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Amado Ortiz
The world was falling around us and he came to save ours. It's the greatest message of love and example of strength and bravery for the world. It was a miracle.feedback
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Sep 22 2017
Women has been commented on by 818 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Women are: Hillary Clinton, Liam Smith, Melanie Lockert and Donald J. Trump. For instance, the most recent quote from Hillary Clinton is: “It wasn't easy, it was painful. It was horrible, reliving it, being as open and candid about the mistakes I made. I was trying to come to grips with everything from sexism and misogyny … to the Russians. Because I believe so strongly that they succeeded in messing up our democracy. I don't think anybody can with a straight face say that the Russians did not set out to influence our election.”.
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Melanie Lockert

I felt overwhelmed every single day. I felt like there was an elephant on my chest. I felt hopeless.feedback

Melanie Lockert

It was the most amount of money I had made in my life. The key was that I kept my lifestyle the same as I made more money. I needed the rest. I realized I could take trips more often without debt. That trip helped me stay the course for six more months. I kept saying my life is going to be different once I'm not paying $1,000 to $3,000 a month to debt. I have accomplished all of those things.feedback

Melanie Lockert

I quit my job, moved across the U.S. and took on a boatload of debt. I had to cut back everything.feedback

Melanie Lockert

If you want to make progress, you have to focus on making more.feedback

Melanie Lockert

There was realistically no way in hell that was going to happen.feedback

Melanie Lockert

It definitely helped. I never thought I would get a master's degree and be on food stamps. I did some pretty weird and interesting things. I was eating free for a week – better food than I could make.feedback

Jill Waibel

Seeing such a beautiful and courageous woman like Kim regain her mobility, sensation and a dramatic reduction in her daily pain level has been so fulfilling for me in my work as a doctor and as a friend. It's so pleasing to see the successful results of her scar treatments.feedback

Lady Gaga

Yet I am so humbled by the side of family that breeds love from the world, the voice I've been given by my fans to spread messages of empowerment and equality, the fortunate life it's brought to me and my family and how we can now give to others in need. I'm just a girl trying to become a woman, who loves to write music, to sing, to play piano, guitar, dance, perform, and act. A girl who loves her fans and wants them to grow with her, as we symbiotically empower one another to be braver and kinder.feedback

Allyson Carpenter

What does Comey have to tell me about being a black woman? Why not Susan Rice, who also stood up to Trump?feedback

Lady Gaga

My threshold for bullshit with men is… I don't have one anymore. I just don't care. Maybe cause I'm 30 and I feel better than ever, you know? All my insecurities are gone, I don't feel insecure about who am I as a woman. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what I have. If I had kept that gap, then I would have even more problems with Madonna. The whole right side of my body is in a spasm. My fucking face hurts. Let's put Trump on. That'll knock me out. I have chased this pain for five years. When I feel the adrenaline from my fans, I can fucking go. But it's not like I'm not in pain.feedback

Iris Drotlett

It's been quite difficult for them to make friends. They have another way of playing, it's not really a language issue.feedback

Thomas Walde

People are generally quite happy. Then Germans look around the world and they see, Brexit, Donald Trump, the refugee crisis ... all these challenges and Merkel is seen as a steady hand.feedback

Silvio Reichelt

It's because she cares for her people as a mother. For the last three years we've had a balanced budget and that's what a mother does, she makes sure the family has money.feedback

Lore Freitag

I've seen her on television and she's a very simple, humble and a down-to-earth woman.feedback

Martin Klepper

I think that's the secret to her magic, to her success.feedback

Thomas Walde

She's not an ideologue. She has a practical approach and Germans appreciate that.feedback

Martin Klepper

Germans are very wary or careful about extremism after the Nazis. Right-wing extremism is not really acceptable nor is too much in the other direction.feedback

Thomas Walde

In the eyes of German voters, Merkel represents stability, calm, steadiness and prosperity.feedback

Norbert Lösing

It's very German to stick to what is working. There are a lot of problems in other countries, think Donald Trump or Brexit … with Merkel there is a sense that there is no great problem that she couldn't overcome and that she's a politician you can trust.feedback

