility for a billion Indians. The transportation and mobility industries are seeing huge changes globally. Our ambition is to build a globally competitive and futuristic transportation system in India that will support and accelerate a nation on the move. Our new partners share our passion for building the future of transportation in India together and we look forward to learn and benefit from their global perspectives and ecosystems.feedback

Susan Fowler

He was trying to stay out of trouble at work, he said, but he couldn't help getting in trouble, because he was looking for women to have sex with. It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR.feedback

Anindya Ghose

If Uber does perceive a threat to market share from this new round of funding for Ola, their new CEO Dara (Khosrowshahi) will simply put in more funds in India to level the playing field. There is no way Uber will yield additional market share to Ola in India and incur the risk of what happened in China.feedback

Vivek Wadhwa

It (the funding) creates a formidable competitor for Uber, which can match its deep pockets and has the advantage of understanding the Indian market better than Uber does. I am betting on Ola.feedback

Anna Turley

The boss essentially said 'That's it, your contract is cancelled. We're not using you any more. The words were 'parcels come first.feedback

Peter Kyle

There is a chasm between what you are saying and the life you are describing of the couriers and the one we are hearing about.feedback

Peter Kyle

Your initial reaction was that TfL is putting 40,000 people out of business. You are going to court denying responsibility for those people in the first place.feedback

Alex Hern - The Guardian

It’s a game of regulatory cat and mouse. While disruptors have no right to act with impunity, we often benefit from their innovation. The themes have become familiar with repetition. Amazon pursued for back tax. Uber bought to heel and told to clear out of London. Facebook and YouTube castigated for the way criminals and extremists use them. Airbnb blamed for causing a housing crisis. Daily, fresh evidence of the uneasy relationship governments have with technology. They are either trying desperately to create the next Google, or trying equally desperately to control the current one. Often those two potentially contradictory objectives are being pursued at the same time.feedback

Vickie Kopf

She had wonderful night at homecoming last night. She looked amazing and beautiful.feedback

Deidre Bosa - CNBC

When companies do not want to rely on Amazon's logistics pipeline for international freight forwarding, they turn to Flexport, which takes care of the process and handles sensitive customs information – even if that means getting products to a FBA, or "fulfilled by Amazon," hub.feedback

Dan Primack - Fortune

Uber has taken a $3.5 billion investment from a government that effectively prohibits women from driving–let alone driving for Uber. The company has basically invited the Saudi government into its board room.feedback

Abdulla Elyas - Careem

We said, if we really want to scale, the only way to really scale fast and to offer an amazing service is to actually get Saudis on board, which is something that is very weird to think of in a society like Saudi, where it's very conservative.feedback

Abdulla Elyas - Careem

We broke a lot of taboos at a pace we never even thought was possible.feedback

Abdulla Elyas - Careem

It's easier for Saudi women to sit in a taxi with a Pakistani, clearly labeled a taxi driver, than to sit in a private car with any, you know, Saudi guy.feedback

Sadiq Khan

I'm not the decision maker. I'm the mayor who chairs the TFL board but I did ask the TFL commissioner to make time to meet the global CEO. I think his message, his apology was important. The tone of his apology was important. And I think is important for the decision-makers to meet with him to hear him out. And they met this week and I understand from the readout that I've heard that it was a constructive meeting.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The way to resolve differences is constructively around the table, rather than litigation. What give me confidence about the TFL decision is that the global chief executive officer for Uber apologised... he met some of the drivers when he came to London. That bodes well in relation to the humility which hasn't been shown by Uber previously.feedback

Tom Elvidge - Uber

By wanting to ban our app from the capital Transport for London and the Mayor have caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice. If this decision stands, it will put more than 40,000 licensed drivers out of work and deprive Londoners of a convenient and affordable form of transport. To defend the livelihoods of all those drivers, and the consumer choice of millions of Londoners who use our app, we intend to immediately challenge this in the courts.feedback

