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William Schaffner
That stopped our outbreak and we didn't have any more
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Oct 25 2017
Vaccine has been commented on by 177 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Vaccine are: Anthony Fauci, Nicholas Jackson, Agustin Fernandez and Nial O'Reilly. For instance, the most recent quote from Anthony Fauci is: “HIV is distinctly unique in that the body doesn't make a good immune response against it.”.
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Bernie Sanders

American consumers should not be forced to pay the highest price in the world for a vaccine we paid to help

Lauri E. Markowitz - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Your chances of being protected are decreasing, but you will still have some

Pia Hardelid

There is not much parents can do about the time of year their baby is born, but women can also help reduce the risk of serious flu for their newborns by taking up the invitation to have a vaccine when they are still

Pia Hardelid

Flu can be a serious infection in very young children but at the moment there is no vaccine approved for babies under six months. This means we need to look at other ways to minimise the risk of infection. The nasal spray vaccine, which is now being offered in GP surgeries and primary schools in the UK, provides a good opportunity to protect the children who receive it, as well as their younger

Mary Ramsay

This is a huge achievement and a testament to all the hard work by our health professionals in the NHS to ensure that all children and adults are fully protected with two doses of the MMR vaccine. We need to ensure that this is sustained going forward by maintaining and improving coverage of the MMR vaccine in children and by catching up older children and young adults who missed

Mary Ramsay

We are delighted that the WHO has confirmed that the UK achieved measles elimination in 2016 and that rubella elimination continues to be sustained. In addition, national vaccine coverage of the first MMR dose in 5 year olds has hit the WHO 95%

Tammy Johns

Those who are proponents of vaccines say correlation doesn't equal causation. But then you can't say the same thing about vaccines – that vaccines save

Susan Wootton

There's a lot of debate in our field about whether to dismiss them from our clinics. I think we should keep them in our clinics to provide them high-quality care. They are just scared and they are trying to make the right decision for their kids and we can all empathize with them. We all want to protect our kids, whether you are anti-vaccine or

Susan Wootton

There are some patients you are never going to

Jim Meehan

They know more about vaccine science than many pediatricians

Sheila Hemphill - Right to Know

If we turn our nation into a 'show me your papers' country, what will come next is forced chipping, like an

Susan Wootton

The anti-vaccine movement is a different beast in 2017 because of the rapidity with which these false stories get propagated (with) the power of the

Paula Bryant

I can't say what caused it. I can only say that three days later she could barely

Sheila Hemphill - Right to Know

So much money is poured into mainstream media sources. You will have senior editors trying to suppress this

Jim Meehan

You can't rely on physicians who haven't done their own

Susan Wootton

If you go to enough doctors, you will find one who tells you what you want to

Tammy Johns

Now I see doctors who are awake, who honor informed

Paula Bryant

I wondered how she got it. The government and the people who made these vaccines know there is a dark

Tammy Johns

My first doctor bullied me. He kept leading me to the (American Academy of Pediatrics) website. He said he wouldn't see me when we refused vaccines. We just get shut

Susan Wootton

For example, our anti-vaccine movement here, Texans for Vaccine Choice, they have their own PAC

Peter Collignon

The strain we are predominantly seeing this year is influenza A strain H3N2, and this is the same strain that hit last winter in the UK and other European centres and caused problems there. What they found in those countries was that the vaccine for H3N2 basically didn't work and was zero per cent effective for those over 65. So maybe you could say it was predictable we would see similar issues in Australia this

Peter Collignon

The thing is, yes, influenza knocks a lot of people around but most recover, have only mild infections, and some don't even suffer symptoms. Basically, we need a better vaccine, but that's tricky because it's a difficult virus that changes all of the

Shannon Stokley

It's a new finding, and at this point we really don't know what's behind that. We need to better understand what's going on in rural

Shannon Stokley

We hope to see a lot of gains with this change. It's one fewer doctor's visit they have to

Laura Riley

I want the CDC and researchers to continue to investigate this. But as an advocate for pregnant women, what I hope doesn't happen is that people panic and stop getting vaccinated. We don't want people to panic over this headline. Get your flu shot. It's

Emmanuel Hanon - GlaxoSmithKline

Shingles is a painful and potentially serious condition. The risk of developing shingles increases with age and it is estimated that up to one in three people in the United States will develop

Emmanuel Hanon - GlaxoSmithKline

This vote brings us one step closer to approval of Shingrix, which is specifically designed to overcome age-related weakening of the immune

Amanda Cohn

This is exactly why we study these things to make sure vaccines are safe and

Amanda Cohn

We don't specifically recommend that women get vaccinated during their first trimester. We just say get vaccinated at some time during their

Amanda Cohn

Really, this study highlights how strong our vaccine safety surveillance is. This is exactly the type of signal that we see because we do such a diligent job focusing on flu vaccine safety. Clearly, we need to study this

Ed Belongia - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This study is evidence that we have a strong and highly functional vaccine safety monitoring system in the U.S. This is exactly how science works. So what we have here is a signal. It's not definitive. It might be wrong. I have no doubt that we will eventually sort this out and understand what's going on, but that takes

Amanda Cohn

We know that flu vaccine is safe and effective at preventing serious infection in pregnant women and their unborn children. It is really important that women continue to get

Amanda Cohn

I think it's really important for women to understand that this is a possible link, and it is a possible link that needs to be studied and needs to be looked at over more [flu] seasons. We need to understand if it's the flu vaccine, or is this a group of women [who happened to receive flu vaccines] who were also more likely to have

James Donahue

We only saw the link between vaccination and miscarriage if they had been vaccinated in the season

Ed Belongia - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Science is an incremental process, and a lot of people don't understand that very seldom does a single study provide a definitive answer that can lead to changes in

Ed Bullmore

It's pretty clear that inflammation can cause depression. Immuno-neurology. In relation to mood, beyond reasonable doubt, there is a very robust association between inflammation and depressive symptoms. We give people a vaccination and they will become depressed. Vaccine clinics could always predict it, but they could never explain

