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John Duncan
We all figured out quickly it's not a fad.feedback
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NEW Sep 21 2017
United Nations has been commented on by 441 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about United Nations are: Nikki Haley, António Guterres and Stephane Dujarric. For instance, the most recent quote from Nikki Haley is: “They're going to find out we are going to be solid, we're going to be strong. No one is going to grip and grin. The United States is going to work.”.
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Kofi Annan - United Nations

Suddenly, with the end of the Cold War, the U.N. could do what it was set up to do, without one country vetoing the other. Today, we seem to be back to where we were in '89.feedback

Michael Caster

China has been extending its clampdown – its choking of civil society – throughout the world, and often it is attempting this through official channels such as the U.N. or Interpol. Unfortunately, they're very adept at doing it.feedback

Simon Jenkins

Kim Jong-un does not present an existential threat, and in the end it will be up to China to cut him down to size. Donald Trump’s United Nations performance on Tuesday was dangerous. It was dangerous not for the testosterone tub-thumping and infantile imagery. It was dangerous for being based on a lie. Trump said: “If forced to defend ourselves and our allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”.feedback

Theresa May

The Cabinet is absolutely clear about the destination we are aiming for in relation to our European negotiations. What I want the Government to do is what the Government is doing – Boris, and others, are all very clear about the destination we have as a country. Boris is doing good work. He has been doing that here at the United Nations.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

In more than 30 years of my acquaintance with the U.N., I have not heard a more courageous and sharp speech.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

We can only address those challenges through multilateralism, not through survival of the fittest.feedback

Hassan Rouhani

Everyone will clearly see that Iran has lived up to its agreements and that the United States is therefore a country that cannot be trusted. We will be the winners.feedback

Lise Kingo

They really enjoy the legitimacy of being part of a U.N. global initiative. They ultimately want to send the signal that they want to be a good corporate citizen.feedback

Donald J. Trump

God bless you, God bless the nations of the world, and God bless the United states of America. I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech. Major portions of the world are in conflict, and some, in fact, are going to hell, but the powerful people in this room, under the guidance and auspices of the United Nations, can solve many of these vicious and complex problems. The American people hope that one day soon the United Nations can be a much more accountable and effective advocate for human dignity and freedom around the world.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

When one-third of the Rohingya population had to flee the country, can you find a better word to describe it?feedback

David Ignatius

‘Rocket Man’ rhetoric aside, this address embraced the international community.feedback

Dianne Feinstein

Trump's bombastic threat to destroy North Korea and his refusal to present any positive pathways forward on the many global challenges we face are severe disappointments. The goals of the United Nations are to foster peace and promote global cooperation. Today the president used it as a stage to threaten war. By suggesting he would revisit and possibly cancel the Iran nuclear agreement, [Trump] greatly escalated the danger we face from both Iran and North Korea. What nation would negotiate with the United States when the agreements we reach with other countries are so easily undermined?feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

In over 30 years of my experience with the U.N., I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech, President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world and issued a powerful call to confront them in order to ensure the future of humanity.feedback

Donald J. Trump

The success of the United Nations depends upon the independent strength of its members. I will always put America first, just like you as the leaders of your countries–and should as the leaders of your countries–put your countries first.feedback

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

I would also be curious to know how he (Trump) would see the role of a reformed UN in the future and I think that Europeans and Americans, we share fundamental values, regardless of the administrations, whether they are in the US, or in the European Union. We need to make sure that our fundametal values are projected on a world scale and for that we need United Nations, a reformed United Nations.feedback

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

The new Secretary General Guterres is very committed to reforming the United Nations, and we are fully backing him on that but that cannot be in the direction of weakening the United Nations of course.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

My answer [is] simple: bureaucracy. Fragmented structures. Byzantine procedures. Endless red tape. To serve the people we support and the people who support us, we must be nimble and effective, flexible and efficient. We are reforming our peace and security architecture – to ensure we are stronger in prevention, more agile in mediation, and more effective and cost-effective in peacekeeping operations.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

More and more nations are realizing there's simply no collaboration with the international community. There's a dismissal of international concern, unified U.N. Security Council concerns.feedback

Barack Obama

No one, has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea. It is far past time for the nations of the world to confront another reckless regime, one that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing death to America, destruction to Israel and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room. Responsibility and leadership in the 21st century demand more.feedback

Donald J. Trump

The Iranian regime's support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments of many of its neighbors to fight terrorism and halt its finance.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea. It is time for North Korea to realize that the denuclearization is its only acceptable future. The United Nations Security Council recently held two unanimous 15-to-0 votes adopting hard-hitting resolutions against North Korea, and I want to thank China and Russia for joining the vote to impose sanctions, along with all of the other members of the Security Council. Thank you to all involved.feedback

