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Matthew Hancock
It's only right that mobile customers should be notified when they have paid off the price of their handset, and that their future bills should reflect this. I welcome Citizens Advice's call for better billing information for consumers, and hope that providers will now take the initiative by clearly separating the cost of handsets and tariffs in mobile contracts. Separating phone and tariff doesn't always represent the best deal for consumers, it can sometimes result in them paying more, and EE customers have the flexibility to choose the tariff and upfront phone cost that's right for them.feedback
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Oct 19 2017
Multiple people spoke about Vodafone in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Vittorio Colao is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “We have made a good start to the year in Europe, where our commercial momentum remains robust, and growth accelerated across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Although competition in India remains intense, service revenues stabilised compared with the prior quarter. Overall, this performance gives us confidence in reiterating our outlook for the year.”.
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Philip Marnich

We want to see this spectrum in use as soon as possible. With smartphones and tablets using even more data, people need a choice of fast and reliable mobile networks. These new airwaves will support better services for mobile users, and allow operators to innovate and build for the future.feedback

Dave Dyson - Ofcom

By making decisions that increase the dominance of the largest operators, Ofcom is damaging competition, restricting choice and pushing prices up for the very consumers that it is meant to protect. The mobile market is imbalanced and failing customers. Ofcom has shown little interest in tackling the problem. We will consider our response as a matter of urgency.feedback

Marc Allera

We have invested in our network, relentlessly deployed our spectrum, and launched new technologies to deliver the very best experience for our customers. We're continuing to roll out 4G to even more of the UK, and developing 5G to ensure the UK remains a global leader in mobile technology. In such a healthy, competitive market, we believe this auction should remain open to all bidders on equal terms.feedback

Russ Mould

Vodafone operates in a brutally competitive industry and could see its cashflow disappoint, although trading would have to deteriorate a lot to really threaten the payout.feedback

Matt Brittin - Google

There have been stories over the past few days about brands appearing against content that they wouldn't like to appear against and particularly on YouTube, and so for me it is a good opportunity for me to say, first and foremost… sorry, this should not happen and we need to do better.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Hate speech and fake news threaten to undermine the principles of respect and trust that bind communities together. Vodafone has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion; we also greatly value the integrity of the democratic processes and institutions that are often the targets of purveyors of fake news. We will not tolerate our brand being associated with this kind of abusive and damaging content.feedback

Matt Peacock - Vodafone Group

It is relatively easy to blacklist certain sites, such as those relating to porn and gambling, but it is difficult to exclude content that is – in editorial terms – at odds with an advertiser's own principles and beliefs. When it comes to making a judgment about a site or channel focused on fake news or hate speech, what's needed is a human judgment, an editorial assessment. It's not possible to rely on algorithms alone. For that reason, we've concluded that the best way to ensure brand safety is to use a whitelist approach.feedback

Fiona Farmer - Unite

People can earn more working for Vodafone and other call centres than they can working as police support staff.feedback

Gaurang Shah - Geojit BNP Paribas

RCom quarterly numbers reflect the difficult times that lie ahead for telecom companies. My sense is that the stock and the entire telecom area is a highly avoidable sector right now given the pricing pressure and competition from Reliance Jio.feedback

Gurdeep Singh

Remedial policy actions and [a] financing package is critically needed to infuse operational viability in the sector.feedback

Vivek Wadhwa

It's a serious problem and would hold back any company. The type of retroactive taxation that was imposed on Vodafone would itself send a chill down the spines of any executive doing business in India. There is a legal framework [in India] that is enforced by courts.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We are getting into a space where we see a balance between our investment needs, rewarding our shareholders and having good enough cash flow to pay for spectrum. The broad direction is that these three things are becoming compatible.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

I wouldn't have any plan to trade out of the UK. The UK is part of Vodafone; it is a strong, robust economy and market. Enterprise is 50pc of the UK revenue and the network is a single entity so it's difficult to think of any different plan, and we don't have one.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Once you go through the usual pre-negotiation tactics that everybody uses, I think pragmatism should prevail. The leadership of Europe and the leadership of the large European countries will at some point find a common platform with Britain.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