Jean W. Pape

Haiti's recently elected government, and the president particular, is focused on universal oral cholera vaccine as well as home chlorination. If we get the vaccines and if we pursue home chlorination, I truly believe we can rid of cholera within four to five

Ivona Pandrea

Patients develop other issues, co-morbidities that affect organs and systems that reduce longevity. They develop health problems that old people have. The aging process is accelerated in HIV patients. The main cause is

Ivona Pandrea

I wouldn't recommend people getting bitten by ticks. They'll still get Lyme

Ivona Pandrea

Both models replicated very well the virus, but one did not have hypercoagulation; the other had high coagulation and high cardiovascular

Agustin Fernandez

I just need to defend my friend, who is dead. Your kids will not know herpes, your grandkids will not know herpes because of Bill. People are missing the story here. They're defaming a dead scientist, [who] is really a

Richard Mancuso

He knew he had very little time to help people. Nobody has $5 billion and 15 years to get a vaccine approved... he's a professor, he's on a professor's

Agustin Fernandez

The narrative that is out there is that this guy duped some people into getting injections and they are victims. And that is not the

Agustin Fernandez

I suggesting that he, in his conscience, felt that he would move as quickly as possible and not have another death on his

Phil Tomson

Working together, we can make the UK internationally competitive in life sciences for the long-term, capitalising on the country's world-class science base and realising innovation to drive economic growth and improve patient

Greg Clark

The life sciences sector is of critical importance to the UK economy and UK health and the Government is committed to continuing to help this sector go from strength to

DeAnna Kepka

We all need to get onboard . . . focus on the facts and integrate (the HPV vaccine) as a part of our healthcare

DeAnna Kepka

This study is showing that women weren't even making the informed

DeAnna Kepka

One thing you might expect is that they might be less likely to receive the vaccine or they may perceive themselves as having less risk. I wouldn't expect them to be less informed about the

DeAnna Kepka

Compared to other states, Utah has very low HPV vaccination rates, and we know that we are one of the more religious

Andrew Langford

If GSK is prioritising supply to the US I'd like to know why they've made that

Kim Janda

But if there was an interest in developing it as vaccine for humans, we could do

Devin Sok

The response blew our minds. It was just insane how good it looked. In humans, it takes three to five years to develop the antibodies we're talking about. This is really important because we hadn't been able to do it period. Who would have thought cow biology was making a significant contribution to HIV?feedback

Anupam Rama - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

[The] panel vote is a major win for Dynavax. We now believe that Heplisav has a high probability of approval by the August 10th [FDA review deadline].feedback

Merle Haggard

Initially, when he died, I just thought, Well, I don't want to make a record for a posthumous tribute. As soon as someone dies, everybody lights up the internet with, I love you' and 'I miss you. And I'm like, No, this person has died and they can't hear you. The only people who will make money now are the undeserving lazy children and managers and publishing lawyers. So why didn't you do this when they were alive?feedback

Scott Gray-Owen

It might be difficult to convince parents that their young child should get a vaccine for gonorrhea. But as [the children] get older and start to realize the concern, if gonorrhea becomes untreatable or if the prevalence goes up in North America, I think that makes it not a crazy idea

Scott Gray-Owen

Economically, it's important for the health of these animals, but it's also exciting because it's a proof of

Nathan Lo

Given increasing parental decisions to not vaccinate their children, we wanted to understand the effect of small reductions in vaccine coverage on overall measles cases. We found that small declines in vaccine coverage can really reduce the 'herd immunity' effect and result in more frequent and larger outbreaks of

Anthony Fauci

HIV is distinctly unique in that the body doesn't make a good immune response against

Paul Stoffels - Johnson & Johnson

We should not claim victory yet in HIV. The people who are infected today will need therapy for the next 30 to 50 years, so the science of treatment has to evolve - and the science of prevention has to evolve as well to stop the pool of patients

David Redfern - GlaxoSmithKline

The battle will play through from next year, but we feel in a strong position to defend the franchise that we have built

Mitchell Warren

If the vaccine works it really would be a huge advance. This is a very exciting potential advance and it's exciting that a company of the scale of Johnson & Johnson is behind

John Oliver

On those rare occasions when there have been problems with vaccines, they've been pulled and fast. The age children are supposed to get the MMR vaccine happens to be the same age diagnosable signs of autism can begin to appear, but correlation is not causation. That is what scientific studies are for. And remember, they are very clear–that links are not there. And the problems spending more and more time and money trying to prove that link, is that it takes resources away from studying actual causes and

Paul Offit

There is a disconnect between teenagers' belief that their health is important and their actions. They care about their health. And they trust their doctors and they believe that they should go to their doctors. And yet they don't go. And many parents don't think they need

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

Every death or disability caused by this vaccine-preventable disease is an unacceptable tragedy. We are very concerned that although a safe, effective and affordable vaccine is available, measles remains a leading cause of death among children worldwide, and unfortunately Europe is not spared. I urge all endemic countries to take urgent measures to stop transmission of measles within their borders, and all countries that have already achieved this to keep up their guard and sustain high immunization

Helen Petousis-Harris

Our findings provide experimental evidence and a proof of principle that an OMV meningococcal group B vaccine could offer moderate cross-protection against gonorrhoea. This is the first time a vaccine has shown any protection against gonorrhoea. At the moment, the mechanism behind this immune response is unknown, but our findings could inform future vaccine development for both the meningococcal and gonorrhoea

Linda Glennie

This new research could be game-changing. Our findings could inform future vaccine development for both the meningococcal and gonorrhea

David Loew - Sanofi

The acquisition of Protein Sciences will allow us to broaden our flu portfolio with the addition of a non-egg based

Helen Petousis-Harris

We need an urgent assessment of current meningitis vaccines to see if they protect against gonorrhoea. It may be possible to eliminate many gonorrhoea infections using a vaccine with only moderate protection. It does not need to be

Helen Petousis-Harris

Some types of gonorrhoea are now resistant to every antibiotic we have, and there appeared [to be] little we could do to prevent the steady march of gonorrhoea to 'superbug' status. But now there's