Barack Obama

Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world's problems alone. We have sought – in word and deed – a new era of engagement with the world.feedback

Jimmy Carter

The United States, my own country, has a reservoir of strength: economic force, which we are willing to share; military strength, which we hope never to use again; and the strength of ideals, which are determined fully to maintain the backbone of our own foreign policy.feedback

George W. Bush

The United Nations simply cannot become engaged in every one of the world's conflicts. If the American people are to say yes to U.N. peacekeeping, the United Nations must know when to say no.feedback

Jerry Brown

I don't think it's a shadow. We're in the sunlight. We're shining the bright light of success. That's why we have governors here. Because we don't have someone from Washington, D.C. The states are picking up the baton.feedback

Nicolas Loris

It's one thing if these governors are communicating their respective state climate plans, as ill-advised as they may be. No matter how expensive or ineffective these climate policies may be, it's their right. They can deliver that message to anyone they please. But they shouldn't pretend their actions are the will of the federal government or the entire country.feedback

Donald J. Trump

I think the main message is 'Make the United Nations Great.' Not again. Make the United Nations Great. The United Nations has tremendous potential and we'll see how it works out.feedback

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

I think it is very important that this does not become personalised around one person, and I think that it is very important in the week the United Nations General Assembly meets in New York that there is a unified message that says that the basic norms of human rights and protection of minorities but also the essential need for humanitarian aid to flow, that those norms are followed in Myanmar just as elsewhere and it's very important that the political complexity inside a country does not overwhelm fundamental rights.feedback

Nikki Haley

They're going to find out we are going to be solid, we're going to be strong. No one is going to grip and grin. The United States is going to work.feedback

Donald J. Trump

In recent years, the United Nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. The United Nations budget has increased by 120 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2000, we are not seeing the results in line with US investments.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

Our shared objective is a 21st century UN focused more on people and less on process, more on delivery and less on bureaucracy. Value for money while advancing shared values – this is our common goal.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Mr. Secretary General, the United States and the member states present today support this great reform vision. We pledge to be partners in your work, and I am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the United Nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just, and greater force for peace and harmony in the world.feedback

Ali Akbar Salehi

The American administration's overtly hostile attitude and actual foot-dragging policies and measures aim at undermining the nuclear deal and blocking Iran's legitimate benefits from its full implementation.feedback

Heather Nauert

The two recommitted to deconflicting military operations in Syria, reducing the violence, and creating the conditions for the Geneva process to move forward, pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254.feedback

Margot Wallstrom

We discussed here how to bring it back to the U.N.-led process and Geneva. I would say so. It's good if the Astana process leads to de-escalation and a reduction of the violence but it has to lead into the political process.feedback

Brian Hook

This is very early stages. We shouldn't expect major breakthroughs or detailed proposals quite yet.feedback

Martin S. Indyk

Unless Trump is prepared to bang some heads together there's not much for him to do in this situation.feedback

Dennis Ross

The Saudis want us to stay in the region and counter the Iranian expansion and use of Shia militias. So if we can show we have moved the Qataris, they won't say no to what we produce.feedback

Jay Inslee

We have blown up the argument that acting on climate change is bad for your economy.feedback

David Victor

Unless their leadership is met with followership, the impact will be pretty limited. The idea has always been that if these states can demonstrate the technologies needed to cut emissions, that will help shift the politics in other states. But we have yet to see that play out.feedback

David Ige

We certainly believe if the federal government won't lead in this area, we want the world to understand there are states across the country that are committed.feedback

Jean-Yves Le Drian

There's a worrying degradation of the international environment. Never since the end of the Cold War have dissensions, tensions, the level of conflict been so high in a world that is more interdependent than ever. And what is worse is despite globalization, cooperation has become less easy with increasing questioning of the roles of the multilateral game and with a temptation of withdrawal out of fear or selfishness.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Thank you very much. Thank you. I actually saw great potential right across the street to be honest with you. And it was only for the reason that the United Nations was here that that turned out to be such a successful project. So, I want to thank you, Ambassador Haley for your introduction and your steadfast advocacy for American interests on the world stage.feedback

Heather Nauert

In terms of the smaller footprint, there will be some support staff who will not be going this year because we recognize that there is a thing called technology, there's this thing called email. The secretary firmly believes coming out of the private sector that we all need to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.feedback

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I would say no. US aid is vital to what we do to support refugees around the world and to find solutions to their situations.feedback

H.R. McMaster

We will call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can short of war. This is not an issue between the United States and North Korea. This is an issues between the world and North Korea.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

The solution can only be political. Military action could cause devastation on a scale that would take generations to overcome.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

