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Jeremy King - Wal-Mart Stores
If you are running up and down the aisle, and you want to decide if we are out of Cheerios or not, a human doesn't do that job very well and they don't like
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Oct 26 2017
“This whole chain leads me to believe that if you're selling into a brick-and-mortar business but also developing an e-commerce strategy on the side, you're really just playing a form of defense that hurts your margins in ways that investors just aren't prepared for. Put simply, other than Amazon and maybe Wal-Mart, the much-vaunted omni-channel's been a bear of a thing to manage for all involved. The more investors realize that the perils of online commerce far outweigh the benefits, the more they'll be able to save and not lose money going forward.” said Jim Cramer speaking about Walmart. It’s one of the 578 quotes about Walmart you can find on this page. 326 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Mark Lore and Charlie O'Shea. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Shane Folden - Homeland Security Investigations

Today's admission of guilt by Mr. Bradley helps to close the door on one of the conspirators responsible for causing the tragic loss of life and wreaking havoc on those who survived this horrific incident. This case is a glaring reminder that alien smugglers are driven by greed and have little regard for the health and well-being of their human cargo, which can prove to be a deadly combination. HSI is committed to aggressively targeting human smugglers and smuggling organizations, who continually victimize people for

Daniel Alegre - Google Fiber

At Google, we are focused on continued innovation and making Google Express a platform to help retailers like Target offer consumers a high quality seamless, end-to-end shopping experience. We're excited to expand our partnership with Target and bring the Google Assistant to new

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

Next year, we will also leverage our 4,700 U.S. stores and our fulfillment network to create customer experiences that don't currently exist within voice shopping anywhere

Mike McNamara - Target

In the markets where we've offered Google Express, guests tell us they love the ease and convenience of shopping Target through Google. So we're excited to offer this service nationwide in time for the busy holiday season. What's even better is that Target and Google teams are working on the next chapter, building experiences that digitally replicate the joy of shopping a Target store to discover stylish and affordable

Jim Cramer

It's a two-man race now, but one stock sells for 234 times earnings [and] the other sells for 19 times earnings. Granted, no major money manager is going to sell Amazon; it's too hot, it's too good. But there's a world of portfolio managers looking for another potentially dominant retailer with a cheap stock and a great balance sheet. Which is why I think the stock of Wal-Mart, even after this miraculous run, is not finished going

Jim Cramer

This is not the Wal-Mart we're used to. I don't think anyone can really put a dent in Amazon Web Services ... but I will say this: by virtue of its huge network of stores, Wal-Mart can do plenty of damage to Amazon's retail

Jim Cramer

Some are game fish like Nvidia, hitting an all-time high on autonomous driving chips. Some are the bottom fishers: Intel, AMD, Kroger. Some are brick-and-mortar retailers that typically rally for a few days, then you've got to toss them back. Those are strictly catch and release. And some are just delicious dinners like McDonald's, Visa, MasterCard, Wal-Mart, visible from the surface – branzino – capable of being lured in with some chum and a couple of dumb

Bill Northey

Valuations are full, but not stretched at this point in time. But that won't be the lever that drives equity market returns, it does require earnings growth to support

Brett Biggs - Wal-Mart Stores

We are going to lean into places like technology, e-commerce, international stores ... we feel like we are going in the right direction with

Charlie O'Shea

When you are building out an online business, you are building a second business. You are going to start to see those two businesses converge and I think you will be able to shake expenses out of the system and I think Wal-Mart is in the early stages of

Brett Biggs - Wal-Mart Stores

A simple change to our plastic bags at Walmart U.S. resulted in an annualized savings of approximately $20 million. A decision to shorten the length of the receipts, saved over $7

Charlie O'Shea

It is clear that Wal-Mart intends to continue to turn up the heat online, with 40 percent annual growth an impressive goal, especially on the heels of the 30 percent outlined at the 2016 investor meeting, which at the time seemed aspirational in our

Marcelle Daher - Manulife Asset Management

There's a lot of fundamental underpinning to the rally. Given where (the earnings) estimate for third-quarter is and the historic ability of companies on an aggregate to beat that number, it is a pretty low hurdle for companies to

Maris Ogg

There's been some pressure from Corporate America to improve performance, and I think this is a reflection of that. Also, bigger companies tend to be harder to manage and

Dubravko Lakos-Bujas

The macro backdrop remains supportive for earnings growth (y/y) with lower USD (especially favorable for Technology, Healthcare, and Industrials), a goldilocks scenario for Financials with expanding [net-interest margins] and multi-decade low credit costs, and rising commodity

Doug McMillon

We have good momentum in the business, we're executing our strategy and moving with speed to win with the customer, who is more connected than ever and embracing tools that will save them both time and money. We're combining the accessibility of our stores with e-commerce to provide new and exciting ways for customers to shop. I'm proud of the team we have in place, the work we have underway and how we are positioned for success in the