Marc Sprenger - World Health Organization

To control gonorrhoea, we need new tools and systems for better prevention, treatment, earlier diagnosis, and more complete tracking and reporting of new infections, antibiotic use, resistance and treatment failures. Specifically, we need new antibiotics, as well as rapid, accurate, point-of-care diagnostic tests -- ideally, ones that can predict which antibiotics will work on that particular infection -- and longer term, a vaccine to prevent

Nadine Rouphael

The results were great. We were pleased to see that the immune response was excellent. It is also really neat how you can keep it at room temperature. It really simplifies the way we do vaccines. This could be a

Marcus Hutchins

There is low risk of new infections more than one hour after the

Amit Serper - Cybereason

I'm very happy with working for Cyber Reason, please stop emailing me. Also, appreciate the praises but let's not go crazy. I'm not that good. Thanks for all the kind words. This is a temporary fix, let's focus on patching, less on thanking me. Thanks again, I'm

Nadine Rouphael

They got so disappointed if they got the regular influenza vaccine. You could see it on their faces. They were into being part of the new vaccine

Mark Prausnitz

We haven't yet met a vaccine we haven't been able to incorporate into a microneedle

Daisy Bourassa

It was really simple. It's kind of like a band-aid almost. It's not like a shot at all. If I had to describe it is maybe like pressing down on the hard side of Velcro. It is like a bunch of little teeny tiny stick things that you can feel but it's not painful. I think it would be fantastic if this was something you could get and administer it yourself at home. The reason why many years I don't get a shot is that I don't have time to wait in a line or whatever. It would be really awesome if I could order it and it would be delivered like Amazon

Michael Chertoff

It just encourages more of the same. This is all about preparation … If you don't prepare, then you're just leaving yourself open to more of these attacks in the future. If you don't get the vaccine, it's not going to help

Elodie Ghedin

This is a point I have been making for years in meetings, especially when discussing prediction and vaccine selection, but it has not gotten much

Alison Singer

There comes a point where there's so much evidence, none of which shows any link between vaccines and autism, that you have to say '

John Oliver

It's like saying, It would be crazy to eat that entire bar of soap, so I'll just eat half of it. Do you seriously need some sort of wise quote to convince you on this one? Just, like, don't be a dick. If I can overcome the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain, then I believe that everyone

Lisa Dunkle - Protein Sciences

They were vaccinated in October of 2014 and followed through 2014-2015 season, and when they had symptoms of influenza, they were brought back to clinic. The recombinant vaccine is produced in bioreactors – big vats of cells producing protein. We can produce vaccine in roughly three to six weeks after strains are selected, as opposed to six months with conventional

Jill Ferdinands - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

While it is clear we need better flu vaccines, it's important that we not lose sight of the important benefits of vaccination with currently available

Tim Chico

Many questions remain about whether this approach could work in man. This is yet more proof that cholesterol causes heart disease, and lowering cholesterol reduces risk of heart disease, so it confirms the importance of a healthy lifestyle for everyone and medications such as statins for some people to reduce risk of heart

Gunther Staffler - Affiris

AT04A was able to induce antibodies that specifically targeted the enzyme PCSK9 throughout the study period in the circulation of the treated mice. As a consequence, levels of cholesterol were reduced in a consistent and long-lasting way, resulting in a reduction of fatty deposits in the arteries and atherosclerotic damage, as well as reduced arterial wall

Sara Rosenbaum

Could you imagine tomorrow if finally we had a Zika virus vaccine, and that vaccine costs $50K a dose? Would you not want every woman of childbearing age to be immunized?feedback

Tim Chico

If similar effects were achieved in humans it would be likely to lead to a reduction in heart attacks. This was a well-conducted but very early study, using animals not humans, and many questions remain about whether this approach could work in man. The theory is sound and I think this might have the potential to replace the need to take regular cholesterol-lowering

Oliver Rosenbauer - World Health Organization

Are we concerned that we're in fact going to be seeding further future polio vaccine-derived outbreaks? ... Absolutely, that is a concern. And that is why this vaccine must be used judiciously and to try to ensure the highest level of coverage. This is kind of what has become known as the OPV, the oral polio vaccine paradox. Such vaccine-derived strains tend to be less dangerous than wild polio virus strains, they tend to cause fewer cases, and they tend not to travel so easily geographically. That's all kind of the silver lining and should play in our favor

Abdulmumini Usman - World Health Organization

The message we are reinforcing in the country is that this isolated incident happened because somebody did not do what he was supposed to do. Not because the vaccines are not

Stéphane Bancel

We modeled Moderna to mimic biology by giving your body the instructions for your cells to make the proteins you need to protect you. My bet is that in the next five years, we'll have two times as many drugs in the clinic than anybody else in the world. We're just warming up

Anna Durbin

People are pretty excited about the potential for mRNA vaccines. But right now we don't have the human data to see if they're going to live up to their

Anna Durbin

We had a similar sense of excitement and possibility with DNA vaccines that haven't quite panned out the way we hoped. People will be very interested in these Zika vaccine

Seth Berkley

Gavi's work with Merck means there are 300,000 doses of Ebola vaccine available if needed to stop this outbreak becoming a pandemic. The vaccine has shown high efficacy in clinical trials and could play a vital role in protecting the most

Laura Hanen

Vaccine-preventable outbreaks are extraordinarily expensive. We have seen our public health workforce decline since the 2008 recession. While we have seen an economic recovery, it is going to take decades at the rate they are hiring to gain back the staff that they've

Kris Ehresmann - Department of Health

Starting in 2008, when there was an observation that there was disproportionate number of Somali kids that were participating in Minnesota public schools special education services and right at that point the anti-vaccine folks started targeting the community. We have seen a dramatic uptick in MMR

Yasmin Ali

I saw that a lot of kids went to the hospital and after that I made a decision with my doctor to make an appointment to give her the vaccine. Everybody, when I see them, I say 'go to the hospital and vaccinate your kid'... because it's good for your