Markus Villig - Taxify

London is quite unique in its licensing environment. In Paris, and in most cities of the world, there is nothing needed for us to book rides. Only the drivers need to have an appropriate license.feedback

Markus Villig - Taxify

We are doing everything we can to get a license. Unfortunately it is going extremely slow. We hope to have some progress in the next few weeks.feedback

Sadiq Khan

I've been lobbying the government to have the powers to cap the numbers of private hire vehicle drivers.feedback

Sadiq Khan

[Uber's] global CEO has gone away to do some further work and I always think, as I said before when it came to the tube strikes, the way to resolve differences is constructively and amicably around a table rather than through litigation.feedback

Sadiq Khan

Many of these private hire vehicles are driving round and round – they are not strictly speaking plying for trade.feedback

Jason Calacanis

Facebook has a track record of being the least trustworthy company in Silicon Valley. They can ban ads for affiliates of Amazon but they can't figure out how to ban racist ads? .... It's complete nonsense.They should not have been allowed to buy WhatsApp or Instagram if they're not going to take their power seriously.feedback

Jason Calacanis

People played by the rules but the rules now changed. It's part of the populist movement, and we're going to see that populist movement come here, to the United States. If you're in the technology business, pay your taxes, and don't expect to buy up Instagram and Whatsapp and have it just sail through the FTC and the DOJ anymore, because the population is saying, If you can't give us healthcare, why should you be getting these crazy tax breaks?feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We will do our part not only to ensure the integrity of free and fair elections around the world, but also to give everyone a voice and to be a force for good in democracy everywhere.feedback

Venky Ganesan - Menlo Ventures

Softbank is like the Iron Bank in Game of Thrones. You want them backing you because it changes your odds of success.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Today the Board came together collaboratively and took a major step forward in Uber's journey to becoming a world class public company. We approved moving forward with the Softbank transaction and reached unanimous agreement on a new governance framework that will serve Uber well. Under Dara's leadership and with strong guidance from the Board, we should expect great things ahead for Uber.feedback

Nick Denys

The workplace is changing radically and rapidly. The Tory party must tackle bad employers and give workers genuine rights – or risk extinction. Consider how stressful it must be to be one of the 40,000 drivers who, due to TfL’s decision to stop Uber operating in London, do not know if their jobs are secure. They have spent time and money getting the necessary licences. Many have borrowed to buy that high-spec car to help them get better ratings. Theresa May was right to stand up to Sadiq Khan, the Labour mayor of London, for putting so many livelihoods at risk “at the stroke of a pen”. Now consider how stressful it must be not knowing week after week if you will get the hours you need to feed your family, whether you will be punished by your manager for staying in bed when you feel unwell, or if robotics will extinguish your career. Where has May been as millions of workers struggle to achieve basic financial security?feedback

Steve McNamara

Their entire business model is based on predatory pricing. Uber wants to undercut competitors, establish a monopoly and then raise prices when they have a monopoly.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

London is the Champions League of Transportation. It has got a more dynamic, more competitive transportation system than any other city in the world.feedback

James Farrar

Until they do that, we can expect the company will continue to flout UK employment law and deny their drivers basic worker rights.feedback

James Farrar

It's clear that Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi and TfL are just going through the motions to give people the impression that they are both doing something to clean up Uber's act. The reality is that neither seems to want to talk to the main stakeholders in the business – the drivers – or deal with their concerns.feedback

Matt Kallman - Uber

Even after 60 hours of inspection of our facilities, source code, documents and computers – no Google material has been found at Uber.feedback

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

GM does not intend to sell the technology to unaffiliated third parties; and GM appears to have thought through many details of how the [Transportation as a Service] will operate.feedback

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

Our takeaway from this meeting [with GM management] was that our key conclusions were spot on.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

Jo will remain with us over the next few weeks in order to help with a smooth transition, and I look forward to working closely with the excellent team she leaves behind.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