Finn Murphy

The only human beings left in the modern supply chain are truck drivers. If you go to a modern warehouse now, say Amazon or Walmart, the trucks are unloaded by machines, the trucks are loaded by machines, they are put into the warehouse by machines. Then there is a guy, probably making $10 an hour, with a load of screens watching these machines. Then what you have is a truckers' lounge with 20 or 30 guys standing around getting paid. And that drives the supply chain people

Zach Freeze - Wal-Mart Stores

We know our customers are interested in what goes into products and how they are made. It's important for them, and we are advocating for them by encouraging innovation and transparency into that

Kelly Bania - BMO Capital Markets

(But) we also see risk these initiatives will weigh on margins over time and may be viewed as

Bill Dreher - Susquehanna

Costco made e-commerce a core part of its earnings call for the first time in memory. We believe this shows a new focus on a key engine of

Daniel Binder - Jefferies

(Costco's) new online delivery initiatives improve its competitive offering and could drive increased engagement with millennials. Provided they don't simply cannibalize store sales, the stronger omni-channel effort could prove accretive to sales and EBIT

Gene German

That is the philosophy of the Supercenter: You put all these other categories under one roof. So if the customers don't go into the stores, that could be a negative. This is something Walmart could get into easily and quickly. And it would send a message to shareholders: We are not going to be passive. We are going to be

Dianne Feinstein

The only reason to fire so many rounds so fast is to kill large numbers of people. No one should be able to easily and cheaply modify legal weapons into what are essentially machine guns. An American concert venue has now become a battlefield. We must stop this

Mohammed al-Jokhadar

We did it at Walmart and people thought we were gay. They were looking at us

Jesse Kaplan

New York City is a really unique and complicated market, and that mastery is really

Merissa Anderson

We didn't know where we wanted to get married, and we didn't have a lot of money to do anything big. Everybody we know works at Walmart. It's pretty much like our family now and all of our friends are

Marune Rossouw - Thomson Reuters

We're trapped inside, in the bottles section, and the guys are outside toyi-toying (dancing). They've told us to move to the back of the

Jiyoung Hwang

Costco is well-known for its CSR while Wal-Mart is quite lower in that

Brian Cornell

Target has a long history of investing in our team members. We care about and value the more than 323,000 individuals who come together every day with an absolute commitment to serving our guests. Target has always offered market competitive wages to our team members. With this latest commitment, we'll be providing even more meaningful pay, as well as the tools, training and support our team needs to build their skills, develop professionally and offer the service and expertise that set Target

Brian Cornell

I think this news is going to be very well received by our

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

They've got a broad, long-term problem because the labor market is tight and it's going to get

John W. Budd

I wonder whether a small part of this is to shift the narrative, to wrest back control of the agenda, before negative publicity causes the public to clamor for greater legislative action. After all, businesses prefer to set their own terms and conditions of

Kory Lundberg - Wal-Mart Stores

We're committed to providing pay and training for our associates that is competitive in the

Brian Cornell

We're investing to make sure that we recruit and retain the existing team, that we attract new team members and, importantly, that we provide an exceptional service environment. We thought the timing was right as we move into the holiday

Ravi Jariwala - Wal-Mart Stores

We want to start small so we can test and learn. This may not necessarily become the norm. And it may not be for everyone, certainly not right away, but we see a lot of potential

Rosie O'Donnell

Today, I am trying to heal deep settled wounds and continue on with my high school education I was unable to finish and go to college to do great things in my life. It amazes me how many are so quick to want to judge me, yet have never lived in my shoes. I don't need a mansion or a million dollars to make me content or happy. I am humble enough to work at Walmart if it were

Katie Reed

I'm getting ideas for Christmas. The selection at Walmart (NYSE:WMT) and Target is not as

Judith McKenna - Wal-Mart Stores

Our associates make the holidays come to life in our stores, and we are thankful for everything they do to help our customers have the best possible shopping

Tim Cook - Apple

We think it's essential that we not only let them stay in this country but welcome them. I am encouraged that Congress will pass a law to make this

Todd Schulte -

That you see business leaders from every major sector of the economy come out and ask Congress to pass a permanent fix for DACA right away shows that this is a bipartisan issue that has strong

Enrique Ramirez

There's been so much money invested in me by this country, wouldn't even a conservative person want me to contribute to my community here?feedback

Jim Cramer

Don't rule out the newfound alliances with Amazon or the more aggressive style of those we think are being left behind, including, by the way, Wal-Mart with its fast-growing business. It's not over until the fat lady sings. Right now, I'm not hearing anything from her yet, that is, if there's ever going to be a song at

Doug McMillon

You'll see improved parking, meal services, fitness, and natural light – yes, natural

Doug McMillon

For some time now, we've been concerned that this ad hoc office network actually inhibits our ability to compete in the rapidly changing retail

Doug McMillon

There's still a tremendous amount of planning, design and coordination to be

Doug McMillon

Throughout the devastation that the residents of this region faced, Walmart Associates demonstrated extraordinary courage and passion for these communities. I often think how simple acts of kindness can have a dramatic

