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Nicolas Maduro, Henrique Capriles, Julio Borges and Luisa Ortega, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Venezuelan protests 2017. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 101 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 181 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Nicolas Maduro is: “The world must know that the electoral process was impeccable, incredible. The opposition said these elections were like a referendum against me? Here it is – we won it with 54 percent of the vote. You were wrong, once again.”.
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All quotes about Venezuelan protests 2017

Nicholas Watson

The rules of the game have never been fair, and Chavismo has been tilting the playing field away from the opposition for years

Nicholas Watson

The risk of splitting up still acts as a cohesive glue that keeps them all together, because the alternative remains pretty horrendous. They understand they're on a cliff's

David Smilde

This is a catastrophe for the opposition. I think they're going to pay a real price with

Nicolas Maduro

If they don't swear, they don't take office, full stop. Then they can go and cry to Washington!feedback

Manuel Melo

Too many people were dying, with few results. I agree with the

Vladimir Aras

Independent prosecutors aren't helpful to

Justin Trudeau

This is a situation that is obviously untenable. The violence ... needs to end and we are looking to be

Juan Carlos Varela

There will be more pressure to convince Maduro to accept free and democratic elections in 2018. We think Maduro is getting the message that change must

Tomás Guanipa

He should never have been in prison and should never have died at the hands of a repressive government whose hands today more than ever are stained with

Donald J. Trump

We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option, if necessary. If there is an institutional crisis [in Venezuela], they should seek to overcome it through dialogue and political negotiation, always respecting the leaders who were elected by popular vote, within democratic rules, as was the case of [former Venezuelan President] Hugo Chavez and is the case with President Nicolas Maduro. It is ridiculous that a coup government, illegitimate, an enemy of its own people, wants to give lessons of democracy to

Moises Naim

Anything that happens from now on will be blamed on the U.S. Trump and [Vice President] Pence basically threw Maduro a

Nicolas Maduro

We'll have to endure sacrifices but we must safeguard the country and sovereign motherland in order to break the

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Maduro dictatorship continues to deprive the Venezuelan people of food and medicine, imprison the democratically elected opposition, and violently suppress freedom of speech. The regime's decision to create an illegitimate constituent assembly – and most recently to have that body usurp the powers of the democratically-elected national assembly – represents a fundamental break in Venezuela's legitimate constitutional

Steven Mnuchin

Nicolas Maduro has financed his regime by hollowing out Venezuela through economic mismanagement, corruption and the assumption of onerous debt. Maduro may no longer take advantage of the American financial system to facilitate the wholesale looting of the Venezuelan economy at the expense of the Venezuelan people. I think what the president is very clear on is the existing situation is unacceptable and if they restore the proper democratic processes, we'll react to that appropriately. This is not about changing leadership per se, this is about restoring the democratic process and rule of

Luisa Ortega

We need authorities who are decent, not ones with a criminal

Nicolas Maduro

Unfortunately we are in the worst moment in our relationship with the government of the United

Nicolas Maduro

You and I should talk. Only by speaking can we understand each

Henrique Capriles

The international community should know that in Venezuela the Maduro regime is carrying out a coup against the state itself. Rejecting a legitimate parliament is also a form of

Luisa Ortega

They are very worried and anguished. They know we have information about the transactions, the mounts and the people who enriched themselves and that this investigation implicates Mr. Nicolas Maduro and his

Luisa Ortega

This is how the Maduro government…tries to end our struggle for democracy and liberty for

Vladimir Padrino

This is a time of reflection, you are either a Venezuelan patriot, or

Juan Manuel Santos

As friends you have to tell each other the truth. I told Vice-President Pence that the possibility of a military intervention may not be

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

He's doing Maduro a favor by reinforcing the nationalist position that the Gringos want to come and attack Venezuela. This has always been part of Maduro's rhetoric, and Chavez before him. And it has served them both

Evo Morales

Now the world knows that those who were against Maduro were only looking for a military intervention from the

Jonathan Ernst

Congress obviously isn't authorizing war in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is a horrible human being, but Congress doesn't vote to spill Nebraskans' blood based on who the Executive lashes out at

