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Rachel Robinson
We started the process a few months ago, and I feel so beyond blessed. Natalie is the partner I have been waiting for, and I cannot wait for this new journey to begin together as a family of 7. (Yes, 2 moms, 2 kids, 3 dogs…). Our families, friends and community support is something we hold so dear, and being two women so connected in our communities, the [outpouring] of happiness and love we have received the last month since starting to tell people has been nothing short of truly
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Oct 26 2017
“I see a great improvement in the person. I see it in his mood, his face, his body language. If you want one word: happiness. I am very pleased with his attitude overall, which means it's easier for him to play well.” said José Mourinho speaking about World Happiness report. It’s one of the 458 quotes about World Happiness report you can find on this page. 349 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Russell Brand and Chris Garafola. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Chris Garafola

Birthdays are huge for Brittany, she is talking about her birthday months before it

Chris Garafola

When I started to show her the commercials or magazines I was in, she would tell me she wanted to do it, too. But I told her that she was already a model–I was trying to be like her!feedback

Chris Garafola

She was a supermodel and she knew it, it was her day to be a real professional model. She did a lot better than many of the models that I've worked with, I was very

Chris Garafola

It was killing me seeing the look on her face! She looked at me like, Come on, man, aren't we going to do something?' . She's already talking about her next birthday, right now!feedback

Chris Garafola

She's been my best friend from the beginning. For me, my purpose here is to make sure my sister has a good life, is protected and is healthy. Her happiness is my happiness, and that has held true from when we were kids to

Dan Buettner - National Geographic

Your beliefs aren't going to change. But data now exists to show us how to optimize your surroundings so you're more likely to be happy. Living by water, in a bikable community and in a place with easy access to fruits and vegetables all stack the deck in favor of

Barack Obama

We can acknowledge that Thomas Jefferson, one of Virginia's most famous sons, owned and sold slaves – that's not disputable. And we can also acknowledge that he also wrote those words: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life and liberty and the pursuit of

Anna Faris

It's understandable that people seemed so invested in our happiness together. All I can say about that is, it's all true, that we truly adore each other, and we love each other. I think it still comes through. At first I thought, Oh my gosh, this is crazy timing. Now it sort of feels like maybe, in a way, everything that's happened helps bring it full

Suzanne Moore

Without an analysis of the patriarchy, we will remain powerless to change the abuse of women that is present in varying degrees everywhere. Late at night I gaze upon the faces of the women of the YPJ, the Kurdish all-female military organisation, as they unfurl flags in Raqqa. Isis is not entirely gone. Everything is still complicated. But for a moment these women have won. They vanquished the rapists. They have confronted our worst nightmares. They know what they are doing. In interviews these young women tell us that rape is a planned way to destroy a culture and that this is what Isis fighters were doing to the Yazidis. They tell us they scream with happiness when they go into battle because they know that, according to the Isis interpretation of Islam, to be killed by a woman means a fighter won’t go to

Quintin Reed

I was just blown away by the woman I saw in front of me. In the next few seconds, my heart started racing more and more and my heart was overwhelmed with happiness and the passion I have for

Masayoshi Son

Making excellent products or competing on price and acquiring new customers, these are not our ultimate goals. We want to increase the number of people being moved by something and increase people's

Renato Tapia

I spoke with Falcao and he said to me that we were both in, so there was happiness about

Niobe Way

It's not just about being a man, it's about not not being 'girly and gay'. What I learned from the boys I work with is that what 'girly and gay' means is all the things we associate with being human: to be sensitive, to be attuned to emotions, to care about relationships, to express your sadness when you feel sad, to express your happiness when you feel happy, to get excited. It literally is linked to everything we associate with humans. And then to be a man is to not be that. The consequence of that is our

Tony Robbins

I always tell people – if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it you in one word: progress. Progress equals happiness. When you achieve a goal it feels good for how long? A week? A month? Six months? A year? And then it doesn't feel so good, I don't care what it is you've achieved. And the reason is because life is not about achieving the goals, life is about who you become in pursuit of those

Heidi Bond

There is a deep and systemic problem in that publishing is insular and people have learned everything about the industry from the people who came before them, in a time when nobody understood or wanted to understand that people of color have inner lives and want to find love and happiness. If the romance genre is going to give women books that don't match their own lives, we are going to lose them as

Celia Munoz

What works for me and what my mother always told me is that the best accessory it being friendly and having a big smile. And I do think that gets you a long way. The projection of happiness is an attractive thing. No matter what you

Carol Duarte

But the reaction has been so warm and supportive. People are cheering for Ivan to find his own

Lady Gaga

I work a lot in the space of anti-bullying and I have learned that this can really change the growth and happiness of children all over the world. So, I encourage you all to be kind to one another and to search within your community for

Tony Robbins

I feel good in my own skin. I'm not looking to be perfect; I don't have that delusion that I'm perfect or anyone else is perfect. But I do believe I can make a difference, because I spent four decades of my life obsessed with how to help people improve their business or their relationship or their personal life or their bodies, and so I have a lot of great tools and so I love that. It fulfills me. There's not much for me at this stage that gets me too

Tony Robbins

I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: progress. Progress equals happiness. There are levels of making it in life and whatever you think 'making it' is, when you get there, you'll see there's another level. That never ends, because if you stop growing, you're going to be

Tony Robbins

When you achieve a goal, it feels good for – how long? You know, a week? A month? Six months? A year? And then it doesn't feel so good. I don't care what it is you've achieved, and the reason is because life is not about achieving the goals, life is about who you become in pursuit of those

Tony Robbins

I have a lot of young bucks that come up to me sometimes, you know, in their twenties or thirties, they go, You remember me! I'm going to get to where you are!' And I say, Well, I think that's wonderful. I hope you do. When you get to where I am, you'll be where I was because I'm not going to stop growing. So let's grow together! That's really my

José Mourinho - Manchester United

I see a great improvement in the person. I see it in his mood, his face, his body language. If you want one word: happiness. I am very pleased with his attitude overall, which means it's easier for him to play