Chamath Palihapitiya

It is competing against fundamentally impaired companies, including Wal-Mart, quite honestly. That don't have the technical saavvy, they don't have the capabilities, specialty retailers, an entire overhang of cost structure that [Amazon doesn't] have to deal

Jill Ramsey - eBay

The Spring and eBay partnership is evidence of a growing trend in which retailers are partnering – instead of competing – with other retailers. With Spring, we can bring even more coveted merchandise to our buyers, making it easier than ever to discover their own version of

Alan Tisch

Spring's mission is to bring top brands to consumers at a variety of tastes, style and prices. Our new partnership with eBay helps further this mission and expand our reach. Both Spring and eBay are committed to offering unparalleled selection across the best brands – including the newest, hottest styles, sold-out or hard-to-find merchandise, and great deals for every price and

Oliver Chen - Cowen Group

Retailers that sell items which customers need, such as food and water and home improvement items, are better positioned versus retailers that sell discretionary

Mickey Chadha - Moody's

We expect the pricing environment to remain very competitive in 2017 as value discounters like Aldi expand, players like Lidl enter the market, Wal-Mart flexes its pricing muscle and Amazon continues to lower pricing at Whole

Reggie Borges - Starbucks

The CUP Fund has raised over $300,000 in grants to [employees] directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. Work schedules go up three weeks in advance. If you were on the schedule, you're getting paid even if the store isn't open or if you can't make

Jenna Reck

We do a lot of work with our distribution teams based on what we know guests will need to stock up on, so we start with that. We're aware that some stores need merchandise, so our team is working to get things up and

Jenna Reck

For the two stores that are closed, we paid team members for a week for their scheduled hours. Then, we worked to move them to a different store until their store

Jenna Reck

We're tracking Irma and making sure our team members are safe and informed of what to do when the storm

Ragan Dickens - Wal-Mart Stores

We're staying closely connected to our operators in the field to help ensure we're stocking the appropriate items and keeping track of shipments to deliver for our customers. We have emergency support teams dedicated to helping our stores during critical events such as this one. We understand that water is a need across the state and have currently mobilized 800 truckloads of water from around the country to be sent into the region to help meet this growing

James Wall

Every kid deserves to ride a bike. But these kids can't walk into a Walmart and a get a bike off the

Christopher Cole - Independent Community Bankers

Although SoFi does not presently engage in the type of commercial activities that Wal-Mart engages in, it certainly would be legally free to do so in the future. SoFi might even become ambitious enough to set up an online retail company that would compete with

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

Wal-Mart will not see a major short-term competitive threat even from a repriced Whole Foods

Anne Marie Kehoe - Wal-Mart Stores

We think episode eight is going to be a strong movie, strong theatrical, the weekend was what we expected ... and what was going on in our stores and anticipate that will carry

Taylor Griffin

This gets pretty wild pretty fast. Apocalyptic is probably a good way to describe it. If bilateral trade between the U.S. and China goes away, American store shelves are empty. You're not going to have anything to sell in Walmart … There'll be no iPhone 8 for

Ajay Sahai

This price gap is good enough for a company like Wal-Mart (NYSE:) to shift its orders to other

Ragan Dickens - Wal-Mart Stores

You've got thousands and thousands of people who are displaced from their homes and in shelters. When you open a retail outlet that has home goods and products, you're going to see lines for a little

Mark T. Smucker - J.M. Smucker

They are competing, they're trying to find points of difference. Obviously, price to them is one of

Mathis Martines

You are seeing the degradation of some of these larger, mature

Bob Goldin

Constant discounting depresses everyone's margins; it also trains consumers only to shop on

Brian Yarbrough - Edward Jones & Co.

The fear around this right now is that Amazon buying Whole Foods is going to lower prices, which will cause Wal-Mart and Kroger to lower, which is going to cause impact on Dollar General. In this environment, people sell first and ask questions

Ellen DeGeneres

When Texas needed him, J.J. Watt was there. I was honored to help make this amazing gift from Walmart

Chris McCabe

Amazon's using the same playbook they always have when competing with booksellers and other retailers. They take out their revenue stream by killing them slowly on

Mike Schlotman - The Kroger Company

If we have to sell a can of corn for 40 cents, we'll figure out a way to sell a can of corn for 40

Steve Schmitt - Wal-Mart Stores

Amazon is really good. We certainly have respect for them, and we have experience competing with Whole

Greg Portell - A.T. Kearney

We don't buy their meat all the time, because it is really expensive and we have other

Candace Green

We've had just a small, small number actually called for interviews. So far, it just hasn't worked

Teresa Boullemet

Roanoke, . Say a prayer for us. Well, we'll do more career exploration. What you like. What you don't like. What you'd like to do. It made you feel valuable, didn't it? I've never felt that in any job. That's just fabulous. So you're feeling like you're in a good place?feedback

Lisa Daunhauer

I have 16 years of experience in a medical office setting. I am a hard worker, dedicated and dependable. I am currently unemployed, but . . . I could be an asset to your