Patsy Stinchfield

Here in Minnesota we had 460 cases. That was my first year working here and we had three children die in Minnesota from measles and two of them died right here at our hospital. It is not a simple rash disease. It is a disease that can take one to two people's lives per every 1,000 cases. It can be a virus that gets into your brain and cause encephalitis, brain damage, blindness, deafness… It can get into your lungs and cause permanent lung damage. One of the challenges we face is all of the misinformation that has been targeted at the Somali

Peter Salk

The really important thing to recognize is that the development of the polio vaccine at the University of Pittsburgh was a team effort. There is no question that my father recognized the importance of the team, and if there were circumstances in which that wasn't adequately expressed, I would feel that it needs to be expressed now and very clearly

Arthur S. Levine

As a direct result of his efforts, there are countless numbers of people living longer and healthier

Alpha Conde

We want this process to lead to the local production of drugs and vaccines in

Sophia Mohamed

We are not against the vaccine, but we want a safe vaccine. We have a choice ... I don't need any researcher to tell me. I know. I saw the

Patti Carroll

We did a presentation that helped the Somalis put the measles and the MMR vaccine into perspective. It's their right to say

Kenneth Frazier - Merck

The continued momentum of Keytruda in oncology, along with the strength of the vaccine and other franchises and animal health, helped to drive revenue

Peter English

I would like to reassure other students, teachers, their families and the local community that the risk of catching this infection remains very low, and any higher risk is confined to those being offered the

Matshidiso Moeti - World Health Organization

The prospect of a malaria vaccine is great news. Information gathered in the pilot program will help us make decisions on the wider use of this vaccine. We require new diagnostics, more effective anti-malarial drugs and new chemical formulations to prevent insecticide resistance in order to win the war against malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. The vaccine will be assessed as a complementary intervention in Africa that could be added to our existing toolbox of proven preventive, diagnostic and treatment

Kathryn Maitland

The slow progress in this field is astonishing, given that malaria has been around for millennia and has been a major force for human evolutionary selection, shaping the genetic profiles of African populations. Contrast this pace of change with our progress in the treatment of HIV, a disease a little more than three decades

Kristen Feemster

If infants don't get vaccinated as recommended, it really increases the time they could be at risk of getting vaccine-preventable

Kristen Feemster

I know that's a big concern. But it's really important to know that what a vaccine is giving your baby is really a small, small part of the bacteria or virus that these vaccines are protecting against. Just enough to help our bodies make a minimal response so that we'll have the memory and make an immune response. It's a community issue in many

Joan Younger Meek

There is no recommendation from the CDC or the (American Academy of Pediatrics) that mothers delay breast-feeding to enhance vaccine efficacy. Breast milk contains multiple immune protective factors, including whole cells which fight

Geraldine McQuillan

If we can get 11- and 12-year-olds to get the vaccine, we'll make some progress. You need to give it before kids become sexually active, before they get infected. By the time they're in their mid-twenties, people are infected and it's too late. This is a vaccine against cancer – that's the

Anthony Fauci

It is imperative that public health research continue to work to contain the spread of the

Anthony Fauci

I'm totally intent on getting this vaccine to the point where it can be a usable

John Treanor

There is a lot of interest in understanding why this phenomenon of reduced ability to prevent flu has been observed over the past couple of years. FluMist is a terrific vaccine for children, it is easy to administer. Kids like it a lot better than getting

Anthony Fauci

Evidence also is accumulating that Zika can cause a variety of health problems in adults as well, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and heart-related

Anthony Fauci

If there is a good vaccine efficacy signal and there is an outbreak in South America, the FDA could make that vaccine available by different mechanisms. But it depends on the emergent need of the vaccine and the quality of the data. That money has been allocated to this trial, and it's not going to be

Anthony Fauci

I will certainly be talking to Francis Collins when he returns from the White

Anthony Fauci

A safe and effective Zika vaccine is urgently needed to prevent the often-devastating birth defects that can result from Zika virus infection during pregnancy. Evidence also is accumulating that Zika can cause a variety of health problems in adults as well. There are no safety concerns and the immune responses that we are getting are looking quite good so far. I really can't predict what the budget situation is going to

Lachlan MacKinnon

We see the Spy technology as the missing link in rapid and robust vaccine design and see GV as a natural co-investment partner to take this

Micaela Serafini

This is a game changer. It's a vaccine that fits much more with what we believe are the needs in Africa. This (initiative) came out of frustration. We see so many vaccines that are difficult to implement in the

Rebecca F. Grais

This provides hope in environments where there wasn't any, so our level of enthusiasm is very

Rebecca F. Grais

Would we want a perfect vaccine? Definitely – and I also want a pony. But a vaccine that prevents two-thirds of the deaths and hospitalizations that rotavirus causes is definitely worth

Anna-Lea Kahn - World Health Organization

That's where it goes wrong the most: where being able to maintain the cold chain is hardest; where constraints are most pronounced, be it due to lack of electricity or lack of resources, or inability to maintain a cold fridge. There may be geographical barriers, too, presenting a logistical

Anna-Lea Kahn - World Health Organization

In these scenarios, not having to depend on the cold chain … can make a valuable difference in getting vaccines to those who otherwise might not receive

Micaela Serafini

The success of this trial shows that research and development into vaccines that are specifically adapted for use in low-income countries yields results. The quicker this vaccine is prequalified by the WHO, the sooner it can be used to prevent the deaths of thousands of children in the countries where it is needed

Paul Stoffels - Johnson & Johnson

We are so much more advanced now than two or three years ago. We are ready to intervene if tomorrow there was a new

Matthew Snape

The persistence of vaccine-induced immunity to one year post-immunisation is truly impressive. The fact that all participants retained Ebola-specific antibodies to the end of the study does raise hope that this vaccine could induce responses that last for several

Matthew Snape

The persistence of vaccine-induced immunity to one year post-immunization is truly impressive. The fact that all participants retained Ebola-specific antibodies to the end of the study does raise hope that this vaccine could induce responses that last for several

Ian Branam

CDC is investigating the factors that may have contributed to the increase in cases, including that the vaccine prevents many but not all cases of mumps, the disease spreads more easily in crowded settings, and the possibility that the protective effect of the vaccine decreases over

