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Jennifer Gardy
If we can't even get routine surveillance working in hot-spot settings, we have no chance of getting something even more complex, like prediction, in place.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
Wiretapping has been commented on by 407 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Wiretapping are: Sean Spicer, Devin Nunes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald J. Trump. For instance, the most recent quote from Sean Spicer is: “I know that she's supposed to make comments to a host in a few minutes to minimize this, but it is interesting because she was the one who went out and said she quote 'had nothing to do with this' on a program a few weeks ago and now…. I think it's not for me to decide who should testify or how they should do it, but I do think that there is a sharp contrast between a few weeks ago when she was very public in saying she 'didn't have any clue what Chairman Nunes was talking about' and yet now we are finding out that she's trying to figure out some friendly way of discussing this.”.
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Joe Sucher

It had a familiar feeling, albeit from a different perspective. We shot some of those same demonstrations looking for the police who were shooting the demonstrations from the other side.feedback

Max Read - New York Magazine

It is Orwellian ... in a sense that it is a surveillance company. The business model is to monitor you, to gather your data, and to create advertising categories.feedback

Josh Golin - Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

This is a huge victory for everyone who believes that corporate profits and experimentation should never come at the expense of children's privacy and well-being. We commend Mattel for listening to the child development experts and thousands of parents who told them a child's bedroom should be free of corporate surveillance and that essential caregiving functions should never be outsourced to robots.feedback

Scarlet Kim - Privacy International

Too often, the government justifies intrusive surveillance powers by telling the public that 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'. We throw that mantra back to the government: 'If you have nothing to hide about your hacking, you have nothing to hide from our courts.feedback

Asia Osborne

It's hard to find stakes that are comparable to what Havel and other dissidents experienced in Czechoslovakia 40 years ago, but we wanted to find a way to update them so that people think about their own lives and what we will stand up for and also the increasing use of surveillance and the way we give information about ourselves away so easily.feedback

Audrina Patridge

Accompanied by my father, Mark Patridge, I attempted to gain access to my home on Sept. 19. When we arrived at my house, I was shocked that [Bohan] had installed cameras throughout the house. My brother was also present. The restraining orders prohibit [Bohan] from keeping me under surveillance.feedback

Rob Gallagher

Tech is all-powerful and all-pervasive. The gaming industry reflects (and lampoons) this better than any other medium, and politicians should take note. Digital technologies have transformed everyday life. They’ve profoundly altered how we interact, express ourselves and frame our identities – and that’s just for starters. While in many cases these changes have been for the better, in others, Silicon Valley’s sleek aesthetics and fancy buzzwords have turned out to mask new forms of profiteering, surveillance and control. If we want digital technologies to be a force for good, it’s crucial to understand what’s at stake – not least for regulators, politicians and policymakers. Fortunately, we already have a fictional form that can help us do just that: the humble videogame.feedback

Jeff Flake

I don't like the concept – I don't think it's needed – of a 2,000-mile wall as some envision. It's just not needed. In some areas you just don't need it. In some areas you need wall, in some areas you need fences. In some areas you need surveillance.feedback

Kim Eng Tan - S&P Global

As part of our ongoing surveillance we do meet with the government and have calls with them. All these were done in the past few months.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Is it legal for a sitting President to be 'wiretapping' a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by the court earlier. A NEW LOW!feedback

Chamath Palihapitiya

It's already beginning because its part and parcel to [governments] realising that there's too much power unbounded.feedback

Rand Paul

I think that's one of the reasons he got elected–he told people he would take care of the people at home here in America, and that America would be first before Afghanistan, first before all the money we spend overseas. I think he still believes that. It's just a matter of, I think, his supporters need to be loud and remind him of what he said and see if we can get him to harken back to it. But in Congress, we have our own responsibility to try to assert ourselves and say 'hey, we need to be involved in this war-making power.feedback

Chamath Palihapitiya

Amazon is a microscopic portion of global consumption today, so ultimately I think it has more room to grow before it invites regulatory overview. On the other hand, Facebook and Google effectively are surveillance states. And they have so much personal, private information about so many citizens of so many countries.feedback

Chamath Palihapitiya

It is competing against fundamentally impaired companies, including Wal-Mart, quite honestly. That don't have the technical saavvy, they don't have the capabilities, specialty retailers, an entire overhang of cost structure that [Amazon doesn't] have to deal with.feedback

Amanda Cohn

Really, this study highlights how strong our vaccine safety surveillance is. This is exactly the type of signal that we see because we do such a diligent job focusing on flu vaccine safety. Clearly, we need to study this more.feedback

Eileen Myles

I remember when the [Berlin] Wall went down, and I went to an art community in East Berlin and the Stasi were opening the files. And suddenly you would realize that all your friends were writing about you. Everybody could read their own file, now, and you'd read your file to find out what your friends had said about you, to find out how you had been recorded. Everybody wondered whether they would spend the rest of their life reading about the other half, the part that had already happened. The Internet is surveillance, it's a Stasi file, and it's a celebration, too.feedback

Matt Cagle

These products can provide a very detailed picture of a person's private life.feedback

Jon Braga

From the start of this situation on Aug. 29, we have placed responsibility for the buses and passengers on the Syrian regime, who in conjunction with Lebanese Hezbollah brokered a deal with ISIS to move its terrorists into Iraq. The regime's advance past the convoy underlines continued Syrian responsibility for the buses and terrorists. As always, we will do our utmost to ensure that the ISIS terrorists do not move toward the border of our Iraqi partners.feedback

John Lanchester

Facebook, in fact, is the biggest surveillance-based enterprise in the history of mankind.feedback

Niklas Granholm - Defence Research Agency

Instead, here the approach has been to improve collaboration between the police and the armed forces, where the latter assists with surveillance or supplying resources like vehicles, for instance. Sweden did not heed the warning signals and did not act in time to strengthen its defence capabilities. Today, we don't quite project an image of security and stability and that is a precarious situation to be in. If a major crisis happens, Sweden will find itself in a tricky situation. The super powers will decide then.feedback

