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Louise Ellman
It is our view that the refusal of VW to provide UK customers who were deceived by the company with compensation is deeply unfair, especially given the generous compensation being paid to US customers. Clearly a 29-page document does not contain all the findings of such an extensive investigation… Nor does it shed much light on the situation in
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Apr 25 2017
Multiple people spoke about Volkswagen scandal in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Matthias Mueller is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “There is no contact at this time between me and [FCA CEO Sergio] Marchionne. It would be very helpful if Mr. Marchionne were to communicate his considerations to me too and not just to you. I am pretty confident about the future of Volkswagen, with or without Marchionne.”.
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Keith Taylor

UK Conservative MEPs were the biggest opponents of the dieselgate report and were responsible for watering down its findings, which excoriate their friends in the car

Julia Poliscanova

It is disappointing that MEPs have rejected the opportunity to make dieselgate history by establishing an independent agency. Nevertheless the parliament has strengthened the new powers for the European commission to spot check cars on the road and properly scrutinise national regulators. Overall this is a good package in response to the dieselgate scandal that has poisoned the air we all

Birthe Finkendey - Volkswagen Group

When certain conditions are met, such as I'm not driving faster than 130 km/h, the road has lane markings, and I am not performing any risky moves, – then I get an automatic prompt to switch to autopilot. A message tells me that the autopilot is ready, and I can activate it by pressing these two

Aria Etemad

I believe for the urban scenario you cannot rely on the vehicle and the vehicle sensors only. You have to be connected to your environment. That means in the future we may have many sensors at the intersection. Maybe laser scanners and so on, that are just understanding what is going on at this intersection, how many people are crossing the intersection and so on, pedestrians, for example. And then this information has to be shared with the vehicle, so the vehicle is seeing more than by its own sensors

Henrik Lind - Volvo Car

What we need is a vehicle that is able to understand the complete environment around us. We also need to understand the other vehicles around us, and their intentions. And not to forget, we'll also need to have the human-machine interaction well-implemented in the

Daniel Tidholm - Volvo Car

I want to change the right lane, so I double-press on the right

Arnaud de La Fortelle

The problem is that there's a contradiction between two objectives, the faster I go, the less confident I am. If I want to be really confident, I go very slowly, and that's not efficient. So how do we increase both at the same time. For that, we need not only a good system of communication, but also good

Daniel Tidholm - Volvo Car

The car has very good knowledge of the surrounding vehicles. It's always having a safe distance with the car ahead, it's always monitoring the traffic. So in many ways I feel safer, actually, than if I would drive myself. The sensors are monitoring that side, finding a good gap. And if a good gap is found, the car will switch on the indicator and perform the lane

Zhiyuan Yao

The more realistic a simulation is, the more problems there will be. But we're trying to take all these problems into consideration – in this way, we can solve them step by

Frederic Speidel - IG Metall

China is developing whole cities to develop only batteries. The battery will be 40% of the whole value of the car in the future world. Air pollution is dangerous. Dieselgate was the industry's Chernobyl and it has to do something. The classic internal combustion engine will sooner or later

Paul Willis

He "dismissed entirely suggestions my evidence was intended to mislead or was 'short of the

Stefan Sommer - ZF Friedrichshafen

The last two years the automotive association in Germany lost a lot of credibility. That depends on what trade terms are

Peter Mosch - Audi

Our core factory need to be prepared further for the

Max Waecker - Audi

None of our colleagues must fall off the conveyer belt as we move into the

Louise Ellman

You stated in relation of VW's failure to publish the Jones Day report 'that all the facts are included in the statement of legal facts' published by the DoJ. We do not believe it credible that all the facts emerging from such an extensive investigation can be detailed in the statement of facts, a document which is 29 pages

Louise Ellman

Even if there is no separate Jones Day report (as you now seem to maintain), this can only be because VW revised its initial position and instructed Jones Day not to produce a

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

We are waiting with anticipation. There are 4-5 of us (automakers) at the worldwide level, if something needs to be done, it will be done. I haven't seen Mueller in 6-7 months, but I will go find him at the very first

Lutz Meschke - Porsche

To compensate for this decrease, we have no choice however to develop new business models in the digital world to be able to keep

Sean Cox

The allegations of fraud and conspiracy in this case are very, very serious. There is a serious risk that Mr. Schmidt will not appear in this

Matthias Jahn

That is a signal that 'We don't have any fear of big corporations – we're going

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

There is no contact at this time between me and [FCA CEO Sergio] Marchionne. It would be very helpful if Mr. Marchionne were to communicate his considerations to me too and not just to you. I am pretty confident about the future of Volkswagen, with or without