I am appointing these seats now in light of a recent Board proposal to dramatically restructure the Board and significantly alter the company's voting rights. It is therefore essential that the full Board be in place for proper deliberation to occur, especially with such experienced board members as Ursula and John. I am confident that, with their additions and Dara's appointment, Uber will be well situated to focus on the future and continue to revolutionize how cities move.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Given some of our current challenges, I'm also convinced that now is the right time to have a change of face, and to hand over to someone who will be here for the long haul and take us into the next phase. While I would like to have announced my move in smoother circumstances, I'm proud of the team we've built here and am very confident in their abilities to lead the business into the next chapter. I'll work with you in the coming weeks on the best possible transition.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

Travis appointed two new members to Uber's Board without discussing it with me or the Board of Directors more broadly. Anyone would tell you that this is highly unusual.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

I would have liked to have announced my move in smoother circumstances.feedback

James Farrar

TFL did not stand up for workers' rights. It sent a clear signal: With or without Uber, the door is wide open to operate with these conditions.feedback

Malcolm Shaffron

How do you check the criminal record of someone who is fresh off the boat from Sudan or from the desert of Ethiopia?feedback

Samir Sahel

What about us? Are we not part of the working class? We never even acknowledge each other. That's how serious the tension is.feedback

James Farrar

All these people say they're championing the working class but what they really mean is they're championing the white working class.feedback

Sadiq Khan

It's ... true that we've got things wrong along the way. On behalf of everyone at Uber globally, I apologize for the mistakes we've made.feedback

Brendan Finn - Uber Technologies

We've been able to use data from the company and the resources from the rides' fees to create a regulatory scheme that is robust.feedback

Bruce Shaller

The mayor just wants to get something to show constituents upset with Uber some action. Transport for London would look unreasonable to let Uber walk away.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

Jo is certainly one the most impressive people I've had the pleasure to work with and the success of our business in Northern Europe is in large part down to her leadership. The passion, energy and commitment she puts into her work has made her an inspiring role model and a fantastic leader since she joined Uber four years ago.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

Just know that the most important work here is the hard work you're doing on behalf of our company. Keep focused, keep together, and keep going.feedback

James Farrar

The flexibility quickly evaporates. I realized I'd been had.feedback

Esther Lynch

Companies have been gaming the system, coming up with loopholes and saying this is a great new world of work. But people are seeing how harsh those circumstances can be.feedback

Steve McNamara

They should have to apply for the same rules as everyone else.feedback

Philip Cowley

Sadiq Khan continues to poll extremely well. We have now asked a question about his approval four times since March 2017, and he polls as highly now as he did then. His net satisfaction rating – those who think he is doing well minus those who think he is doing badly – is +35, with 58% thinking he is doing well, just 23% badly.feedback

Philip Cowley

Labour's vote is still at stratospheric levels. At the general election, Labour polled 55% of the vote in London, the Conservatives on 33%. This poll has Labour slightly extending their lead. We also asked about how Londoners would vote in a council election. These are due in London next year. Excluding don't knows and would not votes, we have Labour on 53%, and the Conservatives on 29%.feedback

Philip Cowley

This would represent the best performance by any party in London elections since Harold Wilson's Labour in 1971, and put Labour on course for significant gains.feedback

Andy Boland - Uber

With (Other OTC: WWTH - news) demand growing and Christmas approaching, Addison Lee wants to add to the pool of talented drivers providing our passengers with a premium service.feedback

Jason Moyer-Lee - Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

In order to deliver their service it has to hire workers. They're workers rather than in business on their own account.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Some people don't like to take responsibility for their own shit. They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck!feedback

Husayn Kassai

ID fraud is becoming far more common and in the US it is the largest crime and the fastest growing crime. The level of sophistication is growing, therefore more sophisticated fraud detection techniques are required.feedback

Jim Cramer

After months of flailing around, Uber finally made a great decision when they brought in Expedia's Dara Khosrowshahi to run the company. This unicorn still faces a lot of challenges – for starters, Khosrowshahi needs to figure out how Uber can turn a profit – but maybe, just maybe, when the company's ready to come public in a few years, it might actually be worth owning because this man's at the helm.feedback