Deepak Malhotra

Instead of going on and on about surgery, and then going on and on about radiation, you give the prominence and salience to active surveillance.feedback

Sherri Ly

In this case, whether and where a firearm had been discharged was not immediately known, as initially there was no obvious crime scene, victim, or witnesses who remained on scene for responding officers. Subsequent investigation yielded useful camera footage from private surveillance cameras, which provided detectives with a clearer understanding of what had occurred, including the fact that the suspect fled on the street and did not enter Metro.feedback

Paul Watson

Australia is definitely in league with Japan. When our ships come in we're harassed, we're investigated, we're searched, when our crew come in from other countries they have problems getting visas. We've been applying for charity status for 10 years – they won't give it to us. This has been extremely hostile. Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite and if they know where our ships are at any given moment, they can easily avoid us.feedback

David Walker

It is a high-risk proposition – rockets do explode; CubeSats sometimes fail to open. But it's exciting, too, because we see outer space as the ultimate mirror for human aspiration.feedback

Paul Watson

What we discovered is that Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite and if they know where our ships are at any given moment, they can easily avoid us. This year Japan escalated their resistance with the passing of new anti-terrorism laws, some of which are specifically designed to condemn Sea Shepherd tactics.feedback

Paul Watson

What we discovered is that Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real-time by satellite and if they know where our ships are at any given moment, they can easily avoid us. We cannot compete with their military-grade technology. The decision we have had to face is: do we spend our limited resources on another campaign to the Southern Ocean that will have little chance of a successful intervention or do we regroup with different strategies and tactics?feedback

Igor Sutyagin

It's embarrassing for everybody. You are not guilty if you fail. You are guilty if you fail and get caught.feedback

Heather Nauert

This is something that we have not experienced in the past. We are working very hard to try to take care of our folks who are there on official duty – and trying to provide them all the care and the treatment and the support that they would need. Why do it when you want things to go well, and why the Canadians? Nobody dislikes the Canadians!feedback

James Lewis

We know with 100% certainly that the embassies are under surveillance, and the technology being used could just be crude and over-powered.feedback

John Sipher

These efforts, while designed to further surveillance and eavesdropping and not to cause malicious damage, nevertheless risked or resulted in residual physical harm to US diplomats.feedback

Micaela Elvira Martinez

There's a huge amount of taxpayer investment and human effort that goes into setting traps, checking them weekly, dissecting all those mosquitoes under a microscope, and tabulating the data. It would be a big bang for our buck to collate all that data and make it available. That's why we came up with this idea of a national surveillance system. The U.S. government should make it a requirement for mosquito-control boards to send in their data.feedback

Roxanne Connelly

As a researcher, I'd love to have access to a nation-wide mosquito surveillance database and have often wished for such a system in Florida. Trying to standardize the data, for the past or in for future, is going to be almost impossible.feedback

Carl June

They are on surveillance, we now know, for at least seven years.feedback

Maya Wang - Human Rights Watch

China is investing heavily in new surveillance technology — and exporting its Orwellian approach abroad.feedback

Ted Kaczynski

Human freedom mostly will have vanished, because individuals and small groups will be impotent vis-a-vis large organizations armed with supertechnology and an arsenal of advanced psychological and biological tools for manipulating human beings, besides instruments of surveillance and physical coercion.feedback

Fadela Chaib - World Health Organization

The response is working in some places. We can tell you that surveillance confirms a decline in suspected cases over the past four weeks in some of the most affected governorates. Most notably Sanaa city, Al-Hajjah and Amran are consistent with his decline. But in many other districts, cases and deaths persist and are on the rise.feedback

Colin Brown

PHE continues to provide ongoing expert support and advice on infection control measures to limit the spread of Candida auris in healthcare settings. Our enhanced surveillance of this uncommon fungus shows that in the UK it has mostly been detected in colonised patients, with a quarter being clinical infections.feedback

Adam Schiff

There is certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation. The American people have a right to know and in order to defend ourselves, we need to know whether the circumstantial evidence of collusion and direct evidence of deception is indicative of more.feedback

Celia Carlos

The Department of Health is doing surveillance of possible human cases especially concentrating on people who have been exposed to the affected animals or poultry.feedback

Itsunori Onodera

We are always prepared to deal with emergencies. We will maintain our monitoring and surveillance at a high level and take all possible means to cope with any situation.feedback

Teng Bingsheng

The government's control and surveillance of media is strict, and it is almost impossible for them to open that door. Although Mark Zuckerberg has visited China many times and practiced his Chinese very hard, I don't foresee any major breakthroughs for Facebook.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

As you know, most of what we're providing them is information, some surveillance capabilities with some recent transfers of a couple of Cessnas and a couple of UAVs to allow them to have better information in which to conduct the fight down there. We're providing them some training and some guidance in terms of how to deal with an enemy that fights in ways that is not like most people have ever had to deal with. Bringing our knowledge of having dealt with this enemy in other parts of the world is useful to them, and I think that is also in our national security interest as well.feedback

Greg Martin

At this point, the surveillance footage shows a Clinton Police S.U.V. overtake and activate its lights behind the S.U.V. Both vehicles then leave the view of the camera. The time signature for this footage is consistent with Officer Michael's murder.feedback

Richard Hoffman

Making decisions about surveillance testing is challenging, as evidenced by the conflicting recommendations from professional organizations. Ideally, doctors should be engaging patients and making decisions together.feedback

Ulrich Schellenberg - German Bar Association

We are heading towards a surveillance state that will give us less and less room to breath. There is no constitutional basis for the extensive use of these methods.feedback

Valerie Bannert-Thurner

Our primary goal with this is our entry into the buy-side market with a compliance solution. We talk to firms globally who are looking at how they can beef up their surveillance and improve their compliance.feedback