I disagree with people who say that politicians are irrational, politicians are among the most rational people that I meet because they use the rationality of political support, so we need to be sure there is a good environment for providing political support for politicians who want to find agreement. So the question is what is the likelihood that the Brexit process actually determines a slowdown in the economy or even worse consequences, now here I happen to be a little bit more optimistic than most people because I believe that it is nobody's interest to generate that.feedback

Ken Odeluga - City Index Group

At the moment it's a moderate performance by the sector as a whole. As we've seen with Vodafone, its margins are the best in Europe and organic service revenue growth in Europe is still in the single digit percentage points, so it's highly competitive. That's why you see (firms) like Vodafone looking overseas to Africa, India, where it's faced its biggest troubles in the year.feedback

John Malone - Liberty Global

Would I love Liberty Global to own ITV? Sure. Do I think that the price it trades at it makes any economic sense? Today, no.feedback

John Malone - Liberty Global

The door is always open and the telephone number is published. Vittorio (Colao, Vodafone's CEO) is a fine fellow and they're a great company but sometimes it's difficult where you see the synergy. They trade at a pretty full valuation today and there are uncertainties going forward. How will they be affected by over-the-top streaming?feedback

Gavin Patterson

These two things are running in parallel and they are connected in a sense. Low prices for 40 megabit broadband don't create the right conditions for fibre investment.feedback

Brandon Lewis

We are clear that we won't take any risks with public safety and there will be no gap in the emergency services' communications provision. The existing Airwave system will continue until transition on to the Emergency Services Network is completed. Keeping people safe is our priority, which is why we are delivering the world-leading ESN to support our police, fire and rescue and ambulance crews who work so hard protecting the public and saving lives.feedback

Meg Hillier

The potential consequences of a six-month gap in emergency service communications are unthinkable. Government needs to tackle this now or the result will be quite simply a tragedy in waiting.feedback

Mark Shurmer - Openreach

We can now get on with that – and some of the commitments we made were about engaging in a different, more collaborative and consultative way with our customers.feedback

Mark Shurmer - Openreach

We're keen to work more closely with our customers on how we can collectively deliver better service, enhance investment in the network and how we can better meet their customers' needs in future.feedback

Gavin Patterson

The investigation into historical Deemed Consent practices at Openreach revealed we fell short of the high standards we expect in serving our Communications Provider customers. We take this issue very seriously and we have put in place measures, controls and people to prevent it happening again. My management team and I are determined that BT applies the highest standards when serving our customers.feedback

Gaucho Rasmussen - Ofcom

These high-speed lines are a vital part of this country's digital backbone. Millions of people rely on BT's network for the phone and broadband services they use every day. We found BT broke our rules by failing to pay other telecoms companies proper compensation when these services were not provided on time. The size of our fine reflects how important these rules are to protect competition and, ultimately, consumers and businesses. Our message is clear - we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We have responded effectively to the newcomer. Anyone who gives anything away for free in life has to charge, inevitably.feedback

Arpita Pal Agrawal

Consolidation is a much anticipated and very welcome development in this beleaguered telecom sector. It will help bring in operational efficiencies and improved quality of service to customers.feedback

Rishi Tejpal - Gartner

Consolidation in the Indian market is the name of the game. The survival of 10 to 12 local operators isn't a long-term reality.feedback

Rishi Tejpal - Gartner

The Indian market is very price-sensitive. There's no doubt that Reliance entering the market helped to increase internet penetration across the country.feedback

Yvette Cooper

It is inexplicable to us that Google can move very fast to remove material from YouTube when it is found to be copyrighted, but that the same prompt action is not taken when the material involves proscribed organisations and hateful and illegal content. The Committee expects to hear from you on how you are using some of YouTube's very significant revenue to put this problem right by devoting sufficient resources to ensure that vile and illegal material is removed proactively from your platforms, and that neither you nor those that create these videos profit from hatred.feedback

Karen Bradley

Vodafone is one of our country's great international success stories and it's fantastic this global organisation is demonstrating its confidence in the UK by creating new jobs across the North, in the Midlands, in Scotland and in Wales.feedback