Jim Cramer

To put it into contemporary terms, Expedia and Priceline were the Uber and Lyft of the travel industry, and Khosrowshahi? Well, he played a major role in shepherding that transformation. When he took over at Expedia, the company had $15 billion in annual bookings; as of last year, [it had] $72 billion in bookings.feedback

Jim Cramer

Put it all together and Khosrowshahi did a lot of things at Expedia that he now can repeat at Uber. He built a company with tremendous scale that gives it a major leg up when dealing with hotels and rental car agencies and airlines.feedback

Hanan al Harbi - Twitter

I'm a woman and I reject women driving cars. Where are you taking the country? This will take our youth on a path toward temptation and corruption.feedback

Fatima Suleima

In the first year, let's drive. The following year, we'll think about it. If I can't find a job by then, then I will work for Uber.feedback

Anthony Snelson

The notion that Uber in London is a mosaic of 30,000 small businesses linked by a common 'platform' is to our minds faintly ridiculous.feedback

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette - Uber

We're asking the government to renew the pilot project and let's sit down and find a solution to this.feedback

Mathieu Gaudreault

We can negotiate with them, but not on the basis of those two things.feedback

Dinah Rose - Uber

Any private car hire driver who wants to work in London has to do it through the agency of a minicab company. Drivers are prohibited from plying for hire or picking up customers from taxi ranks.feedback

Dinah Rose - Uber

Effectively the minicab company is forming a connection between a group of people, drivers, who have cats, and s group of people, passengers, who are looking for drivers.feedback

Dinah Rose - Uber

It doesn't make any difference whether it's 100 drivers for a minicab firm or 40,000 on an app like Uber. It's just that advances in technology make large scale business operations possible … An individual private car hire driver is running a business on their own account. In all of these [other precedent cases], it's never disputed that a minicab firm is operating as an agent for the driver. There are two ways of looking at a minicab company. You can look at it as a company supplying driving services or as a connection point between two groups of people.feedback

Rachel Mathieson - Bates Wells Braithwaite

People misinterpret this case as creating something new. This is applying the established law to new business practices.feedback

Dinah Rose - Uber

The services of minicab firms are closely analogous to the services offered by Uber BV. The agency model has been operated for many years. It's in no way novel. It's been recognised by case law.feedback

Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz - World Economic Forum

What kind of insurance ought a self-driving car to have? If it goes wrong, who's liable?feedback

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette - Uber

The minister is attempting to impose old rules on a new model. These are major changes.feedback

Aaron Schildkrout - Uber

Our hope is that drivers will begin to look forward to the next pickup on UberPOOL. Drivers say it's the most stressful and challenging part of the experience – these extra pickups.feedback

Sadiq Khan

I appreciate Uber has an army of lawyers, they've also made aggressive threats about taking us to court and the rest of it. You can't have it both ways: On the one hand, acting in an aggressive manner for all sorts of things but on the other hand, brief to journalists that they want to do a deal with TfL.feedback

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette - Uber

We firmly believe that technology allows us to provide what the government wants in terms of training. We'll need to leave.feedback

Georges Malouf

Uber is not obliged to stop its operations, it's only doing it to frustrate users and to put pressure on the government.feedback

Alain Croteau - United Steelworkers

This is the kind of corporation we don't need in Quebec. They gave a chance to Uber with the pilot project. The government of Quebec needs to keep its position.feedback

Kevin LaCroix

It's been these 'unicorn' companies that have attracted these suits. The potential range of damages could be very high for a company of this magnitude and valuation.feedback

Frank Field

These companies parade the 'flexibility' their model offers to drivers, but it seems the only real flexibility is enjoyed by the companies themselves. They are not paying sick leave or contributing to pensions. Yet it seems likely that their employment practices will lead more people to need taxpayers to pick up these costs.feedback