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We are more open on that account than we used to be previously. It would be very helpful if Mr. Marchionne were to communicate his considerations to me too and not just to you. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make 2017 an even better year than

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

2016 was not the supposed horror year for Volkswagen, which we had initially expected. We have achieved a great deal; in the operational business and with essential requirements for the future. Despite having a lot of work to do, Volkswagen is back on the right

Frank Schwope

They are partly down to the spending reduction measures already achieved, also because it has a strong model line up, and as customers seem able to forgive the mistakes, and have not punished the company for those

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

Over the past month we were not in contact. I wouldn't rule out that in the medium or long term we'll talk about anything,

Frank Witter - Group Board of Management

Nobody can be fully satisfied with a 4 percent margin by 2020 but we only put out numbers which we strongly believe we can deliver. Once we see us moving with the future and see results, hopefully as early as 2017, we are certainly more than happy to revisit our targets but not without deliverables in the interim and we certainly want to meet what we are

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

I am not ruling out a conversation. It would be very helpful if Mr Marchionne were to communicate his considerations to me too and not just to you. I am pretty confident about the future of Volkswagen, with or without Marchionne. We are not ready for talks about

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make 2017 an even better year than

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We are standing by our investment decisions and intend over the long term to play a significantly greater role there than

Manfred Doess - Volkswagen

Your honor, VW AG is pleading guilty to all three counts because it is guilty on all three

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

By offering the appropriate products we intend to achieve sustainable and profitable growth in very different parts of the

Guenter Butschek

This is in alignment with Tata Motors' efforts to make itself 'FutuReady' by embracing new technologies, fostering higher platform efficiency and offering solutions that connect with the aspirations of our

Angela Merkel

I only found out through media reports. Nothing that I didn't already know based on the information from the transport minister and the media. I don't have any explanation for

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We are not ready for talks about anything. I haven't seen Marchionne for months. We have other

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

In the past Opel and PSA have been our accepted and well-respected competitors and they will be in the future as well. So we'll be excited to see how competition changes in that environment. Obviously we have our own homework to do and we're going to do that in a very single-minded way and therefore we are very positive about the

Jean-Philippe Imparato - Peugeot

Last year, we welcomed the Opel Astra's win, because they made a great car and I'm happy to see we'll continue the adventure together, it's

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

It has no influence on our plans initially. We have our own ideas and thoughts and will thoroughly work with them. We took Opel and PSA seriously as competitors in the past. These were two brands and now they're under a single roof. I don't believe that a great deal will change

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

Well those legal burdens will be around for many years because there are also many plaintiffs, as you know, but what is important is that we have found a solution with the American authorities and with the European authorities as well

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We are actually quite confident when it comes to the future despite this new reality (of a merger between PSA Group and General Motors' Opel).feedback

Ulrich Eichhorn - Volkswagen

The top sensors create a sensing 'curtain' around the vehicle. The lower ones scan further ahead and create a 25cm-high, flat-scan of the

Ulrich Eichhorn - Volkswagen

Then you tell it where to go and it takes you there. It then drives away and parks, perhaps recharging itself. It could even be programmed to go down to the supermarket and collect your shopping for

Paul Biedrzycki

Good emissions numbers translate to sales these days. If one does it, they all have to at least seriously consider

Steven Barrett

It ends up being about a one percent extra risk of dying early in a given year, per microgram per meter cubed of fine particles you're exposed to. Typically that means that someone who dies early from air pollution ends up dying about a decade early. It seems unlikely that Volkswagen is the only company with issues with excess

Karl von Rohr

Fluctuation is normal and within the usual boundaries and was even lower in January compared to the previous

Karl von Rohr

The rest will hopefully be largely dealt with by the end of the

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

As the figures show, Volkswagen is very solidly positioned in both operational and financial terms. This makes us optimistic about the

John Hayes

(We) will go to Berlin next month to meet the minister ... to request that we're provided the detailed technical information that will allow us then, if we chose to, to take further

Paul Willis

Out of 1.2 million technical measures which have to be applied, as of today, we have applied 470,000 and at the current rate we are applying these measures to 20,000 cars a

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We as group management and I personally will continue to do everything, so that disputes are solved in a constructive way and Volkswagen will be protected from

Amnon Shashua - OrCam Technologies

The Volkswagen agreement is a turning point. [T]he agreement provides a framework for industry-wide cooperation between automobile manufacturers to jointly produce the map contents that are needed for autonomous