Nick Jeffery

These new, skilled roles will make a real difference to our customers and a real difference to the communities that are the focus of our customer services investment.feedback

Chris Grigg - British Land

The decision to update our shared parental leave policy to benefit men and women equally is a big step forward for British Land, providing parents who work for us more choice and flexibility than before.feedback

Sky Li - Oppo

Recently we have expanded into a number of carrier led markets, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and most recently, New Zealand. The response to date has been extremely encouraging. In Singapore we're now number 3 in the market. Likewise in Australia we have signed agreements with major carriers including Vodafone, Virgin and Optus and are experiencing triple digit growth.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We are committed to ensuring that our employees are drawn from diverse communities and societies. Our ambition to be one of the best employers for women in the world is central to that commitment. Companies often struggle to recruit and retain women in management and leadership roles. Innovations such as our global maternity policy and now our new ReConnect programme can make a real difference to women who work for us today and who will work for us in the future.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We treat Switzerland, which is not part of the EU, as part of it so why would we not treat the UK that way? I think in the end the UK will be part of the system. Essentially, telecom rules and regulations in the UK are aligned to the European ones so the same rules will probably determine the same treatment.feedback

Russell Stanners - Vodafone Group

We are disappointed the Commerce Commission was unable to see the numerous benefits this merger brings to New Zealanders.feedback

Mark Berry

We have concerns that this could impact competitiveness of key third players in these markets.feedback

John Wesley-Smith

The Commerce Commission's decision to decline the proposed merger between Sky Network Television Ltd and Vodafone New Zealand is a big positive for Kiwi consumers.feedback

Rick Chan

I don't think it will mean that we get fewer US corporates issuing into the Formosa market since the economics for them to issue dollars from an economic standpoint is still the most attractive. There is a potential that it may be different names. We have seen a decrease in Formosa bond issuance from US financials with the slack being made up from Middle East issuers and other corporates. Pfizer, Apple and Vodafone are all working on potential deals this week, for example. The binding constraint will be more from the demand side.feedback

Simon Lowth - BT Italia

We're taking action to address this trend. We are now more cautious on the outlook for the international markets for this year and next and we've revised downwards our expectations of future growth rates in this part of our business.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Global enterprise used to grow (around) 5 percent, now it's 2, so yes there is a deceleration. What I hear, what I see is there is a pressure on revenues and we are a little bit stricter on the profitability of some contracts, so we don't always bid to the last penny to win.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

This is about creating an amazing asset and a very strong company, not about retrenching.feedback

Naveen Kulkarni - PhillipCapital

If data (from Jio) is free and the likes of Bharti, Vodafone and Idea have a huge post-paid subscriber base and good products, I wouldn't be surprised if there is further consolidation in the sector or some smaller players exit.feedback

V.K. Vijayakumar - Geojit BNP Paribas

There is a little bit of anxiety now regarding what the economic survey will say and what the budget holds. So, the market is playing it safe.feedback

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

The Idea tie-up looks like a way to limit the casualties on either side. A merger could help the combined group maintain higher prices and take on the likes of Reliance Jio. Something had to be done and this merger might be the way to strengthen Vodafone's hand in the Indian price war.feedback

Mike Fries - Liberty Global

I don't see us doing those types of structural transactions in other markets.feedback

Mike Fries - Liberty Global

It's only been three weeks, but I will tell you we're encouraged. We will immediately start looking at products and services that are quad play in nature and we have a management team that is the best of both.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Each market is different, they have different objectives in other markets, we have different strengths in different markets, but of course it helps. My sense is it depends on how their strategy evolves and how the markets evolve.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

The European Commission has clearly indicated that they like the idea of stronger competitors to former incumbents. They see that in each country there is a KPN (KPN.AS), a Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI), a Deutsche Telekom (DTEGn.DE), a BT (BT.L), that are at the end of the day still incredibly, I would not want to use the word dominant, but let's say influential. And you want a counter force, and we could be that counter force.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We have further improved our performance during the first half of the financial year with Europe modestly ahead of our expectations – led by Germany and Italy – and good execution in Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Overall, we expect to sustain our underlying performance in the second half of the year and remain on track to meet our full-year objectives despite macroeconomic uncertainties.feedback