Will Hutton

Authoritarian China is now an economic blueprint for Zuma and Maduro. Ten years ago this week, it became clear that the dread event – a run on one bank that will create a malevolent impact on others – was under way. A US investment bank had a few weeks earlier summarily closed some of its property-based hedge funds to stop a cascade of sellers; now a French bank was doing the same, as a panic about overblown property values infected

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

These are empty threats. And since they are empty threats, Maduro faces no new consequences by taking a tough stand, both rhetorically and against the

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

We've opened the door to them. The only thing I can say is that there are a lot of people who are having a hard time in Venezuela ... and that will end one way or

Steven Mnuchin

Yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm that Maduro is a dictator who disregards the will of the Venezuelan people. By sanctioning Maduro, the United States makes clear our opposition to the politics of his regime and our support for the people of Venezuela who seek to return their country to a full and prosperous

Nicolas Maduro

I come to acknowledge your sovereign ... plenipotentiary powers to govern the fate of the republic ... As chief of state, I subordinate myself to the constitutional powers of this National Constituent

Eduardo Salazar Uribe - Euronews

Citizens form long queues every day to obtain products such as milk, pasta or rice … The Constituent Assembly President Delcy Rodriguez has said its members will face the economic crisis that in her judgment is being promoted from

Julia Blunck

Reporters ask Jeremy Corbyn if he will condemn Nicolás Maduro. But the undemocratic abuses of Michel Temer aren’t flashy enough for the news cycle. Venezuela is the question on everyone’s lips. Rather, Venezuela is the question on reporters’ lips whenever they see Jeremy Corbyn: will he condemn the president, Nicolás Maduro? What is his position on Venezuela, and how does it affect his plans for Britain? The actual problems of Venezuela – a complex country with a long history that does not start with the previous president Hugo Chávez and certainly not with Jeremy Corbyn – are largely ignored or pushed aside. This is nothing new: most of the time, Latin America’s debates are seen through western

Marco Rubio

I support the president sanctioning these corrupt Maduro regime officials. The time has now come for the president to act on his promise to impose significant economic sanctions on the illegitimate Maduro

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

Venezuela has entered a new phase of instability. There are segments of the military that do not like the way the Maduro regime has handled

Jesus Farias

We have to deal with some obstacles. One of the problems that we have to solve is the relationship between the National Assembly and the Constituent

Stuart Culverhouse - Exotix

The significance [of wheter or not Venezuela fights a civil war] lies in whether this suggests that Maduro is losing his grip on the military and whether we can expect to see more mutinies to come, or if this is just an isolated incident. Maintaining the support of the military is a key factor in Maduro's survival, and many in the military will have a vested interest in ensuring (his)

Javier Nieto Quintero

The only thing we should be negotiating is what jail Maduro will be

John Polga-Hecimovich

Maduro has made sure to give many rewards to senior military officers in exchange for loyalty. While he is completely dependent on them to stay in power, they have much to lose if he is

Jeremy Corbyn

But we also have to recognise that there have been effective and serious attempts at reducing poverty in Venezuela, improving literacy and improving the lives of many of the poorest people. I gave the support of many people around the world for the principle of a government that was dedicated towards reducing inequality and improving the life chances of the poorest people. What's happened is the oil price has fallen obviously and the economy was overdependent on oil. And I make it very clear I think there should've been greater diversity at a time when there was a very high oil

Liz McInnes

In particular, we urge the government of Venezuela to recognise its responsibilities to protect human rights, free speech and the rule of law. If he [Maduro] believes those concerns are misplaced, it is up to him to prove them wrong, not through his words, but through his

Hebert Garcia Plaza

There's lots of unease, but they can't provoke a political change without a clear horizon of what comes after

Delcy Rodriguez

This national constituent assembly, convened by President Nicolas Maduro, is hereby formally

Heather Nauert

The United States considers the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly the illegitimate product of a flawed process designed by the Maduro dictatorship to further its assault on democracy. The balloting itself was further designed to fill the national constituent assembly with Maduro loyalists. In a country suffering from malnutrition, the regime threatened that those who did not vote would lose access to food, pension, or employment benefits. Finally, the election lacked credible international

Ken Livingstone

He allowed them to live, to carry on. I suspect a lot of them are using their power and control over imports and exports to make it difficult and to undermine