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

Neither of them (Bernard nor Diess) have been given the time to harvest the fruits of restructuring. To a large extent that has to do with

Maurizio Vitelli

There was no purposeful omission in having done that test only on a few of the vehicles, it was the inspectors' choice to add it or

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Bad rules are also applied in a different way in every country, creating the worst solution that could be

Avi Primor

I spoke with Mr Piech only concerning this university

Juergen Pieper - Metzler Bank

VW has been in turbulence for some time and Piech has no more

Berthold Huber - Volkswagen Group

I can swear in any court in the world that Piech did not talk to me about the

Bernd Osterloh - Volkswagen
Berthold Huber - Volkswagen Group

The allegations are untrue. Had Dr Piech informed us, we may have been able to spare the company and its workforce from substantial harm. We now expect the management board to thoroughly evaluate whether steps need to be taken against

Julia Poliscanova

It's imperative that we break this cozy relationship between national testing authorities and their domestic carmakers. This problem is at the heart of

François Bausch

We have decided that, as there is a large probability that a defeat device was used, to launch a lawsuit against unknown

Alec Gutierrez - Kelley Blue Book

If prices go up, there has to be some sort of impact. This is a price-sensitive

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

With the court-approved two-litre TDI programme well under way and now this proposed three-litre TDI programme, all of our customers with affected vehicles in the US will have a resolution available to them. We will continue to work to earn back the trust of all our stakeholders and thank our customers and dealers for their continued patience as this process moves

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

All of our customers with affected vehicles in the United States will have a resolution available to

Volkmar Denner - Bosch

After carefully weighing up all the factors, we decided to reach a

Volkmar Denner - Bosch

We wish to devote our attention and our resources to the transition in mobility and in other areas of

Christopher Grundler

We will be prepared to brief him and his team on the work we did. We aim with our enforcement to make sure the cost of non-compliance is always much higher than the cost of complying with our

Christopher Grundler

We want to discourage manufacturers from simply designing to the

Christopher Grundler

Without a broad expectation of accountability, we know the inevitable result will be a race to the bottom -- to whatever level is the lack of EPA oversight will

Martin Winterkorn - Volkswagen

It's incomprehensible why I wasn't informed early and clearly. I would have prevented any type of deception or misleading of

Ségolène Royal

I have no reason to think that Renault cheated like

Ségolène Royal

A number of anomalies were noted on Renault vehicles. The controls performed far exceeded the permissible standards. This is also the case for other carmakers to a different extent. So there could be other

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

It's not identical to the Volkswagen situation, or at least it isn't yet. It's an inconclusive situation. There's still work going on. In the case of Volkswagen, it was deliberate cheating. They knew they were doing this. It's not clear at all that that's the situation

Stuart Pearson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Our base case is that the current violation notice is settled as a reporting violation of US$140 million, a very manageable figure for FCA. However, until the issue is settled, emissions uncertainty is likely to remain a significant overhang to the shares and break the stock's impressive recovery since Trump's

Loretta E. Lynch - Justice Department

The investigation is still open and it is ongoing. Volkswagen knew of these problems and when regulators expressed concern Volkswagen obfuscated, they denied, and they ultimately

Mary Nichols

Once again, a major automaker has made the business decision to skirt the rules and got caught. CARB and U.S. EPA made a commitment to enhanced testing as the Volkswagen case developed, and this is a result of that

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

(The vehicles) do not distinguish between test cycles and running a normal running operation, so the cases fundamentally different, and it is important for us to distinguish ourselves from the current state of the art in this

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

It's no surprise that another big auto maker is implicated for this was always going to be much bigger than just Volkswagen ...Fines and costs could be crippling if Volkswagen's experience is anything to go by. One thing is now clear - this scandal goes well beyond VW and Fiat Chrysler's involvement raises the possibility that other big carmakers are

Annie Bersagel

What is most disturbing ... is the pattern of deception, both in developing and perfecting the defeat devices, as well as deliberately obstructing the subsequent

Loretta E. Lynch - Justice Department

Volkswagen's attempts to dodge emissions standards and import falsely certified vehicles into the country represent an egregious violation of our nation's environmental, consumer protection and financial laws. In the days ahead, we will continue to examine Volkswagen's attempts to mislead consumers and deceive the government. And we will continue to pursue the individuals responsible for orchestrating this damaging

Loretta E. Lynch - Justice Department

This announcement does not mean that our investigation is complete... We will continue to pursue the individuals responsible for orchestrating this damaging conspiracy. But I will stress that we are looking at individuals who were involved and would have had knowledge of the same information that's currently being