Tom Cole

I see no indication that that's true and so it's not a charge I would have ever made. And frankly, unless you can produce some pretty compelling proof, then I think that President Obama is owed an apology in that regard. If he didn't do it, (Trump) shouldn't be reckless in accusations that he did.feedback

Jeff Davis - Navy

The US Navy aircraft EP-3 flying in international airspace on the East China Sea was intercepted by two Chinese J-10s. One of them came underneath it at a high rate of speed, then slowed and pulled up. This caused the EP-3's T-Cast alarm to go off essentially, and it was forced to take evasive action to prevent the possibility of collision. Obviously it's something we watch very closely.feedback

Adena Friedman

Nasdaq is investing in the technologies, talent and capabilities that solve the complex challenges our clients face. We believe behavioral science, cognitive computing and machine intelligence are essential to a successful, holistic surveillance offering and critical to efficient and effective organizational compliance with an increasingly intricate global regulatory environment. This acquisition accelerates our offering to the buy-side and advances our ambitions to expand market integrity controls into all segments of the capital markets.feedback

Gary Carruesco

As some point during that contact, an officer fired several rounds striking the individual. At this point, the investigation really slows down while we interview everyone involved, all officers, and attempt to locate video surveillance and things like that.feedback

Nancy Pelosi

This is called a wrap-up smear. You make up something, then you have the press write about it, then you say everybody is writing about this charge. It's the tool of an authoritarian, to just have you always be talking about what you want them to be talking about it.feedback

Thom Bolsch

Our choice is to know in advance, to make sure we have assets in place from counter surveillance units to snipers, and everything we need is in place because we know where he's going.feedback

George Brandis

It has always been accepted that in appropriate cases, under warrant, there can be lawful surveillance of private communications. It is vitally important that the development of technology does not leave the law behind.feedback

Jack Mitchell

It often takes months or even years for the F.D.A. to detect patterns of failure. Post-market surveillance of medical devices continues to be dangerously slow and clearly inadequate to protect patients from risky devices.feedback

Winfrid Wenzel

We assume that the two suspects match the ones seen on the video footage from surveillance cameras.feedback

Jeneé Harteau

I've watched the video, and as someone whose family has included dogs most of my life, I can say that it was difficult to watch. This was an outcome that no one wanted.feedback

Tom Price

Today, I am extremely proud and excited to announce Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald as the new director of the CDC. Having known Dr. Fitzgerald for many years, I know that she has a deep appreciation and understanding of medicine, public health, policy and leadership–all qualities that will prove vital as she leads the CDC in its work to protect America's health 24/7. We look forward to working with Dr. Fitzgerald to achieve President Trump's goal of strengthening public health surveillance and ensuring global health security at home and abroad. Congratulations to Dr. Fitzgerald and her family.feedback

Shad Ewart

If the legislation says you must have fencing with video surveillance, well, that's good for the fencing and video industries.feedback

Dennis Onyango

We are going to make a formal complaint to government later this week.feedback

Richard Lewis

So many people enjoy queuing. I don't think it will ever be unsustainable but it's a victim of its own success at the moment. We put out messages often where we say the queue is full. Predicting how many people will get in is the trick. The most visible difference is the vehicle blockers in the park, which have been put in based on recommendations of the security services for obvious reasons because of recent terrorist attacks. There's other increased measures in place but most of them are below the radar. There's an increase in surveillance both from the security services and ourselves.feedback

Maciej Ceglowski

I enjoy the looking-glass aspect of our industry, where running a mildly profitable small business makes me a crazy maverick not afraid to break all the rules. I was frustrated that everyone fixated on the NSA, while meanwhile the apparatus of commercial surveillance was orders of magnitude bigger.feedback

Sammy Wilson

One of the intelligent solutions is to use electronic surveillance of trade across the border, using vehicle recognition numbers. – You do not need border posts, you do not need to stop people and you will back up this with occasional physical checks if you felt that that is needed.feedback

Bradley Brooker

From a privacy and civil liberties perspective, we find this unpalatable.feedback

Dianne Feinstein

Technology and communications change, and a sunset allows us to review and revise such as may be necessary.feedback

Dick Durbin

How are we supposed to believe we have great transparency if you can't even identify for us how many Americans have been swept up?feedback

Bradley Brooker

Unfortunately, we were unable to develop an accurate, meaningful and cost-effective methodology.feedback

Elizabeth Goitein

We've had a change of administration and the government has now backed off of providing that information.feedback

Dick Durbin

What about the privacy of the Americans who are not in this room?feedback

Candy Lau

You see how mass surveillance is so pervasive in China. If Hong Kong gets worse, it may become that way, and it may not become safe anymore. It's an invisible fear.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Well I didn't tape him. You never know what's happening when you see that the Obama administration and perhaps longer than that was doing all this unmasking and surveillance and you read all about it and I've been reading about it for the last couple of months about the seriousness of the horribleness of the situation of surveillance all over the place. But I didn't tape, and I don't have any tapes, and I didn't tape, but when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, I think his story may have changed.feedback

Chris Berry

This is an unstable regime and one that's hostile toward United States residents. Travelers will be under surveillance, and their electronic devices may be searched. It would be prudent for travelers not to go.feedback

Peter Daszak

If you are an organization that is doing surveillance to stop the next Ebola – and we know there are a hundred other Ebola viruses we have not discovered out there on the planet – this paper says where they would be.feedback

Édouard Philippe

What I know at this stage is that the first weapons permit was given before this individual was flagged up. If you take away a permit from someone who is the subject of surveillance or being monitored, he will quickly understand why it has been taken away. … It's a difficult decision.feedback

Eduardo Guerrero

Mexican security agencies wouldn't ask for a court order, because they know they wouldn't get one. I mean, how could a judge authorize surveillance of someone dedicated to the protection of human rights? There, of course, is no basis for that intervention, but that is besides the point. No one in Mexico ever asks for permission to do so.feedback

