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Staying in Europe does not mean only applying austerity measures. As the opposition, you choose Europe for its austerity, but on human rights you choose to be anachronistic, you choose to be very conservative. In both cases, you make the worst
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Oct 10 2017
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By the end of the year we anticipate positive news on this

All data points to not only revenue doing well ... but that we entered a positive growth cycle from the third quarter of 2016. For 2017 we expect growth will approach three

Some nations do not seem to comprehend that agreements, our common agreements, are either implemented, or there are no agreements. What we refuse to do is accept the transformation of our country into a permanent warehouse of souls and, at the same time, continue to act within the European Union and at summits as if there's nothing

Our goal was, and still is, the deep and radical reform of the economic, productive and social model of the country. To support labour rights, employment; the broadening of the social state, the protection of public property, fair taxation, and the protection of the

We have to decide what Europe we want. Do we want a Europe of solidarity or one which throws teargas, showing these people its harsh side?feedback

Debt restructuring will reduce investment risks and make our economy once again attractive to

My friends, the mandate that we have been given by the Greek people today is also a crystal clear message for us to untangle viciousness and a world of corruption that all these years have been governing this

I feel the deep ethical and political obligation to lay before your judgement everything I have done both right and wrong, achievements and

The verdict of the Greek people ends, beyond any doubt, the vicious circle of austerity in our

With your vote, you will judge if the agreement has the right conditions to break this impasse, to help revive the economy, and whether this helps us to put an end to memoranda and cruel austerity

There will be a government. There will be no 'unnatural' government. Because what Mr. Meimarakis wants is an unnatural coalition. The country will either have a progressive government or a conservative

I am proud of the battle my government and I have fought. We fought to stay true to our promises. We negotiated hard and insistently, for a very long time, we held out against pressures and blackmail. It's true, we reached the limit. But we made the Greek issue into an international

But there is another view, which is respected, that doesn't accept the government's analysis and believes there was an alternative available in the early morning hours of July 13. If this is the case….then I suggest the party hold a referendum on this crucial

This 'blackmail' that you refer to, do you believe it is real or imagined? If you believe it is imagined, then I am open to alternative options, and we can go forward that way. If, however, you believe the blackmail is real, then there is no other option than for all of us to share the burden of this

In a nutshell, the main initiator of the memorandum is now confirming the argument of Greek government that the solution they give us doesn't lead to a sustainable exit from the

I don't believe that they want to kick us out of the euro and they won't. They won't, because the cost would be

The bank deposits of the Greek people are fully secure. The same applies to the payment of wages and pensions–they are also

This, so that Greek voters can can choose freely without blackmail and pressure – as the Greek constitution imposes and as the values of the European Union

Comrades, I believe that we are entering the final straight of the race. One could say that it is now that the real negotiations start and now the capabilities of the Greek government and its determination will be judged, its firm commitment to its goal, which is to find a fair

I personally don't feel I am on a leash. I feel that maybe for the first time, Greece has the resolute determination to go ahead with reforms, with cooperation from the

The verdict of the Greek people, your verdict, cancels today in an indisputable way the bailout agreements of austerity and

I am very optimist that we will try to do our best in order to find the common viable and mutually acceptable solution for our common

We will prove Cassandra is wrong. We won't get into a mutually destructive clash but we will not continue a policy of catastrophe or

The mandate of the Greek people, your mandate, today cancels in an undisputed manner the memorandums of austerity and destruction. The mandate of the Greek people makes the troika a thing of past in our common European

The new Greek government will be ready to cooperate and negotiate with the European

We will not honour commitments and signatures that previous governments have given, and are not binding for the new Greek

We presented our recommendation for the need to have a democratic way out and for the people of Greece to choose their future; our recommendation is for a referendum on these

Today we are opening the road to hope. Today we open the road to a better tomorrow with our people united, dignified and

We just want to re-negotiate Greece's debts and to find a way to make these debts

This is the time of democracy, this is the time of dignity, this is the time for our people to stand up. This is a crucial

Neither this parliament, nor the Greek people are going to sign a blank cheque to Mr. Samaras in order to let him carry on with the austerity measures that cut down on pensions and health services and ravage Greek

This catastrophe must end now. This mistake must be corrected immediately, not after the German elections take place and when it suits Angela Merkel, when it will be too

In standing for office I have enormous respect for European taxpayers. I would argue that the European Left's proposals have the advantage of being sustainable and good for them too. Because by following the policy that Mrs Merkel advocates, Southern Europe will perpetually need new loans. Because austerity leads to a vicious circle of recession and new rounds of

Let me take a different approach to that issue. Spain didn't have a bailout deal. However, they implement the same mixture of policies as those set out in memorandums for Greece and Portugal. Of course for some particular reasons – to do with dignity perhaps – that Spanish politicians could use as an excuse, Spain didn't end up in the same shameful position as Greece, where the Prime Minister cannot decide anything by himself, neither can the governmental majority, without asking some lowly troika officials who often suggest schizophrenic

Syriza guarantees Greece will not continue to be a guinea pig, with the whole burden of a crisis piled on the Greek people – a burden for which they are not

With the will of our people, in a few days, bailouts tied to austerity will be a thing of the past.The future has already

Today the government of Mr. Samaras, which for 2.5 years ransacked our society and had already decided and agreed on new austerity measures, is over. With the will of the people, in the coming days, the laws on austerity will also become a thing of the

His signature and his commitment to the bailout are not a salvation but a tragedy for the people. We fully understand the difficulties the country is facing, but at the same time this decision [in the form of votes], taken by the people, creates possibilities for a radically different

Never has the country, in the last 60 years, found itself in the dire situation it is in today. There is no doubt that the bailout is not the happiest of documents, as Mr. Stournaras called it, but that it has destroyed Greece and will go down in history as a

The national debt should be investigated by an international commission. There should be a moratorium on repayments. A fair and viable European solution is demanded. The crisis is not only Greece's doing. It is a European crisis, and a solution should be demanded within a European

Your policies have destroyed the country. The majority of the people suffer and live in

Fourteen years ago six million people here were poor, today six million people have rights, they are equal citizens and that is Hugo Chavez's greatest

Thanks to the existence of this strong leftist force François Holland knows that he cannot renege on his promises so easily. Because if he does so, he'll become Hollandreou and start down the path that led to what we see happening now in

I never asked for a 'No' vote in the referendum to pull us out of the euro zone, but rather to strengthen our negotiating hand. I didn't deceive the Greek people or the political

To answer the question of whether or not we've made mistakes during our five-month period of negotiation, the honest answer is to answer in the positive. Yes, we have made

A large, clear victory for Syriza on Sunday ensures an end to the bailout programme, to the ransacking and destruction of the country, to subjection, and to

The government that will be formed with New Democracy at its core needs to seriously take into consideration that on big issues it can no longer proceed as previous governments have

In life there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant, just as there is no such thing as a little bit of bailout agreement. Either there are wrong policies, just like the bailout, which we will continue in larger or smaller doses and it will lead us towards catastrophe, or, we will demand another solution, beyond these mistaken, catastrophic

The negotiations and the discussions took place between (German Chancellor) Merkel and (the IMF's Christine) Lagarde and they made the compromise. The solution does not include Greece, it does not include a viable plan for Greece, that is why it is not a

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