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But you…I will give you an answer later, and in English if necessary!feedback

My ultimate duty is to make sure that France is not won over by such a programme, and that France does not bear such a heavy responsibility. Even French journalists don't dare ask it!feedback

Unity is not uniformity and this is the reason why I call for new forms of cooperation (…) that we could go quicker and stronger with some countries without excluding others and without having others who can

The far-right has never been so high in more than 30 years. But France won't cave

The threat exists. The far right has never been this high for 30 years. But France will not give

If Europe is strong and united, Russia will want to keep a lasting and balanced relationship [with us].feedback

The UK's problem is this: it had thought that in leaving Europe it would tie up a strategic partnership with the US. But it now happens that the US is closing itself off from the world. The UK has made a bad choice at a bad moment. I regret that. In my mind, the UK, even outside the EU, should be associated with that. This is not just about emotion or fear, it's a political reality for four

I'm president of France until the beginning of May. That is my only task and focus. When a new policy is raised, I hear more and more often the line: 'We don't want to pay more than we get back.' It's the return of Mrs Thatcher's phrase: 'I want my money back.' Britain has left, but that bad attitude has remained. Europe makes good decisions, but too late. As for ideological operations, they must be uncovered. There has to be a clear explanation of who is with who, who is financed by who. And why all these far-right movements are more or less linked to

We can't have demonstrations in our country, in our Republic, that question our institutions, the work of the judiciary or of the police in the course of an

There is terrorism and we must fight it together. I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country. I wouldn't do it with the United States and I'm urging the U.S. president not to do it with France. I won't make comparisons but here, people don't have access to guns. Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and

There is no life as a community if there is no respect. These young people deserve respect when they are stopped for police identity checks, when they themselves are confronted with violent situations.

To be very honest, what threatens Europe doesn't only come from outside. It is also from inside. This means the rise of extremists who use external factors to cause disruption

The President of the Republic welcomes this fine industrial deal which will strengthen the French aeronautics

Only direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians can lead to peace. (…) It is reasonable, it is necessary that the international community seriously thinks about the best way possible to guide the two-state solution. And I confirm that this solution is the only one possible for peace and

We are working with the aim that the state can remain a minority shareholder, we want a multiple shareholder

We have a common enemy: it's terrorism, it's Daesh, it's fundamentalism. This enemy, we need to hunt it down in places where it exists – in Iraq, in Syria. But also we need to understand the links which exist between these terrorist groups and a certain number of individuals who are manipulated and who organise attacks in several

We will fight them like (we fight) all jihadists ... since they are attacking us, since they prepare attacks on our own territory. We are preparing for these returns and the very particular processing of these children. Everything that contributes to reconstructing Iraq is an additional step to avoiding Daesh strikes on our own territory. Daesh is stepping back and Daesh will be

In history, there are moments when everything can change dramatically. We are living through one. So, in less than five months, you will have to make a choice. It will be decisive for

Democracy, freedom, social rights, Europe and even peace, all of that becomes vulnerable, reversible. We saw it in the United Kingdom, with Brexit, and in the United States during the election in November. We see it across our continent, with the rise of

You've continued to live, to work, to go out, to move around, to cherish freedom. You can be proud of yourselves. But we're not done with the plight of terrorism. We have to keep on fighting it. This is the reason for our military operations abroad, in Mali, in Syria, in Iraq – Iraq where I'll be going the day after tomorrow (January 2) to salute our troops. Vive la République! Vive la

We're not done with the plight of terrorism. We have to keep on fighting it. This is the reason for our military operations abroad, in Mali, in Syria, in Iraq – Iraq where I'll be going the day after tomorrow to salute our

The condition for all this to happen is a ceasefire and it's what the European Council must demand: a ceasefire and the evacuation of all the civilians and eventually a political negotiation. Europe must make its voice

When there are no civil servants, there is no State any longer. And when there is no State there is no