Leslie R. Caldwell - Justice Department

This is a company where lower-level people actually expressed concern along the way about the fact that these defeat devices were being used and questioned whether they should be used, and higher-up people decided to keep using them. We don't really see many major multinational corporations that decide at a very high level . . . to violate U.S. law in a systematic way for nearly a

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

There are some structural changes that we are requiring so there is less ability for these types of things to happen. Markets like this don't manage or police

Michael Punzet - DZ-Bank

The bright side is that Volkswagen makes another crucial action to fix the dieselgate issue in the United States however the monetary effect appears higher than so far anticipated by capital

Ingo Speich

This is a partial victory, but VW is by no means out of the woods yet. There are still considerable litigation risks. Facts need to be revealed now and, if necessary, further steps need to be taken regarding individuals to regain the trust of capital

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

What's going to kill diesel is this continuous drain on capital and this continuous skepticism about its value to

Allen Schaeffer

These announcements send a strong message that diesel remains an important option for meeting the future vehicle needs of U.S.

Mark Reuss

We're really good at it. It's not a bet the farm thing, it's an

Ferdinand Dudenhoefer

China is the big equalizer. Diesel plays no role there, so your reputation can't suffer. China today is the center of the automotive world, for Volkswagen as well. And when you look more closely at the numbers, Volkswagen didn't lose so much in the end in Europe, because Audi and Skoda were able to buck the trend a

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

Today's data finally bring some evidence that the German economy gained momentum in the final quarter of the year. Even though industrial data is still not living up to the expectations created by buoyant soft indicators, the surge in exports and the gradual recovery of industrial production brings some relief for a battered

Oliver Schmidt - Volkswagen

Rather than advocate for disclosure of the defeat device to U.S. regulators, VW executive management authorized its continued

Eike Andresen

We want this court to determine that every affected German owner has the right to return their car to VW and be reimbursed the full purchase price. That's unless they want to keep their car in which case they'd have the right to receive compensation for the reduced value of the car, which is around 10 to 15 percent of the original price, depending on its

Eike Andresen

Every affected person has been cheated by Volkswagen and there is no reason why people should have to keep their

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

Volkswagen wants to strengthen its presence in emerging markets. That is why Africa ranks high on our

Charles Breyer

I am optimistic the parties will resolve the remaining

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

Car manufacturers should already start designing vehicles with lower particle emissions and introduce the necessary filters in (gasoline) cars that are already widely used for

Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy

Dieselgate would not have happened if our national governments and the European Commission had acted in line with their legal and administrative

Maria Stenstroem

Volkswagen's primary goal has always been to ensure our Canadian customers are treated fairly, and we believe that this proposed resolution achieves this aim. We are working hard to earn back the trust of our customers, dealers and regulators, and today is an important step in that effort. We appreciate the engagement of the other parties to these agreements and thank our Canadian customers for their continued

Thomas Sedran

We have set our sights on becoming a globally leading provider in the field of sustainable mobility. With our investment in Hubject we are supporting the digital transformation and making an important contribution to the transition to the era of

Thomas Daiber

That way we can better expand our business in the future. Together with our new shareholder we will be working at top speed to push forward with interconnecting the charging

Bas Eickhout

The differences between cold start and hot start are hard to

Lucia Caudet

A number of member-states have failed to put in place penalty systems to dissuade, discourage car manufacturers from breaking the law and a number of others have failed to apply them in the specific case of Volkswagen where a breach of law has occurred by using an illegal defeat

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

Abiding by the law is first and foremost the duty of car manufacturers. But national authorities across the EU must ensure that car manufacturers actually comply with the law. For the future, the Commission has tabled proposals to introduce greater European oversight and to make the type approval system more robust. We expect the European Parliament and Council to reach an agreement

Ole Harms

Mid- and long-term MOIA will create the kinds of services that will meet the needs of urban

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

Even though not everyone will still own a car in future, MOIA can help make everyone a customer of our company in some way or

Matthias Wissmann

One can take a close look at every brand to see what are self-registrations and what aren't, and then one realises under what pressure the respective brand

Peter Fuss - Ernst & Young

The political and economic risks that may dampen peoples' and companies' readiness to make purchases are

Lars Henner Santelmann

We have sold more diesel vehicles in Germany this year than a year earlier and at a higher price than a year

Lars Henner Santelmann

Even in the challenging business year 2016 we have been able to continue our successful growth course of past

Tim Wuennemann

For me, this is more a feeling that I support this and I want it to continue now that it has just