The Secretary-General respects the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Iraq and considers that all outstanding issues between the federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government should be resolved through structured dialogue and constructive compromise. The Secretary-General calls upon the leaders across Iraq to approach this matter with patience and restraint.feedback

Josh Rogin

A U.N. body is set to publicly call for the release of two Iranian Americans imprisoned unjustly in Tehran.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Keep it up Libs, This will be 2020. I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!feedback

Dianne Feinstein

I think that North Korea is not going to give up its programme with nothing on the table.feedback

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch

It shows Trump engaging with the U.N. rather than bombing it from afar. Undoubtedly, Nikki Haley gets part of the credit. Destroying the U.N. doesn't play to the political mainstream.feedback

Stewart Patrick - Council on Foreign Relations

There was a perception that this was a relationship cruising for a bruising. She has been a skillful politician.feedback

Nikki Haley

If we have to go further, this is going to look small compared to what we do.feedback

Nikki Haley

I think that Security Council reform is still being talked about, and I know that it's something that India wants. Many other countries want it as well. So we'll have to wait and see. We basically have the president headlining a UN reform effort, which would really support the Secretary General. But the impressive part is we asked other countries to sign on to their support of reform and 120 countries have signed on, and will be in attendance. That's a miraculous number.feedback

Nikki Haley

I personally think he slaps the right people, he hugs the right people, and he comes out with (the) U.S. being very strong, in the end.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

The Nikkei is holding up as currencies have reacted relatively calmly to the missile launch, with dollar/yen back above the 110-yen threshold. Also, the missile launch did not catch the market entirely off guard, as North Korea was expected to react after the latest U.N. Security Council sanctions.feedback

Donald J. Trump

This regime has signalled its contempt for its neighbours, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behaviour. Threatening and destabilising actions only increase the North Korean regime's isolation in the region and among all nations of the world. All options are on the table.feedback

Maleeha Lodhi - United Nations

We will continue to raise Kashmir at this world stage in the most, sort of, explicit of ways. We'll make sure that the international community knows where we are, and how the people of Kashmir look towards the United Nations to fulfill its obligation, which are long-standing obligations. This is an issue that, obviously, the prime minister will raise with the secretary general of the United Nations.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

The Nikkei is holding up as currencies have reacted relatively calmly to the missile launch, with dollar/yen back above the 110.00 yen threshold. Also, the missile launch did not catch the market entirely off guard, as North Korea was expected to react after the latest U.N. Security Council sanctions.feedback

Eliot Cohen

These cuts are needlessly stupid. So much of what diplomacy is about is building and maintaining relationships.feedback

Israel Machado

But you still have to be knowledgeable about the work of the U.N.feedback

Elie Tahari

The simpler it is, the harder it is to design. You can't design still water.feedback

Lee Eugene

They are for providing cereals and vaccines for these vulnerable classes. I don't think this violates the spirit of the United Nations.feedback

Nikki Haley

Today, we are saying the world will never accept a nuclear armed North Korea, and today the Security Council is saying that if the North Korean regime does not halt its nuclear program, we will act to stop it ourselves. We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing, we are now trying to stop it from having the ability to do the wrong thing.feedback

Roger Stone

It will be a good measure of how successful some of the internationalists that he's gathered around him are being in terms of muting his instincts and replacing them with their own.feedback

Jay Newman

With world leaders in New York, spotting corruption is as easy as watching a ‘public servant’ hop into an idling Bentley.feedback

Mohammed Abdiker

We urge the international community to step up humanitarian support and come up with help. The number may rise to 600,000, 700,000, even one million if the situation in Myanmar does not improve.feedback

Pamela Hanlon

May I, who have had the privilege of fabricating this ballot box, cast the first vote? May God be with every member of the United Nations Organization, and through your noble efforts bring lasting peace to us all – all over the world.feedback

Antonio Inoki

The United Nations, Trump and Japan are all saying we need to apply more pressure. But first we need to listen to them and understand what the reasons are behind their activity.feedback

Ata Ullah

Our primary objective is to liberate our people from the dehumanizing oppression perpetrated by all successive Burmese regimes. Terrorists go home!feedback

Federica Mogherini - European Union

As I stated in my statement a few days ago, the priority is now to obtain immediate humanitarian access again, and to address in parallel the root causes of the conflict by implementing the Annan Advisory Commission recommendations to this end. On both accounts we were reassured that there will be implementing steps this week, which I expect to happen. We are in close contact with Bangladeshi authorities and are stepping up our humanitarian engagement there.feedback

Zaw Htay

The state counsellor won't attend the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.feedback