Ken Livingstone

He didn't kill all the oligarchs, there were about 200 families who controlled around 80% of the wealth of Venezuela. He allowed them to live and to carry on, and I suspect that a lot of them are using their power and their control over imports and exports, medicines and food and making it difficult to undermine Maduro. I've never seen Jeremy support a dictator, he's a

Nicolas Maduro

The stupid president of Smartmatic pressurised by the gringos and the British said there were over seven million voters. I believe there were more than 10 million Venezuelans who came out onto the streets and more than 8 (million) voted. The rest had to face the

Nicolas Maduro

That stupid guy, the president of Smartmatic, pressured to the neck by the gringos and the Brits, said there were 7.5 million [voters]. I think there were 10 million Venezuelans who went

Ken Livingstone

People are trying to overthrow the government, you have armed opposition killing people. You've got a blockade of food and medicine. If there was any evidence that Maduro wants to impose a one-party state I would immediately oppose

Antonio Mugica

An audit would allow everyone to know the exact participation. We estimate the difference between the actual participation and the one announced by the authorities is at least one million votes. It is important to point out that this would not have occurred if the auditors of all political parties had been present at every stage of the

Tamara Taraciuk Broner - Human Rights Watch

While Chavez was a very charismatic leader who was able to maintain cohesion among different groups within the government structure, Maduro doesn't have that ability, and he also doesn't have the money that Chavez had because the price of oil has plummeted. He doesn't have the funds to sustain all the social programs that Chavez

Donald J. Trump

The United States condemns the actions of the Maduro dictatorship. Mr Lopez and Mr Ledezma are political prisoners being held illegally by the regime. This action is further evidence of the Maduro regime's authoritarianism. The United States holds Maduro – who publicly announced just hours earlier that he would move against his political opposition – personally responsible for the health and safety of Mr Lopez, Mr Ledezma and any others

Nicolas Maduro

They don't intimidate me. The threats and sanctions of the empire don't intimidate me for a moment. I don't listen to orders from the empire, not now or ever. Bring on more

Boris Johnson

Venezuela stands on the brink of disaster and Nicholas Maduro's government must stop before it is too late. The country is turning on itself - more than 100 have died already - and democracy and basic rights are in jeopardy. The dubious Constituent Assembly vote has dramatically deepened the problems and ramped up tensions. It is time for the government to see sense and start working with the opposition on a way forward that brings the people of Venezuela back

Boris Johnson

Venezuela stands on the brink of disaster and Nicolas Maduro's government must stop before it is too late. The country is turning on itself -- more than 100 have died already -- and democracy and basic rights are in

Risa Grais-Targow

I think Maduro actually emerges weaker from this process. It's going to escalate international isolationism and it could prolong protests on the

Luisa Ortega

It's a joke to the people and their sovereignty. Now we will see absolute power in the hands of a

Riordan Roett

The Chavistas will try to emasculate the democratic opposition, and they will have more draconian measures for the radical

Marco Bozo

We have been resisting the government. We will continue organizing protests in the

Luis Vicente Leon

What Maduro has done is become more radical; he has hardened his political position with his triumph in the Constituent Assembly elections, and he has utilized the Constituent Assembly as a threat against his

Michael Shifter - Inter-American

Venezuelans are already in misery. US oil sanctions would make them worse off. The government would probably survive – and also claim more credence for their narrative about being victims of economic war. It would be better for others to encourage a soft landing. If Maduro continues to dig in, it will get ugly and that is not in the interests of Cuba, China or

Steven Mnuchin

Yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm that Maduro is a dictator who disregards the will of the Venezuelan people. We don't comment on future sanctions, but we will continue to monitor the

Nicolas Maduro

The 'emperor' [US President] Donald Trump wanted to halt the Venezuelan people's right to vote. A new era of combat will begin. We're going all out with this constituent

Olga Blanco

The (opposition) wants deaths and roadblocks and the government wants

Trina Sanchez

Sometimes I take bread from my mouth and give it to my two kids. This is a farce. I want to slap

Juan Manuel Santos

The Constitutional Assembly promoted by the Venezuelan government is illegitimate and that is why Colombia will not recognise the