I think the biggest single risk event will be the French election, where in the event Marine Le Pen wins the election, I think people would be very nervous about what the implication of that would be for the euro zone going forward. The outcome of the recent primaries appear to have reduced that probability, but I think we've all learned the elections are becoming increasingly

Today I am aware of the risks that going down a route that would not gather sufficient support would entail, so I have decided not to be a candidate in the presidential

As a Socialist, because that is my life's commitment, I cannot accept, I cannot come to terms with the dispersion of the left, with its splitting up. Because that would remove all hope of winning in the face of conservatism, and, worse yet, of

It was largely because of your contribution, because many years ago you started putting this topic on all the

The United States, the most powerful economy in the world, the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, must respect the commitments that were made. It's not simply their duty, it's in their

The agreement was historic. But what we must say here is that this agreement is

My duty is to make sure we have the best possible relations with the United States, but a relation that is based on frankness and clarity. The campaign is not always an opportunity for a candidate to make himself quickly understood ... We need to

We must be able to identify them

It's not about taking what Britons have, but once they've made this choice, they must live with the consequences and we, France, must become the point of access to the European

So we have to see these negotiations to the end, while maintaining the principles of the European Union, notably that of free

They have decided to leave. I think the worst attitude would be to contest their choice or call into question the very foundations of the European

And yet, they quite shamelessly demand 8 billion from BNP or 5 billion to Deutsche

There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price, otherwise we will be in negotiations that will not end well and, inevitably, will have economic and human consequences. Britain has decided on a Brexit, I believe even a hard Brexit. Well, we must go all the way with Britain's willingness to leave the European

The U.K. has decided to do a Brexit … Well, then we must go all the way through the the U.K.'s willingness to leave the EU. We have to have this

France is able to host big events – recently with Euro 2016 but also with some 40 world and European championships across all sports these past years. We have the know-how and the technology to host big events while ensuring

We want to remind you, and you know it, that France is able to host big events -- recently with Euro 2016 but also with some 40 world and European championships across all sports these past years. We have the savoir faire and the technology for big events but we can also ensure appropriate safety. We have ensured security for the events I just mentioned. It is our main priority and everyone can understand

I am certain that after the elections that will follow until 2024, all the presidents will want to pursue what we

I don't know how the world will be in 2024 but it will be dangerous. There is no country, no capital that can think they will be protected, immune from

We must dismantle the camp completely and definitively. I also want to restate my determination that the British authorities play their part in the humanitarian effort that France is undertaking and that they continue to do that in the

The spirit of our meeting was to take stock of the mistrust Europe inspires in Europeans and the hope it must

We must cooperate this way to be able to give Europe the conditions to have its European defense policy. Jobs that will be created here are not detrimental to French or German workers. New jobs here will lead to the creation of new jobs in France and

Constitutional principles are not legal niceties. Is the freedom to come and go a legal nicety? Is freedom of expression a legal nicety? Is freedom to worship a legal nicety? Is being presumed innocent - something that's useful when defending one's self - a legal nicety?feedback

The immediate urgency is to ensure the (climate agreement) is put into action by year-end. That's far from being achieved. I ask you to double your efforts to push countries where you reside to ratify the accord before

This war, it is a new genre. It presents a global challenge for democracies. And this is the reason why France is committed both far and wide, and here. By fighting in foreign countries our armies defend us because it's the same threat, they are the same murderers that we face in Iraq, Mali, Syria and at

At the same time and along with the government of Manuel Valls, I will do everything to protect the French. I also owe them the truth. The threat is there and is going to last. We must ensure security without abandoning life as we want it, as we understand it, because this is essential. Terrorists present two challenges: We must defeat them and we must remain

Can Islam accommodate secularism? My answer is yes. Clearly yes. Nothing in secularism opposes the practice of Islam in France, and this is the essential point that complies with the law. What needs to succeed is the construction of an Islam of