Zaw Htay

The first reason [Ms. Suu Kyi cannot attend] is because of the Rakhine terrorist attacks. The state counselor is focusing to calm the situation in Rakhine state. There are circumstances. The second reason is, there are people inciting riots in some areas. We are trying to take care of the security issue in many other places. The third is that we are hearing that there will be terrorist attacks and we are trying to address this issue.feedback

Ariful Islam

The people who arrived in the early days after the atrocities, now they've come out.feedback

Sarah Sanders

All options are on the table. The president has also said that he wants every country involved to step up and do more. This was a small step in that process, and we're hoping that they'll all take a greater role and a more active role in putting pressure on North Korea.feedback

Nikki Haley

The forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the U.S. suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history.feedback

Nikki Haley

If it agrees to stop its nuclear programme, it can reclaim its future ... If North Korea continues its dangerous path, we will continue with further pressure. My delegation condemns in the strongest terms, and categorically rejects, the latest illegal and unlawful U.N. Security Council resolution. This ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional $500 million or more in annual revenues.feedback

Nikki Haley

Either the Administration believes Iran is in violation of the deal; or the lifting of sanctions against Iran is not appropriate and proportional to the regime's behavior; or the lifting of sanctions is not in the U.S. national security interest.feedback

Wesley Clark

You might have someone from the Middle East who's an experienced U.N. negotiator, a man like [Algerian diplomat] Lakhdar Brahimi who's very well known for going into crisis situations.feedback

Nikki Haley

If it agrees to stop its nuclear programme, it can reclaim its future ... if North Korea continues its dangerous path, we will continue with further pressure. This resolution also puts an end to the regime making money from the 93,000 North Korean citizens it sends overseas to work and heavily taxes. This ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional US$500 million or more in annual revenues.feedback

Sajid Ishaq

This is a human crisis of grave proportions. It is hard for me to believe what I am reading, hearing and watching. I urge the U.N. to stir from its slumber and react as it did in the case of East Timor.feedback

Nikki Haley

These are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea. These steps only work if all nations implement them completely and aggressively.feedback

Donald J. Trump

In order to protect American industry and workers, we withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris climate accord. Job killer. People have no idea. Many people have no idea how bad that was.feedback

Susan Biniaz

I would think of this breakfast as an opportunity for other countries to show they are willing to engage in a discussion at least on issues of interest to the United States, and the United States to be clearer about what it considers suitable terms.feedback

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

The Saudi-led coalition's repeated promises to conduct its air strikes lawfully are not sparing Yemeni children from unlawful attacks. This underscores the need for the United Nations to immediately return the coalition to its annual "list of shame" for violations against children in armed conflict.feedback

Yukiya Amano - International Atomic Energy Agency

The nuclear-related commitments undertaken by Iran under the (deal) are being implemented. I cannot tell you how many complementary accesses we have had, but I can tell you ... that we have had access to locations more frequently than many other countries with extensive nuclear programs.feedback

Nikki Haley

This will cut deep. That day the United States saw that mass murder can come from a clear blue sky on a beautiful Tuesday morning. But today, they threat to the United states and the world is not coming out of the blue. The North Korean regime has demonstrated that it will not act on its own to end its nuclear program. The civilized world must do what the regime refuses to do. We must stop it's march toward a nuclear arsenal with the ability to deliver it anywhere in the world.feedback

Richard Nephew

We lack vision to incorporate sanctions into a broader strategy and this is hurting our ability to get really tough sanctions or use them appropriately. This must change if we are to avoid just using sanctions for sanctions' sake.feedback

Steffen Seibert

There was agreement that the conflict about North Korea's nuclear armament must be resolved peacefully.feedback

Art Cashin

There's another part to that story. The U.S. seems to have tempered down the U.N. procedures that they were going to put in. It doesn't look like they're going directly for the oil embargo.feedback

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

My investigation suggests the possibility that crimes against humanity may have been committed. There is a very real danger that tensions will further escalate, with the government crushing democratic institutions and critical voices.feedback

Arshad Zamman

I will try to find money here. I will beg and hopefully some people will help me.feedback

Jorge Arreaza

We have now selected the National Constituent Assembly, this is the true expression of our citizens' will. It will have the powers to draw up a new Constitution. The opposition in Venezuela is back on the path of rule of law and democracy, we will see dialogue emerging thanks to mediation of our friends. Our country is now at peace.feedback

Duniya Aslam Khan - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The limited shelter capacity is already exhausted. Refugees are now squatting in makeshift shelters that have mushroomed along the road and on available land in the Ukhiya and Teknaf areas.feedback

Tirana Hassan

This is another low in what is already a horrific situation in Rakhine State. The Myanmar military's callous use of inherently indiscriminate and deadly weapons at highly trafficked paths around the border is putting the lives of ordinary people at enormous risk. The Myanmar authorities should stop issuing blanket denials. All the evidence suggests that its own security forces are planting landmines that are not only unlawful, but that are already maiming ordinary people.feedback