Leopoldo Lopez

Today in Venezuela we are facing a very clear threat ushered by Nicolas Maduro and those who accompany him with the Constituent Assembly initiative. This threat seeks two things, first the annihilation of the republic and the democratic state, and second the absolute submission of the Venezuelan

Cletsi Xavier

It's the only way to show we are not with Maduro. They are few, but they have the weapons and the

Nicolas Maduro

We are going to decide between war and peace, the future or the past, the sovereign power of the people or the imperialist, oligarchical

Juan Requesens

From 6 a. m we are going to paralyze this country, . From 6 a.m. tomorrow, we are going to paralyze this country. We have shown Nicolas Maduro and his group there is no love for them anywhere in Venezuela or the

Franklin Duarte

What the United States is doing is bringing to light corruption in the Venezuelan government. This is the second list and we expect another one on

Manuel Fernandez

So for me and my family, a strike means going hungry, so how can I be happy with that?feedback

Erika Ender

I love Venezuela, a land that has given me true brothers in my heart. Brothers who suffer because of the situation that

Nicolas Maduro

What do you think, eh? Is this video approved? My music is for all of those that want to listen to it and enjoy it, not to use it as propaganda that tries to manipulate the will of the people that are crying out for their freedom and a better future. With this nefarious marketing plan, you only highlight your fascist

Nicolas Maduro

The imperial right wing believes it can give orders to Venezuela, the only ones who give orders here are the people. They are all going to jail, one by one. And all their property and accounts will be

Juan Andres Mejia

This is a crucial week for the future of our country. Democracy, liberty and peace depend on

Nancy Ramirez

It's traumatic what we're going through, but if it means an end to this nightmare, it will all be worth

Lilian Tintori

There is no peace without justice, that's what we say to the Supreme Court president. That's why we're going to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, has to ensure the law is respected and the Supreme Court, for a long time has been working for the

Julio Borges

We need the support of other democracies to avoid turning into another

Nicolas Maduro

I've ordered the capture of all the fascist

Nestor Ovalles

We won't allow, and we'll be closely watching, any disruption that violates the working class's right to work. Businesses that join the strike will be

Freddy Guevara

The streets are desolate, including close to the dictator. We fill and empty the streets when we choose in

Miguel Lopez

We must all do our best to get rid of this

Juan Requesens

I've no doubt Venezuelans will paralyze the nation in rebellion. The dictatorship wants to impose an illegal Constitutional Assembly by force to perpetuate itself in

Francisco Martinez

This is a work stoppage by civil society. He who wants to work, work. Who wants to stop,

Nicolas Maduro

Mogherini, you messed with the wrong country. You can't give us orders because Venezuela is a free and sovereign country where Venezuelans rule. It's not a colony of the European

Freddy Guevara

If the regime insists on ignoring the decision of the Venezuelans, we will do everything to make it respect

Nicolas Maduro

I urge the opposition: 'Don't go crazy, calm down.' As president of the republic, I make a call for

Julio Borges

Today, Venezuela stood up with dignity to say freedom does not go backwards, democracy is not negotiated. We don't want a fraudulent Constituent Assembly imposed on us. We don't want to be Cuba. We don't want to be a country without

Martha Power Pérez

People have to know that the majority of people want change and we need this change for Venezuela. We are going against the president in changing the

Maibe Ponet

For Venezuelans living abroad, today's vote is an expression of solidarity for our fellow Venezuelans who have been in the streets for more than 100 days fighting for their basic rights. But it's also an expression of extreme frustration against the government of Maduro; enough is enough. There is no way back, this movement must continue until the government acknowledges our

Leopoldo Lopez

This fight was born on the street and today it continues and will continue to be waged on the streets until we restore democracy and liberty. Today millions decide and establish a mandate. No one should doubt that it is binding and that we must defend it and ensure it is

Daniela Ramos

I vote so my daughter can come back. I vote for my slain

María Carolina Ceballos

Our best weapon is this: our vote. We reject violence and we will continue to defend Venezuela always through democratic

Vicente Fox

It is fundamentally important that Maduro is fully aware. He can argue that millions and millions of ballots are not official, clearly they are because the call comes from the National

Javier Cremades

It is a gesture of weakness of the Maduro regime and of the opposition's strength. It is a step forward, and very positive