Harald Sauer

People have commented that they've seen refugees carrying crates of beer. They complain that those who paid into their pension pot for 40 years don't get as much as refugees.feedback

Ute Eisel

I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Merkel. I think she handled the refugee crisis really well.feedback

Margot Lee Shetterly

Today all of these things seem inevitable. But without her past full of diverging roads and choices that made all the difference we would not be standing on the brink of this future. We are living in a present that they willed into existence with their pencils, their slide rules, their mechanical calculating machines and, of course, their brilliant minds.feedback

Barack Obama

If you think your job is pressure-packed, hers meant that forgetting to carry the one might send somebody floating off into the solar system.feedback

Cyd Zeigler

So on the one hand, the presence of the L.G.B.T. community is an inherent part of the existence of the WTA now. On the flip side, it's interesting that really for the first time in four decades, there is no high-profile L.G.B.T. woman competing on the tour, which is kind of odd, given the history and the incredible success of these women.feedback

Paul Surridge

It isn't intellectual – it's a deliberate move away from that sort of fashion. This woman … is athletic, beautiful and she doesn't want to be questioned.feedback

Timo Doleys

You can't help but see comic potential in a woman who has said the best thing about Germany is its draftproof windows. At the same time that statement pretty much sums up why people like her.feedback

Catherine Griffiths

The family have lived here about two or three years. The little boy used to play with all the children here.feedback

Catherine Griffiths

They seemed a lovely family. The little boy used to play football outside. He was adorable. I only saw them a couple of days ago.feedback

Jean-Paul Agon - L'Oréal

We all had a deep admiration for Liliane Bettencourt who has always watched over L'Oreal, the company and its employees, and who was very attached to its success and development. She personally contributed a lot to its success for very many years. A great woman of beauty has left us and we will never forget her.feedback

Jacqueline Adan

I know this journey can be hard and it can be scary. I know when other people make fun of us, and judge us and try to bring us down that it is so hard to just brush it off. But I promise that with time, you can learn to not take those comments and those people to heart. Because those people and how they feel about us don't matter – it's how we feel about ourselves that matters!feedback

Jacqueline Adan

Knowing that it has reached so many people, and that I am getting so many comments and messages of people telling me how much this post has helped them truly means the world to me! I want people to know that if I can feel confident and beautiful in my body, with lots of loose skin, even after losing 350 lbs., then I hope they can focus on who they are and forget everyone else who tries to bring them down!feedback

Jacqueline Adan

For a brief moment, I thought to myself, I can't do this. I can't take this cover-up off,' . It took a lot for me to actually tell myself, It's OK, you are beautiful just the way you are.feedback

Jacqueline Adan

I did not know if I was going to cry or put my cover-up back on and not go swimming. For a moment I froze. I could not believe how someone could judge me and make fun of me. They had no idea who I was, what I had been through or what I was currently going through.feedback

Jacqueline Adan

I would have allowed their comments to affect my vacation and I probably would not have gone to the beach or pool again. That's when it hit me … they have no idea about my weight loss, so why am I going to let their opinions affect me? How I feel about myself is what matters. And so that's exactly why I smiled at them and jumped into the pool!feedback

Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers

Liliane Bettencourt died this night at home. She would have been 95 on October 21. My mother left peacefully.feedback

John J. DeGioia

There is never a time or place for these acts, and this incident is even more disturbing during Rosh Hashanah. We stand in solidarity with our Jewish community and strongly condemn this act of hate, anti-Semitism, and sexism.feedback

Brent Lagerman

We sold over 100 bottles and met a woman from Whole Foods. She told us a few things we needed to do, like get nutrition labels, different licenses, verification and all this other stuff we didn't know we had to do, until we met her.feedback

James Cameron

As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it's going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she's become return. There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys (in movies), but there isn't an example of that for women. We're starting a search for an 18-something woman to be the new centerpiece of the new story. We still fold time. We will have characters from the future and the present. There will be mostly new characters, but we'll have Arnold and Linda's characters to anchor it.feedback