Joy Singhal

The U.N. and INGOs have not been very welcome in Rakhine and...they are not able to operate and ensure the safety and security of their staff and volunteers. In such an environment, the government has invited the Red Cross to assist them.feedback

Vivian Tan

This is an alarming number. The existing camps are full to the capacity. There is a lot of pressure on relief agencies to accommodate the rising numbers.feedback

Wang Yi

Given the new developments on the Korean peninsula, China agrees that the U.N. Security Council should make a further response and take necessary measures. Any new actions taken by the international community against the DPRK should serve the purpose of curbing the DPRK's nuclear and missile programmes, while at the same time be conducive to restarting dialogue and consultation.feedback

Geng Shuang

I strongly urge the US and South Korea to value the security interests of China and other regional countries and immediately halt the deployment and remove the relevant equipment. China has lodged stern representations with South Korea.feedback

Jeff Merkley

Despite @RealDonaldTrump's dangerous #ParisAgreement decision & unwillingness to act, we can & will fight back to combat #climatedisruption.feedback

Jonathan Head

One of them admitted he had lit the fires, and said he had help from the police.feedback

Steven Mnuchin

I have an executive order prepared that's ready to go to the President that would authorize me to stop doing trade, put sanctions on anybody that does trade with North Korea, and the President will consider that at the appropriate time once he gives the UN time to act. We believe we need to economically cut off North Korea while they do this action. If we don't get those additional sanctions at the UN, Trump will consider the already-drafted executive action.feedback

Dipayan Bhattacharyya - World Food Programme

If they don't come forward now, we may see that these people would be fighting for food among themselves, the crime rate would go up, violence against women and on children would go up.feedback

Nikki Haley

I get that Congress doesn't want this. This is not an easy situation for Congress. But our lives are not about being easy. Our lives are about being right.feedback

Dipayan Bhattacharyya - World Food Programme

They are coming in nutritionally deprived, they have been cut off from a normal flow of food for possibly more than a month. They were definitely visibly hungry, traumatized.feedback

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro

The commission has not found any evidence that such an Al Qaeda meeting was taking place.feedback

Nikki Haley

While I have discussed it with him, I do not know what decision he will make. It is his decision to make, and his alone.feedback

Nikki Haley

No, they don't want us to get out of the deal. But this is the thing: Are we going to take care of our allies and making sure they're comfortable? Or are we going to look out for our U.S. security interests?feedback

Nikki Haley

Just last month, when the United States imposed new sanctions in response to Iranian missile launches, Iran's leaders threatened once again to leave the JCPOA. This arrogant threat tells us one thing – Iran's leaders want to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage to its bad behavior.feedback

Nikki Haley

For advocates of the deal, everything in our relationship with the Iranian regime must now be subordinated to the preservation of the agreement.feedback

Nikki Haley

You can't put lipstick on a pig. We have to look at the reality that this deal is flawed. We should welcome a debate over whether the JCPOA is in U.S. national security interests.feedback

Mohammad Javad Zarif

#IAEA verification of Iran compliance with JCPOA is based on terms of agreement; not the ulterior motives of US officials, nor of lobbyists. If the president finds that he cannot in good faith certify Iranian compliance, he would initiate a process whereby we move beyond narrow technicalities and look at the big picture. At issue is our national security. It's past time we had an Iran nuclear policy that acknowledged that.feedback

Nikki Haley

Regardless of whether one considers Iran's violations of the [Iran deal] to have been material, and regardless of whether one considers Iran's flouting of the U.N. resolution on its ballistic missile technology to be 'non-nuclear,; U.S. law requires the President to also look at whether the Iran deal is appropriate, proportionate, and in our national security interests.feedback

Ali Akbar Velayati

The Americans should take the dream of visiting our military sites, using the pretext of the JCPOA or any other pretext, to their graves.feedback

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch

It became actively complicit in Xi Jinping's terror of any criticism. It was an utter abandonment of the principles the U.N. should abide by. It was a shameful moment.feedback

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch

China's crackdown on human rights activists is the most severe since the Tiananmen Square democracy movement 25 years ago. The stakes are not simply human rights for the one-sixth of the world's population who live in China, but also the survival and effectiveness of the U.N. human rights system for everyone around the globe. But when you put it all together, what it represents is a frontal assault on the U.N. human rights system.feedback

Jang Kyoung-soo

We have continued to see signs of possibly more ballistic missile launches. We also forecast North Korea could fire an intercontinental ballistic missile.feedback