Dee Jay Silver

The last couple days have been extremely rough and filled with every emotion imaginable. I'm still trying to process what happened and how someone could do this in Las Vegas, a city I call my second home, and at a music festival, a place that brings so much happiness and joy to thousands from all

Alvaro Morata

It sounds strange to say, but someone's bad luck is sometimes the happiness of the other. I know that I will have more playing opportunities in the coming weeks. It's up to me to show that I'm capable. I know Conte has confidence in me. Otherwise, he would have let me

Russell Brand

My amends to my parents and a number of ex-girlfriends … consisted of a frank, quiet apology and a commitment to be a different man going

Russell Brand

I don't know whether or not events in your life send you into addiction because a lot of people have had very different lives and haven't become addicts, so I think it's difficult to say. The one thing I feel young people need in order to not become addicts is a connection with people who will speak to them honestly and truthfully – ongoing, open relationships with people where you can talk honestly about your feelings. I feel if you don't get that as a kid it can be quite

Russell Brand

Because I had the 'gift of desperation' because I had f–ed my life up so royally, I had no option but to seek and accept help. [Now] I don't struggle with [addictive] urges because the program I live by helps me to remain serene and prevents those urges from arriving. If I feel those urges – even though I don't feel them so often because I'm working the program – I talk to other people and I do stuff for other people and I meditate and pray. There's a whole sort of series put in place for when I feel those

Russell Brand

The idea that life is meant to be punishing has really taken hold. The two things [I want people to know] is that pain is a signal and it's telling you to change. And happiness is a

Russell Brand

I know that life is still there, waiting for me if I ever choose to go back, if I ever think there's something left in the ashes. Even fatherhood would not be enough to hold me here in the blissful present if I let go of my program. Even after the revelation of my daughter's

Russell Brand

I was touched as a child and I felt the warping, like flexed glass, not entirely unpleasant, it was, after all, attention, but I knew it was a glitch, like a memory I was waiting to have, like a stone on the path that I knew I would not pass but pause to pick up and carry with me, uneasily in my

Russell Brand

We don't choose between having a program and not having a program. We choose between having a conscious program and an unconscious program. When you're not working a program consciously you're working an unconscious program – the program of your childhood, the program of your culture, the program of your media. So it's very important to become

Russell Brand

I'm also careful to not sound like I'm judging my parents who did a good job. I was the sort of person who was likely to have addiction issues. I have that type of personality. I also think that there were lots of personal circumstances that meant that I felt alienated, which created a sort of perfect crucible for addictive

Russell Brand

I don't think I'd be able to have the relationship if I didn't have the program because I wouldn't be in an emotional and spiritual position to commit to family life. [The program helps me to] look at my wife as an independent person. It's not her job to take care of me emotionally or physically. I don't take stuff

Russell Brand

Finding ways to incorporate this transgression into my understanding of the world, stitching it into the fabric of my understanding. Mum is ill a lot., They say I am bad., My dad does not like me., I am not safe., I don't like school., I don't belong., People don't like me., I made Mummy ill., I am bad,', Until chocolate and porn and self-harm seem like sanctuary from the gentle unbearable pain. And as we walk along we collect and collate the familiar, the path appears before our feet as we walk and we move further from home until we are too far away to recall that we ever had a

Grayson Allen

I just wanted to be here. I felt like I wasn't finished here. At the end of the day, it's about my happiness and I felt like I was going to be 100 percent happy

Dennis Rodman

I don't love (Kim). I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along

Mario Basler

Cannavaro is working very hard and he really wants the team to get good results so as to bring happiness to our

Andy Puddicombe - Headspace

My favourite app and one that brings me joy is Apple Photos. I travel a lot and my family and friends mean the most to me. Technology allows me to pull up their pictures in a plane, car or train and gives me that happiness that I couldn't have had just a few years

Andy Puddicombe - Headspace

I am a keen surfer so I use the Surfline app to check conditions at the beach. Being a father means the time that I have to go surfing is limited. Knowing that I can see what the swell looks like before I go really helps me to fit it into my

Susan Buffett

So I walk into their house, [Warren] was sitting in this chair and he made some sarcastic quip. So I made one back. I thought, Who is this jerk?feedback

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

That's true obviously in marriage, I mean that's the most important decision that you make. Who you marry, which is the ultimate partnership, is enormously important in determining the happiness in your life and your success and I was lucky in that

Max Verstappen

The whole weekend has been a bit up and down in terms of happiness with the car. Really happy we managed to do a good qualifying again, the car [was performing well] except maybe the final run in

Anthony Martial

I see great improvement in the person, in the moods, the face and in the body language. What I see? In a word;

Thomas Jefferson

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the

Hugh Hefner

If the pursuit of happiness has any meaning at all as it is written in the Constitution, the government's intruding into one's bedroom, into personal sexual behaviors, is as unconstitutional as anything can be. The only thing 'wrong' with AIDS is the way our government responded to it. They are culpable on many, many levels. . . I have chosen every aspect of human sexuality - and the discrimination that goes along with some of those aspects - as my major concern. Homosexuality and, later, the homophobia that surrounds the AIDS crisis are part of a much bigger picture for

Matthew Steel

Today's figures may surprise some, showing a small increase in both reported happiness and life satisfaction during a period that has seen political change and uncertainty. It's worth noting that employment rates rose during the period covered by this report, and other ONS analysis showed people perceiving an improvement in their own financial situations and in the overall economy. These are factors we believe may account for some people's increased sense of personal

Stephanie Jackson

He finds so much joy and happiness in life, and we are so proud to share his good energy. When Korbin gets to high school, his following will be huge. That Instagram just set him up for

Steve Siebold

Success, fulfillment and happiness are the natural order of existence. This single belief drives the great ones to behave in ways that virtually guarantee their

Roger Federer

The only way it was ever going to be successful is if the players cared, and they did. I think you see it. I think you see the