Bruce Growick

You have to get them before they're declared disabled. Once you declare them disabled, forget it. You're climbing a mountain you'll never get to the top

John Blackledge - Cowen and Company

While we are encouraged to see Google continue to enhance its eCommerce/Shopping offering, we believe the attention the announcement received was

John Blackledge - Cowen and Company

Of the United States households purchasing groceries online each month (about 12 percent of U.S. households on average), only about 4 percent bought groceries via Google Express in July '

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

Nordstrom shoppers are almost 2X more likely to shop at Whole Foods than the average consumer. So an Amazon-owned Nordstrom chain would deepen Amazon's relationships with its expanding core

Sridhar Ramaswamy - Google

For example, if you order Tide PODS or Gatorade, your Google Assistant will let you know which size and type you previously ordered from Walmart. We're thrilled to partner with one of the most popular stores in

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

Next year, we will also leverage our 4,700 U.S. stores and our fulfillment network to create customer experiences that don't currently exist within voice shopping anywhere else, including choosing to pick up an order in store (often for a discount) or using voice shopping to purchase fresh groceries across the

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

That's why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations based on customers' previous purchases, including those made in Walmart stores and on To take advantage of this personalization, customers only need to link their Walmart account to Google Express. It makes sense for us to team up with Google. They've made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping

Marc Perrone - United Food & Commercial Workers International

These hard-working men & women are not numbers on a balance sheet...they matter to us. They deserve a clear commitment from the entire board that their jobs, wages, and benefits will be protected from Amazon's automated business

Jim Cramer

But ... think about the tie-up between the Google device and Wal-Mart after today's news. What happens if Wal-Mart calls all of its suppliers and says, Hey, you know what? If you want in on this program with Google, it only works if you're using Google's web services, not Amazon's. What then? Do the suppliers want to lose that business? Do they want to cross the Bentonville colossus? How about if they offer you help to get off of Amazon Web Services? Would you refuse?feedback

Jim Cramer

Wal-Mart's not going to be outdone with its Google partnership. They have too much money riding on this fight and the company keeps assuring me that we ain't seen nothing yet out of theses partnerships. I like this battle royal. Plus, Google may know even more about you than Amazon does. Combine Google and Walmart, and for the first time – maybe the first time in a long time, maybe the first time ever – it feels like Amazon could have a real rival, someone to fear and loathe on the Alexa

Jim Cramer

If that's the case, then you could see why so many prominent technicians ... have decided that Amazon's chart has a real bearish pattern and that institutions may be figuring out the vulnerability of this monster and its chart and want to take a pause until more institutions understand what could be wrong with the Amazon

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

[Lowe's] is marginally more upscale than Home Depot; think of it as more akin to Whole Foods than Trader Joe's. Amazon loves to win, so imagine what would happen if they cut prices and sacrificed margin to compete for marketshare, further growing their share of DIY homeowners. Walmart likely covets Ulta's customer

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

We can make informed recommendations about which brands Amazon and Walmart should target next using our proprietary data-driven

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

Our data also shows that there are a wide swath of Ulta shoppers who are just as likely as the average consumer to visit Walmart, whereas another cosmetics brand – Sephora, for example would be less of a willing convert to an Ulta/Walmart

Jim Cramer

So, this is an answer. I don't think it is a coherent an answer. If you want to play this, I'd play it with

Jim Cramer

I don't think Google Voice shopping is going to be as accurate as Amazon voice shopping. They have more work to do on voice. Voice is everything. Google Voice is not as good as I think people think it

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

One of the primary-use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased everyday

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

It makes sense for us to team up with Google. They've made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping experience. We know this means being compared side-by-side with other retailers, and we think that's the way it should be. An open and transparent shopping universe is good for customers. Next year, we will also leverage our 4,700 U.S. stores and our fulfillment network to create customer experiences that don't currently exist within voice shopping anywhere

Sridhar Ramaswamy - Google

We're thrilled to partner with one of the most popular stores in America to help make your shopping faster and

Krista Garcia - eMarketer

Walmart and Google make for strange bedfellows, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Walmart has been really trying to increase their online presence in the last year - they're trying to raise their digital IQ, so to speak - and what better way to do that than with Google?feedback

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

Voice-activated ordering is still in its infancy. Not very many people use it yet, but that means there's also a really strong potential for

Candice Lively Wollan

He said he got hugged three times at Walmart the other day. We're almost famous to them, which is so bizarre, because we're not

Frank Yiannas - Wal-Mart Stores

As an advocate for greater transparency in the food system to benefit customers, Wal-Mart looks forward to expanding on our initial work by collaborating with others to accelerate exploration on how this technology can be used as a more effective food traceability and food safety tool. Blockchain technology enables a new era of end-to-end transparency in the global food system, equivalent to shining a light on food ecosystem participants that will further promote responsible actions and

Brendan Witcher - Forrester Research

When I buy a product that I don't care about, it is actually a pain for me to go to a website and find an item and check out. If I can simply say, send me dishwashing soap...and you send it, that's much easier on me as a

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

I am not saying Walmart is ever going to catch Amazon online. But instead of being embarrassed by Amazon, it can be a strong No.