Luis Fernando Garcia

The fact that the government is using high-tech surveillance against human rights defenders and journalists exposing corruption, instead of those responsible for those abuses, says a lot about who the government works for.feedback

Sammy Wilson

One of the intelligent solutions is to use electronic surveillance of trade across the border using vehicle recogntion number, matching that up to the invoices which people will have to supply anyway and do supply at present, and that's one way of monitoring trade back and forth across the border. You don't need border posts, you don't need to stop people ; of course you would back that up with the occasional physical checks if you felt that that was needed.feedback

Mark Rumold - Electronic Frontier Foundation

The primary argument the provider used to challenge the directive is almost entirely redacted. If it was substantial enough for a company to raise it before the intelligence court, then it's substantial enough for Congress to look into it and to make it public during the FISA Amendments Act reauthorization debate.feedback

Ashley Gorski - American Civil Liberties Union

This challenge to the government's warrantless spying under Section 702 underscores just how controversial this mass surveillance program really is, and why it must be significantly reformed. The anonymous tech company that brought this challenge should be commended for defending its users' privacy, and other companies must do the same by fighting for critical reforms in the courts and in Congress.feedback

Christopher Ruddy - Newsmax

I spoke with the president twice yesterday about the wiretap story. I haven't seen him this [mad] in a long time. When I mentioned Obama 'denials' about the wiretaps, he shot back: 'This will be investigated, it will all come out. I will be proven right.' . At 70, he is also not about to change. He won't stop saying things that rub people the wrong way. And he will not stop tweeting – nor should he (though perhaps there should be a process for reviewing his tweets before posting).feedback

Adham al-Karad

Our surveillance shows troop carriers and heavy armour ... if it continues at this same level of reinforcements, this will be very large.feedback

Jim O'Neill - Bruegel

As part of his work for Hezbollah, Kourani and others allegedly conducted covert surveillance of potential targets, including U.S. military bases and Israeli military personnel here in New York City. Pre-operational surveillance is one of the hallmarks of Hezbollah in planning for future attacks.feedback

Donald J. Trump

With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea whether there are 'tapes' or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings. James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!feedback

Claire Lauterbach - Privacy International

It's hard to imagine a legitimate reason for having this kind of extensive data on people's movements, unless it's part of a broader surveillance effort. And given Egypt's human rights record, that's not a very positive sign.feedback

Anne Schuchat

We do agree that the disease went up and it's come down, but that the risk is ongoing and that's why they are continuing intensive surveillance and outreach.feedback

Keir Starmer

Last year, we had the Investigatory Powers Bill, which was a bill bringing together all the powers of the security intelligence services in terms of surveillance and everything that they do. I led the Labour Party on that. And we supported that bill. As far as I know, Jeremy voted. Certainly the Labour Party had a three line whip on it, and I led for that on it and we worked with the Prime Minister. He was the leader of the party who imposed a three line whip on it. Well I mean I don't know. You know better than I do. I haven't gone through the voting lists.feedback

Devin Nunes

There was no wiretapping of Trump Tower – that didn't happen.feedback

Ron Wyden

I have long disagreed with Comey about surveillance, about encryption, about secret legal interpretations. But I continue to believe the timing of the decision to fire James Comey just stinks. This, is an opportunity to get on the record what the status of the investigation was at the time of his firing. The president would do well to remember that in America, the truth always comes out.feedback

David Anderson

Every power that the police and the intelligence services use or want to use in this country, is now set out very clearly in black and white.feedback

Tim Farron

The alternative is a government that monitors and controls the internet in the way that China or North Korea does. If we turn the internet into a tool for censorship and surveillance, the terrorists will have won. We won't make ourselves safer by making ourselves less free. In the choice between cuts to corporation tax and properly funding our police, we should fund our police. Let's be clear – fewer police on the beat means fewer conversations, less information being passed on and less knowledge about who's who and who needs to be kept under surveillance.feedback

Tim Farron

We have a government anti-terrorism engagement strategy that isn't trusted and doesn't listen to communities, even when they do try to speak out about those – like Salman Abedi – who are considered a danger. In the choice between ineffective mass surveillance, and investment in the sort of intelligence we are told is best – on the ground and closest to our communities, trusted and appreciated – Theresa May chose the former through the Investigatory Powers Act.feedback

Tim Farron

These issues are not going be solved with political gimmicks or by banning particular technologies. Instead of posturing, politicians need to work with technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and with other countries, to develop solutions that work to keep people safe. I trust our police and security services … they have some of the most extensive powers in any democracy anywhere in the world. In the choices we make we should provide the resources necessary for those who keep us safe to do their jobs with the powers they have been given.feedback

Tim Farron

Theresa May now has a choice. Does she publish that report or keep it hidden? Theresa May talks of the need to have some difficult and sometimes embarrassing conversations. That should include exposing and rooting out the source funding of terror, even it means difficult and embarrassing conversations with those like Saudi Arabia that the government claims are our allies.feedback

Tim Farron

We should also jealously guard the hard-won liberties that define us as a country. If we make the wrong choices those who seek to change our way of life have won.feedback

Thomas Drake

If there was anything exceptional about America, it was our Constitution . . . and yet, here I was, seeing it unravel, in secret, from within the government. To me, this still really matters.feedback

Wayne Murphy - National Security Agency

The NSA has never . . . at any time conducted 'mass' or 'blanket' surveillance, interception, or analysis . . . of e-mail, text message, telephone, or other telecommunications in Salt Lake City or the vicinity of the 2002 Winter Olympic venues, whether during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games or otherwise.feedback

Rocky Anderson

It's incredibly important that the public be aware of what our government's doing, and all of us standing up against it. We need to let our elected officials know that we will resist in any way possible this rather sudden transformation of our country, not only to a surveillance state, but to a nation where the rule of law seems to mean very little.feedback

