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Scotland's teacher shortage is a national crisis. In such circumstances, the SNP must act now to put in place urgent measures so these teachers can apply for jobs without any further delay. It's not good enough for Nicola Sturgeon to point to changes made a few years back – we know they don't go far
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Sep 14 2017
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I think that people that have the experience need to hold their nerve, put your head down, keep working, because there is no substitute in an election for hard work. I haven't seen an election yet – and I've fought six of them as leader, plus two referenda – where it hasn't been the media's job to start creating expectation about the result by saying that the polls have narrowed and, funnily enough, two weeks out, they started that narrative, and it is continuing through to polling

Strip away the bluster and it's written down in black and white - she wants to drag Scotland back to another referendum by as early as next autumn. That would cost jobs, risk our economy, and distract us all from the real job in hand – improving our schools and public

I don't accept they do (have a mandate). T he SNP are going to argue for another referendum until the cows come home, you ask them any question at all and their answer is always independence. There's two principles here. One, Scotland cannot be dragged back to another independence referendum when we don't know what the options look like because we don't know what Brexit looks like, we don't know what independence looks like because Nicola Sturgeon can't even tell us if we'd be in or out of the EU or EFTA (the European Free Trade Association) or something

You looked down the camera and you looked at the audience and you promised people that if there was no change in support for independence, there wouldn't be another independence referendum. Everyone remembers you standing there before the election saying 'oh, don't worry, it's safe to vote SNP. If there's no change in support for independence, there will be no

Nicola Sturgeon says she wants a seat at the Brexit table but she wants Scotland to be out of the UK and into the eurozone. I ask myself, which side of the table does she want to be sat on?feedback

The PM says she is a bloody difficult woman, well you ain't seen nothing

Nicola Sturgeon's grubby spin operation has been found out - and the SNP's scaremongering has been exposed for the trash it is. The First Minister's hands are all over this - she took to social media to whip up unfounded claims about the UK Government's approach to our fishing industry. Scotland's fishing leaders have directly contradicted her to make it clear they are satisfied with the UK Government's approach. If Nicola Sturgeon has even a shred of decency, she will retract her absurd

Nicola Sturgeon is treating Scotland's fishing communities with utter contempt. The SNP cannot have it both ways. Scotland's fishing communities will not be fooled by them. Fishermen see great opportunities after Brexit so the most important thing for their industry is to secure the best deal for Scotland and the whole of the UK when we leave the

We go into this election with one seat. They go into with 54 – and most of them with large majorities. Even to challenge the Nationalists in some of these seats is going to take a Herculean effort. Make no mistake – we are the underdogs going into this campaign. But we also know this. The SNP is not Scotland. And people across this country don't take kindly to Nicola Sturgeon pretending the opposite is

Only the Scottish Conservatives have the strength to fight back against the SNP. We will stand up for everyone who doesn't want a second referendum on

It's a very pro-Union part of the country, and it was the most pro-Brexit area of Scotland. I also think for those people, the 50.1 per cent of people in Moray who voted Remain, similar to thousands of people across Scotland who voted Remain that are also pro-Union, they are really angry. I don't think anybody has cottoned on to how angry pro-UK Remainers are that Nicola Sturgeon, Angus Robertson and others have hijacked their Remain vote to be a proxy vote for independence. People are furious about

Nicola Sturgeon is treating the electorate like fools. She thinks she can face both ways on fishing, the EU and independence, promising all things to all people. But Scotland's fishing communities can see straight through this approach, and won't forgive the SNP for trying to ignore the EU referendum and force them back into the hated

The First Minister risks turning herself into a laughing stock here. For the last few months, everyone in Scotland has seen her do nothing else but campaign for an unwanted second independence referendum. Yet now there's an election on, she suddenly tells people independence isn't the issue for her and orders her troops - don't mention the 'i' word. After the last few months of talking about nothing else, who does she think she's kidding?feedback

The SNP's plans last week weren't about trying to hold a fair legal and decisive referendum, what it is really about is a very well-rehearsed game, which is to put forward an unworkable proposal. To wait for Westminster politicans to point that out. Most people in Scotland are sick to death of the games, most people in Scotland don't want another referendum any time soon, just three years after the last one, and most people in Scotland see the plain common sense in our own position. That Brexit is going to be and major challenged for this country and none of us know how it will play

Five times in six months the will of the Scottish parliament has been clear and five times in six months this SNP government has chosen to ignore it. Will the SNP explain [to the public] why votes on crucial issues such as health and education funding and enterprise and energy should be wilfully ignored by the SNP government, but when it comes to independence and only when it comes to independence, Holyrood is sacrosanct?feedback

Most people in Scotland are sick to death of the SNP's games. They don't want another referendum any time soon, just three years after the last one. It was about a well-rehearsed game to put forward unworkable proposals, wait for Westminster politicians to point that out, then rush to any nearby microphone – angry face attached – to trot out the same old tired complaints. This bulldozer approach is completely at odds with the way the 2014 referendum was

The SNP is not Scotland and they are acting against the majority wishes of the people of Scotland in putting forward their proposition on Monday. There are people right across Scotland, many, many thousands of them, that are so thankful for the prime minister to say let's take a pause on this. We have asked basic questions on things like currency, on things like a central bank, on things like whether we would even rejoin Europe as a full member, and Nicola Sturgeon seems unable to commit to

And that is because there is no clear political or public consent for this to take place. The country – and our Parliament – is divided not over just the question of independence, but over whether we should even hold a referendum or not. At an absolute minimum... there should be agreement across political parties and from the public at large, that it is right and fair for such a referendum to

The SNP's plans to impose a referendum on independence in Scotland have unravelled within 24 hours. Nicola Sturgeon is demanding that people are forced to make another choice on their future in as little as 18 months. And yet faced with reasonable questions about what independence means, she and her ministers cannot

These are surreal comments. How can he say the SNP is focussed on negotiations with the UK government when Nicola Sturgeon has just broken off those talks to unilaterally declare another divisive referendum on independence? Everyone knows where the SNP has invested all its attention since the EU referendum – in trying to break up

Nicola Sturgeon has today chosen the path of further division and uncertainty. We will vote against any request for a section 30 next

Nicola Sturgeon has just admitted what everybody already knew - that the SNP is hell bent on taking Scotland back to another divisive independence referendum and will use any excuse to do so. She knows that a referendum would inflict further damage on Scotland's economy. It is therefore deeply irresponsible for the First Minister of Scotland to cast this cloud of uncertainty over our

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