Dieter Zetsche - Daimler

The availability of high-power stations allows long-distance electric mobility for the first time and will convince more and more customers to opt for an electric

Josef Baumert

We will have the ability to meet demand in Algeria. This project opens new doors for

Josef Baumert

For us, this is a sensible action toward increasing automobile sales in Algeria in the long

Abdesselam Bouchouareb

This shows that the investment climate has improved. Our main goal is to reduce

Josef Baumert

The Volkswagen Group opted for participation in SOVAC Production SPA as we have co-operated successfully with our sales partner SOVAC for many

Ségolène Royal

It's underway and will be published. We'll have the first results in

Ségolène Royal

We will be asking the consumer fraud investigators and prosecutors to communicate any findings that will enable us to establish whether it's necessary to withdraw sales

Ségolène Royal

The consumer fraud directorate has alerted the prosecutor. So clearly we have taken action over this

Peter Mosch - Audi

That (Mertens's appointment) is a good decision. It's important to further push digitalization and electric

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

Emissions standards in following years are getting tougher and tougher. Why don't you put the money and investments ... to comply with these standards, why don't you put the money on the spot where the future is?feedback

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

They (Uber) saw us more in the role of a supplier. But we said: Okay guys, this is a contest which we are happy to take on. We will remain in

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

If more than a quarter of our cars are to be electronic vehicles in the in the foreseeable future then we are going to need approximately three million batteries a year. Then it makes sense to build our own

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

The VW group will refine its focus. We are investing more selectively and are setting clear

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

We are expanding new capabilities in future-oriented areas and creating around 9,000 new jobs. For example, in software development. Our goal is to fill as many positions as possible internally. We will therefore intensively look after the further training of our

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

This future pact is the largest reform programme in the history of the core brand of our group. It will make Volkswagen efficient, productive and competitive. At the same time, it will enable the brand to advance the technologies and trends that will shape the future of the automotive

Tim Schuldt

It was pretty clear that Volkswagen has been working on such a plan. Nonetheless, it was unclear if the company would be able to reach an agreement with the unions... which is clearly good

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

Everyone at the VW brand has understood what is at stake: to create a strong, future-proof

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

We are overhauling the entire VW brand and are getting it ready for the

Amy Marentic

There are fewer 1.6 liter and less engines in premium, so if that tax cut does go away, that could be an

Stephan Wollenstein

We have not forgotten promises we made… We will introduce more SUVs to the market. Here today you can see how we deliver on our

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

The VW brand needs a real shake-up and that is exactly what the future pact has turned out to

James Chao - IHS Automotive

The tax cut has been very successful, it's been a fabulous success. But there's going to be some pay back next year - a lot of

Jochem Heizmann

There is a question of what will happen with this purchase tax policy. If it really comes totally to an end, then maybe the first quarter will be a little bit more

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

We decided not to go back staying a niche player. We want to be a relevant player in this market. So Volkswagen definitely is in front of a great comeback

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

We decided not to be loud in expressing numbers, let's simply do it and

Jochem Heizmann

We are making good progress in our feasibility study with JAC. Normally the legal framework is you are only allowed to have two joint ventures. There is a special chance to have this additional joint venture just on pure battery

Jochem Heizmann

We have to do more in the NEV area. The government is pushing, the general environment in China is pushing

Jeremy Marshall

Bentham is determined to bring the opportunity to recover the overcharges to the attention of as many truck purchasers as it can and enable these victims of the cartel collectively to seek redress. Claims against the truck cartel are expected to be one of the largest-ever compensation claims resulting from a cartel

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

The Golf represents the essence of the brand better than any other model. That's why we continuously invest in the technology and improvements of this core

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

Our brand is facing some pretty big challenges. A new Golf always stands for a new beginning, a new

Karim Bohn - Volkswagen

In the past we have issued bonus shares. Our shareholders did very well with

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

We are rising to that challenge. We will achieve more in the future with fewer investments to respond to

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

In the past months we have worked on the cost side of MQB and made significant progress. The MQB has high technical substance, so we can use it for the next two vehicle generations without further major

Rupert Stadler - Audi

The conditions our company faces are currently very

Joe Azam

We're going to sell it back as soon as humanly possible and try to put this behind

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

Final approval of the [settlement] is an important milestone in our journey to making things right in the United States. Volkswagen is committed to ensuring that the program is now carried out as seamlessly as possible for our affected customers and has devoted significant resources and personnel to making their experience a positive