Vladimir Putin

Snowden was right in that sense [that NSA surveillance had gone to far]. But I don't think he should have done it. I trust them.feedback

Donald J. Trump

The big story is the 'unmasking and surveillance' of people that took place during the Obama Administration.feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

We will protect the people of this country from any threat that they face anywhere in the world. We will invest properly in our police service, we will invest properly in our armed services, the numbers in the armed services have gone down, the Navy are crying out for more ships, the Air Force are crying out for more surveillance aircraft. If we did use it, millions are going to die. You have to think these things through. I will decide on the circumstances at the time.feedback

Devin Nunes

The big story is the 'unmasking and surveillance' of people that took place during the Obama Administration. Seeing a lot of fake news from media elites and others who have no interest in violations of Americans' civil liberties via unmaskings.feedback

Maya Wang - Human Rights Watch

Under president Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has promulgated new laws, as well as increased surveillance, to tighten control over these groups. The fact that they were investigating Ivanka Trump's brand likely add to this heightened level of official scrutiny.feedback

Eliot Cohen

What is not normal, is asking a hostile government to provide secure comms to avoid FBI/NSA surveillance.feedback

Paul Nuttall

Now, if you consider that it costs roundly a million pounds year to have 24/7 surveillance on these people, we're talking a vast amount of money. If I'm prepared to stand up say that I believe in the death penalty, then you know, maybe I would pull the lever on people like Ian Brady in the past. I don't want to be an executioner, but I just believe people like Ian Brady who commit awful crimes against children - I don't see why British taxpayers have to pay much money to keep someone like that alive.feedback

Sanjay Srivastava - World Bank Group

A programme of more than 3,000 children and citizens of Kabwe would be subjected to constant medical surveillance and treatment programmes and anyone who showed a high blood lead level would be subjected to treatment as well. The government finally recognises there is an issue and and they have to address it.feedback

Stephen Fry

The dark side of the rise of machines and the sudden obsolescence of so many careers and jobs; the potential for crime, exploitation, extortion; suppression and surveillance; and even newer forms of cyberterrorism, give us the collywobbles and are challenges for certain. But we must understand that it is going to happen, collywobbles or not, because the lid is already off the jar. So the best we can do is keep the lid of the jar and let hope fly out.feedback

Clint Watts

Why would Kushner want a secret channel? What information would the Trump team want to make sure is hidden from U.S. intelligence? The idea of using Russian facilities to skirt Russian surveillance in the U.S. would either be a serious attempt to hide something or the actions of a young amateur.feedback

Spencer Bogart

Their reason for disapproval was the underlying markets for bitcoin, which haven't changed in the weeks since they made their decision. One of the issues was that Bats hadn't set up surveillance-sharing agreements with the major exchanges on which bitcoin is traded, with the purpose of identifying and stomping out market manipulation. Even if they did, a lot of those exchanges reside in jurisdictions that don't have much of a regulatory body that can go and take action against people that are doing something bad to the market.feedback

Patrick Toomey

This is an important victory for the rule of law. The NSA has secretly spied on Americans' internet communications for years, but now this surveillance will finally face badly needed scrutiny in our public courts. We look forward to arguing this case on the merits. Our government shouldn't be searching the private communications of innocent people in bulk, examining the contents of Americans' emails and chats day in and day out. This mass surveillance threatens the foundations of a free internet.feedback

Lyle Petersen

Our most recent surveillance data show that we have documented 36,583 cases of Zika virus disease in the U.S. territories and 5,282 in U.S. states and DC.feedback

Dan Coats

European tourist sites, such as cultural monuments, transportation hubs, shopping malls, and restaurants will almost certainly continue to be targeted because they are easily accessible. In the past year, ISIS use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) for surveillance and delivery of explosives has increased, posing a new threat to civilian infrastructure and military installations.feedback

Albert Diaz

To put it simply, Wikimedia has plausibly alleged that its communications travel all of the roads that a communication can take, and that the N.S.A. seizes all of the communications along at least one of those roads. Thus, at least at this stage of the litigation, Wikimedia has standing to sue for a violation of the Fourth Amendment.feedback

Keijiro Kimura

They just enjoy picking up the funny things of the minister who cannot explain things very well.feedback

Hiroshi Hiraguchi

It is further clear that common people will not be the target of punishment stipulated by this legislation.feedback

Kanako Takayama

It's so vague that it allows the police to justify whatever they do. If you buy a pair of scissors, that may be viewed as preparing for a crime.feedback

Joe Cannataci - United Nations

With great power comes great responsibility. Yet this bill is not accompanied by a stiffening of measures intended to safeguard privacy. Other rights like freedom of speech and freedom of association are likewise not reinforced.feedback

Koichi Nakano

There are no apparent reasons certain crimes are covered and others are not. There will be more self-censorship in a country where there is already not a very vibrant civil society.feedback

Kenta Yamada

How far are we willing to sacrifice our privacy is the question. We may possibly get into the world of '1984.feedback

Keiichi Ishii

The role of the Japanese Coastguard is becoming all the more important with the surveillance of waters around the Senkaku islands, and dealing with repeated missile launches by North Korea.feedback

Dorri Benjamin

As soon as they started with the surveillance video, I immediately looked at the guy in the video and Mr. Gills and said, That is not him.feedback

Alistair Carmichael

Instead of spying on the entire population's web histories and undermining the encryption that, for example, allows us to bank online safely, Liberal Democrats would put money back into community policing and concentrate on intelligence-led, targeted surveillance. A Conservative landslide would give Theresa May a blank cheque to implement these draconian spying powers and Labour have shown they are incapable of opposing them. A strong Liberal Democrat opposition is crucial to challenge this government, stand up for people's civil liberties and change Britain's future.feedback