Tyrone Mings

Now, if anything goes wrong in football, whether it be injuries or team selection, I've got four or five other things that I can lean on. And as much as I'm disappointed with a football setback, and very competitive and I show that to the manager at times when I probably shouldn't, and I always want to play, when I look at the bigger picture, I realise that these feelings are – it's not the end of the world. And if everything was taken away from me, I feel I could still find happiness in other areas of my life, which is the point I've always wanted to get

Enrique Bonilla - Liga

All the clubs are doing their small part. We'd like to bring the people a moment of happiness in this tough time, but it's a more complex decision than that and it's necessary to have all the information from the

Stephen Curry

My philosophy is all about seeking joy and creating balance in life. I've shared a lot about how I do this with food, family and faith, and now – through my partnership with CoverGirl. I want to share how makeup helps create those moments of happiness, confidence and

Kristi Mitchem - Wells Fargo Asset Management

So really, really important – engagement actually drives happiness. And that's a connection, that millennials don't understand. They would tell you that happiness is all about relationships, they assume materiality, but actually, finances do matter to them. Activism actually creates more confidence. Grandparents who have millennial grandchildren, parents who have millennial children, talk to your millennials about money and finance. Don't give them fish, don't teach them how to fish, fish with

Hayley Wright

People don't like to think that older people have sex. But we need to challenge this conception at a societal

Henry Jarvis Raymond

Resistance to law is always an offence against the peace of society. A party of whites attempted to arrest several negroes, claiming them as their property, under a law of the United States. With the passage of this amendment the Republic enters upon a new stage of its great career. It is hereafter to be, what it has never been hitherto, thoroughly democratic – resting on human rights as its basis, and aiming at the greatest good and the highest happiness of all its

Cynthia Erickson

Sometimes you don't have a lot of the stuff to make a regular cake. Maybe you don't have butter or you don't have

Cynthia Erickson

Cake mixes are the center of our little universe. I have four damn shelves

Donna Erickson

You should see the cakes; they are so beautiful. Village bakers are so

Mary Patkotak

I can't remember the last time I paid the Amazon Prime fee. We don't have any bakeries. We have very few restaurants. People really crave the fresh

Justin Hartley

They're amazing together, and she's wonderful, of course. So anytime you can be around someone that finds happiness like that, and they found happiness in each other, I'm a huge fan of that. I've spent enough time with them to know they don't need advice. They're a happy, happy couple. So it's really great to be around, it's

Jennifer Aniston

Being Greek, we love our tanning, but I've been on hiatus. And I miss it. It brought me a lot of happiness being able to lay out there and get that vitamin D, but I've become very comfortable with a good spray tan. Everybody leaves going, This is the best haircut ever.' Then you wash it and go, Oh, God, what is this?' I need him in order for my hair not to turn into a Greek fuzz fur

Yolanda Hadid

As difficult as these past five years have been, I am so grateful that this journey has led me to living in the light. I have had it all and lost it all, only to realize that less is more, money can't buy you health or happiness, and one day at a time is good

Jacob Rees-Mogg

I was delighted to bring some happiness and joy to our distinguished Prime Minister, but that's how seriously she takes

Debbie Lane

It was officially 'out with the old and in with the new'. It was her reclaiming her life, and she was thrilled to be doing that. It was the happiest she'd been in years. Years. I think he saw our comfort, ease, and happiness… and her embracing new life, and resented it to the maximum and responded the way he did. He was not moving on. And she

Anne Hidalgo

Really, bringing the Games back home after one hundred years is an immense happiness and, mainly, it is going be good for us. It is going to be really good for our country, for Paris. All we have said during this campaign, all the value we have given now we will be able to make it real and now a new extraordinary adventure is

Kevin De Bruyne

It's a pleasure to play like this because the level of the players is so high. It gives me happiness to be like this. It's too early to say - we have to improve. We made a good performance but also there were mistakes. Against Liverpool, with 11 v 11 the game was

Ian Paton

Ian's tragic death coming when it did has robbed him of so much anticipated and planned

Sophie Gray

I was just fed up. I'm sick of this message being promoted that thinness equals happiness and fitness is the path to loving yourself. I have been down that path, and it isn't – so I want to ensure that my face isn't being associated with the absolute and complete lie that

Sophie Gray

I want people to be stoked to be who they are. I want them to be proud of themselves and know, on the deepest level, that they're deserving of love and acceptance, exactly as they

Sophie Gray

For a couple years I was starting to resent the message and lost my passion for it. In June of 2016 I had a panic attack on a flight from New York to Toronto and ended up driving home 38 hours to Edmonton. In that drive I had to face myself and my truth and realized that the direction of the account was hurting my mental wellbeing and those of my

Sophie Gray

I always talked about loving yourself but the messages were attached with fitness photos – so they had the underlying theme of 'but look like this.' . Of course, it wasn't my intention to put that on people – but looking back, that's what came

Julian Nagelsmann

And Bayern might even make me a little happier, but that doesn't say that my happiness depends on

Paul McCartney

I'm proud of the Beatle thing, . It was great, and I can go along with all the people you meet on the street who say you gave so much happiness to so many people. I don't think that's

Elizabeth Paton

Ian's tragic death, coming when it did, has robbed him of so much anticipated and planned happiness. It has left Alexandra, my daughter, and me utterly bereft. He was optimistic and very much looking forward to what we thought were going to be our golden years

Corinne Olympios

I'm still going to be me. I'm working very hard on just building back up my spirits. This summer took a lot out of me. I'm not going to let this get me down. I'm never going to stoop down and I'm never going to be something they want me to be. I'm going to be who I am and that's my whistleblowing, crazy, fun-loving

Gretchen Rubin

I thought 'oh no, I like familiarity and mastery'. I just felt like it wouldn't be true for me, but I have become a huge believer in the power of novelty and challenge and how this is a big engine of