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

Final approval of the 2.0L TDI settlement is an important milestone in our journey to making things right in the United States, and we appreciate the efforts of all parties involved in this process. Volkswagen is committed to ensuring that the program is now carried out as seamlessly as possible for our affected customers and has devoted significant resources and personnel to making their experience a positive

Blair Stewart

This is not enough to deter the kind of behavior they

Charles Breyer

Given the risks of prolonged litigation, the immediate settlement of this matter is far

Wolfgang Porsche

Not all 34 will end up being supervisory board members, or have a say in discussions, and not all them want to. Exactly what is necessary is that the next generation of suitable family members have an interest in the matter and do not just wait for the dividend to show

Holger Santel

Shiny, blingy showing-off is no longer the behaviour in the (larger)

Gunnar Kilian - Volkswagen

Constructive talks are still ongoing and will be continued tomorrow. The fact is: the pact may still fail. Especially if the company does not make concrete assurances for certain products, such as battery

Marek Poskart

In the past they sometimes bought four to five systems at once but now it's only about two at a

Marek Poskart

If your cost structure is plausible you will have no difficulties with VW. It's a

Mark Dietrich - Audi

We got played the fool. This settlement does not go far

Elizabeth Cabraser - Volkswagen

This was a broken situation. It was broken for the environment. It was broken for consumers. I think we've all, including Volkswagen - on the 2 liters - put this back together

Robert Giuffra - Volkswagen

This settlement is something that I think is very good for consumers. It's good for the environment, and it's a way for Volkswagen to regain the trust of its customers, the American people, regulators and do right by the

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

We welcome the fact that all parts of VW are looking to lower their excessively high

Chris Koster

Volkswagen's actions demonstrate a flagrant disregard for Missouri's environmental laws, as well as the health and welfare of

Alain Raposo - Renault-Nissan

The techniques we've used to reduce engine capacities will no longer allow us to meet emissions standards. We're reaching the limits of

Fred Kappler - Volkswagen Group

The increased deliveries make us optimistic we will be able to master the upcoming challenges. Reinforcing our customers' trust in our products remains our top

Sudeep Kaippalli - Frost & Sullivan

You can't downsize beyond a certain point, so the focus is shifting to a combination of

Thomas Weber - Mercedes-Benz

It becomes apparent that a small engine is not an advantage. That's why we didn't jump on the three-cylinder engine

Pavan Potluri - IHS Automotive

They might be doing OK in the current European test cycle, but in the real world they are not performing. So there's actually a bit of 'upsizing' going on, particularly in

Akio Toyoda - Toyota

There is a limit to the research and development that a company can do individually. In addition to the R&D which each company is working on individually, it is very important now to have partners who share the same goal and passion. We would like to always keep our doors open for new partnership opportunities, which will contribute to the making of ever-better cars as well as to the development of the automotive

Hans Dieter Poetsch - Volkswagen

The products that seem most likely are reflected in the arrangements made so far. From today's perspective, that is

Hans Dieter Poetsch - Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group is financially solid and has many options for financing, and that is without extraordinary measures such as a capital increase, that is not being considered at this

Juergen Gerdes - Deutsche Post

We scanned the market. There was no electric van available so we decided to build our

Dominik Ruechardt

There is a clear trend to go to out-of-the-box systems. Five years ago the auto industry launched a code of conduct for product lifecycle management. We have a common understanding of an open architecture, interfaces, support of

Peter Mosch - Audi

The German Audi factories must now stand in the center of the new era of mobility. We must now draw the right conclusion from this situation and take

Elizabeth Cabraser - Volkswagen

There is resounding support for this consumer class settlement and the substantial benefits it

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

The settlement that we have ... reached with the civil authorities isn't cheap. We have made provisions for everything that we believe we will have to face, including fines, environmental projects, compensation to the people ... We will have to see if that's enough or

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

It's going to make the car more costly, but this is a cost that can be borne by larger cars, more expensive cars. For smaller cars, it's a killer, so it means that we're going to have to go for different kinds of technology, more

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

We really think that electric mobility will take off by the year 2020, that's our judgement of the future. China will probably be the lead market for electric

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

We will solve the problems, repair our cars and then, probably by the year 2021, become fully electric with a new platform entirely designed for the future and also to challenge the Teslas and probably the Apples of the

Jürgen Korzer

Alternative energy will (hopefully) one day fulfill the needs of our cities and the environment but the reality is that the infrastructure is not yet in place for this to be the

Jürgen Korzer

Until (alternative energy fulfils our needs), classic cars and buying behavior will remain the same in most markets. This means that the big SUVs will still be attractive, especially when optimized hybrid versions like the new Q5 and potentially also the Discovery 5 with a much higher share of light-weight constructions are produced that are more environmentally