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

We are trying to help customers shop in ways that they may have never

Erich Joachimsthaler - Vivaldi Partners

Walmart can't lose on the low-cost proposition. But convenience, convenience that is where the game

Floris van Dijkum - Boenning & Scattergood

There is the common conventional wisdom that the bigger players like Wal-Mart ... and Target are going to be fine. But you're going to see more pressure on grocery. It's already a thin-margin business... secondary and tertiary grocers are going to feel

Brigid McDermott - International Business Machines

We see other industries like energy, healthcare and marketing, looking at transformation that really could be happening. And I think it's partially because the transformation you see happening with blockchain can come from different

Howard Popoola - The Kroger Company

Yes, the industry is cautious because this could be the next best thing since sliced bread, but you wouldn't say everything was fine and dandy after a trial you had with just two suppliers. The key right now is to involve suppliers and retailers and see how well we can share data to oil the IBM blockchain machine. This is an opportunity for us to speak with one voice and say to the world that food safety is not going to be a competitive

Sam Cinquegrani

The message for all retailers, especially grocers, is simple: Engage with your customers in the manner they want and expect, whether in the digital realm or through traditional channels, or be prepared to lose market share to those that

Joseph Feldman - Telsey Advisory Group

There's been a real effort to improve fresh foods – produce, meats – and they've been very aggressive in keeping prices low. Big picture, we're feeling pretty good about

Jared Koerten

The big advantage that dollar stores have is that, given their store footprint and the real estate they need, they can exist ... in small towns where Wal-Mart or supermarkets are not going to

Doug McMillon

We've seen strong results from the rollout of online grocery, which is now in more than 900 U.S. locations, and we're expanding this service in many of our markets around the world. Retail is constantly evolving and it's critical that we move even faster as the customer and competitive landscape continue to

Mickey Chadha - Moody's

Dollar stores are a convenience play. They are not grocery stores. They offer a lot of consumables that are not all private label, but also offer home products, seasonal products, electronics, apparel and accessories that are higher

Doug McMillon

We believe that we're uniquely positioned to grow and delight customers by providing the seamless shopping experience they desire. Having stores within 10 miles of approximately 90 percent of the U.S. population allows us to serve customers in ways that are most convenient for

James Pethokoukis

Republicans at this point are going to focus on getting tax reform or die

Jim Cramer

Speaking of family, that's Wal-Mart's ace in the hole

Jim Cramer

Let just call it as it is: a legitimate, two-horse race with others bringing up the rear, but at least they're now at the

Doug McMillon

We're taking 140 million transactions a week [and] combining it with our exploding online business to serve customers in a seamless way, in-store and online. We will own the intersection of physical and digital

Jim Cramer

If I'm the chief technology officer of any supplier, I'm going to green-light shifting away from Amazon Web Services to the ultra-competitive Microsoft Azure or Google Web Services. That way, my CEO can go to Wal-Mart's headquarters and say, Hey, we know the score. We're not trading with the enemy

Doug McMillon

We are encouraged that the UK delivered positive sales. Customers are responding to investments in price and store experience by visiting the stores more often and increasing their basket sizes. There is still much more to be done, but we are clearly heading in the right direction. I was impressed by how the team is focused on pick up and delivery from

Ed Congdon

All CEO's should keep their mouths shut. Per the New York Times:. I think all C.E.O.s should keep their mouths shut. You want to be a political pundit, go on

Brett Biggs - Wal-Mart Stores

I think one of the things I'm most excited about is that we continued to bring together what we are doing in the stores with what we are doing

Kim Forrest - Fort Pitt Capital

The negative sentiment is spilling across the retail sector. It makes people wonder about the health of the U.S.

Doug McMillon

Our strategy is to make every day easier for busy families. To accomplish this, we continue our transformation to become more of a digital enterprise that moves with speed and agility. I'm encouraged by innovation in the

Ray Gual - Kantar Retail

For the past year, Asda has primarily been focused on fixing the basics under the tagline 'new reasons to shop at

Doug McMillon

Our customers are responding to the improvements in stores and online, and our results reflect this. Traffic increases at store level and the e-commerce growth rate are key highlights. We are moving faster and becoming more creative as we strive to

Louise Adamson

It's so saddening to see what's going on, and it's getting worse and

Jose Rivero

I think it makes a difference that all these big companies are making statements. I don't like this

Ed Congdon

The biggest problem is that they're not calling out the liberal side of

Louise Adamson

Somebody's got to say it. We've got to speak up. So few of us have any kind of say. If you get too involved, you get yourself

Peter Caprio

He was right; it's on both sides. The C.E.O. has to worry about stockholders, nobody else. If it doesn't affect stockholders, best to let it