I also owe you the truth: this war will be long. It is our democracy that is being targeted, it is the bulls-eye and it will be our shield. It is our unity that makes us strong so French men and women, let us form a blockade, that is how we will win the war against hate and

We must respond to this challenge and do it in the right way – without hesitation and using all necessary

This is undoubtedly a terrorist act. The attacker wanted it to be recognised as such. He was neutralised thanks to the work of the security

We are side by side to tackle the challenges of today and first of all the future of Europe, because, as we know disappointment was followed by disenchantment, and after doubts came suspicion, and for some even rejection or

I've been told there is a code of good conduct. If it's not applied there will be consequences. If this council does not react firmly, the first decision will be to make general (shareholder) assembly decisions

The answer to that is not in my hands. It is up to you

Mr Hollande reiterated that Hinkley Point C was a major strategic project and a pillar of the bilateral relationship between the two

The Russians, through the voice of Vladimir Putin, accepted this principle of negotiations on the basis of UN

I have decided to prolong the state of emergency because I know there's a threat out there and we will not give an inch. We will not give ground in fighting these people, nor in defending our freedoms, and this video only disqualifies ISIL from any role to

France will not be deterred by any kind of threats of terrorism. We will take all measures that are required to protect democracy. Therefore, the decision was taken to extend the period of emergency in France, so that we can take all the necessary measures – we will always protect the values for which France stands. This video brings discredit to the perpetrator of these

It is this inter-governmental agreement that will allow a commercial transaction. India needs them and France has shown that it has the world's best aircraft. The commercial contract can only come after the inter-governmental accord... which will be discussed during my

The idea we have in mind is the one of an intergovernmental agreement between the two countries in order to allow the firms involved to go all the way. It is this intergovernmental agreement that will allow a commercial

What counts is to go all the way with reforms, to do the reforms that are expected without thinking about anything else other than their effectiveness, the utility and pertinence. On that point, I will go all the way and I urge everyone to take

Some have wanted to establish a link between the influx of refugees coming from the Middle East and the terrorist threat. The truth is that this link exists because the inhabitants of areas in Iraq and Syria flee because they are martyred (tormented) by the very same people we are attacking

We need a coming together of all those who can really fight against this terrorist army within a single, large coalition. With this in mind, I will meet Presidents Obama and Putin in the coming days to unite our strength and achieve a result that, for now, is still too far in the

But we are at war with jihadist terrorism which is a threat to the entire

We have to make sure that politicians are able to decide beyond the terms of their mandate, and even beyond their own lifespans. I mean that we should make sure that those who hold the future of our planet in their hands can imagine that they will be judged after they are gone. That's what the Paris conference is

No one is prepared for such a test. That is why we must give you all of our solidarity. And the whole country, France, which I represent today, is absolutely shocked and overwhelmed by this disaster that could have affected any one of

Well I assure you here, and I am saying this quite candidly, that if we don't make this decision in Paris it will be not just late. It will be too late for the

We must put in place a unified system for the right to

It is a responsibility that can not be left to one particular country. It concerns all of Europe. We see the tensions that can arise, and I fully concur with the comments made by Angela Merkel about what happened in her country which has shocked us to the

Seventy years on, these hatreds re-emerge, bearing different faces and under different circumstances, but always with the same words, and the same intentions. They target innocents, journalists, Jews and policemen. The French stood together on January 11 to counter this deadly resurgence because they're never afraid of defending their

I don't want to forget the seven other victims and their families who are mourning

If the planet keeps warming up over the next decade this will bring about wars, it's not just a matter of disasters but also that it could lead to wars and more

There are risks which will increase if the truce is not

They did this to save hostages' lives and to neutralise the terrorists, the

It isn't for the abductors to tell us what to do. Or how to negotiate. The best way to get our nationals out of the hands of those who have kidnapped them is to say as little as possible and not to enter into any sort of

In 2014 what is at stake is not simply that France recovers growth, which is already taking shape, it's that this growth is the most vigorous possible. We will only succeed with the cooperation of everyone, notably private