Graham Cluley

There are other criminals who've launched this attack, and they are ultimately responsible for this. But there's clearly some culpability on the part of the US intelligence services. Because they could have done something ages ago to get this problem fixed, and they didn't do it. Obviously, they want those tools in order to spy on people of interest, on other countries, to conduct surveillance. It's a handy thing to have, but it's a dangerous thing to have. Because they can be used against you. And that's what's happening right now.feedback

Pamela Kunze - Navy

The interaction was considered safe and professional by the P-8A's mission commander. Distance is only one of many variables considered when defining what is safe and professional. Every event is unique and any single variable does not define an event. It is up to the commander of the vessel – whether ship or aircraft – to evaluate all of the variables and assess each interaction individually.feedback

Peter Hotez

We had the sense that Congress was really not aware of the depth and breath of the vulnerability of the Gulf Coast regions. One of the problems is we do not do active surveillance for Zika along the Gulf Coast.feedback

Eric Phillips

The first deputy mayor first learned about both the car use and the telephone surveillance matters after the D.O.I. investigations were ongoing. It is of course the responsibility of every city employee to report to D.O.I. corrupt or other criminal activity or conflicts of interest.feedback

Neema Singh Guliani

Whether the next person adopts those views or not, or whether they take a position that is much more responsive to those [privacy] concerns, I just don't know. I think that if we look at the appointees to date, many of them have had very concerning positions on surveillance.feedback

Amie Stepanovich

Comey has definitely been bad on human-rights issues. He's been in favor of expanding surveillance powers. He's been in opposition to critical digital-security tools, like encryption. We've definitely had several run-ins with him.feedback

Heather Jones

There were 32 surveillance cameras in the house, which included cameras in the backyard, to watch him all night long. One of their forms of abuse was him standing in one position for long periods of time with his hands above his head. He wasn't allowed to take his hands down.feedback

James R. Clapper Jr.

There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.feedback

Perry Link

The effect of that surveillance is less that certain people are caught and punished and more that virtually all Chinese students know they – could – be reported and, therefore, watch what they say in public fora.feedback

James Comey - FBI

This is a tool that is essential to the safety of this country. I did not say the same thing about the collection of telephone dialing information by the N.S.A. I think that's a useful tool; 702 is an essential tool, and if it goes away, we'll be less safe as a country. And I mean that.feedback

Bob Goodlatte

I know there are some people who want a clean reauthorization of Section 702. I don't believe that is possible.feedback

Donald J. Trump

I don't stand by anything. I just – you can take it the way you want. I think our side's been proven very strongly. And everybody's talking about it. And frankly it should be discussed. I think that is a very big surveillance of our citizens. I think it's a very big topic. And it's a topic that should be number one. And we should find out what the hell is going on.feedback

John Dickerson

I think it was pretty clear that I was to escort myself out, or I would be escorted out – I would be moved along. It was time for our conversation to be over.feedback

Jim Killock - Open Rights Group

The UK now has a surveillance law that is more suited to a dictatorship than a democracy. The state has unprecedented powers to monitor and analyse UK citizens' communications regardless of whether we are suspected of any criminal activity.feedback

Renate Samson - Big Brother Watch

The passing of (investigatory powers bill) these laws has fundamentally changed the face of surveillance in this country. None of us online are now guaranteed the right to communicate privately and, most importantly, securely.feedback

Jim Killock - Open Rights Group

The government failed to protect journalists when it passed the Investigatory Powers Act. Now, the Law Commission has proposed to send them to prison if they so much as handle official data. This comes at a time when we must be able to hold the government to account over its vast surveillance powers … Mass surveillance chills freedom of expression and undermines democracy.feedback

Jim Killock - Open Rights Group

Extensive surveillance powers are threatening investigative journalism and freedom of expression in the UK. In just four years, the UK has fallen 10 places in the World Press Freedom Index – a deeply worrying trend that needs to be addressed.feedback

Chris Moody

Recent reports about Twitter data being used for surveillance have caused us great concern. As a company, our commitment to social justice is core to our mission and well established. And our policies in this area are long-standing. Using Twitter's Public APIs or data products to track or profile protesters and activists is absolutely unacceptable and prohibited. To be clear: we prohibit developers using the Public APIs and Gnip data products from allowing law enforcement – or any other entity – to use Twitter data for surveillance purposes. Period.feedback

Seymour Deitchman

Unattended border surveillance devices would still require considerable effort for maintenance and replacement of defunct units, in addition to a massive command and control system to identify points of intrusion.feedback

Claudia Rankine

That's one thing about being black in America. You have to curtail your movements, to live in such a way that what the white gaze projects upon blackness will not end your life. So you're always thinking, can I walk at night? Can I hold Skittles in my hand? Can I have my cellphone out? If it glitters, will somebody think it's a gun? At what point can I just be? It's been fascinating to see a word become its consonants, lose its vowels, be connected to an arm movement.feedback

Zhao Weifeng

It's just sad to be watched all the time. Parents need to learn to be hands-off. Classrooms are enclosed spaces, so the activities of students like reading and eating snacks should be regarded as private. Living under surveillance and fear will hurt students' potential to grow.feedback

Xiong Bingqi

If classrooms are under surveillance at all times, instruction will definitely be influenced by outside factors and the opinions of whoever is watching.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We completely agreed to strongly demand that North Korea, who's been repeatedly dangerous and provocative, show restraint. We'll maintain close contact with U.S. and high level of monitoring and surveillance as we respond firmly on North Korea.feedback

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

This is what the president ran on. We want to get to a place this week where border-security money is being directed to the Department of Homeland Security so that we can begin surveillance and preliminary work, and then we will keep working on getting DHS what it needs for the structure.feedback

Joseph McCormick

We have to have better surveillance so that we know if the virus is expanding, where is it going. We need human surveillance and some mosquito surveillance to know where the mosquitoes are.feedback