Gretchen Rubin

My first personal commandment is to 'Be Gretchen', because in the end there is no one best practice, there is no best way. When I started, I thought I would find the secret [to happiness]. There are universal things – relationships make people happier. But in terms of should you get up early, or stay up late? Are you more creative if you're in a messy environment or a simple environment? It's so much about who you

Meik Wiking

We're all still talking about the time we spent hours making a mountain of sausages from scratch, and they were all absolutely horrible. But we had a really fun evening!feedback

Meik Wiking

It was a well paid job but I just wasn't super passionate about it. Back in 1998 my own mother had died of cancer at 49. I was only 34 and I thought, what if you only have 15 years left?feedback

Meik Wiking

With a lot of political turmoil globally, it's nice to look for the good in the world. We tend to overlook that there are lots of people doing good things. First and foremost Lykke is a story of optimism and

Claire Tomalin

Well, I've had a life with tragedies in it. Probably many people have tragedies in their lives, but I've also had extraordinary good luck, happiness and blessings. I don't think I've had a hard life; I've had a mixed

Terri Orbuch

If each partner's expectations aren't met or communicated to each other, frustration and disappointment can result that will eat away at the happiness in the

Jack Lang

He was a magician who made his life and those who he loved a symphony of happiness. Pierre Bergé was above all a marvellous and loyal friend ... who was there to take on all the good fights, the noble causes, in particular to provide the means for research to defeat

John le Carré

It was terribly hard to write this book during the period of Brexit and the ascendancy of Trump and I'd like to think that Smiley was aware of a sense of aimlessness which has entered into all our minds. I suppose what Smiley and I have in common is that we find it difficult to remember happiness. It's not something that comes naturally to me, I have to work on

Lloyd Blankfein

I'd be willing to give that a try. He would do a different job but a great job. The worst thing for your and my happiness is political instability. Populism by itself is not a bad thing, to appeal to people is not a bad thing, that's what democracy is supposed to accomplish. I think there is a line in which populism can cross over into

Katie Lowes

In that moment, which only lasted for a minute, I realized, My gosh, I'm an older sister, I take care of my whole family and plan everything. How is our first child a boy? That's not what I know,' . I hadn't realized, until then, that I always thought I would have a girl first. I have a little brother, and I feel very proud of my position in the family. I was projecting like crazy, but it was just my initial reaction and it quickly went away. A moment later, I was crying with

Dieter Zapf

We call this kind of faked emotion 'emotional dissonance'. We found that the amount of time actually spent with customers was irrelevant when measuring stress compared to the amount of time workers had to demonstrate emotional

Lindsey Stirling

I saw my relationships deteriorating with my sister Brooke. I'd become miserable and self-absorbed about my body. That's when it hit me that I had a problem. I believe anyone can find happiness. It just takes a lot of work. Getting to write this book with my sister was amazing. She's an incredible writer and getting to do this with her … we were so sad when it was over. My favorite thing about the success I've found is that I get to share it with my family and the ones that I

Suzanne Fanning

It's a very small thing for us to do, with what they're facing, but let's face it: cheese is comfort food. It makes you happy. So, if we can bring a little bit of happiness to the folks down there, then that's what we want to


I used to be a basket case but now I Live in Lisbon! I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family. Rascals ................ Happiness is Contagious!! Happy Independence Day!feedback

José Mourinho - Manchester United

I just told them I would play in goal because I wouldn't have to run so much! We have to bring some fun, something different to these matches. Matches where, in this case, you are honouring the memories of many. And trying to give happiness to the ones who

Raymond J. Rafool

Joanna and Romain remain grateful for the years they spent together and wish each other nothing but continued happiness and

Emma Seppala

We are profoundly social people for whom connection and a sense of belonging is crucial for health and happiness. Online communities are sometimes a great way to make sure you have people to connect with, be motivated by and look out for. When complete burnout happens, then you can have health

Camila Cabello

Our happiness is our own responsibility. We only have one life and we never know how much time we really

Alistair Jarvis

A university education has also been shown to be a good route to health and happiness. Studies show that on average, graduates enjoy better health, wellbeing and life

Saba Motmaen

He has taught me to connect to god through happiness not

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

It's not always about the sporting thing. I'm in a situation I have to think 360 degrees around me. Happiness has no

Mahad Cassim

One of my goals is to be a successful businessman, to have a nice family and be happy. I am working on the happiness -- I have a long way to

Bethenny Frankel

That's all lifestyle stuff. I always say you can make a lifestyle out of a life but you can't make a life out a

Lindsay Ell

He's a huge prankster. I've always been looking around my back to make sure he's not going to prank me today. A few things have gone on. He put a Photoshopped version of Dustin Lynch on this naked man's body wearing a Speedo. He's a Photoshop connoisseur. His attention to detail is insane! It's so inspiring for me to watch an artist at this level of his career … he's so good at everything he does. He makes sure everything is in his vision. It's so motivating to

Lindsay Ell

I really think that as a musician and as a songwriter and as an artist, music should always be judged on its own merit. I never wanted that whole thing to happen in Sacramento. I never wanted anything like that to happen, and all I wanted to do was just apologize to my fans. They felt I was going to show up at this show, and so I just wanted to let them know that I wasn't gonna be there – not [because I] didn't want [to].feedback

Phil Sheridan

Most business leaders acknowledge that workplace happiness has a tangible impact on productivity and profitability. Happy employees tend to be more engaged, loyal, creative and productive than their less-satisfied counterparts. Employees that are aged over 35 have valuable experience that the whole organization can learn and benefit from. It's important that their happiness is not neglected, so businesses need to take the time to invest in their staff at all

Heidi Nunes-Tucker

He was kind, good, tolerant, loving, hardworking … my husband's motto was 'Work hard, play hard,' and that's how we lived our lives. I found my one true love. It's just unfortunate that we had such a short run, but it was a very beautiful time and it was worth every second because he was full of life, love, and