Anthony Fauci

Mosquitoes cause more human disease and death than any other animal. A single vaccine capable of protecting against the scourge of mosquito-borne diseases is a novel concept that, if proven successful, would be a monumental public health

Ian Mackay

As scientists, we should be watching this outbreak and the effectiveness of any control measures. We don't have a vaccine available for H7N9 in humans, but we do have effective anti-virals. So far, the virus does not spread well between humans. As members of the public, who do not seek out live poultry from markets in China, we have almost nothing to worry about from H7N9 right

Carissa Etienne

I would like to emphasize that our work on this front is not yet done. We can not become complacent with this achievement but must rather protect it carefully. Measles still circulates widely in other parts of the world, and so we must be prepared to respond to imported cases. It is critical that we continue to maintain high vaccination coverage rates, and it is crucial that any suspected measles cases be immediately reported to the authorities for rapid

Walter Orenstein

All adults should be vaccinated against influenza annually, receive a booster of a tetanus vaccine every 10 years, two different types of pneumococcal vaccine when they turn 65, and a vaccine to prevent shingles when they reach age

Sandra Fryhofer

It's a double whammy for those without insurance. They don't have insurance coverage if they get sick and they don't have insurance coverage to pay for vaccinations that can help them stay well. The very young, the old, or anyone with a weakened immune system - including pregnant women - don't respond as well. Healthy people are more likely to make the most protective antibodies, and that's another reason why it's important for them to get vaccinated. They need to stay protected so they won't spread infection to others who are not so healthy and could die if they get

Walter Orenstein

All pregnant women should receive influenza vaccine, which protects them and their newborns, as well as a dose of a vaccine that protects their newborns against whooping

Bernadette Murgue - World Health Organization

There are about 40 vaccine candidates, five are entering or about to enter in phase 1, clinical trial for safety and ability to induce an immune

Margaret Chan - World Health Organization

The rapidly expanding geographical distribution of these outbreaks and the number of virus strains currently co-circulating have put WHO on high alert. We cannot allow so many countries to be without tools. Remember, it takes four to six months to get the vaccine. We cannot afford to miss the early

Paul Offit

The science has spoken. Thimerosal is a dead issue. It is concerning. You have as a President-elect a science

Karen Remley

Vaccines have been part of the fabric of our society for decades and are the most significant medical innovation of our time. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are effective. Vaccines save

Hope Hicks

The president-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this

Karen Remley

Claims that vaccines are linked to autism, or are unsafe when administered according to the recommended schedule, have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature. It is dangerous to public health to suggest otherwise. There is no 'alternative' immunization schedule. Delaying vaccines only leaves a child at risk of disease for a longer period of time; it does not make vaccinating safer. Vaccines work, plain and

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies, and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn't matter, but the science does matter, and we ought to be reading the science, and we ought to be debating the science. And that everybody ought to be able to be assured that the vaccines that we have - he's very pro-vaccine, as am I - but they're as safe as they possibly can

Donald J. Trump

I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump–I mean, it looks just like it's meant for a horse, not for a child, and we've had so many instances, people that work for me. … [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policy, and he has questions about it. He asked me to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. I said I

Glen Nowak

There has been a lot of discussion in the past couple of years about (whether) physicians get enough training about vaccines and immunizations. This highlights the importance of provider education. It's easy to get people to have a visceral reaction to words like chemical or

Kevin Pho

Anti-vaccine Cleveland Clinic doctor just made our jobs so much

Glen Nowak

When a doctor at a mainstream organization like the Cleveland Clinic writes something like this, it's very harmful and it's hard to contain. Having the name of a world-renowned institution to validate his claims makes it even more difficult for primary care doctors to dispel. Already, anti-vaccine sites are citing his post, with the added gravitas of the Cleveland

Kevin Pho

Time is at a premium, and having to spend that time dispelling fake health news only adds to the pressures primary care physicians face in a 15-minute office

Anne Dachel

I'm impressed. Neides is in family practice and he's not buying all the official

Daniel Neides

Why would any of us want to be injected with mercury if it can potentially cause harm? However, what I did not realize is that the preservative-free vaccine contains

Kevin Pho

When fake news is retracted, people often can't tell the difference between the truth and the

Marie-Paule Kieny - World Health Organization

While these compelling results come too late for those who lost their lives during West Africa's Ebola epidemic, they show that when the next outbreak hits, we will not be defenseless. The world can't afford the confusion and human disaster that came with the last

Jeremy Farrar

We have to get ahead of the curve and make promising diagnostics, drugs and vaccines for diseases we know could be a threat in the future. Had a vaccine been available earlier in the Ebola epidemic, thousands of lives might have been saved. My hope is that this success story provides the inspiration we need to make this happen and change the way the world prepares for

Marie-Paule Kieny - World Health Organization

I really believe that now we have a tool which would allow (us) to control a new outbreak of Ebola of the Zaire strain. It's the first vaccine for which efficacy has been

John Edmunds

When Ebola strikes again we will be in a much better position to offer help to affected communities, as well as protect the brave volunteers who help control this terrible

Jeremy Farrar

This trial, confirming the 100 percent efficacy of the rVSV Ebola vaccine, is a simply remarkable outcome. We've shown that by working collaboratively, across international borders and sectors, we can develop and test vaccines rapidly and use them to help bring epidemics to an

Thomas Geisbert

One question that has not been adequately addressed, even in nonclinical studies with any Ebola virus vaccine, is with regard to durability – is the vaccine long-lasting? Is it still protective, for example, 2–3 years after the vaccination?feedback

Trevor Mundell - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What we'd like to see in about five years is that we would have two or three of the key pathogens from the WHO list of serious threats, where we now have a vaccine, which can be stockpiled at the level of hundreds of thousands or maybe a few million

John-Arne Rottingen - Norwegian Institute of Public Health

The Ebola vaccine studies during the Ebola outbreak were one of the few successes of the collective international response. The world managed to plan and conduct more than 15 clinical trials in less than an year. And this ring vaccination trial, with its innovative research design, managed to demonstrate efficacy for one of the