Steven Mnuchin

We look to the IMF to highlight where surplus countries can more forcefully contribute to support symmetric adjustment in pursuit of a fairer global system.feedback

Jonathan Turley

We would be deeply troubled by the Justice Department planting a bug in a congressional office. This is actually far worse. You have someone moving around like a human surveillance device.feedback

Rukmini Callimachi

In all of the areas that I have visited, ISIS dug a complicated network of tunnels. And so what they're able to do is they retreat inside the tunnels. And then from there, they're able to send a drone up into the air. So they're completely protected and unseen from our surveillance. And yet, they're able to see. So what they suspect is happening is that the drone is sent out to collect information to identify the location of where the enemy troops are. And then from there, they're able to pinpoint that place and then start aiming mortars at it as well as aiming munitions from the drone itself.feedback

John Nicholson

This was the right weapon against the right target. I want to assure the people of Afghanistan that our forces take every possible precaution to prevent civilian casualties. We had persistent surveillance over the area before and during after the operation and now we have Afghan and US forces on the site and see no evidence of civilian casualties, nor are there any reports of civilian casualties. [Isis] has sent suicide bombers to attack peaceful demonstrations and have killed and wounded hundreds of innocent civilians.feedback

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

Allies sent Awacs surveillance planes to help patrol American skies and we launched NATO's biggest military operation ever in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Canadian soldiers have served shoulder to shoulder with American troops. More than 1,000 have paid the ultimate price. Our mission in Afghanistan is a major contribution to the fight against international terrorism.feedback

James R. Clapper Jr.

For the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as D.N.I., there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.feedback

James Comey - FBI

It is a pain in the neck to get permission to conduct electronic surveillance in the United States. And that's good,'' he told an audience at the University of Texas in Austin.feedback

Carter Page

It shows how low the Clinton/Obama regime went to destroy our democracy and suppress dissidents who did not fully support their failed foreign policy. I have frequently dined in Trump Grill, had lunch in Trump Café, had coffee meetings in the Starbucks at Trump Tower, attended events and spent many hours in campaign headquarters on the fifth floor last year.feedback

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

Because of the rising use of active surveillance, some are getting more years of life without side effects.feedback

Edward E. Baptist

Our goal is to ultimately collect all the runaway ads that have survived. They are these little windows. I call them the tweets of the master class. The purpose is to alert the surveillance system that was the entire body of white people in the South to help this individual recover this human property. There was a wave of anti-literacy laws. Slave owners knew if some men and women were literate, they could write passes to freedom.feedback

Heather Fritz Horniak

It is important to note that CIA is legally prohibited from conducting electronic surveillance targeting individuals here at home, including our fellow Americans, and CIA does not do so.feedback

Alex H. Krist

Active surveillance is a way we can reduce some of the harms like overtreatment, and the side effects of overtreatment. Men who have more urgent medical issues might see screening as a lower priority.feedback

John Conyers

It is clear that Section 702 surveillance programs can and do collect information about U.S. persons, on subjects unrelated to counter-terrorism. It is imperative that we understand the size of this impact on U.S. persons as our committee proceeds with the debate on reauthorization.feedback

Orin Kerr

President Trump recently signed a congressional resolution completing the repeal of broadband privacy rules announced by the Obama-era Federal Communications Commission. According to news reports, the purpose of the repeal was to allow broadband Internet service providers to conduct the same sort of monitoring of user online activities, such as Web-surfing habits, that companies like Google and Facebook can conduct.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

President Trump’s wild accusation and the right-wing media’s eagerness to support the claims of the Trump White House, working in cahoots with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), that there was nefarious “unmasking” of Trump associates picked up in surveillance of Russian officials has proved to be a colossal flop. Nunes wound up discrediting himself and implicating White House staffers in a half-baked scheme to deflect attention from the president.feedback

Roger Ailes - Fox

The culture of fear and surveillance created a chilling effect. Employees could not trust that there were safeguards that would protect them from retaliation.feedback

Judy Woodruff

[I]n essence, during the final days of the Obama administration, during the transition after President Trump had been elected, he and the people around him may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and that their identities may have been disclosed. Do you know anything about this?feedback

Susan E. Rice

The allegations that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes are absolutely false. [Unmasking] is necessary to do my job. ... Imagine if we saw something of grave significance about Russia, or China, or anybody else interfering with our political process.feedback

Eli Lake - Bloomberg

White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of US persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to US officials familiar with the matter.feedback

Ken Dilanian - National Broadcasting Company

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday flatly denied that she sought to improperly 'unmask' Trump campaign officials whose conversations were caught on surveillance by U.S. intelligence services. The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,' Rice said in an exclusive interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell. 'That's absolutely false.' Rice added that it's not unusual to request the identities of people caught on intelligence surveillance.feedback

David Thompson

So we think this means that at least one police officer managed to get him or herself into this core group of organizers and might still be there for all we know. And that's disturbing.feedback

Arthur Eisenberg

A 'sit-in' is not the same as an act of violence, and the police should not be engaged in maximal surveillance for non-violent activity.feedback

Paul Pillar

We should be disturbed if whoever was in office was not keeping close tabs on that sort of thing. This whole story strikes me as just more of the effort to divert attention from the issue of the relations that Trump and his associates have had with Russia, and as part of the diversion to try to suggest impropriety of some sort on the part of the Obama administration.feedback

Tom Cotton

Susan Rice is the Typhoid Mary of the Obama administration foreign policy. Every time something went wrong, she seemed to turn up in the middle of it, whether it was these allegations of improper unmasking, intentional or improper surveillance, whether it's Benghazi or the other fiascos over the eight years of the Obama administration.feedback

Susan Hennessey

Nothing in this story indicates anything improper. What we're seeing here is US officials doing jobs to respond to what had markers of a counterintelligence threat: the Trump campaign.feedback