Tirana Hassan

Rakhine state is on the precipice of a humanitarian disaster. Nothing can justify denying life-saving aid to desperate people. By blocking access for humanitarian organizations, Myanmar's authorities have put tens of thousands of people at risk and shown a callous disregard for human life. These restrictions will affect all communities in Rakhine State. The government must immediately change course and allow humanitarian organizations full and unfettered access to all parts of the state to assist people in need.feedback

Vassily Nebenzia - United Nations

An "urgent need to maintain a cool head and refrain from any action that can escalate tensions. A comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the Korean peninsula can be arrived at solely through political diplomatic channels, including by leveraging the mediation efforts of the United Nations secretary-general.feedback

Francoise Hampson

The president is the spider in the center of this parallel system web.feedback

Francoise Hampson

The fight against impunity, including in Burundi, has to be the top priority.feedback

Nikki Haley

If inspections of Iranian military sites are 'merely a dream,' as Iran says, then Iranian compliance with the JCPOA is also a dream.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic calls on the members of the United Nations Security Council to quickly react to this new violation by North Korea of international law. The international community must treat this new provocation with the utmost firmness, in order to bring North Korea to come back unconditionally to the path of dialogue and to proceed to the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its nuclear and ballistic programme.feedback

Eric Eugène Murangwa

There was another guy there, a man called Jean-Paul who was a driver for the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme]. And then we were joined by a couple who had a two-week-old baby.feedback

David Kaye

The primary victim of Trump's campaign against independent news is the American public. He may see it as valuable politically, but it's wrong, and it risks doing long-term damage to a core value. When we tie together the jeremiads and rhetoric with what the Trump administration is doing in other governing spaces, the practice of attacking the press becomes clearer as policy than solely reckless rant.feedback

David Kaye

President Trump's statements are indeed reckless, but they are consistent with a troubling trend of hostility toward open and honest government. And sadly, from the global perspective, it's part of a general trend of hostility to freedom of expression, online and off.feedback

Nikki Haley

There are ... numerous undeclared sites that have not been inspected. That is a problem.feedback

David Kaye

They have concrete aims: to intimidate reporters into certain kinds of coverage, or clarify for his favoured outlets what coverage he desires, or plant the seeds of doubt about news stories (such as the Russia investigation led by Robert Mueller).feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I was asked if there were any diplomatic efforts left, and I said, of course,' . Diplomatic can include economic sanctions, United Nations, not just talking – it didn't contradict anything the president said. We're not talking to the North Koreans right now. I can't help people who misinterpret things. I'll do my best to call it like I see it, but right now if I say 'six' and the president says 'half-a-dozen,' they're gonna say I disagree with him.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Diplomatic' can include economic sanctions, United Nations sanctions, it's not just talking. I didn't contradict anything the President said. We're not talking to the North Koreans right now. We're working diplomatically with Secretary (of State Rex) Tillerson in the lead, and I maintain behind that military options for the President, to back up the diplomacy. But we're not done with diplomacy. We knew within minutes where it was going.feedback

Federica Mogherini - European Union

This is a matter of international security, international safety, and also a matter of credibility of international agreements. I was glad to hear at the beginning of this month from the re-elected president of Iran, [Hassan] Rouhani in Tehran in his inaugural speech, his personal commitment to continue to implement their part of the deal. This is what is counting the most for us in this moment.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

Regarding North Korea and the missile tests it is conducting, we stick to the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and we insist on the fact that our North Korean neighbours should fully respect those resolutions. We base our position on these statements during discussions in the Security Council and will do the same in the session, which as far as we understand is being planned now and which will be dedicated to discussing the last missile launches from North Korea.feedback

Nikki Haley

They have thousands of missiles and thousands of trained fighters all beyond the control of the Lebanese government. It is apparent to everyone who cares to see it.feedback

Nikki Haley

For too long UNIFIL's leadership has failed to make sure this goal is realized.feedback

Cliff Kupchan - Eurasia Group

The Trump administration simply doesn't like this agreement. It will continue to look for a way not to certify Iran's compliance in coming months. And it will probably seek I.A.E.A. inspection of Iran's military facilities to an extent Iran deems intolerable. This deal is still in a lot of trouble.feedback

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

We believe in free press and think it is an important part of our democracy, but the press also has a big responsibility to the American people to be truthful. Their job is to report the news, not create it. Is it not 'dangerous' for the media, to create false narratives and overzealous attacks against the president that the American people chose to be their leader? The president is focused on growing our economy, creating jobs, securing our border and protecting Americans. Since those are also the priorities of most Americans, hopefully the media will make covering them theirs.feedback

Anne Gueguen - United Nations Security Council

UNIFIL, of course, can do better and can do more, but no-one in this council can imagine for one second the environment existing there without UNIFIL.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