Shandra Tenney

If the C.E.O. had been for Trump after what he said yesterday, I don't think I could have come here and given them my money. I'm really happy they are standing up to this guy. These business guys, and Trump is a business guy, are saying something. And they are saying, to me, they don't think he's a good guy to be in business with. It says

Ed Congdon

My wife's going to be shopping here till the day she

Anthony Conroy

We've had a lot of things happen recently, so if people want to sell, they have reasons to do it. We've also had a couple of really strong days so it's no surprise to see some profit

Bill Northey

Most of the agenda ... has been a little bit distracted by non-economic

Steve Odland

The dissolution of the advisory groups was . You've got all of these very important issues where the business leaders are driving it. So to have the business leaders withdraw at a point in time when we need them the most is very discouraging, especially when you've got an administration with a lot of empty seats and without a lot of input that they

Donald J. Trump

If good people don't engage, we're left with people who aren't as good as the ones who were originally

Charlie O'Shea

This was one of the top-performing retailers over the last decade. For a little while, it seemed to have lost its way but now appears to be getting back into that 'Tar-jay' mode from both a merchandising and an operating

Charlie O'Shea

Food is a very important category. It drives traffic and traffic begets sales of exclusive brands. A lot of Wal-Mart's success has been the explosion of its food

Charlie O'Shea

Probably, the best bang for Target's buck is a combination of investment in online and

Stuart Murdoch

S–, we left Richard in North Dakota. Anyone want to be a hero and get him to St Paul, Minnesota somehow. The gig hangs in the

Donald J. Trump

The head of Walmart -- who I know, who's a very nice guy -- was making a political

Doug McMillon

Respect for the individual is one of our core beliefs at Wal-Mart….As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we, too, felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white

Ed Yruma - KeyBanc Capital Markets

We believe Walmart recently began intensifying focus on its advertising

Ed Yruma - KeyBanc Capital Markets

There's a lot happening within physical stores, so being able to merge those two data sets will be incredibly important going

John Grabowski

The 'villain' for many years has been Wal-Mart and the big-box stores. Now we're looking at Amazon and online marketing. [But] you can still see ethnically owned stores operated in ethnic neighborhoods, like Korean stores in Los Angeles,

Christopher S. Murphy

I would hope that stores like Walmart would recognise the danger of having these guns displayed right next to an aisle away from microwave popcorn and and Xbox

Jason Bellet

If you can walk into a Walmart and find out what someone is playing on the radio, why can't a doctor identify unusual heart sounds? It turns it into a $1.2 billion company. Some doctors are still faxing

Anthony P. Carnevale

The caps and gowns, the symbolism, these are not trivial things. They are trying to create this feeling among employees that 'we are the store.' They are taking small-town America and putting it into Walmart. Is that a bad thing?

Ronald Woodward

Anytime a company offers training, that is good. But they aren't all going to run the

Ashley VanHorn

I know I let my dad down. This was not the dream. But the dream does

Ronald Woodward

You could graduate from high school, work at a place like Nestlé, buy a car and send your kids to

Ronald Woodward

It is going to be very hard to replace what we've lost. Retail jobs don't compare to

Kathleen McLaughlin - Wal-Mart Stores

In contrast to only increasing wages, we believe investing in people and developing their skills gives them access to more choice of jobs that reflect their particular talents and

Kathleen McLaughlin - Wal-Mart Stores

Whether they are coming to us for two years or 20 years, we want them to have the skills that allow them to create

Steuart Walton

Rapha represents the very best in the world of cycling. Our investment demonstrates our enthusiasm for its quality products, amazing community of cyclists and customers and its strong future. Rapha's strategic vision has set the company on a path of tremendous growth and opportunity. We're excited to be part of this next chapter by bringing the best sport in the world to more people in more ways and

Simon Mottram

It was very important to me that they are both passionate cyclists. If they understood the broader vision of the sport, then I felt they would also feel sure that our model is the right way to do things. A partnership with Steuart and Tom also appealed because their firm is not a rapid turnaround kind of outfit, focused on short-term gain. Their fund really does have a long-term view, which is important given the size of our ambitions for the

Simon Mottram

It is all very exciting, not least as we all hold huge ambition for the sport and just want more and more people to enjoy it, not just in America but all over the world. Cycling ticks all the boxes when it comes to the sort of lifestyle that more and more people are turning to. Cycling is a sleeping giant. It helps you see new places, is a social activity and can easily be slotted in as part of daily life. From here on in, it will only get

Simon Mottram

We are totally in love with the sport. We love the product and think the product should be as good as the sport. I care about how I look and perhaps that makes me a shallow person but why on a bike should you not?feedback

Simon Mottram

This is an exciting day for Rapha. The arrival of RZC Investments as a shareholder means we can pursue our mission to elevate cycling as a global sport and recruit more participants by engaging them and enabling them to ride with us at all levels. Support from RZC Investments will allow us to further expand our active global community of cyclists, develop even better and more innovative products and services to enhance cyclists' lives and inspire many more people to take up the World's greatest