Richard O'Connor

We are not built to sustain such nonstop happiness; neither do the vicissitudes of life permit us to attain it except at rare moments. But we push ourselves to be cheery, to present a false front of emotions that we feel somehow expected to sustain. This guarantees further

Andrei Kamayev

You learn to find happiness in the little things. You're happy that you survived, you're happy that you ate … and got some

Aryana Saeed

I wanted to put a smile on people's faces in the place where the Taliban executed people. I'll perform in the street if I have to. The mullahs are the enemy of the Afghan people, the enemy of happiness. They should stand against Taliban that kill our people every day. Why are they afraid of me? I am only a

Arsene Wenger

There is something there and you feel that always from the crowd. The determined attitude gets to the crowd and the crowd responds to that and that gives a swing to the team, you can see that with him and when he intervenes he provokes happiness. Maybe he is the strongest, he is naturally strong. He uses quite well the strength of his body without violence and when he intervenes it doesn't look to be a foul, he just uses his body strength. When we built the stadium we had to sell these players and we played with very young

José Mourinho - Manchester United

We are not favourites, not the dream team. We have more confidence than last season, probably more happiness, [we're] more relaxed on the pitch. But I'm calm. When I won two consecutive titles with Chelsea [in 2004-05 and 2005-06], the United manager [Alex Ferguson] said we brought the bar to a certain level and that they had to improve a lot to try to win the trophy back. I think this happens every

Yu Xiuhua

Your happiness is the brown wheat hull, your pain the white wheat

Mark T. Bertolini

I am ashamed of our President's behavior and comments. We all breathe the same air, we all want the same thing for our children's future, and we all aspire for the pursuit of happiness and good health for our families and friends. We are not a country of hate, and we are all judged by our own god based on the compassion and humanity we show

Jessica Huebner

It's about spreading joy and happiness to our neighborhood and these children because he sees them as the face of the future. He is just a very humble and kind

Julian Baggini

A nation’s cash value is still a go-to measure of wealth. But the quality of housing, healthcare and access to technology are the indicators we should focus on. The idea that GDP growth is the wrong measure of a nation’s progress has become so widely accepted as to be the new common sense. Yet it is still the go-to number for lack of a credible alternative. Measuring happiness or wellbeing is fraught for numerous reasons, not least of which is that such indices make questionable assumptions about what it means to live a good

John B. Harris - Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

If your happiness is defined by 'How many ideas do I get into the fund every year?' then you're going to be frustrated. You can go a year or two or three without putting anything in the portfolio. If you can contribute one really great idea, a big idea every five years that we can scale up and that really works, you are doing a heck of a job. Not for a

Moira Whelan

A lot of civil servants I know are working out more, redo-ing houses. They aren't busy at work so have time. finding happiness

Philippe Coutinho

I signed this contract to stay here for a few more years because it's a great honour for me. It gives me great happiness because I was welcomed here with open arms by everyone at the club and the supporters right from my first day. I am very thankful to this football club for everything. However, I'll be off in the summer if Barcelona will have

Denis Shapovalov

I couldn't believe it actually happened. It's tough to explain the emotions that were going through my head at that moment. But it was just pure

Sean Gillespie

I have attempted suicide several times over the last few years and just a few months ago cut an artery on my arm, losing 2 pints of blood. So I struggle with happiness. Prison can drain all the reserves you

Sean Gillespie

It does give me a sense of happiness that I am no longer full of senseless

Laura Alcock-Ferguson

Meaningful social connections are essential for human happiness. At the Campaign, we want to make loneliness everyone's business and show that we can all play a role in combatting loneliness in their community, whether as an organisation or an

Ashlee Swenson

We need help! I want him to know that wherever he is, whatever happened, we're here and we have so much love and support. He's such a light in our lives and he brings so much happiness in our world. You never think something like this will happen to you until it does. I keep hoping I'm going to wake up from this

Mindy Grossman

There's no doubt that the Weight Watchers' long-term collaboration with Oprah Winfrey has certainly accelerated the company's progress since October 2015 with high awareness of her success and happiness with the program sparking interest and excitement. I'm personally looking forward to partnering with her as we transform the brand and

Jason Lewis

Happiness and humility just comes from being grateful for all that you have in the

Barbara Kavovit

I've had the best few months of my life. The other women are just drumming up drama, and I wish they could find their own

Kelly Moffatt

Bandit is an extension of me and our services. There is a list of people we take him to see. And he loves to show people what he can do. If I drop my phone he picks it up and waits for people to clap for him. He's saying 'See what I can do?' and that happiness and joy radiates to others. It's like he's saying 'If I can do it, you can,

Carmelo Anthony

An emotional roller coaster. But I had to find peace at it, come to peace with myself, come to peace with the situation I'm in, kind of try to find happiness again. I kind of lost that a little bit, but I'm finding it now, and it feels

Ashley Whillans

Factors such as guilt, or protestant work ethic might get in the way of encouraging people from spending money in this

Ashley Whillans

The benefits of buying time held across the income spectrum and seemed to benefit those with less money the

Esther Rantzen - Childline

Young people can feel helpless because sometimes those near to them aren't interested in their happiness or welfare. It's desperately important that those who are frightened or feel that they have no one to turn to get in touch with

Kevin Durant

I really don't care about the Kyrie Irving situation. I just want guys in the league to be happy wherever they are playing and have some fun playing with the ball. So, wherever that is, for Kyrie, I hope he finds that. But LeBron James is a phenomenal player. I got a chance to play on his team in the Olympics in 2012, and learned a lot from

Stormi Bree

I've never felt so happy. I love you more than anything in this whole world little princess. I've never felt more and less prepared for anything, ever. It feels like all of the love that I have is inside my body right now but so soon the biggest piece will be outside, living and breathing and bringing happiness to everyone. I can't wait to share what feels like my little perfect secret. I love

Bruce Castleman

I told him, It's like marriage: You can be happy or right, but you can't be both.' This is the time for you to create happiness and not justify yourself to be right. Look, the Old and New Testaments have horrible things in them. You can always find horrible things. It's a matter of how you apply them and how you use