Manni Baez

For me, the end game is providing the folks at NIH with the resources they need to get them closer to finding a cure or a vaccine for this

Myron S. Cohen

The holy grail is a vaccine, but we don't have a vaccine

Glenda Gray

The people of South Africa are making history by conducting and participating in the first HIV vaccine efficacy study to build on the results of the Thai trial. HIV has taken a devastating toll in South Africa, but now we begin a scientific exploration that could hold great promise for our country. If an HIV vaccine were found to work in South Africa, it could dramatically alter the course of the

Rick Scott

Until we have a vaccine, this is going to be something we're going to deal with. We're going to be active, and we've learned a

Isaac Adewole

They are armed, but look like normal people so they don't scare

Alan Hinman

This justifies the approach of using a single dose to achieve wider coverage, given the fact that there's not enough of the vaccine to give to

Dan H. Barouch

Current anti-retroviral drugs, although they're lifesaving, do not cure HIV. They merely hold it in check. We are trying to develop strategies to achieve ART-free, long-term viral

Dan H. Barouch

If all the animals' viral loads had been undetectable, that would have been a home run. But the fact that all animals showed a reduction in viral load and three out of nine were undetectable, that's a solid base hit. It's definitely something that we can work

Joann Ater

Children should also participate in all preventive health measure such as not smoking or using tobacco, HPV vaccine, wearing sun screen to prevent skin cancer, and following recommended adult cancer screening, such as Pap smears for young

Kayvon Modjarrad

One of the groups is going to be given the Japanese encephalitis virus first and then wait a period of time and then get the Zika vaccine. Another group will get a yellow fever vaccine, wait a few months and then get a Zika

Anthony Fauci

We urgently need a safe and effective vaccine to protect people from Zika virus infection, as the virus continues to spread and cause serious public health consequences, particularly for pregnant women and their

Wu Xiaobin

We applaud the efforts of CFDA and other relevant Chinese government agencies to bring new medicines and vaccines to the Chinese healthcare

Trupti Wagh - Pfizer

We have just received the approval and we are working through the timing of our

David Brandling-Bennett

We have shifted from 'any drug or vaccine is good' to 'what will be a game changer in pursuit of this outrageous goal?feedback

Christophe Boulierac

Nearly 10,000 deaths of children under five years may have occurred due to declining health care, this crumbling health system. Six-hundred health facilities have stopped working, and a fifth of all vaccination centres and district vaccine stores remain

James Cherry

No child should go to Europe or the Philippines who hasn't had two doses of measles vaccine. It's just too

Jon Abramson

There are only two manufacturers of the vaccine and they are having some problems with production of the vaccine, and getting enough raw material of the polio

Philippe Duclos - World Health Organization

It's a serious inconvenience. By and large the two manufacturers... underestimated the challenges of scaling up their production when they made the pledge to

Jon Abramson

Each time we hear that there's a further reduction in the amount that can be anticipated, we have to make further adjustments. My hope is this problem can be solved by 2018. But I can't promise that, obviously. It's not something we can

Greg Elder - Doctors Without Borders

The idea is that this will set a model in place for other manufacturers to put their vaccines on the

Philippe Duclos - World Health Organization

Of course some vaccines are more important in certain emergencies than in others. What we need is to rationalize, quickly, in each emergency, which ones are

Greg Elder - Doctors Without Borders

We're talking about a very specific cohort - refugees, displaced populations, people who have gone through a lot of trauma and have had to flee their

Shanelle Hall - UNICEF

We will be able to procure pentavalent vaccine to protect children ... for less than $1 a

Nancy Messonnier - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

It will be simpler now for parents to get their kids the HPV vaccine series, and protect their kids from HPV

Dominique Legros - World Health Organization

So far, we have one experience of a large-scale campaign with a single dose - it was done in Bangladesh two years ago. It proved effective for six

Dominique Legros - World Health Organization

The top priority, clearly, for those people affected by the hurricane is to give them access to safe water. That's the only way we can control cholera in the long term in Haiti and elsewhere. And for those people who are sick of cholera, of course, the top priority is to treat them and give them access to treatment. And that's a concern today, as you understood, because of the damage to the healthcare

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

We've got the technologies, infrastructure, experience dealing with regulators in this field. All of that gives us a

Anthony Fauci

We're not dependent on a company until you prove it works and then you need somebody to manufacture millions of

Anthony Fauci

If the infections die down, then it's going to take much longer to find out if it

William Bleser

Some complementary and alternative medicine practitioners have anti-vaccine or vaccine-hesitant

Tom Frieden - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Get a flu shot, no excuse not to get them. Getting a flu vaccine is important for all of us, for our own protection and for the protection of those around us who may be more vulnerable to flu, such as young children, people with certain chronic health conditions and the

Rick Scott

Every minute that passes that Congress doesn't approve funding means more time is lost from researching this virus to find a vaccine to help pregnant women and their developing

Mark Feinberg

That's been a major deterrent to vaccine development, because you're always concerned about vaccine-induced pathology. That's a big safety hurdle that any vaccine developer would have to go

Mark Feinberg

This has been a 30- or 40-year effort to get to where Novavax is, in terms of a candidate that goes into phase 3 trials. That's been a major deterrent to vaccine development, because you're always concerned about vaccine-induced

Gregory Glenn - Novavax

We are both surprised and disappointed by the outcome of the Resolve

Susan Rehm

Although the follow-up period was limited to four years, there was little decline in effectiveness in the years following

Richard Hatchett

To help protect people from Zika in the U.S. and abroad, we are aggressively pursuing the development of promising vaccine candidates around the

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

The WHO Emergency Committee will reconvene in coming weeks (and) will re-evaluate the situation but we think that the outbreak is manageable if we can protect enough people with the

Peter Piot

Vaccine is the only way to control a yellow fever epidemic. This is where WHO should insist on accountability...they have to know how the vaccine is being used to know they are making the right

Sylvia Burwell - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

A delay in this stage of development will delay when a safe and effective Zika vaccine is available to the American public. These examples demonstrate the urgent need for the administration's request for $1.9 billion in emergency supplemental