Ernesto Villegas

President Maduro has always called for peace and dialogue, something the right wing always rejected. But dialogue always produces results. Hopefully in his new conditions Leopoldo Lopez will call on his allies and followers to reflect and abandon

Diego Padrón

[The plan] will be imposed by force and its result will be that constitutional status will be given to a military, socialist, Marxist and communist

Freddy Guevara

This is a civic rebellion. We're at a historic moment, I'm sure there will be a before and after July

Juan Manuel Santos

We condemn the acts of violence at the National Assembly in Caracas. We reiterate the urgent call for a peaceful and negotiated

Oscar Pérez

Who gains from this? Only Nicolas for two reasons: to give credibility to his coup d'etat talk, and to blame

Diego Arria

This caught them by surprise. They were trying to make a point – that's why no one was

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

After Chavez's death, Maduro has just continued and accelerated the authoritarian and totalitarian policies of

Nicolas Maduro

We will never surrender. And what we couldn't accomplish through votes we will with

Nicolas Maduro

Desperation, hatred, and fury thrive among the enemies of the

Luis Almagro

Here is my response: I will resign from the General Secretariat the day that free, fair and transparent national elections are held without

Joselyn Almeida

We don't have weapons, the only option we have is to shut down the

Nicholas Watson

It strongly suggests that flagrant abuses are a red line for doubting 'Chavistas'. Crossing that line increases the risk of defections that Maduro simply cannot

Leopoldo Lopez

To the soldiers who are on the streets today I want to send a very clear, calm message framed in our constitution. You also have the right and duty to rebel, to rebel against orders that seek to repress the Venezuelan

Henrique Capriles

It's clear [the interior ministry will] try to use the police against the

Nicolas Maduro

I am going to ask Pope Francis to help us so the opposition end the violence, but more than anything to stop looking for children to involve in violent

Cristina Flesher

It takes a lot of different forms, but really it's a collective bearing of witness rather than a single instance of an outraged person on the street. The key is to maintain the moral high

Jani Mendez

We do these escraches so that word gets back to Venezuela. They are

Cristina Flesher

In terms of effectiveness, it's all about credibility. The minute you stray from things that are verifiable, you open yourself up to

Nikki Haley

This is an economic, political and humanitarian crisis that demands the world's attention. The Venezuelan government is in the midst of destroying human rights and democracy in Venezuela. It is conducting a campaign of violence and intimidation against unarmed demonstrators, businesses, civil society and freely elected political opposition. It's the reason why I am so concerned about Venezuela. Because in Venezuela, (one is) hard-pressed to see that Maduro is not following in the same steps as Assad. We have to make sure we stop it before it gets to that

Henrique Capriles

Why do they need this money? To buy bombs and war supplies that are running out? To finance a fraudulent electoral campaign? Or to buy the food and medicine, which is what people

Eduardo Lugo

We express our moral outrage about the the rapacity of this transaction between Goldman Sachs and the Central Bank of Venezuela through obscure intermediaries. It has given oxygen to the Maduro regime. It has given support to repression and systematic violations of human

Julio Borges

Today's decision is nothing more than an evil announcement meant to divide, distract, and confuse Venezuelans further. Today we've entered a new stage and that means more struggle and more street

Henrique Capriles

How many doctors have left the country, they have calculated that more than 20,000 doctors have left Venezuela in recent times to practice medicine in other countries. We Venezuelans are losing everything, but they will not be able to rob us of our hope, our convictions, our firmness, as we are demonstrating, and fighting so that our country has a

Nicolas Maduro

Enough meddling ... Go home, Donald Trump. Get out of Venezuela. Get your hands out of here. Get your pig hands out of here!feedback

Steven Mnuchin

The Venezuelan people are suffering from a collapsing economy brought about by their government's mismanagement and corruption. Members of the country's Supreme Court of Justice have exacerbated the situation by consistently interfering with the legislative branche's authority. By imposing these targeted sanctions, the United States is supporting the Venezuelan people in their efforts to protect and advance democratic governance in their

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think [the situation in Venezuela] is getting close to the bottom because I don't know if Maduro can hold on to his government. It's been showing cracks for a