The situation cannot continue to escalate between North Korea on one side and Japan and South Korea on the other. North Korea cannot continue to disregard the U.N. Security Council resolutions and the U.N.'s call to stop its provocations.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the U.N. should not accept. The victory over ISIS is welcome. Iran's entry is unwelcome, endangering us, and in my opinion, endangering the region and the world.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

Many of those fleeing are women and children, some of whom are wounded. (The Secretary-General) calls for humanitarian agencies to be granted unfettered and free access to affected communities in need of assistance and protection. The United Nations stands ready to provide all necessary support to both Myanmar and Bangladesh in that regard.feedback

Alexander Galushka

Russia has not violated, does not violate and will not work outside the framework (of the resolution) that was accepted by the U.N. Security Council.feedback

Leonard Doyle

On what possible grounds can you show these poor, vulnerable people?feedback

Leonard Doyle

Now that you're reaching people, you actually have a responsibility to inform them that not everyone they meet on Facebook is their friend.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

We are not facing any pressure and we consider that no pressure would lead to anything, but we are not having any pressure. There is a technical work being conducted, and in the end, that will be presented to me and I will take the decision according to what I will feel is the right thing to do.feedback

Eric Olson

[Morales] has completely isolated himself. The international community is completely united and it looks like they are going to take a very hard line on this.feedback

Anita Isaacs

Guatemala is no longer the place where you can ride roughshod over civil society. There is a strengthening of institutions and political commitment to the rule of law.feedback

Nikki Haley

General Beary says there are no Hezbollah weapons. That's an embarrassing lack of understanding on what's going on around him. Hezbollah openly brags about their weapons. They parade them before TV cameras. The secretary general [of the U.N.] reports have confirmed this. For the UNIFIL commander to deny it ... has any proof, shows that we need to have changes in UNIFIL.feedback

Jan Egeland - United Nations

There is heavy shelling from the surrounding and encircling SDF forces and there are constant air raids from the coalition. So the civilian casualties are large and there seems to be no real escape for these civilians. Inside Raqqa city, on both sides, conditions are very bleak and it is very hard to assist in all areas.feedback

James F. Haggerty

We firmly believe the U.S. legal system eventually bends toward justice.feedback

Beatrice Lindstrom - Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

The U.N. pledged to provide justice out of court, but in a year has done nothing but put in place a near-empty trust fund. Until Guterres delivers on the promises made to Haiti, victims will have to keep fighting and the U.N.'s moral standing will continue to plummet.feedback

Jan Egeland - United Nations

On Raqqa, our urging today from the UN side to the members of the humanitarian task force ... is that they need to do whatever is possible to make it possible for people to escape Raqqa. Boats on the Euphrates must not be attacked, people who come out cannot risk air raids when and where they come out. Now is the time to think of possibilities, pauses or otherwise that might facilitate the escape of civilians, knowing that Islamic State fighters are doing their absolute best to use them as human shields.feedback

Bruce Klingner

Pyongyang's release of photos indicating yet two more new missiles in development shows it has no intention of halting its continuing quest to threaten the U.S. and its allies with nuclear weapons. A two-week adherence of North Korea to U.N. prohibitions against missile tests hardly counts as a significant indicator of benign intent by the regime.feedback

Lu Chao

China is strictly implementing the U.N. resolution. Though we can't 100 percent exclude the possibility of individuals having underground deals violating the Ministry of Commerce's regulations, the United States being so far away doesn't have a proper reason to take sanction measures unilaterally. They should inform the Chinese government and let the latter deal with it.feedback

Nikki Haley

The murder of UN experts -– especially like Michael and Zaida, who risked their own lives in order to help others -– cannot end in a bureaucratic procedure. We still need a full investigation under the Secretary-General's authority into the events surrounding their deaths and accountability for the perpetrators -– there is simply no other appropriate course of action.feedback

Zhang Xuebai

I think it is very likely that I need to return my truckload of seafood back to North Korea – and what's worse, they won't give my money back. I will probably lose about $45,000. For other businessmen who have more goods stuck there, they can lose $150,000.feedback

Chang An

I have a truck with 30 tons of frozen squid that is still stuck on that bridge. My truck has done the export paperwork with the North Korean customs. How am I going to return the goods? There is no way to return it, and I'm going to lose over $75,000.feedback

Nir Barkat

My fellow citizens, during the last eight years, the Obama administration has pushed for a settlement-building freeze, has surrendered to the Iranians and radical Islam and abandoned Israel to a hostile U.N. resolution.feedback

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

We are deeply concerned about the steady deterioration in the humanitarian conditions and the protection of human rights in Gaza, . Israel, the State of Palestine and the authorities in Gaza are not meeting their obligations to promote and protect the rights of the residents of Gaza.feedback