Mark Tepper - Strategic Wealth Partners

There's all this talk about Amazon, and how great Amazon is, but wouldn't it be great to own Amazon at 15 percent of its price? And that's what you're getting with Wal-Mart, because Wal-Mart has taken huge strides in increasing their online presence through acquiring online shopping sites like They're gearing up to battle Amazon head-on, and whereas Amazon's price advantage in the past was very strong, it's

Rupesh Parikh

In our view, in acquiring eCommerce operators, WMT is much more focused upon purchasing key, unique capabilities and technologies, rather than upon simply adding

Matt Maley

It's getting to the top end of its upward-sloping trend channel. So it might take a little bit of a breather here, but that's OK, it's had a nice run. To be honest with you, it's funny because the entire retail sector on a technical basis looks quite good. I mean, the XRT had made a double-bottom back in June and it started to move up highly, making a couple of higher highs and higher lows. If it could move above its early June lows, above $41.60-ish, that's going to give it real momentum that's going to get the group to move even

David Steinberg

It is not at all clear whether the pricing environment will materially improve next year

Jim Cramer

That's why its stock's been among the best performers in the market. The company, under CEO Doug McMillon, has made so many improvements and it's going to leverage its huge store base to try to defeat Amazon. If I'm right, there's no way this stock will stay this

Rupesh Parikh

It feels as if the battles have only started between WMT and

Alex Russo - Asda

Our sales performance, relative to the market, was behind our expectations. However, in the last quarter of 2016, we saw an improvement following the changes made to our ranges and investment in price and

Jason Furman - Council of Economic Advisers

Returns on invested capital for publicly-traded U.S. non-financial firms have also become increasingly concentrated within a smaller segment of the

Donald J. Trump

No longer will we allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs and drain our wealth. Instead we will follow two simple but very crucial rules: We will buy American and we will hire

Cindi Marsiglio - Wal-Mart Stores

It goes against the spirit of their 'Made in America'

Jared Bernstein

Congressional Democrats' Better Deal plan goes after increasingly concentrated corporate power. It's an excellent, pro-market idea that's responsive to unsettling

Darius Mir

Walmart must distinguish between a 'Made In USA' product from all others by grouping the American made product separately, and highlighting the Made In USA

Charlie O'Shea

Almost every sub-segment of retail is feeling the looming shadow of Amazon's ever-increasing presence online. Virtually every sub-segment of retail, other than auto retail and pharmacy, are caught in the cross-hairs of Amazon's constantly-morphing online presence. Competitors going up against mega-retailers such as Walmart or Amazon face a Darwinian choice: fight a price battle with these retail leaders, which they will likely lose, or find someone weaker from whom they can grab market

Richard Durbin Jr.

All were victims of ruthless human smugglers indifferent to the well-being of their fragile cargo. The South Texas heat is punishing this time of year. These people were helpless in the hands of their transporters. Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus-degree

William McManus

Checking the video from the store, we found there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip. The driver and whoever else we find is involved in this will be facing state and federal

Trevor Green - Aviva

The customer fit between the two is obviously excellent and there would be other obvious revenue and cost synergies. But the big question is whether WalMart is willing to write a cheque for £4.4 bn to increase its exposure to the UK

Charles Hood

This is not an isolated incident, this happens quite frequently. Fortunately, we came across this one. Fortunately, you know, there are people who

Charles Hood

We quickly called a 'mass casualty incident' and had about 29 units arrive out there and start transporting people. With heat strokes or heat injuries, a lot of them are going to have some irreversible brain damage. Unfortunately, some of them were severely overheated, and that was a refrigerated truck with no refrigeration. So the inside of the truck was just austere condition that nobody was going to survive in it. So we were very fortunate that they were found because if they would have spent another night in that environment, we would have 38 people who would not have

Dick Durbin

All were victims of ruthless human smugglers indifferent to the well-being of their fragile cargo. The South Texas heat is punishing this time of year. These people were helpless in the hands of their transporters. Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus degree

Charles Hood

They were very hot to the touch. So these people were in this trailer without any signs of any type of water. It was a mass casualty situation for us. We are very fortunate that there weren't 38 people who were locked inside of this vehicle

Casey Bradford - US Army

Americans have become accustomed to just going to Walmart to buy a new one when something breaks. We want to produce a product that you can have for

Lee Peterson - WD Partners

These are people over 50 who live in the suburbs – a demographic Amazon has never done well with. Now they'll have their names, their phone numbers, their addresses. This is a way for Amazon to break in to classic Walmart

Murry Cohen

I wondered, by the end of our time, how Walmart ever made a

Daniel Binder - Jefferies

While in its nascent stages, the news of AMZN/WFM should accelerate SFM's online/digital and force greater adoption of utilizing data

Drew Findling - Gucci Group

This is a sharp contrast to all the cases in the past. We're not talking about high-end jewellery. We're talking about what an 86-year-old woman needs to survive on a day-to-day basis, food supplies and medical