Sarah Fletcher

I am very keen on the connection between wellbeing and academic happiness. You can't succeed academically if you are feeling

Lynda Jones

It's really not that expensive when you think about what my time costs. You can always get money. You can't buy back

Ashley Whillans

People who hire a house cleaner or pay the kid next door to mow the lawn might feel like they're being lazy. But our results suggest that buying time has similar benefits for happiness as having more

Nawneet Ranjan

There's a happiness quotient and a sense of ownership in the girls. Over a period of three years, they have understood the value of the personal voice and acquired the skills to say no when they mean no, like in the case of domestic violence or eve teasing (roadside harassment).feedback

Edward Diener

Research shows that people in rich nations are more stressed than people in poor ones, which at first does not seem to make sense. But part of the stress is this time pressure – too much to do and one cannot get everything done. So buying time through purchases makes a lot of

Carrie Underwood

Sunshine = ✔️ Lake = ✔️ @caliabycarrie swimsuit = ✔️ Happiness and love for time with family and friends = ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Summertime is all about for people, love for the outdoors and love for living in the moment! Get out there and relax! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ PS:

Khaled Mohamed Khaled

His father is the definition of drive, and my father was the same way. I want to give my son all the joy and happiness and anything he wants, and I'm also gonna show him the hard work you have to do to get these

Jack Ma - Alibaba Group

In the coming 30 years, the world's pain will be much more than happiness, because there are many more problems that we have come

Philippe Coutinho

It gives me great happiness because I was welcomed here with open arms by everyone at the club and the supporters right from my first day. I am very thankful to this football club for

Sarah Stage

Positive vibes only. I'm at a place in my life where happiness, peace and joy are my priority. Especially being #6monthspregnant, there's no room for any negativity so please take it elsewhere. Baby #2 is healthy and measuring just fine. I would think that after having James, who was born almost 9lbs and healthy, people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves … we are all different that's what makes us special and unique!feedback

Chris McDonald

Football is becoming a passion here, it brings a lot of joy and happiness, and is something that we are going to keep

Lauren Mabry

We wanted our guests to experience the flood of emotions and happiness that we assumed we would experience on that

James Fahner

It's very gratifying and very humbling. It was a day filled with tears and a lot of hugs and happiness. That is the greatest accomplishment for us as a healthcare team to know these families have come through this journey and are able to live normal healthy lives. That's the most wonderful

Emma Gormley

Mine is obvs music and songwriting. I really love it when people like my songs and it impacts them emotionally or makes them so happy they dance. There's nothing quite like

Keir Winesmith

People also ask to see nudes – but the program is designed to deny them, for now. We're getting send me boobs, send me a naked woman, and they're all getting zero back. And if you look at the thread of what people do next, they immediately try something more interesting. I love that it's forcing people to try a bit harder. A sublime, semi-random search of the

Keir Winesmith

And then, because it's the internet, it's a lot of food and a lot of

Keir Winesmith

We literally don't have aliens in our

Keir Winesmith

We want it to feel like you're communicating with a

Keir Winesmith

I think some people are going to use this as a one-off whimsy and never again, and that's

Cliff Arnall

The formula addresses the core human fundamental issues head on to help people build and maintain their happiness and well-being in spite of a very uncertain

Nick Pendergrast

Sonia and I have not discussed my new life or the great news of me being a father. I have never called any of my exes and let them know that I was in a new relationship. She will find out with the rest of America. Like I said on TV, until I get permission from the missus, I'm not a kisser and a teller.' I truly hope she finds all the happiness she so

Jared Kasner

There's so much division right now. Despite our differences, red or blue, color, race, religion, whatever it is, dogs can unite us. And so can bringing out people's

Queen Elizabeth

This State Visit is an expression of the deep respect and friendship that describes relations between Spain and the United Kingdom. Just occasionally, a State Visit can provide an opportunity for great personal happiness also. So it was, more than a century ago, when your great-grandfather, King Alfonso the Thirteenth, met his future wife, Princess Victoria Eugenie, the granddaughter of our Queen Victoria, in this very

Chris Atkeson

They're not the brightest of fish, but eventually they'll figure out something's there. Alright geniuses, there you go. I could have easily been replaced by a robot, and we could build that robot now. Many couples, older couples living alone, trying to stay in their own home have this kind of problem. I think everybody's better off both economically and in terms of happiness, not going to some kind of institution or assisted living facility, but staying in their own home as long as

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

Congratulations to you and Meredith on your engagement. Erica - I loved your post - every word. I laughed and cried a bit because what you are saying is so true. No one should judge another's path - and everyone deserves to find love again. I am cheering all three of you on and wishing that everyone who is in pain finds joy and happiness as soon as they

Erica Roman

Who gave you the position to judge when it's 'too soon' for a person who has suffered the worst to be able to find happiness and companionship again? How long should a widow sit in isolation before you are comfortable enough to release them from their solitary confinement?feedback

Erica Roman

You aren't entitled to an opinion. You don't get to comment on the choices of a widower while you sit happily next to your own living spouse. You didn't have to stand and watch your mundane morning turn into your absolute worst nightmare. Go back to scrolling Facebook and keep your ignorance to yourself. I have waited 47 years to find true love. Creating our family unit while honoring the brilliant gift Michelle has given me will be my life's goal and happiness. I am deeply in love with both Patton and Alice and very much looking forward to a beautiful happy life having adventures

David Luiz

I pass to Hazard. I keep [it] for me. I try to score. I think I play with happiness, I play from the soul. In Brazil you start to learn when you are a kid just to play the ball and enjoy. And here [in England] it's totally different. The kids already know about tactics. So it's a big difference. I love to play with the

José Luis Cuevas

Joy wearies me, and I hate happiness when I catch a glimpse of it in a human

Daniela Hantuchova

I want to tell you with all my appreciation and happiness inside of me, that the time has come to retire from professional tennis. Being part of the WTA, ITF, the Slovak Fed Cup and Olympic team has been the biggest blessing and