John Hellerstedt

It's the perfect mix - local transmission in Florida, travel to Brazil, and we're at the height of mosquito season in

Sylvia Burwell - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

In addition, research and development of other vaccine candidates, diagnostics, therapeutics and (mosquito) vector control technologies may be

Daniel Anderson

The nanoparticle goes inside of the cell and then releases this RNA, and then the RNA makes copies of itself and it also makes proteins that are antigens (inducing an immune response). So these are the same types of proteins you might get for a

Omar Khan

When there is an extraordinary need and you need something that is safe, then we have the ability to make that happen. So things like Zika or the recent Ebola outbreak, we can rapidly respond to that within seven

France Bégin - UNICEF

Breast milk is a baby's first vaccine, the first and best protection they have against illness and disease. Making babies wait too long for the first critical contact with their mother outside the womb decreases the newborn's chances of survival, limits milk supply and reduces the chances of exclusive

Aman Bhakti Pulungan

We are in crisis right now. This is a medical emergency, and we have to overcome

Pramono Anung

We can't be half-hearted with this vaccine problem, and yesterday the president decided to immediately restructure the [food and drug agency]. With this, we hope that this kind of thing won't be

Harry M. Reid

Republicans have no desire to work with us to get a bipartisan Zika funding bill to the president – now, or any time in the future. It's all been a charade. Republicans are interested in one thing only: attacking Planned

Roy Blunt

At this moment they still have money, but it won't last

Anthony Fauci

We getting to the point where both the CDC and the NIH are actually running out of money, and we have important work to

Bill Flores

The action is to go back to our communities and have a candid conversation about the challenges we face as a country. There's no need for us to try to cram a majority position down at this

Lois Ramondetta

We actually know the majority of them can be prevented with the HPV9 vaccine that's out

Anthony Fauci

If in the early part of 2017 we still have major outbreaks in South America and in the Caribbean, we may show that it's effective or not within a year. If the infections go way down the way Ebola went way down in west Africa when we were trying to test the vaccine, it may take three years to show that it works, or

Dan H. Barouch

These two vaccine candidates both provided complete protection against Zika virus challenge in mice. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of Zika virus vaccine protection in an animal model. The protection was

Dan H. Barouch

We showed that a single dose of either a DNA vaccine or purified live attenuated (weakened) vaccine provided protection against Zika challenge in susceptible

Dan H. Barouch

There are plenty of unanswered questions, such as the extent to which immunity to other flaviviruses like dengue may or may not impact vaccine responses or protection. That is something that clearly needs to be

Gavin Screaton

We now need further studies to confirm these findings, and to progress towards a

Seth Berkley

Measuring the vaccine's impact in real life settings is what will ultimately help the health community assess the value of this vaccine in the fight against malaria along with other existing

Matshidiso Moeti - World Health Organization

While WHO is working with partners and vaccine manufacturers to increase vaccine production and replenish the emergency stockpile currently being used for this outbreak, it is vital to interrupt transmission, especially in cross-border areas to rapidly bring this outbreak under control and halt further international

Peter Hotez

And if you think of a regulatory hurdle. It is a long way of saying, we are not going to have a vaccine in time for this

J. Joseph Kim - Inovio

We plan to dose our first subjects in the next weeks and expect to report phase I interim results later this

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

Experts agreed to propose if necessary, if there is a shortage of vaccine, to divide the vaccine by five. One fifth of a dose according to their evidence would be sufficient to provide immunity for at least 12

Anthony Fauci

Vaccine research also continues in the laboratory, where scientists are investigating the use of potent antibodies that block a high percentage of global HIV strains from infecting human

Anthony Fauci

While we are making encouraging progress – new HIV infections have fallen by 35 percent globally since 2000 – the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine would be the ultimate

Hal Rogers

This legislation will make dollars available to fight the disease now, prioritizing critical activities that must begin immediately, such as vaccine development and mosquito control. The legislation funds these efforts in a responsible way, using existing resources – including excess funding left over from the Ebola outbreak – to pay for

Stephen L. Hoffman

This is an extraordinary change. They want a malaria vaccine that

Anthony Fauci

Tens of millions of people have their blood drawn every

Leonardo Pereira

When a mother who refused the flu vaccine delivers, her newborn baby is more likely to contract influenza and more likely to require hospitalization compared to babies born to mothers who were vaccinated during

Andrew Witty - GlaxoSmithKline

We think this is a strong solid quarter for the company, especially because we are seeing good, healthy performance across all three of our businesses – pharma, vaccine and

Joël Calmet

It is an oral, life-attenuated vaccine that has the three sources of Polio: types 1, 2, 3. Now the pattern is changing and to prevent risks linked to type 2, the vaccine will include a dose of inactivated vaccine (IPV).feedback

Teresa Li

The government's policy is to accord priority to local children. We will closely monitor the utilisation of services by (non-resident children) and may adjust the quota or withhold new case

Li Keqiang

At current our nation has 12, 000 drug wholesalers, 5, 000 manufacturing companies and greater than four hundred, 000 drug retailers. Regulatory targets are many, however there are few individuals on the bottom, making regulation troublesome. There aren't even 500 individuals with the aptitude to examine medicine. There are lifeless areas and blind zones for regulation and

Li Keqiang

This vaccine safety case has drawn close attention, and shows there are many gaps in terms of

Li Keqiang

This vaccine security case has drawn shut consideration, and exhibits there are lots of gaps when it comes to

Anna Durbin

We don't believe that dengue antibodies are protective against Zika infection. So many people who previously had dengue are getting

Anna Durbin

We were able to get 100 percent efficacy, which we were really thrilled

Anna Durbin

We see some clinical signs and symptoms but not enough to make people

Stephen S. Whitehead

The U.S. government has made the vaccine materials and technology available for licensure across the world. We have several licensees come forward. There's the Butantan Institute in Brazil and they have an exclusive license for the product in Brazil. We also have Merck & Co in the