Anderson East

I've always said I can get a four-piece string section or a pedal steel guitar player faster than I can get a pizza. It's like, you just walk out the door and grab your Uber driver and he's the best songwriter you've ever met. You're all there to have a collective experience.feedback

Fred Jones - Uber

Sitting down with TfL (Transport for London) representatives as soon as possible would be the most helpful thing to really understand their concerns to work out what they are. It's just not clear for us what their concerns might be.feedback

Cotten Seiler

Getting your own car, and actually being in the driver's seat of that car was absolutely essential to a vision of sort of American adulthood and American freedom. It's just not anymore.feedback

Peter Norton

That's where the legroom was. Checker Marathons were favored as cabs because of the exceptional room they afforded passengers. Same thing for London's black cabs.feedback

James Cakmak

What Uber has are the last-mile logistics, and that's crucial.feedback

Suky Bhaker - Uber

We advise anyone using public transport to plan their journey before they go out, and to share information about their journey with someone they trust. If you're using a taxi or minicab, check that a licence is displayed on the vehicle, and ask to see the driver's licence, too, before you start your journey. Always trust your instincts – if you feel worried or threatened, ask the driver to stop in a busy area so you can get out.feedback

Chris Frost - National Union of Journalists

He [Osborne] ought to make it clear to readers that he has a financial interest in what he is writing about. My advice to editors and journalists would be always to declare your interests.feedback

Maria Ludkin - Uber

This ruling means yet another logistics firm has been forced to obey the law and honour responsibilities to employees. GMB will continue to pursue these exploitative companies on behalf of our members.feedback

Liana Wood - Leigh Day

This decision will not just have an impact on the thousands of Addison Lee drivers but, following on from the decision in Uber, on all workers in the so-called gig economy whose employers classify them as self-employed and deny them the rights to which they are entitled.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

While Uber has revolutionised the way people move in cities around the world, it's equally true that we've got things wrong along the way. On behalf of everyone at Uber globally, I apologise for the mistakes we've made. We will appeal [against] the decision on behalf of millions of Londoners, but we do so with the knowledge that we must also change.feedback

Sadiq Khan

I want companies that abide by the rules, I want companies that innnovate, harbour new technologies, I want disruptive technology coming to London but you've got to play by the rules.feedback

Fred Jones - Uber

We're working with the police to figure out how we can do this in a better way that's helpful to them. It's just not clear for us what their concerns might be. Once we understand them we can work with them to figure out what is it that they would like us to do and how can we move forward and I think that's the important next step.feedback

Nimco Ali

The mayor talks about public safety while knife crime is at a record high and women use Uber for safety. If the mayor thinks cancelling the licence is how to make women feel safe, it shows how much he knows and cares about [violence against women] in London.feedback

Sadiq Khan

But their anger really should be directed at Uber. They have let down their drivers and customers by failing, in the view of TfL, to act as a fit and proper operator. I want to be absolutely clear that there is a place in London for all private hire companies that play by the rules. I suspect it will take some time before this situation with Uber fully plays out.feedback

Reed Galen

They have a lot more scrutiny on them now. Going with the old idea of punching the local leader in the nose, that strategy doesn't work when you've had the issues Uber has had.feedback

Yaseen Aslam

TfL could put an end to the situation by imposing conditions to operators licences and making sure that workers rights are not abused.feedback

Yaseen Aslam

The entire industry is based on abusing vulnerable people, the drivers are not happy but they will put their head down and keep working because they are stuck.feedback

Yaseen Aslam

Drivers are struggling as it is but if Uber do not win their appeal it will make the situation much worse, they could default on their contracts. It will have a serious impact on drivers' family life especially as they have mortgages and bills to pay.feedback

Tom Elvidge - Uber

It's worth examining how we got here. The truth is that there is a high cost to a bad reputation. It really matters what people think of us ... actions in one part of the world can have serious consequences in another.feedback

Ajay Bhatt

You could give everybody free Uber rides for their lifetimes for the amount of money they're spending on this project.feedback