Michael Brandt

We want to make better humans. We want to take technology and use it to help you as a system. You have inputs. You have outputs like your productivity, your reaction time, your happiness

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

It's not where you are today and how much money you have or what kind of a big position you have. Success is, are you the best at what you do. And success unshared is failure. You may not have a lot of money, but you do something to help somebody else out. That's success. It's a common misconception that money is every entrepreneur's metric for success. It's not, and nor should it be. Most people would assume my business success, and the wealth that comes with it, have brought me happiness. But I know I am successful, wealthy and connected because I am

Olivier Rousteing - Balmain

She's emblematic; an iconic figure in Paris. She's so good to be around because she brings happiness and

Fabio Cherstich

This place is really, hmm, rock 'n' roll. Each piazza is an unknown quantity, because they are places known to be difficult. We try to bring a little happiness. We want the event to become a

Novak Djokovic

I used to base all my happiness on winning a tennis match. I think many athletes today are doing that. So I try not to do that anymore because it's not like I don't care, but winning and losing a tennis match, absolutely not. Of course, I would love to win every single tennis match I play in, but I don't try to take that as very essential, you know, moment in my life which determines my

Jared Leto

We've been on tour lately and it's been fascinating. I was just onstage in front of 20,000 people the other night, and you know what I saw when I looked out? I saw a lot unity, kindness, happiness and joy, and it's incredible that music can do that at times – encourage, inspire and unite. A lot of people that may disagree about a lot of things can come together under one roof and enjoy one

Johnny Weir - National Broadcasting Company

Tara is one of most loving and caring people I've ever met, so to see her find the love of her life and see them make it official was like a fairytale. It was hard for me to hold back tears of happiness for a woman who means so much to

Harry Crews

The people in the catalog had no such hurts. They were not only whole, had all their arms and legs and toes and eyes on their unscarred bodies, but they were also beautiful. Their legs were straight and their heads were never bald and on their faces were looks of happiness, even joy, looks that I never saw much of in the faces of the people around

Josh Murray

I just want Rachel to find happiness. Hopefully everyone's there for the right reasons and she can find happiness. She deserves

Kayla Rae Reid

I'm so proud of you!! Seeing you with Caiden makes my heart so happy. Caiden and I are so lucky to have you in our

Adam Grant

Persistence is one of the most important forces in success and happiness. There's the author whose novel was rejected half a dozen times. The artist whose cartoons were turned down over and over. And the musicians who were told 'guitar groups are on the way out' and they'd never make it in show business. If they had quit, Harry Potter, Disney and the Beatles wouldn't

Paul Pogba

Griezmann? I wish for his happiness. If that is at Atletico, at City, I will handle it. He is one of the best players in the

Ansari Abdul Malik

This is supposed to be a day of happiness. Families should be together but they were torn apart by violence, some lost their loved ones and thousands are in evacuation centres. This is just a small fire, do not allow the flames the go bigger by joining

Götz Kubitschek

We don't have an interesting narrative to offer like the U.S., a globally powerful nation where every man can seek his happiness–a dynamic, self-confident nation that can wage wars anywhere in the world. Germany is a nation constantly pondering its guilt, a nation that wonders if it should exist. You can't integrate into such a nation. No young Syrian, Turk or Afghan, would be excited to join a society that is constantly doubting

Monique Beckford

I wanted to see, like, the human side of her. You can have your bad

Jake Zyrus

I won't let anyone ruin this moment. I won't let anyone ruin my happiness. Thank you to all the beautiful write ups about

Walter Robb - Whole Foods Market

We believe that [employees'] happiness and health is essential, which is why we invest in their personal and professional growth. We encourage team members to seek out opportunities that fulfill their deeper purpose and celebrate individual creativity and

Jessie James Decker

Gold' is the theme of this whole record. It is about being grateful for all the love and happiness in my

Patrick McHenry

He's the guy who finishes up at 3 in the morning and you see him at 6 in the morning back again and always has the same sort of optimism and happiness. I describe him as a tank. He is just

Sawsan Gazzar

Please pray for me, please pray for me. Pray for me that I can handle this ... I lost my daughter, my first reason for happiness. I think it had to do with the way she was dressed and the fact that she's Muslim. Why would you kill a kid? What did my daughter do to deserve this?feedback

Nancy Pelosi

You may not know this, my colleagues, but every time I pray, which is very frequently, and certainly every Sunday, I pray for all of you. All of you, together. In the earlier years I used to pray for your happiness, for the fact that we would work

Dorinda Medley

Since I made a speech at the engagement party that no one could understand – you understood the intention, which is always what counts – I want to say thank you so much for having us again. I want to raise a glass to a beautiful couple. I had such a great time at the wedding. It was a fantastic wedding. It was filled with love and happiness and friendship. I just came out of it feeling so much better about

Luann D'Agostino

The other women are just drumming up drama, and I wish they could find their own happiness. We had an amazing pre-honeymoon in the Bahamas and rented a private cottage with a private golf cart to roam the island and explore. The beaches were incredible but we're looking forward to the major honeymoon in the spring or summer when we hope to travel to Europe on the Orient

Gayle Van Gils

We are bombarded with information and opportunities to be pulled away from the task at hand. When we develop the ability to focus – bring our attention back to the task we are engaged with – our productivity and satisfaction with work will

Gayle Van Gils

While stress is caused by many factors, incessant and unnecessary worry can be interrupted whenever we remember to return our attention to what is actually happening rather than what we fear will

Tim Ferriss

The tool I've found which has proven to be the most reliable safety net for emotional free fall is actually the same tool that has helped me to make my best business decisions. And it is ... Stoicism. And I can trace all of my biggest wins and all of my biggest disasters averted back to doing fear-setting at least once a quarter. It's not a panacea. You'll find that some of your fears are very well-founded. Of the 10,000-plus people I've met in my life, I would put him in the top 10, in terms of success and