If there are three words to remember after this summit they are: speed because the need to act is urgent, solidarity because we can not abandon a whole generation and finally security because we have to propose jobs and training with real prospects for young

I know nothing of these activities and if they don't conform to fiscal law, I ask the administration to take the necessary

Everyone comes across tests in their private life. But I have one principal – that private affairs remain private. This is not the time or the place… I won't respond to any question on that subject

France has no intention of remaining here in Mali because it is Malians themselves, Africans, who will achieve security, independence and sovereignty in Mali. This is how I see Franco-African relations: respectful, democratic and

We already have 600 French soldiers in the country. We're going to double that amount in a few days, or even hours. France's only objective is to save human

Regarding human rights and democratic principles, they are both part of the dialogue that we are having. It should not be seen as an obligation, we should simply put this issue as it should be: as part of frank and respectful political

It's not an issue for Jews, but for all French citizens. This guarantee should be a priority in all schools, because no child should be scared of going to

I seek and I call on everyone to seek peace. That means understanding and respect. Because everything now needs to be concentrated on and devoted to what is essential: the economic success of our country and national

We have worked towards cooperation which can enable the fight against terrorism and at the same time to respect principles. And we are making headway over this cooperation. And there is a mutual trust which has been restored and which should be based both on respect for each other's country and also based on the protection of

There are proposals to strengthen budgetary union. We'll discuss those later. For the moment, banking union is at the top of the agenda for this summit. That's why Mrs Merkel and myself will discuss those next steps, but first we must complete the step of banking

You're asking what we will do to the terrorists if we find them? We'll destroy them, make prisoners if possible and make sure they can't do any more harm in the future. We are in an operation that is not simply to defend a line. Which line by the way? There are no frontiers in Mali's

A compromise is possible, but it must be reasonable and therefore we will have to reason those who want to cut the EU budget beyond what is possible to

I'm not going to jeopardize the way I work in the service of the French people and especially the human relationship that I have with the weakest, the most humble and the poor in society. Because I'm at their service and it's my reason for

We will long remember this day, January 1 2014, and especially Father Georges, as it is a happy day when we got our compatriot back. He has been held captive for too long but now he is

For the two years that I have left, until the very end, I intend to reform my country, to make it stronger. I am doing all I can so that, by the end of my mandate, I will be able to be, not proud of myself, but conscious of having been useful to

Being on the offensive means mobilising all our forces for employment and that's why I made a personal commitment to reversing the unemployment trend – some people said that I rushed into that without enough precaution. But I hold on to that promise and that's the road map for the

France can reach the highest level, but that requires us to strengthen our economy and our companies. We need to develop the best level of research and to set a high bar for our educational system, but it also requires change: adapting our production processes, our transport system, making ecological change. Yes, France can retain its social model, but by renovating it to make it more efficient, more

The crash site is difficult to access. It was important to secure the area, and we have. As soon as possible, all bodies will be brought back to France, all passengers'

This is an historic document because it's a result of the institutional compromise that you've managed to forge between you, and because it can serve as an example and a reference point for a lot of other

We also have a responsibility to help shape Europe's destiny. And during the upcoming EU summit, we will resolve the issues being debated, notably the European Banking Union. We've seen great

The eurozone is on the point of coming out of the crisis of uncertainty and instability, but we are not at the end of the road yet. We need mechanisms, rules, and above all,

French banks will have to publish annually the full list of their subsidiaries in the world, country by country and explain their business. I won't hesitate to consider as a tax haven any country that refuses to cooperate with

This was a victory. I was welcomed in Africa not for what I'd done, but for what I'd decided. Those who took action were the French soldiers. We defeated terrorism in Mali, we haven't defeated it everywhere. We won't wage war everywhere. We waged it there because we were called on by a friendly country, we were supported by Europe within the framework of international

The task of remembering is always painful, but it must be done. What we have to work for is reconciliation by looking for what happened and by recognising what

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