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I am telling you Zuckerberg has the next five years planned out. This is an expensive stock.feedback

These are all new earnings per share boosters that give you more reason to buy the darned stock. Sears, its pathetic partner, doesn't have that much left, but it does have one of the best brand names in appliances. They haven't savaged that. Kenmore's still good. You put Kenmore together with Amazon, you throw in Alexa so you can scream at your washing machine all you want to turn on, and voila, you're off to the races.feedback

Now, I'm not saying these stocks can't go down – Alphabet and Netflix both declined [Thursday]. I'm saying that they just keep making news, generating actual events and products that are indeed additive to earnings. Raising-numbers FANG. As long as that continues to happen, these stocks can continue to go higher, and you shouldn't feel foolish for pulling the trigger because they seem to introduce needle movers every single day of the week.feedback

Okja was Netflix's final release of the second quarter and I think it's the film that put international sign-ups over the top of domestics. Right story, right publicity, fabulous knowledge of South Korean culture, all things that the conventional studios reject or just don't even know how to do.feedback

While the potential Discovery-Scripps deal, at about $10 billion is more than twice the size of the $4.2 billion food transaction ... these are happening for similar reasons. Companies, afraid of losing their relevance and their clout, are merging with their peers or rivals in order to produce stronger entities with more appeal to their masters, meaning their distributors and their ultimate customers.feedback

Facebook figured out you use the internet to be able to tell personal narratives. Amazon figured out you use the internet to sell merchandise. Google figured out the internet to be able to do YouTube short form. These guys figured out the internet by being able to produce content that is loved in Korea and loved in Brazil and loved in Europe.feedback

In the last 24 hours, we heard that Facebook, letter F, is now going to charge for Messenger, one of its greatest yet-to-be-monetized assets. Letter A, Amazon? Prime Day exceeded all expectations, including the incredibly high ones that I set. N, Netflix, catching a lot of love just today from analysts who're seeing great international growth. And then ... Alphabet won a billion-dollar tax fight in Europe.feedback

Snap, crackle, pop. This is (Mark) Zuckerberg going after them in a way that is only – it's not even imaginable what he is doing. If Facebook wants to smash Snap, it can do it. This is becoming one the great busts of 2017.feedback

The stock behaves like the company's just a fad – something along the lines of the fidget spinners, the faddish toy that drove a lot of Five Below's numbers last night. But LULU's business itself isn't a fad, and while it's not immune to fashion mistakes or competition, it's not going to make that many fashion errors and the competition seems to have fallen behind again. This has been a terrific story for some time. Vacations have become Facebook rites of passage and Vail's been benefiting from this trend for ages.feedback

Nvidia makes the best graphics processors around. Gaming was up 49 percent as this company makes graphics chips that can run gorgeous games on your PC or power the new Nintendo Switch, which is the hottest console in the universe. Amazon Web Services, Facebook, [Alphabet's] Google, IBM and Microsoft all rely on their chips – who else is there – to power their cloud platforms because of Nvidia's artificial intelligence prowess.feedback

That money may just be coming out of retail. Remember, travel is as experiential as it gets, meaning it's something you can put on your Facebook page. Retail? It's just a chore made easier by Amazon. No wonder the travel and leisure stocks have been defying the short-sellers. They're the exact right place to be.feedback

That is a giant admission that these chains aren't going to be able to get as many people in the seats anymore buying beer for too much money versus what you can buy it for at the supermarket. And yes, selling marked-up alcohol is the secret behind the success of so many dinner chain restaurants. Whether it's student debt or lower wages or a sense that you want to multi-task, check out Facebook, Snap or Twitter while watching the game or looking at Netflix, or maybe all of those, the simple fact is that the change is accelerating, not arresting itself.feedback

We've all lived through the supposedly disappointing Facebook quarters that weren't really disappointing at all ... yet the stock gets hammered anyway. I'm always surprised that people consider this philosophy such a mystery. When you ponder how much Facebook's stock moves up intra-quarter, you'd think that there would be some sort of reluctance to sell on the news. Given how much it's run, I wouldn't be all that surprised if you get a better buying opportunity than you're going to get tomorrow morning, even if the results are terrific.feedback

I like how competitive Facebook is. If you don't own it now, I think you might as well wait to see if we get that kind of weird sell-off that we usually get even after it reports a great number. I say the trend's your friend. This franchise is worth buying if it gets hit.feedback

Buried within the AmEx conference call was an amazing statistic: 60 percent of the new leads for cards are coming from digital, which to me was a clarion call to buy the stocks of Google's parent Alphabet and Facebook, the natural winners when ads are placed on the web.feedback

Which brings me back to the strength of tech this year and your ability to spot high quality tech stocks as a do-it-yourself investor. [Apple's] rally from $93 ... up to $144, a fifty buck move, was totally catch-able provided that you didn't listen to the myriad traders and analysts who repeatedly told you to dump or trade in and out of Apple. I believe you could catch it if you weren't brainwashed against single-stock risk. These are people who shouldn't be buying stocks because Instagram is owned by Facebook.feedback

Snap's got massive growth, with its sales perhaps ready to double, and analysts can't resist recommending a stock with that kind of growth. Facebook trades at under 11 times 2017 sales and just 8.5 times next year's number. Alphabet's at 5.4 times 2017 sales and 4.7 times next year's revenue. Both companies are wildly profitable, while Snap's projecting gigantic losses for as far as the eye can see. Discipline can be a real buzzkill at the beginning, but it's saved my bacon too often for me to ignore it. So I say enjoy Snap. Let it go higher all you want, but you'll be enjoying it without me.feedback

But every now and this methodology will guide you to a sustained bull run like we've had in Facebook and Apple, or you'll sidestep a sell-off like the one Tesla was getting hammered by, at least until today.feedback

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