Kathryn Smerling

The mental and physical benefits of taking time off work include improved sleep, a better headspace, more clarity and increased creativity. By taking time off, you'll find a renewed sense of purpose, more energy to carry out tasks and in general, an overall sense of

Adam Grant

I think about resilience as the speed and strength of your response to adversity. So when you encounter a difficulty, a hardship, a challenge, how quickly and how effectively are you able to marshal strength and either overcome that challenge or persevere in the face of it?feedback

Steve Wozniak

Create jokes, create humor everywhere you go. Pranks are created jokes, for

Steve Wozniak

That keeps you happy. Don't be bothered when things don't go your way. Just think out how to be constructive. Don't waste your time blaming people and being all upset, because those feelings destroy your

George Chauncey

The Annual Reminder was meant to remind the nation on its birthday of the promise of rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that had been denied to gay

Hugo Chavez

Revolutionary Venezuela is aware of the infinite value of music as a bastion in the fight for equality and

Chris Maclay

When people understand themselves better, there's a greater chance of flourishing and fulfilment. That would be nice, wouldn't it?feedback

Chris Maclay

I don't think we're discovering a massive amount of new wisdom here. It's been there for a long time, we've just lost sight of

Chris Maclay

I'm guilty of thinking life is just how it is, and that you can't make a difference to how you feel - you just go with whatever you're dealt with. But [the workshops show] you can make an impact on your own state of wellbeing, which is quite

Chris Maclay

If I'm feeling stressed I'll put the TV on - I just drown out any feelings of emptiness by filling it up with something, which is what I tell everybody not to do. We have to discipline ourselves to respond to our feelings and go to the right places to answer

Donald Manford

She was often, despite her young years, called on to do these things and she did it easily and people found it easy to call on her. She was a bright, bright young person, always had a smile for people and easy to approach and easy to engage

Arundhati Roy

If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel's heartbeat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of

Arundhati Roy

I worry that I am allowing myself to be railroaded into offering prosaic, factual precision when maybe what we need is a feral howl, or the transformative power and real precision of

Arundhati Roy

Oh wow! Kashmir! What funnn! Apparently it's completely normal now, ya, safe for tourists. Let's go? It's supposed to be

Giorgio Chiellini

Compared to us Italians they bring a little happiness and light-heartedness. You need it at this point of the season. We Italians can be a bit harder, more

Brian Wong

Happiness and success are two very different things. Being successful is having the freedom and the options available to you to do anything and everything you want. You could have all the money in the world, but if you don't have the right person to call or the right set up to travel or the freedom to delegate or to find the right person to help you with this, you end up being stuck. When you have as much optionality around you as possible, you're never stuck, and that is what I think is the most conducive to what is defined as ...

Brian Wong

And then outside: Are people around you that can make you happy, keep you happy and if you aren't happy, to help address those things and that you can have that healthy dialogue with? This is really a conversation about mental health, because as an entrepreneur there's a lot of moments where you are questioning yourself and then there are also are moments where you're down emotionally on yourself. But it's not just an internal struggle, it's always important to have people around you that can help make sure that you're

Brian Wong

To be happy in my opinion is to have a combination of satisfaction and emotional support both within and and outside. Emotional support within is of course your own peace with yourself yourself – how secure you are, how you feel about your current

Chloe Lattanzi

Cancer is the disease of our generation and it is part of my and my mother's quest to beat this insidious monster. We both love you all, and anyone fighting this disease you can beat it. Look for natural remedies as well as what modern medicine can offer. My mom is so powerful she will beat this in no time. All my love to you. And I wish you health wealth and

John Harbaugh

I told the guys go home and enjoy your families. It may be the most important holiday of the year. Do we all enjoy getting in a car and driving where we want, doing what we want? Life, liberty and the pursuit of

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Finding your purpose isn't enough. The challenge from our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose. A purpose is what creates true

Nemanja Nikolic

I saw the atmosphere. The love and the happiness was there. I could see how they fight and how they want to win and how they practice day by day. My dad, I wanted to be like

José Mourinho - Manchester United

You know it's really hard. That's why yesterday we didn't want to have the press conference, because we had to prepare ourselves to do our job and try to forget events that are much more important than our job. But the world goes on, it doesn't stop and we have to do our work and I agree with the Uefa decision to play the match but if we have questions like your questions that made us return to this tragedy, obviously it takes happiness from our

Jonathan Daniel

Going to watch a show or a sporting event as a kid is one of life's true moments of

Tsai Ing-wen

In the face of love, everyone is equal. I support marriage equality. Every person should be able to look for love freely, and freely seek their own

José Mourinho - Manchester United

I agree with Uefa's decision to play the match now. It obviously takes happiness from our achievement. If we could we would change peoples lives for this cup – we would not think twice. Does this cup make the city of Manchester a bit happier? Maybe. But we came to do our job and we can't avoid the happiness because when you win you go away happy and proud. The boys were fantastic. They put on a block and stayed away from everything and concentrated on a football match, which we did very

José Mourinho - Manchester United

Obviously, there's happiness from our achievement. But if we could, we'd change the peoples' lives for this cup. We wouldn't think twice. Does this cup make the city of Manchester a little bit happier?

José Mourinho - Manchester United

We are all very sad about the tragic events last night, we cannot take out of our minds and our hearts the victims and their families. We have a job to do and we will fly to Sweden to do that job. It is a pity we cannot fly with the happiness that we always have before a big game. I know, even during my short time here, that the people of Manchester will pull together as

Nancy Tellet

People say [during interviews] that family is where your happiness comes from, where your satisfaction comes from. People would say, I don't have friends, I have

Kenneth Feld

From the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you all very much, and please enjoy and celebrate the Greatest Show on Earth one last time... It's always been our goal to be able to share with families the incredible experience, the joy, the happiness and the wonderment of the Greatest Show on Earth – and I think we've accomplished that