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

This has a grave impact on the provision of essential health, water and sanitation services.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

What I would say here ladies and gentleman, my portfolio, my mission, my responsibility is to have military options should they be needed. However, right now Secretary [of State Rex] Tillerson and [United Nations] Ambassador [Nikki] Haley, you can see the American effort is diplomatically led, it has diplomatic traction it is gaining diplomatic results, and I want to stay right here, right now. The tragedy of war is well known. It would be catastrophic.feedback

Cheng Xiaohe

The U.S. is not on board, but that disagreement is negotiable. The main obstacle is North Korea. It has said clearly, before and after the new U.N. sanctions, that its nuclear weapons program is not a bargaining chip to exchange for any deals or benefits. It's not negotiable. Then if this isn't negotiable, the dual suspension plan is no longer an interesting game to play.feedback

Hossein Dehghan

The missile test on Sunday was successful … the test was not a violation of a nuclear deal with world powers or any U.N. resolution.feedback

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

We are concerned that the situation in Venezuela is escalating and these human rights violations show no signs of abating so we are worried about the direction in which it is heading. Responsibility for human rights violations we are reporting lies at the highest level of government.feedback

Lise Grande - United Nations

We think that by the end of those operations, several hundred thousand more civilians are likely to be displaced.feedback

Wang Yi

Who has been carrying out the U.N. Security Council resolutions concerning North Korea? It is China. Who bore the cost? It is also China.feedback

Olivia Beavers - The Hill

It is time for North Korea to realize, we are not playing anymore,' [U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki] Haley said … The sanctions largely target North Korea's major exports such as coal, iron and seafood, Haley said. A third of their trade exports have been hit, and we basically gave them a kick in the gut with a billion dollars of sanctions that they are going to begin to feel right away,' she continued, adding that the measure 'sends a really strong message.feedback

Kyle Ferrier

Given increased missile activity this year and past responses to U.N. sanctions, it seems very likely that North Korea will launch a sequence of short-range missiles in the coming days or weeks.feedback

Wang Yi

Do not violate the U.N.'s decision or provoke the international society's goodwill by conducting missile launches or nuclear test. At this critical moment, we urge every party to remain calm, to take a decision that helps to reduce tensions, resume negotiations and secure regional peace development.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

Last month, Member States of the United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This measure is the result of a global campaign focused on the unacceptability of the use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances. Yet our dream of a world free of nuclear weapons remains far from reality.feedback

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

All parties to the conflict continue to show a disregard for the protection of civilians and the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants in the conduct of hostilities.feedback

Nikki Haley

We should not fool ourselves into thinking we have solved the problem – not even close. The threat of an outlaw nuclearized North Korean dictatorship remains ... (and) is rapidly growing more dangerous.feedback

Nikki Haley

This resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the North Korean regime. This is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation. These sanctions will cut deep, and in doing so will give the North Korean leadership a taste of the deprivations they have chosen to inflict on the North Korean people. Revenues aren't going toward feeding its people. Instead, the North Korean regime is literally starving its people and enslaving them in mines and factories in order to fund these illegal missile programs.feedback

Carla del Ponte

I was expecting to persuade the Security Council to do something for justice. Nothing happened for seven years. Now I resigned.feedback

Alan Peter Cayetano

If we go harsh with everyone, our people will suffer – trade, direct foreign investments, tourism.feedback

Susan Thornton

I think we still are going to be watchful as to their implementation of the sanctions.feedback

Susan Thornton

The engagement is not a question. The fact that the Chinese were helpful and instrumental really in setting up this set of sanctions, this really sweeping set of international sanctions, shows that they realize it's a huge problem that they need to take on and is a threat to them.feedback

Liu Jieyi

We have been working very hard for some time, and we certainly hope that this is going to be a consensus resolution.feedback

Vera Jelinek

I think he enjoys a big stage. I don't think he's going to come out as 'America First' and isolationist. I think he's going to make an attempt to emphasize those things where there might be some unity.feedback

Nancy McEldowney

It's a very large, very complicated organization, and we always have a busy agenda that we have to work across all the member states. You need a large, experienced cohort of diplomats and experienced foreign policy experts to work the agenda. This is an opportunity for us to positively reinforce our message and make progress with countries across the board.feedback

Vassily Nebenzia - United Nations

Even if there is an agreement between the U.S. and China, it doesn't mean there is an agreement between the P5 members. Maybe there is a bilateral agreement (between Beijing and Washington), but that's not a universal one.feedback

Bahram Qasemi

The U.S. government should abandon its continued hostile behaviour and policies that show lack of faith towards the (nuclear deal).feedback

Donald J. Trump

They don't comply. I would be surprised if they were in compliance.feedback

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