Lindsey Fussell - Ofcom

Vodafone's failings were serious and unacceptable, and these fines send a clear warning to all telecoms companies. Phone services are a vital part of people's lives, and we expect all customers to be treated fairly and in good faith. We will not hesitate to investigate and fine those who break the rules.feedback

Diego Massidda - Vodafone Group

Vodafone's corporate customers will get the benefit of quality network services in the country, including in rural areas, and HiWeb will be able to access Vodafone's global expertise to support the rollout of products, infrastructure and the launch of IoT services in Iran.feedback

Diego Massidda - Vodafone Group

Vodafone's corporate customers will get the benefit of quality network services in the country and HiWEB will be able to access Vodafone's global expertise.feedback

Tanja Rueckert - SAP

We cooperate with Siemens, Dell, Intel , T-Systems and Vodafone among others. We talk to other partners as well. That is the direction we will continue to look at. To work with others in partnerships.feedback

Abhishek Gupta - IDFC Securities

Both of them are struggling with their data revenue market share and ahead of a big competitive change in the industry they might want to get bigger.feedback

Naveen Kulkarni - PhillipCapital

It's very unlikely. I'm doubtful whether this can go through but there could be some other form of merger, such as spectrum-sharing deals.feedback

Richard Perry

There's been some renewed selling pressure on equities given this state of uncertainty, and the ECB has not dispelled that with its 'wait-and-see' policy. Equities should rally further down the road when more monetary easing kicks in, but they are unlikely to make much progress in August.feedback

Augustin Eden - Accendo Markets

The FTSE 100 is actually reacting in a positive manner. That, of course, is down to expectations the Bank of England may apply the economic stimulus markets absolutely love in August.feedback

Christodoulos Chaviaras - Barclays

The new management team's strategy of focusing on customers and product may be the start of a turnaround story, but things can get worse before they get better. We expect a painful transition and material EPS downgrades.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Our growth momentum in AMAP remains strong, with excellent performance in South Africa, Turkey and Egypt and ongoing recovery in India.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Our position is we continue to care a lot for the single digital market. We believe pragmatic solutions will be found to make sure Britain does not get disadvantaged from not being part of it.feedback

Phuthuma Nhleko - MTN Group

MTN has weathered a rather difficult storm and will continue to review its governance and management operating structure.feedback

Nick Read - Vodafone Group

Once we're through uncertainty, you would expect the (commercial paper) to drop down. There's no other uses of cash. It's just more, I would argue, timing and tactical.feedback

Richard De Meo - Foenix Partners

There can be serious business risks to them sticking to long-term policies in a situation like this. They are in communication with the chairman, the MDs (managing directors), the board.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

I am confident we will sustain our positive momentum in the coming year, allowing us to maintain attractive returns for our shareholders.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We are getting a decent amount of customers each month, and when we are ready we will launch our own content-rich TV offer. For the time being we have not reached an agreement with BT.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

The market that slightly disappointed us this quarter is India, where we have slowed down. There has been quite a bit of pressure on voice (and) there has been quite some pressure on data, but we had a very good quarter in terms of net additions.feedback

Simon Weeden - Citi

Although in-line (with forecasts) at the headline level, we see these (third-quarter) results as a positive given improvements in Germany and Italy and the likelihood that the pressures in India will pass.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Every market is different. We are very pragmatic, we do whatever it takes to give better services and have better returns.feedback

Diego Massidda - Vodafone Group

This is something we have developed in Hungary specifically for the Hungarian market which makes sense for the Hungarians, because of course we are surrounded by a number of different countries with very strong Hungarian communities living there and therefore this would be a very attractive offer also for those Hungarians who spend a lot of time there or have relatives and family there.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

The combination of Vodafone Germany and Kabel Deutschland will greatly enhance our offerings in response to those needs.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Our two-year, 19 billion pound (24.24 billion euro) investment programme is well underway, and customers are beginning to see the benefits.feedback

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

We have made a good start to the year, reporting robust results despite challenging macroeconomic conditions across southern European economies and the impact of cuts to mobile termination rates. With our broad geographical mix and improving market positions, we are well placed for the rest of the financial year.feedback

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