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

This year we spent a lot of work in clearing up the diesel issue. We worked with the authorities in Germany, in Europe and especially in the United

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We have been in a constructive dialogue with authorities in Germany, in Europe and the U.S. for the past 12

Leslie Bothge - Audi Volkswagen Korea

Additional efforts were also undertaken at the second tier level. This has led to the temporary suspension of purchases on some supply chains until the due diligence is completed and respective measures have been put in

Nick Molden

It (the Volkswagen scandal) served to rip the lid off all these related issues about

David French - National Retail Federation

This makes it almost inevitable that any union target will eventually be

Dennis Williams

You can do that in skilled trades, you can do that in production, you can do that in technical, you can do that in

William Gould

To the extent that you balkanize the workforce, you have the potential for more conflict. But that simply does not determine whether a unit is

Marc Abrahams

We have never heard of anybody else who carefully spent time examining what happens sexually to rats if you put pants on

Marc Abrahams

The prizes are for something pretty unusual. Almost any other kind of award is for the best or worst. Best or worst is irrelevant to

Věra Jourová

Volkswagen committed to an EU-wide action plan today, which is an important step toward a fair treatment of

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

It will be in the next several weeks, a few months from now because we have to complete the

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

We need a very good legal basis, but I definitely want to start

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

We have a lot of such examples, some of them are quite

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

It is not enough just to send your cold letters saying 'Please come on this day and we will replace these devices for a new one'. Compensation is the noisiest subject, present everywhere, and this is a really important

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

VW is the single biggest turnaround opportunity among global

Karlheinz Blessing

We are facing a tough fitness programme. That also includes a reduction in personnel, for instance via early

Volkmar Tanneberger - Volkswagen

To enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the next decade, we need to expand our know-how in cyber security in order to systematically advance vehicle cyber security for our

Herbert Diess - Volkswagen

I am confident that we can bring the negotiations about the future pact to conclusion in the coming weeks. That includes targeted investments and decisions about new

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

Then and only then will we have clarity and be able to possibly draw further

David M. Uhlmann

The open question after today is whether they have the evidence to pursue anybody higher up the corporate chain of

David M. Uhlmann

As a general rule, extradition treaties are limited to crimes that can be charged in both

Mike Whitfield

The new wage agreement gives us a platform on which we can plan further investment in the

Jeannine Ginivan - Volkswagen

Volkswagen is continuing to cooperate with the U.S. Department of Justice. We cannot comment on this

Thomas Schaefer

We believe that Kenya has got the potential to develop a very big fully-fledged automotive industry. The East African Community has got the potential, and today is the first step in this direction that we want to take with our passenger

Uhuru Kenyatta

Volkswagen South Africa will now again establish an assembly plant to produce motor vehicles at the Kenya Motor Vehicle Manufacturers limited in

Eckhard Scholz - Volkswagen

The typical customer for commercial vehicles has yet to be

Eckhard Scholz - Volkswagen

If electric drives offer no distinct benefits to cost-oriented entrepreneurs, they will not join

Namrita Chow - IHS Automotive

They want to raise the technical capabilities of the sector and for that they want better-quality players to enter the

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

This was a one-off occurrence, we normally have a very good relationship with our suppliers and that's why I think we've got it under control... We don't need to change (cooperation with our suppliers).feedback

Neil Frohnapple - Longbow Research

Given Navistar's financial position, they need to team up with someone or exit the engine

Brian Sponheimer

The power of that consumer confidence boost should not be

Troy A. Clarke - Navistar International

If your concern was that Navistar was not a company that can do that, that concern should go

Pavan Potluri - IHS Automotive

Beyond 2025 there may be some manufacturers that completely drop diesel, because the cost of electrification will have come down

Stuart Pearson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

It might be one reason why Renault's earnings could be handicapped relative to Peugeot over the next few

Stuart Pearson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

But they're going to have to address the diesel issue and add more SCR content than

Pavan Potluri - IHS Automotive

Everybody is backtracking on diesel because after 2017-18 it becomes more and more

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

A more global company with exposure to the profitable North American market will make for a better story should VW look to IPO its trucks business in the

Troy A. Clarke - Navistar International

Over the longer term, it is intended to expand the technology options we are able to offer our customers by leveraging the best of both

Dieter Zetsche - Daimler

You of course take an example like this to take precautions to minimize risks like this and ideally to rule them out. That is why we reviewed existing measures, and intensified them in some cases, to avoid such a situation from