Anelin Rojas

I'm here for the full 12 hours. And I'll be back every day there's a protest, for as long as is necessary. Unfortunately, we are up against a dictatorship. Nothing is going to change unless we force

Tareck El Aissami

President Nicolas Maduro is grateful to Doctor Antonieta Caporale for her

Delcy Rodriguez

President Maduro has made a big call to national dialogue. They are not peaceful, the opposition leaders share big responsibility in these acts of extremism and

Henrique Capriles

Those who call themselves the fathers of this constitution now want to kill it. The constituent assembly that Maduro has called doesn't appear in our constitution. All Maduro wants to do with this is avoid an electoral

Julio Borges

What the Venezuelan people want isn't to change the constitution but to change Maduro through

Lilian Tintori

They told us he can't be contacted, he's in isolation and can't be visited. It's been a month with no news. His lawyers come every day but aren't given access. Leopoldo is being held by the regime of Maduro, by the

Delcy Rodriguez

Tomorrow, as ordered by President Nicolas Maduro, we will present a letter of resignation from the Organisation of American States, and we will begin a procedure that will take 24 months. [OAS has tried to take action to] intervene and take custody of our country, something that fortunately will never

Diosdado Cabello

In the morning they appear peaceful, in the afternoon they turn into terrorists and at night bandits and killers. Let me tell them straight: we're not going, Nicolas [Maduro] is not

Lilian Tintori

President Maduro, this is a peaceful march. We have no weapons. We do not believe in violence. We're resisting because we want peace, tranquility, we want to be with our families again. We don't want Venezuelans to have to loot out of hunger. We want Venezuelans to have food and

Lilian Tintori

We leave our homes with a lot of strength and a lot of faith because protesting is a constitutional and universal right. The Nicolas Maduro regime doesn't even allow us to

Margarita López-Maya

Legislators are now willing to go march and to take a beating. You didn't see that before. The international community has become aware of what is happening here, and they have sanctioned and heavily criticised the Maduro government. This also hadn't happened

Rex W. Tillerson

We are concerned that the government of Maduro is violating its own constitution and is not allowing the opposition to have their voices heard, nor allowing them to organize in ways that expresses the views of the Venezuelan

Phil Gunson - The International Crisis Group

It fits a broader pattern, in the sense that the government's response to surges in opposition activity tends to be the deepening of the revolution. There are those at the top, including Maduro himself, who appear genuinely to believe that this is a revolution and the ultimate goal is the replacement of the capitalist economy with one that is entirely

Vlacmy Solorzano

We came to support Nicolás Maduro and the legacy of Chávez because we can't lose the great social advances of the

David Smilde

Venezuela has come under greater international scrutiny than in many years. That doesn't mean there won't be more arrests or disqualifications of opposition politicians. But it will be more difficult for the Maduro government to get away with

Gikeissy Diaz

The government is afraid. If it were not afraid, it would not close the streets. ... It would not disqualify

Henrique Capriles

Today it's me, but tomorrow they will come for you. The only disqualified person in this country is you, Nicolás

Freddy Bernal

Mr. Capriles, you're trying to ignite the country. You're looking for deaths. Don't then come like a sissy saying that you're a political prisoner. Don't then come crying that you're being

Henrique Capriles

We're not taking to the streets because we don't like Maduro. The way we get rid of Maduro is with elections; that is how we change the worst government our country has ever

Henrique Capriles

Here the world can see the dictatorial path Mr. Maduro has

Javier Corrales

It's not clear exactly how wounded the government is. This is the first time since the opposition won the National Assembly in 2015 that they have managed to get the president to reverse a decision. So this is huge. It was really perhaps the first sign of public dissent within the ranks. And it was huge that Maduro did not trash her. Maduro must have realized that Ortega was not acting

Alfredo Romero

The level of repression has risen to a brutal level. The rise has come from the unpopularity of

Steffen Seibert

It is intolerable how President Maduro is making the population of his country hostages to his own power

Julio Borges

Maduro is now the National Assembly. It's one thing to try and build a dictatorship and another to complete the

Marco Rubio

Venezuela's democracy has been on life support for years now, but the decision to shut down the country's legislative body confirms our worst fears; Maduro is an unhinged dictator who has systematically dismantled democracy in this

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