Kevin Hart

I made a bad error in judgement and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did.feedback

Rosie O'Donnell

Do I have a mental illness? No, but I do have a disease I suffer from and it is called depression and another called anxiety, like so many millions of others out there. When I turned a certain age I had a deep desire to know where I came from at birth and what my biological family looked like and were from, so I did that and although I was disappointed, I am glad to have closure on that part of my life and I have no desires to continue a relationship with the woman who gave birth to me.feedback

Ryan Phillippe

I am saddened and disgusted by the false allegations being circulated about me. At the time these allegations were initially made, I fully cooperated with law enforcement and a thorough investigation was conducted. As a man, raised by women, in a household where women's rights, feminism, and advocacy were very much at the forefront, I am sickened that my name can be found in any article where domestic violence of any kind is being alleged.feedback

James Cameron

All of the self-congratulatory back-patting Hollywood's been doing over Wonder Woman has been so misguided. She's an objectified icon, and it's just male Hollywood doing the same old thing! I'm not saying I didn't like the movie, but to me, it's a step backwards.feedback

Ed Gillespie

When someone commits a violent crime like we saw the heinous crime here in northern Virginia over Ramadan with a young 17-year-old woman beaten to death by a baseball bat, by an – someone who was here illegally, we need to cooperate with authorities. And that person needs to be deported.feedback

Benjamin Sovacool

There was one story of an elderly woman who kept calling her daughter because she saw the changing colours [on her meter's in-home display] and thought her house was burning down.feedback

Hillary Clinton

It wasn't easy, it was painful. It was horrible, reliving it, being as open and candid about the mistakes I made. I was trying to come to grips with everything from sexism and misogyny … to the Russians. Because I believe so strongly that they succeeded in messing up our democracy. I don't think anybody can with a straight face say that the Russians did not set out to influence our election.feedback

Japleen Pasricha

For us as an organisation, our agenda (is) increased representation of Indian women on the internet, and that very closely ties in with Wikipedia.feedback

Japleen Pasricha

…We've just internalised it so much that it's a guy thing and they know better. Wikipedia editing is voluntary. You need to have free time to do this.feedback

Sondra Radvanovsky

Norma has been portrayed as this strong warrior woman. But she is a mother and a wife. She is like any of us nowadays: trying to have a big career, a formidable career, and at the same time trying to have a personal life. Trying to find that balance.feedback

Sadiq Khan

As a proud feminist at City Hall, I have given Caroline's inspired campaign my full support and am delighted that we have been given the go-ahead to bring the first ever statue of a woman to the centre of British democracy in Parliament Square – something which is long overdue. Next year marks a century since the start of women's suffrage in the UK – one of our country's most pivotal moments – and our mission now is to ensure that we can begin the centenary celebrations with the unveiling of this landmark piece.feedback

Nick Pendergrast

From the moment I left her side, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I met the most genuine, empathetic woman and fell madly in love with her. I am most excited about Heather getting her energy back and finally being able to explore California. It will be even more fun doing it with our two new babies!feedback

Georgia Gibbs

Not for me, not for Kate, not for @any.body_co but for every woman that has felt like you aren't enough, you are MORE than enough. Thank you @deadlift.to.deadline for making this real life & @leeaoak for always supporting my dreams.feedback

Damian Dowling

Anything goes wrong with mitochondria, those sperm are not going to fertilize an egg.feedback

Ann Ravel

I mean, think of it, do we want Vladimir Putin or drug cartels to be influencing American elections?feedback

Ellen Weintraub - Federal Election Commission

For our democracy to work, the American people need to know that the ads they see on their computer screens and in their social media feeds aren't paid for by Russia or other foreign countries.feedback

Benedict Cumberbatch

(Doctor) It's an alien. Why can't it be a woman, why can't it be any gender? It doesn't matter to me. I don't speak as someone who has the right as a fan to have an incredibly strong opinion. I just speak as someone who wants to see Jodie Whittaker's performance as the doctor. Why not? I don't care. Sherlockina' is coming to you soon!feedback