Doris Payne

For a minute, it looked like it was going to be bad. But I'm doing

Doris Payne

Thieving was the farthest thing from my mind. I have a money card with $7,000 on

Rita Roland

It is a difficult thing to go into work knowing you were fighting against the very company where you have made your

Antonin Scalia

In a company of Wal-Mart's size and geographical scope, it is quite unbelievable that all managers would exercise their discretion in a common way without some common

Danit Marquardt - Wal-Mart Stores

We are very sorry and appalled that this third party seller listed their item with this description on our online marketplace. It is a clear violation of our policy, and has been removed, and we are investigating the seller to determine how this could have

Jonathan Frankel

If you were the CEO of Wal-Mart or Target, how would you respond? You need something inside people's homes. If you don't soon, you're being locked out of the future of

Jim Cramer

We want companies in retail to get to better numbers via innovation, excitement, experiential, game-changing acquisitions. But other than Wal-Mart and Amazon, there really aren't that many that fill that bill. That's why I remain concerned longer term about retail. You're getting a good trade here, but I think, because of Amazon, that's all it is: a trade, not an

Karen Short - Barclays

[Lidl] is positioning themselves along the Eastern seaboard … going after a niche, middle-income consumer. [The] store looks very nice. … Trust me, Wal-Mart is not taking this

Jim Cramer

I like the fact that the despot, Home Depot, which I believe is having a good quarter, is ramping. I didn't see much on Amazon Prime to steal any of that great retailer's thunder, or customers for that matter. Same with Wal-Mart, which I think didn't deserve to sell down that hard and represents some pretty good value

Jan Kniffen

I kind of think for retailing [this] is hilarious and scary, both. Nobody does any business in July. Amazon intends to take over the world, and they're doing a pretty darn good job of

Jan Kniffen

I think [Wal-Mart] is doing a great job. I think they're the biggest threat to Amazon. I think the two of them battle it out in grocery, they battle it out in the rest of retailing, they battle it out online, and they're going to battle it out in brick-and-mortar

Paul Hickey

I think it [Wal-Mart] got a big bounce from that move. The acquisition was taken as a sign the company was going to get serious about online. That was one of the reasons the stock rebounded. It pulled in a little, and it hasn't regained its footing since the Whole Foods news was

Steve Barr - PricewaterhouseCoopers

But the only way they will draw attention away from Amazon is through great deals. July is becoming equivalent to November with month-long discounts to entice shoppers. ... This is an all-out battle for relevance and market

Brian Cornell

Many of our competitors are aggressively rationalizing their assets. They're cutting costs just to keep their heads above water. This contraction will create opportunities for Target to pick up market share over the long

Kate McShane - Citi

It's unclear what sort of traction these new brands will get and how much of it will be replacing private brands that might no longer be resonating with shoppers. TGT's strategy of differentiating itself [from peers] ... has effectively been

Brian Cornell

[W]e feel very good about our small-format strategy. As we move into new neighborhoods, we're getting better and better at curating and localizing assortments, understanding how to operate in various

John Brick - Morningstar

Private labels are a good strategy [for Target] but not enough. They should maybe continue on that path but also look for exterior

Oliver Chen - Cowen Group

Grocery is already intensely competitive given new rock bottom pricing entrants Aldi/Lidl, WMT's commitment to price investment, and intense digital innovation at

Brandon Fletcher

The conversation [Target] should be having is that they're making sure what they do in price considers the fact that Whole Foods will likely have a downward movement in its prices moving

John Brick - Morningstar

[Target is] more internally focused. ... They should be playing more aggressive, because Wal-Mart is beating them on the acquisition

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

The Whole Foods-Amazon deal does nothing to help Target. In fact, Target is much more at risk from [the deal] than Wal-Mart because it shares many more customers with both Whole Foods and Amazon than

Joan Smalls

I fell in love with the brand and the fact that they cater to women of all sizes at affordable pricing. Ariela Balk really impressed me and I found a great admiration for her as a businesswoman. When it comes to design, we agree in many aspects and we both are super excited about the

Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali - Forrester Research

They definitely need to increase their assortment vs. Amazon. It remains to be seen how good this process is, but it's a few years old now and they must be discovering new companies successfully or they wouldn't repeat

Ben Rendo

If you have something promising, they'll let you know right away. They can usually predict if something will be a hit. I would do the same thing. I would get the plastic bags over my fingers and then I would try to lug multiple bags up multiple flights of stairs to a dingy seventh-floor walk-up

Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali - Forrester Research

They're just trying to one-up each other. The customers always win when this

Ken Cassar - Slice Intelligence

My bet is the winning model right now for food-commerce companies is more defined by Walmart than Amazon. This is where you buy online and pick up at the store, especially where there is a convenient option for pickup, and where you do not have to get out of your

Christine Braswell

I came back out here and he was with my purse and took off and I took off after him. Me being five months pregnant, I chased a little ways then come back, jumped in the car, throw