Anna Durbin

Knowing what we know about this new vaccine, we are confident that it is going to work. And we have to be confident: Dengue is unique and if you don't do it right, you can do more harm than

Matthew M. Davis

It is very difficult to put a specific number on how much vaccine refusals reduce a community's protection against disease. What this latest comprehensive review illustrates is that individuals who refuse vaccines not only put themselves at risk for disease. It turns out that they also put others at risk too – even people who have been vaccinated before, but whose protection from those vaccinations may not be as strong as it used to

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

It is our ambition to slash years off the normal timeline required for a

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

We need to think about a Zika vaccine that is potentially going to be given to different age

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

We may end up with several vaccines that work very well and we are blessed with a

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Because the Zika virus seems to be well-conserved at the genetic level that greatly improves the chances of success in developing a

Joseph Bresee

Flu activity this season started a bit later and has been lower so far than we've seen during the previous three seasons, but activity is still on the upswing and expected to continue for several weeks. Flu causes serious illnesses and deaths every year. This season, the CDC has received reports of hospitalizations and deaths in young, otherwise healthy people who were infected with influenza A H1N1, but not

Joseph Bresee

This means that getting a flu vaccine this season reduced the risk of having to go to the doctor because of flu by nearly 60 percent. It's good news and underscores the importance and the benefit of both annual and ongoing vaccination efforts this

Louis Macareo

Development of vaccine is a very long tedious and arduous process to demonstrate both efficacy as well as safety, and it will be premature right now to actually give hard predictions on how long that will

Nial O'Reilly

We're joined by Dr Nicholas Jackson, head of research at Sanofi Pasteur.Thanks for being with us, your company is one of several now embarked on research for a vaccine, how great is the challenge to develop one that is effective, deliverable and safe to where it's needed?feedback

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Yes it will take years to develop a vaccine that's because we have to go through very careful steps to show that it is safe and

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Well the virus does mutate, but actually when you look at the available genetic information the actual Zika virus is quite well conserved, it's about 95 percent, so it's only a small proportion of the virus's genetic code that is different. So that does make it a relatively easy target compared to some other

Nial O'Reilly

Even an experimental version is going to take years to get to where it's

Nial O'Reilly

But without this collaboration, and without an effective and safe vaccine. How serious could this epidemic, this outbreak of Zika become?feedback

Nial O'Reilly

But for all that you're saying its' going to take years rather than months?feedback

Nial O'Reilly

This is an outbreak which could spread to Europe, because this virus is now present in the south of France, is that right?feedback

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

It's a global challenge and is one that typically take could many years to do, but the WHO has made it very clear that Zika is an emergency on a global level that needs to dealt with internationally. So, we can respond to that for two reasons. First of all we have the technology and the expertise in house. We also have a wide infrastructure that has been put in place to deal with dengue for our dengue vaccine, so we get a jump start here by being able to tap into that and allow the vaccine development to be

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

The mosquitoes that could transmit and are transmitting Zika have been identified in southern Europe and across area of the United States, and that is what makes this frightening and if there is this association with these clinical complications it is going to be of great concern for public

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

It will take years, but what is important is if we can collaborate globally, with organisations like the WHO in the regions with countries like Brasil, tapping into the global network of experience in Flavivirus we can cut years off the

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Dengue is a similar virus and belongs to the same family as Zika, this mosquito is highly domesticated it lives in your home, its under your kitchen table, it bites very aggressively and its taken dengue to a hundred countries around the

Nial O'Reilly

And what about the potential for mutation of the virus. That would surely put you at a big disadvantage in terms of developing a vaccine?feedback

Nial O'Reilly

The target group is pregnant women, you obviously can't test on pregnant women so that again could be another factor which slows the research down?feedback

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Actually if the neurological disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, which causes ascending paralysis, if that is confirmed to be associated with Zika then we need a vaccine to prevent that disease as well, which would be all ages potentially and both genders. We certainly recognise the priority here is potentially women thinking of becoming pregnant, who would really benefit from a vaccine that prevents the

Alistair Campbell - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

It's a public health good initiative, it's not necessarily a commercial initiative. Zika is something that has cropped up suddenly and may well dissipate, so there may not be a sustainable annual cohort of patients for

Ben Neuman

For most viruses, there are lots of ways to make a somewhat effective vaccine, but the most effective vaccines target several parts of the virus in different

Ben Neuman

It's big concern. And at this stage we just don't

Nicholas Jackson - Sanofi Pasteur

Sanofi Pasteur is responding to the global call to action to develop a Zika vaccine given the disease's rapid spread and possible medical complications. In addition to the serious possibility of congenital complications associated with Zika, investigations are also under way to assess another reported connection between Zika and a dangerous neurological

Dilma Rousseff

While we do not have a vaccine against the Zika virus, the war must be concentrated on the elimination of breeding grounds for the mosquito. Getting rid of Zika is the responsibility of all of

Dilma Rousseff

We're losing the battle against the mosquito. As long as the mosquito keeps reproducing, each and every one of us is losing the battle against the mosquito. So we have to mobilise so we do not lose this

Dilma Rousseff

As long as we don't have a vaccine against Zika virus, the war must be focused on exterminating the mosquito's breeding

Anna Padula - GlaxoSmithKline

We're concluding our feasibility studies as quickly as we can to see if our vaccine technology platforms might be suitable for working on

Francis Collins - National Institutes of Health

With no vaccine or treatment currently available to prevent or treat Zika infection, the best way for individuals–and pregnant women in particular–to protect themselves is to avoid traveling to places where Zika is known to be

Seth Berkley

New threats require smart solutions and our innovative financing agreement will ensure that we are ahead of the curve for future Ebola

Andrew Witty - GlaxoSmithKline

While RTS,S (Mosquirix) on its own is not the complete answer to malaria, its use alongside those interventions currently available such as bed nets and insecticides would provide a very meaningful contribution to controlling the impact of malaria on children in those African communities that need it the

Jean Lang - Sanofi

If dengue was a single virus we would have had a vaccine already, for

Duane Gubler

We're further along with the dengue vaccine than we've ever been. There's a good possibility that we'll have a vaccine in five to seven

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