Gary Casteel - United Auto Workers

This unanimous decision makes it clear that the company has been operating in violation of federal law by refusing to come to the bargaining

Rod Simms

The ACCC alleges that Volkswagen engaged in multiple breaches of the Australian Consumer Law by concealing software in their vehicles to cheat emissions testing and misleading consumers about the vehicle's compliance with standards and emission levels during on-road

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

One could discuss at length who's to blame for the fact that this situation went belly

Hinrich Woebcken - Volkswagen

We believe this agreement in principle with Volkswagen dealers is a very important step in our commitment to making things right for all our stakeholders in the United States. Our dealers are our partners and we value their ongoing loyalty and passion for the Volkswagen brand. This agreement, when finalized, will strengthen the foundation for our future together and further emphasize our commitment both to our partners and the U.S.

Steve W. Berman

Our clients recognized the best solution would be one that not only allows them to recoup lost franchise value and continue to employ thousands of American workers, but one that also charts a strong course for the recovery of the Volkswagen brand in the United

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

Given the slowdown of VW sales (excluding China), the brand certainly needs to slightly trim production

Christoph Feldmann - Volkswagen

The consequences for the entire supply chain are already considerable

Andreas Audretsch

We assume and also expect the companies to solve the sticking issues as soon as possible. It is about thousands of jobs, which could be affected by shorter work hours, and the responsibility to tackle these problems constructively is very

Johann Jungwirth - Volkswagen

I expect the first such vehicles to hit the market in the next 3-5

Johann Jungwirth - Volkswagen

We have a massive need to now work with the same passion for detail and the same focus on software and services as on hardware (cars).feedback

Juergen Pieper - Metzler Bank

It is known that Volkswagen has negotiated even harder this year due to the pressure they are under themselves. And some of the suppliers have to accept conditions which surely will not make them jump up and down with joy. And that might have been the reason for one of the suppliers to draw a

Juergen Pieper - Metzler Bank

I think it will end with both parties coming to an agreement in one or two weeks, because both companies will be publicly scrutinised from now on and the loss for both will

Flavio Garcia

There are still some VW car models being sold that are not on the latest platform and which remain vulnerable to

John Gardiner

We are aware of this security gap and have incorporated this knowledge in the enhancements of existing and future systems. We no longer use the described system in any of our new

Samuel Tombs - Capital Economics

Uncertainty about the economic outlook is making consumers cautious to purchase big-ticket discretionary

Jochem Heizmann

Of course we are talking with the government, with CAAM. Everybody does see this risk so this is what I'm saying that hopefully things will

Jochem Heizmann

If the federal government truly stays on the present decision that this will be greatly stopped at the end of this year, you can expect pre-sales this year, with a larger unfavorable effect the first quarter of next

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We will work hard on our earnings power to manage the future investments needed to transform our core automotive business and build an innovative business unit for mobility

Elizabeth Cabraser - Volkswagen

We have designed a settlement that places the consumers – the owners and lessees – in a central, decisive

Johannes Kleis

The European Commission is one of the few authority which is actually trying to do something. This political signal is necessary. We know that the Commission has no enforcement power, but when they coordinate action from national consumer authorities it could help to get compensation for EU car

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

We continue to believe that the market is complacent with respect to the amount and speed of change that the VW new management team is currently

Louise Ellman

We are concerned that VW's fix was developed at the lowest possible cost which might lead to increased costs for motorists down the line. We have called upon the Vehicle Certification Agency to do everything in its power to ensure that does not

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We take our commitment to make things right very seriously and believe these agreements are a significant step forward. We appreciate the constructive engagement of all the parties, and are very grateful to our customers for their continued patience as the settlement approval process moves ahead. We know that we still have a great deal of work to do to earn back the trust of the American

Frank Witter - Group Board of Management

Settlements of this magnitude are clearly a very significant burden for our business. We will now focus on implementing our Together-Strategy 2025 and improving operational excellence across the Volkswagen

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Using the power of the Clean Air Act, we're getting VW's polluting vehicles off the road and we're reducing harmful pollution in our air – pollution that never should have been emitted in the first place. It should send a very clear message that when you break the laws designed to protect public health in this country, there are serious

Ulrich Hocker - Dsw

That is why we will now enforce a special investigation in

Karlheinz Blessing

If the UAW wants to organize the American auto workers at our plant in Chattanooga it has to do so by itself, like the IG Metall does it in Germany. The VW management board or the IG Metall cannot handle this for the

Karlheinz Blessing

We don't want to establish some kind of a branch union in Chattanooga and, with it, a split of the