Julie Dragland

I think it had something to do with watching a lot of Law & Order. I think I saw that in an episode. I was very impressed with myself.feedback

Vicki Gunvalson

Oh b––- Tamra. I don't know your heart then! You've been out there to hurt me for three years. You have conquered and divided my entire group of friends. Almost cost me my life and my business because you called me a con woman. I don't want to go backwards! I did not invite Ricky to my party. It was never about you at my party. I didn't even think of you!feedback

Serena Williams

I've been called man because I appeared outwardly strong. It has been said that that I use drugs (No, I have always had far too much integrity to behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage). It has been said I don't belong in Women's sports – that I belong in Men's – because I look stronger than many other women do. (No, I just work hard and I was born with this badass body and proud of it). But mom, I'm not sure how you did not go off on every single reporter, person, announcer and quite frankly, hater, who was too ignorant to understand the power of a black woman.feedback

Elizabeth Saltzman

A hundred years is a long time to be so perfect. There are very few things that fit any era that we've been through and which doesn't go in and out of fashion. Boy, have watches had a hard time since the fabulousness of mobile phones, but you're never going to critique a man or woman for wearing a watch like that.feedback

Celinda Lake

People are perfectly willing to vote for a man that they think is qualified but don't like. They will not vote for a woman they think is qualified but don't like. And women voters are some of the worst.feedback

Yarden Katz

There is no such thing as apolitical science, as a row over the ‘father of gynaecology’, who experimented on slaves, reminds us. Science’s most elite magazine, Nature, published an editorial recently arguing that calling for monuments to figures such as J Marion Sims – often called the “father of gynaecology” – to be removed amounts to “whitewashing” history. Sims is widely praised for developing techniques in gynaecological surgery and founding a women’s hospital in New York in the mid-1800s. But Sims experimented on enslaved black women and infants, operating up to 30 times on one woman to perfect his method. Last month, women wearing bloodied hospital gowns staged a protest by Sims’s statue outside the New York Academy of Medicine.feedback

Robert Rinder

Susan Calman being criticised on Twitter for dancing with a man came as no surprise to me. One of the first questions I was asked when I joined Strictly Come Dancing last year was: 'Ooh, how come you're dancing with a woman?feedback

Alexis Ohanian

[Serena] won the Australian Open while pregnant. And she remarked that she feels like it has to be a girl because everything that that baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take on.feedback

Hillary Clinton

This famous woman came up with the title 'Evening Shade' for a TV series produced by two of her friends.feedback

Michael Durant

He was saying how this was a new start for us and how much he loved me. He also said we are going to get married. I always lived in hope that we would stay together. I thought it was forever. I'm not sure as to the company's value, but he said things were doing very well, he had lots of rental property, he was buying lots of land, and building seven bungalows, and they were going to sell for £250,000 each.feedback

Julie Dragland

I probably looked very ridiculous. I slumped sideways and started shaking and crying. I closed my eyes and increased the vigor so people would pay attention.feedback

Andrew Thomas Huang

The doorway lies within the wound from Vulnicura, which now appears transformed into a prismatic portal channeled between the chests of two lovers. Not lovers in the quotidian romantic sense, but in a broader cosmological way. As a throughway into Bjork's new album, The Gate' is a declaration of hope sung by a woman refracted and re-formed into a luminous whole.feedback

Benedict Cumberbatch

It's an alien. Why can't it be a woman, why can't it be any gender? It doesn't matter to me. I don't speak as someone who has the right as a fan to have an incredibly strong opinion. I just speak as someone who wants to see Jodie Whittaker's performance as the doctor. I think she's an extraordinary actress and wer'e lucky, culturally, to have got her to agree to do it, let alone any debate ensuing about whether it's right or wrong.feedback

Ivo Martins

Some local river people near where her canoe was found say they saw a woman rowing down the river, but they didn't know which direction she was going.feedback