Svetlana Petrenko

Forensic experts have also discovered Jalilov's genetic traces on a bag containing an explosive device left at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station. This evidence as well as the surveillance cameras give us reason to believe the person behind the terrorist act in the train was the same who left that bag at Ploshchad Vosstaniya station.feedback

Ed Rogers

It is said that Watergate wasn’t about the crime, but about the coverup. Well, at least in the Watergate scandal, there was a proper crime - specifically, the break-in and wiretapping. The media hasn’t even settled on what to call its quest for a potentially nefarious Russia-Trump link. The whole pursuit is vaguely referred to as looking at President Trump’s “links, ” “ties, ” “associations” or “contacts” with Russia. Since this is Washington, let’s give it an acronym: L-TACs. With no end in sight, the manic pursuit of L-TACs has produced a basket of denials, lies, half-baked plots, evasions, one-off non sequiturs, side tracks, conspiracies and suspicions between the Trump administration, Democrats and the media. The frenzy has created a scandal without perpetrators or a crime. There is a sense that Washington is on the brink, but no one can say on the brink of what.feedback

Sean Spicer

I know that she's supposed to make comments to a host in a few minutes to minimize this, but it is interesting because she was the one who went out and said she quote 'had nothing to do with this' on a program a few weeks ago and now…. I think it's not for me to decide who should testify or how they should do it, but I do think that there is a sharp contrast between a few weeks ago when she was very public in saying she 'didn't have any clue what Chairman Nunes was talking about' and yet now we are finding out that she's trying to figure out some friendly way of discussing this.feedback

Eli Lake - Bloomberg

Rice's requests to unmask the names of Trump transition officials do not vindicate Trump's own tweets from March 4 in which he accused Obama of illegally tapping Trump Tower. There remains no evidence to support that claim.feedback

Dan Scavino Jr.

Lyin', leakin' Susan Rice stammered through her soft ball interview with Dem PR person Andrea Mitchell.feedback

Greg Nojeim

A search of your cell phone or social media account is a direct look behind the curtain that covers the most intimate aspects of your life. A border stop shouldn't be an excuse for extreme surveillance such as downloading the entire contents of your phone.feedback

Sean Spicer

We're not going to start going down guessing the motives of something that is not assumed in fact yet.feedback

John Oliver

That initially sounded like it could back up Trump's claims that President Obama wiretapped him. But it quickly unraveled as Nunes conceded the surveillance was routine appeared to be completely legal, occurred after the election and may not have even targeted Trump or his transition team but rather foreign individuals discussing the transition.feedback

John Oliver

Devin took what appears to be an unnecessary trip to tell what appears to be unimportant news to what may have been the source of the news itself, . So what Nunes brought to light has turned out to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors as convoluted as it is pointless. Truly, it is the Now You See Me of revelations. But wait, because Stupid Watergate found a way to get even stupider. Because the surveillance Nunes was studying concerned the Trump transition team, of which one member was, you guessed it, Devin f---ing Nunes.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

You’d think he would get tired of losing. “Ten weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump hasn’t had an easy week yet. Mr. Trump has hit regular high points-the nomination of a Supreme Court justice, a smooth speech to a joint session of Congress, an active deal-making role in health-care negotiations. But they have each been punctured, within hours or days, by low points-courts blocking his travel restrictions, an early-morning tweet about wiretapping, and the collapse of those talks to repeal the Affordable Care Act.”.feedback

William F. Kuntz

From the beginning, Ms. Lenich has wanted to fully accept responsibility for her actions in this case. She wanted to plead guilty at the first opportunity.feedback

Morris J. Fodeman

We take comfort in knowing that Judge Kuntz will consider Ms. Lenich's exemplary personal and professional life when she is sentenced.feedback

Tara Lenich

Between approximately 2015 and 2016, while I was working at the Kings County District Attorney's office here in Brooklyn, I intentionally forged court orders that allowed me to wiretap cellphones for two different people.feedback

Sean Spicer

On March 2, the day before the president's tweet, comments by senior administration official and foreign policy expert Dr. Evelyn Farkas, together with previous reports, raised serious concerns on whether there was an organized and widespread effort by the Obama administration to use and leak highly sensitive intelligence information to political purposes. Dr. Farkas's admissions alone are devastating. We're committed to working with the House and Senate committees to get to the bottom of what happened here. No, I don't.feedback

Sean Spicer

[I]f I can go back for a second to something that the Obama administration's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense noted very clearly on the record, that they were engaged in an effort to spread information about Trump officials that had come up in intelligence. That's not – that is several networks. Evelyn Farkas made that proclamation about what was going on during the Obama administration regarding the Trump team. So that is something that they made very clear on the record.feedback

Marianne Sinka

But at the end of the day, accurate mosquito surveillance is essential. If these guys can set up a successful citizen science project to get us closer to this goal, it can only be a good thing.feedback

Peter King - Homeland Security

There were telephone conversations apparently between foreigners, the surveillance of those conversations was very legitimate.feedback

Sean Spicer

It is a fairly comprehensive undertaking of every asset that a person owns, every debt that they have and I think that that is a very clear understanding of the assets that people have, the value of those assets, both in terms of whether they're worth something or the liabilities that they're incurring. That is a very, very transparent way of being able to understand someone's – and so, to equate the two is rather….feedback

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

It's so cavalier and unbelievable that I just wonder whether this person knows what the heck she's talking about. What it means and what she meant by that, and whether that has anything to do with the issues in regard to surveillance of Trump transition team members is something that we need to figure out this morning and throughout the day.feedback

Sean Spicer

We are willing to provide them with information that we have, the materials that we have come across, and I think that is an important step. I cannot get into who those individuals were.feedback

Sarah Posner

A blockbuster scoop in today’s New York Times reports that two White House officials helped House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes access intelligence reports showing that President Donald Trump and his associates were subject to “incidental collection” as U.S. intelligence agencies conducted routine foreign surveillance.feedback